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Politico: The Army Built to Fight 'Medicare for All'

A Very Weird and Different Film is Playing in the Lounge..100,000 Dominoes.


Who's up for a ride?

Fucker Carlson Calls Trump A 'Full-Blown BS Artist' And Admits He's A Liar

I don't post much, but I'm wondering where Tobin went?

No GOP Senators Want to Chair Ethics Committee

This one is 250,000 Dominoes, and lasts 20 minutes. (I kid you not) ENJOY!!!!

Not the Onion: Majority of Republicans think Trump a better president than Lincoln

I'm Losin' You

Because of them We Can.

250,000 dominoes,,,lasts 20 minutes..(Yes, it really does!!!) Idea from catbyte

Nate Silver-Endorsement points in November:


omg, the pie fight.

cartoon of Innocence

If Putin was no longer alive does he have a second in command

Catholic diocese denies gay Michigan judge communion

Songwriter Irving Burgie, the prolific man behind "Day-O" and other calypso hits, dead at age 95

My family just watched The Laundromat. Film made sure to link the corruption

Nearly half our college students are going hungry.

Former Seahawk Richard Sherman pays off school lunch debt for Tacoma kids

Rosa Parks statue to be unveiled Sunday in downtown Montgomery

Biden canvassers join Teamsters union


How do you post a picture from a cell phone

My favorite holiday commercial...

Michael Harriot: The 8 Kinds of Black Donald Trump Supporters

Google Translate phone app is very cool

John Kerry launches 'World War Zero' climate activism coalition

Not Sure Who To Believe?

I'm Just a Singer (in a Rock n Roll Band)

Heh! Nick Saban got Nick Saban'd by Auburn! Too fucking funny.

Nixon vs. Trump - you won't believe it!

Adam Schiff just announced House Intelligence official vote on impeachment

What is your favorite Christmas film?

I've been one too since 1977...

Bolivia: Anatomy of a Coup

2020 US Senate Election- Worst and Best Case Scenario for Democrats.

Leonard Pitts: Republicans are no longer a party--they're a cult

Republican Fervor Ebbs for Offshore Drilling

I am so glad Pelosi didn't launch impeachment immediately after the Mueller Report was released

We started watching a fine Netflix documentary -Five Came Back - about WWII and Hollywood filmmakers

Wish You Were Here

'Murcia, eff yeah!

Legal settlement will keep Confederate statue off UNC campus

Pete Buttigieg coming to Rev. Barber's church as Democrats compete for black voters

Unequal medical treatment for women

UNC resolves anti-Semitism case with feds that grew out of rapper's performance

Michele Malkin Has A TV Show?

Killer front and inner thigh cramps last night.

There Can Be No Peace

Nancy Pelosi's Daring Diagnosis

Christmas tree practice

Archery will never be the same again. You just have to check this out, the genesis of this design.

And now, a Public Service Announcement from Patti Smith...

Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads

Lhasa de Sela - Anywhere On This Road

One of the men who stopped the London Bridge terrorist is reportedly a convicted murderer

Clarence Page column: Are Joe Biden's gaffes tied to stuttering?

Which candidate do you think can best handle foreign

Why doesn't CNN show regular news and shows "special series"

Yikes! Kamala Harris Aide Resigns With Scathing Letter: Staff Treated "Poorly," No "Real Plan to Win

I just saw a total idiot outside.

Lack of NC budget leaves school construction money, other education items in limbo

Dr. Avis on the recent press coverage of Kamala Harris

Clinical research company plans 749-job expansion in Durham after landing incentives

Experimental Determination of the Bare Sphere Critical Mass of Neptunium-237.

Town parade canceled over possible Confederate float issues

Andy Stanley--'Your Move' : "You might also like..."

Have you seen this? Trump, Justice Kennedy. Added body language analysis thread.

destroyer - tinseltown swimming in blood (studio-2017) from the 'not what you imagined' songbook

A once-famous, long-lost corn variety returns from the dead

Nice bargains there...

Teachers Know Who Their Friends Are

GOP candidate in first TV ad suggests Democrat Joe Cunningham's impeachment vote was bought

If Trump is re-elected, he may have Mark Penn to thank.

30 years after Hugo tore it down, South Carolina coast builds back in the danger zone

Richland senator accused of threatening county employee's job in profanity-laced rant

wow..grabbing from a lil kid on black friday

The possibilities are endless

Has anyone else watched the last season of "Man in the High Castle"?

Biden launches Iowa trip with focus on Trump, rural America

trampled by turtles - the middle (live-kexp-2018) ... they should probably be paying jackson browne

Season of Advent

Fiat Chrysler, auto union reach tentative deal on contract

Myrtle Beach says it used reasonable restrictions in Bike Week preacher speech case

More than 1,000 patients may have been exposed to HIV and other viruses after error in sanitizing

Trump won't lose his job - but the impeachment inquiry is still essential

Book Penned by Stacey Abrams to be CBS Television Drama

4 Ga Residents Charged With Participating in a Scheme to Defraud Retirees, Federal Benefit Programs

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Business As Usual Edition

Almost got my ass kicked last night by a bunch of actual circus clowns.

Anti-Semitic Vandalism Reported at UGA Dorms

A Murdered Central Banker's Warning Changed Everything for SEB

Wizard Oil Cures Your Political Pain

Mark Penn (HarrisX, Harvard Harris) advising Trump on impeachment

State consultants say Plant Vogtle expansion timeline 'challenged'

Georgia Power responds to rate hike objections from PSC staff, customers

Georgia black caucus will push for hate crime law after teen allegedly planned to attack black

Swastikas at 2 Georgia campuses alarm students and parents

Democratic Party should not waste money on trying to convert MAGA voters into Democratic party votes

Best political photoshop in the history of photoshop!!!!

Breaking: 10 shot on Canal Street in New Orleans

Recycling a broken LCD TV or monitor backlight.

Game of dare, horseplay with Tasers, poor supervision: Jailer misconduct detailed by Sheriff's

Judge grants summary judgment to Hall county in employee pension case; plaintiffs announce appeal

"What would you like to eat?"

SurveyUSA's summary of the race post-November debate. It pretty well sums it up to now...

Trump is looking ahead toward 2020, We need to understand his true motives, Donald Corruption Trump

Food stamp use is highest in rural Georgia. So are grocery prices.

Dec 1 - Sen. Sanders will be attending Reid Chapel AME Church, Columbia SC

Biden thinks Georgia may be a good place to find a veep

NYT: 'I Wanted to Die:' Northern Ireland Confronts a Suicide Crisis

Abrams campaign asks Georgia judge to deny request for more documents

Booby traps: Man in Maine killed by own device

FYI- for recall refund

Biden on bus tour bites Jill's finger! Not a gafffe, but a laugh!

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he's ready to 'fight until my toes point up' to protect DACA

This day in 1955...

It's Rosa Parks Day

Davie coaches last University of New Mexico football game

Official US Delegation At COP 25 Will Be Led By A Principal Assistant Deputy Sec. Of State

Is this guy trying to outdo "The Onion" or what?

Woman cop proposes marriage to wanted criminal, arrests him in temple

Cops, Feds In 2017-2018 Discussed Stopping Keystone Protestors "By Any Means" - Repeatedly

Saw "The Good Liar" yesterday afternoon.

AP-Helpful Graphic of Trump's "do us a favor call"

Good advice if you live in a Republican controlled neighborhood.

Sounds of the past give new hope for coral reef restoration

If what he did isn't impeachable

Trump's latest defense is that impeachment hearings should not occur while he's out of town

In memoriam, the GOP's "no quid pro quo."

CNN: Biden being preferred more by older rather than younger black voters benefits him

Trump's Intervention in SEALs Case Tests Pentagon's Tolerance

Here's looking at you, kid

'I know Joe's heart': Why black voters are backing Joe Biden


It's amazing what a little love did for this abandoned puppy ❤️

Presidential campaign slogans from back in the day.....

Irving Burgie, songwriter of calypso hit 'Day-O,' dies at 95

I was entrapped by my husband.

Darwin Award nominee: Maine man shot and killed by his own booby trap.

Watch this teeny baby reunite with mom and get a piggyback ride!

I just got a sleep mask. I'm sleeping better,

This turtle is pinned between two GIANT rocks...

Teeniest Bulldog Puppy Couldn't Stop Spinning In Circles

Elizabeth Warren: World AIDS Day reminds us of this

On this day, 61 years ago

Doug Collins wants Adam Schiff to testify before House Judiciary Committee

I want a dust bunny pet like those found in Jayne Castle's Harmony book series. Anyone else?

NOPD: At least 11 people shot along Canal Street

Polish chef hailed as hero after chasing down London Bridge terrorist with 5-foot Narwhal tusk

Roseanne Barr Tapped For Trumpettes' Gala At Mar-a-Lago

I really, really detest John Kennedy

The space bar and a couple of keys stick on my Macbook Pro.

More Snow in the Twin Cities

Fox News

Klobuchar knocks Bloomberg late 2020 entry: 'We have strong candidates'

Doonsbury - Taking ol' Wally out of storage

Washington movie theater evacuated after 'highly contagious' package of urine sent to wrong address

Bloomberg: Xi Jinping "is not a dictator." I disagree.

Books Have the Power to Rehabilitate. But Prisons Are Blocking Access to Them.

I want this word written in the Articles of Impeachment over and over again.

Ex-MLB player Aubrey Huff teaching sons to use guns in case Bernie Sanders becomes president

An indistinguishable shower of grinning authoritarian shitclowns snickering at everyone...

Are liberals afraid of saying the "c" word? (sarcasm alert)

The Right-Wing War on American Voters

'I know Joe's heart': Why black voters are backing Joe Biden

Do Nothing GOP: Democrats Have Passed 400 Bills As Trump Throws Impeachment Tantrums

Kamala Harris: The Antidote to Trump

Are you ready for the storm?

Hey... So... Who wants to end up on an FBI watchlist?

Fry's Electronics - Did aliens kidnap all their merchandise?

Larkin Poe - "Pink" (Aerosmith cover)

How is your holiday shopping going?

Let's talk about that new bill in Ohio....

Trump isn't running in Britain's election. That hasn't stopped him from getting in the middle.

at the grocery store tonight picking up things for finger foods, meatballs and chips w/dip world fa

American perspective vs. English perspective on London Bridge incident

Three Utah Girls Stood Up To a Teacher Who Condemned a Boy For Having Two Dads

Something totally unexpected that a child told you as a parent

Bette Midler was born on this date-

I found something that I wrote in 7th grade October 18, 1968

Children are murded in schools because of a Constitutional Amendment that

Death by a Thousand Cuts: The true story of the Republican voter.

Michigan players celebrate winning the

Jaco Pastorius was born on this date.

The movie Knives Out was an absolute

Trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and hardly a voice of caution to be heard

Saw "Midway" yesterday.

Merry Christmas from Rex (formerly Tex) and Edna Boil...

Prayers can crowd out donations for disaster victims

I Wish Someone Would Take The Time To Put A Repug Organization Chart Together.....

Prayers can crowd out donations for disaster victims

In SW Florida this week, I saw many, many boats go by proudly flying Trump flags.

You raised $230.00 on November 30, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

So Northam in VA doesn't want to repeal "Right to work"

UN Chief Warns Of 'Point Of No Return' On Climate Change

I don't know.

John Simon, Wide-Ranging Critic With a Cutting Pen, Dies at 94

I ate a big can of green beans yesterday.

Top House Democrat Tells Fox We Don't Work For Trump

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 1, 2019?

Big Lots!: Proud to be Union-Free

Ruth Marcus To GOP: If Trump Scandal Doesn't Meet 'The Framers' Conception Of Bribery, What Does?'

I've come across a few Black Friday videos in the past few days.

Democratize the Internet

Toll at least 21 after Mexico cartel attack near US border

The Highwomen - fabulous female supergroup

Sanders: Scripture calls for renewed focus on justice in US

Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat on this date in 1955.

Purple Thursday.

Death toll rises to 21 after attack on Mexican town

Next month we'll have recreational 'jazz cabbage' sales in Illinois.

Two storms leave 50 million under winter alert as travelers return from Thanksgiving

Have any of you tried re-usable pee pads?

Terry Glenn Jr., son of former Dallas Cowboys star, dies of accidental drug overdose

Mikhail Gorbachev warns Russia and US must avoid 'hot war'


Six more countries join Trump-busting Iran barter group

Man killed by booby trap rigged in his own home on Thanksgiving, police say

Spend a lot of time commuting? Seattle ranks second among cities with worst commutes

Dates that will "live in infamy": December 7, 1941; November 8, 2016; and

Farmers Rushed Into Hemp. Now They Face a Glut.

I wiped the smile off a trumpster's face today.

A Turkish dam is about to flood one of the oldest continuously settled places on Earth

Texas board reinstates teacher who just wants to help Hispanic students graduate

Billy Dee Williams Of 'Star Wars' Describes Himself As Gender Fluid

Was I too harsh? & Cal. law ??

I gave myself a pop quiz today. 87% !

It's hard to be an optimist about America right now

Stephen Miller remains undaunted after leak of e-mails tying him to white nationalist talking points

"This Week" three veterans discuss President Trump's recent intervention in three military war crime

Anyone here familiar with Don Winslow?

Hong Kong Unrest Rages On as Police Clash With Protesters

US pork industry sees $25 billion China market without tariffs

Another historical first...

John Kerry Launches Coalition To Fight Climate Crisis: 'We Are Way Behind'

'They're trying to wipe us off the map.' Small American farmers are nearing extinction

"Neely" is at it again

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seat will put Democrats in the majority?

Gridlock keeps many in Sultan feeling trapped in their homes

When a Broadway-goer rails against a play as unfair to white people, the playwright responds

In new budget, Everett police ready to move on body cameras

Church youth leader from Marysville charged with molestation

OK, I am officially Undecided again...

"Donald Trump: is there anything sadder than a chump who thinks he's a champ?"

Cartoons 12/1/19

Amazon Under Fire Over Auschwitz 'Christmas Ornaments'

Malta's PM to step down amid Daphne Caruana Galizia investigation

John Kerry Launches New Climate Crisis Coalition, 'WORLD WAR ZERO'

What the hell is the matter with Macron?

FBI posts big Black Friday gun check numbers; second-largest single day in program history

Sierra Hull, Stuart Duncan & Friends - "Lee Highway Blues"

Pete Davidson Sends Fans NDA With $1 Million Fine Ahead Of Comedy Show

I'm heading out to the airport in an hour for my trip to Arizona.

🔥 Community Meeting with Bernie - Columbia, SC

But first, coffee. Day 2 of the @JoeBiden Iowa Tour.. @ Queen Beans! lol

Manuscript by Elizabeth I

Top Republican Wants Adam Schiff to Testify

Say it ain't so...Eric Carmen has gone full-blown angry Chuck Woolery MAGAt on Twitter.

No One Impeached Bush For Lying About WMD's

As to 53% of republicans thinking Trump is better than Lincoln:

Daily Kos: Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses

"My institutional leadership decided to give a neo-Confederate group $2.5 million...."

As promised we adopted Zuzu this past Friday

The War-Crimes President

Bernie Sanders: Scripture calls for renewed focus on justice in US

Leonardo DiCaprio refutes Brazilian president's claim that he funded Amazon wildfires

Note to SHITLER: Surprize surprize surprize, PUTEEN ain't loyal to others either!1

The Constitution means nothing to the GOP congress people. The system is falling apart.

@SenJohnKennedy-the dangerous, stupid #Trump cult Loyalist says of Dr. Hill.......

Chuck Todd Tells GOPer He's Done 'Exactly' What Russia's 'Trying To Get American Politicians To Do'

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 1, 2019

Betrayed by Trump: Letters to the editor, Dec. 1, 2019

Is there any recycling value for a dead condenser motor from my a/c?

New word. "Pathocracy"

Photo: Bernie Sanders 'Eat and Greet' Community Meeting - Columbia, SC

A metaphor for America

I was at Mayor Pete's Goldsboro event today

Just finished A Warning by Anonymous (almost)

Donations for December

Elizabeth Warren meets with Des Moines Register's editorial board (full interview)

A Pa. county's Election Day nightmare underscores voting machine concerns

2020 US Senate Election Rating.- Which US Senate Election will put Democrats in the majority?

German government in doubt after shock SPD vote

Meanwhile, tell me we don't need healthcare reform...

Reverend Al, don't waste your time...or ours

Has Anyone Come Across Letters To The Editor From Former Trumpers.....

Big News: Joe Sestak Drops Out!

In one month, we'll be in the Twenties all over again...

Take the N from Donald and replace it with T. Take the

Mariss Yansons has died.

After the rain at sunset

Uh oh !

Media Bias against Bernie Sanders

For all the fans of "It's a Wonderful Life" and Jimmy Stewart....

I don't believe it! It's a miracle!

Unanswered questions from Trump on Ukraine matters show consciousness of guilt.

NYTimes: Someone was secretly recording Julian Assange when he was in the Ecuadorian embassy.

So funky you can smell it

10 injured in shooting after Bayou Classic football game


STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 2 December 2019

Republicans to mount aggressive campaign against impeachment as spotlight turns to Judiciary panel

'Hundreds of millions of people' may have had their text messages exposed online, researchers say