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Anyone heard how demsrule86 is doing?

Tree Swallows


Iran agrees to let IAEA inspect nuclear sites - DW News

Ex-CIA chief: Another Trump presidency would be 'dangerous for the world' (CNN)

Trump "We will pick them up, .. throw them out of our country, and there will be no questions asked"

The Overseer(s) ;-)

James Comer Threatens DirecTV over Dropping Newsmax! - Luke Beasley

Wide angle!!!

Liverpool demolished Manchester United today 7-0

Waxing Gibbous, 95% visible, Moon rose @ 4:20 p.m.

Democratic socialists swept out of power in Nevada

Democratic socialists swept out of power in Nevada

Sunset, southern MD

The just ended 60 Minutes story about captured Ukrainian military women from Mariupol

Across the Desk - S7:E8 (The GOP Steady Attack on Public Education)

What do you think about the protection of rights?

Waxing Gibbous, 95% visible

'Horrible result for Donald Trump' in the CPAC straw poll: GOP campaign adviser Tom Boggioni

The Litigants Trying to Ban the Abortion Pill Have Some Truly Wild Legal Claims

2 dead, 6 injured in shooting at suburban Atlanta house party packed with more than 100 teenagers

In front of my car, @ home

The Litigants Trying to Ban the Abortion Pill Have Some Truly Wild Legal Claims

NewsGuard and Stanford's Internet Observatory are warning of ChatGPT's potential for misinformation

Citizens Turn The Tables On Shady State Troopers - TYT Sports

"60 Minutes" has a story on ChatGPT tonight that's worth watching

I never even knew this atrocity happened until today.

PM Update: Seasonably chilly and calmer tonight. Stellar tomorrow.

Habitat for Humanity completes first mid-rise building in Seattle with 13 affordable housing units

Ronald Reagon Presidential Library entrance sign vandalized before today's book talk by DeSantis

Kari Lake wins CPAC vice president poll, topping DeSantis, Haley

AP: Party of Estonian PM, strong Ukraine backer, gains big win

strong winds in Kentucky fell tree as Fed Ex Delivery Driver finishes delivery

Asian Americans Debate Model Minority & Asian Hate VICE Debates

*Judgment @ Nurenberg, HBO now. #566 DirecTV

Low-key reception for Trump at conservative summit as 2024 race speeds ahead

05 Mar: Russians Suffer a Brutal Defeat Near Avdiivka - Reporting from Ukraine

Larry Hogan won't run against Trump but warns party of 'cult of personality'

The Ukrainian Economy Just Keeps On Going

Republican committee spending hefty taxpayer cash to hold 'public hearings' in GOP donors' barn

Sen. Sherrod Brown 'not entirely satisfied' with Norfolk Southern response to second Ohio train dera

Biden chides GOP for 'trying to hide the truth' about Black history in marking Bloody Sunday

Asian Americans Debate Model Minority & Asian Hate VICE Debates 0

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the highest and lowest paying majors....

Ron DeSantis Gets Triggered When Asked About Stance on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine! - Luke Beasley

Puppet authorities in Luhansk Oblast to race to put teens on 'military register'

Sounds exactly like something a haunted trunk would say.

Ron DeSantis sends officers to INTIMIDATE Trump supporters at his own event

Remembering 'Bloody Sunday' with its youngest participants - Velshi (Michael Steele- MSNBC

Beliefs are so important...

I got an idea

President Biden marches in Selma marking 58 years since Bloody Sunday - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

Republican Lawmaker Threatens DirecTV With Consequences If They Don't Bring Back Newsmax

Sunday Dinner - Charcoal Grilled Marinated Bulgogi Chicken - Spicy

Rossington Collins Band - Don't Misunderstand Me...RIP Gary Rossington

If I had a gun, who would I shoot?

Gary Rossington, Founding Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitarist, Dies at 71

I am frustrated over this

He Obliterated them!

Rory Gallagher - Messin' With The Kid (live- strap in, incredible guitar work)

Family survives close encounter with a moose

Monday's digit - 7/10: Not as warm as Sunday but sunny highs from 55 to 60

Check out this amazing aerial photograph of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Creaky Blinder: 5G Conspiracy Theorist is hawking WiFi Shielding undergarmets, shirts and face masks

Nicholas Jamerson, "Long way to Wheelwright"

Geopsychology: Your personality depends on where you live

News Wrap: President Biden pushes for voting rights during visit to Selma - PBS NewsHour

So much craziness, so little time: Ron Filipkowski's 6-minute montage of CPAC

Justices aren't above the law: Pass the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act

Oh Jesus is Russia's economy screwed here - how stupid is this guy Putin.

Are We Ready For The Storm To Come? (Trump Indictment(s) & GOP Primaries), w/Poll

House Committee Budgets Swell as G.O.P. Plans Road Shows Across U.S.

Hear ex-Trump White House press secretary's warning about Trump - CNN

The Reasons Civil Wars Start, And Why It's So Frigging Tough To Spark One In A Functioning Democracy

Tweet of the Day

California Egg Farmer Transported to Hospital With A Live Adult Chicken Stuck in His Rectal Cavity

Steve Schmidt - The Warning

Manafort, US government settle civil case for $3.15 million

Jay Rosen's latest description of Fox...

Just got out of 'Creed 3' (NO SPOILERS)

Couple sues tour company after being abandoned on honeymoon snorkeling excursion

This is Kari Lake's Entire Scam! - Luke Beasley

New York authorities discover 14-foot reticulated python on the side of the road

NYC: Clark Faces Challenger in Bronx District Attorney Primary Set for June

From shining shoes to shaping policy, Allan Domb is planning Philadelphia's path forward

Porn Zoom bomb forces cancellation of Fed's Waller event

Three Dog Night - Never Been To Spain

Loaded Potato Soup

Woman adopts a shy cat. Now he won't stop talking.

The Guess Who - Not Time (Live on ABC In Concert - Aired March 2, 1973)

FBI's Stunning Behavior in Trump Mar-a-Lago Case EXPOSED in New Report - Meidas Touch

New York lawmakers want to strengthen foreclosure protections

Free - All Right Now (Doing Their Thing, 1970)

Remembering Gary Rossington. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

NY: LGBTQ+ groups push for inclusion in Staten Island St. Patrick's Day Parade

Dominion Voting v. Fox Filing: What the Media Got Wrong About 'The Right' The Problem With Jon Stew


NYC mayor says Lightfoot's loss is a 'warning sign' on ignoring crime issues

CHICAGO: Jeyl Gutirrez First New Alderperson to Represent 14th Ward in 54 Years

The anti-ESG industry is taking investors for a ride

MAGA Republican Bills Are COMPLETELY PISSING OFF their Voters - Meidas Touch

The Hollywood sign at 100: how a hillside ad became an enduring monument

The Hollywood sign at 100: how a hillside ad became an enduring monument

What music do you want playing when you enter heaven...?

Washington lawmakers are trying to protect out-of-state abortion patients. Here's what you need to k

Aranjuez - Mon Amour

Walmart Set to Close All Stores in Portland amid Record-Breaking Retail Theft

'Absolute fiction': Daniel Dale fact-checks Trump's CPAC speech (CNN)

DeSantis in California. Visited 2 very republican white cities.

How A Field Trip to Honor Tyre Nichols Turned Into "Pro-Police" March

A 10-year-old wrote a score. Musicians around the world are performing it.

Remembering Selma's 'Bloody Sunday' 58 years later - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Jeff Buckley: So Real (acoustic, on WHFS in 1995)

Bobert - Trump - Biden - Corruption

The Story of Civil Rights activist Viola Liuzzo - MSNBC

Fist bump fail:

This Dental Device Was Sold to Fix Patients' Jaws. Lawsuits Claim It Wrecked Their Teeth.

World's first openly transgender mayor and Member of Parliament has passed

Why Republicans won't win in 2024

'Creature from the Black Lagoon' actor Ricou Browning dies

4 Americans missing, feared kidnapped in Matamoros, Mexico

Facebook and Google are handing over user data to help police prosecute abortion seekers

Marjorie Taylor Greene ATTACKS America in Traitorous Rant on Live TV - Meidas Touch

3 abortion bans in Texas leave doctors 'talking in code' to pregnant patients

Good night DU

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 7: 31 Days of Oscar: Historical

Fact check: Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC

Woman in Mexico dies in fall from 'Voladores' ritual pole

Williamson accuses DNC of 'rigging' the primary system for Biden

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about being snowed in and prepared.....

Another "Jaws" movie?

WATCH: Biden gives remarks on 58th anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday' in Selma, Alabama - PBS NewsHour

Biden to Unveil Deficit-Cutting Budget

Accusations against relatives a blow to Colombian president

UN report: Modern weapons being smuggled to Haiti from US

John Oliver takes on autocrat Ron DeSantis

Flashback: Bob Schieffer visits Selma with John Lewis - Face the Nation

Mexico hopes to avoid sanctions on vaquita's near extinction

I don't know where to post this, but a close friend is passing soon & I'm asking for positive vibes

Twitter can't protect you from trolls any more, insiders say


Desperate Russian Troops Send PANICKED LETTER to Putin - Meidas Touch

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Ron DeSantis

Police: Venezuelan businessman killed son, self in Miami

BTC - Jon Stewart BREAKS THE INTERNET demolishing Republican TO HIS FACE

Boston Brown Bread in an Instant Pot

What part of "FUCK NO!!!" do Republicans not get?

Rep. Joaquin Castro TX: Today, I successfully underwent surgery to remove gastrointestinal neuroend

House Committee Budgets Swell as G.O.P. Plans Road Shows Across U.S.

Rick Wilson: Tucker Carlson as nothing more than a nihilist who doesn't care about anything

Comedian makes MSNBC host cry with laughter over dead-on Trump and McConnell impersonations

Bench Warrants Issued For Two Insurrectionists On The Lam! $30,OOO Offered For Whereabouts Of Third

Teen Hikers Survive Monster California Snowstorm by Huddling Together for 3 Days

2026 CO Statewide Elections can be an open seat elections in every office including the US Sente and

Gary Rossington, Last Original Member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dies at 71

Wordle 625 (3/6) ***SPOILER THREAD***

CPAC exposes conservative split

Ah yes, the "Real World" yawn.

Streamer-tailed Tyrants

Anyone remember Trump's big rip-off?

Breakfast Monday 6 March 2023

If Dunc pup had a record that would be his soundtrack as he is in love with my niece.

Estonia's Election: A Victory for Europe and Ukraine? - TLDR News EU

Full Moon, 98% visible

On this day, March 6, 1836, the Alamo fell.

On this day, March 6, 1836, the Alamo fell.

Every time a reQublicOn says WOKE

On this day, March 6, 1998, "The Big Lebowski" was released in the United States.

Spin Doctors - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

On March 5, 1958, Andy Gibb, the cute Gibb brother, was born.

Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do

Southern MD dawn waiting

Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible


Osprey Calling, and I'm waiting for 'mine.'

The MAGA-fication of North Idaho College

rain! Monday mar 6th am. I thought we were due to have a 5 day break

US Disability rights activist Judy Heumann dies aged 75

On March 5, 1770, Crispus Attucks and four others were killed in the Boston Massacre.

What's this sorcery?

Snow has been a no-show for some traditionally wintry US cities

Clever dog:

China Premier Li Keqiang bows out as Xi loyalists take reins

Reagan Library vandalized before Ron DeSantis visit.

Carys is so unpredictable

Buff-tailed Coronet - Fuchsias

Confiscation of man's 'Cops Ahead' signs violated First Amendment rights, appeals court says

Trump's rambling CPAC speech leaves CNN analyst stunned: 'This is someone who is not well'

Michigan judge dismisses school staff as defendants in lawsuits over mass shooting

Outside #CPAC More portables than attendees.

Prosecuting the rioters first, Garland may be laying the groundwork to indict Trump for inciting

Impossible Dreamer

Dozens arrested in clash between protestors and police at future Atlanta public safety training cent

Monday TOONs - Getting Government "Off Your Back"

How many different countries have people that have volunteered to fight and or help out in Ukraine?

The Rundown: March 6, 2023

Do you have a friend or family member who needs to read this-------?

Soliciting Multiversity: Best of the Rest for May 2023

Ron has notes -BY Tom Tomorrow

"You Turned Your Kid Trans"

Where are we going? - By Tom Tomorrow

Restoring rights for felons a rare bipartisan voting change

Tesla Could Start Making Cars in Mexico Next Year, Governor Says

Reddish Egret

You raised $135.00 on March 5, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema

Exxon Mobil sued as 5 nooses displayed at Louisiana facility

I think I finally figured out why the kitcats keep hiding whiffle balls under the furniture.

Trump's words at CPAC are exactly what Fascists say when laying the groundwork for violence

Just thinking that saying that election season should put a hold

Olive Oil versus Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garlands good, quick, work has been mostly ignored.

With Trump at his weakest point politically, Republicans would be wise to cut him loose now.

Election deniers take aim at group that helps states maintain voter rolls

On this day, March 6, 1857, the decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford was handed down.

Michelle Obama Describes Trump's Inauguration from Her Point of View -- and Shares Why She Sobbed

Shapiro: Norfolk Southern to pay millions for derailment

The MAGA-fication of North Idaho College

Looking back at the Barack Obama birth certificate "scandal".

CPAC brings simmering GOP tensions to the surface

This, my friends, is why Joe Biden Chose Merrick Garland to 'Take Down' Trump...

u think shoveling your driveway is hard,,,

Closing Out the Search Bar

Oklahoma Activists Prepare for Recreational Pot Legalization Vote

Big Chinese Economic & Financial Updates; China Military Spending - China Update

As 2024 election approaches, White House jumps into states' abortion battles

B-52's Circling Over Poland

Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Lashes Out After Parents' Divorce Announcement

OH: Strategies emerge as abortion rights fight ramps up

NC: Abortion providers struggle to meet demand as women travel to state for procedure

Michaelangelo was born on this date.

What it would mean for Ukraine to lose this city to Russia - CNN

WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT: Dan Kelly (R) wrote that legal abortion promotes 'sexual libertinism'.

Furry Lewis was born on this date.

Emperor Nero's bathtub

Bob Wills was born on this date.

1 dead, 8 hurt in stampede at GloRilla concert in New York

NM: Senate committee passes controversial gender-affirming, reproductive healthcare bill

Wilt Chamberlain at 17

Wes Montgomery was born on this date.

The Ancestry of Flaco the Owl

Wisconsin's Native vote could factor in state Supreme Court race.

Bell's First Telephone

Wisconsin's Supreme Court Slugfest

Biden finally shuts down Marjorie Taylor Greene - Brian Tyler Cohen

NC-GOV: The most important governor race of 2024

King Tut's Chair

Tweet of the Day

About Trumps Freedom Cities plan

China to increase defense spending 7.2%, sets economic growth target of 'around 5%' for 2023

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's silent ban from Fox....

CHICAGO MAYOR: Wooing Lightfoot, Garcia voters

Stevie Wonder, 1985, Part Time Lover- strong ear worm possibility

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with the Apple-1 computer

David Gilmour has a birthday today.

Oakland County's red-to-blue shift has liberals planning future

President Zelenskyy's statement on the situation in Bahkmut released this morning:

NY: Riverhead Democrats announce 2023 slate, led by supervisor candidate Angela DeVito

Some Christians Offended by Jesus Joke on Australia TV

Manchin can do whatever he wants now as far as I'm concerned, except run for President

Police catch Gwinnett County thieves when they stopped to charge the getaway car

Bizarre and terrible food ads that would probably never run today, 1940s-1960s

Try and imagine President Kari Lake.

Dildo Saleswoman, Dallas Humber, Narrator Of Neo-Nazi 'Terrorgram,' Promoter Of Mass Shootings

The First Ever X-ray Image

The Curious Rise of a Supreme Court Doctrine That Threatens Biden's Agenda

Washington State House Passes Bill to Provide $28M for Nutrition Assistance

A Hard Day

Unions vow to shut France's economy down amid pension battle

Portrait of Prince Arthur

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 6, 2023)

In a toxin-exposed Montana mining town, the EPA favors polluters

Pic Of The Moment: Criminals, Perverts, And Charlatans

Is anyone else getting calls saying they're ready to ship medical testing..

I realize that our winter has not caused loss of life and property, so far, compared

As Popular Metro Watchdog App Shuts Down, Transit Agency Promises More Transparency On Service

Happy Pulaski Day

Is Fox's Ban Of Trump Temporary?

VCU Police introduce civilian team of emergency responders

Sharing a donation site for Ukraine

What the holy Helen of Troy Happened?!?!

Here's Why Air Travel Sucks (And Is About To Get Worse) - More Perfect Union

***SPOILER ALERT*** "The Last Of Us", Episode 8.

Morning Visit To The Planter Box

VoteVets - Ban

A peek into the Arctic seed vault

Biden finally Shuts Down Marjorie Taylor Greene - Brian Tyler Cohen

Iran leader: Those who poisoned schoolgirls deserve death

Lawmakers unveil plan to keep Americans from claiming Social Security too early

Philco Predicta television from the 1950s

CO US Senator that is likely to leave office first. Hickenlooper or Bennet?

Was going to put these on some t-shirts, but not sure I like the "W" word in the first one.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 6, 2023

King Charles III in the Royal Navy during the 1970s

AOC ROASTS Pathetic GOP Bill On The House Floor - TYT Investigates

Weather models trending towards possible NorCal atmospheric river this weekend

Once Trump is charged for the attack on the Capital, I cannot find any sound defense he can use.

Read this right the Frack right now!

Can You Really 'Back The Blue' If You're Weak on Guns? - The Problem with Jon Stewart

Twitter's busy collapsing rn

Crowds come out to hear Sen. Bernie Sanders, Linda Ronstadt speak at Festival of Books

The 1989 Pink Floyd concert in Venice

Michael Cohen doesn't think trump will get GOP nomination

"Hopeful": Historic U.N. High Seas Treaty Will Protect 30% of World's Oceans from Biodiversity Loss

Hummingbirds can keep their heads steady while hovering

ACCELERATIONISM: Violence Speeds the White Power Movement

Boston Has Had 11" Of Snow So Far This Winter; Providence 10.9"; New York 2.2"; Philadelphia 0.3";

Trump makes play to block Pence's grand jury testimony - CNN

"Eradicating Transness": ACLU's Chase Strangio on GOP's Assault on LGBTQ Rights at CPAC & Nationwide

E-Bike Battery Fires Are Soaring, Especially in New York

IEA - Australian Methane Emissions From Coal & Gas Operations Up To 60% Higher Than Thought

Tesla Cuts Prices of Model X and Model S, as EV Competition Ramps Up

Tesla Cuts Prices of Model X and Model S, as EV Competition Ramps Up

1000 Methane Super Emitters Tagged Globally; Biggest One's GHG Impact Like Driving 67 Million Cars

Norfolk Southern to Add 200 Temperature Sensors After Ohio Train Derailment

F**k Fox News: The latest episode of The Banter Roundtable Podcast is now out.

Cops Arrest Journalist LIVE ON AIR! (Audit the Audit)

Even The Wall Street Journal. noted the death of Gary Rossington.

The Most Soothing 'Vacation' You'll Take in 2023 Is Only 20 Minutes Long

E-Bike Battery Fires Are Soaring, Especially in New York

Fox Host Whines That Republicans Haven't Had Any Bombshells During Investigations - Ring of Fire

WSJ News Exclusive: Cannabis Entrepreneur Asks $38 Million for L.A. Mansion With Custom Smoking...

'Absolute Fiction': Daniel Dale Fact-Checks trump's CPAC Speech

3/6/2023 - Twitter is Down ...

"They All Knew": Media Matters Files FEC Complaint That Fox News Broke Election Laws, Lied for Trump

Ceylan vase by Rene Lalique 1920

Who made this massive pro-Trump bot network on Twitter

Washington, D.C., council pulls crime bill that Senate is poised to block

Michigan State Police trooper charged in beating of Saginaw man who wasn't using sidewalk

NYC jail captain stands trial on charges she told staff not to help a dying detainee

U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs Florida city's challenge to atheist lawsuit

Deputy gangs a 'cancer' within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, scathing report says

My Back Deck. 3-6-23

Art Dco Lamp by Lucille Sevin, France ca. 1932

Russian soldiers execute Ukrainian PoW after he says "Glory to Ukraine"

Consultants and the crisis of capitalism

I hope the Dominion lawsuit includes a stipulation that Fox must reveal the outcome to its viewers.

Dancing Lady with Amber Leadlight Table Lamp, Style: Tiffany Stained Glass Accent Lamp

Twitter hit with one of the biggest outages since Elon Musk took over

TCM later:

The Federal Reserve is remodeling its headquarters. Cost: $2.5 billion

'Shameful': Ron DeSantis flattened by Florida state attorney over shooting criticism

Vase by Emile Galle "Souffl" ca 1926-1936

***Comments Thread for the Winter Contest***

LGBTQ+ community in George Santos' district calling for him to resign - American Voices - MSNBC

Art Deco Figure by Demetre Chiparus

Ppatron: Not afraid anymore.

NBC's Presidential Historian Claims 'Rick DeSantis' Turning Himself Into 'Local Mussolini,'

Art Deco Statue by Armand Godard

Comedian makes MSNBC host CRY laughing

Craven Mcarthy, Republican Speaker Of The House!

Finnish president to address joint session of Washington state legislature during 5-day US tour

Thoughts on an acoustic nylon string guitar?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 11 -- 31 Days of Oscar - Musicals, Musicals, Musicals!

Winning the Republican nomination while under Federal and State indictments.

CNN anchor: Fox News' 'fear to confront Donald Trump' is 'a form of Stockholm syndrome'

Iran says it's discovered what could be the world's second-largest lithium deposit

Trying not to get TOO excited, as doing so not helpful, but

Even Newt Gingrich thinks registering bloggers is a dipshit idea

Oldies. Goodies?

Russia Bars Its Own Shadow Army Rep in Explosive Public Feud

Oldies, Goodies? cross posted in Photography

Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis threatened bloggers...THE KISS OF DEATH

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

Just curious ... has anyone heard their conservative friends complain about TCM?

I had given up on finding a lost recipe

Twitter API error broke the site today as Musk blames "brittle" platform

I Shook A Hand That Has Shaken Obama's and Biden's

The Pope just broke Jordan Peterson's brain with a tweet

In A Bid For Total Control, GOP Declares War On Civil Servants

Follow up on cat weight loss food Diamond Care weight management

WSJ News Exclusive: Railcar That Overheated in Ohio Train Derailment Changed Hands Several Times

Republicans Get Cash from New Class of Donors

Writer giving DeSantis the middle finger

PA: Female GOP Reps Send Letter to Speaker Calling For Democrat's Resignation

The Onion: Questions That ChatGPT Is Not Allowed To Answer

College Park mayor arrested on 56 counts of child pornography; Faces up to 360 years in prison

PA: Allegheny Dems Endorse Weinstein, Dugan For Key Posts

Only thing that should be separated by color is laundry meme

Ed Cox: Just Trumpy enough for the NY GOP?

Hillary Meme

Philly mayoral hopefuls share their vision for the city's arts and culture sectors during debate


White Pelican

#Ukraine called for war crimes investigation after a video showed a 🇺🇦 soldier executed seemingly

1 in 4 parents lied about child's COVID infection status


California to not do business with Walgreens over abortion pills issue, Governor says

California to not do business with Walgreens over abortion pills issue- Governor

"Whaaaa - Democratic Chairs Won't Let Us Be Racist"

Cartoons 3/26/2023

Office of Neighborhoods reinstated in new social worker partnership

It's March 6th. Happy Day of the Dude.

The U.S. Is Not Yet Ready for the Era of 'Great Power' Conflict

It's a start: Nimbus Apartments adds 165 units in downtown Everett

A bill to allow for a referendum on whether Texas should secede from the United States was filed

Overnight lane closures coming to I-5 North in Everett

A bill to allow for a referendum on whether Texas should secede from the United States was filed

Not about red or blue for Fox; it's all about the green

With GOP split on clean energy, Democrats should act

Antonio Gramsci to the Italian Parliament 1925 - an important speech

Does anyone else sometimes "rec" an OP with which they don't agree? I do.

Florida dems--follow and support FL House Rep. Anna Eskamani, dist. 42--inspirational.

538: Do Americans Like Donald Trump, Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis?

WI-SD08: Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin endorse Jodi Habush Sinykin (D) for state Senate.

See unbelievable Trump and political impressions on MSNBC (Comedian Matt Friend)

Cat: Sir Issac Newton was a fraud.

Santos did say that he wanted the press to leave him alone so that he could focus on serious legisla

its time for the LGBTQ+ community to start open carrying guns

Higher standards for "Product of USA" meat proposed by Biden administration

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 6, 2023

Update: Snow finally stopped, the drip in the ceiling is holding, got the estimate for snow clearing

'Dilbert,' Scott Adams draw ire from fellow cartoonists

Half Japanese' Half American

Decisions, decisions. Winter photos

Slogan for DeSantis...

Florida Bill Would Legalize Kidnapping Of Transgender Children - Ring of Fire

Four Americans fired on, kidnapped just over the border in Mexico

Bernie Sanders SLAMS "Broken" U.S. Healthcare - TYT Investigates

Trooper Charged For Beating Man Who Wasn't Using Sidewalk - Rebel HQ

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Haley's speech and what it can tell us....


'Slavery was wrong' and 5 other things some educators won't teach anymore

The Republican Study Committee proposed a budget that would slash Medicare by almost a quarter.

MSMcGreedia: "Concerns for Biden re-election run deep for some Dems."

Learning to drive: A giant step for Afghan women in Vermont

100% Juice, Tart Cherry.

Closing a critical loophole for gun background checks has gained bipartisan support in Texas

They're grooming children

Nate Paul, real estate investor in Paxton corruption allegations, found in contempt of court, ordere

Florida exits nationwide voter data group over privacy, partisanship concerns

AZ: Election Denier Mark Finchem Sanctioned By The Court Again For Bad Faith Pleading

Trump fighting to bar use of White House lawyers Grand Jury testimony in Special Counsel probe

AZ: Senate passes bill to cut unemployment benefits

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 7 March 2023

As Kansas lawmakers target abortion rights, opposition unites at Statehouse

Anyone have experience with Owens Corning roofing shingles?

Really enjoying "Raising Hope".

Colorado bill would ban sale, transfer of assault weapons

MI: Legislation introduced to restore adult supervision requirement for minors handling BB guns

PM Update: Passing showers late night, then cooler and breezy Tuesday

MN: Senate Republicans say infrastructure bill is 'dead on arrival' without tax cuts

I spent all day on hold with phone,

Rosendale (R-MT) poses for photo op with white nationalists, denies meeting, condemns hate groups

Hope Hicks Meets With Manhattan Prosecutors as Trump Inquiry Intensifies

Kristin Lyerly, MD, MPH: A Republican member of Congress reached out to ACOG, the professional...

Mike Pence asks judge to block subpoena for Jan. 6 testimony

LOL! "Yeah, that's how it works . . . whoever wins gets the company."

New York lawmakers seek changes to cannabis taxes

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about Hate

Fed up Biden finally takes major shot at Ron DeSantis - Brian Tyler Cohen

So, how does this actually work?....

TX-23: Texas Republican congressman gets a primary foe days after party censures him

Brent Terhune: They're grooming children

Feds say Proud Boys associates fanned out to facilitate Jan. 6 breach

Another J6er goes down.

Oh, how ADORABLE. Trump won't let indictments stop him from seeking "retribution."

Even Newt Gingrich is squealing about Florida's suppression of free speech

Election Lies - Luckovich Cartoon

How Creators Crushed the Music Business

"Love at First Sight" is, bar none, the most insane tv show I've ever watched and that is saying

A Typical Soccer/Football Player


Laura Ingraham's Brother REVEALS Horrifying Secrets about Sister

A Piers Gough-designed apartment with a secluded balcony and spectacular views of the Thames

Sunset, southern MD 3/6

Tell us your experiences with TEMU.

DUers do any of you have a link to that Fux Zoom call re

When a cow falls asleep on your shoulder:

Archaeologists in Egypt unearth Sphinx-like Roman-era statue

Meat, dairy and rice production will bust 1.5C climate target, shows study

Pupper determined to establish boundaries:

Pupper won't eat if you don't do the airplane thing first:

Still no ruling on the abotion pill case?

Washington State makes history by winning Pac-12 championship as No. 7 seed

So I dis located my shoulder on Saturday.

Don't call me a baby!

Very cuddly sloth:

Pupper sneaks up on a cookie (toy):

Full Moon, 98% visible

FL Wedding venue owner waves gun around to clear out wedding guests... life when guns are everywhere

Good boy gets kicked out of jiu-jitsu tournament for protecting owner during match:

Whoa! Doubletake!

Ex-Raiders QB Derek Carr agrees to deal with Saints

Florida lawmakers want to drop rifle-buying age from 21 to 18, a change made after Parkland shooting

Alpstein massif in Switzerland, There is different weather either side, air flows up one side and

Boris Johnson nominates his creepy groping woman abusing look-a-like father for knighthood

A tiger's tongue is so coarse, it can lick flesh to the bone.

Anybody else live near train tracks ?

Why Did Disney Succumb To De Santis?....

U.S. Circuit Court Holds Haven Salon + Spa in Contempt, Orders Payment of Fines and NLRB Attorney Fe