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Archives: June 12, 2017

Feeling nervous.

Every Democrat should read this article in the NY Times.

Whoa! Is this Mueller in the near future?

Report: Donald Trumps UK state visit postponed - Could this be the reason?

Dianne Feinstein wants to have the Judiciary Committee "take a look" at Comey and Lynch

Fox News upset Shakespeare in the Park isnt a safe space for Trump supporters

NY attorney: 'Very weird and peculiar' that Trump called me 3 times before I was fired

Watch a NASA Rocket Create Colorful Artificial Clouds Over US East Coast Tonight!

The art of proofreading is dead.

Trump's new golf cart

Fans ambush boxer inside ring after controversial KO

We've got a heat warning!

Trumps lawyer is completely out of his depth and giving bad legal advice: NYT report

Video Of Trump From 1992 Surfaces; Shows Trump Is Exactly The Guy Comey Describes

Long Strange Trip

Some serious political comments at the Tonys

Just announced:TUES National Call In Day by MoveOn!

Sen. Tim Kaine Introduces Legislation to Protect LGBTQ People from Housing Discrimination

LSD king Owsley Stanleys Sonic Journals surface after 50 years.

Preet Bharara Says Trump Tried to Build Relationship With Him Before Firing

The Trump-NRA war on the media escalates in Montana. Where will it end?

BREAKING: Fox News Upset About Something

"...Trump had bupkis to do with that."

*Hamilton's America on WETA (Ch. 26, PBS) now.

Wisconsin redistricting effort could shape future U.S. elections

head of state trump wants oaths of personal loyalty to him. we have seen this before....


Up close and personal - view of Trump

Washington Post: Some Trump supporters want a holy war

More adventures in facebook yelling

If you have seen the movie trailer for "47 Meters Down", you've already seen the movie

Wisconsin Voter ID law suppressed 200K votes; DT won by 23K.

Flowering Caladium


Second Chance rescue kitten cam


U *no* I luv awards shows, 2nite the Tonys - congrats Laurie METCALF

Worried About Election Hacking? Theres a Fix for That

And now, a word about Trump's "RECORD LEVELS!" for job growth, special Barack Obama edition.

Concealed carry permit holder shows great restraint, until he can't.

Sun. nite cuteness overload - Cat comfort

Canada to increase military spending 70 percent in 10 years

Priebus: "I've got one foot on a banana peel and another out the door"

Comey: Russian Hackers Will Interfere With More Elections

Why Does the Liberal, Democratic Establishment Hate Progressives? Seriously

How the world's first accountants counted on cuneiform

Kansas City prisoner 'blessed' to be free after lookalike found

GOP/Trump, Holding America Hostage

The Future Name Of The Republican Party: The Unindicted Co-conspirator Party

Mexico leftist party says will not join other parties in presidential run

Thomas Frank: "From rust belt to mill towns: a tale of two voter revolts"

Temer Remains In Mire, Now Accused Of Spying On Judge

Just announced, "National Call In Day" stop ACA repeal and demand Independent Investigation.

Is there any more one can say....Florida....

Jill Biden at the Tony Awards got a standing ovation as she walked on stage.

Trump's trip to England is HOLD!

Before we launch into another week here (sigh), I want to quietly ask, re: tax returns: why

A neo-Nazi with explosives and a framed photo of Timothy McVeigh is not a threat, judge rules

I was listening to Joy Reid's show....

"The revolution is well under way': how progressives are reacting to Trump's presidency"

Trump not going to UK because of protests - Protests work!!!

I've read about 30 books in the past year.

Two things that DU'ers get wrong every time

D.C., Md. attorneys general to sue Trump, saying foreign payments to his businesses violate Consti

Was anyone else seeing the free speech tv line up on basic cable?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 13: Marlene Dietrich

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 14: Powell & Pressburger

ALDI fires $3.4 Billion shot in US Supermarket wars

Don't let the alt-left hijack the word "progressive".

Puerto Rico votes for Statehood.

Trump admitted trying to "Intimidate " me by lying about a Taped Conversation

Have you tried the "Deep Art Effects" app?

"He eventually admitted he was protesting something that doesn't exist."

'Robin' on Adam West: I miss him dearly

Nashville recommendations

2018 US Senate Election-Landslide Republican Victory to Landslide Democratic Victory.

Theresa May appeals to MPs for support as her future hangs in balance

Museum of Failure includes Trump's Board Game

The Art (and complete ironic) Nature of The Political Soap Opera In The USA..

LOL. Trump gives Priebus July 4 deadline to get White House in order:

I just learned from Drudge Report that McCain thinks American Leadership was better under Obama.

Watch the Tonys?

As usual Watching Tony Awards tonight ..

Isn't Donald Trump/GOP The Easy Response to Bernie's Neoprogressive Attacks on Democrats?

Arrabal: New American Repertory Theater show explores legacy of Argentina's brutal military regime

Arrabal: New American Repertory Theater show explores legacy of Argentina's brutal military regime

Been gone awhile. Shit still cray?

Here's to that beautiful Moon outside.

Nearby states, population growth strain Idaho's nurse supply

Rock Siren Courtney Love Blasts Antisemitic BDS Activist Linda Sarsour Over Fundraising Campaign

Idaho State Police repay bar for revenue lost from sanctions for burlesque show

Gov. Sandoval gives state employees extra 1-percent raise

ESA blame game splits Nevada GOP

Democratic forum gives voice to fears about health care overhaul

Union: State workers' share of budget is 'punch in the stomach'

Recreational pot advocates pleased with Nevada Legislature's strides

Heads roll at Parris Island

First lady Melania Trump, son Barron officially move into the White House

Sandoval axes minimum wage proposal in batch of vetoes

Anti-Sharia rallies met by counter protestors

Senators May Soon Meet With Donald Trump Son-In-Law Jared Kushner The 11th Hour MSNBC

Here's the Real History Behind Arizona's Confederate Monuments

Republicans defend Trump after Comey testimony

Puerto Ricans vote for statehood in referendum

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify before Senate Intelligence Committee

Japanese town holds first preparedness drill since WWII

VIDEO: Jimmy Carter greets fellow fliers

Could Michael Flynn Have Access to the Trump Tape ?

Attorney general makes appointment in campaign finance case

Coming to Showtime in July: Reince Priebus IS Mr. Wolf in Quentin Tarantino's "The Problem Solver"

Forest Service signs permit for proposed Arizona copper mine

Oh sweet JESUS. Trump re-tweeted Geraldo Rivera RE: "ZERO" chance of IMPEACHMENT.

Trump's state visit to Britain put on hold (Guardian)

Megyn Kelly to have a Sandy Hook Truther on her show???

"It could close early": Stephen Colbert compares Trump presidency to a bad Broadway show

Jimmy Carter Brilliantly Explains How The Establishment Gave Us Trump

Mama bear and cubs cut off access to Draculas castle

"What do you MEAN, "We're not going to be here long, don't get comfortable?" Dad?"

Paul Ryan's missed opportunity

My Cousin Rachel...Has anyone seen it yet?

Russian activist Alexey Navalny detained as tens of thousands rally across Russia

Alt-Right trolled by Alt-Right into counter-protesting non-existent Antifa-protest.

Pope to Nigerian priests: You'll be fired if you don't obey

Trump True-Believer who doesn't fit in the expected demographic.

tRump's grueling schedule for Monday, June 11, 2017 (sic)

ALERT! President Trump just tweeted a vital, important, time-sensitive BOMBSHELL piece of info!

MSM should tell Trump - Put up or shut up

A reminder: Comey's testimony is only small part of obstruction evidence against Trump

Why should dogs have all the fun? Try adventure catting

Pakistan: man sentenced to death for blasphemy on Facebook

Vanity Fair joins in the effort to silence the Democratic base

Trump gives Priebus until July 4th to clean up White House... or he is out

Kremlin critic Aleksei A. Navalny has been arrested as anticorruption protests roll across Russia.

The Trump Fallacy: Comey's statements are both false and privileged. But they can't be both!

Perjury About A Blowjob Is Not Nearly As Serious As Perjury About A Russian Attack On Our Democracy

This is why Trump's administration was doomed before it started

Veterans Affairs Official Downplays Agent Orange Risks, Questions Critics

Trumpocrisy, a play in two tweets

Bear crosses through Colorado race

Finally, Something Isn't the Matter With Kansas

Democrats Stick to Health Care Message Amid Russian Intrigue

best toon imo...

Care to see some dumbasses from Virginia?

Shunning Gun Control, Helping Terrorists - NYT Editorial Board

this may sound like a silly question but...

BTRTN: The Most Damning Testimony... the Words Not Spoken

BTRTN: The Most Damning Testimony... the Words Not Spoken

Ivanka Trump surprised by level of viciousness

Please remember the Pulse victims today

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Unlearning on the job

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Tape Him Up

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Lt. Gov candidate Susan Platt received death threats

The Trump Davidians want to fire Mueller. Al Capone wanted Eliot Ness gone too (WINK)

Aww, Trump and Republicans want to "move on" from Russia investigation and go on to their agenda

POWER MINUS PRINCIPLE - The Grand Old Party's Last Lions Roll Over

The Health 202: Meet Obamacare's biggest Twitter defender

Ugh.....Bikers for tRump......actually supporting Handel in Georgia's 6th district

Revealed: neo-Nazi terrorists are behind Scotland's newest far right group

Emergency repairs made after leak nearly sinks Battleship Texas (Ship of State re: Trump)

A Task Force With Falwell Is Happening, White House Says

How Russia Targets the U.S. Military

Anybody shouting at you, "Lock her up"?

Rubio defends his questioning of Comey

*****WOW***** John Podhoretz - Ivanka Trump is a "filthy liar".

Dems already fighting over Conyers' Judiciary post

Maryland, DC plan to sue Trump over foreign payments

Why the sudden hate for Mueller??

Are the House and Senate Dems putting forth a good plan to fix Obamacare and derail Trumpcare?

I did something today for the first time.

Israel Successfully Hacked ISIS Computers; Trump Leaked It to the Russians

Heatstreet: Facebook Has Been Regularly Shutting Down Atheist and Ex-Muslim Groups

It begins: Coal mine is opening soon.

Waking Up Podcast: Leaving Islam

Russia cloud settles in over Trump's White House

I missed when real Presidents talked about "hope."

Jeff Sessions Subpoenaed In Trial of Trump Soul Mate Joe Arpaio

Jumping spiders chase laser pointers just like cats do (video)

If you have a beef with Laurence Tribe just walk down the damn hall and stop whining

John Oliver Talks British Elections And Lord Buckethead

Puerto Rico upholds statehood demand in contentious vote

Trump holds fundraiser for lawmaker who helped save GOP health care bill

Killings of LGBT People in U.S. Rose to a Record in 2016: Report

"'Integrity' is a sissy's word." . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Pete Hegseth!!!

Trump insider pursuing bid for FBI building contract, raising questions of conflict of interest

Sandy Hook mom shreds Megyn Kellys Alex Jones interview: Evil doesnt need another platform

Trump administration abstains from international climate change pledge

On the 1 year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Wow, tech is again falling big time in the market. As on Friday, investors seem to be buying blue

John McCain, "(American Standing in World) better under Obama"

Former N.H. Gov.: Comey 'didn't have the backbone' to tell Trump if he thought he was out of bounds

Trump and Kushner business partner might get $2 billion contract for new FBI headquarters

Trump lawyer won't rule out firing Mueller

Smirnoff Vodka trolls Trump: We'll talk about our Russia ties under oath

Want a vicious LIE -the African-American President of the United States is not American

John Kelly the "grownup"? Forget it -- Homeland Security chief turns out to be another Trump zealot

Trump knew Bharara was a dogged prosecutor and wanted to use him as a sword against his enemies

Preet Bharara Mocks Trump Re-Tweeting Geraldo

Today at the Supreme Court: Live blog of orders and opinions - June 12, 2017

Pakistan: man sentenced to death for blasphemy on Facebook

New York City subway's oldest cars set to be used through 2020

X-Post: Susan Platt receives death threats in Va. Primary

China colludes with California on climate after Trump's Paris accord snub

All Day Power Outage in St. Paul Kept Me Offline Yesterday

if trump had tapes, i suspect they have been destroyed by now.

GA6 election is coming shortly. Moratorium on Ossoff sabotaging could be a good idea here?

I'm not surprised by Ivanka's level of disgusting qualities

Is Att'y Gen. Jeff Sessions About to Commit Perjury?

Russia considering bill that would make voter-fraud illegal.

The Long, Lonely Road of Chelsea Manning

'Code Orange' in the metropolitan area, according to National Weather Service,

Mattis turned down White House calls to go on 'Fox & Friends': report

Lieutenant Governor's race - best Dem candidate?

Today is the day to defeat Trumpcare

'She's a filthy liar': NY Post columnist slams Ivanka for feigning ignorance about 'viciousness'...

I'll probably get major league slammed for this, Dean Koontz is a horse's ass.

Trump's Nightmare - Pence has 90% support GOP Congress

Dogs and wolves share sense of fair play

Uber board adopts all recommendations from Eric Holder investigation

The incontrovertible evidence - By Tom Tomorrow

Trump "on an island, all alone"

Drowning in Irony: Trump May Have Just Doomed His Own Properties

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #8

Obamacare is in real danger

Writing about food: Emile Zola's "The Belly of Paris"

What causes extreme levels of clueless apathy towards the have- nots?

Sessions asks for public hearing tomorrow

Anti-Donald Trump sentiment seeps into U.S.-Mexico soccer rivalry..

Hmmmm?: DOJ: Sessions wants to testify publicly tomorrow

Role of Trump's Personal Lawyer Blurs Public and Private Lines

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify in an open hearing Tuesday...

GOP investigated Hillary 13 times, now they can't even stomach 1. What happened to their stamina?

Megyn Kelly to interview Alex Jones on NBC

Potential Terrorist Hoarding Bomb-Making Material Given Bail In Florida

Jeff Sessions to testify before Senate Intelligence Committee tomorrow in an open session

The President Is New At This

Puerto Rico's Voters Have Backed U.S. Statehood in a Controversial Referendum

Trump Card

I sat in front seat with my father & listened to Trump try to impress me-at the expense of my father

trump calls democrats 'obstructionists'... hey don, what about Merrick Garland?

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend

Donnie 2 Scoops on the tv machine again, tooting his own orange horn.

We have the greatest bill in the historyof the world on health care

***3 key differences in today's Emoluments lawsuit against DT***

Trump: I can't fill positions because of obstructionist Dems. It's terrible. Terrible.

Shawnee Mission parents question school districts purchase of semi-automatic rifles

Trump coal voters fear loss of Obamacare -

Ducks: A Point of Unity in a Capital of Ruffled Feathers

What does Flynn have on Trump ?

anyone watching this travesty trump is putting on display before the public right now?

This is a media circus of fawning for GDtC

Trump and the true meaning of "Idiot"

Mulvaney is going to take care of the people who really need it and focus on the forgotten

Just when you thought all the Bernie haters had moved on

When a liberal power lawyer represents the Trump family, things can get ugly

Time for equal media treatment of political correctness

Legislator introduces the Covfefe Act

Looks like everybody is giving a loyalty pledge to me

Trump's cabinet of fawning dogs are eager to lick their Dear Leader's hand.

Rep. Quigley introduces the COVFEFE Act

Tonys triumph over Trump

Why Good Journalism is Liberal

Oy, stay chill SE Arizonans..

Trump and My Dad: A true story not hard to believe that shaped a man

GOP Health Bill Draft ready this evening - Won't be publicly released: Aide "We aren't stupid"

Ivanka Trump: 'There is a level of viciousness that I was not expecting'

Purpose of hearings-Transfer Trump's balls from Putin's pocket to-1 each pocket for McConnell & Ryan

NJ Student's Artwork Removed From Show.....

The feds are blocking a product aimed at keeping drugs out of kids hands

Aha- Sessions expected to cite exec privilege...

I am lost in a world of hate. Alex Jones interview on Megan Kelly on fathers day no less.....

Could Lord Buckethead be the UK's future?

Republicans: Trump Is a Liar, But Not a Crook!

***Press Conference on new Emoluments Lawsuit NOW! 12:23 Eastern***

Russia has developed a cyberweapon that can disrupt power grids, according to new research

Trumps defense against Comey has fallen into a predictable pattern: Make a baseless accusation

BREAKING: The (apparently not) official White House portrait of Barack Obama

Bill Cosby trial shocker: Defense rests after just 6 minutes

My "WTF?" of the day, republican ditzo congresswoman division...

Monday marks 50th anniversary of Loving decision on interracial marriage

Monday marks 50th anniversary of Loving decision on interracial marriage

Three Brands Of Rawhide Chews Recalled After Reports Of Sickened Dogs

Not alone: 49 beautiful 'angels' watched over Pulse early this morning

Do our laws no longer apply? Israel hacked ISIS, Trump told Russians

Trump once had to admit 30 lies under oath.

U.S. top court won't expand debt-collection abuse law in Santander case

Supreme Court speeds copycat biologic drugs to market

Rubber Duck Arrested in St. Petersburg

Senate GOP won't release draft health care bill

Trump Jr met with banker who launders Russian money

Russia Was Helped by 'Treasonous' Americans

Okay, we're North Korea now - Cabinet members praise their dear leader in turn

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Hillary tweeted about Pulse. Trump tweeted about his daughter making a TV appearance. We had a....

Cruz Goes From 'Lucifer' to Dealmaker in Health-Care Overhaul

Officials in Maryland and Washington DC suing Trump over foreign payments

Ossoff Holds Edge Heading Into Final Week

Republicans See House at Risk In 2018


Foo Fighters To Play Opening Of The Anthem, Washington D.C.'s New Venue

I wish I'd been on this flight.

Trump declares he's 'passed more legislation' than any other president besides FDR

Trump Loses Travel Ban Ruling in Appeals Court.

Montana's Gianforte avoids jail time for reporter assault

When Women Have Land Rights, the Tide Begins to Turn

9th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds injunction against Trump 90-day travel ban and cap on refugees

Hazmat Crew Called To Disneyland After Geese Defecate On 17 People

Major Robert H. Lawrence, Jr. A Hidden Figure in Plain Site

Trump nearing low-water mark in Gallup

BREAKING *****Trump's Muslim Ban Falls Again*****

Lurking Deplorables/ Trump Davidians- Are you tired of all the winning?

U.S. Power Companies Warned Nightmare Cyber Weapon Already Causing Blackouts

'I don't march in the Boston Pride Parade. I dance,' says Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren

3 US soldiers killed in insider attack in Afghanistan identified

UPDATED: Gianforte sentenced to 40 hours of community service for assaulting reporter

Sessions' testimony to Congress Tuesday to be open to public

Trump officials to unveil plan to cut factory rules this week

Great read in light of Trump saying he'd "100%" testify under oath.

Putin critic Alexei Navalny detained on day of protests across Russia

Salma Hayek Reveals How Donald Trump Allegedly Asked Her Out, and It's Gross

Trump upends the global order

Electric car myths zapped in Everett-to-Spokane road trip

None of the networks are talking about the healthcare bill the rethugs are pushing through!


Coal-hauling railroads are unlikely to see significant benefit from Paris withdrawal

"days of the theocracy" kristin lems (tell me again why anyone is worried about sharia, not this)

can someone tell me why we should worry about sharia when we have this:

It was only a matter of time....the trump administration has just announced a new program:

In case you lost count, what real presidents dont do

Dust Bowl-ification of U.S. Southwest leads to 8-fold jump in Valley Fever cases

Appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump travel ban

Press conf now on apprenticeships..

Don't buy the emerging storyline that McConnell is expecting aTrumpcare fail

My frustrating call to the Washington State Democratic party....

I have a current event issue...related to DU. "jury duty"

This week's favorite nickname for Donald John Trump

Is ANYONE buying this "Apprentice" horseshit? ANYONE?

"we will never give up" kristin lems

Trump is missing nominees for 39 science positions

Russia protests: Hundreds detained at opposition rallies

Congressman Sherman Circulates Proposed Article of Impeachment: Obstruction of Justice

Outside A Clinic In Charlotte, 600 Protestors Claim Abortion Is A Mans Issue

Princess Snowflake Champagne Popsicle is really hurt over viciousness in politics. Really sad.

Meet The Volcanologist Running For Congress

Cuba has a cancer vaccine, with good results.

Spicer dismisses emoluments lawsuit by saying it's all "democrats." What a lying, stuttering ass

On this day in 1963, civil rights activist Medgar Evers was murdered.

Senate IS passing their ACA repeal bill! They changed the rules again! Deja vu.....

Trump and Kushner business partner might get $2 billion contract for new FBI headquarters

"heart of a woman" kristin lems (about the chilean mining disaster)

And as Spicer runs out, he mentions that no U.K. trip is scheduled yet...

IMHO, McCain has gotten too many free fucking rides.

Outside A Clinic In Charlotte, 600 Protestors Claim Abortion Is A Mans Issue

Appeals court cites Trump tweets in ruling against travel ban

Spicey was correct today.

Prominent Trump supporters are pushing for firing of Special Counsel RobertMueller

FLAG: Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) has circulated a proposed Article of Impeachment against Trump: Obstr

Oliver Stone is an idiot

Everyone's got the same creepy observation about who Melania Trump's dad looks like.

Senate GOP won't release draft health care bill

Just to be 100% clear: When President Obama brought the press in for cabinet meetings...

and this falls under Be Careful What You Wish For...

Paul Krugman - They Dont Need No Information

Something Totally Unsurprising about DeVos

Trump's Businesses May Lead To His Undoing Morning Joe MSNBC MSNBC

Donald Trump just held the weirdest Cabinet meeting ever

Cartoon: Lame assed Trump excuses

A bare-knuckled, Texas Death Cage match to see which Cabinet member has the most love for Trump

Notice that the kGOPee Party is perfectly fine going stealth with legislation?

Shawnee Mission parents question school districts purchase of semi-automatic rifles

Does anyone think Trump *wouldn't* have fired Sally Yates....

Spicer: 'Premature' To Say If Sessions Should Invoke Executive Privilege

Parents outraged after pro-Trump messages were edited out of this high school's yearbooks

Trump's Cabinet meeting from this morning...the Director's Cut.

Schumer And His Staff Mock Trump's Praise-Filled Cabinet Meeting (VIDEO)

Universal's "Dark Universe"-movies are THE chance to make a good Frankenstein-movie.

The football players are continually wiping sweat in what must be very humid conditions while

In His Worst Defeat Yet, Court Rules Trump Actions On Muslim Ban Violated The Law

!LOL! - Sen. Schumer needles the tweeter-in-chief with a video mocking Trump's Cabinet meeting

Secret Service Has No Audio or Transcripts of Any Tapes Made in Trump White House

LMAO - Rep. Quigley (D-IL) introduces "The COVFEFE Act" - Pres. Records Act

Pierce: This Fight Will Be Long, Bloody, and Partisan

White House: When Trump Said He'd Testify, He Didn't Mean to Congress

Why are people being allowed to work in the WH for free?

Religious Liberals Sat Out of Politics for 40 Years. Now They Want in the Game. (Xposted)

Supreme Court strikes down gender-based citizenship law

Have you guys considered adding alerting category for Russian propangda or ...

Drumpt's birthday is Wednesday. What's an appropriate gift?

Secret Service: It has NO recordings made in Trump's WH-doesn't exclude possibility by other entity

Secret Service Says It Has No Audio Recordings, Transcripts From Trump WH

"He's new at this:"

Reince Priebus Fawns at Trump Cabinet Meeting: It is a 'Blessing To Serve Your Agenda'

Things we did growing up that kids today don't get?


Rep. Adam Schiff Congressman from California and the PLCAA

Newt Gingrich Slams Mueller's Special Counsel A Month After Calling Him A 'Superb Choice'

All Bow Down! Trump's Cabinet Kowtows to The Donald

Trump Neglects LGBTQ Community in Pulse Tribute

How the Kremlin is ratcheting up efforts to turn U.S. service members, veterans into a fifth column

I didn't see this anywhere else...the COVFEFE Act!

Another Democrat Refuses to Run, Citing Intimidation

This Tweet Thread Breaks Down What You Must Do To Stop Trumpcare

Joy's Solution to Trump's Brit Snit

Priebus thanks Trump for 'opportunity and the blessing' to serve his agenda

2 questions i hope they ask sessions tomorrow

Oliver Stone Claims Putin May Have Used Him To Send U.S. A Message

The Reporters

Any chance Sessions may turn on Trump during his testimony? After all, reports suggest

Tapper is tearing today's fawning a new one

Crime-A-Day: It's a federal crime to visit a quarantined llama without permission.

I need to give context to this heading: Canada had the 2nd highest medication costs for common meds

Beauty and the Beast - Tomato Plants

New Smirnoff ad trolls Trump

In an airport when I just noticed the Fox News story:

Trumpcare 10 -- if your in one of the states, CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY

Recommend a good home security system?

President Trump Renames DC Marine Band

WTOP: Guide to Virginias gubernatorial primary

More footage from Trump cabinet meetings and rallies

Dem aims to block federally subsidized flood insurance for Trump properties

Donald reneges on pledge to testify under oath

The ocean threat you've never heard of, but Trump made easier

"You can't hear this story and not see God in it," says woman who lost her arm to a shark

Strong Tornadoes Possible Monday in Parts of Wyoming, Nebraska

RIP Rosalie Sorrels.

Very close to death experiences - what would your last words have been?

It's ALL for YOU, Damien!!

The Traitor:

PETITION: Tell the Senate: Trump cannot pick the next FBI director

Twitter Video: What it means to lose retirement security

Neo-Nazi snowflakes outraged at video-game where you kill Nazis.

Secret Service throws Cheeto under the bus....No Audio or Transcripts of Any Tapes in WH

Chuck Schumer BURNS today's Trump Ass Kiss Fest. CHUCK! BurnMeister! The HUMAN TORCH! CHUCK!

Comey did not have to tell Groper Don the Con that his

Pierce: Gather Round, It's Leader-Praising Time!

Trump and the True Meaning of Idiot

North AL DUers -- who do you think has the best cable/internet service ?

US intel: A Russian whistleblower was likely "assassinated on direct orders from Putin" in Britain

To the DUers who told me corporations can't contribute to campaigns, that it's illegal:


Oh Bernie...

Groper Don the Con and ReTHUGs are in for a rude awaening

Trump finally getting a wall - but it will shield Air Force One from Palm Beach gawkers

Kotoko -BLAZE

So much for the tolerant left!

I can't wait to see those tapes!

KOTOKO -unfinished

I'm torn as to what to do with all this new found wealth

Wyoming Town Hall Replaces Donald Trump Portrait With Photo Of Native American Chief

The problem I have with Bernie...

Strong Quake off the Aegean coast of western Turkey and the Greek island of Lesbos

Well....this is a game-changer.

Winning climate strategy demands details

dump approval is really only going in one direction - graph on 538

Maybe Russian hackers can get and release a copy of the GOPs secret healthcare bill,

Peatlands, already dwindling, could face further losses

We Remember

Donald Trumps Odd Obsession with Hookers The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

Trump Supporters Have Discovered The DUP And Its Just The Absolute Worst

Watch: Sen. Chuck Schumer Parodies Trumps Bizarre Cabinet Meeting

Why aren't DUers calling for a NON PARTISAN Independent Inestigation?

Mixed feelings about wonder woman film. Anyone? Help me feel better about it.

I ♥️ D - out だいすき だよ

Perjury About A BJ Is Not Nearly As Serious As Perjury About A Russian Attack On Our Democracy

I'm not sure if I've ever posted these before but, this is what I walked into monday morning

Cossack45 & devotees

A Plurality Think Trump Obstructed Justice

Please everyone, pass along your greatest adulations for the Supreme Leader of All Time Everywhere.

Dennis Rodman heading to North Korea

Obamacare saves lives let this cancer survivor tell you how

The kids are gonna be fine

Dem aims to block Trump properties from receiving federally subsidized flood insurance

We may have a decent candidate to oppose fucker Scott Walker

One-third of world now overweight, with US leading the way

Are you fucking kidding me?

Report: Irish girl seeking abortion sent to psychiatric clinic instead

The Trump Davidians really believe their messiah is popular.

Luther: Idris Elba to return for a fifth series

DeMint Will Try to Organize a Convention of States

Not exactly 'what's for dinner,' Palate Cleanser

Obamacare Is In Real Danger

The Sixteen Sycophants

Can Protests Work in Russia?

Thousands are rainbow emoji bombing right-wing hategroups on Facebook...

Franken: If they feel blessed to be Chief of Staff for another week or so, let them feel blessed

BREAKING: Just reported on CNN: Trump considering firing Mueller

Theresa May was 'in tears' and Tory staffer was physically sick on disastrous election night

Thorn in state officials' side retires

Franken: If they feel blessed to be his Chief of Staff for another week or so, let them feel blessed

My _ and - keys are not workin_ on my laptop. any -elp?

John Mayer with Dead & Co "Don't Ease Me In"

Kudos to Mattis for not bowing down to Trump in today's cabinet meeting

Iran's Khamenei blames U.S. for regional instability, creation of Islamic State

My new guard dog sits waiting for a reason to attack.

Bernie Sanders Supporters React To Speech

"If Trump fires Bob Mueller it would be like Watergate on steroids."

"Prepare for the Presidential equivalent of pouring gasoline over oneself and asking for a light."

Roger. Waters. Rules,

Levee is breaking and the train is coming...

Mills threatens to sue Trump administration if it rescinds monument

Adam Schiff tells Trump not waste his time firing Bob Mueller.

Fossil fuel interests seek to kneecap North Carolinas growing solar industry

United States elections, 1974

Judy Woodruff: Drumpt Considering Firing Robert Mueller

The Electric, Driverless Revolution Is About to Hit the High Seas

Jimmy Carter Explains Why Trump Won and Hints at What We Can Do to Stop It

I think it is very possible that he orders Muellers firing.

Trump is a Mega Brand Swallowing Our Government (w/Guest Naomi Klein)

Painting found in Arizona garage worth $10 to $15 million