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History's lessons drowned in red wine

Clinton meets with Warren, Castro, Hickenlooper as part of VP search

Friday Talking Points (400) -- A Campaign Retrospective, Part 1

Cornholio endorses....

Turkey Explosion at Parliament Building

White Center greenbelt won’t be sold to pay for homeless relief, mayor says

No caption comes to mind.

The military coup in Turkey is not supported by the citizens

Facebook commits $15M to Seattle coding-education group


President Erdogan may be headed to LONDON his asylum request denied by Germany

High court orders new hearing in McCleary school-funding case

The President of Turkey is landing in Istanbul

Trump demanded VP candidate tax docs he won't make public

joeybee apparently has put the entire sports group on ignore, after prettyboy

It's baack: Peak Oil shakes its hoary locks

Missouri Democratic candidate for governor raises $3.4M

Herbalife Agrees To Pay $200 Million To Settle Complaints It Deceived Consumers

In Turkey some police have taken some military

They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (VIDEO)

So why is the world on fire right now?

License of pain centers doctor suspended

Artists Around The World Respond To Devastating Attack On Nice

U.S. ordered to lower Navy sonar levels to protect whales

Hanford plutonium plant demolition deadline extended

2016 Republican Convention Preview

Here's the lineup for Bill Maher at 10 pm est HBO --tonight

Future fossil fuel use will be expanding

Holy fuck, there's a lot of shit going on right now.

U.S. poet laureate posts 'sudden poem' on week of grief

Screams Lead Police to Suspect in San Diego Homeless Attacks

Innocence Is a Privilege: Black Children Are Not Allowed to Be Innocent in America

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! The Ides of July! Best of Malloy Live & Uncensored


Social media making Coup more difficult?

Trump/Pence 2016...

Ex-Oklahoma Sheriff Pleads No Contest to Deputy Memo Charge


Kentucky idiots aren't allowed to vote

Trump tried to back out of his Pence pick; made calls all last night

The Turkey coup

In DC, wiggling while handcuffed counts as assaulting an officer

So how come he was on his way to Germany and then England

Barack Obama backs President Erdogan as world leaders express concern

Is this coup for real?

Do You Ever Notice With the Presidential Polls...

"Southside with You"

the basics of German gun and other weapon restrictions

"Southside with You"

This has to be the most awkward roll out of a VP selection in my lifetime.

Erdogan's talked glowingly of Hitler's authorition power last year

Has anyone released any polling...

I'm drinking. Are you tonight?

Frank Luntz's talking points led to the Frankenstein monster of the GOP base today

Countdown 3...2...1... the Turkish coup attempt is

It's kinda funny... "The coup FAILED? IT'S FAKE!" Consider the number of failed coups in history.

The absolute worst predicament to be in when the zombie apocalypse begins.

As a Hoosier, let me just say - FUCK MIKE PENCE

If only I could have been a fly, a small fly this afternoon when the T/P logo rolled out

An ordinary Turk that saw "revolution" in Egypt, Syria, and Libya would be crazy to want it


How Hillary handled Trump's VP roll-out far better than Trump did.

Peru President-elect reveals technocrat-filled cabinet

No, really: Has DRUMPF weighed-in/Tweeted re Turkey?!1 (a poll)

MSNBC: 42 dead in Ankara

I have never understood why reality shows are popular

So, will Gowdy and his cronies investigate Sec. Kerry.....

Central America : nine journalists murdered in a climate of violence and impunity

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Chianti. I should drink Beaujolais in honor of Nice.

Millennials Really Want Clinton To Pick Elizabeth Warren For VP

Donald Trump and Mike Pence unveil suggestive new logo; Twitter immediately has a field day

Screams lead police to suspect in San Diego homeless attacks

Refuge Occupier Says He Has Gender Dysphoria

What the fuck, Roseanne?? Roseanne Barr : "We would be so lucky" if Trumpence won.

Turkey Coup Defeated: President Arrives in Istanbul After Military Group Tries to Seize Power Have you signed up yet?

Periscope live feeds from Turkey..

From everything I've read, yesterday's incident in Nice wasn't a "terrorist" attack.

EMMEYS??????? HELLO??????

Federal judge: Possible misconduct by FBI in LaVoy Finicum shooting irrelevant to defense in Oregon

List of Christie allies tied to Port Authority schemes grows

Hillary Clinton's First Anti-Pence Ad

Gov. Brown renews push for bills to curb gun violence

Voter's pamphlet won't detail how Oregon would spend money from a major corporate tax measure

What we know about the attacker in Nice

Hillary Clinton absolutely destroying Mike Pence

Beginning to Think the Coup in Turkey was a False Flag Event

Portland's Springwater Corridor to be 'off limits' for homeless campers after massive cleanup

so, looking at rotator cuff surgery. anybody got stories?

Help my buddy win a local radio competition?

Argentine inflation rises to 47.1% and sales fall 9.8% as 'Macrieconomic' stagflation takes toll.

Argentine inflation rises to 47.1% and sales fall 9.8% as 'Macrieconomic' stagflation takes toll.

Raging against reality

Service industry union, environmentalist team up to target Colorado in new 2016 election effort

New poll of Missouri shows Trump, Greitens with leads

French president pays $11,000 per month for haircuts.

Hawaii pot dispensaries can legally open, but none are ready

Thank God it couldn't happen here!

Colorado officials say they have eliminated rape kit backlog

Pence Will Not Help Trump's Chances

Trump and Pence share contempt for media

Babymetal at the Wiltern in Los Angeles...

anyone watching "The Night Of" on HBO

anyone watching "The A Word" on Sundance TV?

Former polygamous sect members sue Warren Jeffs, former lawyers

Ex-dealer who was attacked wants $1.7m in lost wages from Bellagio

Trump SCREWED HIMSELF by picking Pence!!!!!!!!

The Art That’s Packing A Real Political Punch This 2016 Election Season

Can we make the expression "What a Pence!" into a thing?

Income Discrepancy

The Seven Pillars of Stupidparty Hate. Do we have a Party of Hate?

Gov. Greg Abbott discharged from hospital

Anyone doing Thrive?

University of North Texas really should have thought through this mug design

WOW this is some shady shite! "Donald Trump and Kids Named in $250M Tax Scam"

Pence Signed a Law Requiring Burial or Cremation for Aborted Fetuses

a portrait of Jeffrei....

BLM protest in Phoenix tonight.

Woman who pointed out alleged rapist is sentenced in killing

Bill Maher interviews Frank Luntz (Warning: Frank may cause dangerous rise in blood pressure)

War Crimes Central: the Ramstein Air Base

Planned Parenthood NY fixed the Logo

Military Officer Fired for Gulenist Ties Named as Leader of Turkey's Coup

Thank You Bostonians!!!

Why businesses oppose marijuana legalization in Arizona

Drive to block new Arizona law easing 'dark money' rules fails

Relentless Hillary support might be changing a good friend's mind

Lawsuit has been filed by abortion providers to block new law

I want you to listen to me thru the voices of history

Pelosi Tweet: GOP is gone for longest recess in @ least 60 yrs.. Blew Off this To Do List..

Arizona man killed in mysterious explosions in small Nevada town

Hundreds participate in Israeli-Palestinian Freedom March

Daily Holidays - July 16

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to undergo deposition in lawsuit by Sen. Jeff Flake’s son over kennel dog deaths

Using stolen water to irrigate stolen land

Whom Do Bigots Blame for Police Shootings in America? Israel, Of Course!

Turkey: Ankara’s presidential palace bombed during attempted coup

Pakistan's internet sensation Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother in suspected 'honor killing'.

State Supreme Court sides with Southern California in epic water war over delta islands

Black Lives Matter 'occupation' of L.A. City Hall enters fourth day

Hillary Needs to Move Center on Syrian Refugees if She is to Defeat Trump (UPDATED)

Feds say Prime Healthcare has figured out how to make money from hospitals — through fraud

Police arrest three in Nice as Islamic State claims truck attack

How revenue losses played into decision to relax conservation rules in California

LGBT history lessons heading for California classrooms

Hillary and an interaction with Pence.

U.S. Finds Itself on Shakier Ground as Erdogan Confronts Mutiny

Weekly Address: Coming Together to Find Solutions

Trump’s Celebrity Shortage

Soldiers Involved In Turkey Coup Surrender In Istanbul

Turkey coup attempt: at least 161 people killed, Parliament bombed by Turkish jets FRANCE 24 English

Every reporter should start every interview

RIP Qandeel Baloch

Gang warfare surges as senior yakuza gunned down in Nagoya

Ku Klux Klan official confirms recruiting in San Francisco

Removed posts living on in replies

Godzilla appears in Aomori Pref as rice paddy art

Why isn't President Jimmy Carter on the speaker's list for the DNC?

Trump rally attendees sue San Jose, Mayor Liccardo and police chief

Inventor of instant ramen noodles appears as samurai in new animated rap video

I am so afraid that we are so busy looking for ISIS that we are ignoring the

'Stone coffin' eyed for decommissioning Fukushima plant: report

Another tough year for CalPERS as retirement fund loses billions

Sanders, Clinton negotiating over Nomination Procedures

Media tremble at NBTC's Section 44 powers

Death and Transfiguration

Typhoon ravages Taitung, brings heavy rainfall

A reclusive religious scholar in Pennsylvania may be behind the attempted coup in Turkey

GOP Convention speakers list - OMG!

Maajid Nawaz: "Please stop saying the Nice attacks have nothing to do with Islam."

Jeb Bush trashes Trump on eve of GOP convention

In 9/11 Document, View of a Saudi Effort to Thwart U.S. Action on Al Qaeda

Mike Pence’s Relationship with the Catholic Church is...Complicated

Turkey removes more than 2,700 judges following coup attempt

Republicans politicize everything, then pretend to be shocked when someone else is not apolitical.

Who Will Win the Upcoming Civil War?

Pence to Hannity: "That's a good question for our courts."

Ahh Yes, Presidential Material.....

Tebow declines

Texas Universities to Launch Online Counseling

NYT editorial: "Donald Trump and Mike Pence: The Political Reality Show"

UK Conservatives say good-bye to EU, now close Climate Change Office, move environment policy

Should I mow the lawn at 9AM?

Did search of Congressional record& discovered Pence= Bush's chief Iraq propagandist.

URGENT - Turkey Incirlik Air Base

Planned Parenthood trolls Trump-Pence debacle in epic fashion

I am pointing my finger this morning.....

Not so fast: Defeated anti-Trump delegates vow trouble during the convention

The excuse making for ISIS here is insane

Hillary Clinton, the candidate we know so well - and don't

Info Beyond DD-214 for Vietnam Era Vet

China's Current Floods 5th-Biggest Non-US Weather Disaster On Record; $22 Billion, 300+ Dead/Missing

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack in Nice

Turkish PM: Any country that stands by cleric Gulen will be at war with Turkey

"I like my Mexican food smothered in white gravy." . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Pence!!!

Anyone know anything about this organization, "vet voice foundation"

The top five most surprising stories about Pokémon Go ... so far

Religious privilege in denial


Bill Maher: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Trump:

Netflix Launches Mixtape-Like Playlists for TV Shows and Movies Dubbed Flixtapes

Trump Threw A Fit And Postponed His VP Announcement Because Of Media Leaks

Turkey Coup Supporters Arrested in Greece After Landing in Helicopter

The Turkish coup that failed.

Why Donald Trump Will Campaign On The Most Conservative Republican Platform In Decades

Beautiful... and dangerous!

Freepers finally admit what they admire most about Donald Trump

To Newt, a question: How do we "deport" an American citizen of American birth?

Judge: Possible FBI misconduct in Finicum shooting irrelevant to Oregon standoff defense

"For the life of me, I can't figure out why in USA Police officers go immediately to murder &....."

Republican Platform Proposes Removal Of National Parks And Forests

Amateur Hour with Jill Stein: Give Snowden Cabinet Position

Periods for Pence has come back with a vengance

Who will be brave enough to ask about the Thursday night last minute


"You don't declare war on 1, 600,000,000 people in a place of uncertain definition."

Trump drained Christie of all dignity & filled space with a raked carcass of dignity loss.

Dear World, We Apologize.

WTF is wrong with W?

Trump’s VP Pick Doubts Climate Change

Mike Pence on the Character of a President:

Trump proved he's frightened of the religious fundies who manipulate him and now control GOP

Baton Rouge Mayor Snubs Alton Sterling’s Family

RNC Organizers Apologize To Adelson After Asking For $6M To Cover Shortfall

Huichol Indians/testicles and Child birth --- OUCH

Fictional Character Donates To Grant County Sheriff’s Legal Expense Fund (OR)

#LogoFail: Trump/Pence campaign scrubs “screw you” branding after one day of massive ridicule

"Health care choices" is Koch-speak for redirecting part of the VHA's budget to subsidize private

Global temperature change (1850-2016)

What follows Z?

Pence is even worse than you think: a long, disastrous record of opposing LGBT rights

Alan Grayson calls out Patrick Murphy for Wall Street contributions

Post coup, will Erdogan be embattled or embolden?

Follow-up on CEO who pays employees/self 70k a year

Mikey will eat anything.....

New Window tint to prevent police profiling

Donald Trump's tweet: "Hillary is bought and paid for by Wall Street ".

In many ways, Donald Trump reminds me of GWB.

Clinton needs Sanders on her ticket to win

France attacker called volatile, showed no jihadist links


You've Been Trumped (2011) - Official Trailer [HD]

Recommend a book 7/16/16.

Brand Spanking New A- Rated Reuters poll/Clinton 45- Trump 33

Track Palin Enters Plea Deal In Domestic Violence Case

Trump got PLAYED!!!! . . . Now having to swallow Pence.

Mike Pence used campaign funds to pay his mortgage — and it cost him an election

Trump seems pretty insincere reading from a speech.

Pence was his 1st pick?

Trump: Pence was my first choice

Trump had a problem with women voters. Pence could make it even worse.

Trump does not represent the future of the country — or the GOP - By Jeb Bush

Thank You Trump

White former Atlanta policeman charged in the death of unarmed black man

This isn't about announcing Pence?

Donald Trump Fails The Commander-In-Chief Test ... Indecisive! Wavering! Weak!

Patrick Murphy sought delay in algae relief news so he could announce at press conference

Which will last longer? Turkish coup or Pokemon outage?

That was a lie!

Republican Platform Calls for Repeal of Ban on Political Organizing by Churches

He is just a rambling idiot


I like the way tRump's highlighting Pence's job numbers and will turn right around and...

The Ridiculousness of Gun Nuts Who Are Up in Arms Because the GOP Convention Bans Their Arms

Hillary to announce her VP pick Friday in Florida

Stiflingly economy?

18 Black Lives Matter protesters arrested after blocking downtown streets

Chris Matthews is sporting a YUUUUUGE woody after the Pence intro event

"Fear of Trump winning is good for our democracy." - Tweety

Good things about Trump having chosen Pence.

Did Trump/Pence get the rights to use the song, "All Right Now" before they used it today?

Tampons for Trump, fun with Twitter

They just said they invited tourists off the street to listen to Trumpence! Holy...

Mike Pence: A Conservative Proudly Out Of Sync With His Times

So, how long will it take Pence to find out that...

What the heck did I just see?

Should Democrats Use Trump's Indecisiveness Against Him?

Welp. The logo's gone. Wiped. I'll miss it. Let's keep it alive.

Pokemon down: Hacking group claims responsibility for bringing down game's servers 'with DDOS attack

Five things you should know about Gov. Mike Pence:

"Erdogan, if winning this coup, will only strengthen his power"

Hillary Meets with Warren; Announces 'End ' to Citizens United at Netroots Nation!

Bill Maher is Served a Steaming Bowl of Trump

'we are the law and order candidates and we're the law and order party'

Enjoy Your Vacation On Playa Guacamole: Rick Scott's Utter Incompetence Displayed By Algae Blooms

"In for a penny, in for a Pence." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Near 100 degrees here today, and most of the next week.

Mike Pence - Delusional Bullshit Artist And Science Denier Extraordinaire

Weekend Toon Roundup

Clinton campaign: Pence 'most extreme' VP pick in generation

frustrating ceiling fan problem

Say what you will about Pence, but he played a great heavy in "Dave"

Bernie's conference call after the endorsement. Here's why he's a bad VP pick and not a great asset.

On behalf of Hoosier Democrats

Does anyone but myself find it odd that Trump

Floating a trial balloon for the Trump-Pence campaign

Justice department 'uses aged computer system to frustrate Foia requests'

United Methodist church elects first openly gay bishop despite marriage ban

United Methodist church elects first openly gay bishop despite marriage ban

so looking forward to this!

Madam President

Attacker in Nice was 'radicalized rapidly,' French interior minister says

After the convention, will Pence and Trump EVER be in the same room together again?

Melania missing from Trump-Pence family photo-op

The reason republican voters voted for trump

Fraternities of the indifferent

About those Trump Stamps & Hairdos

Disney World intern gets job back after firing over alligator tweet

Paris calls all willing citizens to become reservists

A kiss is not just a kiss on Cleveland convention billboards

Pence -- and Trump's problem with women voters

Pence and KB Oil and Tobacco Road convenience stores, and

Honour killing: Pakistani model and social media sensation Qandeel Baloch ‘strangled by her brother’

Banned items at RNC convention

Republicans' Last, Doomed Fight Against Donald Trump

Trump’s Celebrity Shortage

"Who is Mike Pence?" A few years from now this will be a Final Jeopardy question that will lose

Warriors great Nate Thurmond dead at 74

AP EXPLAINS: The cleric being blamed for Turkey coup attempt

Pence would make a President Trump (shudder) virtually unimpeachable.

Let's try this branding thing again - TODAY's *NEW* Trump logo

Write more, feel better!

"Conservative Values" "Family Values"

Haters are out in force today.

Nate Thurmond, R.I.P.

Turkish President is demanding that the United States arrest or extradite a cleric he blames for the

In decades past, the CIA had reporters on its payroll. Now the press can inadvertently do its biddin

Brilliant Light Power (Formerly BlackLight Power)

Why Trump's scam is working on the GOP base? Great article

This guy needs to get a Secret Service visit

Elizabeth Warren Goes On The Attack Against Trump/Pence

Let the real "Stop Trump" movement start and end by voting for Hillary!

The mysterious syndrome impairing astronauts’ sight

I saw a bikers for trump guy on cable saying that they will be

Walter Scott Shooting: Group Doesn't Want to Pay Legal Fees for Ex-Officer

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 16, 2016

April 2016: Periods As Protest: Indiana Women Call Governor To Talk About Menstrual Cycles

Segregated elevators at RNC

Trolls are as obvious as they were back in 2001 when I joined DU.

After 2 Years, Probe of Eric Garner Chokehold Death in Limbo

Just an innocent little song about dairy products

Fox News says Trump never bothered to call the other vp picks....

Remember HA Goodman? He is shilling for Jill Stein now

Wow, the bottom dropped out on gunz topics over in GD.

Mike Pence is owned and bankrolled by the Koch Brothers

After Coup Attempt, Turkish President Demands US Extradite Muslim Cleric Fethullah Gulen

Some speculation that Erdogan was behind the attempted coup in Turkey

Will Republicans impeach a president Trump? Put Pence in the presidency?

Has anyone asked Trump

Looks like Donnie dumped his logo

Donnie could have very easily gotten out of the Pennce announcement

War on Cops?

Pokemon Go! Servers are Down


Is the Trump rape story (the 13 yr. old girl) going to get traction or not?

Gorgeous Bengal mix cat and kittens (watch live)

FFS, so now concerns about polls and VP selection means someone is a troll?

Today Trump's military advisor demanded-Ayatollah Khomeini, who died in 1989, condemn Nice attack

So *Trump* is in charge of appealing to the middle? Heh. Gonna need a new plan, guys.

Song Track Listing for Republican Conference

Best drinking game for repub convention?

Far and away MOST IMPORTANT question asked of ALL potential Republican VPs

Theresa May suggests Brexit delay as she says no Article 50 until Scotland gives go-ahead.

Spotted At RNC: I'm told it's being replaced for obvious reasons.

John Boehner is somewhere drinking Bourbon, smoking a cigarette and laughing his ass off.

NEW LAWSUIT: Trump is "material witness" in $250 million TAX EVASION SCAM

Back in the day

Kitten purrs for tummy rub - squee level unbelievable

Senate committee is looking into Tesla's autopilot feature

Puerto Rico's Payday Loans: The Shocking Story Behind Wall Street's Role in Debt Crisis

Two men conducted a 9/11/01 'dry run' in 1999 with tickets from Saudi government

A Grounded Plane and Anti-Clinton Passion: How Mike Pence Swayed the Trumps

Clinton will push constitutional amendment to ‘overturn Citizens United’

Attempted Turkey Coup: U.S. Would Consider Extradition Request for Blamed Cleric

Henry Rollins: White America Couldn't Handle What Black America Deals With Every Day

A Child's First Book of Trump

Campaign yanks logo

Pentagon Loses Turkish Airspace Access Crucial In Airstrikes Against Isis

Decided: Returning to school in Sept. w/o expecting people to be rational

Just turned on msnbc while cooking: "IT"S EXCITING! THINGS HAPPEN! KEEP WATCHING!!!"

Post your own Pense for V.P. slogan here:

WV House of Delegates

FAA bans flights between the U.S. and Turkey

Elizabeth Warren absolutely shreds ‘terrifying’ Trump/Pence ticket: ‘Two small, insecure, weak men’

Should we extradite Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen to Turkey for trial/execution?

"welcome home" rally for pence?

Aftermath of Turkey coup attempt will be bloody and repressive

LOL: "mr trump your lips moved"

Movement to create Utah monument leads to another Western land fight

For all you Star Wars geeks

Why Did Pence Agree to become Trump’s Running Mate

Why Did Pence Agree to become Trump’s Running Mate

I was just told that RT - Russia Today is NOT an appropriate source for LBN

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Trump's graphic artists.

Trump campaign solicits illegal foreign donations despite warnings

Kerry tells Turkey counterpart claims U.S. was involved in coup are false, harmful

If Trump's campaign could be summed up in one image ...

As a self-confessed Christian First, and in light of 1 Timothy 2:9

Satirist/Troll Chuck Tingle takes on Trump/Pence...

Frank Luntz on Bill Maher last night was admiring of the no nothings who

Just Spotted at Quicken Loans Arena:

Let It Go, Media: Hillary Clinton Does NOT Have a Trust and Honesty Problem

Hillary Clinton Pledges Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United In Her First 30 Days

Multiple people shot outside Agora Theatre

Mike Pence Once Thought A $7.25 Minimum Wage Was Too High

Mike Pence ate at Chili's in New York

Who am I oh Lord?

Will Australia's greyhound industry be put down?

Spotted these at a campaign office today.

If any Republican gives you crap about those 3 "classified" in 30,000 emails...

Someone hold the trolls. They must be cold and shivering what with all those wet blankets.

For zoo elephants, social lives may be more important than space

Obamacare still not popular, but America doesn't trust Trump to fix it

Instigator of California meat-cleaver murder gets six years in prison

Democrats focus on voter registration, senators create plan to register 50 million new voters

Former Democratic US Sen. Robert Morgan Dies at Age 90

Lawsuit: Zoo keeps lions in horrific conditions

Pakistani Social Media Star Killed by Brother After Scandal

A Hilarious Attempt to "Purify" Trump

Did the Lost Colony live at "Site X"? Clues point the way.

Samantha Bee reveals the hidden meaning behind the new Trump-Pence 2016 logo

Has tRump ever attended a national or local Republican convention?

Now that Bernie's presidential campaign is over, a few thoughts...

More Twitter gold regarding tRump/Pence logo

Republican women organize to support Clinton

a portrait of Merry....

Hillary Releases New Video Called "INDECISIVE DONALD"!

In Introducing Mike Pence, Donald Trump Keeps The Spotlight On Himself

Hillary Releases New Video Called "INDECISIVE DONALD"!

Trump Is In Trouble. A Personal Analysis.

Trump chooses Pence speech. Full 45 min. video.

Just got back from a trip

Will Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore or Kerry be at the Dem convention?

Reddit explains the Turkish coup...

Poll: Majority of Americans think race relations are getting worse

Charles Bradley - The World (Is Going Up In Flames)