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In addition to Melinda Gates and Mark Cuban, I'm adding Mark Zuckerberg to my 2020 list of who will

WaPo Update with charts - latest development - Trump ties to Russian interests

Watch: Hundreds of Muslim children and their families marched to the Manchester Arena

Listen folks - a bunch of treasonous criminals

Sheriff David Clarke directed officers to hassle man after brief exchange on plane: report

The Phaedrus

So I finally figured out what "winning" means in Trump...

ONLY reason Kushner would want secret communications with Kremlin is to hide information from US in

Which MT Democrat lost by a wider margin?

Holy Shit... Hayes his killiing it right now..

******Malcom Nance- Jared Kushner likely violated the Espionage Act*****

There is simply NO FUCKING WAY Jarvanka communicated with the Russians without Donnie Two Scoops

Basically a sh*thead: Ex-Jared Kushner employee explains why hes unqualified to hold any job

Keith---arrest him now!

Flipping back and forth between CNN and MSNBC...

George Takei Wins The Internet Again!

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING - Official Trailer #3

Damn. Jared Kushner could be the mastermind behind it all.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Jokes About Shooting Reporters

Can you answer a physics question discussed by Hooke and Newton?

Rebecca Traister's profile in NY Magazine of post-election HRC

Serious question. Can the military take a suspected spy into custody?

Do you think Donald would give up Jared to avoid prison?

Russian Once Tied to Trump Aide Seeks Immunity to Testify Before Congress (Deripaska, Russian oligar

Senate Intelligence Requests Trump Campaign Documents

Like Father Like Son

Given the Kuchner revelation AG Sessions has to be doing some thinking about self preservation

To Kushner, From an American guy

The tweet that perfectly summarizes my feelings about Trump supporters.

Jared Kushner wanted to use Russian embassy to make secure phone calls to Kremlin

Huh. Is there a respiratory virus running around NYC right now?

You know what? based on last night Montanas vote?

NASA Sun Observatory Sees Partial Solar Eclipse in Space

When they make a movie about the Trump crime family who will play


Lawsuit: Arkansas man died after jail denied medical help

what happened to chris hayes ?

James Comey is responsible for this.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Best of! Live, Uncensored & a new Doggie gif

Its time to plan an escape route, for you and your money, from Trumpland

Complaint raises questions about Kentucky governor, mansion

Virginia Teen Takes Terminally Ill Grandmother To Her First Prom

Dishonesty with the budget - Larry Summers via David Brooks

7th-grader named "most likely to become a terrorist" at school awards ceremony

Ari Melber is taking us to school ...on MSNBC

Ari Melber in for Rachel tonight. n/t

Saw a picture of Whiny Donny and the Pope and I thought: what was wrong there?

Let's make the trump administration a deal...

This is Jupiter? Giant planet surprises scientists in Junos first flybys

Next up, Reuters: Flynn ALSO discussed creating a back channel.


Including BEFORE Election Day when Russia was attacking 2016 campaign.

My fantasy

Josh Marshall at TPM's Take on Trump's Trip


Official: Trump 'looking at' future of US sanctions on Russia

High School Confidential

Senate Intel Committee asking for ALL Trump campaign docs

Power through manipulation: The story of the Santos family

McMaster was left out of Trump's Netanyahu meeting Mondaybut Jared Kushner was there

The Story of the Phony Lynch Email Grows Bigger

Russian Once Tied to Trump Aide Seeks Immunity to Testify Before Congress

Lawrence's boss gets multi-years contract, no word on Lawrence. We'll find out at 10 PM ET

S.A. web firm might be included in probe of the Trump-Russia ties (Brad Parscale)

Will Donald pardon Jared?

Judge overturns life sentences for D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo

Trump Pushing Big White House Changes as Russia Crisis Grows

J. special report: Anti-Semitism at (California) Bay Area schools shows dramatic spike

Texas Police Chief Under Investigation for Arresting Black Pageant Winner and Allegedly Calling Her

Texas Police Chief Under Investigation for Arresting Black Pageant Winner and Allegedly Calling Her

Colombias indigenous march to demand end of govt peace deal breaches, protection against paramilita

SWEET JESUS! It's an effing FRIDAY NIGHT FLOOD of NEW Russia headlines on the Raw Story home page.

Russian linked to Manafort denied immunity by congressional panels: report

Each would sell out the others IN A HEARTBEAT

Construction begins on world's largest telescope in Chilean desert

Construction begins on world's largest telescope in Chilean desert

Reuters: Trump son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy - sources

Talk about a Hornet's nest!!!

I think @reuters might have buried the lede. This is a very, very big deal

2018/2020 US Senate Election

White House agrees to detail ethics waivers for former lobbyists

Anti-Defamation League "Pyramid of Hate"

Russian Once Tied to Trump Aide Seeks Immunity to Testify Before Congress

So....A Russian spy married Trump's daughter. The President. Spy novel material. But Non fiction.

California citrus growers shocked and blindsided by arrival of lemons from Argentina

California citrus growers shocked and blindsided by arrival of lemons from Argentina

FEC faults Cruz on Goldman Sachs loans in rare unanimous vote

What's the latest on Lawrence O'Donnell?

Todd Kohlhepp pleads guilty in seven South Carolina slayings

How they do it on TV and how the special prosecutor should do it:

House Republican spreads fake news to discredit damaging report on Jeff Sessions

Watch: Former Mexican president calls Trump single biggest loser of his country

Kushner And Russian Amb. Discussed Setting Up Secret Backchannel

Farmers say they need Trump to let in more temporary workers to keep crops from rotting in the field

Watch: Former Mexican president calls Trump single biggest loser of his country

Treason! Impeach them all.

You know trump is anger-eating the hell out of a bucket of chicken right now.

Maybe Jared can share a cell with the other Jared.

So what's going on at Evergreen State College?

Did Kushner get special permission

Disinformation and chaos theory. Vanity Fair article.


Our disclosure laws let Russia buy ads on facebook for Trump

ZBIGNIEW Brzezinski has passed away

Lol. Trump's new team of Twitter-vetting lawyers best put on a pot of coffee.

Looking at the Trump clown car, I dunno if we deserve nice things like a democracy anymore.

Brazil police accused of shooting at anti-government protesters

Play Jared Bingo!

Satire from Nov 15 2016: President-Elect Trump Arrested, Charged With Espionage In Stunning Reversal

Did Michael Flynn just started singing?

We Cant Ignore the Racism of the Most Famous Humanists in American History

NYT vs. WaPo....

US secretary of state flies to Britain to say sorry for Manchester leaks

Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter, Dies at 89.

Don't forget this important part of TrumpRussia

Can we say "TREASON" yet?

Are these new reports coming from one of the G7 countries Trump trashed before the world yesterday?

This makes me smile. I need all the smiles I can get.

DNC calls for Kushner to be fired from WH position.

Ironic tweet from Ivanka:

Kushner Proposed Secret Channel To Kremlin All In

Russia suppports "Populist" candidates across the globe

How many pardons can a President give out?

Did Russian psyops invent "Liberal Media"?

Trump: Making America (as) Great (as West Virginia)

Hubris, chutzpah... that is Jared.

In Mexico, A Last-Ditch Effort To Save The Vaquita, On The Verge Of Extinction

In Mexico, A Last-Ditch Effort To Save The Vaquita, On The Verge Of Extinction

Rep. Joaqun Castro Leading Trip to Mexico to Meet With Deported Veterans

tRump rally this Thursday, June 1, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa -

Rep. Joaqun Castro Leading Trip to Mexico to Meet With Deported Veterans

Another entry in the American Madness Journal...

Just take note

John Glenn's body rekindles military mortuary scandal

Claude Taylor: Trump was hand-delivered a sealed target letter.

I think the GOP are tickled pink Russia is putting their foot on the scale

poor little jared is about to announce he needs to spend more time

Annnnnd.... another Colorado natural gas blowout. 25 people evacuated.

Trump aide: Boehner is the disaster

Trump Readies Obstruction Task Force For Russia Investigations

Brian Williams just yelled at Hugh Hewitt.

Who Peed in Brian Williams Corn Flakes

Trump forms new SUPERGROUP! Kushner, Bannon and LEWANDOWSKI in his Russia "War Room." WOW!

Another group starting to be pissed off by Trump: people and families with substance abuse.

Patrick Leahy should have ignored the blue slips

GOP leaders launch internal review into leak

Trump once said of earthquakes, 'Someday Las Vegas may be the West Coast.' But his budget could kill

Man Cut the Throats of 2 Portland Train Passengers Who Tried to Stop Bullying of Muslim Women

Pence left dozens of records requests unfilled

Chipotle says hackers hit most restaurants in data breach

Trump to set up 'war room' to repel attacks over Russia probe: officials

Under state pressure, Venezuela TV limits live coverage of protests

Did Admiral Mike Rogers tell the NSA that Trump colluded with the Russians?

BAND-MAID / Daydreaming

BAND-MAID / Daydreaming

Just saw below thru my Twitter feed

Washington Post: Appreciation Thread. America's Institutions (Free Press) Defeating Fascism! FDT!!!

A bedtime chuckle about the chucklehead

Leon Panetta: Russians 'Very Successful' In Undermining FBI Credibility

Maxine Waters for President

Man Cut the Throats of 2 Portland Train Passengers Who Tried to Stop Bullying of Muslim Women

After release of covert videos, judge might hold anti abortion activist in contempt

He played me for a fool: Kentucky Trump supporter laments he should have voted for Hillary

Who Spies on Presidents

Blaming The Media: Gianforte's Attack Is A Dangerous Moment

Joaquin Castro predicting jail for "multiple people" in White House Russia-gate.

Exclusive: Trump son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy - sources

Texas Governor Jokes About Shooting Reporters While at Gun Range

Former CIA Dir. On Jared Kushner Russia News

Kushner's Russia Plan: 'Extremely Nave Or Absolutely Crazy'

Elderly Trump University plaintiffs die waiting for checks

2 killed in stabbing on MAX train as man directs slurs at Muslim women, police say

Trump's statement on Ramadan is almost entirely about terrorism

Company (USAA) faces backlash for pulling Hannity ads

Tillerson declines to host Ramadan event at State Department

Jarred Out, Pervert Trump Gets His Daughter Back

Watergate Prosecutor: Jared Kushner Should Be Concerned

Inside Hillary Clintons Surreal Post-Election Life

Plaintiff in prominent Argentine Dirty War case found dead

McConnell May Have Been Right: It May Be Too Hard to Replace Obamacare

NY Times Attacks Liberals As Snowflakes for Criticizing Hiring of Climate Denialist

Trump said he would take out the families of ISIS fighters.Did an airstrike in Syria do just that?

Exclusive: Tillerson declines to host Ramadan event at State Department

Salon - Steve Bannon could be coming back to power in Donald Trumps White House

But You Knew That Right?

Rep. Terry Canales says Sen. Charles Schwertner 'lacks a spine'

Sheila Jackson Lee RAVAGES Trump Budget Director (Kochsucker Mulvaney)

Thanks to Jeff Bezos, whose 2013 purchase of

Do you think Jared Kushner is taking his orders from Donald Trump?

Do you think people in other countries know that we hate him and are embarrassed by him?

It's Time to Get Rid of Donald Trump

So there may be no actual crime in Jared trying to set up secret communications but...


Your Coffee Is From Where? California? (NY Times)

Terrible tragedy on Portland's Max Train. Champions of justice risked and lost their lives.

Every single Trump supporter eventually...

Lately there have been reports of trump supporters having buyers remorse. Trump wants to

Trump pal Rodrigo Duterte jokes to soldiers that they can rape women with impunity

Video of hate crime in Portland OR.. Tail end..

President Trump's views on Paris climate agreement 'evolving,' adviser Gary Cohn say

Jared Kushner's N.Y. Observer's pro-Kremlin reporter.

Suit against Hillary Clinton over Benghazi deaths and emails is dismissed

11 Years Old, a Mom, and Pushed to Marry Her Rapist in Florida

BREAKING: SNAP benefits to be replaced by free field goal kicks to the scrotum from Greg Gianforte

Who Do You Think - Ashton Kutcher Or Jim Parsons.....

Follow the money!

Kushner's "Project Alamo" and voter suppression software

Louise Mensch was onto Kushner story 2 months ago

Portland hate crime murder suspect was a conservative protester..

Sam Harris is racist

I've had it with racists from now on I'm going to have a new style of dress

The Onion Leaks a Trove of Trump Docs

The travel ban has been particularly harsh on Shiite Muslims


State Dept. lifts limit on refugee admissions

Mr. Tavernier passed away last Sunday.

A Chinese company is offering free training for US coal miners to become wind farmers

Kushner Said to Have Talked of Opening Secret Link to Moscow

The president is doing Putin's bidding (TPM/Marshall)

Open season on Fox News reporters and hate radio talkers?

Russians implied a deal: drop sanctions & Russian banks can lend to people with Trump ties

A Ramadan commercial from a Middle Eastern telecom company.

Newly-evolved microbes may be breaking down ocean plastics

Jupiter's Rings from the Inside! First-Ever View Captured by Juno

It's All About the Money

First Swedish bishop since the Reformation to be made a cardinal

Changing times from days when Catholics, Protestants needed separate cemeteries

"Pardon me." . . . Please come CAPTION Jared Kushner!!!

The Onion Invites Republican Candidate Greg Gianforte To Physically Assault Our Entire Editorial S


Charles P Pierce: As long as we're talking pre-inaugural "back channels".....

Get Out! movie Spoilers

ALL-NEW: How many would lose coverage under Trumpcare in YOUR State/Congressional District??

Ex-CIA Director: CIA would consider Kushner actions 'espionage'

Top Trump Economic Adviser: Coal Doesnt Make Sense Anymore

"Why aren't Germans patriotic?" (Great answer)

G7 summit: look who has chosen not to hear a translation of his Italian host's speech

The Obamas---You can't fake that!

Even the Russian ambassador was alarmed by Kushner's proposal for a secret comms pipeline...

45 still has no idea. He's putting the idiot who didn't know we were listening to him talk Russians

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - A-hole Thug Republicans

Hot Stuff! Huge Secondary Mirror Cast for Extremely Large Telescope

Hot Stuff! Huge Secondary Mirror Cast for Extremely Large Telescope

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - A-hole President

Federal judge orders re-sentencing for D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo

Excellent trolling by G7

Shopping carts for dogs: is this a thing in the U.S.?

Weekend Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Will James Comey, former Director who the FBI, plead the 5th when he testifies Tuesday?

A Master Timeline of Trump's Relationship with Russia

This Is Now Espionage: MSNBCs Malcom Nance Calls For Jared Kushners Security Clearance

Teen ER visits up after Lewiston girl's suicide raises alarm

U.S. is the lone G7 holdout on supporting Paris climate deal

Lawyer: Kushner 'has no recollection' of reported undisclosed Russian contacts

Will the media please STOP THE FUCKING INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!

Trump: NATO money 'beginning to pour in' from alliance partners

18 U.S. Code 1001 & 18 U.S. Code 793

#Moscow Threatens #Estonia After #Russian Diplomats Expelled

Overheard Back-Channel Call

Kelly O'Donnell (MSNBC) bitterly complaining from Italy

How the Trump era is pushing Democrats toward a new clarity

There is more than enough evidence to indict Jared for violating 18 U.S.C. 1001

Texas Lieutenant Gov (R) & House Speaker (R) Lock Horns over Bathroom Bill

How the Trump White House Has Tried to Interfere With the Russia Investigations

Two stabbed to death in Oregon for defending two Muslim women

Foreign Affairs Magazine: Is America Still Safe for Democracy?

What the U.S. Could Learn from the Dutch on Climate Change

X-The New World

Trump had no idea about economic weight of Belgium -Complained about prblms setting up golf resorts

Theater of War: A Warrior's Last Words

The three most BEAUTIFUL words I've read this morning are "Is Pence Next?"

Maybe Jared can hole up in the Ecuadorian Embassy with Julian Assange.

Trump Delays Decision on Paris Climate Accords

Mild in Mideast, Trump Is All Elbows in a Europe Eager to Jab Back

The Jared Song.

So....Kushner was setting up back alleys of communication with Russia....remember the story that the

Liberals Wanted a Fight in Montana. Democratic Leaders Saw a Lost Cause.

Oh, oh: *wife catches me with secret second phone*

Did anybody see Brian Williams school that clown Hugh Hewitt Last night?

Trump, Ryan, Mulvaney, All of Them: Partners in Plutocracy - by Joy Ann Reid

The irony of selling out the country to finance building 666

Trump cancels Iowa campaign rally (Too hot in the kitchen!)

Somebody should put Jared's head on it.

Tricky Dicky: Nixon recordings confirm popular view

The press and broadcast media should boycott Montana. Mass walkouts from

Just Keep In Mind - Treasonous Donald Trump And His Band Of Merry Men Was....

Monty Pythons John Cleese lights up Twitter with devastating joke about Trump voters

We are truly living in interesting times.

5-Year-Old Asks: Where Did Barack Obama Go?

Bill Kristol makes a great point

Who knew you would like the Penguins so much. Here are a few more

Mind-blowing commentary from Jack Rice and Malcolm Nance on Morning Joy

Prince Harry hosts President Obama at the Palace..

Low Energy? Too Scared? Too Busy with Lawyers? ---Trump cancels Iowa rally

The final tweet of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who died yesterday

Trump cancels Iowa campaign rally

The curious thing missing from stories of Trumpgrets

If Trump gets dementia...

Remember when the circus came to town?

Watch for a Press Lockout, Starting Monday

Being President is hard work...

A motive- Inside the Troubled Kushner Tower: Empty Offices and Mounting Debt

Sri Lanka floods: Nearly 500,000 displaced as death toll rises

Best rebuke ever

"Two Lovers and a Bear." Nice little indie film.

Appalling history of Postbellum Jim Crow laws

Great analysis from Podhoretz*

Merkel re: climate change discussion: very unsatisfactory & we have a situation of 6 against 1"

Trump has location tagging on. That is a huge security risk. Means his phone's GPS is on.

2 Men Killed On Portland Train After Trying To Stop Anti-Muslim Rant, Police Say

any timeline on re-enabling HTML formatting ?

Trump-Bannon trickle-down. Suspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist

Much Is Intercepted. Little Is Made Public.

I'll just sit here for awhile and not think about anything

Chump's approval is hovering in the high thirties/low forties.


The origin of Superheroes: Sunfire (comics)

Trump's Saturday Speech

If you're one of the people posting here saying democrats are the problem.

Does anybody remember the "Nixon Rabbi" ?

For 230+ years, Benedict Arnold's name has be synonymous with treason.

McMaster says 'not concerned' after Kushner back-channel reports

The next live video of this Presidents Plane arriving back in the US is

Oh My Word: Out of step: G7 leaders take a stroll-While Trump Follows in a golf cart

Memorial Day

'As a Woman, I Am Offended': CNN's Amanpour Says Clinton Has Been Subjected to 'Double Standards'

Now, things are really getting interesting?

" The hits keep on coming. "

Russian banker Kushner met with in December is Putin crony, graduate of 'finishing school" for spies

This GIF is seriously creepy

Colbert: Postcards From Trump: Part Due


Bigger than tRump

If Kushner turns out to be the guy who exposes this administration's corruption

Europe's reaction to Trump (LA Times article): "You tiny, tiny, tiny little man."

Trump, running scared, cancels his Cedar Rapids "rally"

"Covert Communications Line"

Even if I didn't think Trump voters were racist (but I totally do)

Leaked Docs Reveal Counterterrorism Tactics Used at Standing Rock to "Defeat Pipeline Insurgencies"

Question about the "War Room" that will be set up by Trump

Can play Jared in the movie

Trump Says NATO Allies Don't Pay Their Share. Is That True?

Trump's "War Room" Is Readying for a War with Americans

What's worse? You losing touch with reality or reality losing touch with you.

The obvious double-standard of the American media...

Most people haven't a clue how to think for themselves or how

What one word comes to mind

Don't Forget: Trump Is Brazenly Lying about NATO

Wow. Tweet from Richard Painter: Next year's winter White House?

Media had no issue trying Clinton in the public eye after Comey's email about her email in late Oct.

Trump voter: 'He played me for a fool' would now vote 'Hillary without a doubt' (VIDEO)

Trump's Unspoken Thought: "To Make America Great Again, I Must First Destroy It!"

"There's an oil tanker filled with cyanide inside this Presedency"

Melania's jacket cost $4275 less than the 2015 median American family income.

So when the GOP refuses to impeach Trump because they were in on the collusion,

"Trump said in the campaign that if I voted for Clinton....."

It's time for gun sense in America

Air Force One Is in the Air, Speeding Trump back to DC.

"Just not going comment on Jared. We're just not going to comment."

Mood Altering...

When Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg sound the same dire warning about jobs, it's time to listen

Did Russia help elect Trump? - BBC Newsnight

Is It Too Early to Plan Trump's Disinauguration Celebration?

How did we have these two recent attacks from ISIS? Trump said he had a plan to defeat


Schubert Piano Quintet D667 "The Trout" Jacqueline du Pre, Daniel Barenboim, Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - It is time to cultivate and harvest the Trump voter

Phone Banking for Jon Ossoff/Perplexed

Lawrence showed the shoving tape last night, right - what I had NOT seen before was

America Is Getting a Raise, and Goldman Sachs Is Freaking Out AboutIt

The Agony of H.R. McMaster: Will Trump Dump His Second National Security Advisor

125 Days: Donald Trump Makes One Last Try To Patch Things Up With Comey Season 28 THE SIMPSONS

Love the film "Airplane"? Pix from charity showing with Robert Hays/Ted Striker

Social media fights back against fake news

May I ask a question?

Donald in Arabia: Of bows, sword dances and arms deals

Trump wants to cut funding for earthquake warning system

House to consider Dodd-Frank rewrite bill in June

What about the rest of the klepto-traitor cabal?

Manafort in Russian spotlight

Russian Bankers Sue BuzzFeed Over Trump Dossier

McMasters, for all his military service

Turkey: Enes Kanter a member of terrorist group, issues warrant

Intel expert describes Kushners alleged actions in one word: espionage

Louise Mensch: Boris Epshteyn paid Russian hackers for both team Trump and the FSB

WOW! Scott Dworkin is on a roll! Impeachment week!


ICE tears apart a Southern California family

when they say Enes kanter is a terroist

Picture of Donald Trump standing against a wall in Federal Lockup

New plots for TV shows

2 Texas children die in hot car

It seems these states have something in common

"Shaken, Not Stirred."

Trump assesses first trip...."Home Run"

"Americans can die": Ex-CIA agent hammers Kushner for 'criminal' actions involving Russian contacts

Clinton backers' complaint against Sanders dismissed

Trump's road trip: even worse than you think

What Germany thinks about the orange one....

Trump Returns to Crisis Over Kushner as White House Tries to Contain It

I'd love to see a big (true) patriotic display of something like "don't blame me, I didn't vote for

How Worried Should Jared Kushner Be?

A devastating Facebook post by a heartbroken mother.

Ivanka/Jared trying to use the White House counsel, for this reason, is something else.

Computer outage grounds hundreds of BA flights in London

How do we know McMaster isn't compromised also ?

Dogs versus fidget spinners

Trump family members met with GOP leaders to discuss strategy

With pushback on Trumpcare, how is it that there is no

Do you guys know what happened in Portland last night? Is it just being overshadowed by Russiagate?

Bieber or Trudeau? ---Trump gave a shout out to "Justin from Canada" at speech

Here is something we desperately need all over the net

Mike Pence Is Toast: Anonymous Letter To WaPo Shows The Role Of Eric Prince In Trump-Russia

Does Donnie 2 Scoops have to foot the bill for his new "legal team?"

I Listened A Lot To MSNBC Last Night And This Morning And One Name I Haven't Heard Mentioned....

David Koch 1980 Libertarian Party Platform - look familiar?

Egypt Coptic Christians: IS claims attack

Ted Lieu- JAG officer and congressperson - Kushner should be prosecuted for lying on his SF 86.

I missed an explanation for the orb that I've seen lots of pictures of. Could anyone fill

So does he pull out of the Paris Agreement next week as an attempt at distraction?

2017 AL US Senate Election-Doug Jones-D

GOP Congressman Declines To Say Whether Every American Is Entitled To Eat

Former U.S. Senator Jim Bunning has died

Booker, Menendez Introduce Bill to Ban Seismic Testing in Atlantic


Gregg Allman, Soulful Trailblazer of Southern Rock, Dies at 69

Neil deGrasse Tyson...

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 27, 2017

In the spirit of sympathetic dyslexia

Stephen Colbert asks: Is Comey Severus Snape?

Trump aides facing perilous stage of Russia probe

Would you be surprised if Trump lifted the sanctions on Russia?

Gregg Allman, Soulful Trailblazer of Southern Rock, Dies at 69

Thug life

Uday and Qusay try to charm the RNC into "reigniting" daddy's "political base"

Gregg Allman died

Greg Allman: You're No Angel, But I Loved You

Someone has been grinding since seven this morning.

Gianforte was just reported to the FBI for his financial ties to US-sanctioned Russian companies.

Not good enough. The narrow win by Republicans


After 54 Years, We Fell in Love. After Five Months, I Got Leukemia.

"Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning" from Slate.

Route 66 is BACK in Springfield MO!

Man accused of stabbing 2 on Oregon train posted white supremacist views on Facebook

Old fart in a MAGA hat tossed off of airliner to shouts of LOCK HIM UP! Bawhahahaaaa...

Impeachment schedule

The Intelligence Community is Deadly Serious

Bannon's back

Walker Art Center director regrets not discussing 'difficult' new sculpture with American Indians

Who would be in charge?

RIP Greg Allman - - Whipping Post

A Noose Was Found On A Tree Outside A Smithsonian Museum In Washington, DC

Physicians for a National Health Program support single-payer national health insurance.

Have you noticed, besides America most 'romance language' countries

Is it Memorial Day weekend in Russia?

The difference between Mensch and an actual news source...


Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #3 "Eroica"

I have a question for DU lawyers

Loophole in Rules on Transgender Troops Denies 2 Their Commissions

A paraphrased story from Bill Graham re: the Allman Brothers

The Mexican Lawyer Behind Trump Toilet Paper Says Part Of The Profits Will Go To Help Deportees

Public servants took jobs counting on loan forgiveness. Trump might stiff them.

Buckle Up, Everybody!

Dubrovnik II--new photos

Jim Bunning has passed away.

We Cannot Allow Our Elections, the WILL OF THE PEOPLE to be End-Run by Espionage

G7 leaders took a stroll in Sicily and Trump followed them in a golf cart

How low the bar has fallen: "Not tweeting" as a presidential accomplishment....

Alabama restores voting rts. for thousands with felony convictions

This is thy kind of stuf which in the end?

Whenever GOP brings up tax cut for the rich, ask what rich have to give up at current rate or...

If only so many others Get What He Gets.

Felonies regardless of any collusion:

Watched FOX News for the last hour. NOTHING about Kushner and Russia!

Has Russia Probe Paralyzed Trump?

Community Statement on May 26th, 2017 Killings by White Supremacist

Kushner met with Russian banker

Russian Once Tied to Trump Aide Seeks Immunity to Cooperate With Congress.

Hannity To Be Fired From FOX

Lincoln County Man Sentenced to Prison for Hitting Cyclist

CNN:President Trump passes his first test on the world stage

There is so much pain with 45. Just desultory thoughts here.

Addressing Identity Politics and How We Discuss "Privilege" Among the Left

Melania wouldn't let Chump tweet while he was abroad.

Looks like Rinse may be the first to be jettisoned

SPLC: Man Arrested for PDX Double Murder Has Racist Views, Praised Timothy McVeigh

Ramblin man, (Greg Allman and the Allman Brothers Band)

Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings

recap what each of the G7 is saying

Twitter Video: We can't allow a broken campaign finance system to drag us into oligarchy.

Angry Trump supporter, meet instant karma.

Didn't somebody post a thread about how the donald hadn't said anything about

How Bernie Sanders brand isnt damaged, but rather enhanced, by Rob Quist and Heath Mellos defeats

Former CIA Director: 'Now we know' why Trump officials talking to the Russians may have been 'unmask

"We'll launder your mob money if you lend us a secret stash of cash. Need back channel for that..."

Does tRump want to be excluded from G7?

J Palmer Cass

My wife and I went for ice cream people next to us love trump

Welcome back Trump

Buzzfeed responds to Alfa Bank lawsuit

So Trump can speak Italian?

*****SCOOP***** Scoop: Trump tells confidants U.S. will quit Paris climate deal

I can see the future

Word is the the Saudis loved Melania

JaRED has deleted all his tweets. EDIT- he had an acct but didn't tweet. But

Gregg Allman And President Jimmy Carter Were Tight!

Scoop: Trump tells confidants U.S. will quit Paris climate deal

RWNJs on Twitter obviously think the sky is falling over Hannity possibly being let go at Fox.

US Senate Seniority List After 2018

Der Spiegel on Trump... Don won't frame this one)

The Assault on Colleges and the American Dream

We need three clocks to hit midnight at nearly the same time: Trump, Pence, Ryan.

February 25, 2010: "I object"

CNN reporter says Hannity is NOT going to be fired

Jared Kushner poll

Bush ethics lawyer shares link to prison as Trumps 2017 Winter White House

How does Kushner's Project Alamo have info on 220 million Americans?

May 30 - Hold Grassley Accountable at his Town Hall