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Archives: January 14, 2018

Wendy Siegelman has interesting news about indictments in MD

Remember how people laughed at Marilyn Quayle when she announced her idea

The ROAR of the crowd when David Letterman announced Barack Obama on his new show was amazing.

Remember When Secretary Clinton boiled Trump down to a single tweet?

If you are interested, the indictments for Manafort and Gates are now on line.

@GOP MO Gov Hunkers Down, Commits To Staying In Office Amid Blackmail Probe

Google maps based nuclear war simulator with multiple variables. Try single 150 KT on NYC:

trump talks about chain migration

I don't know if you recall this, but Stormy Daniels was a pro-Trump tweeter before the election

Puerto Rico's Governor continues push for statehood

Sam Rockwell hosting first SNLof 2018 with musical guest Halsey. N/T

Strange and hilarious old print ads

Help me to reconcile rationality and the eulogization of an animal, please.

Caption this !!

Bye Felicia

I need a call blocker for an Android phone

New York Times: "The President of the United States is a racist"

A choice many women have had to make: sexual favors or lose their homes.

Trump shitholes:

Hawaiian Governor Ige says he knew within 5 minutes that it was a false

How Fox & Friends Rewrites Trumps Reality

Gowdy steps down from Ethics Committee, citing 'challenging workload'

Company with DeVos ties awarded Education Dept debt-collection contract: report

Bwaaaahahahhhahaaaa!! Did a google image

Being projected on to Trump building

New York Times: "The President of the United States is a racist"

What does Melania Want?

Just finished watching the Netflix sit-down with Letterman and Obama.

'Wave versus the map': Democratic control of Senate moves from preposterous to possible

A compromise that could save Dreamers and allow Don his wall without busting the budget:

Trump has given dozens of depositions but he could face a tougher grilling in the Russia probe

CNN showing all Tony Bourdain's Africa shows tonight....

Vocabulary Quiz

Once a Cash Cow, Venezuela's Oil Company Now Verges on Collapse

Paying a Pornstar Hush Money Would Have Ended Any Other Presidency

One point that should be crystal clear.

Every Siren in the State of Hawaii Went Off!!!

This too is funny

State Dept's top refugee official will step down in coming days

Is anyone else having trouble seeing tweets in DU posts?

"Shithole" being projected onto the maggot's DC hotel.

I'm worried.

It's not just the word "shithole", it's the racism before and after that word that's offensive

Axelrod: At this point, shouldn't it be the porn star paying @POTUS to keep her name out of it?

Did not realize the CEO of Yuengling was a huge supporter of Der Shitler

Feel-good news: How Justice Sotomayor schooled Trump's solicitor general

Donald Trump---Genius:

Eagles' Carson Wentz shares his love of Haiti in wake of President Trump's 's--thole' comment

A good Sam Rayburn quote:

SNL should be interesting

Recorded 50 years ago today

When Obama Said "We Are Not Blue States Or Red States But United States"...

Cartoonist Matt Wuerker on Trump's "shithole" comment

President Trump, Our Racist in Chief...Boston Globe Metro Section

Mexican journalist killed amid wave of violence against media

Volunteers dedicated to find stranded migrants near U.S.-Mexico border

Chile Slams World Bank Amid Charges of Political Bias

Chile Slams World Bank Amid Charges of Political Bias

Sack Cartoon - "Shithole" (sorry, I could not figure out how to make it smaller)

Guatemalan lawmaker arrested in killing of journalists

Guatemalan lawmaker arrested in killing of journalists

Tears of a Clown.

Bury the Monroe Doctrine

Bury the Monroe Doctrine

Louie Gohmert responds to Trump's comments on African countries

Guess Whos Coming to Peanuts


So Will SNL Open With President Oprah Or President Shithole Sketch?

Name a lounge post with the word "colonoscopy" in the post title.

OMG! SNL has Joe and Mika down perfectly.

Bill Murray as Steve Bannon on SNL. Classic!

First & Last Time This Guy Will Host SNL....

Tea Pain explains on Twitter how Friday's nuclear-related arrests may be a BFD

Psychologists studied Alt Right Supporters

Wendy Siegelman lays out her take on the Mark Lambert indictment,

The word shithole is being projected onto Trumps DC hotel.

Jamie Lee Curtis' Tweet: This Hawaii missile scare is on YOU Mr. Trump

The Atlantic: It would only take two U.S. senators to help end the "shithole era

Russia-linked hackers are trying to infiltrate the Senate, cyber firm says

People are flocking to Yelp and other Hotel review sites and rating Trumps property's as #Sh#tHoles.

Shields and Brooks on Trumps shithole comments

Check out this ShitHole

What happens if you haven't voted for 4 years?

Did Trump use Eric's charitable foundation as a slush fund for his hush-money payments?

Carrier Employees, Soon to Be Laid Off, Feel Betrayed by Donald Trump

Rejected Titles for Michael Wolffs Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

EDC CEO: New hotels coming to Harlingen in anticipation of SpaceX

The White House office tackling the opioid epidemic is run by a 24-year-old with a penchant for...

So, about "Accidental Nuclear Missle Alerts".

High school classmate arrested for murder of colorful, charismatic California teen Blaze Bernstein

No Matter How Big...

You Have To Wonder About That 3 a.m. Phone Call & What Might Happen. Thanx Trumpers.

Do you realize that STILL 90% of Republicans APPROVE the way Trump is doing his job?

Donald Trumps long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2018

As Long As The GOP Is Fully Behind Trump We Cannot Do Much Except Resist And ----

Never Ever Thought We Would End Up With Administration Much Much Much Worse Than Bush.

Former Ramsey sheriff accuses current sheriff Jack Serier of morale drain of 'crisis proportions'

Full CNN Documentary Weed Parts 1-3 (2013-2015)

Trump White House has no plan in place for actual attack: report

Full CNN Documentary Weed Parts 1-3 (2013-2015)

Jakie Gleason - Had a way of creating characters

'Black Widow' Writer To Consult With Scarlett Johansson Next Month

The HA false alarm caused by hitting the wrong button excuse is total bullsh*t, and here is why ....

Minimum-wage battle is far from settled in Twin Cities

Chelsea Manning files for US Senate bid in Maryland

Post on Twitter from a Haitian

Trump retweets far-right activist

Family reunion: Minnesota father, son both get DWI in one night

Ukip leader's girlfriend suspended after 'racist' Meghan Markle remarks


World's biggest wildlife reserve planned for Antarctica in global campaign

Rachel Maddow - A call to earnest citizenship (must watch interview)

Will Christian conservatives dump the porno president?

GOP lawmakers derail high-speed train plans to Chicago

If the false alarm in Hawaii was caused by "pushing the wrong button"....

Lawsuit asks judge to kick Lt. Gov. Michelle Fischbach out of her MN Senate seat

Times Up for Aziz Ansari

The Treachery Of Emergency Ballistic Missile Alerts

Could Cannabis Be A Treatment For Dementia?

Trump criticism dominates Chuck Grassley town meeting in rural Iowa

Iowa City business owner arrested after asking customer: 'Are you a terrorist?'

Weed: The Cannabis Boom (NEW 2017 History Channel Documentary)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Silly String Edition

Protesters picket Iowa Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix's home in Shell Rock

Iranian oil tanker sinks off China as official says no hope of survivors

Passenger jet skids off runway and comes perilously close to plummeting into sea in Turkey


The Republican Party Emerges From Decades of Court Supervision

UKIP suspends leader's girlfriend for sending racist text messages about Meghan Markle

Iowa Congressman Steve King defends Trump's crude remarks during immigration talks

Entire Continent Of Africa Demands Retraction From Racist Trump

U.S. resumes DACA applications after judge blocks end to program

If FOX 'News' existed in 1955

Democratic rivals fault Reynolds' speech

Trump Just Retweeted A White Nationalist Who Once Held Up A NASTY Sign About His Wife

Has Drumpf tweeted about CA mudslides and loss of life yet?

Osceola County mother killed after being mistaken for target in murder-for-hire plot, sheriff says

Video Surfaces Of White Pizza Manager in Pittsburgh Viciously Beating a Black Woman

UK Shadow Foreign Secretary: "He is an asteroid of awfulness that has fallen on this world. I think

Haitian government claims ousted dictator Duvalier laundered stolen money through Trump Tower

The Future of Weed: HIGH COUNTRY

A Montana 'Handmaid's Tale': Local Prosecutor Calls for 'Immediate Crackdown' on Pregnant Drug and A


Christian publisher: Christians who reject Trump are like the Pharisees who plotted against Jesus

Meet the 24-year-old Trump campaign worker appointed to help lead the government's drug policy offic

Iowa's chief justice worries a funding crises in near

Venezuela's solution to a collapsing economy and rampant violence: Woo tourists

Errors, redundancies plague Iowa's family planning database

Trump's White House is real s--thole not Africa and Haiti

I believe Deplorables call Africa and other nations "shitholes"

Support for eugenics never really went away, but this is how it's becoming mainstream...must read

Push to End South Korea Abortion Ban Gains Strength, and Signatures

Trumps plan to win the midterms: Hope thousands of Americans are murdered by foreign terrorists

Statue Of Bigotry

Lewandowski: 'We've got a real problem' if Dems retake the House

Hold the Presses: Trump's Methods Are Not New

Trump Silent on Hawaii, Retweets Pizzagate Theorist

McCain Touts NYT Column That Slams Trump and Questions Mental Capacity

Dear media, telling us that Donald Trump is a racist is ... not news. It is low-hanging fruit. . . .

FCC receives complaints about NBC and CNN's use of the word "s---hole" during news coverage

trump is in the running to become the

Favorite comfort food

Have to be tens of thousands of similar stories

Trump: DACA 'probably dead' because of Democrats

When they kneel about this, Trump calls them "sons of bitches."

UPDATED: Trump rips Wall Street Journal: I never said I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un

Trey "Howdy Doody" Gowdy is stepping down from the Ethnic Board in Congress!

Gene Patterson's most famous column: 'A Flower for the Graves'

Donald Trump Stayed On The Golf Course As Hawaii Panicked

...CNN pundit lays waste to Trump surrogate who says Trump must end birthright citizenship

Bannon, Lewandowski to Testify in Russia Probe Behind Closed Doors

Iowa nursing homes feeling budget pinch

The sarcasm in this piece is sublime

Strong earthquake in southern Peru leaves one dead, 20 injured

Ecuador grants WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange citizenship The countrys Foreign Ministry said the

Horrible people of faith: Paul Ryan

Brazil: Social, Political Groups Support Lula Before Trial

Iran's Rouhani says U.S. has failed to undermine nuclear deal: TV

(R) rep. Mia Love wants an apology from trump

One of the best cartoons so far this year

Brazil's far-right presidential contender gets soft drink named after him

Irish/American Republican supporters of Trump should be reminded

Anyone have a basement greenhouse? Looking


Bill Clinton: Accusation that foundation paid for daughter's wedding a 'personal insult'

Honduran Former President Gassed in Election Protest March

Caricom condemns US President over shithole comments about Haiti

Projection/The Shithole Comment

Anagram for Shithole: "His Hotel"

Tins of coffee in Waitrose 'showed slaves in Guatemala'

Fox guest blames Dems for botched test of Hawaii missile alert system...

Your response to Trumps racist shithole comment will be remembered

Lewis: I won't vote for government funding without a DACA deal

If you still support Trump, then you are a racist

White House scrambles after false missile warning in Hawaii

This isn't a Terry McAuliffe endorsement thread

I happened across the twitter account of the DPRK News Service (North Korea)

Photographers attempt at retouching family portraits goes horribly wrong

Jake Tapper forces GOP Rep. Mia Love to admit Trump's 'sh*thole' comments about Africa are 'racist'

The next GOP panic: Governors' races

Yesterday was Trump's "My Pet Goat" Moment


Congress tries to cool partisan fever on Russia

Wow, did Joy just slap down a GOP spokeswoman spewing conspiracy theories!

Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! asked her guest if she got talking points before coming on AM Joy!

Joy Reid about to kick someone else off her show!

NYT Editorial Board: "The president of the United States is a racist"

"Faith" alone is no predictor of good or evil behavior.

Jake Tapper: Hawaii missile alert could have led to nuclear war if Trump had been watching Fox...

You be quiet while I speak

GOP senator: Trump did not make 's---hole' comment

I wish I was interviewing David Perdue, that lying sack of dog excrement

Sunday's PBS Toon - Online Shopping Consequences

Watch Joe Arpaio Learn His Pardon Was An Admission Of Guilt

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Ratted Out

McSally pretends 's***hole' is not a slur

Flake to denounce Trump media attacks as Stalinist in Senate speech

any opinions about email blast/contact capture companies?

How does someone determine whether another person has "Faith?"

Larry Sabato's warning to Dems: Overconfidence about an election 10 months away can be deadly.

Trump played golf while people in Hawaii lived in terror

PREACHING on Joy! Dr. James Forbes.

Rev. James Forbes on Joy Reid.

Black Pastor on JOY just now MY TEARS CRIED SHIT

AM Joy needs to leave the preachers (Burns yesterday, non-racist Rev Forbes today) at the church

McAuliffe on 2020 run: Could you imagine debating Trump?

John Lewis on President Trump: 'He is a racist'

"Trump should embrace Dr King because HE'LL soon be writing letters from jail.."

Trump Might Not See the Need for Haitians, but Mar-A-Lago Does

When the democrats regain power, I want blood.

Dr. Strangelove and the Bomb

I can only read this book in short spurts until the pain becomes too great. Read it, I must.

America's favorite ferret. . . Please come CAPTION Joe Arpaio!!!

MLK: "I'm not interested in pressing charges. I'm interested in changing the system"

Nation Tracker: Americans weigh in on Trump immigration remarks, first year in office

Meanwhile, All Over Haiti...

Open Letter to Trump

Rand Paul: Trump's 'Shithole' Comments Were Not Racist

The essence of telling lies.

Dem senator: 'There's no question' Trump's 's---hole countries' comment is racist

You're flushing the toilet??? Now?!?

Erick Erickson: I spoke to a Trump friend who said Trump was bragging about using that word.

So what's happens to DACA now

The strange history of one of the internet's first viral videos

In case you're a Norwegian thinking about moving to the U.S.

I may catch hell for this but here goes anyway

MLK at the White House

Do you believe the Russians are giving Trump kompromat on his political opponents ?

Michael Bennet made me proud today

Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2017

Anyone have family or friends in Roanoke, Virginia?

This is how I finally felt today about my printer....

Racists don't have a clue about history. Have you ever noticed that?

Fahrenthold just shot down Rand Paul's claim that Trump funded his medical mission to Haiti

Am I Crazy To Raise The Following Trump - White House Issue?

Joy Reid cuts off GOPer for suggesting Clinton Foundation murders Haitians

Donald and the 25th amendment

Meet the 24 y/o Trump campaign worker appointed to help lead the governments drug policy office

Yesterday's Nuclear Missile False Alarm Shows Our Crumbling Infrastructure Has Reached Critical Mass

Maxine Waters to boycott SOTU

Telegram MLK sent Malcolm X's wife after her husband's assassination

North Korea is worst place for Christian persecution, group says

If I made a movie 10 years ago about the worst possible POTUS, it wouldn't have been this bad.

Gardner: Bipartisan DACA solution possible despite Trump's 's---hole countries' comment

If you hear anyone say Trump isn't a racist b/c he & Rosa Parks both won a 1986 Ellis Island award..

Progressive people of faith: Al Franken

Homeland Security secretary says she doesn't recall Trump's 'shithole' comment

Tom Cotton: I didnt hear Trump say racist sh*thole slur but Im sure Dick Durbin is a liar

#fakepresident is catching holy hell in responses to his tweets

Tom Cotton: 'I didn't hear' Trump say racist 'sh*thole' slur - but I'm sure Dick Durbin is a liar

Hawaiian officials take personal responsibility. Astonishment ensues on Twitter.

My lovely librarian - hearbreak in Hawaii

'I'm Running,' Romney Says Privately, but as a Trump Friend or Foe?

Brokaw trolls Cotton and Perdue - Costco has a good deal on hearing aids

For Those That Say Trump's Shithole Remarks Are Alleged...

Facebook post from a friend in Hawaii (Oahu) during yesterday's false alarm...

I hope Sen. Durbin comes out and calls them liars.

Andrew Young: Trump is 'being educated' on race

Tijuana (Mexico) had 1,744 homicides in 2017

Tijuana (Mexico) had 1,744 homicides in 2017


North Miami City Council Reaction to Statements by President Trump

Plane nearly falls into sea after skidding off runway. Trump's efforts save lives across the globe!

Conservative writer: Trump called friends to brag about 's---hole countries' remark

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 16: The Gilded Age

"Please explain the meritorious aspects of your immigrant mother, grandfather & wife's backgrounds"

My first political letter to my Trump-supporting relatives in the Trump era.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund 'disappointed,' appealing judge's dismissal of Alabama voter ID lawsuit

Watching video of those Hawaiians running under apparent imminent missile threat

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 17: Midnight Movies

Why Republicans Won't Pass a Budget

Marble racing, for some reason

Who Clicks on Fake News?

here is what happened in this last week.

Ooohhhhhh riiiiiight NOW I remember

Religions do nothing. People do things.


Quote of the Day

What are you reading this week of January 14, 2018?

Crocs??? Seriously?!?

Both Cotton and Perdue now suddenly remembering......

The Word Almost Half Of Voters Used To Describe Trump

New alarm among Republicans that Democrats could win big this year

Durbin spokesman: GOP senators have 'credibility problem'

Schumer rips GOP senator for questioning Durbin's account of Trump meeting

If I Was In Hawaii And Received That Warning Message - My First Thought Would Be.....

Can anyone here tell me which country invaded and occupied Haiti

Trump Is An 'Asteroid of Awfulness,' U.K. Labour Party Says

Protesters March Against Trump Ahead of Davos Visit

United States of Orwell--That's the shithole we now live in.

If I lived in Norway, why would I want to move to America?

Here are the right-wing media figures defending Trumps racist 'sh*thole' comment

Sen. Patrick Leahy urges State Dept. to grant former Argentine Foreign Minister Timerman a visa

Sen. Patrick Leahy urges State Dept. to grant former Argentine Foreign Minister Timerman a visa

Tom Cotton calls Dick Durbin a "liar"

A very important fact about both Tom Cotton and David Perdue..

You cannot make this shit up....

Do you ever wonder (Secret Service)

Their moment is here, and Maine women are running with it

It's unfair to call trump President.

Totally not fake trumpass tweet.

Imagine an *Impeach Trump* march on a scale of the Womens March of last year.

Recent cold snap was a freak of nature, analysis finds

NY: Bishop John Barres celebrates LIs civil rights past, diversity

Hopes for immigration deal fade as lawmakers trade barbs and Trump declares DACA probably dead

Those taking a strict "no Dem must be primaried" position may have a point...

After 17 years of 'legal life' in the US, a family considers its next move

Mahony slams Womack for calling Haiti and African nations "depraved":

The false alarm in Hawaii revealed an abdication of leadership by Trump

Goopy GIF: You Can't Look Away from This Mesmerizing Experiment

Editorial: A nuclear war planners warning to U.S. and world

SNL Opening Last Night with Bill Murray

The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 First Look (Official) - Only on Hulu

Bald eagle no longer listed as sensitive species in the state

How Republican Lawmakers Responded to Trumps Vulgar Immigration Remarks

Top Republican who led Benghazi panel used $150,000 of taxpayer money to settle claim with a fired s

Who's going to their cities "Women's March" next Saturday?

Sarah Silverman's response to a Twitter troll is a master class in compassion

A question on how to transcribe an oral history

Turkey plans assault on Kurdish enclave in Syria

Tortoise and the hare

Porn Star: Stormy Daniels and Trump Asked Me to Join Them in Hotel Room

What Have We Come To When US Senators Cannot Agree on What Was Said in the Oval Office

Has this been discussed? Last night's SNL I could swear I heard...

Are there any PEO sisters here?

Kurt Eichenwald vs. Jesse Watters & Fox Neus

Saw The Post last night.

Doing food prep.

Saturday Night Live Michael Che schools Trump on sh$thole countries (VIDEO)

Let's wrench power back from the billionaires - Bernie Sanders

Robert Reich: Straight Talk About Trump

Let's wrench power back from the billionaires - Bernie Sanders

National Catholic Reporter: Catholics have special obligation to safeguard vulnerable immigrants

How to Build a Single-Payer Health System: Lessons From Taiwans Turnaround

Homes were evacuated and streets closed off after a grenade was found in the Rochdale canal

The Faroese Parliament passes fisheries reform

Tweets from the Idiot!

Any experiences in central america here? Costa Rica?

Trump's newfound friendship with Graham takes a hit

Exclusive: Mark Wahlberg refused to approve Christopher Plummer unless he was paid

Just watched one of the most exciting PL matches in some time.

Do Grade Schools Still Do President's Physical Fitness Tests?

Some asshole with no handicap sticker parked in the last available disabled parking spot!!!

Bought a new microwave afraid to plug it in

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 14, 2018

I hope nobody minds my posting these RW talking points about S***holeGate

Erick Erickson: "Its weird that people in the room dont remember Trump using that word"

Hillary Clinton for Speaker of the House

We are not ready for the influenza pandemic

The Secret History of World War II's Women Code Breakers

Dimash: The story behind 'SOS D Un Terrien En Dtresse' with English subtitles

Robert Reich Rant --

I wont be the next George Tiller: Writer Eichenwald rips Fox host over slanderous report

How can I take a news site seriously when they keep chasing me with Prilosec and Symbicort ads

Fram @mileskhan, today. Seems so Miles

Time travel and flights to Mars! Check out this crank running for Pres.: Andrew Basiago

Peru's riverboat sentinels warn remote Amazon tribe of "total genocide"

Trump/GOP Blaming Democrats For DACA Fix They Did Not Intend To Pass Anyway Typical.

I think Pelosi and Schumer should be the ONLY Dems at the SOTU.

Just Great!!!

Should Be Very Clear Impeachment/25th Amendment A Complete Fantasy.

Why polls underestimate a wave election

Chief Inspector Murphy examines my foot

SOTU Should Be A Real Doozy. The World Will Be Watching Too.

I think there might be a problem with the idea of boycotting the state of the union address

Sadly, this lying piece of filth is one my U.S. senators

All The GOPPERS In Oval Offce Have Decided To Say Durbin Is Lying.

Ask your legislator if Prexit is right for you.

Nice haircut, Joe Buck. * snicker *

How Big of a Divergence between EC winner and Popular Vote winner will we tolerate?

On MSN Record High Temps In LA Area Mid - High 80" Even 90. This Is Winter!

Austin woman drives to Nebraska to reunite with dog that went missing 2 years ago

I Just Cannot Watch SOTU W/All Those Snickering Racist GOP Bastards. Every One Of Them.

Lady Lucan leaves fortune to housing charity Shelter - remember this horrific murder and vanishing

Trump accuser Jessica Drake has an NDA preventing her from talking about serial predator Trump

A question about journalism

Trump bragged to friends about his "shithole" remark.

"There's a betting pool that includes the Swiss & Austrian State Depts. re. #davos2018

How Many?

Why did Trump do nothing when informed of a possible incoming missile ??

Today I observe, but not celebrate, an anniversary.

Flake says Trump's comparable to Stalin

What Alabama needs now is ... what he said (Archibald/ {not just about AL}

Shades of Nixon: Trump admits to WH tapes.

People who do physics in California...that car in Santa Ana 2nd floor Dentists office

Conservative writer: Trump called friends to brag about 's---hole countries' remark

Shithole projected onto Trump hotel.

Dunk on Trump. Fucking genius!!!!!!!

Sessions stands against conservatives including Trump to fight marijuana (Hudak/WaPo)

Rep. John Lewis calls Trump a racist.

AZ-SEN: GOP faces brutal Arizona primary fight

Textbook racism from Trump

Marijuana can be very dangerous ... {Wasserman 'toon}

My wife is watching "The West Wing"

Jeff Flake: Meeting Attendees Told Me Trump Said Sh*thole Before Those Words Went Public

I admit I am a racist. Trump made me racist.

Trump hates being President

A Lesson From My Hospital Bed: For-Profit Health Care Is a Merciless Sham

Does Anyone Else Have a Bad Feeling about MLK Day?

New 'Marvel's Black Panther' movie poster honors the heroic women of the film

CA-SEN: New poll has Feinstein well below 50% in the first round.

So Jessica Drake probably only let out part of the story to get a settlement

Wonder how many others this pastor asked for a blow job...

Anyone who ever had a Dad will appreciate:

Let's Find Out Who The Fuck Is Lying Here...

Book recommendations for a child?

The false alarm in Hawaii revealed an abdication of leadership by Trump

German magazine Der Spiegel - depicts Trump as devolved man in "March of Progress"

It blows my mind to think that MLK would only be turning 89.

Heres a thought about Hawaii -