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U.S. charges three in ring that stole one billion email addresses

Major Overhaul Set for C.I.A., With Thousands to Be Reassigned

Conservative Columnist Uses HRC Email Investigation To Revive Bigoted Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy

Jeb Bush calls Clinton's U.S. State Dept. email storage 'baffling'

Two Ferguson police officers resign over racist emails uncovered in federal report

I have NOT read the DOJ Ferguson report

Detainee traded for Bergdahl may have contacted Taliban: officials

School Lacrosse Team Cancels Game Over Rival's Redskins Name

Paraguayan radio journalist shot dead in Brazilian border city

Amazingly, Police-Related Killings Over Seven Years Was Under-Counted Because of Poor Collection Pro

Alabama same-sex marriage: the document filed today in Federal Court.

After Menopause, Killer Whale Moms Become Pod Leaders

Donald Trump: Chicken Killer?

Kelly Gissendaner Left Message for Kids Before Execution Was Postponed

Venezuela to get South American help for food crisis

Venezuela to get South American help for food crisis

Weekend Economists: Spock Lives! March 6-8, 2015

Brazil political leaders probed in Petrobras graft scandal

a Skype chat message from a Ukrainian friend who speaks Russian (google translate)

Slate: Sotomayor May Have Saved Obamacare

Sarah Stage Pictures: 8 Months Pregnant Model Shocks World With Skinny Photos

NY Times Editorial: The President's Weak Privacy Proposal

See the 9 Strict Rules Every 'Road Runner' Cartoon Had to Follow

Elizabeth Warren to Obama Administration: Help Me Tackle Student Debt

President Obama is coming to my home state, Alabama. I'm worried.

Why This Record Store's $750 LPs Are Hot Sellers (They Aren't Super Rare)

Yes. There IS a growing drumbeat about limbaugh's professional demise.

Cross posted from general discussion: link to the latest Alabama lawsuit.

El Niño or La Niña Advisory:

After Nina Pham lawsuit, Texas Health named one of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For

Face it, Politics is a continuous war with winners and losers

I'm checking in and will be here more often.

DPS: Glitter Bombs Weapon of Choice for Gay Rights Advocates

Republican House to block an administrative procedure within the Social Security

Dan Savage challenges Ben Carson: ‘Suck my d*ck’ and see if that makes you gay

Uncomfortable 'Truths': Have You Read the DOJ Report on the 'Legal' Killing of Michael Brown by Darr

Bill Maher at 10 and repeat at 11:30 EST tonight - GUESTS are:

Message to Democrats who appear on FOX

6 Crazy Things Revealed In HBO's Explosive New Scientology Documentary 'Going Clear'

Beautiful Photos Of Everyday Life In 19th And 20th Century Iran

Federal judge upholds buffer zone around Pittsburgh abortion clinics

My comment in an inter-racial group discussion ...

Anyone have a duel range oven? Are they worth it?

Area Clown Quits Circus.

PA Gov wants to tax COLLEGE STUDENTS?!!

There's something perverse about Wall Street's reaction to the jobs report.

Paralyzed teen buys his own exoskeleton

Tonight On Real Time with Bill Maher: Lawrence Wright, John Ridley, David Axelrod, Matt Taibbi and

Why are alert posts not able to be alerted upon?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Friday! & a new Kitteh gif

Gov George Wallace's daughter on President Obama:

600 students evacuated from San Antonio elementary school after smoke fills cafeteria

A female Lebanese news anchor was told to shut up—here's what she did instead

A skunk walks into a yard...

Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska): Feed The Homeless To The Wolves

Breedlove's Bellicosity: Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

Pallas' Cat

Hey, you want a happy story for a change?

Tanzania albinos: 32 witchdoctors held in anti-murder drive

For a nice break

Look at those kitties!

Don Young's "thoughts" on eliminating homelessness

Marco Rubio has lots of ideas, but few legislative victories

18 year-old man tells agents he posed as girl on Facebook to get photos of naked boys

Very Smart Children Holding ‘Communist’ Prom To Warm Our Cold Tyrannical Hearts

I think [Reagan] probably would be booed out of the crowd [at CPAC]," Bruce Bartlett said.

Friday Talking Points (338) -- Obamacare Fails To Kill Jobs, Once Again

Former Vice President Walter Mondale in hospital fighting the flu

anyone know what happened to member Sufrommich?

Monthly Salary of $20 Shows Why Venezuelans Wait in Food Lines

Climate change: why the Guardian is putting threat to Earth front and centre

Sen. Bob Menendez: 'I Am Not Going Anywhere'

Fifty Shades of Grey boy, 11, causes stir at school

Is U.$. Air Force $uperiority Under Threat?

Fifty Shades of Grey boy, 11, causes stir at school

Anti-science advocates are freaking out about Google truth ranking

"Wednesday Cable Ratings: Wolf Blitzer #1 in Demo and Total on CNN"

Froomkin: Torturers had to repeatedly ask Bush-Cheney WH if torture was legal.

First photo of light as particle and wave

Delta refinery, union reach deal on local issues, likely avoiding strike

The Massive Fraud Behind GMOs Exposed

How old are your ears? Hearing Test

Tonight's earworm:

Just How Wrong Can Gay Cure Camps Go? Sometimes They Can Be Murder

The D.C. Centrists' Straw Men (Huffpo)

Religion In The Comics - 016

Truth-Out: What We Lose With a Privatized Postal Service

25 Tons of Pigeon Poo Found in Medieval Monument

gratuitous kitteh pic - i thought this one was lost to the ages

A friend/coworker thinks she's riddled with "systemic candida" (yeast in her vital organs)

New Alaska gas line bill shows growing rift between House lawmakers and Walker

5 ways privatization is fleecing American taxpayers

Question about the true powers of our POTUS

Mining geologist set to plead guilty in Western Alaska pollution case

Another $275 million in tax revenue lost down Walker's rat hole

Wonderfully creepy Nirvana song:

Alaska - cleaning 50-y-o legacy wells & brand new pipeline spills

Man with U.S. birth certificate deported to Mexico

Mother, baby found dead in Millvale apartment (Mom OD, Baby Died of Dehydration)

Jack Lew says we're going to run out of money a week from Monday. We should:

You can buy drugs 1/5 of the price you pay in US Pharmacies

Wanting a field of nominees to consider before the primary is not the same as hating Clinton

Walker Polls Closest To Clinton??!!!

This is what I hate about our tax laws

The Ugly Fight to Be Our Man in Havana

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 7, 2015 -- The Essentials: Score by Georges Auric

John Oliver Presents — 'Infrastructure'

Maryland weighs ‘Death With Dignity’ legislation

The Biggest Criminals

Ferguson clerk fired over racist emails also accused of fixing traffic tickets

Politicians face investigation in Brazil's biggest ever corruption scandal

The VICE reporting tonight was on the ice melt

My review of "The Snow Child" by Eowyn Ivey - WARNING, this entire review is rife with SPOILERS!

Bill Clinton created nearly 28,000,000 jobs, Barack Obama will end up creating near 10,000,000 jobs

Muslims and the PC reach around

A Bernie Sanders Presidential Bid Would Take On The Billionaires (someone has to)!

Saw the famous Pro-Child - Pro-Family - Pro-Choice sticker here in MD today.

Hey 12s! Marshawn Lynch signed a 2-year contract extension today

"Ben and Jerry Are Game to Make Weed Ice Cream"

Les Misérables Medley

Japan vs. The Islamic State

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 8 - Dearly Departed

TCM Schedule for Monday March 9 - Steve McQueen

Pet kangaroo back home after escaping into Central Texas woods

I present to you

2004 David Brock. "Democrats will be brutally slammed and systematically slandered"

Prom-munism? Albuquerque school's students vote for Communism-themed prom

The U6 unemployment rate is edging downward too - and it's always been higher than U3.

You Would Never Guess The Breed Of These Adorable Puppies

You Would Never Guess The Breed Of These Adorable Puppies

Christie touts teacher union partnership on pension plan with Florida Republicans

It's 12 degrees outside and

Congress biggest mistake of the century :Multi Billion International Space Station to be abandoned

Rauner Appearance Met With Pro-Union Demonstrators

'Fight the Jewish scum!' Shocking anti-Semitism on streets of BRITAIN ....

CIA Supplied Arms to Syrian Rebels That Ended Up Part of Al Qaeda Affiliate

Planet Fitness cancels woman's membership after her complaints of transgender woman in locker room

Daily Holidays - March 7

Oh...I see...wait, wat

U.S. plan to train Ukraine national guard "on hold"

19-year-old dead after being shot by Madison police officer, chief says

If Hillary Clinton Is Not a REAL Democrat, then Neither Is Obama and Neither Was Kennedy

Russia makes two arrests over Boris Nemtsov murder

Donna Shalala to head Clinton Foundation

Nathan Hale High in Seattle opts out of high stakes testing

Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Continue Epic ‘Happy Gilmore’ Brawl

Is This a Scandal—Or a ‘Scandal?’

To Netanyahu, Peace with Iran Is an Existential Threat

Juan Cole: Syria: As al-Qaeda Defeats ‘Moderate’ US Allies, Will US Ally with al-Qaeda?

John Kerry Arrives in Saudi Arabia Amidst Unprecedented Rise in State Executions

can they do this?

How Class Works (Richard Wolff)

Dinesh D'Souza Your life is like if someone said, "What Wouldn't Jesus Do?"

President Obama and the 50th Anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday'

Heads up @GovWalker---> Scott Gives Up Trying To Drug Test Florida Welfare Applicants

Story about a Christian woman wearing a Hijab for Lent, I found it fascinating

A customer walked into his pizza shop and changed Philadelphia with $1 and a single Post-it note

NIAC needs interns

David Cameron will pledge to open 153 new free schools

Churches call government welfare sanctions 'inhumane and un-Christian'

Weekly Address: Let Girls Learn (International Women’s Day )

Arkansas Rep. Justin Harris gave his adopted children away to a man who raped one of them

Merle Haggard - It's Almost 'Criminal' What They Do To President Obama

Toon: 5 decades

Rosa's Pizza

PIIGS and BRICS unite!

Weekend Toon roundup

Egypt carries out first execution of Mursi supporter

New Right Wing IL Gov Rauner Backs Rahm States:

Is Monsanto in trouble?

Israel fires at Gaza boats, kills Palestinian fisherman: hospital officials

Pelosi Still Very Much In Control

Ohio man accused of plotting Capitol attack says would have shot Obama

A New Conservative Caucus

The long history of Israel gaming the 'Iranian threat'

Fiat Chrysler recalls 703,000 vehicles in U.S. to fix ignition switches

Iowa forum returns agriculture to presidential discussion

Obama Plans for Post-Presidency

Republicans Already Camping Out in Iowa

Senate Democratic leader Reid endorses Rep. Van Hollen for Senate

IS 'destroying ancient Iraq site' (Hatra)

Women and the Flint sit-down strike of 1937

Obama: Ferguson report exposed racially biased system

Women and the Flint sit-down strike of 1937

Women and the Flint sit-down strike of 1937

Labor History in 2:00 3-7-15

Labor History in 2:00 3-7-15

Nestle will only have to pay $596.25 for 265 million litres of water in B.C.

Labor History in 2:00 3-7-15

This is so cool! Ezekiel's Wheel: 3rd world space programme

"Rehoming" kids adopted from foster care when the going gets tough

Secretaries Tom Perez, Julian Castro: Why They're In Selma

What does scientific research say about gun ownership, open carry, etc.?

So...I buried a bunch of beer in the pile of snow outside my hotel room.

At least 47 dead, 50 wounded in northern Nigeria bombings

Women See Themselves as Left Out Amid Talk of Change in Catholic Church

The Demolition of Workers’ Comp

Boston Interfaith Leaders Say Marathon Bombing Trial Isn't About Islam -- It's About The Victims

Salvation Army uses ‘the dress’ to raise domestic abuse awareness

Islamic State militants bulldoze ancient Nimrud city

‘Dig’ digs into the Bible — but is it ‘true’?

From White Sheets to Spreadsheets

Clinton loses ground against GOP in hypothetical 2016 matchups

UCLA's Student Council Tries To Hide Video Of Its Members Questioning A Jewish Student

So have all my fellow Iowans accepted the gas tax yet?

Iran: Technical roadblocks for nuclear deal eliminated

Analysis: Divided GOP empowers Dems in political minority

Maine: Gov. LePage wants to tax non-profits; says they're "takers, not givers"

Holi 2015: Festival Of Colors Celebrates Spring (SONGS, PHOTOS)

Question ...

First Copycat Biotech Drug Spurs $250B Obamacare Savings

As he ponders 2016, O’Malley begs off on criticizing Clinton

Is there a way to clean out old messages from My Subscriptions tab?

Inside the Met's Secret Gay Art Collection

President Obama's speech from Selma-John Lewis speaking?

Oregon middle school removes students' gay-tolerance banners after parent complains

Good guy v DB

Roasted veggies Turkish style

Is "Days Of Our Lives" stereotyping gays?

"Go Ahead and Call Bill O'Reilly What He Is: A Pathological Liar":

Democrats wise up, return to 50 State Strategy

Darren Wilson says he's 'relieved' no federal charges filed in Ferguson shooting.

King vs Burwell ... The ACA subsidy challenge

Abuse of power

A Deaf Man Walking With His Sister Experiences Something Magical…No Communication Barriers

Daniel Ellsberg:If Petraeus didn't commit felony-neither did Snowden, Manning, Sterling, or Kiriakou

George W. Bush & Dick Cheney Banned From Venezuela After President Brands Him A ‘Terrorist’

WV Newspapers’ Independence on Energy in Doubt, Harrison & Preston Counties

Inside the fight to strip a KKK leader's name from Selma's Edmund Pettus Bridge

Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Releases Its Final Report: 18 Gun Control Recommendations

Flashback: Rep. Bernie Sanders Opposes Iraq War

The Guardian: For mentally ill too often prison means solitary, neglect, and even death

Assignment America: Selma

Another, "I can't believe" this shit out of Furguson

Meet The Planet’s Most Dangerous Nuclear Rogue State | Mickey Z.

The ‘Five Horsemen’ Of Wikipedia Paid The Price For Getting Between Trolls And Their Victims

Salon: The Internet killed privacy: Our liberation, and our capture, are within the same tool

Kansas Sec. of State floats conspiracy theory about Obama

Rachel Maddow - Feeble GOP gestures show partisan gap on race

Fox News Officially Freaking Out About Google’s Plan To Rank Sites By ‘Accuracy’ (VIDEO)

FERC Selected Tetra Tech for Pipeline Environmental Study in Spite of Shale Coalition Membership

Close Putin Ally Urges Support of Traditional Values Against Gay Activism

Teachers behavior requirements via contract from 1923

"Forced Pooling” is the Taking of Personal Property Rights

Inside the fight to strip a KKK leader's name from Selma's Edmund Pettus Bridge

This Is Where America Gets Almost All Its Winter Lettuce

Trickle Down economics is a Hoax is up to 1600 likes! Are you one?

5 Scientific, Peer-Reviewed Studies That Prove Republicans Are Just Stupid

Rachel Maddow - Fox News ducks falsehoods problem with ratings boast

US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine: Video Compilation

Let us count the ways energy production causes damages

Need a babysitter? Call Kats4Kids

Parents upset when elementary school stops giving kids homework

I'd never, ever thought I'd see the day...Selma....

A secular society with secular institutions is fundamental to a democracy.

WV-DEP & Legislators are Gutting our Water Protection Laws

O'Malley walks back Clinton 'criticisms.'

What day did you think you'd never, ever see?

x post: WV-DEP & Legislators are Gutting our Water Protection Laws

There Was a Loud Noise at the White House

We can all help save the Monarch Butterfly

Sorry, you didn't get into Harvard...

Arkansas Bill allows outside nonprofit to operate school district taken over by state

Governor: No 'appetite' for more gun control in Connecticut

Cats and screen windows

Wolff, on the big "Game"....that rigged game, lessons of the past & today.

How About Jim Webb for President?

Asinine antivax action by California chiroquacktors

From White Sheets to Spreadsheets

File this one under, "How not to turn on your girlfriend-ever!"

Time to plant milkweed seeds for the 2015 monarch migration. Don't wait.

4th day visiting Free character there is like a broken record...

African Americans Challenge Supreme Court Over Voting Rights Act: ‘Hell No, We’re Not Going Back’

Anyone living in Mariposa, California ?

"Keep The Skeer On Em"

African Americans Challenge Supreme Court Over Voting Rights Act: ‘Hell No, We’re Not Going Back’

LIVE RADIO NOW: Pandering to an Israeli warmongering thuggish bully


Kid wears 50 Shades of Grey costume to school for World Book Day

I'm laughing my butt off here...

Iran-Backed Advance In Southern Syria Rattles Israel

Catholics played prominent role in Selma

In 2007 Karl Rove Blamed Democratic Senate for Single Handedly Invading Iraq

Livestream of Selma50 (CSpan)

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Did Hillary fire an Ambassador for using private email?


As I watch President Obama walk down the airstairs from AF1 in Alabama...

Monsanto, proud marketer of saccharin, pcb’s, and DDT, says GMO's are GREAT.

Snowballing O'Reilly Scandal: More Reporters and Witnesses Call Him Out for Lying About His Past

Bill Maher nailed it, real scandals and fake scandals.

UN Official: ISIS Destruction of Ancient City of Nimrud, Artifacts a ‘War Crime’

Judge rules against expansion of Navajo mine; Environmental impact was not adequately assessed

CIA to be restructured to "cover entire universe": Director

Watch it: Pinal deputies say pot bales tossed in chase

ISIS Extremists Continue Bulldozing Iraq's History As They Begin Demolishing A Second Site

Who Does the GOP Want to See as the Democratic Nominee?

Former Vice President Walter Mondale Released From Hospital

Will be months before FHP will give details on tasering of elderly man with hands up. Months? Why?

In The SU, Capitalism Triumphed Over Communism, In This Country Capitalism Triumphed Over Democracy

Ukraine Crisis: Rebels 'Pull Heavy Weapons' From Front Line

Stand up, Scout. The President is passing.

The only bad thing about being in a perfect situation...

RT: Russia To Team Up With Asian Allies In Fight With Islamic State – Security Chief

MH370: Missing Malaysia Airlines flight 'will be found'

Live from Selma:

Liberal Party hold huge lead in advance of Prince Edward Island elections.

Equal justice under the law?

UC Irvine Student Leadership Panel Votes To Remove American Flag From Campus Lobby

An unfortunate situation has developed.

I am watching MSNBC in Selma. Veru disappointed in the way they are handling this. So far all

EU Shows Little Appetite For More Russia Sanctions

The anti-GMO DUers are going full blast with the woo attacks today.

Court: Man Burned By Fajitas While Praying Can’t Sue Applebee’s

Media falsely accuses UC Irvine of "banning the American flag"

Friday Fox Follies - Loofah, Lies And Videotape

Three Selma to Montgomery Marches in 1965 (March 24 Flyer)

Mitch McConnell urges governors to disobey federal law for the Kochs

South American bloc urges help for getting food to Venezuela

Media Matters: Hillary Email , no there there

One GOP leader is going to Selma, and those idiots continue to wonder.........

Huelskamp staffer charged with child sex crimes

Republicans Drive Off The Crazy Cliff By Comparing Hillary Clinton Emails To Nixon

Happy Birthday to Liberal Esto!!!

"A Change Is Gonna Come"

Syrian air strike kills two Islamic State commanders

Christian chaplain fired for preaching compassion and love over violence of American Sniper

Small Washington town becomes first to open government-run pot shop

Robert Reich Says Elizabeth Warren Should Challenge Hillary Clinton

Netanyahu’s hard line on Iran: A four-point reality check - Al Jazeera

Donna Shalala to head Clinton Foundation

California eyes Right to Rest Act to stem criminalization of homeless

Waiting on the President to talk to us

Nigeria's Boko Haram pledges allegiance to Islamic State

China’s wind farms can now produce more energy than all of America’s nuclear plants

Ted Cruz - brilliant

Assyrian Christians crowdfund an army to reclaim homeland from ISIL

Japanese Hydrogen Expo Previews the Future "A big week for the greenies"

Fans flock to ‘Star Wars’ desert rave in Tunisian dunes

SELMA: Great AP Interactive Brings Back 50 Years Ago

Dubya showed up...

Your help is needed! McClatchy Newscorp, owner of the Tacoma News Tribune,

Japanese Hydrogen Expo Previews the Future "A big week for the greenies"

Where are the Clintons?

What science says about the benefits of homework email not secure enough?

Wow. Nation's first black president...this day...that historic bridge

EU, US Aren't Seeing Eye to Eye on Ukraine Crisis - Steinmeier (Sputnik)

I Wish Things Were Different

Your help is needed! McClatchy Newscorp, owner of the Tacoma News Tribune,

Neo-Confederates put up billboard in Selma...

Re HRC's emails: Give me facts, not innuendo

Jeb bush trying to play moderate on healthcare

Why Does The Media Have A Blindspot On Food Science? -- The Guardian

Right Wing Media Explodes at Rumor Obama Would Shoot Down Israeli Jets Attacking Iran

We might be watching a modern Gettysburg address...

A photo for today - Selma 50

The Usual Suspects

Jeb Bush Sounds Off On Obamacare 'Monstrosity' In Iowa

"The Brothers" by Stephen Kinzer - an incredibly important book.

Poll: Scott Walker Most Competitive Against Clinton

Bill Maher Torches 'Blatant Bald-Assed Liar' Bill O'Reilly

Republicans, Not President Obama, Are Anti-Semitic and Un-American

50 Years After Selma, African Americans In Alabama Say: ‘Hell No, We’re Not Going Back’

dog loovess peanut butter. I hate the smell

Obama just called out the racist GOP

Another home run from Tom Tomorrow

Washington State GOP Senator Says “Colored” People Are More Likely To Commit Crimes

Neo-confederate Klan ‘Wizardess’ erected pro-KKK billboard near historic Selma bridge

UPDATE re: I DO wish CNN would STFU It's not over!

I've just heard the best Presidential speech since JFK's inaugural...

What a Speech - one for the ages

That was one of the most pro-American speeches I've ever heard.

"We did not come to declare the mission accomplished,..."

The *** Platform

Robt Reich: Will the Democratic Nominee for 2016 Take on the Moneyed Interests?

Arkansas Republican dodges blame for giving adopted daughters to rapist: I’m a victim here

Ginal to push universal health care again

Dear Hillary, Please distance yourself from Lanny Davis

The UK's tea party (UKIP) leader bombs at CPAC.

“Religion is all magical thinking”

Hello fellow leftists, im new here

Dan Savage tells Ben Carson to put his money where his mouth is.

President Obama Speaks at the Edmund Pettus Bridge

Is that Eric Holder's gorgeous teenage son or Julian Bond's grandson?

Protesters March In Wisconsin After Black Man Shot Dead By Police

MSNBC just gave liberals its electronic butt to kiss. They shut off the Selma

RT: 4 Suspects In Nemtsov Murder Detained

GeorgeWBush appointed the judges who GUTTED the Voting Rights Act.

When O'Reilly was informed of the fact that his scandal is snowballing he said (sarcasm alert)

Mt. Lebanon deer cull begins Monday night

Harrison Ford underwent surgery to repair a broken ankle and pelvis following his death-defying...

Boycott Pizza!

Pres Obama, John Lewis and First Family march across Edmund Pettus Bridge


President Obama in Selma

Peace or Palestinian surrender? An interview with Norman Finkelstein

WTF... Is Wrong With Our Country?...

First Lady's Selma Side-Eye

Hey Chris Christie, Now That You've Given Exxon A Multi-Billion Dollar Present......

If Kennedy had not been shot, would you in 1964 have voted for the guy who had invaded Cuba? (nt)

Daylight saving time: 8 things to know

C-Span is replaying Obama's speech at Selma now nt

Rock the Casbah

I think it's so important to know

Wow, Police In England And Wales Went Two Years Without Fatally Shooting Someone.....

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 7, 2015

2015 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2015 Gotham Stakes

Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Anti-science Is Not A State Of Mind. (And it does matter.)

Jon Stewart nad kicks WWE star Seth Rollins

"Three Negroes Were Burned Here"

Venezuela’s Currency Circus

Meet the ‘Ruskies’: American TV portrays stereotypical Russians

'It's sexist and it's ageist and it's bulls**t' - Madonna responds to critics who say she's too old

News Daily Brief...

Praise For Media Matters

2015 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2015 Tampa Bay Derby

The Phony Hillary Email Scandal...

Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to ISIS -CNN

Rush Limbaugh's Talking Points for Progressives: Warren Won't Run Unless Dems Take Out Clinton 1st

Nathan Bedford Forrest Billboard At Selma Bridge

Obama Administration Sides with Hunters over Protection of Gray Wolves

How much of a non-story will the lack of GOP at Selma be?

The Facts on Nuclear Power in Iran - because the war mongers and media are counting on ignorance.

Link to President Obama's full speech from Selma today

In this studio I run the show

Uh, ya think?

Video Replay: Obama Speaks In Selma To Mark 50th Anniversary Of Civil Rights March NOW:

Preach it!

Colombia, FARC rebels agree to remove landmines

Did anyone see Real Time last night? Was it a repeat?

Four people have been arrested in the killing of Nemtsov in Russia.

Too Cool For School...

Why I don't want to have children.

Dr. Strangelove on TCM now.

Have you tried Einstein's Impossible Riddle?

Teachout… say yes to fully fund public schools/ no to Cuomo corporate school privatization

Hunters Find a Frozen 10,000-Year-Old Baby Woolly Rhino

What in the World: Venezuela on the verge of collapse?

Female orgasm

CNN370 is back in business for the anniversary of the

Rep John Lewis' reaction to the 'Selma' movie...

Union leaders, workers vow to take back statehouse at large rally

Far-Leftist music