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Archives: January 15, 2013

(NLRB) Acting General Counsel releases summary of operations for FY 2012

What about arresting the House Republicans under the Patriot Act for Terrorism?

Lance Armstrong confesses to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance-enhancing drugs.

Life of Pie


Update on the evil whip worms

Old Ravers Never Die!

Report: Armstrong Confesses to Winfrey That He Used Performance-Enhancing Drugs, Sources Tell

No one Thought it was a Hoax Quote...and here's Why.

If I ever get caught in a riot, I want *this* guy to be my best buddy

Scott Walker Uses Capitol Police to Go After First Amendment Rights

Actor Danny Glover Joins Activists in Protesting Against Nissan at the Detroit Show

Algeria Shuts Down Border With Mali, State-Run APS Reports

Turkey's science state council halts publication of evolution books

For first time in nearly seven years, Justice Clarence Thomas talks during court arguments

Republican Long Term Strategy

Reid Downplays Chances for Assault Gun Ban, Filibuster Changes

Noam Chomsky Slams America's Selfish Ayn Randian Elites

Proposed bill would strip fathers of parental rights in sexual assault cases

now that we have videos of girls raped and being put on the net for SOME mens

Inaugural 2013 App

Rep. Stockman threatens Obama impeachment over guns

Papantonio: Gun Industry Makes Billions While Our Children Suffer

I agree with the President... let the GOP cause the country to default...

RNC Chair: Rig The Next Presidential Election For Republicans

After 48 civil rights lawsuits, DOJ sued Steubenville OH in 1997 for false arrests, dest. evidence

What we really a "Betty Boop" cartoon..the original...enjoy....

Jean Schodorf, Outgoing Kansas State Senator, Becomes A Democrat

I used to get called to jury duty at least once a day, and often more than that.

NFL Network to re-air Ravens-Broncos game Monday night

Male Jurors More Likely to Find Heavy Women Guilty


...and Spoons make people fat

John Boehner & his hinky henchmen

Pew Reseach poll finds people favor more control on mentally ill over high capacity magazines

Vicco, Ky Approves LGBT Fairness Law

Rush Calls Gender Reassignment Surgery An "Add-A-Dick-To-Me" targets NC college student.

Need opinions on tile counter-top reglazing and bathtub reglazing

Who goes Nazi?

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award now open

Broncos' Fox, Elway defend running out clock

Fake scooter TV infomercial took investors for a $1.9 million ride

Florida’s Governor Adopted a Dog for the Campaign, Promptly Returned It From Whence it Came

Glenda Ritz gets undercut -- again.

Clinton to testify Jan. 23 before House committee

How do I change the status of a group from favorite?

Biden: W.H. readies 19 executive actions on guns

Nissan announces 18% price drop on 2013 Leaf ($21,300 after Fed rebate)

George H WBush banned imported assault rifles in 1990 - by Executive Order

Justice drops charges against Swartz after activist kills himself

Deaf Twins Pick Euthanasia Over Going Blind; Couldn’t Bear Not Seeing Each Other

Two eastern states join call for tighter gun control

Actor Victor Garber Confirms: Yep, He's Gay

Police officer wraps a $100 bill inside a traffic ticket

#ottawapiskat trending on Twitter

NYC Corporate Investors and Hedge Funds involved with Gun Industry

Guatemalan mayor Castillo Medrano shot dead

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lounge....

another dumb shit rape apologist, surprise(not) he's a doctor congressmen from GA

Oh my, Mr. LaPierre Did You See Bennett's NRA Toon today?

Can you say "intellectual disconnect"?

You will never guess which governor is the latest to decide to expand Medicaid

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Stand Your Ground & a new kitty gif

What does it take to make you say "Holy Shit!"?

Good Grief- "Rep. Stockman threatens Obama impeachment over guns"

Boo-hoo. "Scientists are increasingly viewed as advocates aligned with the Democratic Party".

On Rachel Maddow

Dems see Wash. state Senate prayer as swipe at same-sex marriage

Hitler Youth songs found on Christmas carol CD

Anti-Feminist Press Crows Over Book Celebrating Domestic Abuse, Then Finds Out How Bad It Can Get

Trailer - Fred: The Town Dog (a film about struggling small town America)

The Guy with the Train in his Basement

Brady Campaign raises $5M post-Sandy Hook

The Obama Admin Has A Plan

7th Generation Corvette

Stupid Sandy Hook Video...

Rachel has an interview with a Sandy Hook parent comimg up n/t

Actor Danny Glover, Nissan workers protest for union consideration

Partial transcript from the LGBT rights section of my show on Sunday

It actually SPEAKS!

Ask Richard: Telling My Daughters Their Father Committed Suicide

A recently found ground-level photo of Hiroshima bombing

Federal agents looking for inmate escapee burst into wrong home, woman says

Tao Te Ching and the gun debate

Experts recommend federalizing guard forces at DOE nuclear weapons sites, nonprofit says

Close Guantanamo Protest Rally, 11th Anniversary in minneapolis filmed by local Arab TV host BelAhd

The change in Michigan handgun registration requirements

So where in the Holy Second Amendment does it say anything about "gov't tyranny"?

Aaron Swartz, RIP ( Scott Horton, Harpers )

Koch Brothers behind push to raise Social Security retirement age (UPDATE: Nazi connection)

WTP Petition : Remove United States DA from office for overreach in the case of Aaron Swartz

2nd Amendment, A Historical Evolution

After 2010 campaign, Gov. Rick Scott gave back dog Reagan

I will watch this till mommy gets back...

Deb Fischer (R-NE) optimistic after Afghanistan trip

AR-15 sales and 'rights' controversy

Alan Grayson: Why Unions Are Different

Glenn Beckk wants to build a utopian city-theme park hybrid

133 children die a day in Afghanistan. In Kabul barely 25 % have access to potable water

One more thing I want from the second term

Spider-Man window washers surprise kids at All Children's Hospital

A Voice for Peace in Afghanistan: “Stop This Criminal War” Malalai Joya pushes back

New Sandy Hook group calls for 'national conversation' (Sandy Hook parents)

Tim Sheldon DEMOCRAT says that no action is needed to reduce gun violence that might

Victor Garber came out

Gov. Jan Brewer says Arizona will expand Medicaid

Mass shootings concentrated in suburbs or small towns.

Feed me!

The NRA once supported gun control

Obama: Debt limit fight imperils elderly's checks

Connie Mack in Newtown: ‘Impossible’ for gun control to stop ‘bad people’ so don’t even try

Obama backs gun limits, concedes tough fight ahead


President Obama's Sharp Exchange With Reporter - video link

Today we are all Aaron Swartz

What is it with cats and parrots?

Had to put our 21 year old kitty down today

Newsweek article, Feb 1995: "Hype alert: Why cyberspace isn't, and will never be, nirvana."

Tea Party Fringe Group Develops ‘III Citadel’ An Exclusive Gated Community With Its Own Arms Factory

Settlers confident Israel will lurch rightwards in election

Poison Pen: James Dobson’s Latest Missive Misses The Mark

The end of the world, within the margin of error

Mom convicted of exploitation in graphic NH trial

L.A. County coroner changes Natalie Wood's cause of death

Couple of good laughable Youtube videos... Alex Jones Parody, and Imaginary Hitler...

Two pain pills.

suggestion for a DU Meet-up: Creation Museum in KY.

FYI: International aspects of domestic gun control in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

"First Of Its Kind"-Study finds widespread 'criminalisation of pregnancy' in US institutions

An "Out of the Mouths of Babes" MLK Day story.

'Sugar Daddy' Dating Website Says A Lot More College Girls Are Signing Up To Help Pay For School

40 year old hidden message (Cashman & West American City Suite Lyrics)

The Right Wing Scam – Legally Stealing From Their Followers And America

RNC Chair: Rig The Next Presidential Election For Republicans

Pakistan 'Long March' protest draws tens of thousands to capital

The Waterboys - We Will Not Be Lovers

Arizona Medicaid Expansion Urged By Gov. Jan Brewer, Obamacare Foe

Obama should not only mint the trillion dollar coin he should put a picture of Reagan signing

Analysis casts doubt on marijuana’s link to IQ decline (Damn, there goes another excuse)

Anyone understand why this thread would have been locked,

ACLU blasts proposals to ‘militarize’ schools with armed police guards

The Horde: French Zombie Movie...Mobsters..Cops...Bullets..and More Zombies~!

NY Mag - GOP Rather Kill Hostage Than Agree To Slightly Higher Revenue

Atlantic - "How Low Are U.S. Taxes Compared to Other Countries?"

The 6 Best Dresses At The Golden Globes


Class of 1994 GOP Congressman who got elected to Congress after 16 years out of office is

I'm humbled, honored and totally freaking out...

Dear God what a week. Got word a friend and colleague died yesterday.

I am against marijuana use

NY Senate Passes 'Landmark' Gun Control Laws

A friend on Facebook is a responsible gun owner.

urban - rural skyscape

It's better in Somalia

“Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.” - Emily Dickinson

Girl you gotta wonder 'bout a man like that!

Biden Gun Policy Recommendations Include Federal Trafficking Law

Racist Obama T-Shirts Big Hit With Tea Party Conventioneers

Stewart Shreds ‘All-White’ Obama Cabinet Controversy: A Black Guy ‘Appears To Be Running’ The Show

I rise to bemoan the Terms of Service

I saw a little boy in a princess dress and sparkly shoes...

i'm not exactly new just hardly post but I have questions about guns

Walmart's plans for Waldo school site not so certain

Anyone else ever to watch Mad TV?

I would like to thank the Academy

Will the Republicans fold on the debt ceiling?

One Month

If you have a 401k or pension fund

I finally get James Dean....

Opposing divestment in gun companies

Divest from gun companies

question: looking for a poetry quote

question: looking for a poetry (I think) quote

Boy guilty of murdering his neo-Nazi father

Plea Bargaining and Torture in Light of the Aaron Swartz case

Google inadvertently reveals North Korean gulag

Flying Saucer, Nashville, TN; Monday Night Pint Night

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Jan 15th

Wall Dogs of New York

Yahoo E-mail scam. - I got this in my inbox:

Colombia must pay compensation to families displaced in northeast Colombia .

What is happening B4 our eyes to the mythical 2nd Term "more progressive" President Obama?

Identical twins die after seeking euthanasia when they discovered they would go blind and never see

UK seeks to water down Arctic oil drilling proposals

Landmark European court judgment on religious freedoms due

End Near? Doomsday Clock Holds at 5 'Til Midnight

Wildlife Group Wants Thailand to Ban Ivory Trade

A real belly laugh courtesy of the WSJ

Is this ~ Bird Buggy

PA Amber Alert: 5 yr. old Nailla Robinson (School released girl to stranger!)

Philadelphia Amber Alert: 5 yr old Nailla Robinson (School released her to stranger!)

Keystone pipeline route near bald eagle nest ruffles feathers

Breast cancer drug tamoxifen recommended for 'high risk' women

Ancient migration: Genes link Australia with India

Venezuelans Continue to Defy Washington Post

Venezuelans Continue to Defy Washington Post

'Insulting' to be dropped from section 5 of Public Order Act

10 Things You Need to Know About Slavery (That You Won't Learn from Django Unchained)

Pakistan Supreme Court Orders Arrest of Prime Minister

Gun and Violence Crisis; And: How the 2nd Amendment Got Hijacked by the NRA and Antonin Scalia

Your Brain Is Flawed -- 12 Scientific Reasons Human Beings Are Wildly Irrational

Troubling number of women denied constitutional rights based on pregnancy

Analysis casts doubt on marijuana’s link to IQ decline

401(k) breaches undermining retirement security for millions

The rush to digitize patient records has not cut costs

Behind Lance Armstrong's Decision to Talk

Peace process dead if Netanyahu wins Israeli election, academics warn

Elisabeth Fosslien's Brilliant Charts Will Make You Much Smarter In The Gun-Control Debate

Iran: Khamenei's ban of nuclear weapons binding

Wal-Mart plans to hire 100,000 veterans over five years

Watch A Virus Walk Across The Surface Of A Cell

Is it just me?

Quinoa brings riches to the Andes

Anybody watch Continuum last night.

Climate change inaction the fault of environmental groups, report says

Candy bars

Lance Armstrong's victims- the people who were really hurt

Me and My Cello

Generic HIV drugs 'cheaper but less effective'

A miracle of science: germs replaced by poisons

Missing 5-Year-Old Found Safe in Delco

For the One month anniversary of the Newtown Slaughter, the NRA has a new game

Mum's testing affects HPV jab uptake, says survey

If Poe had a computer, part 2

Police Across U.S. Quietly Turning to Cameras That Track All Vehicles' Movements: Survey

If Arianna Huffington had any guts she'd ask Joe Scum why neo-con

FreedomWorks Putting Its War Chest to Work for ALEC’s Anti-Union Agenda in the States

The History Channel - the Fox News of the Social Sciences for terminal dumb asses

Costly Trade Agreements Have Shipped 5.5 Million Jobs Overseas Since 2000

Shinto trying to stay relevant in global, green era

Charles Pierce: The Nuttiest Post About Chuck Hagel

Conservatives whine about Sarah Palin ‘bullying’ at Golden Globes

Crisis in Pakistan Prime Minister's Arrest Ordered amid 'Revolution'

HMV music and film chain to appoint administrator

Editorial re: New York State Gun Law

Please sign this WH Petition to make Birthers pay for wasting your tax dollars

One hundred million I need a new prison

Newt Gingrich: Obama bullying House GOP

Fires in Boeing Dreamliner electrical compartment raise safety concerns

ACA (Obamacare) helping out in TN.

Armstrong joins the list of men who make this face:

The GOP's Rotten Core

Online communication biases upon the public perception of science

WV Coals Ash Dump Leaks Spread Through, Divide Small Town Of Chester

Gov. Snyder complains about "Pure Michigan" campaign's emphasis on Right to Work

Important Information on Monsanto's Devestating Impact on Family Farms

The Race Heats Up! Delhi Air Quality PM 2.5 Level Hits 565, Closing Fast On Beijing's Record 755!

How's this for a bumper sticker slogan?

Open Letter to Obama from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientisits

Brennan asked to show legal opinions behind drone killings

One of the greatest cartoons of the 40s is on its way to the lounge.. later today...

Flu Shock: Outbreak Already Ranks as One of the Worst in a Decade (Chart)

3 years after the quake, how the world came to save haiti and left a disaster

Fitch warns on U.S., Spain ratings, upbeat on Ireland

HP oped praising Kerry's role in exposing Iran Contra

How Game Theory Explains Washington's Horrible Gridlock

American Love Affair (cartoon)

This man helped save six children, is now getting harassed for it

Suicide bomber kills Iraqi Sunni Muslim lawmaker

Anti-gay activist who worked with top Christian Right org convicted of child pornography

Uhhhh, Wingnuts; About that Executive Order Banning Assault Rifles

On this date in 1870...

Key cocaine dealer in Poppy Bush's IranContra ops applauds choice of John Kerry for SoS

Venezuela struggles with sporadic food shortages

Researchers: Chimpanzees have a sense of fair play

A letter to the Australian Post Office from a 4-year old named Meredith

NRA represents gun manufacturers, not gun owners.

"Obama Willing to Use Executive Orders on Guns" - NY Times - 19 of them in fact!

Bravo, New York!

Man, 32, shot in the head in Louisville, Neb (suspect not in custody)

On inaugural eve, Obama’s most virulent foes want the celebration stopped

Retail sales point to firmer consumer spending

My cheap dream.

US Prepares Support for French Military Intervention in Mali


Hand Grenades? Well, allrighty then!

Why U.S. might be ‘a nation of deadbeats’

'Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom' debuted 50 years ago

The Five Gun Safety Laws That Gun Owners Support

Kudos to Colin, But Couldn't He Have Followed His Own 'Powell Doctrine'?

The Sandy Hook conspiracy loons are after the man who helped 6 kids right after the shooting

Please sign this WH petition to make Birthers pay for wasting tax dollars.

On this day in 1943...

Even Fuckie Todd is admitting that Obama kept most of his promises

Group From Congress Asks, Why Does America Hate Us? (Answer: See Congress)


France expected to more than triple Mali troop numbers

When kindness backfires--Whether you've caught spiders in the house to release them...

Vibes for Peggy today!

Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks After Almost 7 Years Of Silence

Celluloid Heroes

"Sellout" downright "evil" President with no "moral center"

Guns don't kill people...

Anyone here serve on this particular jury?

Alex Jones rails against Glenn Beck: Jefferson would spit on you, you little b*stard


Arizona Gov. Brewer Opts For ‘Obamacare’ Medicaid Expansion

Apparently, only if, you own a gun, served in the military...

Death Don't Have No Mercy

Far-left politics

Can ANYONE defend Harry Reid on this filibuster "compromise"??

Schumer Says He’s Satisfied With Hagel on Mideast

New York Has Gun Deal, With Focus on Mental Ills

Republican Congressman Threatens To Impeach President Obama Over Gun Safety Measures

DOD Plans Study to Predict the Future

Polls show strong support for new gun laws

Jonah Goldberg: Biden’s gun rhetoric misses the mark

The Pro-Nukes Environmental Movement

GOP holding U.S. economy hostage on debt

Elementary nails Holmes with "M"

Millions of Americans newly eligible for quality, affordable health coverage in 2014

Oh My - They are reading the Constitution

Newt Gingrich: Obama bullying House GOP

Colbert Takes On Piers Morgan Over Gun Control: ‘Do You Hate The United States Constitution?’

Toon - First-term assessment

Culture wars.

Interstate 90/87 traffic report?

Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy believed President Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy.

One Photograph, Two Bullets, And 26 Reasons We Need To Take Action For Newtown, Connecticut

"I Was Fired for Teaching About Harvey Milk."

The Power of Nightmares

Anybody familiar with this? "Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite". YouTube video

Mike Malloy on fetal personhood bills by Paul Ryan and Paul Broun

Fuck Lance Armstrong..

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- CONgressional Repubs

Guns don't kill people - vaginas do?

We Got This

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2-Guntoons

Beyond baby steps: Analyzing the cap-and-trade flop

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Lance Confesses

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

The US is a country, not a corporation. Interest payments should not come first... PEOPLE should.

Shoveling snow got you down?

What is the proper focus of the Feminist Movement?

Chargers to hire Mike McCoy

Chevy Volt goes upscale in new electric Cadillac

I believe the GOP is holding up Sandy aid in hopes of getting people to turn on President Obama.

My baby

Pic Of The Moment: In Oprah Interview, Disgraced Loser Admits To Cheating

Many researchers taking a different view of pedophilia

As a child, Hillary Clinton Wrote NASA

Electric Smoker review

Obama: ‘Israel Doesn’t Know What Its Best Interests Are’

Obama Close to Naming McDonough as Next Chief of Staff

The life of Pi (visual)

Is the continuing media narrative of ...

Soledad O’Brien Challenges GOP Congressman Over Opposition To Newest Hurricane Sandy Relief Package


Troglodyte View in a Nutshell

Campos wants Harvey Milk's name on SFO

Fitch warns it may downgrade US over debt standoff

UN Experts Go To Iran, Hope To Restart Nuke Probe


New York City School Bus Drivers To Strike; 152,000 Students Affected

Holy cow - NYS about to pass it's SAFE Act.

WHO is Antisocial? GOP Skipped 'Lincoln' Screening, Dinner Invites From President

X, Y, and Z: Anti-gun-control arguments make sense to me now.

Oprah Winfrey: Lance Armstrong interview will satisfy viewers

Troubled Calif. nuke plant inches toward restart

The need to own guns

Reid Denies Involvement In Utah Businessman Scheme

President Obama Sets Bar for Debt Negotiations

Something to think on...

The Executive Order the NRA Should Fear the Most

There's revolushun in them hills!

Gingrich Tells GOP Debt Limit Threat's a Loser

Warden Service to use underwater vehicle to search for bodies

Utah Smoothie bar owner "Taxes" liberals one dollar per drink

Ann Romney Says No to ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Fifth grader bullied for "gay tendancies" caught sneaking a butcher knife to school

MOL, I am getting some messages for you

Lance Armstrong any different than the guy that grows my weed? I don't think so.

Virginia Waters Down Report On Impacts Of Climate Change After Tea Party Complaints

Note to Colon POWELL & all 3rd wayers/no labels: Rethug Party canNOT change/be other than what it is

A Widening War in Mali

Bright Ideas from Wayne LaPierre

Ann Coulter is insisting that guns don’t kill people, NON-white people kill people.

Shhhh. It's a surprise! But you can sign Michele Obama's birthday card.

Sandy Hook "Truthers" Harrassing Man Who Protected Children

The Rude Pundit: Asking Republicans to Act Responsibly Is Like Asking a Cat to Stop Licking Itself

Dems Straight Up Trolling Gop Retreat

Thom Hartmann: Aaron Swartz...Symptom of an Over-Reaching Police State?

Internet Activist's Prosecutor Linked To Another Hacker's Death

NRA's Hitler-Stalin Analogy on Gun Control is Preposterously Wide off The Mark

St. Petersburg man shoots dog while walking his Yorkies (SYG Gun Hero, FL)

Jennifer Lawrence's adorable Golden Globe acceptance speech.

Dr. Seuss: “This mess is so big & so deep & so tall-We cannot pick it up-There is no way at all!”

Bring it, you scraggly Scravens!

Train smashes into home in Sweden after cleaning lady allegedly stole it for joy ride

This Man Helped Save Six Children, Is Now Getting Harassed For It

RAGE BAIT-The 'Scots-Irishization' of Lower-Income White Men With Guns-As A Prism Of The Gender Wars

Congressional Offices Continue to Illegally Download Movies and TV Shows

"Legitimate rape", et al. It's not the comments that are at issue....

These Foolish Things . . . Remind Me of You

Obama to unveil gun-control proposals Wednesday enjoy restaurant food do you?

something is wrong here...

Top Climate Scientists Call on President to Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline - Again

WARNING: Sharing this will definitely enrage your pro-gun, pro-Reagan friends....

Syria crisis: Dozens killed by Aleppo university blasts

Funk Bros. New (Last) Groove Dedicated To Barack Obama

What me worry over proposed gun laws?

Hey You With The Gun...Yeah, YOU

New York Lawmaker: ‘There Will Be More Than 7 Bullets In My Wife’s Firearm!’

MLK/Jesus on guns

Do you know someone with guns who maybe, just maybe, shouldn't have them?

Cat Beats Professional Wealth Managers at Picking Stocks

Aaron Swartz Memorial JSTOR Liberator: "A tiny bit of civil disobedience,"

Government Shutdown Insanity

Why Unions Are Different

100 truths that will piss off conservatives!

Findhorn, Scotland

If you think Sarah Palin is an idiot click "Rec" and post this on your wall.

NRA wants to arm union thugs, Right?

The Wheeler interview on Rachel last night

Lynn's Paradise Cafe's Biscuit Recipe. Sadly, she has closed her fine restaurant.

Murkowski rejects GOP's debt-ceiling hostage strategy

Senator Boxer to Support Hagel Nomination as Defense Secretary

Ronald Reagan on Gun Control (will make gun freaks squirm)

Because of all the RW Death Machine trolls on DU, who think DU now stands for Dems Undone?

Utah Smoothie Shop Charges Liberals More; Donates Surcharge to Conservative Causes

Recruit Decommits from USC after Kiffin Pulls a Shady Move

NRA releases 'Practice Range' shooting app

Thom Hartmann: Second amendment was Passed to Protect Slavery

Alex Jones rips into Glenn Beck...

NRA and GOP have convinced me..the issue in not guns its mental illness, psych drugs and guns

The "Tea Party" trashes Agent Orange's office, taxpayers will probably foot the bill.

A different Israel after January 22

Palestinians Say Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Kill Teen At West Bank Separation Barrier

Chinese Factory Burned For 3 Hours Before Anyone Called Fire Dept.; No One Could See The Smoke

Two Weeks Since I Lost My Job.... An Interesting Revelation

Swedish woman crashes stolen train into apartment building

Deleting the extreme right wingers from my FB account. No more Yahooesque Comments on FB for me.

1776 vs 2013

As inauguration approaches, Obama’s most virulent foes want the celebration stopped

Intentional homicide rate vs gun posession

By their feathers ye shall know them: Shrub & Lance, may they be flocking together again soon!1

Behold: Hawks fan delivers the greatest half-court miss you’ll ever see (VIDEO)

The woman who abducted 5 yr. old Nailla from school was wearing a Niqab -- face covering.

Don't let the media divide and polarize the country!

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 15, 1969

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 15, 1969

Inequality Rages as Dwindling Wages Lock Millions in Poverty

How is Armstrong going to payback that $30M to the post office

Just An Observation - Both Lance Armstrong And The Repug Party Have Re-branding Problems.....

DOMA: House Republicans Poised To Spend $3 Million On Legal Defense

Are you old enough to remember Practical Math? Has it gone the way of the eight-track?

well, well, well: The NRA once supported & helped write federal gun control laws

Typical republican, blames everyone else for his problems.

Typical republican nowadays...

You can't use foreign rebels to argue that Americans could similarly oppose a hostile government

Obama: ‘Israel Doesn’t Know What Its Best Interests Are’

Clergy Demand An End To Gun Violence

Trader Joe's Baked Jalapeno Cheese Crunchies - damn them!

Clergy Demand An End To Gun Violence

How Will The American People React When The President Proposes Some Gun Safety Measures & The Repug.

Michele Bachmann Not Worthy Of Intelligence Committee Role, 178,000 Say In Petition To John Boehner

President Obama's Second Term Has Not Yet Begun,

{Virginia} Legislature elects 1st openly gay judge to Richmond court

This man helped save six children, is now getting harassed for it

Mystery solved: Gov. Scott’s missing dog no longer his dog

The Happiest (and Saddest) Countries in the World

Question for dog owners.

ALEC to Attack North Carolina Renewable Energy Initiatives

Anyone here got that chart showing Dem POTUS' are better on military pay...

What Theda Skocpol gets right about the cap-and-trade fight

Advice needed for buttheads

Oh for gawd's sake! SC has enough trouble without this!

Imagine - a book someday - "Clarence Thomas Supreme Diary unabridged - Words and Thoughts"

I've been trolling prepper/gunfanatic/loser youtube channels...

MLK would have been 84 today...

A fine day to Craunch the Marmoset

Those "No Labels" guys have been all over TV lately!

The Almond Tree - I highly recommend this book

"For Pete's sake"

A historical reminder for Prohibitionists of all stripes

Google cache of The Atlantic's David Miscavige scientology ad that looked like an article.

While Department of Justice Let Financial Criminals Go Free, They Pursued Aaron Swartz to Death

Pakistan: Indian troops kill soldier in Kashmir


I was there. High as a kite, but there!

Frum countering Coulter and Dreher: America's gun problem is not a race problem

Mark Sanford is running for Congress

Cat absolutely dominates the classic "shell game"

Nats sign Rafael Soriano

I saw one of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed in Cardiac Rehab. And I almost missed it.

I really enjoyed "Jeff, Who Lives at Home".

Study finds widespread 'criminalisation of pregnancy' in US institutions

Utah Smoothie Shop Charges Liberals More, Donates Surcharge To Conservative Causes

Glenn Beck plans Libertarian Utopia. What thaaaaa ?!

Florida Teabaggers changing their name...

Lawmakers back gay marriage, union bills (WY)

What's OnStar good for?

George P. Bush takes in $1.3 million in campaign donations

No White House comment on NRA game

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) criticizes video game violence, says guns are no more dangerous than hammers

Health Law Offers Dental Coverage Guarantee For Some Children

Thom Hartmann: Is Japan Dumping Austerity?

Glenn Beck wants to create his own Ayn Rand-inspired utopia

Pat Robertson blames bad marriages on 'awful-looking' wives

What is the best way to effect your political agenda?

Michael Capuano decides against any special election campaign to succeed John Kerry

Federal Prosecutor Stephen Heymann Wanted 'Juicy' Case for Publicity--And Found it in Aaron Swartz

Lawmakers say they aim to ensure quality, increase access to charter schools

How to watch episodes from Season 3 of "Downton Abbey" if you have ROKU

Tracy Thorne-Begland's long trip to the bench

Lack of a draft for the last 40 yrs denied the US of a rite of passage that

Emailing MSNBC once again re: S.E. Cupp

I'm being honest here. What's the thing with

Patrick Kennedy spouts nonsense on Amendment 64 (Legal Cannabis in Colorado)

Hey, I just had a weird thought

My afternoon entertainment at work today has been

Hurricane Sandy And Global Warming

Germany plans to repatriate billions in gold from New York, Paris: report

Wyden just released this on Facebook = Internet freedom

Which picture is your favorite one?

Prove it schmrove it (coalition against mining)...noon Saturday, January 26

Hypocrite Republicans Ignored Decades of Debt Until Obama Became President

Manmade Global Warming Has Increased Monthly Heat Records By A Factor Of Five, Much Worse To Come

Republicans Accuse Obama of Using Position as President to Lead Country

70 years ago today, Strom Thurmond’s mistress was put to death

Need a review: Safe pet food brands

some people use the Internet to complain

LMFAO .. I Put A Spell On You .. Screaming Jay Hawkins

I'm beginning to understand why Pelosi resisted impeachment proceedings against Bush.

Hi Friends, anyone here ever tried to clean a plush stuffed animal?

Movement to End High-Stakes Testing Steps Up in Seattle

MLK presents...I Have A Dream

Keiser Report: Lunatics & Lubricants

U.S. Report: Iran Spying on Israel Via Stations In Syria, Golan

Inauguration Breakfast - Last Chance

TYT: Cenk "The Human Typo" Uygur's Newest Fan(atic)

Personal Qualities Not Measured by Tests

I'm pretty low about various things right now.

Why Schumer's Hagel endorsement matters

Colbert takes on the gun lobby: very funny

New Tampa Republican ad

Elizabeth Warren on filibuster reform (again)

Republicans in northern Virginia move to socialize Macquarie Group's Dulles Greenway, get subsidies

Dallas razes apartment building where JFK assassin Oswald lived...

Look Up In The Sky. Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane...It's ...SUPERMAN...1941 CARTOON

Perry raises $3.5M in late '12; has $6M on-hand

St. Louis Business School Shooting: Police Respond To Stevens Institute of Business and Arts

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Obama’s Limo To Get D.C. ‘Taxation Without Representation’ Tags


Obama’s Limo To Get D.C. ‘Taxation Without Representation’ Tags

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That Armstrong dude can really sing!

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Do you dislike the unknown?

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My first Skyrim article did so well they asked for another one, so...

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley to seek repeal of death penalty

Whoa! Cracks... "House kills amendment to offset Sandy relief bill with spending cuts"

No wonder it was such a big cover-up

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Maryland governor Martin O'Malley to seek repeal of death penalty

‘The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun…….’

Thank you for your service....Welcome to Wal Mart

That Armstrong dude can really stretch...

X-post: Wal-Mart plans to hire 100,000 veterans over five years

Aaron Swartz’s Politics

Whoever alerted on my post from Nov, w.t.h? Sockpuppet? and HAHAHAHAHAHA

Fuck Guns. Fuck them all

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CaliforniaPeggy is doing fine.

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