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anything stopping a Democratic controlled house AND senate (2018)from

Love the crickets I get when I respond to Trumpflakes with this..

Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did

A Rooster Rushes to Meet School Bus

They referred to Trump during the Saints-Vikings game today!

Trump Bragged to Friends About Shithole Remark

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, by Michael Wolff

Retirement watch: 3 groups of House Republicans whose exits would shake up the 2018 map

Bernie Sanders: Lets wrench power back from the billionaires

Please warn immigrants with legal issues to make sure they don't get defrauded by people

Meet the Coal Miners Daughter Taking on Joe Manchin for Senate in West Virginia

Donald Trump owes each and every American money (CNN)

remember the Everly Brothers' "wake up little Susie"?

Oregon congressman to boycott Trump's State of the Union speech

It was a BLACK MAN who began the downfall of the Nixon WhiteHouse

Historian finds German decree banishing Trump's grandfather

That may have been one of the best NFL finishes of all time

Now that was quite a finish to the Vikings-Saints game


"Don't Fall for the Hype" about the FISA law. How Section 702 really works.

WFAA anchor, daughter of Haitian immigrants responds to Trump comments

Last story on "60 minutes" is about Portland

Vikings Shock Saints on Last-Second Touchdown by Stefon Diggs

City pride

Bortles, Foles, Keenum, and Brady.

Kasie Hunt on MSNBC is terrible at interviewing.

See the Contortionist GOP Defend Their Racist Ringmaster! It's a CIRCUS OF NEWS! (Ferret)

Godel's Incompleteness Theorem - Numberphile

Vikings won - an LBN story!

Question-if there is a govt. shutdown-will trump be allowed to golf or go to Mar Lago?

Drill everywhere policy - Sack Cartoon

40th anniversary of Hubert Humphrey's death

Glad that Franken was there, too

Racing legend Dan Gurney dies of complications from pneumonia

Trump made a big mistake paying off the porn star

Mrs Betty Bowers nails it again

Cotton and Perdue basing denials on possibility that Trump said "shithouse" instead of "shithole"

China absence looms over Canada meeting on how to pressure North Korea

So When Mueller Makes His Report....

24-year-old helps lead Trump drug policy office

Trump said he wouldn't have time to play golf.

Trump and Republicans poll

So Flake is going to compare Chump to Stalin on the day he's giving out his fake news awards

Meet Mr. Corey Johnson...

My Next Guest with David Letterman

My Next Guest with David Letterman on Netflix

Topical Sunday chuckle

Madam Secretary episode tonight is mimicking our reality with Trump ...

Even better than Obama interview on the new Letterman show

When is Tom Cotton up for reelection?

Nat. Geog. Channel: Hitler and the Moron are both lazy, tax evaders.

I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batalis Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter

MA congressional delegation calls for more aid to Puerto Rico

Trump defends self after comments, says: 'I am not a racist'

Shameless is on fire this season

Why Does Time Exist at All?

Does anyone have suggestions for signs for The women's march Saturday?

Anybody watch Madam Secretary tonight?

Saw this and had to shsre

Trump WH, w/help fm Russian intel, is targeting US journalists.

Carnage already for US women...

"Well...he's not wrong..."

Rand Paul tries to blackmail the democrats into not calling trump a racist? No DACA unless

October 2017 "Mia Love Slams Michelle Obama's Divisive GOP Comments"

Star Trek Discovery

Organist performs David Bowie tribute

Hey ICE, Birth tourism brings Russian baby boom to Miami

Abbas: Abu Dis offered as Palestinian capital

How do I select who to vote for local Dem Party Chair?

Republican pundit Steve Schmidt was on fire yesterday.

A pragmatist in partisan times: Ralph Northam becomes Virginias 73rd governor

David Frum: There are a lot of stops on the train line to Bad before you get to Hitler Station.

Journalists Offered Reward to Ask Donald Trump About U.S. Relations With Wakanda

Trumps Islamophobia is having an unexpected result

Republicans concede that a handful of once-competitive governorships are nearly out of reach

Democrats in DC need to shout "Trump wants to deport the Dreamers. He killed DACA! He doesn't

Nadia Boulanger: 'Three Pieces"/Etienne Mehul: "Symphony No.3 in C Major"/

Is that what the Republicans are going to do: let the democrats impeach

Women never had a chance

Belize bans oil activity to protect its barrier reef

So Is This How It's Going To Be Ended?....

Nobody Cares How You Wear Your Hair Darling...

I feel terrible for the person to hit the Missile Warning button in Hawaii.

Elton John...

Hubbell calls out Reynolds, Trump and King over integrity, civility issues

Lawmakers will debate returning death penalty to Iowa

Books that are too stupid to have been published.

'I am not a racist,' Trump says, after 'shithole' nations remark backlash

Why Republicans Wont Pass a Budget

What's next for confirmed adulterer and accused blackmailer Eric Greitens?

Jakarta stock exchange ceiling collapses

Holy cow, this video has me screaming with laughter NSFW

James O'Keefe, Noted Bullshit Artist, Is Coming Back to St. Louis

Carillion collapse raises job fears

(Jewish Group) How do we curb racism and anti-Semitism and protect free speech?

(Jewish Group) Civil rights leader at Eugene talk: It is time to stand against bigotry in all its fo

38 dead, several injured in double suicide attack in Baghdad

Tom cotton as former infantry officer

HistoryRhymes... Grandpa Trump came from German Bavaria

Legislators want Missouri attorney general to look at Frank White's taxes, finances

Scientists Are Learning Exciting New Things From Shitholes

My Hungarian nut roll is a bit dry

A path forward for Greitens: Stop cheating on Missouri

Charles M. Blow (NYT): "Trump Is a Racist. Period."

Trending on Twitter, #LivingWithDepressionIs

Trump Looks To Slash Millions In Aid For Palestinian Refugees Despite Warnings

Future of Springfield's physician training program in jeopardy without stable funding

Trump administration releases pregnant, undocumented teen to get abortion

Ashampoo software now has a Meltdown/Spectre checker for your processor

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day

I had my 5 year old granddaughter

Too many unanswered questions !! ..don't blame the person who pushed the "button"... no no no....

" I'm a Republican. What on Earth Is Wrong With My Party?"

"Your annual reminder that some senators who voted AGAINST making #MLKDay a national holiday...."

The Encyclopedia af American Loons has a real dandy this time...

how's all my recluse brothers and sisters doing ?

State task force recommends raising Missouri's gas tax

Say that I was a Drum Major for Justice

Global climate change: are people starting to realize that extreme COLD swings are part of it too?

Donald Trump's Racism: The Definitive List

Nearly 20% (Ooh) Of Congress Sign Letter To Shitstain Saying Security Strategy Must Include Climate

Dem senator: 'No question' Trump's 's---hole countries' comment is racist

Ludlow Massacre Survivor turns 104

BWA-HAHHAHHAHHAH!!!! Commenters Trying To Appeal To Pruitt's Religious Beliefs To Fix EPA

Cartoon: Have you heard...

MLK an example of somebody who's done an amazing job

If you have to say you're not a racist, you're probably a racist.

Trump's continuing claims that he is not a racist

Trump's "shithole" comment has underscored Hillary's "deplorable" one.

P.U. - Toon Goes THERE!

I'm trapped at a repair shop with fox&friends on. This is nasty. Especially the woman.

Expect Almost No Snow Below 1,200 Meters In Alps By 2100; End Of Skiing Least Of Their Worries

Which American historical figure was the most racist ?

PR And Lobbying Shitstorm Ramping Up In Wake Of South Carolina Nuclear Plant Fiasco

Wonderful Painting by Haitian artist Walter Mere!

How low can you go? The Limbo Presidency. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Dear Mr, Trump,

During the Hawaiian False Alarm, Atheists Didnt Suddenly Find God

South Africa to formally protest Trump's 's---hole' comment

NE Cod Catch 100 Million Pounds Early 80s, 3.2 Million Pounds In 2016, So Let's Double The Quota!

So Cotton and Perdue both are calling Durbin a liar?

Tourism CEO Calls Leading Coral Researcher "A Dick" For Hurting Business, Demands His Funding Be Cut

Watch Young Sheldon Learn the Confusing Details About Catholicism and Mormonism

A rescue in Brooklyn...

When someone is a racist and you call them a racist, that's not "playing the race card".

Historian finds German decree banishing Trump's grandfather

An example of an immigrant from a "s******e" country

Loss of broadcast TV signal - Edit "FAKE NEWS- Technical problem on my end- fixed it.

Our winter in Central Florida seems a tad odd so far, a bit cool

Thank you Erick for tweeting this. And trust me I am NO fan of yours.

Trump: Hawaii officials 'made a mistake' with false alert

Afghanistan moves reignite war authorization debate

Senate Dem: Bipartisanship difficult with president who 'inflames' disagreements

Enter the anti-Christie

An excellent web site for those who want to lose weight and get more healthy.

I Have 'PTTSD'....

In Trump's Remarks, Black Churches See a Nation Backsliding

Ex-Detroit firefighter sues over termination for racially insensitive watermelon

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Commode Don

Please Read!!! state rep. district 83 election

Ill just leave this here. . .

"KILMEADE IS A TRADER": Trump fans turn on Fox & Friends after calling sh*thole remark unfortunate

Ginny Gordon and the Mystery at the Old Barn. ** SPOILERS ** nt

Monday Toon Roundup 2 - MLK, Jr. - Perception vs. Reality

And here we are...

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Crew rescue passengers after casino boat catches fire

Baghdad double suicide attack kills many

Horrible people of faith: George Bush

LBJ discusses his pants

Jeff Koterba's Jan. 14 cartoon: His dream shines bright as the stars

Trump was reportedly surprised black lawmakers didnt personally know fellow black person Ben Carson

How a congressional harassment claim led to a secret $220,000 payment

Generic anti-Trump Republican beats generic pro-Trump Republican in poll.

Putin Says Communism Comes From the Bible, Compares Lenin to a Saint

Individual Mandate Now Gone, G.O.P. Targets the One for Employers

Trump: "I'm the least racist person you'll ever interview"

Syria war: Turkey denounces US 'terror army' plan for border

Fox & Friends uses MLK Day to have King's niece insist Trump isn't racist because black people...

Alaskan Cod Catch Cut By 80%; Warming Oceans Having Disastrous Impact On Reproduction, Survival

Will America Choose Kings Dream or Trumps Nightmare?

Huge oil spill left after burning tanker sinks off China

Who here would give almost anything to have President Obama back?

Trump's America Is A Shithole Country (Newsweek)

Required watching for today (not sure if anyone else has posted this today):

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is back. So too are Latino voters who helped oust him

A True Revolution of Values--Martin Luther King, Jr.

Adapt or Die Is CEOs Stark Farewell Message to Carmakers

President Trump Promises To Sign "An Answer For DACA" That Will Be "A Bill Of Love" ...He LIED

Will Republican Party be weaker or stronger with Donald Trump as their leader in 2018?

Go Vikings - all the way

The trials and tribulations of winning a national championship!

Anyone having trouble getting MSNBC?

Aziz Ansari

Catherine Deneuve apologises to sex assault victims

GOP Essentially Saying Durbin Either Lied Or Is Demented Or Made It All Up.

Perth bushfire paints skies 'vivid orange'

I think the president of the US is using hand signals to connect with his base

Report: Pa's population is getting older - and less taxable - and that's a problem Monday Morning

These burly mer-men raised thousands for mental health

President Obama's MLK Day message

Maya Angelou, the Dalai Lama & Stevie Wonder recite "I have a dream

If 45 "wanted" a "deal" on anything, HE WOULDN'T BE GOLFING ON HIS PRIVATE GOLF COURSE!

Ultimate 2020 Democratic primary poll

Martin Luther King - Original I Have a Dream Speech - Detroit, MI 1963

'Dehumanizing:' Pastor denounces Trump's remarks during service attended by VP Pence

Morning Joe: Trump supporters toss democracy 'in the trash' in the name of Trump's 'culture war'

"Mom and pop" go to Washington

MLK annual celebration live broadcast

Pro Tip for Men: Only Enthusiastic Consent is Consent. Here Is a Guide:

Trump honors Martin Luther King Jr. with civic work and community service - oh, wait - by golfing

MSM Seem To Be Letting The GOP Get Away With Their Lies About Trump's "S-Remarks.

British MP Eviscerates Trump: A Racist 'Asteroid of Awfulness'

House Dem: Trump censure resolution meant to put Congress on record opposing racism

DU Poll of favorite nicknames for President Trump* (*fake):

Our "Hemorrhoid In Chief" Is Dragging The Entire Country Down.

Incoming N.J. governor plans a swing to the left - and a model for the country

"I have a dream that Donald Trump...

Lewandowski says he will testify this week in House Russia probe

Rapper with song 'Sell Drugsz' gets prison for selling drugs

Trump Will Golf While US Burns Like Nero Fiddled Like Rome Burned.

"If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way."

Trump voters say 'sh*thole' comments crossed a line

Looking for recommendations for a book on recent advances in cosmology.

What pisses me off about our limp lame-ass media is that once a Democrat gets back in office

Romney: Comments attributed to Trump 'antithetical to American values'

I-10 widening in Baton Rouge will take at least 5 years as part of $600M transportation overhaul

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards open to reviewing occupational licensing laws in Louisiana

Neil Diamond - America

One of the craziest things I've seen....

Hawaii says lack of adequate fail-safe measures led to false missile alert

It's time for elected Repubs

Martin Luther King Day Is Now More Popular Than Presidents Day

If I'm President Xi Jinping I do a tour of African capitals.

Trump's "shithole" comments continue to rile Washington

Merkel could join Macron in Davos for epic clash with Trump

Modern day slavery

Trump, and republicans ONLY invite

when did your givadamn break?

"This article is related to Donald Trump"

Russian connection re" Chelsea Manning running for Ben Cardin's seat?

I can't believe I'm going to have to trash the word "Chelsea" on Democratic Underground.

Trump's MLK Day message:

State of the Union

Trump is a stable genius, says ex-wife Ivana..."Sometimes he says things that are silly"

Saying he is the "least racist person" proves he is a racist.

Puerto Rico fucked, Cali fucked, we're fucked from sea to shining sea.

'Look at my African-American over here'-Drumpf

Sen. Durbin responds to Sen. Cotton

Snowing again equals making soup again.

I've been blocked from participating in the Barack Obama group by one of its administrators.

10 Things getting out of reach for the Middle Class

How Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination changed America 50 years ago and still affects us today

Did you know, stereotypical French beret and white striped shirt came from.....

What happens to Honolulu if hit by NK 150 KT nuclear missile? Detonation map here:

Journalists Offered Reward to Ask Trump About US-Wakanda Relations

Dick Durbin demands Trump release tapes of Africa slur: 'I know what happened'

"I am not a racist....... I just hate black people", seems to be the gist of it.

C-SPAN caller claims Obama 'started' racism by 'stirring up' trouble: 'Our black people...

After election wipeout, Va. House Republicans avoid hot-button bills on abortion, LGBT rights

After years living in the U.S. for 30 years, a 39-year-old immigrant in metro Detroit was deported..

Comey tweets MLK quote on 'dark clouds of racial prejudice'

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Snow removal is done. Once again.

Haitian community protests President Trump in Palm Beach County

Engine speed surge reportedly caused Turkish plane to skid off runway

Monday Prolonged Cuteness Overload - Kitty to Cat

On MLK Day, President Trump visits Trump golf course

Letter From A Birmingham Jail (excerpts):

Less than one month until pitchers and catchers report!

What will lying senators COTTON/PURDUE do when SHITLER admits he said the word?!1

Bets on whether Andrea Mitchell says "shithole" on air.

This Is What The Planet Would Be Like Without Trees

The Key to the Congressional Elections are the 19% of 2016 Voters Who Disliked Both Candidates

Jeff Flake isn't just comparing Trump to Stalin. He's comparing Republicans to Stalin's enablers.

Nice piece on Sarah Silverman's deft and compassionate handling of a Twitter Troll

Idiots throwing gang signs during live coverage of Houston's MLK parade on KPRC

A 24 Year-Old Is Running Drug Policy Because Experts Wont Work For Trump

Rewriting history, Abbas calls Israel a colonial project unrelated to Judaism

We Need More Representatives Like Elizabeth Warren

Wheres Omarosa! When you need her?

TenneT transmits to German grid 47% more North Sea wind power in 2017

Trump Avoiding Press Corps After Hawaii Nuke Alert

re: Deutsche Bank reprieve-- I thought bribery was impeachable.

Cranberries front woman Dolores O'Riordan has died

Is Trump's mention of Norway in his shithole comment also a dog whistle to white supremacists?

Joe Arpaio has severe OCD...

Court battle brewing over work rules for Medicaid

What the Republicans will do once Trump leaves office:

Only a total racist would say "I'm the least racist person you'll ever interview."

Donald Trump's ridiculous opinion of himself

Is your faith a static thing, or does it evolve?

Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dies aged 46

Vikings Shock the World, Especially Minnesota

He Had a Dream. This Wasnt it.

The Secret to Better Thai Dishes May Already Be in Your Fridge.


On MLK Day on CSPAN WJ This Morning ...

One of the few songs I can listen to on continuous loop.

Tom Cotton and David Perdue would be an excellent president and vice president

To truly honor Dr. King we must fight to carry out his radical and bold vision for America ...

Just tried to call my son

Dolores O'Riordan: Cranberries singer dies aged 46

Majority of Republicans Satisfied with Direction of Country

Scalia Spoke Favorably of Trump

People who don't vaccinate their children are nuts!

Trump May Need a Shutdown

At MLK event, Bernie Sanders references Trumps vulgar comments

Medicine for the People

Hagel says Trump 'an embarrassment'

White House Shelves 'Evil Genius' Idea

Nine charged for giving food to homeless in California

What Trump Has Discovered

Dolores O'Riordan: Cranberries singer dies aged 46

Awesome hotel desk clerk

Many GOPPERS Want Separation Of The Races And Classes.

Six New Cocktails, Alcohol Not Included

UPDATED: Graham: 'My memory hasn't evolved' on Trump 'shithole' meeting

Can I please strangle the genius who came up with this?

We must call them out! Every single time!

📻 #1🎶01/15/68 📻

Trump's merchandise lines are manufactured where?

At MLK event, Bernie Sanders references Trumps vulgar comments

Trump and gorilla channel featuring The Office:

Hawaii alert: Employee who sent missile warning reassigned

omgawd, he called his freinds to brag about the sh*thole remark

Virginia Heffernan seems to be saying something is coming:

I heard there was a Purge in Hawaii this weekend

Holy Shit... Alex Jones has some impressive sources.

Speaking of missiles and bombs and such,.....

"Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]"

Republicans want to end your employer-provided health care

Plane skids off runway and hangs from cliff

See how they do it

Spends MLK Jr. Day golfing

First bird pic from our property in over a you know what this is?

Scaramucci on MSNBC saying that Trump is a complicated guy, but not a racist.

Trump is back to bashing immigrants because hes losing his racist base: WSJ

Trump administration deporting immigrant father of two on MLK Day

Are you guys banning the master account of the obvious zombie/socks created to get around FFR?

Trump's Racism: The Definitive List

Cardinal Dolan: MLK would remind us today that no country is a 'hole'

Obama vs. trump on MLK Day...

MLK III compares Trump to George Wallace

Nationwide STOUS Blackout on January 30th.......What are your plans?

Trump in 2016: "I don't have time for golf"........

CDC postpones session on nuclear disaster response

Statistics to shut down Conservatives when they try to give credit to trump for Obama's economy

Racial inequalities in wages, income, and wealth show that MLKs work remains unfinished

Just got a prostate exam from a specialist.

10 Biggest Architectural Fails (about 7 minutes, hard to believe, and real)

Democrats in droves seek to topple GOP in Californias congressional races

GOP senators eager for Romney to join them

Why is Katy Tur inviting scaramucci on her show?

Reverend Resistance

Milbank: Trump latest target is no puppet of the Democrats

Sanders calls out Amazon after 2-year-old orders Batman toy using Echo

Awesome news from CNN: Democrats seem prepared for DACA government shutdown this week

Ive Been Blessed to Spend Most of My Life in 'Shitholes'

Christian group rejects gay student - then sues university for discrimination

Repubs are plotting how to blame a government shutdown on the Democrats?

A new era of batteries spells trouble for gas in America

Norwegians to Trump: We don't want to move to the U.S.

Trump's 'Fake News Awards' could violate ethics rules

Mar-a-Lago failed inspections and was hit with a dozen violations

Yikes, Sloane Stevens, Venus Williams, John Isner and Jack Sock have all lost in their

Tweet of the Day

Fire, chaos and death on a Florida casino boat

One profound thing Don Lemon said, re: Trump and racism

These words are not of Christ: Sunday sermons take on Trumps reported vulgarity

Russian foreign minister berates US for 'destabilizing' world

Alfre Woodard reads Sojourner Truth

Democrats ramp up efforts to boycott Trump's State of the Union address

Trump, porn stars and Lake Tahoe

...Trump is turning Dr. King's dream into a nightmare. Did civil rights martyrs die in vain?

Did anyone see the Madam Secretary episode last night on CBS?

Shitstain's NASA Nominee Not Just Unqualified, But Also Gay-Bashing Climate Liar And All-Round Fool

After 30 years in U.S., metro Detroit immigrant deported to Mexico

Ignoring how you feel now, are you more or less hopeful for the future?

Baby M death: Aldershot park murder CCTV footage released

Will Ethnic Cleansing Be Next?

Donald Trump is running out of countries to alienate

Michelle Obama forever classy even in a white bikini top

Poll: One group of people love the country under Trump (Republicans)

The Most Popular Song of Each Year [1940-2016]

To what degree is this confusion, chaos, and fear affecting America?

Thread to post songs in tribute to The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Question from Ken Burch

Another simple (and fast) news quiz.

The Russia Scandal Is Looking More Like Watergate All the Time

New book by historianStevenJ Ross..Hitler in Los Angeles,

Carl Schurz said this in applies now

Trump was allegedly with porn star while fat-shaming his pregnant wife

Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'Letter From Birmingham Jail'

Trump spends MLK Jr. Day golfing

From a White Guy! Fuck Whitey!

Israeli dreamer threatened with deportation after accidentally entering Mexico

Five men arrested in connection with firebomb attack on synagogue in Tunisia

On MLK Day, Obama says King is a 'permanent inspiration'

Charles P. Pierce: The Radical Dr. King

Missing Jewish college student Blaze Bernstein found dead

Cost taxpayers 43 million dollars for the s--thole to play golf last year.

Trump attacks 'Dicky Durbin' over 's---hole' remarks

Joy Reid: "So what Jeff Flake is saying is that he has proudly voted for all of Stalin's judges..."

Im hooked on the old Westerns on TV..I find myself tweeting...

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 15, 2018

To honor Dr. Martin Luther King, jr:

Happy MLK day to the dude that was the body guard to Comey and is now for Mueller

What will T___p's NEXT obscene outburst be?

Pence got a red-faced because a black man denounced a white man's insult to black people.

the Asshole-in-Chief lashes out at Senator Dick Durbin

The Aziz Ansari thing made me realize how I had no clue how to act on a date

Now there is chatter in the UK for re-doing the referendum on leaving the EU

Pussy Grabber won KY at 62.5%.

Meanwhile Down Under at the OZ Open - Coco goes bananas

Reasons Why K2 Is The Mightiest And The Ultimate Mountain

U.S. Warned Jared Kushner About Wendi Deng Murdoch

Well, well, well. U.S. Counterintelligence Warned Jared Kushner About Wendi Deng Murdoch

Martin Luther King Jr.s scorn for white moderates in his Birmingham jail letter

Trump Tower: Dictators Home Away From Home

Brother Buzz, a S.F. Giants acquisition that even you can approve of!

The Latest: Pastor denounces Trump remarks with Pence in pew

Gerrymandering case sows doubt in big year for House races

Army vet sues VA over scalpel left in body after surgery

Italian candidate for premier defends 'white race' remark

Where is God?

THIS is why we will survive!

Pardon of Former Peruvian President Fujimori Deals Blow to Fight Against Gender Violence

This Bird-Like Dinosaur Featured a Stunning Rainbow-Colored Mane

lucky and unlucky

Indigenous women are "seed guardians" in Latin America hunger fight, says U.N.

Indigenous women are "seed guardians" in Latin America hunger fight, says U.N.

Teens Escape Leads to Discovery of 13 Victims Held Captive in Perris Home

The Hole in Earth's Ozone Layer Is Healing

Serious question.

U.S. must accept a new, multipolar world order, Russian foreign minister says

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Anyone else here kind of addicted to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

Zombie by The Cranberries. Video by me - circa 2006

You'd think that Harry Reid wouldn't be in the news anymore now that he's retired,...

You'd think that Harry Reid wouldn't be in the news anymore now that he's retired,...

Kangaroo Caught Hopping Along Texas Highway

U.S. Warned Kushner That Friend May Be Spy

White House Shelves Evil Genius Idea

A great book for those interested in outer space and being an astronaut

MSNBC host Velshi dumbfounded as Tea Party governor claims health insurance make people unhealthy

13 People held captive in California home

The Cranberries cover the Smiths' "There is a Light That Never Goes Out"

Biden marks MLK day: Americans are 'living through a battle for the soul of this nation'

Lodi Dodi from the garden

Has technology created a more divisive country?

Sarah Sanders blasted for using official White House account to attack Amazon

Trump Voters Have Turned On Steve Bannon


Major automakers urge Trump administration: don't ditch NAFTA

Steamed Fish, Swimming in Flavor

Data on Canadian immigrants from shithole countries might surprise Trump

how bout a 50th anniversary ubiquitous VW Beatle? 'Bullitt' Mustang special edition

Dolores ORiordan's last Tweet. NYT Obit

Deutsche Bank: A Global Bank for Oligarchs American & Russian, Part 2

Oh, to have been that reporter...!

Latest Der Spiegel cover with #45: In the Age of Fire and Fury

Grand jury indicts Maryland executive in Uranium One deal: report BY JOHN BOWDEN - 01/14/18 09:40 AM

Dolores ORiordan's last band D.A.R.K. - Watch Out (Live Rehearsal Footage)

A Taxonomy on Trump Tweets (Important info) by George Lakoff

Trump did absolutely nothing today to acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Donald Trump's tweet commemorating Martin Luther King's birthday

This is not Fox. Joy Reid shuts down Trump adviser who implies Clintons killed someone

Weather alert for Houston area

Why consensual sex can still be bad.

TONIGHT "Spell To Bind Trump" Midnight EST

Coach Cal, University of Kentucky, put this on the board for his players today...

Yeah, that's right...I'm COOL--and warm

UK lesson, on the board, for players at U of K today ...

Not sure about the rest of you.

Something I've always wondered about Martin Luther King, Jr...

Maggie Jordan's Response to Paul Ryan Touting Worker Pay Raises

John Lewis today on The View - very moving

Martin Luther King Jr on What To Say To White People Who Claim They're Not Racists (w/ Joe Madison)