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Comedy Break --- SNL, Summer edition

BREAKING: Trump has pardoned the POS Arpaio

Easy Recipes That Make You Look Like a Better Cook Than You Are

Arpaio pardoned

Pandering to his base

Aloha to William Rivers Pitt.


***Breaking:Sebastian Gorka Ejected from Trump Administration..

Trump pardons controversial former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Trump picked the onslaught of a category 4 hurricane to hide behind

If wishing that both of the nasty bigots on my television screen would drop dead is wrong

!!!FRIDAY!!! News so far today is HUGE and growing!

The pardon of Arapio is a disgrace to this nation.

Trump Pardons the Joe Arpario

Why don't "tough on crime"/"law and order" Trump and Arpaio trust the system?

just went out to walk our dog. what the hell - help me catch up...arpaio pardoned, Gorka resigns,

Yes the hurricane is a distraction for the Arpaio pardon

Breaking: Sebastian Gorka Resigns From Trump Administration

He MUST be trying to bury some other news...

I guess he Pardon Joe now because of the Hurricane

What wil Trump try to get away with during te Hurricane

Pardon me!?!!

Thoughts with people in the Hurricane's path

In accepting the pardon, Joe Arpaio admits guilt.

Does this mean Transgender persons already in the Military

BREAKING: Gorka "resigns"

So this - is an "eyewall":

So let me get this straight...

The eye is approaching the Texas coast.

So Trump basically gave illegals the death penalty.

Trump setting records for low presidential approval

Gorka resigns

25th Amendment. Now. Please.

Trumps focus should be on the Hurricane

Good news for Texas !

Venezuela's Maduro vows to punish opponents for US sanctions

Venezuela's Maduro vows to punish opponents for US sanctions

Should we take up a collection for emergency caffeine and alcohol delivery to TheFerret?

Pop quiz

Astronauts, Satellites Track Dangerous Hurricane Harvey from Space (Video, Photos)

Anyone listening to Charlie Stykes on ALL IN?? I think he said Trump would pardon himself of

Foxconn's Wisconsin plant raises environmental worries

Holy Shit.

Don't let anyone minimize the significance of Trump's pardon of Arpaio.

Time to see the Arpaio pardon as the execution order for "tough on crime", that trope has died

GOP considering resolution condemning both sides of Charlottesville violence

Brazil's Supreme Court approves probe into agriculture minister

This Just In...

He pardoned Joe,a despicable excuse for a sheriff

Stay safe in Hurricane

This video may ultimately haunt the remainder of Trump's presidency.

EPA ends sponsorship of climate leadership program

Border Patrol says Texas checkpoints to remain open during Hurricane Harvey

Trump to begin tax reform push next week, White House adviser tells FT

A really big asteroid is about to pass Earth (

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Donald Trump, Superstar. Live Uncensored & a new

Maddow has the night off during this wild night.

Telling it like it is

Scott Baio posts "false flag" conspiracy theory, tries to apologize and fails.

Paramilitary sect's land holding eyed in child abuse case

Photo out of Corpus Christi this evening. Kind of says it all about the events of the day.

Ari Melber: "That's apparently what the pardon power looks like when it's turned into American Idol"

I am super-fucking pissed over the Arpaio pardon & the trans military ban

msnbc No evidence that Trump followed the normal process of pardoning people. Guest mentioned

"Almost like he knows he's leaving soon & intends to saturate the mattress of the nation with urine"

Blumenthal: "Trump pardon of Arpaio shows gross contempt for the rule of law. Silence by Congress is

Former judge sentenced to 4 years in Social Security case

Can Dipshit Donnie post date pardons for he and his entire klan?

If people think Drumpt won't fire Mueller, look at the big middle finger to convention

Laurence Tribe: "Arpaio's pardon gives the middle finger to courts and the Constitution"

Carl Sagan explains how Eratosthenes

5 Days!

Channel 12 Changes Tale on Confederate Memorial Vandalism After New Times Story

Adam Schiff - 2020

So, President Dump is telling the world racism, bigotry and white nationalism, plus persecuting

I think that trump* is determined to do as much damage as possible, while he still can

Friday Talking Points (450) -- A Ping-Pong Flip-Flop Week

Harvard study: Breitbart dominated 2016 immigration coverage

Harvard study: Breitbart dominated 2016 immigration coverage

Useless Ivanka, DeVos, Acosta support access for all students to STEM education. Not!

CNN's Laura Jarrett: DOJ had no role in Arpaio pardon per source with knowledge

Carl Sagan explains how Eratosthenes

MSNBC goes after the bright shiny trinkets Donnie tossed out for them to play with

Is Bernie Madoff next...?

From Dictatorship To Democracy

Alaska court upholds cut to checks from oil-wealth fund

Mueller must take note of Arpaio's pardon

This is the racist scum that the Orange Anus-mouth just pardoned

Trump and Tax Evasion

As White Nationalist in Charlottesville Fired, Police 'Never Moved'

Trump Wont Last Full Term, Alec Baldwin

WP: If he'll pardon Arpaio, why wouldn't Trump pardon those who ignore Robert Mueller?

Dan Rather on the Arpaio pardon

Quite possibly the most cowardly act by a US President ever

Gorka may be out, we discovered that his wife was given a senior position at DHS under then-Sec. Kel

This could be a game changer?

Vandals strike Ann Arbor gay bar.

Billy Budd

One life lost is too many

The Latest: SF mayor doesn't trust group canceling rally

Panera needs your help now that the right-wing is boycotting them...

Do you travel? Camp? Ever wonder where you can buy those little packets of condiments?

Trump hiding out at Camp David bc he doesn't want toxic Arpaio pardon associated w/ his properties?

I like that Richard Painter says what's on mind and candy coating the truth!

Yep, it was a Full pardon. The traitor just tweeted this.

Trump: "I am pleased to inform you that I have just granted a full Pardon to..."

Trump just tweeted about the Arpaio pardon: "I am pleased to inform you..."

So...about President Power Mullet's salary...

Cash-strapped Secret Service spends $7,100 on luxury portable toilets for Trumps Bedminster trip

I refuse to PLAY the Drumpf *SHOCK* game

Our Founding Fathers Left A Lot Of Loopholes In The Constitution....

When the history is written...

Trump is not going to leave the presidency of his own free choice.

What will the first words from McConnell & Ryan, about this lastest stunt by Trump?

What blows harder than a Cat 4?

New word: Trumpication

Pardoning and bragging!

Good news - Corpus Christi has been spared the eyewall

Should I turn my clock in for failing to abide by Trump's demand for "unity and healing"?

Basically, every decision that Trump will make will be the wrong one...

Fox News praises Trump for his "smart move" with a news dump during Hurricane Harvey

Covering his own ass...

Pardon 'a travesty'

Hannity talking to Joe Aopario now

Pardon breaks with tradition

Florida judge dismisses fraud lawsuit against DNC

Texans Brace For Presidents Response To Hurricane

Our family had some bad news today.

Something we'd never say: God is punishing Texas for sending its electoral college votes to him.

I hereby petition to rename Friday as "Ridiculous Shit Day"

Pardon Could Spark A Constitutional Crisis

how fitting that trump's first pardon is a racist, convicted of violating constitutional rights...

Flake: Trump should have honored process

Omg. This expert is saying that the hurricane is going to dump the equivalent of three

Is the pardon of Sherriff Joe a nail in the coffin to the Trump Presidency?

Pardons Racist Sheriff As Hurricane Barrels Towards Texas

Why wouldn't Trump pardon those who ignore Robert Mueller?

Washington Post took down their paywall d/2 Harvey nt

Hannity the biggest creep in Media history

Carl Reiner: I apologize to all who pointed out that I have maligned pigs when calling Trump one.

Now this is a smart dog:

Venezuela's Maduro vows to punish opponents for US sanctions

Back to Trump's University (HBO) - Last Week Tonight

Pardon an endorsement of racism

Who is going to stop this train wreck?

Just now on MSNBC: McCain slams Arpaio pardon.

McCain on Arpaio pardon

Brussels attack: Man shot after stabbing troops

If The Situation Was Reversed And A Dem President.....

Really good Real Time with Bill Maher tonight. Everyone on had something

The grounds for impeachment are growing

Illinois governor vetoes bill to raise the state's minimum wage to $15

Need some coddling (no, not about ARPAIO/GORKA). About neutering a dog.

Anyone watching Vice about Venezuela?

Harvey news - on Accuweather site - damage report from Rockport

H Harvey wind speeds, eye hits Rockport TX

Trump's Pardon of Joe Arpaio Is a Clear and Ugly Message to Hispanic-Americans - slate

2 Fuck Head Trump Voters At Work Said...

Has The Hurricane Made land yet?

Water Boil Notice in Corpus Christi

Does this put Arizona in play?

Two Racists walk into a Bar

Any chance Sherriff Joe gets a position in the Trump-Pence-Sessions Justice Department?

Real Time with Bill Maher Overtime: August 25, 2017 (HBO)

One of the Most Dangerous Times in Human History

Hurricane Harvey Live coverage CBSN

What A Field Day For The Heat, A Thousand People In The Street

The rule of law is damn near dead after tonight...

Remember: The Vast Majority of Americans Hate Trump

Clean water

The Phoenix New Times spills the beans about 20 years under Arpaio

Report: Kelly Revoked Gorka's Security Clearance While He Was On Vacation

Someone on another site (GasBuddy ;) ) posted this list of helpful internet sites, passing it on:

Knoxville church prays for peace in response to planned supremacist protest

Capitalize on the despicable pardon of Sheriff Joe:

Latest Harvey update as of just a few minutes ago still cat 4 - 938 mb, slowed to 7 mph

The Founding Fathers sure did a poor job with checks and balances against a complete idiot

Trump attacks Corker in Friday tweet: 'Tennessee not happy'

We thought the Nazi threat was dead. But Donald Trump has revived it

It rains solid diamonds on Uranus and Neptune

slate - Today's Impeach-O-Meter: A Friday Night That Will Live in Infamy

I'm sorry Trump supporters

Pot Was Flying Off the Shelves in Uruguay. Then U.S. Banks Weighed In.

Pot Was Flying Off the Shelves in Uruguay. Then U.S. Banks Weighed In.

Pot Was Flying Off the Shelves in Uruguay. Then U.S. Banks Weighed In.

WTF is it with the Charlottesville police? The mayor should investigate.

Five Days at Memorial. Harrowing Questions, and Ethics, During Katrina

I take a nap for a couple of hours and wake up...

Hoover: Special session to deal with troubled pension system coming in October

San Francisco: Be careful if you're going to Civic Center tomorow.

Tonight is a very dark night for this country, perhaps the darkest since Nov. 8th

California seeks new one-drug execution method

"Rich People Suck" by former Captain Beefheart/Magic Band drummer...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had "jail cams" that showed female inmates using a toilet..

can the state of AZ go after Sherriff for some

Last 'bare county' in U.S. to get health insurer next year

My evening

Freedom soon for ex-Tulsa reserve deputy who killed suspect

Rosa Parks' house may be returned to US from Germany

So, question about the pardon

Trump's visit to Missouri could highlight political divisions in the state of both parties

This lawmaker bought a luxury houseboat in 2004. He never paid a dime in property taxes.

Former Prestonsburg mayor faked mental impairment to avoid trial, psychologist says

If you didn't vote for Hillary Clinton you are responsible for the fascist psycho in the White House

He embezzled $121,000 to pay medical bills. Hell serve 15 months for it

Niji (Rainbow) Aqua Timez

Death comes sooner in Appalachia. It comes much sooner in Eastern Kentucky.

In The End Trump Will Issue Pardons To Russiagate Participants Endng Mueller Investigation.

What's your favorite song from 1726?

What is your favorite song about Doug?

Commander in Chaos

Mark Rich Scooter Libby Arpaio

I have spent what seems like weeks reading posts on this site...

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/25/17

On September 11, 1961 Hurricane Carla hit the Texas coast.

Black leaders urge Matt Bevin to remove Jefferson Davis statue from Kentucky Capitol

Harvey 2017 Live Coverage (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)

trump's Arpaio pardon should raise serious alarms for the Russia investigation

Can I say it? God, I hate his rotting guts!

An update about my cousin.

Bevin answers ACLU's lawsuit and says blocking followers on social media within his rights

Bill Maher, New Rule: Get It in Writing (Trump)

Sen. Ted Cruz hears Border Patrol agents' concerns as protests erupt outside meeting

Happy Birthday JujuYoshida!

University of Texas sued for removing Confederate statues

Law Prof: "James Madison noted that abuse of the pardon power could be grounds for impeachment."

If Not NOW ... When?

The Wind Beneath My Wings...

(JEWISH GROUP) All The Swastikas And Broken Glass Since Charlottesville

Volkswagen Engineer Sentenced for His Role in Conspiracy to Cheat U.S. Emissions Tests

Operator Of Global Cybercrime Marketplace Pleads Guilty To Access Device Fraud And Identity Theft

Will Trump pardon Heather Heyer's murderer before or after his trial?

Gov OKs bill easing gender-ID change for transgender people

I'll see you later.

Clashes kill 32 in India as court convicts guru of rape

Some Chuck Shumer tweets aimed at Trumps vile behavior during #HurricaneHarvey...

He's going to camp David because he can't make money off the broke Secret Service at his properties

Alt-right Jackasses

Many Marches today around the country today.....GO....

Many Marches today around the country!...GO!

Twitter Link: Sen. Sanders on Arpaio pardon

Official: Death toll from mosque attack in Kabul reaches 28

8 Missing after Switzerland landslide: Are the Alps melting?

Groper Don the Con will soon learn

The reasons for a focused counter-recruitment movement are many

My grandson has a game away today

Pardons a guilty felon before sentencing? Why the silence from the GOP?

Twitter Video: Bernie's message to Our Revolution one year on

Trump Does His Dirty Work, crooked Trump

Chump threw trans people under the bus after promising to protect them...

Those who are pardoned lose their self-incrimination protection.

Tell Us How You Really Feel, Bette

Good thing Charlie Manson is in state prison or Chump would pardon him too.

Is America Doomed to Repeat Its Racist Past? -- Michael Tomasky

Conor McGregor NOT a Trump Fan

the ChickenShit 'president' thought no one would notice all the evil he did yesterday

White House anti-drug office asks Mass. for medical marijuana data

Studies agree: Media gorged on Hillary Clinton email coverage / Washington Post

For 2nd day in a row, Trump ties his lowest Gallup approval rating ever.

OSHA removes list of worker fatalities from homepage

Americans no longer have to guess how the Germans "allowed" H and Nazis

Roy Moore is out-Trumping the president: Will Republicans in Alabama reject Trump's endorsed...

Julin Castro: Trump in one word tonight: #pendejo

So what if he keeps his fucking base?

One dead in Charlottesville. Ten dead or missing at sea. Zero words spoken by Donald Trump

Other than a few slaps here and there everyone seems to be going along with the madness.

McCain Slams Trump's Pardon: 'Undermines His Claim for the Respect of Rule of Law'

trump is tweeting that his television is turned on.

Secretary of State Says Atheists, Too, Are Victims of Religious Persecution

America Is Infested With Rats and Some of Them Are the Size of Infants

The ideal camps today's Nazis would have would have no guards or even gates

The Memo: Trump allies say he needs a GOP scalp

Former ethics director: Trump's Arpaio pardon a sign of 'worse to come'

News reports of fire damage at Franklin's BBQ, Austin.

He Can't Do the Job

Jesse Jackson On Bill Maher: "We deserve much better..."

Sheriff Joe is not out of hot water.

We are living through normalization of a vindictive, ignorant tyrant

49 yrs ago today; The Beatles release "Hey Jude"

Bill Maher Overtime: Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons, GOP Spinelessness

McCain: 'Step in the wrong direction' to force transgender people out of military

Trump administration introduces green card hurdle

Organizers of far-right rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley cancel weekend events

RNC approves anti-KKK resolution -- after White House signoff

Lewandowski pressed Trump on aid to coal industry

Racist picks on wrong woman and teen stands up for Filipino couple in train

Would the media do the same for us?

Are Dems calling for a Congressional probe of Trump's pardon?

Springtime For Hitler The Producers

What Kind of President Uses a Natural Disaster as Cover

A Weekend at the Falwells South Beach Flophouse

San Fran alt-right rally may be on, in different location

Don Lemon on Friday Night News Dump: Maybe Trump 'Can't Stand Not Being the Lead Story'

Video Link: How a young Bernie Sanders learned about the value of money

So Joe Arpaio was facing six months in jail.

Phone solicitors are taking it to the next level.

45 tearing down LBJ's Great Society, piece by piece

Where has our country gone?

Report: Kelly Revoked Gorkas Security Clearance While He Was On Vacation

Arizona Republic: Pardon of Arpaio shows institutional racism not just OK with Trump, but his goal

Facebook Issues today?

wait for it...

"Why, God, won't people listen to me?" . . . Please come CAPTION Alex Jones!!!

Legal question regarding Gorka

GOPee silence is complicity

"I put the ALPHA in MALE!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Trump's Pardon of Arpaio Was a Symbolic Message to His Racist Base

Tanker becomes first to cross Arctic without icebreaker

NRA's video message to 'elites': 'We're coming for you'

Laurence Tribe: Trump's message with pardon was "I AM THE LAW. Get used to it."

Trump directive sparks criticism among transgender troops

Trumps Pardon of Joe Arpaio Is a Presidential Endorsement of Racism, ACLU Says

Arizona's largest newspaper slams Arpaio pardon

What Trump has undone

Let's play the DRUMPF-Future-Shocks game!1 (Not funny)

Our View: Donald Trump just resurrected Joe Arpaio from irrelevance - Editorial board, AZ Republic

What do you think Chump is doing right now,

Five Traits that Define a Cat

How to NOT be a bystander

Meanwhile, while no one is paying attention...

How to NOT be a bystander

Report: Workers at Trump Golf Club in Dubai Complain of Labor Abuses

Who TF is Charles "Chuck" C. Johnson ?

Trump Pardoning Arpaio Should Raise Serious Alarms For The Russia Investigation

Remember the "Hate Bus"

Weekend Toon Roundup

I am at the point where I don't want to hear about the next horrible thing he does,

Pups day 16

Remembering Stevie Ray Vaughan 10-3-1954/8-27-1990

Trump's Pardon of Joe Arpaio 'Is a Presidential Endorsement of Racism,' ACLU Says

I Heard That Trump Is Considering A Pardon For The Whole Repug Party.....

Will he get rid of Mueller's investigation?

Aransas County TX

Dems slam Trump for pardoning Arpaio during hurricane

Indigenous Rights Activists Respond to White Supremacists

Trump Impeachment is Most Popular Solution Among Americans, Poll Says

Trump's Arpaio Pardon is a Constitutional Crisis

It Is Now Up To The Repug Party To Do The Right Thing Now......

While Americans Focus On A Category 4 Hurricane, Trump Does His Dirty Work

Trump Will Move "The Ark" From Williamstown, Kentucky To Texas This Week.....

More destructive?

Skipped political sites Friday evening in favor of NACHO NIGHT!

Texas lawmakers, now bracing for Harvey, voted against Sandy spending

Islamic State stronghold Tal Afar about to fall, says Iraqi military

The entire American West bears the imprint of Cecil Andrus:

Pardon a sign of 'worse to come'

Be Careful! Right Wing Smear Campaign Against Antifascists! Thom Hartmann

CNN's Smerconish: Trump's Pardon of Arpaio Will Not 'Be Lost In the Storm'

Civic arson

This is a hoot.

Bipartisan backlash

Is Trump worse than Bush?

Yes, Trump's Pardon of Arpaio Is Actually an Impeachable Offense

A Monument to Hate

Plan to turn vacant Hillcrest hospital into state mental health facility gets backing

Quote from a New Yorker article regarding Trump's pardon of Arpaio

Gravest Abuse of Power Yet

Arizona's largest paper slams pardon

Playing to His Base

So, are we ready yet to unify? We're going to need to do that, you know.

The Investigations Trump Cant Stop

Did KOB4 Albuquerque change their M-F Noon News TV anchor?

Mattis tells US troops "we'll get the power of inspiration back" - must not think Trump admin has it

My husband is so concerned about the Arpaio pardon

Arpaio runs out of legal trouble and into the warm embrace of Hannity

"Law and order"

Can the US Courts stop this ban on Transexuals in the military?

The reason why republicans will not impeach and remove trump.

Appeals judge's order is blocking new abortion laws

Here's My Promise: I Will Vote and Campaign for Every Democrat

ACLU will file lawsuit on Monday #TransMilitaryBan--& WHERE to donate link....

Has Trump signed a disaster declaration for Texas?

Math symbols etc.

Well, my wife just received notice of her "generous" pension

Little League World Series playoffs today

US Expands its Money Laundering Probe into the Real Estate Market

On raising the debt ceiling

Pardon power is absolute, but POTUS CAN commit impeachable crimes via the use of pardons.

Frustrated by the contrasting views expressed here

Evil oozes from the White House

Trump Saves Citgo, Repped by His Ex-Aides, From New Sanctions....because they supported his campaign

Trump, Pence Force Their Hate & Discrimination onto the Military with Transgender ...

Uncharted Territory

One of my favorite new recipe discoveries! - Olive and Chicken Curry Crepes

Another very simple new favorite to share. - CHINESE SESAME BREAD WITH SCALLIONS

Pittsburgh mayor favors moving controversial Stephen Foster statue

Pittsburgh mayor favors moving controversial Stephen Foster statue

A moving photo : a father who lost his son in Barcelona attack, giving a hug to an imam

Real Time/HBO guest Matt Welch from misrepresents

Organizer of far-right rally in San Francisco cancels Saturday news conference

Post-WW2 Anti-Fascist Educational Film Don't Be a Sucker 1947

Pentagon waives repayment of more than $190 million from California National Guard members

Arpaio Pardon is Impeachable Offence

Fire Sale: Brazil's Temer Government To Privatize 57 Firms

Workers at Trump's Dubai Golf Club forced to take out loans because he...doesn't...PAY.

The Arpaio Pardon May Come Back to Haunt Trump

MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT GROUP: A plea to our regular members

Attentat de Barcelone : l'etreinte dechirante entre un imam et le pere dune victime de 3 ans (video)

The 20 Safest Cities in New Mexico 2017

Raul Grijalva on the pardon of Arpaio:

I-M-P-E-A-C-H: UC Berkeley professor who broke from Trump administration over Charlottesville speaks

He's like that guy you shouldn't have rented the house to but somehow did

Concentration Camps Expert Says Trump Just Endorsed The Idea Of Them In U.S.

North Carolina County Official Indicted For Rigging The 2016 Election For Donald Trump

WA: Sheriff Urquhart: pardoning 'unconscionable'

I think I injured my eyes - everything since the eclipse looks so BOOOORRRING!!! anyone else

THIS is my America

My Joe Arpaio story

Last Time Don the Con Texas disaster

Happy National Dog Day! Oops:

A divider, not a uniter

DNC leaders congratulate the new head of the California Democratic Party, and take a swipe at his...

The year I spent in Arpaios tent jail

Joe Arpaio ran, in essence, a 'concentration camp'

"What we are now experiencing is exactly what incipient fascism looks like"

Neo-Nazis fly swastika, salute at Virginia shopping center where leader was killed

IMO, the state of Arizona may end up paying millions due to

Transgender prison guard says colleagues call her a freak. Now she's suing California

Remember when Ted Cruz voted against...

Jim Mattis to US troops:"Hold the line until our country gets back to understanding & respecting eac

President Trump Should Be Impeached for Pardoning Joe Arpaio

con-version fail

When does Texas get the Play-Doh?

Who do you think he'll pardon next??

F'ing Scott Pruitt can stuff his "thoughts and prayers"

The last weather report from the TX Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas

American holds onto Air Guitar World Championship title

Trump has sent out a subtle and implicit message to Flynn and Manafort: hang tight, I have your back

In a Mexico Tired of Violence, Zapatista Rebels Venture Into Politics

I do not believe the american people realize how much damage is being done.

Indila, a French artist

Russias propaganda machine amplifies alt-right

Two sets of quadruplets start college at Quinnipiac and Yale, schools just 10 miles apart.

The Myth of the Kindly General Lee

Girls' Night Around the Campfire

Ten killed in Kashmir clashes as Indian forces regain control of police camp

slate "Trump's Revenge"

The Media Is the Villain for Creating a World Dumb Enough for Trump

Abraham never fit in. Hisham finally felt at home. Then their worlds collided in western Arkansas.

Is there a tornado on the ground in Houston?

Trump feud with GOP senators threatens foreign policy

Tweet of the Day (You'll understand if you've been following the news in SF)

Brazil abolishes huge Amazon reserve in 'biggest attack' in 50 years

In the era of Trump, big government is winning

Trump obliterated Obama's flood protection standards before Hurricane Harvey

Interesting factoid: Scorpions are fluorescent under ultra-violet light

What Joe Manchin Can Teach the Democrats

Naval Vessels, Shadowy by Intent, Are Hard for Commercial Ships to Spot

Latinos Express Outrage After Trump Pardons Arpaio

Woman Discovers Her Pet Chameleon Will Hold Anything She Hands Her

Mayor: Port Aransas trailer park a '100-percent' loss, search and rescue starts

Read this on how Arpaio's office botched 400 sex-crime cases, many involving kids

I wonder if Ann Clouter is happy with Trump?

Trump is trying to ignite a civil war. That is worse than anything any of his predecessors did.

Activists scramble amid reports Trump to end protections for Dreamers

If trump believed conviction defective,why not let Arpaio appeal?

Boeing warns of next Seattle-area layoffs, notifying workers before Paul Ryan's visit

Tantalizing tweet that is fairly to take with a grain of salt right now

Perspective matters.

Mueller Reportedly Looking at Whether Flynn Played Role in Effort to Get Clinton Emails from Hackers

Displaced dog due to hurricane

Is Trump that stupid or he is an expert in disguise?

New law brings Texas into the Middle Ages.

Black HawK U.S. military helicopter crashes off southern coast of Yemen.Missing military personnel..

Tammy Duckworth? Why no discussion about

Trump thinks he, "Can get away with anything" He is wrong.

REINCE PRIEBUS was spotted headed into Trump Tower on day of Jared/Manafort/Russian meeting.

NC, scathing take on GOP maps; calls on courts to flush this stink

Iceland Bans American Televangelists

TPM summarizes carnage "As Hurricane Harvey Barreled Into Texas, Trump Made Major Moves Friday Night

US senators call on FDA to ban sale of menthol cigarettes

More Young People Are Dying of Colon Cancer

Rep. Joe Kennedy III calls for unity after Charlottesville

Wait, Do people actually know just how evil this man is?

Is Joe Kennedy who we need for 2020?

Dem rep on Gorka exit: '2 down and 1 to go'

Right wing loses in San Francisco. Will hold "press conference in Pacifica

AZ Governor Doug Ducey On Trump's Pardon of Arpaio

8 killed after 2 trucks crash with minibus on UK highway

King of Spain joins Barcelona march of defiance against terrorism

About my husband and the gun

Whining Liberals....

OSHA Covers Up Workplace Fatalities

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 26, 2017

Andy pulls out of US Open......and Milos from Canada is out as well. eom

Arpaio Pardon May Be Opening Act of a Constitutional Crisis

Drumpt will default on the debt

$72 Million for a High School Stadium? In Texas, It's Only Up from There

Most people seek cover from a hurricane, ONLY Donald Trump can say he's used a hurricane for cover.

In light of recent events, this song is appropriate

A Flagrant Assault on Civil Rights

Stone Threatens McCain

BIG NEWS: Band maid comes to San Francisco September 10 th for the JPOP Summit!

I Would Never Advocate.....

New police chief in Okla accused of running a skin head website

Arpaio tops list of bums pardoned

Mueller's case isn't dependent on flipping Manafort or Flynn. He has access to bank records;

** Warning **

Trump Cybersecurity Advisors Resign, Citing His Insufficient Attention to Threats

What happened?

Lawsuit filed by conspiracy nuts against DNC is dismissed.

If Trump pardons for federal crimes doesn't that open the door for state crimes

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Personal Ensign Handicap

At least one dead, buildings destroyed as Hurricane Harvey drenches central Texas coast

twitter videos will not play for me

A Low Minimum Wage is Welfare for the Rich. Here's How.

LOSER 45 never lets us down, every day we say it can't get any crazier

While Charlottesville was a turning point, the king-like pardoning of Sheriff Joe is another

The Trump Family's Travel Costs And Lavish Expenditures

Interior Sec'y Zinke's daughter rips Trump for bigoted transgender military ban

Hundreds of demonstrators turn out in San Francisco to denounce white supremacists

How many turning points? How many lines crossed? How low can he go?

Ten-Day March from Charlottesville to Washington Is Set to Begin Monday..

at the current rate, Mueller's investigation will wrap up around late 2020

Scott Baios Wife to Sandy Hook Mother: Maybe Your Children Are in a Better Place

Tornado warning for our city is now over. (Yay!)

Does Sherriff Joe prefer pink-

Sheriff Joe Arpaio by European cartoonists

In Trump states, Sanders tries to push Democrats to the left on health care

Trump looks to 2020 but a more immediate peril looms: Democratic control, and impeachment power...

Oklahoma police chief outed as owner of racist website and white supremacist record label

In Trump states, Sanders tries to push Democrats to the left on health care

Democrats hit the road to win back Washington

Man facing charges from pro-Trump rally in Berkeley put in jail

ADL pledges solidarity with DACA dreamers

Is that true?

Was Slaughter of Jews Embraced by Germans?

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath Could Cause a Political Storm

My favorite music streaming site finally went HTML5

I have been watching the film "Fair Game" about the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson

About that "accepting a pardon means confession of guilt" thing -- yeah, not so much.

A Ten-Day March from Charlottesville to Washington Is Set to Begin Monday

'He himself called it a concentration camp': Attorney blasts pardon of 'tent city' ex-Sheriff Arpaio

Violating DOJ guidelines

A Nationwide Call to Political Arms

Village life in Pakistan

Amid criticism, Trump declares Aug. 26 Womens Equality Day

Wants to be the imperial president

Castro twins' political ambitions collide

Rescued Arpaio from irrelevance

"something miraculous will take place" re Hurricane Harvey

You know he completely ignored and

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Travers Stakes

Really Fox? You have to go there?

Pardon isnt like most

Conor Vs Floyd: a symobol of our politics.

An unwanted record

Is this a credible source? Bombshell - Look Who Bribed the FBI to Investigate Hillarys Email

New video of man discharging gun at counter protestors in Charlottesville

Doesn't the hurricane radar picture look like a tie dyed shirt?

ABC is showing Harvey's hell across Texas

With new measure, 'magic mushrooms' could be decriminalized in California as early as 2018

Quote of the Day

Ryan breaks with Trump on Arpaio pardon

Trump asked Sessions about closing case against Arpaio, an ally since 'birtherism'

Gorka to return to Breitbart

Democratic Fury, and Mostly G.O.P. Silence, Over Trumps Pardon of Arpaio

Americans that Love America but Hate Americans

Pardoning Arpaio Short-Circuits the Mueller Investigation

I wonder what President Obama thinks of twitlers actions this week?

He's a 'never served piece of shit' according to Cabinet member's daughter:

BREAKING: Shaun King: Police have finally arrested Dan Borden, the white supremacist ...

Charlottesville Police have issued an arrest warrant for Michael Alex Ramos ...

Steve Bannon reportedly wants Priebus to testify to Mueller that Jared Kushner was behind Comey's f

Breaking from WP - the Con asked Sessions about closing the Arpaio case

Paul Begala says Trump pardoning the sheriff is msg to cohorts about Russia...

Dang, you go, girl!

If there was any question before yesterday, we now know to a certainty what we are up against

San Jose reaches $700,000 settlement with man hit with police batons during DUI stop

Why Kids Shouldnt Sit Still in Class

Got nothing to do? Here's an hour of 5 week old beagles:

in case u missed it,,,,,

Well look here folks in Georgia and the Carolinas

Some Stanford employees are victims of Social Security fraud

United Nations warns US over 'alarming' racism

Russias propaganda machine amplifies alt-right