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Archives: July 29, 2017

The one think that has bothered today is......

Trump Supporters Furious That They Still Have Health Care

A takeover of the Republican Party? A get-in-via-the-Republican-Party and then

Trump encourages cops to commit police brutality

Boeing warns Washington state of 220 Seattle-area layoffs

Trumpkins don't like it when you read back *45's words, even if you are FOX News....

Ideology, Not Tactics, Killed Trumpcare

Suffolk County Police Responded to the Con

Trump admin finally jumps the shark

''PUSH THE BUTTON FRANK'' (From one of the greatest shows eva.)

Senators Collins, Murkowski, and Hirono are the Real Heroes in Defeating Trumpcare (for Now)

We Haven't Had a Legitimate Republican President Since Eisenhower in the 50s, Here's Why

I was wondering what Omarosa did in the WH...

tRump will probably use recess appt. for Sec of DHS

Tangled up in Blue...

Well Damn Al

I found this on reddit about the repeal vote.

House slashes funding for clean energy, restores funding for fossil fuelresearch

What if I told youthat Al Yankovich

OMG! You have to watch this British takedown of tRump...

So, who is going to be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2020?

Deadly knife attack in Hamburg supermarket

Female referee removed after LaVar Ball threatens to pull team off court

Federal court rules public officials can't block critics on social media

Here is another question?

Jews once fought and died for voting rights. Here's why some are still at it.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Cowards! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Donald Trump today doesn't resemble how he looked even 25 years ago.

Alien Donald Trump appears on Mexico City billboard

Canaanites Live: DNA Reveals Fate of Biblical People

I'm out of town. Is MSNBC live online anywhere

Bottom Line - Just About Every GOP Legislator Ignored Voters.

Sick Angry Trump Voters Angry That They Will Have Health Care.

Suffolk County PD tweets contradiction of Trump's speech

So is Trump preparing to throw his presidency into 5th gear insanity?...

Watching Richard Engel on MSNBC. Special report.

If not Kaspersky, what?

U.S. government ordered to solve 'Case of the Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat'

Suffolk Police Chief was convicted of beating a prisoner, drugs found in ex LI Police Chief cell..

Union cheers as trucks kept out of U.S. self-driving legislation

2 Psychologists in C.I.A. Interrogations Can Face Trial, Judge Rules

Two reactions to Rinse Penis being ousted by Trump

Trump Supporters Furious That They Still Have Health Care

A good synopsis of last night

Massachusetts governor signs bill hiking tax on recreational pot

Long Island police department responds to Trump: We don't tolerate roughing up prisoners

***Breaking*** MSNBC

North Korea tests another ICBM, putting U.S. cities in range

"Everyone thinks he was whacked"

Reince Priebus was among only Trump campaign insiders NOT to sign non-disclosure agreement last year

Western nations decry Iran space launch; US levies sanctions

Been thinking a lot about the day that this letter from Ted Kennedy arrived in the White House

Judge cancels order to reduce sentences for birth control

NYPD will not attend Trump speech on MS-13 gang in Long Island

A picture is worth a thousand words

The missing cash grows to $895,000 from Wake government office, auditors say

California imam apologizes for sermon seen as inciting to Jews, condemns anti-Semitism

Arkansas asks that city's LGBT rights ordinance be blocked

Will Trump Appoint Jeff Sessions as New Homeland Security Secretary?

Trump once summoned Priebus to kill a fly in Oval Office: report

Congress advised it has authority to undo any transgender military ban

Hank Williams Sr. - Old Country Church

Scaramucci learned his press tactics from Wall Street. They'll only get uglier.

Judge denies request to dismiss case against psychologists

Pelosi sends letter to Ryan and McConnell saying House Dems could support some elements of BCRA

There's precedent for hiring a general for WH chief of staff

Wells Fargo Forced Unwanted Auto Insurance on Borrowers

tRump Lacks Conviction

Friday Talking Points (447) -- Donald Trump, Loser

Is it just me or did everyone here not get enough sleep or something?

Ezra Klein on the Trump WH as a corrupt regime

Im curious. How will Trump and his cabinet

White House: Trump to sign Russia sanctions bill

Washington Journal shoves back hard against Trump's "rough 'em up" speech.

Can we just take a moment to recognize Pres Obama for what a Big F'ing Deal passage of the ACA was?

19 attorneys general urge Congress to block Trump's transgender troop ban


Florida man robs bank, gets naked and throws money

Will Guiliani be Trump's pick for homeland security

Anybody want to make a guess on how long Kelly will last?

This just showed up in my email: (Satire)

Stone Cold John McCain saves the day

In case you missed it in all the news Rod Stewart!

The irony is that for seven years they "promised" to repeal the ACA

Scaramucci talking about Bannon "sucking his own cock"

The Russians Were Involved. But It Wasn't About Collusion.

Look, Read, Listen . . . . all around us tonight . . . . they're coming out . . . . .

LWgeSC added to our restaurant tab

Bessie Stringfield-The Black Motorcycle Queen of the 1920's

Anthony The Mooch Scaramucci Follows Gay Porn Star Blake Mitchell on Twitter

Grim And Bear It - Luckovich 'toon

WSJ Editorial: Priebus Wasnt the Problem

Chris Christie: People making fun of me with beach chair memes hurt my kids

5 stages of White House employment

Durham-Orange light rail one step closer to billions in federal dollars

More limericks from George Takei

Please caption Priebus!!

Friday Night No-Wine Non-Buzz. (I'm on call.) Ask me anything.

"He'd be better off parachuting into Raqqa, Syria than taking this job."

19 seconds of drama: A video breakdown of John McCain's vote

Great Brian Williams quote on 'The 11th Hour'

Admissions from the call center, part 2. Kaspersky

Is anyone watching American Gods ?

Trump once summoned Reince Priebus to his office and ordered him to kill a fly

There is a Lame Duck in the Senate

Seth Meyers: White House Suspects Reince Priebus Is Leaker, Gin and Tonic Sausage - Monologue 7/27

More on McCain's vote on healthcare bill

OMG! Futurama told us about Scaramucci. That guy from the 1980s.

Republicans complain about White House infighting

The NYPD didn't come within a mile of that Shitshow!

Elon Musk is talking Tesla Model 3 now

Candidate for DHS job withdraws because of transgender ban

Dear, Boy Scout Leaders: Apology Not Accepted


Thus, we are told that Trump likes military men

I loved this funny article about "Maxine 'I Was Born Over It' Waters"

Dancing on ACA Repeal's grave, y'all.

U.S.-Trained Iraqi Army Unit Committed War Crimes In Mosul: HRW

Senator Johnson was on my plane this morning returning from Washington.

The Futurama Scaramucci stabbing robot

Conway's advice to White House staff: Don't treat Trump like a peer

Obama credits supporters for thwarting health care repeal

If you have an Audible account, go listen to Jon Ronson's The Butterfly Effect.

Anderson liquor store owner charged with tax evasion after failure to report $1M in sales

Trey Gowdy fundraising off criticism from Democrat Adam Schiff

GOP VOWS To Continue The War On ACA. We Are Facing Permanent Threat.

GOP Health Care Model Is Just Like Auto Insurance.

Trump /GOP Cut Funding For Antibiotic Research In Age Of Growing Superbugs.

Wall Street doubts SCE&G, Santee Cooper will complete their $14 billion nuclear project; decision...

Former Charleston County fire chief, Summerville businesswoman convicted of pocketing grant money...

Criminal charges against former South Carolina Rep. Chris Corley will move ahead

$11 million paid to family whose husband died after hitting gas tanker blocking road

I'm watching the Frank Zappa documentary "Eat That Question" right now.

Charleston sues SC to hold on to $420 million for road project

The only Fox News article I can find on the Obamacare vote is..

7 plead guilty as part of $5 million Rock Hill food stamp scam

Will the republicans contest the rumpass in 2020 and run Ben Sasse?

GIF wish. Dear Leader mannerisms.

Has anyone checked Ivanka's SF86?

Fake doctor ran clinics in Georgia and across U.S. for 15 years

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has book deal

Georgia NAACP President steps down

Michael Gove's adviser urges review of farmers' tax-breaks

A couple John Lennon quotes that have stuck in my mind lately.

Stephen Colbert - 7/28/17

Georgia sheriff accused of exposing himself makes plea deal

Did a job just open up for Jeff Sessions?

Donald Trump is dependent on division to keep his power.

Miami Resident Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for $23 Million Boiler Room Fraud Scheme

While on Long Island Pres. Trump called it "blood stained" & "killing field." 1.5 million people in

When will Republicans realize that it is time for Mitch McConnell to go?

Former Government Contractor Sentenced to 60 Months for His Participation in Bribery Conspiracy

House passes VA Choice funding fix in final pre-recess work

Notre Dame prof says artifact purchases like Hobby Lobby's fund terrorism

Opinion: Spicer, Priebus exits highlight Donald Trump's dangerous demand for fealty

POTUS told policemen and women they should beat up suspects.

With Trump its time to go beyond mere disgust

Bill Browder full testimony

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Defeated

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - Resign, MF'er

Weekend Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

I think Richard Engel needs his own show

Steve Earle Interview - "I came offstage to find we elected the first orangutan president"

Trump tweeting right now about "going to 51 votes" in Senate

🐦 July 30 - Bernie Sanders - CNN State of the Union

Trump: Senate Dems "laughing at R's," Senate Republicans "look like fools, just wasting time"

Ryan/Priebus ally to Harwood yesterday: Trump will go to war against GOP Congress. Started today.

Robert Costa: McConnell ally just told me McConnell "can't stand" this process advice from Trump

Writing about food: Eddie Huang, "Fresh Off The Boat"

Federal Court: Public Officials Cannot Block Social Media Users Because of Their Criticism

Stealing elections isn't enough for Trump!

Business Insider thinks Millennials are killing!

King Trump!

The Next Stop In Bernie Sanders Political Revolution Is Birmingham, Alabama

Whose judgment to trust? Our intel agencies, or FOX and Friends?

Republicans caught between a rock and a hard place...

Barney! BARNEY!

GOP in shock over White House drama

The West Wing has a regular fly problem & "Trump made Priebus kill flies for him"

Sessions as Secretary of Homeland Security? RICK PERRY...or Attorney General?

David Corn's "btw" tweet to Trump:

Why The Sanctions Bill Severely Checks and Restrains Trump

"Do you want the President to succeed or do you want transgender soldiers to succeed?"

Trump White House providing Russians talking points

David Corn: "The GOP made a wager...

Please remember this as per Trump.

Its like a joke, victim says of North Las Vegas doctors sentence

The Rude Pundit: Observations on a Late-Night Rescue Mission

The most mentally ill aspect of Trump's constant projection: "They're laughing at you!"

Happy for McCain's NO vote but what about Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, battling stg 4 liver Cancer?

So I turn on a minute early for AM Joy and there is a ReTHUG conservative female

". . . and I've grown a taste for eating garbage." . . . Please come CAPTION Reince Priebus!!!!

Donald is now going to go to war against the GOP

What The Hell Was Dean Heller Thinking?

******LMFAO***** The General can't stop Chump from tweeting

Sally Yates: Protect the Justice Department From President Trump


A White House Adviser Publicly Said What Republicans Wont: Trump Is Failing As President

Def Con Hackers Scour Voting Machines for Election Bugs

Wish President Obama a Happy Birthday!

King Chaos

Donald Trump is an existential threat to the United States

"I'm a cop..."

USA-USA-USA: It All Begins with the People in the Streets-A victory on healthcare-by Charles Pierce

Saving face.

Kerry's speech in Martha's Vineyard, described as a rousing speech against isolationism

2020 US Senate Election Prediction if popular sitting or former Democratic governors run.

Only remaining statewide Democrat, Sherrod Brown, behind in polls

We The People!

BREAKING (NYT): Trump may dump McMaster next...

The Republican Party is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

In Rebuke to Sessions, Senate Committee OKs Medical Marijuana Protections

3 Things Trump Is Already Doing to Let Obamacare Implode (Sabotage)

Need help finding a picture I saw here a while back

Trump on the filibuster, 2013 & 2017.

Is my personal opinion on why ACA repeal lost wrong?

Tracking the #Trump admis attempts to sell out to the fossil fuel industry

Cave-dwellers give me surprise birthday present!

Trump will run as an Independent in 2020...

How soon?

the 'president' assumes everyone arrested is guilty... so the police should rough them up.

Latest entries from Trump's parallel, opposite tweet world

Who writes the first Drumpt tell all?

Hey, Hair Furor! Obama needed no one to swat his flies!

Just told the pups we don't eat Jehovah Witnesses

A new episode of "Whitehouse Apprentice" starts this Monday

A McConnell/McCain meme I just made

The Way I feel before that first cup of coffee

FUNNY - "I Shall Call Him..."

what do you when

You know he may as well resign now

Panel unblocks '15 abortion law in Arkansas, but judge later halts trimester ban

Leak: Internal Documents Show How the Nations Top Spy Is Instructed to Talk About Trump

The President Show, on Comedy Central: satire at its best....close, anyway

People are 3 million Senators may have voted illegally.

We didn't hear too much about the Browder testimony in the MSM

Trump Supporters Furious That They Still Have Health Care

Actually I'm Kind Of Comforted That Kelly Will Be Chief Of Staff.....

Phoenix District 6 City Council

The diversion is working - No Russia talk!

Al Franken is on MSNBC now. Nt

Judge dismisses discrimination suit against CNN, Turner

Remove health-care subsidies for Members of Congress and their families

The White House is now the

So, Donald Trump, I heard you like wrestling memes...

Apple is removing VPN services from China App Store: providers

'Very honored that people remember:' Omahan who fought on D-Day gets birthday call from former Army

Ex-deputy who applied to be school officer gets 20 years for child porn

Trump: Republicans 'look like fools' if they don't kill Senate filibuster

Kurdish-led administration in Syria sets election dates: official

Humorous representation of the affinity between 45 and Scaramucci

POTUS:If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies will end

Profiles in Courage - The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 7 28 17

Cokie Roberts : "There are no Republicans in the White House," "Now we have a Trump White House."

Been watching the McCain "No" video over and over again.

Trump ditching the RNC reminds me of a bible verse:

Gen. Kelly to 45: "We thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda."

Dena Grayson (Congressman's wife): MSM has tapes of Trump & Trump Jr backs up Steele pee dossier

Scaramucci executive producing an HBO movie about Joe Paterno - Really.

Dumb question. Is there an archive for top ten conservative idiots?

The straw? Bill Browder senate testimony

Pygmy King vs Donny Two Scoops. A Diversion Made inHell.

A Democratic race for governor that could feel like Beyonce vs. Taylor Swift

Hawaii law targets 'smartphone zombies' with crosswalk ban

Trump having a SECOND tantrum today...maybe he needs a nap...

Too funny - KGB Trump - Escape Room

Foxconn's $10bn move to the US is not a reason to celebrate

Tesla's Model 3 Arrives With a Surprise 310-Mile Range

Anyone else have Numullar Dermatitis

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Democrats need to campaign boldly with the Democratic Party Platfo

Chicago sugary drink tax to take effect next week after ruling

Check out the Bluebird chicks before they fledge.

No wonder Trump used this police department as a backdrop.

LaVar Ball forces Adidas to replace ref mid-game, then gets ejected, AAU game called off

ACLU sues Fulton County over notice sent to registered voters

I see conflict in Kelly's future.

Most Republicans want laws that kill, Democrates want laws that save lives...

Will Trump be renominated?

"EVERYTHING" Putin has been putting off in this conflict, he's now going to do!

Great archive of 45's daily 'shock and awe' - a trip down memory lane

Senate Republicans to make another attempt at Obamacare repeal

Hamburg attacker was known to security forces

Trump's U.N. General Assembly debut.....What could possibly go wrong.....

Important: protect your eyes, please! They're selling fake eclipse glasses.

How Soon Will Trump Ask Dennis Rodman To Set Up A One-On-One Meeting With....

Senate Republicans to make another attempt at Obamacare repeal


Here's what made Trump hate Obama so much--The W.H. Correspondents Dinner:

The Gateless Gate

Trump Threatens Congressional Health Insurance Benefits

The Release of the Pee Tapes Will Make Zero Difference

Rhythmic Bite: This Weeks 8 Best Classical Music Moments on YouTube

Sheryl Crow's answer to Kid Rock's Senate run with a new song

Steve Schmidt on BriWi last night..

So...the Rethugs can impeach, but they cannot remove him from office.

Another big oil company drops $100,000 into state Senate race

Oh look...a Whitehouse makeover

Trump threatens to end Obamacare payments unless repeal passes

I think he has serious Daddy issues. On some level he knows

Trans Military Ban: Why Doubling Down on the Culture Wars Won't Save Trump

Jesus! All those who suffered through Reapeal Effort?

Trump's new chief of staff affirms Russia's election meddling

Trump wants to set record number of deportations, vs public safety!

Trump: Russia was against Trump in the 2016 election

Trump embodies

Not a single accomplishment...

Study: Indian monsoons have strengthened over past 15 years

Allowable 'carbon budget' most likely overestimated

Richard Engel : On Assignment : Russia's meddling in the 2016 Election and more

Legislation Introduced to Make Federal Employees At-Will Employees

Irony alert. Trump tweeted this about McCain 4 days ago...

Hackers Crack Voting Machines Within Minutes At DEF CON In Vegas

Hey Blue Tires. I saw that

Removing CO2 from the air required to safeguard childrens future

Are we underestimating Trump's intellect?


Richard W. Painter‏--This guy- Sebastian Gorka-- is nuts. Kelly should fire him.

With only 13% approval

Can we PLEASE get some anti trump avatars?


Cruelty and cowardice by Trump, (how Trump fired Prebus)

This city's (Santiago, Chile) subway system will soon run mostly on renewable energy

Ivanka Trumps (sic) has private lunch with UN chief Guterres

The future of renewable energy is in Texas


Dane County government operations close to meeting 100 percent renewable energy goal

What do we do if Trump really is crazy?


Europe set for 'bumper' year of wind installations despite 'worrying trends'

Who thinks Trump will continue pursuing firing Mueller? I do.

BREAKING: Anthony Scaramucci sues Showtime over new sitcom, "YO! Watch Out For The C*ck!"

Great Teacher Onizuka Movie (1999) [English Sub]

Andy Borowitz nails it!

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 King George & Queen Elizabeth Stakes


Colombia leader won't recognize Venezuela's vote

What is Roy Blunt reading ?

The Sturm und Drang: O Woe is the GOP!

Seven Democratic gubernatorial campaigns represented at IDP Hall of Fame dinner

No golf Twitler doing what he does best..calling Rethugs Quitters

Rasmussen shows a steady decline in support from his base.

The White House Is Now Doctoring It's Transcripts


Invenergy and GE Renewable Energy Announce America's Largest Wind Farm

Windows 10 may cut off devices with older CPUs

I was just watching the post Mooch interview that Rinse had with Wolf Blitzer. I remarked

I do not like Trump, Sam I am.

McCain's history-changing vote... with commentary

Success against Alzheimers and Dementia in mice

Republicans should take note

GOP falling apart over ACA shows the STUPIDITY of the base forcing the NUCLEAR option on GORSUCH

Beach-Gate Post Mortem: Christie Plays The Innocent Kids Card

*NEW* Trump's a homewrecker -Scaramucci's love for him leaves wife alienated and wanting a divorce

Is barbara Lee correct again? "By putting Gen John Kelly in charge, Pres Trump is militarizing the

"The Lights of Albuquerque"

Share this Human Rights Campaign Video in a tweet

Get A Hot Date With Al Gore's Climate Change Pick-up Lines

Oil Companies Return Nearly 2.5 Million Acres Of Tar Sand Leases To Canadian Government

Which strain for which symptom

Priebus sure went out with a whimper

Police Dept. Cheering Trumps Call for Excessive Force Already Under Federal Oversight


LMAO at Christopher Titus!

We Haven't Had a Legitimate Republican President Since Eisenhower in the 50s, Here's Why

In tweet, Trump threatens Congress with lose of subsidies for them and staff...

David Axelrod BURNS SHitler re: ACA Repeal - Hahaaa!

Two Parts of Obamacare I Don't Understand...........

The only people I'll never feel sorry for are Trump and his Family

Donnie Two Scoops once again demonstrates to the world his total fucking ignorance

This is what you get when you elect Republicans

Authorities Recover Body From Ohio River as Flash Flooding Hits Ohio Valley Again

For the first time in months I have three days off in a row.

Dems pivot to offering ObamaCare improvements

Trump threatens to end ObamaCare payments unless repeal passes

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Jim Dandy Stakes

Trump threatens to end insurance payments if no healthcare bill

Dems pivot to offering ObamaCare improvements

Trump: 'Republican Senators are total quitters' if they abandon ObamaCare repeal

More hints of Martian hot springs may hold promise for Mars 2020 mission

I didn't mean to interrupt your little quest. Captain Ahab has to go hunt his whale!

Plot To 'Bring Down' Plane Foiled By Counter-terrorism Police In Sydney

Fucking brilliant!

Words to Live By - McCains speech gives us a map for escaping the moral rot of Trumpism.

My Theory on Why John McCain Acted as He Did

Republicans have stood for nothing since they turned the keys to the asylum over to the Tea Party

Cut the cord day before yesterday...I just didn't want to pay

Boat captain rescues 'Miracle' cat thrown off bridge

Sarah Huckabee Sanders learned a fashion lesson the hard way...

The Inside Story of Anthony Scaramucci's Wild First Few Days in the White House

Being rich wrecks your soul. We used to know that.

Jordans king says Amman preventing Judaization of holy sites in Jerusalem

I got an invitation by phone for two free tickets

Florida man faces charges after baby dies in hot bedroom

There's a crazed killer running around the campground!

LOSER 45 tweeting about China:

MAGA Redux



A Modest Proposal For A New Hashtag

Three things I'd love to know . . . . .

Majority of Americans want Congress to move on from healthcare reform - Reuters/Ipsos poll

AP FACT CHECK: Veracity is a casualty in week of infighting

Ted Nugent is back to his old ways...

Video shows U.S. border officers telling Mexican teen to drink the liquid meth that killed him

Gold Replica of Lunar Excursion Module Stolen From Neil Armstrong Museum

Putin's Media Czar Murdered Just Before Meeting Feds

Koterba toon: Trump...Don't ask,...

It is time GOP lawmakers told Trump to go. They know it, but are too spineless to put country first

Next on Republicans Agenda: Sabotaging Obamacare By Brian Beutler July 28, 2017 New Republic

Schumer Warns Trump Against Withholding Obamacare Cash

I think Scarmucci may have stepped on his own dick and has fallen over because of it.

Police officer gets desk duty for wearing 'racist' shirt

Any fantasy football this year?

Trial date set for lawsuit against billionaire sex offender (Jeffrey) Epstein - Palm Beach Post