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14 long-forgotten slave remains reburied in NY ceremony

Myths and Facts About Gun Violence in America

I LoVe Bread - Oprah Weight Watchers Spoof (GloZell)

President Trump & Vice President Warren?

Trump: Sanders 'waiting for the FBI convention' to nab nomination from Clinton

Trump: Sanders 'waiting for the FBI convention' to nab nomination from Clinton

Many What-Ifs in Donald Trump’s Plan for Migrants

Italian quality control

Newly elected Nebraska Democratic Party leader Kleeb hits GOP, vows to unite party for statewide rac

What the Labor Movement Can Learn from Bernie Sanders’ Unapologetic Socialism

Lawyers for Ferguson seek any Michael Brown juvenile records

I have been a registered, active member of

Article about todays NH Dem convention.

Evidence of a vote NOT being counted by a machine in California, as it happened!

Few records for men sentenced by judge accused of misconduct

Wonkette: Sarah Palin Under Impression Somebody Asked Her Opinion On Orlando Shootings

Rome may elect first female mayor

John McCain Furious Obama Shot Up Orlando, Created ISIS, Bought Last Bag Of Werther’s Originals

Prosecutor: Pacific Gas ignored regulations to cut costs

Timmy Won!

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Summertime Oaks

ESPN sucks!

November is fast becoming what the GOP fears: A referendum on Trump.(from banned WaPo)

I'm loving Senator Warren

U.S. Carriers Sail in Western Pacific, Hoping China Takes Notice

Video of Sen. Warren at Clinton HQ

Tension at funerals for Orlando victims with protest, irate driver

Apple pulls support for GOP convention due to Trump’s comments on women and immigrants

Four Days Ago, "Joe the Plummer" endorsed Trump

Anti-oil protesters arrested for blocking trains in Washington state

Don the Con rally venue less than 1/2 full

Google translation: Montaño said that Evo is irreplaceable and that a leader of his stature born eve

Doping: International Olympic Committee backs 'strong' IAAF stance on Russia

Doping: International Olympic Committee backs 'strong' IAAF stance on Russia

I've witnessed a lot of special moments as @HillaryClinton's photographer, but June 7 was something

Turkey: Erdogan revisits controversial Gezi Park plans

Clinton emails on trade deal held until after election

Ron Lester, Who Portrayed Billy Bob in 'Varsity Blues,' Dies

Investigators Say Orlando Shooter Showed Few Warning Signs Of Radicalization

i survived the 2016 Texas Democratic. Party Convention

Romney Ally Named GOP Convention Rules Chairman

New lizard species found in the Dominican Republic

I might have just saved my in-laws from being scammed.

New lizard species found in the Dominican Republic

Blind Mexican catfish species spotted in the US for the first time

Sandy Hook idiot Truthers say Hillary is actually actor Shirley Jones and more!

You Need to Know about Mistress K

President Obama and the First Family Visit Yosemite National Park


If you scratch my back and I'll be your friend forever ...

I think this is the right forum...

Harvard Study Confirms The Media Tore Down Clinton, Built Up Trump And Sanders

Blind Mexican catfish species spotted in the US for the first time

The Trump effect: Could Arizona go blue for the first time in 20 years?

The Free Thought Project's video, U.S. imperialism:

"Sunken Cathedral"

The Fulminator

Florida News - 6/18/2016

Hillary Clinton's rise earns place of honor in birthplace of US women's suffrage

Did BS Ever Call O'Malley, Chafee & Webb To Ask Which Of Their Policies

BERNIE SANDERS: Almost 7,000 of my supporters just signed up to run for office

Snopes: Guccifer 2.0 Claims Responsibility for Purported DNC Network Hack

Florida prosecutor suspended after Facebook rant

What's wrong with this picture?

November is fast becoming what the GOP fears: A referendum on Trump.

Cruz's campaign manager "acting to save Republican Party from disaster," says Cruz is not involved

Germany's Lufthansa suspends flights to cash-strapped Venezuela

Mateen Profile More Like "A Typical Mass Shooter" Rather Than "Individual Radicalized By ISIS"

Germany's Lufthansa suspends flights to cash-strapped Venezuela

Release the Kraken!

Preservation groups rejoice in Gold Butte (NV)

Endorsement or no, for Sanders not to divorce himself from Philly protests helps Trump

France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

Former Vanderbilt football player again convicted of rape

The monkeys are taking over the cabana.

Trump accuses Jeb Bush of plotting against him

Where Would You Put The Odds of Trump Being the Republican Nominee?

VIDEO "We can't treat these things as something that we deal with later" —@POTUS in @YosemiteNPS

AFL-CIO Says 'No' To Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Donald Trump’s Place

Trump in the Dumps

Highway of Tears to get bus route after 18 women murdered or missing

Chris Christie will be the orange one's running mate.

Cult leader Victor Barnard back in Minnesota to face charges

Cult leader Victor Barnard back in Minnesota to face charges

Trump says if offered $5 billion to drop out, "I guess we’d have to think about it"

An advertisement.....Jon Bon Jovi singing about turning back time......

Donald Trump threatens to self-fund campaign if GOP support wavers

Trump campaign calls for $100K in donations by the end of the day

Obama's New Tech Advisor Proved How Easy It Is To Hack Voting Machines

Sanders wins Wash. state party endorsement in symbolic move

Al Giordano: The dam just broke. Vermont US Rep. Peter Welch has now called out Senator Sanders

COKE joke

This comedian ripped into Congress for its lack of action on gun control. Heartbreaking.

Please bring it back.

Hillary Clinton to campaign in Hampton Roads on June 21

Hillary Clinton to campaign in Hampton Roads on June 21

DNC Tight-Lipped About Authenticity Of Documents From Guccifer 2.0 Hack

Clinton to make first stop in Columbus as presumptive Democratic nominee

Cedar Fire now 30 percent contained (Arizona White Mountains)

What Was Donald Trump's Father Like?

538: Hate crimes against LGBT people are sadly common

Rhode Island News - 6/18/2016

US Rep. Kaptur (D) Suggests Trump May Be a Clinton Plant

Year after church shooting, Charleston much the same

A frank discussion of being Black/African American in the USA in the year 2016.

The People's Summit 2016 - Day 3 - Sunday, June 19 #PPLSummit

The People's Summit 2016 - Day 3 - Sunday, June 19 #PPLSummit

Hillary Who? Progressive activists not ready for Clinton

I want to be evil

"Vangard of the Revolution" the 60's.....The Black Panther Party"......

Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump can NEVER be the President

Democrats Filibuster For Gun Control

St. Louis Blues

Connecticut News - 6/18/2016

It seems to me...

8th-Grader Impersonate Trump, Ted Cruz, Obama, Hillary & Sanders in VIRAL Graduation Speech

Release The Measurements

Sheriff: Gun shop owner shot, killed in Clermont County gun store during CCW class

Poland: march against proposed new restrictions on abortion

How privileged are you?

The Fall of the “Welfare Queen” in California

Here is my Music Video on The Alaska PFD

The Trump effect: Could Arizona go blue for the first time in 20 years?

Some Sanders supporters don't want the Senator's campaign to give their information to HRC and DNC

Massachusetts News - 6/19/2016

Checked out & removed selected Cookies (watching us). Shudder.

Hate Crimes Against LGBT People Are Sadly Common

Republicans Consider ‘Conscientious Objector’ Rule for Convention Delegates

Evo Morales: Latin America Must Fight US Coups with 'Democratic Revolution'

Bravenak!!!!!!! Love.

Daily Holidays - June 19

Why Bolivia turned away Bill Gates' chicken donation

Why Bolivia turned away Bill Gates' chicken donation

New Hampshire News - 6/19/2016

In Israeli desert, world’s highest solar tower looks to future

Evidence Proves Political Campaign Against Bolivian President

Iran aviation official says Boeing sale involves 100 planes

Here's a good reason for folks to root for the Warriors today:

Wikileaks Issues ‘Torrent Insurance’ Encrypted File With Dead-Man's Switch

Resigned Brazil tourism minister ‘had Swiss bank account’ – prosecutor

Resigned Brazil tourism minister ‘had Swiss bank account’ – prosecutor

Chomsky: The Republican Party Is Becoming a Real Danger to Human Survival

Vermont News - 6/19/2016

Rift between Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton supporters on display at Texas Democratic Convention

Hillary Clinton Is On A Mission To Rebuild The Democratic Party

All Berned Out: ‘Sour Grapes’ Sanders, It’s Time to Give it Up

Flat out: Was California stolen?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Wif Enthoosiasm Edition

From Murphy's Filibuster a message that should break your heart and make you think.

BS supporters planning a "Hassle line" plus a " Fart-a-thon" at Philly's Conv (HRC GP)

Sanders Supporters Seek Ways to Keep ‘Bernie’ Movement Alive

A year later, the grief still feels raw - the racist slaughter at the Mother Emanuel AME Church

Hackers targeting Clinton aides struck across US

"If this doesn't work out," Trump's latest phrase. What does it mean?

All Six Major GOP Convention Sponsors DROP OUT In Protest Of Donald Trump

Do you sense a Trump-weariness beginning to descend across the land?

He's A 'Thin-Skinned, Racist Bully'

Maine News - 6/19/2016

Game of Thrones 6.9 "The Battle of the Bastards" (spoiler alert)

History Quiz: It's a break-in!

Congratulations to grandparents Bill & Hillary on birth of Chelsea's new baby boy Aidan!

George Bengal, Pennsylvania SPCA Director of Humane Law Enforcement, Loses his Life to Cancer at 69

Please DU kick and recommend this post if you are all in for Clinton-Warren.

So, are we done with heterosexism yet?

John McCain’s Opponent Sees Donations Pour In After McCain Blamed Obama For Orlando

If and when sanders people/delegates inside the convention create their intended chaos

Inside Amy Schumer -- Dr. Congress

We don’t hear Republicans talking about the other 70 killers so much, do we?

Peterson G Peterson's PR push

Puerto Rico News - 6/19/2016

Virgin Islands News - 6/19/2016

War Zones

Clinton expands Iowa delegate support at state convention (Hillary Group)

Clinton expands Iowa delegate support at state convention

This is what we have to look forward to?

Today's Google Doodle honors dads:

Sad News From the Music World

The Orlando 49 and so many other members of the LGBTQ community. Will you help?

There's no way around it. Donald Trump has already inflicted a lot of damage

Atheism in Ethiopia

Apple, Uneasy Over Donald J. Trump, Won’t Support Republican Convention

The L.A. Times calls Bernie as they see him and it's not good!


DU is rapidly approaching 73 million posts!

the gazillionaire is begging for $100,000

'Prior permission needed for organising religious speeches'

Ryan: I have to support Trump

Swedish Muslim fights anti-semitism

If Facts Don’t Matter, What Does?

‘Always Agitated. Always Mad’: Omar Mateen, According to Those Who Knew Him

Last Priest from Dachau Concentration Camp Dies at 102

LGBT community raising millions for Orlando victims

The Republican Conundrum w/Trump

We've been called many things...

Molly Bish murder case to receive enhanced DNA testing....

“An open letter on Charleston by Hillary" ~ On the 1 Year Anniversary of a Tragedy

Trump-Fatigue and Trump-Weariness: two memes to fall the beast

Dancing With Defiance in Orlando, but Gay Clubs and Bars Feel ‘Eerie’

Sunday's Doonesbury- tRump Quotes

please visit this thread...

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Travel Prep

Georgia News - 6/19/2016

Parents of Sandy Hook victim: Sanders is wrong about the point of our lawsuit

"What used to be the lunatic fringe is now called the House of Representatives."

Happy Father's Day!

CDC Horrified After Discovering Existence Of Thousands Of Public Pools

Nurses at 5 Minneapolis-Area Hospitals Begin Weeklong Strike

Nurses at 5 Minneapolis-Area Hospitals Begin Weeklong Strike

Swedish Muslim fights anti-Semitism

My father’s war, my toxic inheritance

U.S. will seek billions more to support Afghan military efforts

Nurses at 5 Minneapolis-Area Hospitals Begin Weeklong Strike

Indonesian navy fires on Chinese boat, injures fisherman - Beijing ministry

Sunday Toon Roundup 1- Father's Day

Why one man thinks the US government should pay citizens $1,000 a month (ex-SEIU President)

Sunday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Israel Plans to Destroy Only Water Source of Shepherds in West Bank Village

Trump's campaign is destroying the republican party maybe the dem party, too

WI Dems approve resolution to remove super delegates

Tomorrow means nothing. We will still be able to praise Senator Sanders...

NYC-Area DUers. Join Vigil on Tuesday in front of Schumer/Gillibrand Midtown Office Bldg.

Indonesian navy fires on Chinese boat, injures fisherman - Beijing ministry

HEY, Happy Father's Day out there in DU Land

Happy Father's Day: Dad Humor

I am going to the national convention

Letters From Long Ago Now Lift Spirits of WWII's 'Canteen Girl'

Calling it: The British papers have come out on Brexit, and they're pretty divided

Fart-ins? Hassle Lines? At the Convention?

"Its a Combover!!"

Muslim attitudes about LGBT are complex, far from universally anti-gay

Ohio gun shop owner killed during concealed carry class

Nebraska, Iowa Senate Republicans say Dems’ gun proposals are unlikely to halt future attacks

Trump voters? ~ cartoon

This primary solidified the Log-Cabinization of the Social Left

Will the "New Rules" go into effect at midnight+1 Sunday night (Monday morning)? Or ...

Just curious: who's got ink?

How does Trump monetize his endgame?

NRA Top guy, Chris Cox, refused to answer Re: assault weapons

Florida prosecutor suspended for vile Facebook rant blasting Orlando hours after nightclub massacre:

Trump lashes out at GOP

First female teen to win Ohio masonry competition bumped from national contest

Before Omar Mateen Committed Mass Murder, The FBI Tried To 'Lure' Him Into A Terror Plot

The Trumpus: U.S. must "start thinking about" racial profiling

"I've been thinking about my V.P." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

"Robot-Built Architecture"? Soon

Haiku for this last day of DU's primary debate

Florida rabbi who protested Donald Trump loses his job

6-18-16 Women Teachers Leading by Example in 2:00

"Always"-->Hillary's first new ad--introducing her to America

6-18-16 Women Teachers Leading by Example in 2:00

6-18-16 Women Teachers Leading by Example in 2:00

Hundreds Plan to Protest Sunday Against Sacramento Pastor Who Praised Orlando Massacre

Angry Assange starts 5th year cooped in London embassy

TRNN interviews Yvette Carnell,"Breaking Brown" and Bill Curry on taking "The Revolution" Forward

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy." John Mason

Malcom Nance ripping Islamophobia on Joy Reid (video link added)

People's Summit: Progressive Gathering Fertilizing Momentum of Bernie's Revolution

Donald Trump calls profiling Muslims ‘common sense’

Carl Bernstein just called Trump a ''neo-fascist,'' among other things, like "pathological liar."

Mike McLaughlin didn’t expect to be a single dad to 17-month-old twins at the age of 68 (link added)

What Bernie Sanders Proved. And Why I still Believe His Message Remains Critical

I side with which candidate?

As I look forward to Monday, two old songs stick in my mind.

How do I close a port?

Check your Ticketmaster account, free tickets might be waiting for you

Campaign Finance Reform and Economic Justice. What we now know.

Stephen A. Smith mansplains how to be a good NBA wife to Ayesha Curry

Fine with me. House votes to nix military bands at dinners, dances

Election/Voting Reform Vigil: This TUESDAY in NYC.

I ignore the political news shows now I know why

Syrian forces advance on IS-held air base

"Counterterrorism Expert Says US Spending Money Wrong Place"

Trio Mediaeval. Incredible music!

Supreme Court May Take Action On State Assault Weapon Bans

Question about the new rules

The United States Probably Has More Foreign Military Bases Than Any Other People, Nation, or Empire

Kim Dotcom: Julian Assange Will Be Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare in 2016

Suppose Bernie had Hillary's superdelegates, would you support him in the GE?

HOUSTON CHRONICAL: 'This Is The Fault Of THOSE In Public Office Bowing Before The NRA'

"We're Here to Stay"

For those of you who have the good judgment to avoid GDP, I hope Joe doesn't mind my re-posting here

Hackers targeting Clinton aides struck across US

While Bernie fans practiced protests for the DNC, millennials for Hillary registered folks to vote i

Did you see my post about cleaning the old linen/crewel panel?

Obama, Biden, Warren and others have endorse Sec. Clinton for President Now that she is the nominee.

Message from a supporter of Guccifer

I am my Own Grandpa - Happy Fathers' Day DUers

Clarence Thomas may be next to leave Supreme Court?

Question about the TPP

"Has Hillary Clinton earned Bernie's support?"

What are you reading this week of June 19, 2016?

Wyoming legislators wage war on poor

We went to see a dog that is up for adoption (she has been abused for a long time)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 22: Stage to Screen

All time record set for week-to-week annual measurements of annual CO2 increases at Mauna Loa.

Clarence Thomas may be next to leave Supreme Court

Bangladesh police shoot dead militant behind killing of bloggers, gay rights activists

Driven by Campaign Populism, Democrats Unite on Expanding Social Security

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 21: Robert Osborne's Picks

Thinking beyond the convention,

No non-sworn civilian should own any device that is DESIGNED to kill a lot of humans efficiently

This primary solidified the Log-Cabinization of the Social Left

Polls Are Unanimous: Everyone Hates The Donald

The DNC sent me a survey. Here is my response

Your opinion on gun control doesn't matter

Ever have a song you really like, that's stuck in your head?

Hillary Clinton’s path to victory

Obama Drags Family On Vacation To Middle Of Nowhere

Kansas cut taxes, California raised them. What happened?

Just wait! The email fairy/assange/fart squad/BoB is going to get her! She's dooooomed!

Blood shed when intolerance is perpetuated

Comic - Summer Heat

Another hard negative anti-Trump spot from Clinton super PAC @prioritiesUSA, going up in CO FL IA NV

A Bummed Fox News Is Flipping Out As They Realize That Trump Is Blowing The Election

'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car crash at age 27

First piece I heard today, thought I'd share,

Hillary Clinton’s path to victory

Bernie's supporters, who will vote for Secretary Clinton out of fear of Trump, have six weeks

Hillary Clinton’s path to victory

The Happy Hungry Dragonfly

The Next President and Foreign Conflicts

Wishing a good day to survivors of bad fathers

Decades Later, Sickness Among Airmen After a Hydrogen Bomb Accident

Navy warship to trade some speed in firepower, heavier armor

Protip: Citing anything outside mainstream media does not help your case

Please, make him go away!!! Trump says profiling is 'not the worst thing to do'

World Orthodox leaders meet despite Russia's absence

World’s Largest ‘Fart-In’ Is Planned for Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech in Philadelphia

Another fire destroys more low-cost housing in the Mission (SF)

NRA Lobbyist, Trump Disagree Whether Orlando Club-goers Should Have Been Armed

Oil Bust Leaves States With Massive Well Cleanup

Jim Webb/Zell Miller League "Democrat" Tulsi Gabbard has a challenger:

MSNBC Reporter Obliterates America’s ‘Predictable’ Mass Shooting Response With Powerful Commentary

Pastor: Church Sign on Ramadan Drew Angry Call, Posting

How Did Right Wingers Get So Obsessed with Ayn Rand????

Wow. Today we are seeing a Who's Who of Hillary Haters

W C Handy

Trump Planning to Meet with 400 Homophobic Evangelical Leaders a Week After Claiming to Be 'Friend'

Singer on Mexican 'The Voice' Dies in Chicago After Shooting

I thought the exhaustion from chemo

Israel Approves $18M Extra Funding for West Bank Settlements

Hillary Who? Progressive activists not ready for Clinton

Bad Moon Rising

Pro-Settler Group Urges British Israelis to 'Leave' EU

Dairy Farmers Say Safety Net on Milk Prices Is Not Helping

Watch out! Manic Monday is approaching!

Favorite food to fuel, so to speak, a fart-in?

WaPo: The brutal numbers behind a very bad month for Donald Trump

Heat Stroke / Don't Haul Bricks On 66

Prince Played a Role in Misty Copeland's Rise to Fame

‘Star Trek’ Actor Anton Yelchin Dies at 27

Clarence Thomas may be next to leave

"It could have happened to anyone." Mom shares photos of son in spot where gator killed

Look what they'll be serving at the GOP convention wine bars!!

Eastern Washington superdelegate throws her support behind Clinton

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 19, 2016

Actually a fart-in could be a Trump protest since...

HAH! HuffPo's "Editor's note" at the bottom of every Trumplethinskin article:

Will the GDP forum actually be finished tomorrow?

French pro-Israel group threatens to 'scalp' thousands of BDS activists

WaPo: An expensive reminder that Sanders still hasn’t dropped out: His Secret Service detail (HRCGP)

Clintonites oppose ‘occupation’ mention in platform– as Cornel West says party is ‘beholden to AIPAC

Number One Priority for General Election: Please Save the Children (From Being Born Premature)

The Role of Rocks in the Civil War

Slavery still runs through the nation’s veins

ABC Boots Tony Perkins From Sunday Show So MSNBC Invites Him

Manifestly unfit to be President

Third Oakland police chief out amid sex and race scandals

Anti-Klan Rally in Mobile (AL)

More politically efficacious- fart in or hassle line*

NRA says The Donald Went Too Far

Arizona GOP delegates resign rather than vote for Trump

Congressman's campaign expenses under review, including children's school lunches

I'm all verklempt about the passing of GDP2016

As the U.S. ups military funding for Israel, Israel approves more spending on settlements

Carl Bernstein: Donald Trump is a ‘pathological liar’ and America’s first ‘neofascist’ nominee

Anti-LGBT Protesters Find a Surprise Waiting for Them at Funerals of Orlando Victims

This is how it's done.

USC chemists turn greenhouse gas into hydrogen fuel

I think most of you will get this,.....,tho it might not be a blessing if you do

NRA News: Why you need an AR-15 for home defense.

Orlando shooter worked for G4S (Wackenhut), which guards nuclear facilities

12:01 AM ***HC GROUP***

Get Ready For Racial Profiling Under President Donald Trump

This chart looks great for the Dems... until you look closer

Is this a glitch?

I can hardly wait for Mike Tyson night.

Zephyr Teachout Receives New York Times Endorsement

Lawrence Wilkerson, Bill Maher Destroy Gun-Humping Dumbass Emily Miller on Real Time

Chief Inspector Murphy cares about safety

The Political Revolution Continues...

The Political Revolution Continues...

How Should Hillary Clinton Choose a Running Mate? Start With Chemistry.

Best Female Voices of All Time?

Dalmatian mom and dad watch over kittens

Plan To Remove Visa Requirements For Mexicans On Its Way

I hope Trump's VP nominee is Newt Gingrich or Chris Christie.

Plan To Remove Visa Requirements For Mexicans On Its Way

Juneteenth! why are we editing the 911 tape?

Misinformation, rumors and just plain nonsense mistakes

It doesn't bother me that Hillary is courting Republicans

Donald Trump is a failure! Donald Trump is a con man!

RIP Republican party! n/t

Finally...the real low down about Trump's hair

At Germany's forest schools, everything is outdoors and the toys are tools.

What's your favorite season?

Top Peruvian Amazon tourist destination invaded by gold-miners

What a joy being with our new grandson, Aidan. So grateful. -H (photo)

Top Peruvian Amazon tourist destination invaded by gold-miners

Wrote A Song For Everyone

104 degrees in L.A.

Tropical Storm Warning Issued for a Portion of the state of Veracruz Mexico

Attorney general: I've never discussed Clinton emails with Obama

The meatballs are almost done

Listening to Peter Tosh-Equal Rights

3 Days of the Condor (1975)

Stuck in traffic

Video: Vladimir Putin suggests Cameron may have called referendum 'to blackmail Europe'

Tens of thousands protest on Okinawa to close key U.S. bases in Japan

Copa América Centenario: Colombia Players Have Cumbia Dance-Off [VIDEO]

Thank Science For AC!

We can't have healthcare for all yet we'll give $40 billion to Israel


Why Didn't The DNC Want National Nurses Leader?

Bernie, we hardly knew ye...


Preliminary threads are up in GD

The Congressional Black Caucus 'vehemently' opposes Sanders' call to abolish superdelegates.(HRC GP)

What's your favorite line from Get Shorty?

Metaphorically speaking...

The GE stakes just got higer: Clarence Thomas seriously considering retirement...

What's your favorite line from Sleeper?

Sanders collides with black lawmakers

Pelosi:"I think we could-win everything-Bless his heart. Trump is the gift that keeps giving to us"

What's the latest take on intelligence briefings for the candidates?

Boom boom

Trump Campaign Reality Check

This Top Republican Just Said NO WAY To Being Trump’s VP Pick

US Open golf championship.......poor Dustin Johnson......

To those who celebrate today - Happy Pentecost

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I take in old and/or dying dogs

Venezuelans Ransack Stores as Hunger Grips the Nation.

Recruiting for Jihad: The Allure of ISIS

"There's a Republican Born Every Minute" - P.T. Trump

Key swing state

Turkey: clashes with police as rally for trans rights goes ahead

Worst Texas Democratic Party Convention ever

Happy Juneteenth!

Portrait of a racist.

by Robert Reich:As if you didn’t already have too much to worry about, Social Security’s funds

Blue Origin Aces 4th Reusable Rocket Launch (and Landing) in Live Webcast