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Archives: January 8, 2018

Dont be fooled and dont play with Fire (and fury).

Golden Globes is a SEA of black.

The red carpet

Im gonna start calling my naps Executive Time.

New contender for greatest cover art of all time

We need overwhelming turnout in November

Pre-existing conditions.

Trump starting workday later to spend more time watching TV and tweeting: report

Watching 'Boss Baby' this movie supposed to be about....

Stephen Miller Screws Trump Over By Not Denying That The President Met With Russians

To Hurt Sales of 'Fire and Fury,' WikiLeaks Posts Entire Book Online

Why does the media call Uranium One and the Clinton

Wearing Black To Show Solidarity For the Time's Up Movement

The Orange Poobah will be in town tomorrow...

The Justice League We Deserve

The Golden Globes tonight should be fantastic

I saw something that cannot be unseen. It is really well done though. (Trigger, NSFW, Barf Bag)

Sarah Kendzior on Fire and Fury -- good insights

Anybody have any home remedies for cough suppression?

Times Up movement hits the Golden Globes Red Carpet! Awesome, ladies :)

Tim Hortons heirs cut paid breaks and worker benefits after minimum wage hike

In pictures: Africa's first AfroPunk festival

Major donor reconsiders support for Democrats who urged Franken to quit

United States Guns Per Population (#1) Versus Gun Deaths Per 100,000 (#11)

Do you know that Trump has still not appointed an ambassador to Australia?

And on to the divisional round...

Donald Drumph is like, really smart. But,

Cabinet reshuffle: Theresa May set to refresh top team

I shall now claim my Executive Time every morning! Ain't doing nuttin till around noon!

LOL --- Stephen Miller REFUSED To Leave CNN Set --- Security Had to Escort Him Out

I am going to play devil's advocate, maybe

Stephen Miller had to be escorted off CNN's set after his interview with Jake Tapper

Grand jury empaneled in Burlington College case

Mississippi House passes road and bridge funding proposals

UCF celebrates self-proclaimed national title at Disney

Just another good reason for trump to be out of office

Just to be clear about what happened this AM

who will take out trumpys fake news awards

Don't hold your breath, but if only Trump would...

Keeping a log (Post #5) of the frequency of the Auto Refresh problem

Ralph too?

RESIST...Here's a list. Do these 10 easy things and we will win!

This just in, Twitler - Part 1 - ah, now Part 2 is here, 15 minutes later

Just made this one

Heart attack care dangerously unequal for women, study finds


Doesn't the symbolic "all black" fashion statement at

Golden Globes, no? (Awards show freak/me.) Don't know if I missed my one pick/hope Allison JANNEY

Go Fund request for 3 yr. old Dominic

Just made another

If any other employee tweeted so many insults and lies

Bizarre, Unverified and Fraudulent: Michael Wolff Steps Inside the Trump Presidency: The Daily Show

Juggler naut

WikiLeaks deletes Twitter post with link to entire Fire and Fury Trump book

Chris Christie believes he would be President if Trump had not run

JUST IN: Trump misquotes column praising him, brags about his "consensual presidency"

"Birth Certificate? Wait Till They Find Out About Trump/Russia"....

Education issues take center stage early at the State Capitol

Saw some real dedication to a job today.

Libel laws are too weak

Obama released details of his physical. Great shape. From 2016....

Do You Think Trump Is Watching The Golden Globes?.....

BOOM - Oprah knocks it out!

That colonoscopy prep...

The Trump Era? I could care less about the Golden Globes!

The difference between Weimar Germany and today's USA is one of degree, not kind...

Blood supply in Mississippi is critically low

How insecure do you have to be?

What Would Happen If We Totally Ignored Trump For A Few Days?.....

Ah ha ha ha. Genius Der Twitler deleted his tweets and retweeted to fix typos.

Question: If someone loses the popular vote by nearly 3 million and still ends up as President...

Collie dog Red found after 10 days lost in snow in Pembrokeshire

Aren't Dump supporters actually simple-minded anarchists?

Why the F%$# Do People Refer to Themselves in the Third Person?


The Fake State of the Union Address is postponed until Jan. 30 2018.

The women at the G Globes have knocked it out of the ballpark tonight.

Amid all the bravos at the Golden Globes tonight, there is one name conspicuously missing.

Stedman says Oprah would run.

Fake Nudes

Watched part of the Golden Globes, caught Oprah's award

Obamas popularity is rising

It's the unmitigated hypocrisy that gets me

A book all too worthy

A genius? No way

Wears trumps certificate.

Just what is wrong with the NY Times ?

Want to work at Trump Hotels? We're #hiring in #Miami, FL!

In case you missed Joy Reid Shred Jennifer Kerns re: Clinton-Uranium - watch this :)

Mixed signals on infrastructure plan emerge from Trump retreat

Philippines VP derides 'self-serving' idea to cancel polls, extend terms

South Korea inspects six banks over clients' virtual currency accounts

I like Oprah, I think she is great

The Trumpies versus the Dundies

Bannon makes the front page again, which will propably make Trump jealous again.

I dont know who told the NFL that plot twists are the way to go but..........

Anyone ever had to fire their doctor?

Donald the Genius vs Justin Trudeau

Bulls are apparently not threatened by anything below eye level

Tom Steyer bought a copy of 'Fire and Fury' for every member of Congress

Happy Emperor Norton Remembrance Day!

Your first car...

Bill aims to curb Mississippi Delta teacher shortage

Orthodox Christian Hymns of the Theophany

This can't be happening the first week of the legislative session

Orthodox Christian Theophany-"As Many As Have Been Baptized Into Christ"

"Pure Virgin"-Orthodox Hymn by St. Nektarios of Pentapolis in 'Bahasa'

An old article (1983) showing that Ronald Reagan's admin. was NOT too left for today's GOP.

Golden globes speeches were good

Court date for immigrant restaurant manager not until 2021

South Carolina utility won't pay former executives severance

just a couple of geniuses

School district changes bullying policy after child suicide

Is Anyone Else Worried About This?

Lobbyists pushing big money in health care at the Mississippi Capitol

2017 Among Three Hottest Years; Arctic Melting Fast

Oil tanker burning off China's coast at risk of exploding

There's a killer on the road...

Trumps repeated claim: We dont have a surplus with anybody


House bill would separate MLK and Robert E. Lee holiday

Why isn't medical weed covered by health insur

Ed formula rewrite efforts emerge early in '18 session with EdBuild set to return

REFILE-Guatemala top court confirms suspension of Tahoe mining licenses

Democrats try to find voice in Republican-controlled Legislature

'Religious freedom' law wreaks havoc on Southern Miss baseball schedule

I hear James Taylor...

Honduras: Thousands take to streets to demand new elections

Ben Taylor Band... I hear James Taylor.

Middle School for the Really Smart and Very Stable Genius

Mujica to Uribe: 'Tone Down and Contribute to Colombia's Peace'

Left Activists Intrude on Meeting of Shelby County Democrats

Wikileaks tries to sabotage "Fire and Fury" book-sales by publishing pirated version.

Exclusive: Number of OSHA workplace safety inspectors declines under Trump

Republican Legislator Blames Failure Of Insure Tennessee For Latest Rural Hospital Closure

Ecuadorean village rings in new year with devil dance

Hass to be Officially Installed As Rhodes College President Jan. 13

On health care, Democrats are shifting to offense

Tennessee lawmakers hope to focus on opioids, juvenile justice in annual session

Michael Wolff will be on Morning

U.S. Figure Skating committee picks Olympic stars but leaves heartbreak in its wake

U. S. Figure Skating Championsips - Ice Dance Results

I must admit that I now eagerly tune in to Morning Joe to get my daily bashing

President Trump Called For Roy Cohn, But Roy Cohn Was Gone.

117 Degrees In Sydney, Australia. Australia Suffering From Extreme Heat.

H&M slammed for racism after showing black boy in coolest monkey in the jungle hoodie

What will Trump's nickname for Oprah be?

Freedom From Religion Foundation to broadcast new, weekly talk show

Trump's secret, shrinking schedule.

Talks Underway About Trump Interview by Mueller

Oprah's Golden Globe Awards speech stirs presidential run rumors online

Trump's workday-schedule for 2018 has been leaked: He works 11 am to 4 pm.

"a child delaying the opening of a fucking pretend tea party"

Sen. Tim Kaine's pic with "a very stable" man

Hume Highway (Victoria) Melts; Sydney Hits 117 F, Bushfires In Melbourne; Welcome To Reality

After Five Years, Tucson Rainwater Harvesting Efforts Appear To Be Cutting Potable Water Demand

Fire breaks out Trump Tower in NYC

Expect Economic And Politicial Trench Warfare As FEMA Redraws NYC Flood Maps

BREAKING: Fire on roof of Trump Tower

N.S. Fish Farm PR Guy Says There's "No Suspected Loss Of Fish" After Massive Storm Damage

EJ Dionne: "The dam of denial has broken"

UNM Scientist: "We Are On The Front Lines - Like It Or Not - Of Climate Change"

Wolff on Morrning Joe just shot down Bannon's claim he was talking about Manafort, not Don Jr,

Initial talks underway about Trump interview in Mueller Russia probe

Working To Grasp Links Between Climate & Lyme Disease In Maine; 1,000+ Cases/Yr Since 2011

Stephen Colbert on Trump: I love my country more than I love a good joke

Why NOT to download a pirated copy of "Fire and Fury" from ANYWHERE:

What kind of stable genius are you?

In the frozen (Greenwich) Village on a grey Sunday morning........

Ask an Atheist: FFRF's 2017 Year in Review

When I look at houses on Zillow, many times when it's a foreclosure

Wind covers 43.6% of Denmark's 2017 power demand

Proposed wind, solar in US by 2020 total 116 GW

As influx of Puerto Ricans continues, Koch-backed group starts seeking them out in Florida

What's the over/under on how many Alabama-Georgia players will take a knee this evening?

As America Baked, Burned & Drowned In 2017, All We Heard Was The Sound Of Shitstain's Tweets

Please Help Get These Animal Tossers Arrested

I'm not crazy.

Elizabeth Warren, bipartisan deal-maker?

MSNBC's Barnicle Asks Wolff: 'Was Steve Bannon at Any Point Drunk During Your Conversations?'

Lest we forget: Here is Trump saying he is a sexual predator.

"Schedules are for losers." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Why do some people buy and listen to vinyl records?

Congratulations, President Trump. You have made history.

I will be on executive time today.

Interior Dept WRONGLY Tapped Wildfire Preparedness Funds for Ryan Zinke Helicopter Tour

Oprah's inspiring speech at the Golden Globes

The Steele Dossier

White House Staff Could Be in Trouble if They Help Trump With Fake News Awards, Says Former WH Lawye

Trump Delays 'Fake News Awards,' Touts Greater Interest Than Anticipated

Two things I wonder about trump* attending that game, tonight

Ask an Atheist: Whats Wrong with the Ten Commandments, 2017

Trump goes after another democratic norm

Hope for tinnitus sufferers like me

Trump just postponed the "Fake News Awards"-ceremony to Jan. 17th.

What's a good site to find a personal trainer?

Isn't the statute of limitations (5 years) almost up with Hillary?

2018 Book Club List Vote

Dump leading the way on civil rights!!

Groovy science fashion

No Amateurs as Democratic Presidential Candidates, Please!

Dangerous Critters---

The cover of this week's New Yorker: "In Creative Battle"


Blumenthal: Mueller has to have 'face-to-face interview' with Trump

Dem hopefuls flock to Iowa

My how far we've come in 14 years

Bannon finds his regrets aren't good enough for Trump

Kushners Financial Ties to Israel Deepen Even With Mideast Diplomatic Role

Martin Luther King, Jr. takes a knee on latest New Yorker cover

Mueller's Appointment Letter Says More Than You Might Think

Trump tweets about Fox News segment on minority unemployment

Wanted: Thousands of Democrats in Red Oak Sunday "Covfefe with Joni" Ernst

Hillary was grilled under oath but Trump...??

200,000 Salvadorans will be forced to leave the U.S. or face deportation as Trump administration...

Letterman lands Obama as first guest on new Netflix show

Is this the week the Special Counsel calls Jared's name?

Maryland school fires teacher over connections to alt-right

Do you think Chump will attack Oprah

I like Oprah but I hope she doesn't run for POTUS. n/t

Happy birthday, Elvis Presley (1935) and David Robert Jones (1947).

Best Way To Refer To Republicans By Calling Them Maggots. They Are So Detestable.

NAACP and Anti-Fascists Plan to Protest Trump in Atlanta

The best version I've seen yet, thanks to Ian W. Hill on Twitter...

President or Vice-President Holder...

Sean Spicer knocks Oprah's political inexperience - after working for a game show host...

24 Dancing Goddess Gifs

What type of President do we need at this time?

Trump administration to end provisional residency for 200,000 Salvadorans

Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge to Miss. LGBT law

Percentage of self-identified independents inches up in 2017

Ari Fleischer, Alan Dershowitz, Oliver North and Bill Bennett walk into a bar.....

Exclusive: Trump to call on Pentagon, diplomats to play bigger role on arms sales

Very Stable Geniuses 101

Bill Clinton testifies before grand jury, Aug. 17, 1998

Trump's lawyers really DO NOT want Mueller to interview him face-to-face:

Ex-Trump campaign adviser: It was a 'mistake' to give book author access

Whenever I hear someone suggest we recruit a novice celebrity to run against Trump:

Woman Returns Christmas Tree In January Because It Is Dead

Trump backer desperately tries to avoid revealing who told him to talk to Michael Wolff

There is a Dirty Don tweet for everything. Oprah edition

Fusion GPS calling on judge to recuse because he worked on Trumps transition team

Since it appears that only celebrities can be POTUS now, who would you prefer?

U.S. Supreme Court sides with death row inmate over racist juror claim

Tom Steyer will plow $30 million into midterms, but wont run for office in 2018

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

on CNN, Oprah supposedly thinking of 2020 run

Two injured in fire at New York's Trump Tower, officials say

Salaries have risen for high-skilled foreign workers in U.S. on H-1B visas

Anyone can run for President. Mark Zuckerberg, for Example

Citizens United Has Made It Where Celebs Have a Better Shot at Winning the Presidency

My theory about Trump's business success (reinforced by FIRE & FURY)

Lindsey Graham is coming up, on The View

Blumenthal: Expect more indictments, guilty pleas, convictions

More from Liz Crokin, this woman is headed for a mental hospital.

Maduro closes links to ABC islands for 72 hours: ABC islands shrug, scratch head and say, "WTF?"

Trump, Wheres my Roy Cohn? aka Trump, I need a mafia lawyer.

Oprah may well be our best bet . . . . .

Trump decree: All Salvadorans must Leave

Sen. Blumenthal: 'Almost certainly in my view there will be additional convictions.'

Oprah Winfrey gives a master class for 2020 candidates

2017 - Animal Pixs in the news

Corker will be kissing a lot of ass today on AF1

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Super Genius!

Monday Toon Roundup 2 - Fiery

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Rosa Parks Forgotten Role in Investigating the Gang Rape of Recy Taylor, Wash. Post, Jan. 8, 18

Official who helped Redskins owner cut down trees picked as Nat. Park Service deputy director

Received a robocall yesterday

Im really smart oldie but goodie!

I highly recommend the Netflix series "Five Came Back"

Oprah created Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz

Review of Obama's Public Service...especially service to his state.

Confederate groups rally in Memphis after monuments' removal from parks

Interior rescinds climate, conservation policies as 'inconsistent' with Trump's energy goals

Can Oprah announce she's running for something before we attack her ?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders kills irony dead, once and for all

The Mueller-Trump Interview Is The Tolling Bell For the Trump Admin

The dam of denial has broken By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Happy Birthday to a TRUE stable genius!!

Trump in 1999. Oprah would have been his first choice for VP

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Dumb Border Wall

Each day is a gift: Woman's heartbreaking letter goes viral after her deather at age 27

The tale of three Cubans. Dont buy into the hypocritical political crap

Way to take the wind out of Oprah's excellent speech

CNNs Jake Tapper kicks Trumps spokesman off of his show

Chuck Todd exposes Sen. Lindsey Grahams hypocrisy with his past attack on Trump

Eight House members file complaint, call for expulsion of Speaker Jeff Hoover

DNC chief: Trump's decision to end protections for Salvadorans in US 'cruel and heartless'

Reporter found after going missing in Houston

No snow lovers in the stable


Venezuelans search filthy river for anything of value

Graham: I no longer think Trump is a 'race-baiting religious bigot'

Presidential Qualifications

Bill Moyers, America's Conscience, Retires Again--This Time for Real (ICYMI)

I'm flabbergasted at the lack of information about Winfrey that is being demonstrated here on DU.

What a bunch of assholes

Arconic to freeze pension plans for 7,900 U.S. employees

State official working on Real ID compliance exits from Bevin administration

Sanders Family Disputes Report of Escalating Burlington College Probe

Sayin' A Lie (to the tune of Saturday Night Fever)

No doubt in my mind that Trump has Russian dirt on the GOP.

Madison Ave Diamonds LLC (Ivanka Trump Co) part of a $118,000,000.00 money laundering scheme

Graham: Trump is the Only One Calling Himself a Genius

This falls under the "You can't make this shit up" category.

'Fire and Fury' Publisher Racing to Keep Up with Demand

Beijing bets on facial recognition in a big drive for total surveillance

How to Cook Brussels Sprouts

POD Save America gave Seth Meyers the Oprah should run joke

While we talk about Oprah, Stable Geniuses, and Fire and Fury . . . .

GOP Will Cut Budget Of Social Security Agency To Stop Or Hinder Checks & Payments.

Sources: Oprah Winfrey 'actively thinking' about running for president

Something to think about: Mueller may NOT accuse Trump of collusion with Russia.....

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

New York to seek proposals for 800 MW of offshore wind in 2018-2019

Z U M A - Space, anyone?

Is there any place that accepts books?

Graham: I no longer think Trump is a race-baiting religious bigot

Because of Anti-Gay Law, Southern Mississippi Baseball Will Lose Home Games

If Oprah runs, shell likely win the nomination and Presidency

Borussia Dortmund bus bombing suspect 'did not intend to kill'

We've seen so many floods these days: Boston, JFK

Somaliland passes first law against rape

I agree it's disgusting, but I also find it fascinating

Chinese dating apps closed after women revealed to be robots

Senate Dems demand release of Fusion GPS interview

U.S. judge in Nevada dismisses charges against rancher Cliven Bundy and his 2 sons

Decision could spell deportation for these 250,000 immigrants

Rosa Parks Forgotten Role in Investigating the Gang Rape of Recy Taylor, Wash. Post 1/8/18

Arconic to freeze pension plans for 7,900 U.S. employees

Our Revolution is starting the Erica Snipes Garner Fellowship

Megachurch gives standing ovation to pastor for him overcoming him raping a minor.

U.S. security experts back Iran nuclear deal, as Trump faces deadlines

Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller just did a hit piece on Oprah

Thousands flee Venezuelas economic collapse, overwhelming Colombias borders

'Brutal.' 'Unprecedented.' Nothing is safe as lawmakers slash $1 billion from budget.

WikiLeaks leaks full text of Michael Wolff's Book.

The Only Thing I Care About in the 2020 candidate whether its Oprah or Kanye

No pension bill yet, but clues teased out

Trump Once Said Oprah Winfrey 'Knows How to Win,' Wanted Her As His Running Mate

India's Supreme Court Will Reconsider Its 2013 Gay Sex Ban

Ancient board game has no parallel in Europe

Donnie wants to sell you a war plane

Gorka Unwittingly Confirms Trump Staff Were Told to Cooperate With Wolff

Why the big Flu outbreak?

A rare snow in the #SaharaDesert has us singing a new version of Toto's "Africa."

Is Ellen DeGeneres Running A Shadow Government?

Oprah delivered a hopeful and beautiful speech last night

Oprah 2020 Is No Joke - This Really Could Work - By Toure'

Reel Kings of Rock and Roll: Post a Pic of Elvis from TV or a Flick

It is premature to decide on a 2020 nominee.

RSS feeds for latest and greatest threads

When Apple abandons a Mac depends on where you live.

How to make all of DU's General Discussion Forum disappear:

Late-night comedians CAMPAIGN for Trump's 'dishonest media' awards

Rosa Parks Forgotten Role in Investigating the Gang Rape of Recy Taylor

Judge Faults U.S. for Holding Immigrant Defendants Freed on Bail

Kushner Cos. is said to get subpoenas over visa program use

Senators Corker and Graham Remind Me of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Shocking Caribbean photos reveal a sea of plastic and Styrofoam

Extreme hurricanes and wildfires made 2017 the most costly U.S. disaster year on record

(Roll Call) Rating Change: Virginia Senate Race Moves to Solid Democratic

Californias Cannabis Crowd Isnt Afraid of the Big Bad Attorney General

Saudi Arabia: Gay Wedding Video Goes Viral and Causes Stir in Gulf Kingdom

Mitt Romney diagnosed with prostate cancer this past summer.

Offal: Awesome or Awful?

Name a song with a girl's name in the title

Trump Speaks At Fourth-Grade Level, Lowest Of Last 15 U.S. Presidents, New Analysis Finds

Dictatorship for Dummies a real page-turner for Trump

Just throwing out this as nothing more than idle speculation:

Yiannopoulos Dumped By Own Lawyers In Suit Against Simon & Schuster

Russian lawyer says she talked to Ivanka Trump after infamous meeting with Jared Kushner, Donald Jr

Cryptocurrency being routed to North Korean university: report

This "Kirk Douglas is a rapist" outrage is utter BS

RNC sends email depicting Jane Sanders in jail

Stop making excuses for trump

Ford to launch diesel truck to grab fuel economy edge

A Clever Dog Repeatedly Drags a Blue Plastic Sled Up a Snowy Hill to Ride It Back Down to the Bottom

I guess nobody "occupies" this forum anymore LOL

The reason Alex Jones, etc. are already attacking Oprah is that they know

Washington state deputy killed, prompting massive manhunt

Sen Graham: Whoopi isn't laughing & either am I.

'Fire And Fury' Publisher: Trump Cease-And-Desist 'Flagrantly Unconstitutional'

Jeff Koterba's Jan. 7 cartoon: Fury and worry

CEO of 'Fire and Fury' publisher responds to Trump legal threat

Juanita Jean-Executive (Wink, Wink) Time

Feeling goose bumbs? Trump may be the cause.

Yes! Stephen Miller was disowned by Duke alumni.

Is it really important to spend the 24 hour news cycle doing nothing but repeating news of Trump?

Poll: Trump approval drops to 37 percent

LOL Take it for what it is worth ("from the WH"):

Religious Right Counting On Court System & SCOTUS To Install Theocracy In US.

'Biggest leaker in White House is Trump' complaining on the phone to his 'motormouth' friends: Wolff

BIllionaire Dem donor to spend tens of millions to boost 2018 turnout to flip control of the House.

White House rejects Bannon's apology

Vital New Documentary: 'The Rape of Recy Taylor' (2017)

Phone calls, spam, surveys, BS...

Calculate your own 'executive time':

White House considering Puzder for administration job

Senate bill to reverse net neutrality repeal gains 30th co-sponsor, ensuring floor vote

Scott Dworkin:

They've deleted the tweet, but can we nominate this for the best moment of 2018 thus far?

Videogame Stars Have Fans, Fortunesand Utterly Baffled Parents

I think the visceral response must be respected....

Eugene Robinson: Dear Very Stable Genius: The ingrates dont deserve you. So quit.

How about Ellen DeGeneres as the 2020 Presidential Candidate?

Bannon group shopped anti-Trump document in 2015

Ultimate Goal Of Teaching Creationism Is To Make Science Conform To Biblical Principles.

Dennis Kucinich is running for Ohio governor against 6 other Democrats

Rjukan: The town that needs giants mirrors to see the sun for six months every year

Bannon group shopped anti-Trump document in 2015

Weird how we didn't hear about this from Trump. Non-Muslim "Islamic terrorist" pleads guilty

Dear Very Stable Genius: The ingrates don't deserve you. So quit.

Dennis Kucinich files designation of treasurer form to run for Ohio governor

Editing Trump: The Making of a Reality TV Star Who Would Be President

It's time for Democrats to take this drastic step on Trump and Russia

Massachusetts federal prosecutor will not rule out busting pot businesses

California's Energy Flow Diagram.

'You had one job': Internet roasts ex-Trump adviser's hilariously botched attempt to discredit Wolff

Belgian government at risk of collapse over Sudan migrants scandal

Fox host smacks down 'expert' for claiming Trump will defeat Oprah Winfrey 'with 70% of the vote'

ok if we're going with tv personalities for president I pick

'Crazy numbers': civilian deaths from airstrikes almost double in a year

Pokmon Theme Song

Accuser from Duke lacrosse case seeks damages, new murder trial in latest legal battle

What did Winfrey do to help Hillary become President?

Anyone else notice pence shakes his head in the background?

Oprah is not going to run for president. Now, can we get back to the mid terms.

Charles Manson death: Legal fight over cult leader's body

CNN: Now a 2nd Trump Dossier

I don't know what's in Donald Trump's heart in matters of others race and religion

Google Memo Author James Damore Sues Company For Discrimination Against White Males

The Rude Pundit: Puerto Rico Is Suffering for Our Sins

Hillary Clinton to host day time talk show.

Some thoughts on Oprah Winfrey

U.S. Department of Labor Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity

A Third-Class Intellect, But a Fourth-Class Temperament

Nebraska becomes first red state to introduce pro-net neutrality legislation

Where do you see yourself in the future?

More really screwy conspiracy theories...

Farewell to #GOES13 - the final Full Disk Visible, Infrared Window and Water Vapor images today at..

Harry Anslinger's racism hasn't died out, regarding blacks and pot.

I think Oprah can win.

Just a little background on this Hogan Gidley WH spokesguy:

Washington State Landslide

Name one trump that is not ,,,

More Americans Call Themselves Independents

Bill Clinton visits Puerto Rico

So I am on Page 151 of Fire and Fury

Old Kellyanne and Wolff video relevant to today

This crap is ridiculous.

BREAKING: Trump tells Nashville crowd to applaud him...

NBC deletes tweet welcoming 'OUR future president' Oprah

Trump: "Oh, are you happy you voted for me. You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege,"

Is Trump actually running the government?

Inquisitor: Senate dems call for release of full Fusion GPS transcripts

Kentucky House speaker offers to resign in fiery speech

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 8, 2018

Are there any Civil Rights real estate specialists on DU?

Oprah's Speech Upon Receiving The Cecile B. De Mille Award (FULL version)

So did the Trumpies go ahead?

Trump-appointed regulators reject plan to rescue coal and nuclear plants

BREAKING: Ed Royce (CA-39), House Foreign Affairs Chair is retiring...

Beware of fake military members on Facebook.

A flag for Donald Trumps base to rally around

Fugelsang on weed . . .

in all this hoopla over Oprah

Kansas state rep: Black people 'responded the worst' to marijuana because of 'their genetics'

I turned on Cspan today and there was mitch mcconnell whining about democrats

California Republican Rep. Ed Royce announces he'll retire from Congress

Frugal meal ideas for a frugal food budget. Updated 4/06/18

31 (Ed Royce) & counting (#of GOP Congressmen retiring) & opening opportunity for Dems to take House

Twitter Link: Today marks 100 days since Congress let the Childrens Health Insurance Program expire

Pot, meet kettle.

What the men didn't say

Great Barrier Reef: rising temperatures turning green sea turtles female

Lordy, There Was Tape Of Jake Tapper's Off-Camera Spat With Trump Toady Stephen Miller!


Nevada judge dismisses case against Cliven Bundy and sons, says government cannot retry them

J.D. Merrill, Martin OMalleys Son-In-Law, Says Hell Run For State Senator

'Get up': Trump demands farmers give him a standing ovation at Nashville speech

Some conservatives who backed Trump claim Winfreys lack of experience disqualifies her from office

Chief Inspector Murphy wonders what's that sound

CPJ recognizes global Press Oppressors amid Trumps fake news awards

"Farm country is god's country" -- Donald Trump, 1/8/18

North Korean malware found that mines cryptocurrency, experts say

'We will lose practically everything': Salvadorans devastated by TPS decision

This sounds like normal behavior to me

Drivers are set to pay more for gas this year

So, the GOP speaker of the KY house just gave a resignation tantrum

****BREAKING**** Trump welcomes Oprah's challege

I will never vote for any celebrity candidate.

All I have to say is this...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 January 2018

If Trump weren't so damn scary

Exclusive: Trump to call on Pentagon, diplomats to play bigger arms sales role - sources

Stunning street art

Women's March 2018 update...over 300 US cities are participating

Oh My! Guardian: Jared Kushner's company under renewed scrutiny over Chinese and Israeli deals

privileged to vote for trump

Donald Trump has the Power to End All Life on Earth and Hes Crazy! (w/Guest Dr. John Gartner)

We can now leave Oprah alone

The Reflecting Pool Isnt a Skating Rink, Washington Tells Visitors.

Netanyahu son bragged about gas deal outside strip club, tape reveals

Is there anyone left who is NOT going to hell?

Bannon committed the worst possible sin...

Trivia question: Did Kirk Douglas ever sing in a movie?

Let us all give thanks and praises to our Dear Leader!!

Trump Overstates Size of Tax Cuts in Speech to Farmers

ABC, CBS and NBC finally went there. Extensive and negative and truthful coverage of the

Health Insurer Sues Trump Admin Over Slashed Subsidies For Low-Income Patients

The Choice Matters