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NO SHIT ...66

Stocks decline for third week; interest rate worries persist

I think you should consider bringing forced ignore back.

Corbett appointee resigns. He tried to turn an ENTIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT over to 1 corporation

Discussion about Karma in the Religion group that might possibly interest some of you here.

Perception is reality with UNC Board of Governors

Chris Hayes On Georgia Bill that would allow businesses to discriminate base on religion.

Lowe's Anti-Union Training Video Walks a Fine Line (it didn't take Lowe's long to get it off Youtube

Montana rep wants to ban tight fitting clothing

LOL ...

So, Rudy Giuliani wishes our President was like Bill Cosby.

The end of white Christian America is nigh: Why the country’s youth are abandoning religious conserv

MAR 11, 2015 There’s a Canopy Walkway in Cape Town that Lets You Walk Above the Trees

White House intruder pleads guilty to assault, illegal entry

White House intruder pleads guilty to assault, illegal entry

I'm going to get my head shaved on Sunday

Three New York men plead not guilty to plot to aid Islamic State

Who Done It? Russian Oppositionist, Boris Nemtsov.....Was He Really for Human Rights and a Leftist?

U.S. State Department rebuffs Republican criticism of Iran nuclear talks

U.N. fears 'the worst' after typhoon batters Vanuatu

Chris Christie will make entitlement reform central to a White House bid

9 California high school boys arrested in alleged sexual assaults of 2 girls

Tomorrow morning for a brief instant it will be Pi o'clock. This only happens once a century.

U.S. to send $70 million in non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition

Wet Wipes Box Says Flush. New York’s Sewer System Says Don’t.

They tried to bury us

What happened to Putin? Satirists run riot online

Holocaust Museum Shooter, James Von Brunn, was once an SAE chapter president

Workers offer passionate testimony in Olympia over Boeing tax bill

Maldives' ex-president Nasheed sentenced to 13 years in prison

Reports: Officer who used Taser on senior citizen cleared

Nato chief in warning over Russian wargames

Adult trial for Wisconsin girls in Slender Man stabbing

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! This is a Recording . . .!!! & a kitteh gif

State Rep. Stickland wants to pull the plug on the National Security Agency in Texas. Literally.

Friday Talking Points (339) -- Best Pi Day Of The Century!

Tom Hanks helps sell girl scout cookies.

Not a big deal, but it sure would be nice to have the state tournament on the normal TV stations

3 Kansas hospital patients die of ice cream-related illness

Rachel has strikes two and three for Christie

‘Clinton Rules’? Bush, Perry Rules Too

eggs with bacon...

OMGOSH......watching brain games.....

Mrs. Lib is doing very well. Coming home tomorrow

Religious leaders call for "Fast from Fast Food" to call attention to workers' low wages

What happened to Putin? "Savage mockery" as satirists run riot online.

Tehran Tom! Tehran Tom! Tehran Tom! - Just has a nice rhyme to it! n/t

Ferguson police chief not sure if shooter targeted officers or link to protesters

Russian opposition figure Navalny leaves prison 1 week after assassination of Putin foe Nemtsov

Koch Industries refuses to comply with US senators' climate investigation

Dalek Relaxation

"If GOP Were At The Cuban Missile Crisis..."

Land Office Parts Ways With Alamo Managers

The devil is punishing Mexico with violence, says Pope Francis

The Republicans who did ‘exactly what Hillary did’

Lesbian Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Ban ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy For Minors

U.S. seeks billions from global banks in currency investigation

'Unbelievable destruction' reported in Tropical Cyclone Pam's wake

Obama needs to protect the presidency

Local AFL-CIO Council, PFT and LGBT leaders endorse Kenney for mayor

Local AFL-CIO Council, PFT and LGBT leaders endorse Kenney for mayor

Austin City Council Member Wants Limits on Barbecue Smoke Near Homes

Enforcement and criminal penalties under Wisconsin's new 'right to work' law take many by surprise

Please pray for thise who are being hit by Cyclone Pam.

Argentina warns Citibank it could lose banking license

Oil Company Lease Stirs Revolt in Green Seattle

DU etiquette question

Can you have two different phones on your cell phone account ?

Mexican government may pay damages to army-slayings victims

When a old timer makes an obvious rookie mistake it makes me wonder just what exactly is going on

What are you doing for pie (pi) day

And this little piggy

Naishtat Files Bill to Protect Pregnant Women's End of Life Care

Dallas State Rep. Jason Villalba (R) Wants to Restrict Where Citizens Can Photograph Cops

Another Sign Ted Cruz Is Running in 2016

Police: New Mexico man claims dog told him to shoot ex

Thank you Prez Obama! 'Miracle’ expansion of California coastal sanctuaries (Sonoma,Mendocino Coast)

From McDonald's All-American to McDonald's worker: How David Harrison lost his way after the NBA

Call Me

Venezuelan president calls for 'frank' dialogue with US

I'm not perfect.

anyone use Anytime Fitness Gym? about what are the dues?

Ever-Increasing Military Expenditures: The United States and the Cycle of Aggression


Triumph Does The Weather

Seven injured in bomb attack in Bogotá, Colombia.

What Are They Hiding? UN Official Slams US for Limiting Access to Prisons

Are California's Starving Sea Lions Latest Victims of Climate Catastrophe?

Liberals may have the edge on happiness

Breaking News: NYT Reports on What the Rest of the Western Hemisphere Thinks About the Conflict Betw

Anyone else catch the NPR extended blow-job of Senator Tehran Tom Cotton?

Breaking News: NYT Reports on What the Rest of the Western Hemisphere Thinks About the Conflict Betw

Millennials in America are atrocious at math — and not great at reading, either

NATO’s Shadow of Nazi Operation Barbarossa

Friday night howler-do you think FOX NEWS is fair and balanced?

Americans want a deal with Iran on its nuclear program

Clean up your computer

McCain's breathtaking defense of signing the Iran letter: "I sign lots of letters"

White House Bans Use of the Word “Florida”

This congressman doesn’t want a federal science board to be allowed to consider science

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 15 - Treasures from the Disney Vaults

Texas public school official says students will continue to hear Bible verses every morning

POLITICO Caucus: Iran-letter backlash spreads to early states

Probably the dumbest opinion piece WaPo has ever published (Iran)

Chocolate Brooklyn Babka.

Mitt Romney: Obama should say 'no deal' to Iran


Study: Homeopathy not effective in treating anything

If anyone doubted that Sharyl Attkisson was a consevative

The FAA Says You Can't Post Drone Videos on YouTube

Red Cross workers report "unbelievable destruction" after Tropical Cyclone Pam hit Port Vila, the ca

TCM Schedule for Monday March 16 - Robert Osborne's Picks

I'm not exactly sure what this post is.

About House of Cards.

'#AskHamas' Twitter campaign quickly backfires

Sometime Maher is so frustrating. When Tom Rogan, an obviously right wing hack spewed the right

Most Official Emails Were Not Auto-Archived Until February (2015), Says State Department Official

This didn't work for me

anybody have any idea what I have done here?

Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus

Religion In The Comics - 017

Vladimir Putin Has Vanished

How upset would people get if someone told them homeopathic products contain GMOs?

We Have a President for a Reason.

"Not 'Jeopardy's' finest half hour."

OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwole (Not Judy Garland version)

How to make a storm door latch!


Bill would allow some undocumented immigrants to get driving permits

Israeli forces uproot 300 olive trees in Nablus

Study: Conservatives Say They're Happy, but Liberals Show It

Palestinians: We Want Democratic Elections, Too

Thousands told to evacuate as deadly blaze threatens Chile city

Stinky Lou & the Goon Mat

Obama Administration Makes Unverifiable Claim of 545,000 IT Job Openings; H-1B Visa Boosting Likely

Why Not Take The Tolls Off SH 130?

O.E.C.D. Will Advise Greece on Economic Overhauls.

Testing company Pearson, NJ, spying on social media of students taking PARCC tests.

Testing company Pearson, NJ, spying on social media of students taking PARCC tests.

CERN's souped-up Large Hadron Collider to launch again after Higgs boson hiatus

Presidential Jeopardy...

How exactly is the Obama administration the least transparent?

Weekend Economists Celebrates Psychedelia - March 14 - 15

Daily Holidays - March 14

My brother and I are observing a UFO in the distance.

Navy Seal who says he killed bin Laden joins fox news

L.A. Police Chase Results In Live, Televised Gunfight

Kathy Griffin’s ‘Fashion Police’ Exit: Body Shaming Is Going out of Style

Whistler & His Jug Band

If it doesn't stop raining I am going to go insane

Chinese Real Estate Giant’s Downfall Draws Wall St. Blood

Jon Stewart gets it... [via Sen. Bernie Sanders' FB]

Holy Crap..I’ve Posted a Couple Of Threads Claiming..

Navy Releases Revised Maritime Strategy

“We just need to pee” transgender protest

French Prosecutor Seeks Trial for HSBC's Swiss Operation

Tom Cotton, a Vet, picked apart by Army general over ‘mutinous’ Iran letter

The Southwestern Water Wars - How drought is producing tensions in Texas

L.A. teachers launch union drive at Alliance charter schools

The Lounge snack bar has a new menu!

Dozens feared dead as cyclone pounds Pacific island of Vanuatu

'They want to topple me': Netanyahu accuses Scandinavia of meddling in Israeli elections

This is why it’s impossible for the Kremlin to lie about Putin’s weird disappearance

Our Dumb Sen. Ron Johnson, R, WI says he regrets anti-Obama letter was addressed to Iranian leaders

China summons Myanmar diplomat after bomb kills four

NO charges for Ore. dad whose baby died in car

Crazy: Pursuit Suspect Wounded In Gun Battle With Deputies (Surrenders After Standoff in South L.A.)

S.F. cops say they caught prolific tagger 'Cryst’ admiring his own work

Swedish prosecutors offer to question Julian Assange in London

Terry Crews Dropping Serious Truth Bombs About Feminism, Misogyny, and Toxic Masculinity

Scott Walker draws scrutiny from GOP rivals for changing positions

Female Ghostbusters Backlash Most “Vile, Misogynistic Sh** I’ve Ever Seen in My Life”

New Yorker: Is AIPAC losing influence?

What will you be doing on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53?

Church hosted naked paint parties, lost tax-exempt status, officials say

what celestial body are you?

Are You Psychic According To The Zener Cards?

Who’s Behind the Attacks on U.S. Right to Know?

What Are The Voices In Your Head Telling You?

Weekly Address: A Student Aid Bill of Rights

How many ships does the US Navy have?

A dog named Cloudy by Sharon Robinson

All things Walker and visit to New Hamphire

A dog named Cloudy by Sharon Robinson

Key Witness in Britain's Biggest Pedophile Case Lives in U.S.

Chile forest fire near Valparaiso sparks evacuations

CIA chief says ISIS has 'snowballed'

March 14th is Save a Spider Day

33 dead and scores missing after Myanmar ferry sinks

Scam shows China’s shortage of brides reaching critical mass

Edits to Wikipedia pages on Bell, Garner, Diallo traced to 1 Police Plaza

We lost Murphy, our ACD yesterday afternoon. The week is a blur. He only ate half of his dinner

The Secret Space Program Conference

Venezuela says opponent of Maduro commits suicide in jail

Criminal sentences should reflect actions, not consequences.

US trio who 'vowed to kill President Obama and plant bomb in New York' deny plot to join Isis

Pi Day 2015: meet the man who invented Pi

Taub and the world's triple crisis

Here is a working hypothesis about Hillary's email that makes her look very good indeed

The West’s Historical Amnesia, Moral Collapse, and Criminal Culpability in Syria

One can only wonder why the GOP didn't have Dennis Rodman deliver the letter to Iran.

Real Time and the 47 Letter

America’s anti-liberal myth: Why Dems learned the wrong lesson from 1984

New York Times BUSTS Jeb Bush For VIOLATING Florida Email Law

Pope Francis said all he wants is to "eat a pizza in peace"

India police: Robbers gang rape nun in her 70s at school

Kerry cautious before new Iran talks, cites ‘important gaps’

Officials: US to keep higher level of troops in Afghanistan

GOP lawmaker: Clinton email server key to Benghazi inquiry

Please help this NC family get their dog back...

What's on your bucket list ?

Happy Pi Day!


Happy Pi Day DU!

The Confederacy In It's Death Throes

This Homeless Old Dog Was Alone All His Life. What Happens When He’s Rescued Will Melt Your Heart.

SCOTUS Racism, 1896 style: Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537

I am watching Bernie Sanders on CNN

Where is the outrage ?

Hillary's Email: How to deal with deleting selected items in a large amount of email.

In the Age of Inequality, We Must Rethink the Education Status Quo

TWEETY re: GOP: "Why would they want to be suckers for latest propaganda move by neo-conservatives?"

The ECB’s Noose Around Greece: How Central Banks Harness Governments

Rachel Maddow - Beleaguered Chris Christie sees presidential hopes fading

The Public Bank Solution to Government Debt and Budget Shortfalls

3-14-15 Labor History the year was 1954 in 2:00 minutes

3-14-15 Labor History the year was 1954 in 2:00 minutes

Thom Hartmann: Why TPP Will Be A Disaster for Americans

3-14-15 Labor History the year was 1954 in 2:00 minutes

Free cookies in the Lounge!

Cooking Pasta in a Frying Pan

Vacancies at U.S. transport agencies sow concern

In honor of Diversity...

Jon Stewart slams Governor Chris Christie for selling out his state (VIDEO)

Vrooom! Vroooooom! The Jersey Comeback

Rachel Maddow - GOP scrambles to control Iran letter damage

American Surgeon - "Before I Go": Paul Kalanithi, writer and neurosurgeon, dies at 37 | Stanford Medicine

A very scary picture

Rand Pauls new quiz: Is it Clinton or the ayatollah?

If Lt. Tom Cotton's soldiers had acted in Iraq as he just did in the Senate.

CDC: Other Americans health workers possibly exposed to Ebola

Why Governor Cuomo’s Education Proposals Are As Bad for Students As They Are for Teachers

If you consider yourself a computer geek, rec this thread, please....

NYT: Jeb Bush, a Clinton critic, took time releasing his own emails

Wolf Richter: The US Oil Bust Just Got Worse

So, if president Obama sold anti-tank missiles to Iran, congress would:

"The Good Samaritan"

Support for Hillary

Come to Daddy!

Does anyone know how long it takes to get a response on a WH Petition?

Throw Back Saturday, Politics Edition - 1988

18 wolves shot near Interior village to boost moose population (disgusting)

Nevada Bill Aims To Scrap Minimum Wage That Voters Passed By Ballot Initiative

Marijuana concentrates would be illegal in Alaska in 2017 under amendment

Venezuela says opponent of Maduro commits suicide in jail

Hillary To Further Address Email Controversy With Campaign Song

Venezuela's turmoil spurs exodus of major league teams

NYPD Edited Police Brutality Wikipedia Entries

Venezuela's loss is Africa's gain in Latam crude game

As winter flakes out, some Anchorage businesses wonder how to plan ahead   

Sooooo, in the last 2 years, I've lost 55 pounds with another 30 to go.

Sooooo, in the last 2 years, I've lost 55 pounds with another 30 to go.

Beautiful photo of beautiful bird

From the far, far right - WorldNutDaily: Obama's Next Immigration Scam - the TPP

Why are Repubs immune from media's email frenzy?

After all the fuss, turns out Hillary's servers did a better job preserving emails

It's time for thread to thank all of those who...

The paranoid ramblings of a leader who's lost his grip

Hughes Creek, West Virginia residents evacuated due to potential mine blowout. This is bad.

Hughes Creek residents evacuated due to potential mine blowout

Now I - even I, would celebrate.....

Christie Political Team Is Raising The Stakes (in pointless effort)

Netanyahu Blames Flagging Poll Numbers On Global Leftist Plot

Hillary Clinton Room Post-Reminder to Hillary supporters that this room is for you.

OU Sooners QB Trevor Knight releases statement

100-Year-Old Chicago Vet Receives French Legion Of Honor For WWII Bravery

Mad about the Iran Letter? #47Traitors? Me, too. Time to get to work.

Cat evolution

Polish microphone

Oil Industry's "Cure" for $2 gas? Invade Iran! Jeb Will Do It! He Said He Would in the 1990s!

Emissions Stall Amid Growth For First Time In 40 Years, IEA Says

You Try Living on the Minimum Wage

Dear World: We’re Sorry…Again (47 Senators)

“The victims are ‘too Christian’ to excite the Left, and ‘too foreign’ to excite the Right.”

Do you think the Republicans understand that if anything goes wrong

Why the Swedish prosecutor waited 5 YEARS to interrogate Assange? Political background.

Leniency or smart punishment strategy

LIVE RADIO NOW: Is welfare for the rich the same as welfare for the poor?

Mark, did she answer all the questions out there with her news conference this week?

Assistant Principal Uses Marker to ‘Correct’ Latino Middle-Schooler’s Haircut

Iraq Militia Leader Hails Iran's 'Unconditional' Support

International Iraqi Kurds Claim Islamic State Group Used Chemical Weapon

Danes Form Human Chains Outside Synagogue in Show of Unity

Canada veterans Will Need to Verify Lost Limbs Every Three Years, Instead of Annually

How cannabis use affects people with Bipolar Disorder

US Announces $70 Million In New, Non-Lethal Aid To Syrian Opposition

Why did you sign, Senator?

Ex-Japan PM: Crimea Vote Was Legitimate

some notes on ebay from an addicted buyer.

Jerry Brown: Leave Hillary Clinton alone

With Plan To Join China-Led Bank, Britain Opens Door For Others Particularly Australia, South Korea

Joan Baez diffuses right wing protest at Idaho concert.

Nearly 70 percent of evangelicals do not view religion, science as being in conflict

Listening to classical music modulates genes that are responsible for brain functions

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Problem with Firefox. It stops connecting...

Bill Maher: Hillary Email Scandal Is Just 'Bulls**t' By 'Stupid Infantile Press'

Hey MSM where’s all the Ferguson Coverage on the shooter search..

Draft Al Franken

US Embassy Issues A Warning To Oil Workers Of Possible Militant Kidnap Threat In Saudi Arabia

Chilean secret police head accused of murder, torture taught 13 years for Pentagon

Bibi Gripped by Panic & Paranoia As Polls Slide

Petition to cancel all student debt

Post a Son Volt song that mentions an infraction that Harvey Martin used to commit!!!

GOP Rivals Pile On Scott Walker's Flip-Flopping

Warming Arctic blamed for worsening summer heatwaves

BTW, snowstorms and harsh winters ARE symptoms of Climate Change

So, Who Do You Want to Run in the Primaries for President?

Behind the asinine antics of Bibi and the GOP lies a seductive vision of doom – but not from Iran

My BIL wants to know if Jeb Bush believes in Evolution. Anyone know?

Seder: Florida Bans Talking About “Climate Change”

Michael Douglas finds Judaism and faces anti-Semitism

Jesus Wants Me to Have This Jet

Why Sausalito gas station charges nearly $8 a gallon

With their stance on climate change, the GOP has all the hallmarks of

C.I.A. Funds Found Their Way Into Qaeda Coffers

Weekend Toon Roundup

Library Curator Disputes Scott Walker's Story About Holding Reagan's Bible

10 frightening facts about Tom Cotton

Why the hell is Alan Grayson going after his wife for bigamy?

The Failure of Modern Industrial Agriculture

How a dog sees a rainbow, and 12 other images that explain how we see color - Wonkblog

A love story.

Danziger on Cotton:

Didga the Cat tears up the skatepark in Australia

Scott Walker: Flip-flopping charges are 'ridiculous'

Christian radio host: More bilingual young people means U.S. is ‘no longer one nation under God’

Barbara Mikulski's likely successor.

AU: religious institutions no right to interfere in private moral choices of students & staff.

Jon Stewart for President 2016.

Report: 1,000+ Jews Have Left France for Israel Since Terror Attacks

"We haven’t bled enough. It’s never enough for these sons of bitches."

Jane Goodall Is Still Wild at Heart

Kentucky Wildcats are 33-0 after today...

Korean girls taste American snacks (ENG sub)

‘Obama Says The War Is Over. So Why Can’t I Leave Gitmo?’

Network security techies: see if this will send a chill up your spine

Arkansas Republican who gave girls to rapist used foster daughter illegally in campaign ad

Joint motion to expand a lawsuit challenging Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage

Inside Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World

He asked, let's answer.

Beddy-bye time for pug.

Bigotry Debunked: Newspaper Investigates AU Chapter, Finds Out Its Members Don’t Hate Christians

Ted Kennedy honored for labor efforts

Pick a Joint. Use your own criteria...

Major union endorses Chuy Garcia for mayor

Say You Want A Christian Nation?: Let’s Try This One

The most important event in the world?

Sign petition for orca in tiny Seaworld pool for 40 years alone:-(

Say You Want A Christian Nation?: Let’s Try This One

On Video: Israeli Soldiers Raid Homes, Question Kids as Young as 9 ( NBC News )

What you can do to fight the mutiny, treason, sedition, or whatever you call what 47 GOPers did

The peach farmer vs the labor union: Gerawan hearing finally finishes

The peach farmer vs the labor union: Gerawan hearing finally finishes

Tom Cotton Corruption Of Blood Bill Would Have Convicted Family Members Of Iran Sanctions Violators

The peach farmer vs the labor union: Gerawan hearing finally finishes

Two key reason$ the Asshats want war with Iran

The Slap

What is it?

Second season of Rita is now streaming

How the Govt; and Large Multinational Right Wing corporations make you Fat

A GIF made for that State Department Spokeswoman who lied.

Boushra Almutawakel photography

One of Our Major Newspapers Says: What the Hell, Why Not Start Another Unwinnable War?

The press is not being fair to Hillary Clinton

Is there a song that you love that few people seem to even like?

The screening of the Hunting Ground at the University of Delaware on Wednesday was a huge success.

FAIR: Funny How Russian Propaganda, US Free Press Produce Exact Same Mood Swings

The Fascinating History of (Wildly Unrealistic) Depictions of the Savior

Hillary Clinton: running to win - but on her own terms

John Fugelsang: I don't get to hate anybody....

Scott Baio Endorses Scott Walker for President

Jeb Bush Email Trove Reveals Predictable Trail Of Access and Favors For Top Donors

Can One Union Save the Slumping U.S. Postal Service?

Luckovich toon: The Senate just wrote me a letter…

Oldest kitteh in the world...

Gun store murder, robbery suspects face federal charges, possible maximum penalties

Revealed: The names NZ targeted using NSA's XKeyscore system

Frank Zappa turned Jeb Bush's wedding photo into Kodak moment

Bill Maher: GOP totally supports ‘free money’ and government handouts — for the rich

Fracking will ruin sacred, preserved sites in the ‘American cradle of civilization’ - lawsuit

My mom received this message on Facebook today.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 14, 2015

The very first screenwriting book (written in 1913) is free on Amazon this weekend.

NYT: City Council Races Offer Change in Ferguson After Months of Upheaval

Colombian Mayor Apologizes After Male Stripper ‘Travesty’

Are the world’s oldest mummies being damaged by a changing climate?

"Do You Keep Hearing Crazy Voices?"

Sen. Sanders with Ed: Saving Social Security

Op-Ed: Climate change in Central America — Wildlife struggles to survive

Oh, Great - Modi Budget Slashes Environmental Spending By 25%, Renewable Energy By More Than 2/3rds

"Unbelievable Destruction" In Vanuatu; Pam's Max Sustained Winds 155, Gusts To 200

EXCLUSIVE: As governor, Jeb Bush used e-mail to discuss security, troop movements

2 journalists killed in Guatemala; 1 had reported death threats from mayor

Are you from Massachusetts? Olympic 2024 thoughts?

Netanyahu: Scandinavians are spending millions to try and topple me. It's a worldwide plot.

Bernie Sanders on CNN in minutes

Internet Freedom Fighters, Against TPP, Turn Spotlight on Key Lawmaker --FlyBlimp to Flag Wyden!

Jeb Bush hires (another) anti-gay activist as senior adviser

Imagine what would happen if they weren't police

Crossroads vote for LGBT community this year

Bjorn's Bangladesh Bullshit

Crossroads vote for LGBT community this year

We have 9 pines and 1 maple on our property, plus a nice garden.

Bill Maher slams GOP for support of welfare for the rich as they attack welfare for the poor (VIDEO)

Terminal operator, union spar over call for peace

To fix inequality, Democrats are pushing unions

CA State Sens On Oil/Gas Regulators; "Corrupt, Inept And Woefully Mismanaged" After Wastewater Botch

To fix inequality, Democrats are pushing unions

To fix inequality, Democrats are pushing unions

Senate plans March 24 action on Iran deal

Ellen and Michelle Obama Break it Down

Exclusive: Netanyahu Canceled Intel Briefing for U.S. Senators on Iran Dangers

Jeb Bush used private e-mail account to discuss post-9/11 nuclear security & troop movements

"Orange Blossoms"

Tax Exempt Church Turns Out To Be A Night Club

Number of female US Senator after 2016.

organizers of military funerals may find it easier to honor veterans' unclaimed remains

organizers of military funerals may find it easier to honor veterans' unclaimed remain

I'd forgotten how much I love Tom Petty... and he's ONE of Us!

So tell my why I should fear Scott Walker

Snotty Walker and Pooty Poot go missing?

this song scares the shit outta me

Toon- Grand Old Pen Pals

A Holocaust Survivor Tells of Auschwitz at 18 and, Again, at 90

US embassy in Riyadh closed for consular services

Omahan says he was wrongly held at gunpoint in 2013 by police officer in fatal shooting

A lunch break conversation from today.

Which is the Killer, Current or Voltage?