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Hackschooling . . .

School & Experts Put Genius Boy In Special Ed.

The Lessons of My Father – Nathan Phelps Speaks Out on Fred Phelps’ Death

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban: NFL is 10 years from imploding

I got some of the peat cups and started my plants!

San Francisco Airport uses tech to meet runway safety standards.

Historic gains for France's far-right in local elections

2014 Sunland Derby (Derby Prep)

Tax refunds

Don't Tread On M

The world needs more wealthy people like this....

Deep underground, federal employees process paperwork by hand in a long-outdated, inefficient system

Former NSA chief Hayden apologizes to Germans, but not for spying

a must read true story

Malaysia bungling search for Flight 370, U.S. lawmakers say

Cup method to grow loose lettuce within 40-50 days? Black Seeded Simpson

Question submitted by Brigid

Recogniton for a step forward

If you are an Obamabot but don't like the Third Way, you may be...

BREAKING: Bucs wideout Mike Williams stabbed in thigh by brother

The Lost Art of the Unsent Angry Letter

Happy Birthday Obamacare. ACA turns 4 today~

These Seattle Teachers Boycotted Standardized Testing—and Sparked a Nationwide Movement

I am glad to see Miles O'Brien up in the mix,

Former Spanish prime minister Suarez dies at 81

Report: Plan In Place To Move Unidentified Victims’ Remains To 9/11 Museum

Report: NYC Public Schools Have Seen 10 Student Suicides In 7 Weeks

Only you~

I Didn’t Want My Son to Have Dwarfism. Not Really.

Sightings boost search for missing Malaysia plane

“This is an extremely serious spill,” Capt. Brian Penoyer, US Coast Guard

otherworldly beautiful. I just came upon this "Holland's Got Talent" video, and ….

Pepperjack & Ritz crackers n/t

Regardless of what happened on 9/11 both Cheney and Bush tried to stop any investigation

UR hikes tuition, room and board

How dedicated a voter are you?

Why we need multiple candidates in the 2016 Democratic primary

Your thoughts on "personal trainers?"

The networks wonder why no one watches the Sunday "news" shows anymore?

Brazil ex-president backs Petrobras refinery enquiry

Petition: Tell Attorney General Greg Abbott to stop defending Texas’ bans on same-sex marriage

Petition: Tell Attorney General Greg Abbott to stop defending Texas’ bans on same-sex marriage

Marijuana industry finds unlikely new allies in conservatives

Iran says replica US aircraft carrier is really a movie prop

Bill Moyers is getting hammered. Take two seconds and give him five stars please…(currently 1.5/5)

Origin of Humans

Bristol named Britain’s best city to live in

So there is this big hole in the ground in New Mexico

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: how a routine flight became a mystery (First Long Form Article)

Colossal pharaoh statues of Amenhotep III found in Egypt’s temple city Luxor

Who are CNN sources "close to the investigation"?

New research points to Nixon in My Lai cover-up attempt

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 24 March 2014

U.S. sends Osprey aircraft, more Special Forces to Uganda to hunt warlord Joseph Kony

Spoiler----The Good Wife

New Poems of Greek Poetess Sappho Recovered

Japan Moves to Limit Bedbound Elderly On Feeding Tubes



Dr. Housing Bubble 03/24/14

Red Dawn is going to be on TNT tonight

"Source: Flight 370's altitude dropped after sharp turn" CNN

Drying up the delta: 19th century policies underlie today's crises (LAT)

US navy to move key equipment-a super-sensitive hydrophone listening device-to Australia

I was watching Moto3 Qatar and realized there was a female rider in the mix (pic heavy)

The Obamas' doggies DIALUP WARNING

Does Kim Jong Un's smoking picture send the wrong message?

The New Tribalism by Robert Reich

"3 Presidents and a Riddle Named Putin" By PETER BAKER at the NY Times

GOP Knew This Aortic Aneurysm Would Happen & Cheered

Spill comes at 'worst time' for wildlife in Galveston Bay


Washington landslide kills 8, leaves 18 missing (Updated)

Nate Silver has really screwed up this time...

Japan to turn over old nuclear research stockpile to U.S.

Ukraine Minister Sees War Risk Growing as Obama Heads to Europe

The Weather Channel got suckered.

Interesting question

The crew of a Chinese plane searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has spotted "susp

Right Sector enforces order in Ukraine

Today on Google: Dorothy Height, African-American and Women's rights activist

Historic gains for France's far-right in local elections

Russian state TV says Jews brought Holocaust on themselves

Right Sector PR video - Ukraine -Seriously frightening

That cop can run!

The way to GOTV for '14 is to FIRE UP THE BASE.

Putin is against Nazis in Ukraine, but he loves them in Russia (link has some graphic videos)

Law reportedly allows Tennessee to plan executions in secret

Putin is against Nazis in Ukraine, but he loves them in Russia (disturbing videos at link)

Got lost in the plane crash news...Malaysian court overturns Anwar Ibrahim's acquittal of sodomy

Mississippi Woman Faces Execution For Crime Her Son Admitted To

One of California's GOP candidates for governor is a registered sex offender, with a criminal past.

A Step Toward Justice in the Long “War on Terror”: Uruguay Offers to Welcome Guantanamo Detainees

A Step Toward Justice in the Long “War on Terror”: Uruguay Offers to Welcome Guantanamo Detainees

Honduras: Who Should Really Be On Trial For the Rio Blanco Dam?

“Colectivos are Synonymous with Organization, Not Violence”

Egypt sentences 529 members of Muslim Brotherhood to death

Overwhelming Evidence that Half of America is In or Near Poverty

What It's Like to Panhandle

Christian Right Has Major Role in Hastening Decline of Religion in America

5 Reasons Why Harry Reid Will Likely Keep His Job, Despite Washington Pundits' Predictions

Fukushima Evacuee - Remember Fukushima - No to Nuclear Power - Houses of Parliament

We Need More Phillip Agnews: Why Investing in Youth Leadership Pays Off

Children with hernia

After 2 1/2 years of struggling I finally got a good job

The Ash Tree

So the Egyptian Court sentenced over 500 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death

Australians, Chinese spot objects in Indian Ocean

Libya -"you break it, you own it"

Russian troops seize Ukraine marine base in Crimea - soldiers

China demands explanation from U.S. on Huawei spying report

Ukraine orders Crimea withdrawal

Egyptian court sentences 529 to death in killing of police officer

Monday Toon Roundup 1: CNN in a spin

Did Jesus think he was God? New insights on Jesus’ own self-image

Monday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

The Underground Railroad in Berkley? Local historian says maybe

The Fold Behind the Knee: Kopenawa and Albert's "Falling Sky"

The Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right !

Train Derailment at O'Hare Leaves 30 Injured

New objects spotted in search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, says Tony Abbott

Question about Orlando area, my fellow DU'ers....

Scott Olsen gets $4.5 million settlement for police injuries during Occupy Oakland protest

How women's wisdom was lost

River pollution could be increased by wetter winters

Don't know if this is the right place for this...

Obama oils China-Vatican links

A federal army for Myanmar?

For all the (rightful) criticism CNN gets over its silly coverage of the missing jetliner.....

Town pays $16k for Ted Nugent to NOT play their 4th of July event

Denial, Hopium, Insulation, Wishful Thinking - So Many Facets To Harvard's Refusal To Divest

climate scientists: we're alarmed - here's why you should be too

Israel closes embassies all over the world as diplomats go on indefinite strike

Even Before Drought, Large Areas Of Central Valley Farmland Winking Out - Salt, Aquifer Loss, More

CA Legislators Studying More New Dams (To Capture Water From Rain, Snow That Didn't Fall)

Daily Mail accused of insulting top female scientists

Five Species Of Birds Confirmed As Oiled; Full Extent Of Galveston Bunker Fuel Spill Still Unknown

Landrieu Not A Flat-Out Denier, But Pathetic Waffling On Climate Chokes Off Green Money

B1G is the Sweet 16 shiznit

RIP Dave Brockie aka Oderus of GWAR

So, How's That "Power-Sharing" Thingie Workin' Out for Ya, NYS?

Taiwan trade pact vital for growth

Australia still 'breeding out the color'

Injecting HIV into Pakistan

Delay Kudankulam by 8 weeks, no harm done

Elizabeth Kolbert On Tech Panglossism, Geoengineering And Other Examples Of Clouded Vision

President Obama and Vice-President Biden pics DIAL-UP WARNING

Russian sanctions as war and farce

Saudi grant kills Iran-Pakistan pipeline

Flouting the rules of law and morality (GUANTÁNAMO)

US Undermines Latin American Integration

The Way Old People Spend Is Bad News For The Economy

When ‘Religious Liberty’ Was Used To Deny All Health Care To Women And Not Just Birth Control

Florida Man Loses $45,000 Painting to Brother in Coin Toss

Problem for the GM Lobby

Problem for the GM Lobby (xpost from FA)

River pollution could be increased by wetter winters

In American Waters

Malwarebytes commits to lifetime support for XP users

The Conservative Myth of a Social Safety Net Built on Charity

13 of 14 warmest years on record occurred in 21st century – UN

No Android for Obama yet, sticking with BlackBerry

Big Climate Report: Warming Is Big Risk For People

Your opinion of the condition of the economy is probably influenced by your employment status.

UK- 1,500 people line up to try and get one of 40 jobs

Is Pakistan a soft target for US media?

Bill Black on FDIC SUIT against 16 Largest Banks--Ethics, Crony Capitalism&Politics (Ritholtz Blog)

Stephen Hawking Tells Explorers to 'Boldly Go' Beyond Earth

Beaumont couple gets permit to hunt mountain lion that killed puppy

ALEC Goes Hyper Local With New Nationwide Network

Time for American leadership

Speak Softly And Carry A Big Brush

Incongruous / lacking in harmony as I see it: Look at these two endangered children

$650/hour Buys Christie A Report....

A multiethnic, multiracial portrait of Appalachia

2 more deaths in Venezuela before dueling marches

Anti-fracking activist banned from Pennsylvania land heads to court

The new GOP attack line, blame world's woes on 'weakened America'

NC: Duke’s Chatham coal-ash pond dam cracked from unauthorized pumping

The Ukraine nuclear delusion

KRUGMAN nails it, Again: "Wealth Over Work"--- "And the drift toward oligarchy continues"

Make no mistake..."Common Core" is a profit-making venture for Jeb Bush et al.

U.N. blames warming earth for extreme weather in 2013

NYT: "Selling A Poison by the Barrel: Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes"

The Working Families Party’s Cuomo dilemma

State (CT) Urges Gun Owners to Turn In Unregistered Weapons

Did Hyman Minsky find the secret behind financial crashes?

In Greece, uproar over plan to dispose of Syrian chemical weapons in the Mediterranean

Fed Govt. has greenlighted Virginia pilot project to close the health care gap - no more excuses

"The Good Wife" Shocks Viewers, Producers Explain

Food rationing

MH370 press conference at 10 AM EST

Witness: Why I didn't interfere with the liquor store beating

Casino plan gets a split verdict

Malaysia airlines sends SMS to relatives saying that it is to be "assumed beyond any reasonable...

Report finds unbelievable waste in 9 major fisheries

Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Death Pool (potential SPOILERS, of course)

It's not polar bears, but humans most at risk from global warming, mega-report says

Malaysian PM: 'According to This New Data, Flight MH370 Ended in S. Indian Ocean'

UN: 2013 Extreme Events Due to Warming Earth

What I have learned during the search for the missing plane...

TOM TOMORROW: The Surveillance Society - A Look Back

Yes, Manmade Global Warming Is Worsening California’s Epic Drought

3 killed by colectivos on Saturday

So did the Malaysian P.M. actually say they have recovered any "objects?"

God Has a Little Talk With Fred Phelps

Proposed rules would offer more protection for seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage

Here Are The US Cities Where The Poor Are The Most Segregated From Everyone Else

'I didn't kill her. I killed the demon inside her' - Religious delusion kills again.

India and Space Defense

The Way Old People Spend Is Bad News For The Economy

Good contest for fiction writers

One headline explains our entire media: CNN

Those hills aren't alive any more...

Putin to Russian billionaires: Pay up

Warning: Graphic GIF - Eight Seconds of Pure Hell...

X-Men: Days of Future Past | Official Trailer 2

Pub Gets Crap For Banning Guns, Calling Pistol-Packers "Douchebags"

The mudslide in Washington State (530 Slide) still 30 people missing. Here are the FAQs...

Why Arizona is courting Mexicans, downplaying immigration laws (hint: $$$)

Pap and Seder: Where to Find a Missing $2 Trillion

Joint statement by 39 Right Livelihood Laureates and World Future Council members

Mark Twain schools Fox, CNN and the rest of the 21st century media

Proposed Changes To ‘Stand Your Ground’ Could Limit Journalists’ Access To Court Records

On the theft of indigenous struggles

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid Accuses GOP of KOCH 'Addiction'

More delays in the F-35 program

'Dark Beauty': The Eloquence of Lupita Nyong'o

"working for the other side"

A New Christopher Hitchens Book Will Be Published This November

De Niro Film Company Sells 50 Percent Stake To Madison Square Garden Co.

Long Island cop accused of targeting Hispanics facing more charges

I'm anxious to see Don Lemon

U.S. Support to Regional Efforts to Counter the Lord's Resistance Army

Congressional candidate Susanne Atanus calls to say she's definitely NOT crazy!

Religious exemptions — a guide for the confused

5 Ways To Delete A File In Use In Windows

If The 'Black Box' Is Painted Orange - Why Do They Call It A 'Black Box'?.....

What It Means To Be Catholic In 2014

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

New York district attorneys riled by push to defund anti-corruption commission

GWAR frontman Brockie found dead in Virginia home

question about image files

TYT: Politicians Don't Give A Damn About Hypocrisy

The AMA opposes any law that bars doctors from having conversations about gun safety, do you agree?

TYT: Want To Scare Your Friends? Show Them This Chart

9/11 Memorial Museum To Open In May

TYT: Yup, You Were Right, Retailers Do Exactly What You Thought

Taxpayers fund creationism in the classroom

Envy and Jealousy? Gag Me With a Silver Spoon

I Love You!

TYT: Detroit Gives Oil Co HUGE Tax Break, Learns How Capitalism ACTUALLY Works

Married Georgia teacher had threesome with students in classroom, another tryst at local Waffle.....

TYT: 'Weaponized AIDS' Is The Start But The Finish Is Even Scarier

Is it true that in Europe, credit cards operate on a chip implanted on the card and not

M.J. Rosenberg's Critique of BDS Movement

Morality and Religion

Scott Lively: Chick-Fil-A now the "Mark Of The Beast"

Report: Apple talking to Comcast about streaming TV service to bypass web congestion

Obama Recently Ordered Military Action. And We Won. You Never Heard About it, Did You?

Christie lawyers clear Christie in bridge scandal

Pig Boy: "We Already Have Museums for Women They Are Called Malls" The Raw Story

Poll Shows Challenge From the Left Can Hurt Quid-Pro-Cuomo

Parents of Harlem abandoned baby in custody

"They want to take our assault rifles away..."

Jesus Christ-No, Bill O'really - Superstar

Atheism (toon)

STILL LIFE by Joy Fielding on audiobook. Just finished it. A suspense novel.

Exclusive Leaked phonecall !!! Yulia Timoshenko: "Shoot them all with atomic weapons"

I'm working on a new e-liquid flavor for vaporizing called DU.

There are a few to choose from:

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton to discuss education today at Irving conference

Wal-Mart makes official its reliance on food-stamp recipients for profits

Taxpayers fund creationism in the classroom

State Senate Leaders Say DREAM Act Not Being Discussed In Budget Talks

Authorities: 108 names on list of missing or unaccounted for in Washington mudslide

How The Koch Brothers Are Hacking Science

The Elder Scrolls Online

I don't want to go to heaven, it's filled with pricks like you

De Blasio Insists There’s No ‘Crackdown’ on Subway Pandhandling

Army punished soldiers who asked for PTSD help

Before the WTC

The health care industry's campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt

WHY would Kathleen do such a thing over the phone? And why is it even news??

Since they're now major funders of both parties, why not just name the country for them?

Libya is a disaster we helped create. The west must take responsibility

Sometimes a comic strip sums it up perfectly

Russian politician proposes new divisions of Ukraine

Ignorance or bliss?

108 listed missing in mudslide, report says

Nate Silver Predicts GOP Senate Win in 2014

Mavs owner Mark Cuban on Jason Collins: “We already know there’s more gay players in the league”

Monday Morning Smiles

A few from this weekend

Religious Belief is Not a Mental Illness

Justin Welby makes great strides, but his greatest challenge is yet to come

Justin Welby makes great strides, but his greatest challenge is yet to come

U.S. Whites More Solidly Republican in Recent Years

Leaked tape threatening to kill Russians

The neverending winter (out of the mouths of babes);

Pic Of The Moment: The Future Looks Bright For Today's GOP

Slow day today.

Crowley backs Rangel for re-election

It is amazing how I am asked to serve as a juror

Meringue dancing dog!

A guide to the Long Island College Hospital bids

Bill de Blasio Paves Way for More Charter Co-Locations

Trolls are misunderstood creatures. Really ...

This Piece Got this NYC Blogger Arrested

Radical disability rights group ADAPT is doing another sit-in, with a twist

Dianne Feinstein pushes for semi-automatic rifle import ban based on 45-year-old law

Barack Obama delivers a statement in front of Dutch master Rembrandt’s The Night Watch

Siena Poll: Majority supports Cuomo's plan to offer college courses for inmates in New York prisons

Mika Brzezinski Shuts Down Co-Host's Missing Malaysia Jet Speculation

Carter: Snowden's leaks 'good for Americans to know'

Obama Club Netherlands present Welcome Mr. President

Why is single payer better than multiple payers?

Train Derails, Climbs Escalator at Chicago Airport.

You could always try listening to people. (re: Nate Silver and climate change denial)

Senators who voted to cut the pensions of US military veterans.

Supreme Court Rejects Coal Industry Lawsuit, Defends EPA Veto of Mountaintop Removal Mine

Revealed: Extraordinary collection of 5,000 WWI photographs salvaged from RUBBISH DUMPS by a former


Now Putin is going after those eeeevil Canadians.....

Wonkette: Michelle Obama Betrays America (Again), Plays Ping-Pong Like A Goddamned Communist

There's only one abortion provider left in the entire state of Missouri

President Obama in the Netherlands (Dial-up warning!)

"Hip-Hop Was To Blame After All" (Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer)

animated Antarctica weather map

Queens man's body found stuffed in bag along the boardwalk

Elizabeth Warren: "So here's my question ...

Home, Snoodles...

Russian TV: Jews caused Holocaust and are asking for another one with Ukraine support

The First Lady in China (Dial-up warning)

Flaming tumbleweed tornado!

Some Macros

Harry Reid Petition To Protect Social Security and Medicare!

An interesting perspective....

Hands down the best joke I've read on DU in the past six months

Neil deGrasse Tyson: SO THAT WOULD BE A NO...

Kris Kobach *IS* a fraud.

Rikers captain charged in death of inmate

At least one of these is not going to be smiling

how i am seeing it today, as opposed to yesterday. and why women are being so forceful

The President between two ferns -

Wait a minute! I thought it was five hidden posts before an account gets flagged for review!

Seismic shift: How the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 changed science

Some Great Neil DeGrasse Tyson Videos

My God! Been away from DU

Did you know there are armadillos in lower SC? Some people near

Conclusions regarding the Michael Brea case

On equal pay, Wendy Davis to Greg Abbott: 'This Texas gal is calling you out'

ACA enrollment deadline March 31 (special NJ info)

Banker Deaths Leave Industry Concerned as Coroners Probe

So, Rick Scott's campaign takes 1 mil donation from some guy called Fernandez...

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz donates $30m to U.S. troops to help fund study into PTSD...

Being Targeted By The Pro-Life Action League - Katie Klabusich Discusses

Fabien Cousteau:(Jacques Cousteau's Grandson) Says: It may take years to find Flight 370--

Obama defends NSA spying in meeting with Chinese president

NASA Study: Civilization Doomed by Overconsumption, Wealth Inequality (Infographic)

What do DU Atheists want of DU believers?

Obama, G7 leaders meet without Russia as Ukraine exits Crimea

EU bans fish imports from Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea

Hello everybody, not dead.

"Hunger is not caused by a scarcity of food ...

Last British Great Escaper

Ukraine to face its 'graft culture' under aid plan

Calvin & Hobbes: Way ahead of its time.

Stop Developers from Evicting Elderly in Brooklyn

I'm an old guy ...

Rape jokes in HS hallway, no big deal. Report on it and you'll be censored.

I felt like I was in a crazy romance movie this past weekend...

Shooter in Ringwood murder-suicide 'slipped through cracks'

Some definitions for our newer members...

Gohmert: Taking a paintball gun to a gunfight

Death Squads Continue to Reign in Colombia

Parts of New England brace for spring snow

food rave of the day (3/24): coffee

The first eagle egg should hatch any time over the next 5 to 7 days

Fun Fox Facts

Tragedy underscores multiple gun-ownership trend in U.S.

Mujica: Promises made to US don't apply to Uruguay; Guantanamo detainees could travel freely

Mujica: Promises made to US don't apply to Uruguay; Guantanamo detainees could travel freely

What is with all these exorcism gone bad posts?

GOP Policy Guide

Jack Nicholson on ‘The Andy Griffith Show,’ twice

"Lights Out" - Who's There Film Challenge (2013) From David F. Sandberg

U.S. Press Unconcerned: The Culture of Fear Continues in Colombia

A proposal that could help the Democratic Party win the House and keep the Senate.

If you think that the Congress in 2009/2010 would have passed Single Payer legislation

On the Estate Tax

Radio Station Burns $5,000 Cash in Publicity Stunt

Colombia: Disappearances Plague Major Port

Problem with Apple Mail

Red Army on Red Square: Russian military parade in Moscow

It's not nice to fool a little doggie!

New York Obamacare Exchange Enrolls 717,207 People With A Week To Go Before Deadline

5 ex-employees convicted in first criminal trial to spring from Bernie Madoff's huge fraud

Yet another Republican hypocrite, criticizing Medicare cuts that he supports

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit ...

Routine Data Analysis Helped Inmarsat Pinpoint MH370's Path

Greg Abbott’s bogus voter fraud crusade

Why is the mainstream media ignoring Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

CNN Gets High Ratings on Malaysian Flight 370 Coverage

W.Va. Man Charged With Threatening US Sen. Manchin

Another take on Phelps at the pearly gates.

Kindergarten teacher: My job is now about tests and data — not children. I quit.

Popular artists with no deep tracks

re: steve2470's question about image files

Today, on the 25th anniversary of the EXXON VALDEZ oil spill,

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ March 24th

U.S., other powers kick Russia out of G8

McAuliffe proposes expanding Medicaid in two-year pilot

George Carlin on the death penalty.

New batch of photos shows progress of Second Ave Subway construction

Elizabeth Warren: "So here's my question ...

NYC jail guard charged in death of inmate who ate disinfectant

Reid says GOP may have helped Russia annex Crimea

Globalization widens wealth gap as advanced economies outpace developing world

Holder Announces New Standards For Halfway Houses

Wisconsin Governor Walker signs $504 million tax cut

Panel continues ethics review of GOP leader

Casino siting board’s consultant announced

AFL-CIO petition: If the Gap can do it, so can Walmart (raise wages)

Advice please: My kitty has itchy ears. Have been to 2 Vets,

New York court to hear Dead Sea Scrolls first amendment case

People attack CBS for zooming in on tearful young Kansas University fan

Randi Rhodes: I suspect Russia is a paper Tiger

President Obama via email: "I need your help" (ACA deadline)

Brand New GMC Yukon Erupts Into Flames During Test Drive

Report: $1 billion in taxpayer money went to anti-science private schools last year

Did Michael Waltrip think he was talking to Donna Summer on pit road at Auto Club?

Russia's New Ability To Evade NSA Surveillance Is Either A Crazy Coincidence Or Something Much Worse

How Fred Phelps got himself disbarred:

Even an ex-wizard needs protection

DNA study seeks origin of Appalachia’s African-Americans

Police shoot homeless man in the back killing him

Judge Joe Brown Arrested In Memphis

The End of the Asian Forests

Cynthia Nixon: Bring back the governor I voted for

Meanwhile, in the White House Political Boiler Room...

US aircraft to aid hunt for LRA chief Kony

AG encourages drug stores to follow CVS, pull tobacco from their shelves

Some in military challenge Shane Osborn's view of 2001 heroism (R candidate NE US Senate)

Uncovering the first gay country album. (1973!)

Oil spilled in Gulf of Mexico causes heart problems in developing tuna

So apparently a guy dressed as a clown is creeping people out in Staten Island.

Pregnant woman, Venez National Guardsman killed

Tab page in firefox missing

The U.S.’s Terrorism Double Standard

Pressure on DEC to kill swan-killing plan

The Vicious Campaign Against Cuba: The U.S.’s Terrorism Double Standard

From a Boeing 777 pilot re Malaysian airliner:

TPM: Obama Co-Opts Tea Party Slogan For Obamacare Bumper Sticker

Here is audio of the Wyden lecture on surveillance state last week

Historical Wisdom

These TN Momma Bears support public education, call out Rhee's group, say it buys "likes" on FB

Religious freedom in the workplace

Out! Now!

She Thinks That Autism Is God’s Punishment for Gays

Anti-gay pastor who prayed for Obama’s death demands silence from women in church

APD officers shoot homeless person in the back (video)

TV's Judge Joe Brown arrested

If Nate Silver's best analysis is that Republicans are likely to win, is

New UK trial underway to see if 800-cal diet can cure Type II

Another Fine Edition of Cat Shaming ...

My mother in-law passed last year

Poll: We are All Working to Transform the ACA into for Medicare for All, or Better, Right?

Florida Moves To Restrict Media Access To Stand Your Ground Case Records

Belgian Newspaper Accused Of Racism For Picture Of Obama And Michelle As Apes

Justice Roberts' opinion gutting Voting Rights Act based on principle behind Dred Scott Decision

Ethics continues review of Rep. Markwayne Mullin ( R-OK)

Justice Roberts' opinion gutting Voting Rights Act based on principle behind Dred Scott Decision

Justice Roberts' opinion gutting Voting Rights Act based on principle behind Dred Scott Decision

"Because who is perfect?"

Snowden Critics: How Did Russia Get So Good at Evading U.S. Surveillance, Exactly?

City Demands Church Stop Sheltering The Homeless

Didn't see this coming..."'There Is No G8'"... Putin Booted

Welfare and the Yacht

Corporate religion? Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court, and the science behind emergency contraceptives

The CIA Doesn’t Want You to Know How Badly It Botched Torture

Women Oppose Birth Control Limits: "92% of Dems-83% of independents-63% of Repubs-79% of Catholics"

Russian Companies to Boost Gas Production in Crimea – Medvedev

Why are police lives valued more than ours? Why do they make the determination that

City Pushes State To Nix Budget Language Barring Rental Assistance For Homeless Families

No Ukrainian Military Units Left in Crimea – Official

Ray Rice has Ravens owner's support

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Black Pathology and the Closing of the Progressive Mind

Try it. Just Try It! C'mon ... I double dog dare ya!! ;-)

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 24 March 2014

Republicans may have helped Russia annex Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula

If CNN spent even 1/100th the time covering our hijacked economy as it does that missing airplane...

Third BASE jumper found dead in Zion National Park

So what do you think now? still think the new Egyptian Government is better

Cuomo admin on de Blasio homeless request: ‘Too late’

AFTER CRIMEA: Fans of "Crosstalk" This is one of their Incredible Best...but

Senate advances Ukraine aid, Russia sanctions bill

Jimmy Carter to be a guest on Letterman tonight.

Ranch dressing on pizza?

Bright Futures scholarships are subject of federal investigation

Bright Futures scholarships are subject of federal investigation

IMO, we will find that the plane will be seriously overload with Li Batteries.

I really, really miss my Mousie.

Florida Moves To Restrict Media Access To Stand Your Ground Case Records

The Hague Declaration

It occurred to me - Laws that govern sexuality, drugs and morality

Morning Plum: The tea party and the minimum wage

Republicans: They can cause children to starve

Ex-con becomes private prison investor to expose systematic rape by employees

Do we have NY ACA experts on DU

My precious pumpkin visited me last night.

PHOTOS: Settlers assault Palestinian NGO worker in northern West Bank

Rob Ford documents suggest widening crack video investigation

Crazy Jews Libel Israel with Price Tag Attack in Jerusalem

Charlene Dill was murdered by Rick Scott, FL republicans RE Medicaid funding ("donut hole" death)

Obama Co-Opts Tea Party Slogan For Obamacare Bumper Sticker

IBEW: Proudly American, Proudly Union

a rant, if you will (don't click if not in the mood to read one)

America’s most under-reported story: Homelessness

Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? honouring dorothy irene height, civil rights activist

Tax filing/deduction questions

Pressure on DEC to kill swan-killing plan

Water Falling Over Things 2014: Part I (The Official State Waterfall)

U.S. says glad 'noxious' U.N. rights envoy for Palestine leaving

Oklahoma family: Police shot dog for no reason, claim officer said killing was “awesome”

Ukraine $1bn aid bill clears Senate after GOP drops resistance to IMF loans

Jimmy Carter: Violence Against Women Is The Most Pervasive Human Rights Violation In The World