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Ethiopia says it will free all political prisoners

Something Wicked This Way Comes....

Video: Full remarks of Sen. Sanders at the Inauguration ceremony for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Conservative media stands by Trump over Bannon

"Slender Man" trailer *SPOILER*

Talk about government intrusion into our

Gallup ends daily presidential approval tracking poll

"We are going to the store. Need anything?"

Not Losing the election - wound up exposing them for who they really were.

Russian Social Media Giant Gave Info on Trump Contacts to Senate Probe

Rescuers free cat stuck in fireplace

After Trump Thrashing, Steve Bannon May Be Done

Pro golfer posts rare footage of Trump playing golf over Christmas break - then deletes the video

short Twitter video of Doug Jones taking oath of office, with Biden next to him.

Will the "Hunting For Hitler" show on History Channel reveal a link to the surviving

Linguist George Lakoff dissects exactly why - and when - Trump tweets distractions

Barack Obama's birthday declared Illinois holiday as many US states introduce niche laws for 2018

Donald Trump to attend Alabama-Georgia national championship game


Number of employers said to threaten immigrant workers with deportation spikes in California since T

Trial Date Set for Man Accused of Murdering Heather Heyer

Rupert Murdoch 'called Donald Trump a f****** idiot', claims new book

When they say the Russian donations were legal, show them this:

How Trump Can (and Probably Will) Botch the Iran Situation

Bannon is disgusting but I'm pre-ordering his book!

Suggestion for new DU thing: completely stop posting "his" name on DU.

CNN has this picture of trump on their homepage

Senator Feinstein has been busy

OK I just realized Ivanka is a narcissist also.

Today, it began...

Washington state sues Motel 6 for sharing guest data with immigration agents

This sounds an awful lot like a Lounge thread from a couple of months ago. (NSFW)

Well, I just turned off my alarm clock: Work is already cancelled tomorrow for snow

Uh-oh, Russia investigators want to speak to Steve Bannon about Trump money laundering...

LadyBird Johnson running through snow February 1966 at the White House

Can't wait for Rachel tonight: She's so great at laughing at bannon.....

How many bottles of wine to buy weathercast, Boston lol

If Donald Trump had won the Democratic nomination, would you have voted for him?

Google reveals CPU security flaw Meltdown and Spectre details


Too Small!

A well-tailored suit is to a man...

Maybe this is crazy, but...could Romney be looking to fulfill the White Horse Prophecy as senator?

Something I learned, literally, at my mother's knee: "It takes years to earn a reputation

More than 1,500 Homicides in Sinaloa, Mexico in 2017

No words needed.

"The Smoking Man" is back on the X-Files

Republicans passed their tax bill. Now they're spending $10 million to promote it.

2 former Christie bridge lawyers get key Trump positions

Obama's Reading and Playing Lists

Trump's Tweeting Pattern quite obvious now

Subdued Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peaks Today: What to Expect

Ex-Homeland Security Officials Urge Faster Action on DACA

GOP can't generate buzz for House seat in Florida, and some say it's unwinnable

Iran deploys Revolutionary Guards to quell 'sedition' in protest hotbeds

Tomorrow's NY Daily News Cover

Protestors in New York City tonight demanding that people keep their "Hands Off Mueller"

Enuff of this cold weather! Freezing in Lose-ee-ana!

Raw water is the latest health craze. Heres why drinking it may be a bad idea.

Dang spell check on Kindle!

Naked Truth - Trump ran for President so that the Russians would take his real estate deal seriously

"Who says that fuggin bastid can prosecute me for breaking the law?"

U.S. judge orders government to release Iraqis or grant bond hearings

Rosenstein meets with Paul Ryan about Russia investigation

Outburst against Bannon removes any shred of decorum

My grandson nearly 5 years old calls Claude Monet "Claude."

States pursue net neutrality rules after FCC rollback

Lieu: Bannon and Flynn turning on Trump is reminiscent of Nixon era

Emmanuel Macron: French president announces 'fake news' law

This is only Wednesday

Schindler: If Bannon says that to a journalist, imagine what the ex-USN LT told the #FBI.

DACA: Trumpians blocking way of protesters to Feinstein's office

Public interest group sues Justice Department for release of FBI messages

Trump's tweet storm Tuesday copied the content of a Fox News segment.

Steve says Ivanka 'dumb as a brick'

Didnt Russias Podesta email dump come after Bannon was on board??

Ex-U.S. NSA contractor to plead guilty to massive theft of secret data

When did we start naming winter storms?

The Marine Corps commandant: "I hope I'm wrong, but there's a war coming."

Dem Congressman Swalwell still is pushing for an

Matthew Dowd: Want to know what "pot calling the kettle black" means?

"Steve Bannon is like a drunken Secret Santa who keeps giving out gifts to the wrong people."

GrASSley rejects Comey defense: Law enforcement not independent

Wasn't Bannon a member of the Security Counsel ?

US Skating execs warn against potential OLY boycott

We're waiting:

Arizona Utility Sending Crews To Puerto Rico

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! From Russia, with Loathing!

I hope there are tapes.

Struck me as funny.

My Parents always taught me to keep my hands to myself.

Johnny Cash - "Hurt"

3 Trump tweets in last 10 minutes: on tax cuts, stock market, and MAGA!

Rachel: LOTS hitting the fan tonight. US atty to replace Preet in NY is Guliani's law partner.

Death toll rises to 51 from bus plunging over cliff in Peru

Trump's first year is most successful in history, with zero Bigfoot-related deaths

Tortilla, gasoline prices unnerve Mexicans as election year begins

Charlottesville VA council votes for black woman as mayor

Grassley. Old idiot! N/T

Gabe Sherman: Bannon doesn't care about short term news cycles. He's playing a long game.

'We won, you know?'

Tonight Putin

Walton FL voters to decide whether to fly Confederate Flag

FIRE AND FURY is now Amazon's #1 bestseller

"To boldly go where no frog has gone before"

Trump Reportedly Told Hope Hicks: 'You're the Best Piece of Tail' Corey Lewandowski 'Will Ever Have'

Yellow tooth Guillianno picked justice attorney for New York!

Could A Drug Test Be Part Of Your Physical? Sessions Advisor Thinks It Should.

Mexico: Pena-Nieto Ally Arrested for Graft Scheme

KFC UK & Ireland trolled Trump

ALEX JONES Sets record straight: "Medical doctors will tell you its the feet size."

Rep. Blake Farenthold has not yet paid back $84K for settlement

What is life like for the growing child of a narcissist?

Fort Collins, CO is moving ahead with a public broadband

A Long Tendrilled Translucent Jellyfish Reflects Back the ROV Hercules Lights in a Bright Burst of C

Lawrence O'Donnell just suggested Trump's incontinent

YEAH! The beard is gone.

Morning Joe's going to be interesting tomorrow...

A Long Tendrilled Translucent Jellyfish Reflects Back the ROV Hercules Lights in a Bright Burst of C

Lawrence Raises An Interesting Theory

As book begins-Trump is taking friends wives to bed-by end-he's sharing his bed with a cheeseburger

What Would A GOP "Pay-Go" Health Care System Look Like? That Is What They Want.

How nice of NBC to hire Brooke Shields to reinforce the message that birth families

Former mayor, son killed in central Mexico amid murder spike

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists editor: Trump N. Korea tweets are existential threat to humanity

Which would harm the moron the most, laundering money or collusion?

Liverpool car park fire aftermath

Trump White Like Olson & Johnson's Film "Crazy House" Only It Is Not Funny.

Luckovich: Overcompensating.

Jake Tapper is on late tonight on CNN. Says CNN has someone they don't pay enough

Not ONE REPUBLICAN Objected to Trump's North Korean Nuke Tweet

UCF national champs? Florida lawmakers could declare it so

What's the best way to handle a noise complaint?

Rosenstein and Wray . . . . . remarkably publicly . . . . . visit the Head House Weasel

The look Doug Jones gay son gives Mike Pence

Butt hurt trump sends cease and desist to bannon to stop picking on him.

After reading posts at Freeperville I'm convinced there's only one poster

Congress met with psychiatry professor to discuss Trump's mental health

Washington Post seems determined to throw cold water on "Fire & Fury"...

Trump lawyers' cease-and-desist letter to Bannon does more than anything to confirm what Bannon said

Illinois Governor Commercial

Washington's growing obsession: The 25th Amendment

Trump lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to Bannon to stop him

Peter Thiel considering creating conservative news network: report

31,000 comments on the Bannon/Fire and Fury article at Breitbart

Illinois primary is a couple months away? Who is the best choice for governor?

We need a cartoon or a toy of

Shop NowGamiss ad

11th Hour

Can you imagine Trump in a toga?

Nunes says that in deal w/ DOJ the Intelligence Committee looks forward to getting access to ALL

What a Creep He is

Tweet of the Day

At first I was disappointed when they canceled the last season of "House of Cards"

Doug Jones and Tina Smith sworn into the Senate (VIDEO)

The End of the Beginning - TPM

Something else must be going on w/r/t the bogus "Election Integrity" Commission.

Daily News Cover: "Cuck Fight" at the Trump corral.

Congratulations to Trump for fixing the election fraud problem!

"The @realDonaldTrump Doctrine: Speak bigly and carry a soft stick."

Trump administration's Voter Fraud Commission was dissolved today.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats move closer to signing Johnny Manziel

Found on Twitter -- #TrumpRESIGN

Humorous interpretation of photo from Doug Jones' swearing in ceremony

The Daily Show: Trump Goes Nuclear on Twitter

You have to read Dana Milbank's latest in the WaPo! Sample below:

CBS News Political Director Fired After Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 4, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Charles Boyer

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 5, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight - Survival Movies

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 6, 2018 -- The Essentials: Keir Dullea

Does Schiff have a copy of the transcript the chair won't release?

WP had breaking news alert that Bannon supports Trump. Anyone else


Its not tRump whos the problem, its EVERYBODY ELSE in the entire world!

Trump attorney sends Bannon cease and desist letter over 'disparaging' comments

Sanctuary on side of Mexican volcano could be universe model

Sanctuary on side of Mexican volcano could be universe model

Influenza 1918, PBS American Experience

Trump to Seek Biggest Offshore Drilling Increase in Decades


So Nunes didn't get the goods?

Something Big Is Going Down As Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Meets With Paul Ryan About Russia

Maxine Waters: Message to Mueller

In rebuke to Trump, Charlottesville selects first black woman mayor

Brother of NBA Legend Larry Bird to run as a Democrat for the Indiana State House

Every Republican member of US House and US Senate who does not impeach Trump, convict him and

Dave Chappelle Stumbles Into the #MeToo Moment

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/3/18

Holy Crap! Doug Jones' openly gay son stares a hole through Pence during photo op.

Motel 6 gave guest lists to ICE agents looking for 'Latino-sounding' names.

Frank, I have a sick headache, let's go home...

Former Detroit Deputy Chief of Police and Legal Advisor Pleads Guilty to Bribery Conspiracy

Former Executive Managing Director of Och-Ziff Capital Management Indicted (defrauded charuty)

I never knew she was Asian.

I never knew she was Asian ...

Oregon now lets people pump their own gas and some Oregonians are losing their minds over it

Trumps Lawyers Send Bannon Cease-and-Desist Letter

White House to enforce personal cell phone ban

Fighter pilot who flew last combat mission in World War II dies at 93


Rie a.k.a. Suzaku

Lawmakers move to limit Trump authority to launch nuke after nuclear button size tweet

Earthquake East Bay about 3 minutes ago.

#Breaking: Northern California Earthquake felt far and wide!

Just felt earthquake S.F. Bay Area

Insidious Intent by Val Mcdermid. Possible SPOILERS.

Earthquake Felt In East Bay This Morning

Steak and Ale...

Two hour delay for the boys

19,000-pound space lab falling "uncontrolled" back to Earth

Morning Joe Scum is a hoot today

North Korea accidentally hit one of its own cities with a missile, report says

The Rude Pundit: ...The Fusion GPS Editorial Is More Important Than the Wolff Book Excerpts

Aye Hazza Neew Friend...

Cuomo Plans to Sue U.S. Government Over State Tax Break Change

Behind the scenes at the Trump White House: Uglier, meaner, and simply dumber than you can imagine

KCDC on Morning JOe said Bannon uniting the GOP

A mashup of "The Producers" and "Being There," but filmed as a horror story.

Colbert is ready for Monday!

I'm calling it right now

Virginia - HD94 "lot" drawing should still be on for today at 11am.

45 is taking credit for South and North Korea talking again. Everything simply has to be about him!

Intel was aware of the chip vulnerability when its CEO sold off $24 million in company stock

Second Excerpt of Book Coming Today

Galsplaining with Gal Gadot GQ

How Michael Wolff Defends His Reporting

It's all fun and games until somebody gets wet ...

Washington's growing obsession: The 25th Amendment

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - "Mine's Bigger"

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - More Dotard Action!

John Nichols: Orrin Hatch Was Never a 'Public Servant'

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Kellyanne Conway was yanked off cable news after Ivanka Trump grew tired of her 'idiotic militancy'

Instagram Photo Link: Sen. Sanders at pretzel vendor NYC

WOW - New Michael Wolff column for Hollywood Reporter: My Year Inside Trump's Insane White House

When a North Korean Missile Accidentally Hit a North Korean City

"You Can't Make This S--- Up": My Year Inside Trump's Insane White House

Blair Told Trump British Spies Were Monitoring Him

Did Fox mention the Bannon brouhaha last night?

Wolff Book: Trump Is 'Incapable of Functioning' in His Job, Can't Recognize Old Friends

'War Could Start From the Private Residence': Trump Aides Joke Away His Latest 'Nuclear' Tweet

Steve Bannon Gears Up for 2020, Says Donald Trump's 'Lost His Stuff'

Theyre toasting his nuts on Pennsylvania Avenue

Texas Congressman Hedges on Promise to Repay Taxpayers

1 big thing: Trump may sue Michael Wolff

Someone needs to swear Hillary in as POTUS NOW!

Scaramucci says Trump has 'probably the best emotional intelligence' of any living person

Stock up now! 😏

faux news website looks like the weather channel this am....anything but trump

Snow at the beach this morning...and edited to add a little sparkle around noon.

If it wasn't completely obvious before, it's most definitely obvious by now...

New book: Hannity was open to giving Trump questions before interview

Body image and how it messes w/ your mind

Trump National Voter Holiday

The nuclear war tweet heard 'round the world

AP NewsBreak: US to end policy that let legal pot flourish

KFC Trolls Trump With Spoof Ronald McDonald Threat Mine is a box meal which is bigger and

Trump is surrounded by people who hate him and hate each other - good news for Mueller: NYT Reporter

WAPO: Jan 2: 45 has made 1,950 false or misleading claims over 347 days

A flock of starlings took the shape of a giant bird.

Trump Unhinged, Accuses Justice Dept of Being "Deep State"

Steve Bannon Called Trump "11-Year-Old Child"

Dog takes her own sled up the hill to go down again & again & again

Ill have the coconut cream please!


FYI Sally Yates Bio from Wiki / Boo Boo The Fool she is not

Questions for DU legal minds

Football: 3 vs 100

ETS "offers" 27 percent pay cut to GRE raters (mostly adjuncts and grad students)

64% of Americans think pot should be legalized. So I doubt that Sessions's new policy

Until this comes out of a man's body...

How much for that kitty in the window?

Feds Have A Right To Shut Down Marijuana Facilities In States Where Legal - Sessions.

Michael Wolff Has Audio Recording Of Bannon And Others

Sessions DOJ pot plans will increase younger voter turnout in 2018

I Really Doubt GOP Will Pass DACA Or CHIP. If They Do There Will Be Poison Pills Somewhere.

Sen. King: Bannon was right about Trump Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer

Stephanie Rhule on msnbc puts Caramuooch on tv LIVE! WTF???

Member of Trump voter fraud commission: Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud an 'urban legend'

Pic Of The Moment: Fox News Covers Bombshell Allegations

Did N. Korea hit one of their own cities while testing missiles?

Betrayed by his own daughter---Ivanka Reveals the Truth About Trumps Hair & Mocks IT, Too.

I Do Not Think That There Is Anything Trump Can Say Or Do That GOP Will Appose.

White House bans personal cell phone use for staffers, guests

The Moocie may be fired but he still got his head up the POTUS Ass!

route 66

FOX NEWS Reports WORST Republican Governor in the U.S.

Fusion GPS Editorial - Release the Transcripts - Reveal the TRUTH.

I would say that Bannon was Tywin Lannister to Trump's King Aerys II, but....

At Mar-a-Lago, before new yr: Heavily made-up Trump failed to recognize a succession of old friends"

Trump offers new rule going after ObamaCare

Snow event. Check-in from Prospect Park (Passaic County)

Devin Nunes is one of the slimiest Republican Congressmen I've ever seen!

Trump lawyer seeks to block insider book on White House

Is it time to bring this up again is Donald Trump illiterate?

4 fatal flaws in Paul Manaforts lawsuit claiming Mueller cant prosecute him

Presidential Press Conference - 37 years old, but somehow topical

Want a kilogram of onions in Venezuela? That will be 3/4 months wages, please!

Tim Hortons heirs cut paid breaks and worker benefits after minimum wage hike

Doug Jones being sworn in, while his openly gay son QUIETLY DISINTEGRATES THE SOUL OF MIKE PENCE.

Michael Wolff's book leaves breadcrumbs for Mueller to investigate - By Jennifer Rubin

If a lawsuit stops publication of Fire and Fury, Seth Abramson promises to tweet it line by line

Talk abt being Rode Hard and put up Wet,,,,,,,,,

Encouraging email I just received

The Fugs: Four Minutes to Twelve (And There's a Madman at the Wheel)

Why aren't the Democrats really pounding away

Bannon: 'Nothing will ever come between us and President Trump'

Trump continues to push, without evidence, that 'many people are voting illegally'

Lawmakers got a two-day briefing in December from a psychiatrist about Trump's mental state-TWO DAYS

Question: When do they set the Doomsday Clock ???

Key House conservatives say it's time for Sessions to go

Hahahahahaha! They are so STOOPID.

Still skeptical of the claims being made in Wolff's book but...

@JonHunstmans, #Trumps new Russian Ambassador, signed off on #UraniumOne deal in 2007 while Governor

Steve Bannon Is Not Done Yet

Wolff's "bombshell" book may reveal some fascinating individual threads in the whole cloth

Cash strapped Venezuela wants to pay for hospital supplies with gems and rare metals

Jeff Sessions wants the war on a plant escalated

I love this so much, thought I would share...

Puzzle of the Week:

Time to use the ever-growing power of Puerto Rico

In these 5 red states, marijuana is as popular as Trump. So how is Sessions's decision

Ten Commandments monument attracts Texas shoppers, not protesters

"Oh they say you are leaving the valley." . . . Please come CAPTION Steve Bannon!!!

There is Evidence Trump Team Committed "Crimes": Dem

Ruhle to Scaramucci: "Anthony, you said Bannon tries to suck his own penis!"

Isn't There A Scheduled Medical Exam Coming Up For Trump?.....

Getting rid of your turkey leftovers - Turkey Soup Recipe

EXCLUSIVE. Justice Department 'Looking Into' Hillary Clinton's Emails Again

Re: Over on FR, Trump getting bored with the Constitution

Watch live: Drawing for VA House delegate

Watch Live: Drawing for VA House delegate

On Twitter, Nicholas Giampa wrote about race war, convincing transgender people to kill themselves,

Maybe DT was not colluding with Russia since his plan was not to win...

Trump lawyers try to halt book's release as White House fights to contain firestorm

PSA: Freeperville (a.k.a. Mensaville) reaction to Wolff book, cleaned up and sanitized

Reminder for TrumpCo: You, Your aides & Your cabinet Owe Loyalty to US & OUR Constitution - Not You

Trump's Threatened Defamation Suit Against Bannon is Another Legal Loser

Would Not Be Surprised If DEA Starts Raiding Shops & Growing Facilities In Legal States.

Martin Luther Brought Religion (and Craft Beer!) to the Modern World

Steve Bannon Reportedly Lost Financial Support of Mercer After Touting Presidential Ambitions

Won't Believe In GOP Demise Until GOP Trashed Or Actually Dead.

Live Stream VA statehouse lottery draw

LIVE: Two candidates' names will be put into a bowl. The first name drawn wins a seat in VA House

Wolff's book:

Trump Tries to Halt Michael Wolffs Book Release

So Russia can continue to infiltrate US elections..

Republican wins tied Virginia race decided by lottery, likely keeping GOPs 18-year hold on House

Holy Mother of Fuck

...and here comes Maggie with the "...but her emails."

Ivanka Reveals the Truth About Trumps Hair-And Mocks It, Too

Kobach Supports Letting DHS Crack Down On Illegal Voting. GOP Turns Everything Upside Down.

Russian assets inside the White House

Norway oil: Environmentalists lose Arctic exploration case

This instead of that:

Jim Agpalza specializes in anti-Trump art...

The person anonymously leaking racist attacks on the Mueller grand jury sounds a lot like Trump

Medicinal cannabis: Australia aims to become top exporter

Constitutional Crisis. Republicans fail to carry out the duty they swore on.

Arkansas may be about to flip 16 seats blue and break the GOPs supermajority

Just an observation about people with expensive cars-

GOP strategist: Republicans will help impeach Trump when they get wiped out in 2018

@realDonaldTrump, For Your Consideration...

Enraged Trump Personally Dictated Scathing Denouncement of Strategist Steve Bannon The publication o

Mueller lost his backup, NY branch of the justice department.

Trump's 'Voter Fraud' Commission Is Not Closed, It's Moving To DHS

Rare color pixs of Depression Era & WWII

Who needs Twitter?

U.S. private sector adds 250,000 jobs in December, biggest rise since March

Today, I be like...

Is It 2018 Yet?

Republican Wins Drawing Settling Tied Virginia House Of Delegates Race

amazing animated wind map of this storm

It's The Hair & Sheet Thing

Letters found abandoned in storage locker in Arizona tell the story of four brothers during WWII

Is this show for real..??? It seems to "bizarre" to watch. I need more popcorn

Another vocabulary addition: re-horrify

Fire Breaks Out At Hillary Clinton's Home In Chappaqua

GOP senator says Sessions broke pledge to him on marijuana policy

Obviously, trump was familiar with who Boehner was, but trump also has dementia

Dow tops 25,000 on strong private hiring, global growth hopes

My country music paradox:

For fans of the Diablo series

The commission may have discovered: The only voter fraud came from Russia. To support Trump.

Cory Gardner willing to fight for legal pot

What we searched google for in 2017

Trump swipes at Bannon: 'I don't talk to him'

Trump agrees to halt U.S.-South Korea drills during Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Turkey minister Soylu tells police to break drug dealers' legs

For Native Americans, a Historic Moment on the Path to Power at the Ballot Box

Yancey's name is pulled from the lot in the VA delegates race

The forgotten Swiss diplomat who rescued thousands from Holocaust

Trumps Fitness For Office

Has anybody here used that kit?

So the six year old said, "You have to respect me." Your thoughts?

''I will be speaking on the Senate floor at 12:30 PM about the budget negotiations.''

The controversy around Michael Wolffs gossipy new Trump book, explained

Brand New Key

Trump administration rule would let more people drop Obamacare

This may help explain your angry tRumpster uncle

Dumb Criminals: (Guess Which State) Man Arrested For Theater Hopping With Stolen Credit Card

(WaPO): "Dear Northerners: We get that this weather is no big deal for you. Now please shut up."

Amid Trumpland meltdown, Fox launches racial 'Pocahontas' attack on Warren...

Kobach says canceling Trump voter panel will actually speed up investigation

Alex Jones claims Bannon was an 'operative':

Sanders Statement on Sessions Marijuana Decision

Northeast Blizzzardeers - how goes it?

A slobbering mad dog backed into a corner is dangerous.

Christopher Nolan on the power of the people and why '2001' should be required preschool viewing

Alex Jones is hawking pro-Trump children's book that indoctrinates them to white nationalism

So he enjoyed getting his dick sucked metaphorically as well as literally.

I dont care if you are a bot, GOP, KGB or a far far "left" person, results will be the same

Weak Paul Manafort Lawsuit Could Backfire

WATCH: Meghan McCain hilariously trashes Ivanka Trumps presidential ambitions

Despite Takedown And Legal Threat, Bannon Says He Still Backs Trump

Fire And Fury In The White House

Virginia Republican David Yancey Wins Tie-Breaking Drawing

We already knew Trump is stupid and nuts. People can write all the books they want. It means nothing

Video: Sanders: Republicans must compromise, they are pushing a very dangerous government shutdown

Andrea Mitchell just said, "Best piece of tail he ever had" on live TV. MSNBC

Bernie Sanders: Republicans must compromise, they are pushing a very dangerous government shutdown

Cooking for the Storm, 70+ Recipes

Where the Real Power Lies In the GOP

Has anyone else read Ed Asner's book The Grouchy Historian?

Trump administration plans to allow drilling off all U.S. waters

Do you remember when Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky's details

Today is a grim anniversary for Amtrak.

Orlando bottomed out officially at 32F....

Just so you know...Fire and Fury is already printed and ready

Storm intensifying in NYC.....

How Democracies Die

Democrats arent held to a "higher" standard, as much as republicans are

Possibly the greatest magazine cover ever!

Newsweek article: "Who Is Michael Wolff?" 20 min ago: Ryan Sit

Washington State sues Motel 6 for giving guest info to federal agents

Robert Jeffress: Trumps Evangelical Critics Dont Take The Bible Seriously

Trump Angrily Throws Steve Bannons Signed Copy of Mein Kampf in Trash

Anyone read "A Gentleman in Moscow"?

We'll give Sessions our legal pot when he pries it from our warm-interesting to look at hands"

Hannity rejects claims in Wolff book: 'I never provided questions ahead of time to any candidate'

Who is going to see "The Post" as soon as it arrives at a theatre near you?

Michael Wolff Trump book Fire and Fury jumps 40,000 spots on Amazon's best-seller list in one day

Here's a list of some of the Anti-Hillary books that have been written...

Republicans Just Won Control of the Virginia Housein a Random Drawing

Trashed: Inside the Deadly World of Private Garbage Collection

You'll love this Twitter thread comparing 45 to female stereotypes.

Justice Department Looking Into Hillary Clintons Emails... Again

This wouldn't be happening under a President Hillary Clinton

Summit Camp, Greenland (middle of the ice cap): -71F

Trump administration to allow/expand drilling off ALL U.S. continental waters

Another Wolff Excerpt: How Donald Trump's White House team handles his giant ego

The racists are everywhere - little half-negro

The 'mooch: Trump's not angry, volatile and temperamental...just honest and straightforward

Would our resident lawyers chime in please with the HORROR show our judiciary will now be

VZ Minister of Labor declares "$79,000 minimum wage" highest in Latin America* PER MONTH!

Man Delivers Coffee To Snow Reporter During Blizzard

Hahahahaha! 😂

My Dog Went To Target And Look How Happy She Is!

Try to picture.....

Presser: They are literally forcing press to listen to a taped speech by 45.

Americans already seeing Trump Tax cut in their paycheck.

Post your favorite song about a Tampa Bay cornerback!

BTRTN's Annual Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Predictions

Winter storm threatens East Coast, bringing temps colder than Mars

BTRTN's Annual Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Predictions

Instagram: love it, hate it, meh, never heard of it ?

It appears that Trump has finally given Sessions his ultimatum?

Pro Tip: How to Avoid Disappointment and Ensure Happiness

Lawrence Tribe - meditations on The Wolff/Bannon saga

A little late: The Parody Project - God Made Some Scary Gentlemen

'' ... listen to these Patriotic Millionaires who want their taxes raised, not cut.''

Retitled: Already an entry for political photo of the year!

I just ordered my copy from Amazon.

Trump on video screens behind Sarah Huckleberry during press conference

Hey Sessions!

WH Staffers Thought Trump a Dope, Idiot, Semi-Literate, Moron.

Meanwhile your local weather reporter is enjoying the spotlight today

Remember the expose of the infighting and backstabbing in Obama WH in its first year?

Live Storm Porn from Boston

Gays are better than Pence

DOJ Marijuana Decision/DHS Authority To Investigate Voting Could Start Of Crack Down On -----

Will Trump Claim They All Lost Their Minds?

Me on January 1: "I need to save a lot of my money if I want to travel this year!"

OMG, Trump had part of his head removed. You can't make this up!

Bill Gates: Trust me, the world is really getting better, not worse

Why there are lawsuits about the book

VOODOO dolls in local exhibit. You gotta have art.

When the Klan came to Blacksburg

Real Possibility DOJ Could Indict Clinton With Phony Evidence.

"Trumpy Bear": Good gift, or GREATEST Gift?

Henceforth, no one may use the term "Kabuki Theater" to describe politics

This Book And It's Claims; The Pee Tape....

The forgotten Swiss diplomat who rescued thousands from Holocaust

I love Richard Painter, but could somebody please buy him some ties

Where I work, if you are talking crazy and insinuating violence, you get pulled in and talked to...

Rep. Harper won't seek reelection

"I was one of the 6 guests at the Bannon-Ailes dinner party in January 2017 & every word I've seen"

Bannon allies say statement praising Trump Jr. was spiked after Trump went nuclear

Happy National Spaghetti Day! Whats Your Favorite?

What in the holy fuck?

Trump administration suspends most security aid to Pakistan


Maines tidal flooding worst in 40 years, according to weather officials

Steve Bannon is considering a defamation suit against President Trump....

Donald Trump Embraces the Streisand Effect

The worst things about Florida Winter, assuming it drops below 35 degrees:

Shelly Simonds isn't conceding after Virginia House tiebreaker vote

Fire and Fury; Every word is true.

Sessions Rescinds Cole Memo, Which Protected State-Legal Cannabis From Feds

LOL!!! Publisher moves release date up to tomorrow

MSNBC: Publisher pushing up date of publication

Trump and the liars paradox


Justice Department Looking Into Clinton Emails Again

Macy's Is Planning 5,000 Job Cuts, More Store Closures

You all know that Trump's insane, right?

Upcoming Shitgibbon's physical.

Let's Help Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Find the Perfect Home in Washington, D.C.

Hannity denies collusion with Trump by Russia, and himself

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 January 2018

Do you think Donald Trump is mentally balanced and emotionally stable ?

For endangered species, politics replace science

Wolff Trolls Trump...

If a Democrat re-takes the WH in 2020, this person has to be the Secy of State

Publisher Releasing Wolff Book Early Amid Furor From Trump, White House

What if President Hillary Clinton used a private cell phone to tweet madness

Stephen Colbert Really Wants One of drumpf's "Dishonest and Corrupt" Media Awards....

The Bottom of the Ocean Is Sinking

Here's how we terminate people in my company - Mueller, please listen up!

How do you deal with leftover holiday relatives?

White House Says Trump Believes In The First Amendment

Donald Trump Wants To Legalize Marijuana

Strange as it seems

Frozen iguanas falling from trees during cold snap in Florida

How exactly do democrats "pound away" at the GOP and trump and what exactly are they

SO, what are you folks going to do?

Great WAPO OP Ed: Trump and the Liar's Paradox: "I am lying." No deniability.

Benjamin Wittes: "Color me skeptical that Trump will actually sue either Bannon or Wolffe."

Breitbart considers firing Steve Bannon after White House calls for his ouster

Roy Moore being sued for defamation:

Just Got Back from Shorts and T-Shirt Bike Ride

Behold! SpaceX's 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket on the Launchpad (Photos, Video) giving more to the rich and corporations?

Wa Po has an interesting new article out today but I am unable to read it.

Star Wars Cantina White House

Scenes Wed Like To See

Tea Party Gov. takes welfare money intended for families - and uses it to fund Christian summer camp

My advice to Bannon...

Anyone want to critique this WaPo article about the new Trump book by Michael Wolff ?


Woman who accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct sues him for defamation

We're rushing toward the breaking point

Ex-Def Sec shreds GOP lawmakers trying to shut down Mueller's probe: 'Complicit' in Trump's...

It would be a lovely gesture if Wolff sent tRump a personally inscribed copy! 😏

Jeff Sessions' one man crusade against marijuana

Trumps offshore drilling plan triggers objections in Florida and Tampa Bay

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 4, 2017

"They Thought This Was Going to Be A Positive Book"

The No Pants Subway Ride returns this Sunday...

Climate Change Is Suffocating Large Parts of the Ocean

Susan Collins Moves The Goalposts (Again) On Her Health Care Demands

Writers Guild of America 2018 Film Nominations

Im Gonna Sue!!

The Absurdity of White Christian Islamophobes!

Obama's only scandal!

From Seth Abramson:

Colombia's colourful Black and White carnival in pictures

Sears Holdings to close 103 Kmart and Sears stores

Fuck Sean Spicer

Mercer issues rare public rebuke of former ally Bannon

Carpenter Brut - 347 Midnight Demons

Mercer issues rare public rebuke of former ally Bannon

States with legal pot denounce federal marijuana crackdown

States with legal pot denounce federal marijuana crackdown

Senator Gillibrand raises concerns about interim Manhattan U.S. attorney

Video: "The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin" (Tales of the City)

Video: "The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin" (Tales of the City)

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Put Blame On President

FIRE sues college for ignoring records requests about its firing of Black Lives Matter advocate

Trump's legal spokesman quit upon concluding he'd personally witnessed Trump obstructing justice

Trump push to scale back welfare programs has Republicans on edge

In your opinion, best Bob Dylan song ever?

if you're going to be glad-handling a laptop, is it better to have a SSD than a regular hard drive

Radio Tapes Show Bannon And Trump Had A Real Love Story

The ecological catastrophe that turned a vast Bolivian lake into a salt desert

The ecological catastrophe that turned a vast Bolivian lake into a salt desert

Star Trek wonders how could people elect Trump

Did sexual predator journalists have an effect on tone of HRC coverage?

Sign petition to stop Sessions from over turning new cannabis law.

How do we define theism, and atheism?

U.S. Attorney for Colorado: No changes on marijuana enforcement

Ellen ROCKS!

Michael Wolff is sobbing

Oklahoma to vote on medical marijuana in June

Trump administration suspends most security aid to Pakistan

"I am not treasonous", "I am not treasonous", "I am not treasonous"

Community leader tortured and killed over land trafficking in Peru

I just Watched, for the first time, the Sanders Press briefing today.

Fired and Furious

I am *this* penguin (sound needs to be on to appreciate it best)


who should read the audiobooks?

The wheels on the bus are coming off, day 2

Mr. Wolff better watch his back.

extremely uneasy about this Bannon book thing

Kobach follows disbanding of Trump voter commission with charges against two voters

Rush Limbaugh Defends The Trumpsters My Nuclear Button is Bigger than Yours Strategy

Free Speech opponent Donald J. Trump gets a taste of his own bitter medicine!

IMO, Michael Wolff is going to sell a lot books and that is about all.

lol what show or movie is this gif from ?

Tucker Carlson blames BuzzFeed, The Root for white nationalism

Follow me here?

Borowitz/NewYorker: White House Staff Forced to Act Out Michael Wolff Book for Non-Reading President

ABC's WACO docuentary is on tonight at 9.00

There was a small fire near Hillary Clinton's house, and of course there's a conspiracy about it

Have you no shame, sir?

If Jeff Sessions wants to go after a drug that is killing and maiming kids, adults and elderly he

Judge allows House panel to subpoena Fusion GPS's financial records

Former Trump legal team spokesman reportedly quit because he believed statement...was obstruction

Ivanka imagines herself as the first female president.