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Archives: January 9, 2013

Florida Professor says Sandy Hook Massacre didn't happen

Cat walks 190 miles in 2 months to get home!

Searing temperatures fan Australia wildfires

Sharing this Basque Chicken With Peas.

Colbert and Stewart on @ 7pm EST, Comedy channel,

White House invites NRA to gun control talks, Breitbart calls it 'Bullying'

Happy 71st birthday to Stephen Hawking...

Gun control: Surge in support, new poll shows. 62% want to ban high capacity magazines

Official Downton Abbey Season 3, Episode 1 Thread!

Did W actually try to do some good??

Where is all the crazy coming from?

The Abolitionist: American Experience..9 pm PBS. Also, "Justified" is back at 10 on FX....n/t

Question about Alex Jones's logic

You Might Be A Republican If...

Robert Reich: TARP is Over, But the Bailouts Will Continue Until the Big Banks are Broken Up

Anatomical Cross-Sections Made from Paper are Cool and Creepy

Problem solved...

Okay Hank Greenberg - let me explain how this loan thing works

Honky Tonk Woman

Last night was proof positive that Notre Dame belongs in the MAC conference.

Convicted rapist wins day in court

Boat caught in middle of dolphin stampede

A major conservative candidate for Federal office has threatened my life.

There's something immoral and sick...

Ian Masters live on Pacifica 5pm PST discussing the growing constitutional dispute in Venezuela

Does anyone know if this is true. I've checked fact check, Politifact and Snoops and come up with

USADA Head: I Got Death Threats During Lance Armstrong Probe

Why does Chris Matthews have Dick Armey? Why? Why?

Judge rejects lawsuit against Northside's student tracking system

HAITI: The Aftershocks of History (interview w/link)

Obama's CIA Nominee- Bush-Era Torturer?

Paul Krugman Warns: 'We Are Crippling Our Future'

Exclusive: As Gitmo Turns 11, Al Jazeera's Sami Al-Hajj on 6-Yr Ordeal of US Detention, Torture.

"Not all men rape--but all men benefit from the fact that some men do."

Sheryl Crow ~ Strong Enough

Medgar Evers Widow To Deliver Invocation At Obama’s Inauguration, First Woman & Non-Clergy To Do So

Sheryl Crow ~ Walk On By

They're going for it! Fifty Shades of Grey will be filmed in it's full raunchy glory NC-17

4 Years After Vow to Close Gitmo, Why Has Obama Signed NDAA Bill Barring Transfer of Its Prisoners?

Privacy Commissioner to try to rework online spying bill

Tom Toles- Nihilism

Man sues neighbor he paid to get his wife pregnant but failed after 72 attempts.

Some Hendrix

Ex-Abu Ghraib inmates get $5m settlement from US firm

George R.R. Martin/Song of Ice & Fire fans - new "preview" chapter of Winds of Winter released

MIRT is busy tonight....

If you could move abroad, would you?

Illinois Asks U.S. Appeals Court to Rehear Gun-Carry Case

Fight at UNL construction site between 2 painters leads to knifing; 1 arrested

Student Suspended for Refusing to Wear RFID Tracker Loses Lawsuit

Nicholas Kristof on Piers Morgan tonight, seeking input re: Alex Jones eruption

Germany Gears Up for Big Pay Hikes

John Boehner is getting his update...

Some shots in Phildelphia, Neshoba County, Mississippi

Breaking!! Huge missing person report in the sports world.

I just completed the online Jeopardy Test..........ask me anything eom

Quote from Hardball Is Making Me Reach for My Tinfoil Hat...

Don't Tell Colbert...

"Gun Appreciation Day" -- really???

Cowboys Fire Rob Ryan...

Union expected to offer proposal to run Pennsylvania lottery

My take: 'Atheist' isn’t a dirty word, congresswoman

Drug and deportation cases go before Supreme Court winter session

Guestview: Yes to interfaith harmony, no to religious police in Egypt

Pat Robertson predictions from Jan. 1991: how'd his "special link to God" serve him?

Is there a continuum of white supremacy?

Cuomo to Propose Broader Ban on Assault Weapons

The government's hunt for a Vatican envoy to pass muster

Miss Bunny finally found the courage to try a new hairstyle.

Alfred thought it was about time he built up his social courage and give Lorenda a smooch on the lip

Mr. Bird thought it was time for him and his friends to think outside of the box,

A listing of upcoming Idle No More events (I also posted this in a thread in GD)

I propose "Meta Battle Royale!"

When your house is burning down, you should brush your teeth - The Oatmeal

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Duesday & a new Doggie gif

Rachel Maddow is talking about heroes: Shinseki, Kerry, Hagel...

Study Questions Effectiveness of Therapy for Suicidal Teenagers.

Chavez will not be sworn in on inauguration day

In case you need another reason to boycott Darden Restaurants.

hey gals. you gotta watch... Lupe Fiasco - "Bitch Bad", if you have not seen it.

Dance Moms has its jump the shark moment.

Tragedy averted! We live at the end of a long cul de sac miles from town.

Phone and fax info for WA State 113th Congress

White House drug czar: We’re having a 'serious conversation' about pot

I know! Why don't we give more money to the rich?!

Intern opportunities with 21st Century Democrats

Mexican Restaurant Defends Racist Shirts As ‘Witty And Comical’

Help STAMP money out of politics with a red inkpad

New Tech gives us the chance to track pollution to the source

Florida Governor Inflates Cost Of Medicaid Expansion By 2,500% To Avoid Implementing Obamacare

"I guess marijuana is a gateway drug...

Glenn Beck on Alex Jones: Maaan, that guy is CRAZY!

GAO calls on Postal Service to prefund retiree benefits

Sanford police report: Cops initially wanted Zimmerman charged with second-degree murder

Someone explain this to me: RE: AIG

Interior Dept. Expedites Review of Arctic Drilling After Accidents

Scott was warned his Medicaid math was wrong

Why don't we have more vocational schools and programs in this country?

Illinois approves driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants

We have visited this KIA friendly fire grave several times, today we learned what he looked like

Chuck Hagel Iraq Opposition Encourages Generals Who Revolted

I'm confused about the tats.

President Obama has been to 12 Bones Smokehouse in Asheville twice. I'll show you the surroundings.

Poll finds Congress more popular than ebola and a bunch of other stuff!

Atheist TV host boots ‘piece of sh*t’ Christian for calling raped girl ‘evil’

Latest Vegas odds to win the superbowl

FYI-Frontline/M.Rhee the whore of education for corp. today-on now.

Gabrielle Giffords plans to take on the NRA

"Rushee Limbaugh's Shrieking Friutcake Hour" THANK you juror #2

I didn't watch Alex Jones last night but when Glenn Beck says your crazy you must be something

MiddleFingerMom. Naked. Nothin' to see here, folks. Move along.

Oak Cliff native Edie Brickell teams up with banjo picking master Steve Martin for duet album

Fuck It. If the GD hosts won't or can't lock the GD gun threads

cornbread and milk, mmmmm!

UPDATED: Gay teenager (NOT?) denied Eagle Scout award, as he doesn’t adhere to ‘duty of God’

"Socialism" the most looked up word of 2012

Sen. Mark Udall calls for swift passage of Violence Against Women Act

American conservatives warn of militant Islam's spread in Latin America

"Do You Want Your Government Run By The View?" --Fox Boobs' Greg Gutfeld on the women of Congress

Second Languages Slow Brain Decline

EU Commission warns social gap widening in EU

US Congress less popular than cockroaches: poll

Michelle Rhee to actually be held accountable by press for once

Congratulations to Governor Edwards

Although a crew favorite,....graywarrior's career as a Flight Attendant was short lived!

Without irony, Glenn Beck attacks Alex Jones....

Should Lawrence O'Donnell be appointed the new Senator from Massachussetts to replace Kerry?

Sen. Mark Udall calls for swift passage of Violence Against Women Act

NOAA: 2012 broke U.S. heat records

So I see this drug company commerical for acid-reflux treatment, and it hits me.

Why We Hate Congress

Remembering Australia’s Black Saturday 2009

Baxter Black (my favorite cowboy poet): "Just a Dog"

Lawmakers shouldn't substitute lobbyists for brains

What it was like to grow up with a gun nut as a father-reposted for a reason

O'donnell or Frank for Senate? ads?

"The State Within". Excellent political thriller

Let's Hear It For The 'Zero-Option'

$1 million donations wanted for Obama inauguration (link corrected)

Help please! PHOTOSHOP Question for someone 'in the know'!

"Snot rockets" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "snot rockets".

Dumbest member of Congress

Obama considers leaving no troops in Afghanistan

NYT piece on a branch of my family



So this is where TV is at?

Obama Picks his 2013 Inaugural Poet

Lawmaker's bill would license strippers

From 2009- Hannity: "Stewart was right."

Has anyone used anything to treat dementia in their dog with any success?

Rachel discussed hagel's past position against abortion even in the case of rape, and gay rights

Fire shuts down Texas nuke plant

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Need advice on a good first video camera for a student

Oh, fine. Back to the Cardiac Cath Lab with Mr. bear tomorrow.

Probably the best thought out gun op-ed I have read yet.

Douchebag ... anyone else surprised he's a Republican?

Alex Jones taken to the wood shed

No progressives should be demanding new elections in Venezuela due to Chavez' health...

In Race to Fill Jackson’s House Seat, Candidates Court Chicago’s Black Clergy

Help! I need a statistic to refute a butt-head!

Stewart Destroys The Right On Gun Control: We Can’t Do Anything Because You Fear ‘Imaginary Hitler'

Jovan Belcher case still in the courts...

Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics - Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love)

Adrian Younge - Lovely Lady

Rush Limbaugh: Marriage Equality Is Helping To ‘Normalize Pedophilia’

Conservatives run ads vs. McConnell

Exploring Victoria & Southern Vancouver Island

Mayer Hawthorne - When I Said Goodbye

Update: Yeah!! Chloey has a home!

Update: Yeah!! Chloey has a home

Update: Yeah!! Chloey has a home

Climate Change Alert: Australia So Hot, Weather Bureau Adds ‘Deep Purple’ To Heat Index

Regarding Joshua Boston the man that sent Feinstein that letter - I think he's a misogynist

NYPD’s controversial ‘Stop & Frisk’ policy ruled unconstitutional

Aleppo misery eats at Syrian rebel support

My wife doesn't like lobster claws

My debt ceiling dream sequence.

Florida Professor Triggers Firestorm By Suggesting That Sandy Hook Massacre Might Not Have Occurred

Armstrong Set to Appear on Oprah Next Week, as New Allegation Surfaces

Cornell West On Sandy Hook: ‘We Can’t Just Shed Tears For Those On The Vanilla Side Of Town’

Fox Noise Deceptively Crops Obama's Gun Safety Law, DUH.

Poll: Americans prefer cockroaches and root canals to Congress

Crate & Barrel's Gay Romance

Jeanne Manford, Leading Gay Rights Ally And Founder Of PFLAG, Dies At 92

My take: 'Atheist' isn’t a dirty word, congresswoman (CNN)

Jeanne Manford Dead: PFLAG Founder And Pioneering Gay Rights Ally Dies At 92

Heads up = Chris Kluwe on Colbert Report tonight

Ver min su preme

Anyone in Portland, OR. want an adorable kitten?

Abe sang Kimigayo, the national anthem of the Imperial Japan

Former U.S. Ambassador forgives Hagel for his homophobic remarks

Prankster Hacker Uses Crafty Cat to Really Mess with the Police In Japan

Everything You Need to Know About the Crazy Plan to Save the Economy With a Trillion-Dollar Coin

J Street: Smear a Bagel, not Chuck Hagel

Mike Malloy: Tucson shooting & right wing hate, Palin blood libel comment (Jan 13, 2011 hr 1 seg 4)

shhhh... the lounge has been rather quiet lately.

(Burlington) Vermont city takes step toward banning assault rifles

Uruguay's Pres Mujica Flies To Caracas To Support Pres Chavez

Have you guys heard the new Bowie single..

Dress code?

INFLUENCE GAME: NRA lobbying targets courthouses

Frankenyear 2012: Hottest on Record, as US emits 5 bn tons of CO2 Annually

Australia’s weather is so hot, new colors added to weather map

Two Bills in New Congressional Session Re-Target High Court

Mental Health

How has fatality per shooting changed?

January 9, 2007 The first iPhone is announced by Steve Jobs

Warning From Koch Brothers

Former students accused of stealing computers from North St. Louis County school

A MUST SEE discussion on Gun Control!!! Jon Stewart last night

Former students accused of stealing computers from North St. Louis County school

Shale Gas Will Fuel a U.S. Manufacturing Boom

There's a Violent World War Going On, with Millions of Casualties -- Oligarchs vs. Everyone Else

10 Ways the Drug War Is Causing Massive Collateral Damage to Our Society

So Texas DUers - is the drought finally over?

WWI as a bar fight

Navy blunder

Frustrated Wayne LaPierre Thought Murder Of 20 Children By Crazed Gunman Would Have Blown Over

The war criminal of a Dick Cheney's Apparently Didn't Mind The Term “Jewish Lobby”

A great Daily show yesterday on gun control

Ex-Abu Ghraib inmates get $5m settlement from US firm

Nato forces needed in Mali, says AU's Thomas Boni Yayi

Massive Cuts to Postal Service a Step Towards Privatization?

1929 British Labour toon exposing equality of sacrifice meme

The Tiny Old City Trailer... Or catch some history and fun.

Police fire rubber bullets at S.Africa farm strikers

'Few complementary therapies help arthritis'

Report: Robert Griffin III’s Knee Requires “Total Reconstruction” Surgery"..

Biden to meet with gun-safety, victims groups

Lobbyists Adept At Profitting From Senate Dysfunction Fight Filibuster Reform

Stopping Rush: A Modern David and Goliath Tale

Good News for Single Payer, Bad News for Insurance Companies

US government sued over endangered sea turtles

We can't post swear words, lest someone gets all bent out of shape but this crap

Invisible driver prank...

Moderation is for hippies, Mark Morford

'So many people died'

'So many people died' (xpost from Veterans)

Nebraska boy younger than 5 dies from the flu

not so nice kitteh: Mass. Pair Attacked By Bobcat in Garage

'Gun Appreciation Day' on Sat before Inauguration and MLK Day. Could they be more obvious?

Same-sex weddings to begin at Washington National Cathedral

HSI Commends Taiwan for Historic Ban on Trade in Marine Mammal Products (seals etc.)

Syrian rebels free 48 Iranians in prisoner swap

Happy 150th to the Tube !!! Cheers !!!

Private firms 'to take on probation services'

Robert Reich: TARP is Over, But the Bailouts Will Continue Until the Big Banks are Broken Up

Would you assist in restraining and duct taping an unruly passenger on an airplane?

Inaugural Poet’s Kinship With the President ("Youngest and First Latino or LGBT Person Selected)

Solar Variability and Terrestrial Climate

Why Has America “Rediscovered” Africa?

Is the United States Moving to Africa?

Purity and Perfection: Two Stupid Political Pursuits

What was Jon Stewart's exact quote last night on dystopias and gun violence?

A Letter from AIG

Japan and China step up drone race as tension builds over disputed islands

Overfishing causes Pacific bluefin tuna numbers to drop 96%

Chelsea Clinton: Best Moment Today

Global warming: has the rise in temperatures 'paused'? {live}

Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah Winfrey to be streamed live

Blackstone Steps Up Home Buying as Prices Jump: Mortgages

AIG considers suing government for bailing it out, world implodes in on itself

why hagel is a good choice for sect. of defense

Motorcycling while texting--Just don't do it.

Daily Climate - A Green Richard Nixon? Guess Again.

How the New York Times Screwed Martin Luther King Jr.

Zurich, Victoria, Erie, Caspian Sea - Rising Cyanobacterial Threat In World's Largest Lakes

Chris Christie to be on the Time cover this week

California insurance commissioner calls Anthem Blue Cross rate hike 'excessive'

One Tough Cookie

First week of Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin 2013

Yale students file suit against DEA to release Tivoli tapes

MFM sitting tall for his sponge bath.

NO! World Economic Forum Notes Climate Breakdown May Threaten ECONOMIC GROWTH!!!!

If debt ceiling deal fails, U.S. could delay tax refunds

APNewsBreak: Defense contractor pays $5M to Iraqis who alleged torture at Abu Ghraib

From a CPA - An overview of the tax provisions in the 2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act

Japanese Scientists Get First Video Footage Ever Of Giant Squid In Wild (Short Clip At Link)

The Origins of Neoliberalism, Part I – Hayek’s Delusion

Obama Environmental Picks Seen Focusing On Oil Boom

They really did tape the guy to the chair!

Lance Armstrong To Give Tell-All Interview With Oprah Jan. 17

NE State Climatologist; Record Snows Of 125-150 Inches Needed To Eliminate Plains Drought

Abu Ghraib Settlement: Defense Contractor Engility Holdings Pays $5M To Iraqi Torture Detainees

A tax deal only the ultra-rich could love

Self-delete wrong forum

A new host for Meta sent in a video resume

NE Cutting Irrigation From Republican River To Maintain Legally Mandated Flows To KS

Those sly parrots !!

So do you think Scott Brown might run for MA governor instead of the senate seat?

Suicidal Teens Plagued by Improper Treatment Strategies

The health care law is still the biggest expansion of the safety net since Medicare

Cat Fail Video.

Rep. Gabby Giffords' Exclusive Interview with Diane Sawyer

children are burning pages of schoolbooks to stay warm in the besieged city of Rastan

MET Office Lowers Predicted Temperatures

When Bitter Republicans Tip (or more precisely, when they don’t)

Walmart refuses to meet VP Biden to talk guns

Hagel Pick

Washington Has a Critical Thinking Problem

One suggestion: eliminate temporary redundancy.

Thought-provoking article: "What 'Lincoln' misses and another Civil War film gets right"....

Be careful to prevent indoor plants from browning

New Scientist - Another Week Of "Catastrophic" Aussie Heat; 50-54C Projected For High

After Touring Storm’s Damage, Palazzo Says He Will Support Next Round Of Sandy Relief

17 injured after commuter ferry hits dock in Manhattan

Partying with a prick takes some extra considerations.

Conservative Group Goes After McConnell Over Fiscal Cliff Deal

Cat couples -- the best YOU can hope for is to be the probationary third party in a menage-a-trois.

Societal body image vs happiness:

OK, I'm Adding "Justified" To My Can't-Miss Viewing List.

They tried to take a group photo at the Cardiac Rehab Center this morning.

MiddleFingerMom is getting a multitude of medical issues resolved while at rehab.

"Uh-oh," says MiddleFingerMom. "Uh-OH!!!!!!!!!!"

Across Colorado, 180,000 Piles Of Cut Understory Pine Await The Torch, But Still Too Dry

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Grim Reapers

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- GOP'ers in congress

2012 has ended the year with a total (ice) volume that's around 1000 km3 less than 2010 and 2011

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

Defense contractor pays $5M to Iraqis who alleged torture at Abu Ghraib, other detention sites

Tucked Away In Cliff Deal, Millions For Two Small Hospitals (VT)

At long last, am dumping Dish satellite?!1 What's Time Warner like?

AP: 30 to 50 People Hurt In NYC Ferry Crash, Including One With ‘Critical Head Injuries’

This is the problem that I see.

N.Y. Prosecutors Show Bipartisan Gun Control Can Be Done

Norm Coleman Rules Out Senate Bid In 2014

Are Republicans Scared of Al Franken?

Employee overpowers gunman in Sacramento robbery, police say. Using his bare hands. No one died.

Shouldn't Mitt Romney be speaking out about AIG wanting more free stuff?

Openly Gay Hispanic-American Selected As Inaugural Poet

Shocked to find out there are Sandy Hook Deniers

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Is Troubled by Questions About Safety

At least 53 hurt in Lower Manhattan ferry accident

You should be able to take a gun into an elementary/nursery school, or a Kindergartner class.

Mark Lynas explains his turn around on GM Crops

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 9, 1967

Fastest draw in the world?

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 9, 1967

Jeff Goldblum videos--post 'em here.

Toon: About that auto bailout...

90 of the 105 candidates backed by Michelle Rhee in November were RW Republicans

Is anyone familiar with the University of Metaphysical Sciences?

Chris Christie - Republican Future?

Richard Blanco, poet for the inauguration.

Barack Obama 'seriously considering' hosting climate summit

Health Care and Profits, a Poor Mix

Post acceptable alternatives to "Jump the shark."

5 reasons why America has a Republican problem

Merit based pay... for Congress!

First Cases Of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Found in North America

Siberian reindeer herders

Walmart's Too Busy to Talk to Joe Biden About Gun Control

Obama Said to Name Jack Lew to Replace Geithner at Treasury

Leonard Cohen coming to U.S. this spring!!!

Where is the Vegan group?

Obama's Next Term Has Something Of A Prayer

Yet another Republican sore loser takes out election loss frustration on the working poor

Pic Of The Moment: Lacking Leverage In Debt Ceiling Fight, Republicans Adopt New Strategy

150 years old and still running late: London's Tube celebrates landmark anniversary

Isn't the press supposed to hold politicans feet to the fire?

India Gang Rape Suspects Blame Victim for Being Out 'on the Streets at Night'

(Rachel Maddow) Poll: Bugs, Cockroaches, Lice Compare Favorably To (GOP) Congress

Profiting Off the Terror Threat

Ex-Abu Ghraib inmates get $5m settlement from US firm

Wal-Mart Misses a Meeting With Biden on Gun Violence

LOL: Koch Brother Threaten To Layoff A 1/2 Dozen Congressmen

"Gun grabber."

Big Island?

Can anyone make sense of this student health insurance disclaimer?

Drones go mainstream

Congress less popular than Cockroaches, Traffic Jams...

Big Island advice would be great

Can “jihad” survive Pam Geller?

State ranked 42nd in job creation at midyear, census report shows (WI)

Jevons: a 19th Century Zeno

We can dramatically reduce mass shootings, but how do we stop gun violence

Dirty Old Boston

Couple to be fined $500 a day for having a garden

Same-sex weddings to begin at Washington National Cathedral (Wash Post)

Just 8% Now Say They Are Tea Party Members

Obama Looking For Ways Around Congress On Gun Policy

Anyone else watch "The New Normal" on TV?

Students Are Finally Realizing Law School Might Be A Terrible Idea

Weaponised Laser Cannon Can Shoot Drones (And Mortars) Out Of Mid-Air

Failure of Current TV - Gore Wouldn't Take on Bush--(Real News interview w/Robert Parry)

We have another flame-out taking place, friends.

No matter which side of the gun debate, can you understand why this is degrading to MI patients?

(This is awesome!) Conan O’Brien shows what you didn’t see in Alex Jones’ crazypants CNN interview

Trolling on DU.....that jas isn't Kool......


Some flavors to make for Soda Stream?

Brain Cancer-Causing Virus Strikes West Coast Raccoons

First Cases Of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Found in North America

For interest persons: Open Gate Capital..the company closing Golden Guernsy Dairy in Wis.

Chris Matthews voted for GWB in 2000?!

For interest persons: Open Gate Capital..the company closing Golden Guernsy Dairy in Wis.

10 Reasons ALL Workers Benefit From Fixing Our Immigration System

Her name is Mary Lee....and she was swimming off our beach yesterday

The "Obamacare Repeal" Fade

Another day, another TV show capitalizing on stereotypes of poor Appalachians

Complete this phrase......

Are Dreamliners safe? Third Boeing Dreamliner problem reported in Japan

What is Joseph Cao's political future?

AIG Attitude Makes Sense

Saw our new eagle yesterday while driving

I tried to watch "The New Normal" on Hulu today...and was told it's for "mature"

Daily Kos hit the nail on the head. A bipartisian solution that includes something for everybody.

Hagel nomination: Israelis ask 'what's the big deal?'

Thom Hartmann: Do Right-Wing Nuts Need Guns Against Government?

BREAKING: Errant knight follows dream

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon: A Platinum Coin To Save Us!

FORECAST: Heavier rain arrives in Green Country by Wednesday night and Thursday

Poll: Low Support For Armed Guards In Schools

Cuomo pushing for even tougher New York gun laws

Request for a new forum: Stopping Gun Violence

Jon Stewart Encapsulates The Absurdity of The Gun Debate–Funny But Sad (VIDEO)

Is it possible for a man to be a feminist?

Chunks of Frozen Hydrocarbons May be Floating on Titan’s Lakes

Biden On Guns: Executive Order Is On The Table

New anti-Muslim ads up in NYC subway stations

Bad, Science Jokes. Bad!

Alex Jones may be the king of conspiracy

Rhee Says Florida And Louisiana, Where Teachers Paid Among Worst, Are Best Education States

Jaguar cubs born at Milwaukee zoo bring new genes


Clouds of Sand and Iron Swirl in a Failed Star’s Extreme Atmosphere

Operator of popular YouTube channel found shot to death in northeast Georgia

And a Platinum Coin Shall Save America!

I could be wrong! Perhaps I'm overly suspicious, or paranoid,.....but I think sometimes, some people

What is the last Dead concert you went to?

Thom Hartmann: Hell & High Water is Coming...Climate Change

Virginia KKK Uses Obama’s Presidency As A Recruiting Tool

I'm all for a total ban on semi-automatic guns

The End Game: Taking the Bet of Pascal

GOP Congressman: Women In Infantry Roles Could ‘Impair’ Missions Because Of Their ‘Nature’

‘Virtual’ public schools draw interest of religious families

Where's Norman?

The Rude Pundit: Fun with Terrorism in the Bible (A Brief But Special Post for Pamela Geller)

The Church of England could have a Catholic governor

Gay El Paso rep writes self into Texas Legislature history

Welcome to Another Golden Era of Liberal Senators

U.S. does not rule out removing all troops from Afghanistan

That Sound You Hear, is the Sound of Heads Exploding

Natalie Merchant - topsy turvy world

Richard Blanco, Gay Latino, Named Inaugural Poet

Theorists think they've found “absolute proof” that Newtown was a hoax.

Some great videos coming online at InnfoGraphics' channel.

uh thanks for the advice there, Juror #3

State District Judge denies $1M bond reduction for teen in kidnapping of 11-year-old girl

Jon Stewart on the 67 Republicans who voted against relief for hurricane Sandy victims:

My Health Insurance just went up 18.4%.

Has Purchased Payroll software hit your workplace?

Heads-up to those who listen to Ed Schultz...


Presidential Partisan (noun) [prez-i-den-shuh l pahr-tuh-zuhn]:

BURN THE WITCH! Guns for "Uncle Billy" (who killed firefighters on Christmas Eve)

Which alerts go nowhere without notification to you?

Hot irony

Catholic Church in Germany drops sex abuse inquiry

State leaders lay out priorities

Revealed: The Massive New Liberal Plan to Remake American Politics

You know what's really, really freaky?

Andrea Mitchel just stopped a guest who ID'd herself as "pro-life"...

Jack Lew nomination leaker revealed

Chavez swearing-in delay legal, rules Venezuela Supreme Court

I would like to change my screen name.

Walmart Caves To White House, Will Send Representatives To Talk Gun Control

Apophis asteroid: Large space rock flies past Earth

The idiots are so busy trying to protect their gunz they don't realize their being robbed and

Texas Legislature Opens Amid Protests from Texas Secessionists

Ben Cohen dressed for success!

The Emancipation Proclamation alone makes America the most powerful nation on earth.

Cuomo to Push Storm Measures and Gun Control in Annual Address

No players elected by writers to Baseball HOF

Inaugural Benediction To Be Delivered By Pastor Who Gave Vehemently Anti-Gay Sermon

Barry Bonds Not Elected To Hall of Fame

Kathy Griffin

Thom Hartmann: If AIG is a Person - Pay Up!

NRA-Pushed Provision Banning Doctors From Discussing Guns In Obamacare ‘Seems So Strange

Did Biden Reveal Something He Shouldn't Have Or Is This Another 3D Chess Move By The President?.....

About Ditch Digging

Washington DC Residents Watch More Porn Than Anyone Else

The Market and Mother Nature

Virginia Democrat Wants To Roll Back Key Environmental Rules: ‘I’m Not Going To Be Here’ To Suffer..

I did not expect this guy to show up on Tamron Hall's show (msnbc).

the only thing worse than knowing Dan Snyder will own your favorite team the rest of your life, is

Protesters demand Cuomo ban New York fracking

Danny Boy should be fined for staging an NFL playoff game on a field worse than a cow pasture.

TIA - This is Africa, This is America?

Can “jihad” be rebranded?

My Grandma's pork chops.

The new Bowie tune is growing on me.

Poll: a Question on your reading of history.

A quote from Gabrielle Giffords from today, the 2nd anniversary of the Tuscon shooting....

are "work from home" jobs all scams? or are there legit ones?

Walter Rhett: Take a Look At the Arleigh Burke Destroyers: The Best of Class

"He may be a troll, but that's up to MIRT" ARGH!!!! Voting Hide SENDS it to MIRT

Writing a resume...

Sometimes SE Cupp is just annoying on Spin Cycle.

SE Cupp doesn't know what "rapid-fire" or Military grade weapons" means

Kudos To Howard Fineman Who Just Called S.E.Cupp On Her Statement....

15-year-old Saudi girl granted divorce from 86-year-old man

The Better Decision By SCOTUS...?

Cupp sputtering and flustered.

Interviewing Alex Jones on TV is bad journalism

To the old timers who remember Air America and the melodious voice of?

AIG Says Will Not Join Lawsuit Against U.S. Government.

Before you Talk about the Deficit Take a look at these Charts

Sickening: Drudge Report Compares President Obama To Hitler And Stalin

'Now we are alone here': Syrian orphan bakes bread to support siblings

Anyone listening to Thom Hartman vs Alex Jones?

Sen. Sanders, after US hits heat record, floats new climate bill

Whoops...ever had this happen to you?

Bradley Manning trial delayed until June after sentence reduction granted

Beyoncé to perform the National Anthem at Obama's 2nd inauguration on Jan. 21

New Rule

Court wary of warrantless blood tests in DUI cases

Farmers Vs. Monsanto - Thursday, jan. 10 in DC

B1G finishes 4th in League Rankings

Awesome. Abe Lincoln was President when the London Tube first opened.

"Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon" history and this guy was given a job with a gun

Write to ALEX JONES' radio station program director

Freepers are planning to fire upon police officers and the military--this is some scary and

WikiLeaks Case Likened To Civil War Espionage

New Mexico to expand Medicaid program

Scathing Condemnation of George W Bush- How George W. Bush Helped Osama Bin Laden Win His War

Pancakes? French Toast? Bacon & Eggs?

"Modern parenting may hinder brain development, research shows"

Who the heck is Paula Priesse? But do love seeing right wing followers of her fall right on into...

"The Cure". Nice little film.

Obama Taps Anti-Gay Preacher for Inaugural Benediction (with Shocking Quotes)

Will Chuck Hagel's Appointment Actually Help the Anti-War Left?

When they start with the Doublespeak - go Orwell on them

Debt Ceiling Disaster - Cracy or Criminal?

Question for our British members: how rare is this predicted snow storm?

Our Senator Dumbass (WI) won't disavow Limbaugh's lies...

The spiritual but not religious likely to face mental health issues, drug use, study says

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Lets Vigilante Patrols Loose To ‘Protect’ Schools

Kings to host ‘Hawks on opening night

Scott Lively Defends Anti-Gay Uganda Work in Federal Court

Perhaps we've all been misled about the 2nd Amendment.

DU mentioned in the 'I love it when I wake up in the morning and BO is President' Facebook Page

Anyone else getting replies from this person?

Faith in Values: Faith Communities Stepping Up Efforts Against Guns and Gun Violence

Platinum Coin: White House Doesn't Completely Rule It Out

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis tells colleagues she is resigning

Violence plays role in shorter US life expectancy

Hi everyone. Been stalking users on this site for about 5 months now...

Hilda Solis Resigns

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis resigns

Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

Evolution Less Accepted in U.S. Than Other Western Countries, Study Finds

Opponents Play The Hitler Card On Gun Control, Supporters Say It’s Not Gonna Work This Time

Instead of calling these things "assault weapons", I propose that we call them something else...

Wrote this about Pete Rose in GD.

Thank you Baseball Hall of Fame

Funniest prank I've seen in quite a while!

Cat People...A Little Help

Anyone here have experience shaving to Safety Dance?

Wisdom from Psychopaths?

Must read from the NYT: Group Pushing Deficit Cuts (Fix the Debt) Has Deep Business Ties

Sebelius, Holder, Shinseki Staying Into 2nd Term

After Elizabeth Warren Calls Them Out, AIG Drops Its Threat Of Suing The Government

Proposed Legislation Would Block Bank Execs From Regulating Banks

Meet the Sandy Hook truthers: Theorists think they've found “absolute proof” that Newtown was a hoax

New Mexico’s Republican Governor Accepts Medicaid Expansion

I'm wondering why My Posts tab is no longer lighting up yellow when I get

I'm going to take a history class!

Anyone here have experience shaving with Trent Reznor?

Drinking diet soda linked to depression

We all know that parts of Antarctica used to be temperate...

2014 MN US Senate Election- Coleman-R not running.

Another one says, "the cover of the NY Times".

Hilda Solis resigns as labor secretary

Ray Wylie Hubbard on Letterman tonight....

Trade your homosexuality for a Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwich

As Fatah, Hamas meet, Netanyahu vows not to cede more land

Thoughts on gender motivated abortions?

He still has his dry sense of humor!

8th Grader Brings Loaded Gun to School

This rocks - Fischer Price showing some cool iPad / iPhone accessories at CES

The Soul of America By Senator Bernie Sanders January 9, 2013

Is right-to-work Pure Michigan? New Pure Michigan ad says so

Welcome to Another Golden Era of Liberal Senators

Not sure how I missed this from sept. 2012 Heartbreaking

Pastor Hagee: Same Sex Marriage ‘Is Two Disturbed People Playing House’

Hang tough on guns, Dems. It’s gonna get ugly.

Dick Armey dishes dirt accidentally - too dumb to know who he's talking to

Paul Ryan Signs On As Co-Sponsor Of New ‘Fetal Personhood’ Bill

NRA's public standing takes a hit

Now the election is over, War on Worker battles begin in the states

Lobbyists Who Profit From Senate Dysfunction Fight Filibuster Reform

Attention Democrats: Chris Christie Isn't Your New Best Friend

cakes cookies and candies all gone,

IRS To Open Tax-Filing Season 8 Days Later Because Of Fiscal Cliff

H.P. Lovecraft Answers Your Relationship Questions

The big "to do" about guns

USA! USA! We're Being Unhealthy!

Consider yourselves schooled “patriots.”

Minnesota man charged for videotaping police; 'nonsense' HIPAA violation claimed

U.S. warns Britain not to drift away from EU

US warns Britain against leaving European Union

Saudi Arabia and The United States of America: Equal Justice....

"Death Panel" of GOP Governors Refuse Medicaid Expansion

Dueling posts!

Union president rips Minneapolis three-lockout firm

New York governor proposes strictest assault weapons ban

Funny tweet I just saw...

Marsha Blackburn, Diane Black Offer Dueling Bills To Defund Planned Parenthood

Pelosi: Solis An ‘Unflinching Advocate For American Workers’

JPM guide to markets

Petition to replace anti-gay Pastor Louie Giglio for the benediction at the inauguration

More ice sculptures

Corrupt Florida governor Rick Scott lying to justify his refusal with Medicare.

Rick Scott Used Fake Medicaid Numbers To Veto ACA Expansion

Jefferson and Hemings.

The Trillion Dollar Coin

Parroting Conspiracy Theorist, Drudge Compares Obama To Hitler And Stalin

Cuomo Proposes Lower Carbon Cap for Northeast Cap-and-Trade Plan

At CES, (Bill) Clinton says social media help fuel, solve global policy debates

Far Right Spells Danger For Netanyahu

"It's Sponge Bob making all these kids Gay!"

Chuck Hagel Pick: Final Snub Of George W. Bush

All Congress people should be allowed to open carry in the House and Senate.

The profit motive behind Senate obstruction

I can't imagine having to fight to keep a foreign company from taking my land without permission.

Survived By Wife - Alan King (Hilarious)

Amen, little dude!

New Jersey governor Christie kisses up to the NRA.

First asteroid belts discovered in Vega system

Hilarious failed troll attempt in GD

Gun Control Under Hitler

Possibly the biggest knee jerk reaction as far as new gun laws go...

Egg v. Adult

NOM leader: People who use artificial insemination should be in jail for human trafficking

Duke Takeover of Progress Appealed by Conservation Group

U.S. oil output to soar to 26-year high in 2014

Colorado House opens under first gay speaker, Democratic control

Ceremony marks opening of legislative session

Sharp merge worries some Triangle Expressway drivers

Want to see what 30 years can do?

Outspoken gun advocate & Youtube star Keith Ratliff shot dead