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From 2007: Advice for those considering joining the military

Earth may be near tipping point, scientists warn

Need a vise?

Ok, tell my I'm wrong......I get these two women mixed up.....

SoCal: 16 dogs attacked by "killer" bees; three critical

Teacher tells student, "How about black boy? Go sit down, black boy."

China changes patent law in fight for cheaper drugs

E.coli strain sickens 14 in six states: CDC

It may just be me, but I find this new Romney campaign poster to be a bit "questionable."

AP Interview: SD Tribal VP Says Arrest Had Upside


Deputies Search Chatsworth Home in Connection with Missing Fox Executive

Can parents opt their children out of abstinence only sex education curriculum?

Libya takes steps toward democracy

Puppies Tied To CA Tree Under Bees, 3 Die, 2 Hurt

Nuclear panel must weigh risks of long-term storage, court rules

Terry Jones :Exclusive Interview

6 days left for Humble Indie Bundle V - Indie games and charity (cross-platform)

Today's POTUS forecast: Obama 291.8 electoral votes (+2.3), Romney 246.2 (-2.3)

Alberta rushes to contain oil spill on Red Deer River

Oh dear GOD, that Fear Factor clip finally made it to the Web

Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar arrested

Matthew Rothschild: Accountability in Defeat in Wisconsin

Professors Take Big Step to Develop Nuclear Fusion Power

San Onofre nuclear plant to stay offline this summer

Martin Bashir - Romney gung-ho over military conflicts, not drafts

Rachel on the Assassination of Dr. Tiller - MUST WATCH TV n/t

Nuclear headache: What to do with 65,000 tons of spent fuel?

Education and Vaccine Uptake

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridaze & a new Kitty gif

The American People Have Spoken

Martin Bashir - Romney's truthiness on health care, draft record

Martin Bashir - Obama lashes out at House GOP on jobs, critics on intel leaks

Environmental benefit of biofuels is overestimated, new study reveals

A rave preview of an upcoming Nickelback concert

"Romney’s Bain Capital did not create 100,000 jobs" by John Ifcher at Market Watch

Mea Culpa...

End of the week LOL's (June 8th) - pics

'Schindler's List' Producer Claims Graduation Speech Censorship (for being conservative)

Romney: We don’t need more cops, firefighters or teachers

‘Nanocable’ could be big boon for energy storage


Dow Jones closes 93 points higher at 12,554 on President Barack Obama comments

Reich: Why the Public’s Growing Disdain for the Supreme Court May Help Obamacare

My youngest baby graduated HS tonight!!!!

Focus group shows Bain image hurting Romney

Steel-Strength Plastics -- and Green, Too!

Are Lutherans alienated/bashed here?

"What the Hell's That Thing?"

Feeding - Now is the time to support harvest and distribution.

People who tell young graduates that they are not special reminds me of this Twisted Sister vid.

The "Hard Left" to play a big role in France's parliamentary elections

Shameless boosterism for my home town of Detroit

Pennsylvania gives Shell a sweet, crude deal

Corbett Not Destroying Pa. Public Schools Fast Enough for the Koch Brothers (Phila. Daily News)

Court upholds Mehserle conviction (police officer convicted of killing Oscar Grant)

If the most successful ideas and people are the best,how did Liberals take over everything?

New twist on old chemical process could boost energy efficiency

This shake turned out pretty good -

E.J. Dionne of Real Time tonight. I don't know who else will be on.

Republicans are up to their old tricks...

Report: (former Florida Gov) Charlie Crist paid men to hide gay affair

Union decline and rising inequality in two charts

With many Fox employees card carrying union members you would think they'd promote union solidarity

New CNN poll on heath care reform - 51% oppose ACA but 13% of those think it's too conservative.

"Being the presidential front-runner was the most exhilarating three hours of my life.”

Two San Jose officers file federal lawsuit alleging retaliation (for reporting other cops' crimes)

Don Rickles' racial joke about President Obama...

Uh, What's going on over there???

Teachers union and L.A. school district reach pact to save jobs

U.S. experiences second warmest May, hottest spring on record

We need to break up the banks. Here is my idea for how.

The BRAD BLOG : Did Our Public Airwaves 'Win' it for Walker?

I think Obama is going to win and win handily.

Hey Orange Man! How many jobs have you created this year? Oh....

Sexist or Distasteful ~ Lingerie Football

It's funny how the RW always tells us what they are going to do and....

Scientists find that rain may not always be a welcome thing to waterbirds

ACLU Sues Over Florida Voter Purge

you can't help who you fall in love with...

The ED Show - Romney: Don't need more firemen, policemen, teachers

Obama’s 262 Drone Strikes in Pakistan (Interactive Map)

Pelosi marks a quarter-century in the House

Another rough day for the Roid Sox against a Beltway Team at home.

Business insider on Maher said a senator told him they arent going to help the economy.

NU to insure domestic partners

Televangelist Creflo Dollar arrested in alleged choking attack on daughter

The American Civil Liberties Union has sued Florida over Gov. Rick Scott’s voter-list purge.

NYT: Obama Was Pushed by Drug Industry, E-Mails Suggest

Father, son get probation for harassing Palin attorney

Boys’ Clothes May Be Clue in Patz Case

Local elec. coop lobbies against EPA rulings.

Anybody Got a Bottle Opener?

Today's Snapple Cap Trivia

18 rescued in child pornography raids, feds say

Are you willing to compromise on Social Security and Medicare?

Court rules for news groups in execution case

College Board calls off special SAT date for affluent, gifted students

Dems watching GOP squabbles

America's Last Prisoner of War (Must Read Rolling Stone Article)

Kitchen Dancing, swing and such

Jobs Bills Obstructed by Republicans

Ahh. I had forgotten about this...

"America's Got Talent" star is a fake.

Landlord experts?

Stories from the Road: Sleepy little town

ha ha OccupyHomes MN boards up trainees at Freddie Mac Conference

My old man finally found a job!

“They deserve our support” - pic

Michigan Looks to Pass Nation's Most Anti-Abortion Law

Memorial Day as it could be.

How the War on Drugs Hurts Women

I am a Liberal Democrat

America's Last Prisoner of War (Rolling Stone)

Greek political spokesman (Golden Dawn) assaults Communist Party member on television

I just ate a whole box of Franz Glazed Old Fashioned Donuts

Called it!: Charlie Crist Gay? Former Governor Allegedly Paid Men To Cover Up Affairs

US wants 9/11 health program to include 50 cancers

2012 National Call To Action Institute & Conference, July 9-13, St Paul, MN.

cute! ^^

In push to cut spending, U.S. House spares itself

Does the media get the chance to ask Robme ANY questions??

Winter is NOT over in central Oregon: heavy snow at the lookout tower tonight.

i fractured my damn elbow

How much are you paying for gas?


Missing Olberman, but Bashir is coming on strong

Lab Breakthrough: Microelectronic Photovoltaics

So, Romney doesn't know what a donut is?

Two unfunded wars, Medicare Part D,...

Recall Election Fraud in Wisconsin? You Betcha!

2012 National Call To Action Institute & Conference, July 9-13, St Paul, MN.

Serial killers and politicians share traits

The Republican War against our government

Locked out Republic Workers extend picket line to Long Beach


Every time I get scared, I have to remind myself...

A GOP buzzword has been doing the rounds again

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, June 8)

So I'm sitting on some steps, talking with a gang of people on my brother's street. Two guys

White House - West Wing Week: 06/08/12 or ''Roll Up Our Sleeves and Never Quit''

Nuclear Power is anti-earth power

Precision Guided Munitions limit collateral damage, but...

Scientists to Hold Bake Sale for NASA Saturday

Former neo-Nazi leader arrested in Mexico

Voice Actor Steven Blum Receives Guinness Record for Game Roles


What drives US policy in Central America?

Amanda Bynes Pleads for President Obama's Help in DUI Case

How to remove your eyebrows in 3 easy steps

If Eduard Khil's "Trololo" song got updated...

Could Obama pull a Johnson this late in the game? If he knows he is going to lose

just wanted to bring back some Bill Maher to show how Mormonism is a Racist cult


What's for Dinner ~ Saturday June 9th

Australian Olympic Swimmers In Trouble For Posting Photos Holding Guns on Facebook

FDA delays decision on drug to prevent HIV

Former Coke executive slams ‘share of stomach’ marketing campaign

My facebook rant in reaction to a friend posting an "endobamacare" link. *rant alert*

Multimillion-pound cyberfraud gang jailed for selling identity theft kits

Bill Maher To OWS: Stop Camping In Parks And Start Participating In The Political Process

Obama Expresses Support for Philippines in China Rift

Driving in countries where they drive on the other side of the road...

Romney energy plan shows candidate’s changing views, draws questions on job claims

How was George Romney able to run for President in 1968?

Women candidates need to fight back against innuendo

In El Salvador, Tooth Decay Epidemic Blamed on Junk Food

Why the Question of Palestine is a Feminist Concern

Shorter University sacks its gay librarian

Miami rally defends religious freedom from health insurance mandate...Floriduh!

My Sweet Cat Melanie: August 14, 1995 - June 8, 2012

My Sweet Cat Melanie: August 14, 1995 - June 8, 2012

Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind | PBS Digital Studios

Random things I learned teaching.

Advice for a newbie.

What Does It Say About America That We Jail Teens for Having Sex or Being Late to School?

Wage Theft Epidemic: Bosses Pocket 15 Percent of Workers' Pay

After an eight-year surgical journey 'everything is good'

Cavuto: Cut union pensions because they don’t need ‘Chateaubriand’ steak every night

'When Workers Work Sick, It's Unhealthy for All of Us': New York's Battle for Paid Sick Leave

Wales flooding: Major rescue under way after flooding

Why Is Weed Illegal?

This story is much to do about nothing and yet the rethugs want a Special Prosecutor

Get this: Bank Closure in Kingfisher Oklahoma (This is my hometown):

Weekly Address: Congress Must Act to Keep our Teachers on the Job

Romney Economics; Fewer Teachers; Fewer Firefighters; Fewer Cops

"Upgrade fee" with Verizon? What is this crap?

More Bugs

The Democrats are going about elections all wrong


I really don't care if you think that Velveeta isn't really cheese...

US wants 9/11 health program to include 50 cancers

Anti-abortion (CHOICE) rider attached to DHS spending bill

The wing nuts' idea of constructive use of time....

Wow...THIS younger generation is more 'interesting' than most...

Thank you Jury

Little Britain: why the UK is no longer a superpower

Republicans have a healthcare plan ready to go as soon as they repeal Obamacare....

AARP: The Future of Social Security: 12 Proposals You Should Know About

It's a good thing I tried to put my wallet in my pocket before leaving the apartment

The Fate of the Ocean

GOP Code Message Elect Us And We Will End All Pensions Immediately

Poland: Teaching materials for nurses ‘calls gays socially dangerous’

Use the People’s Veto to End Citizens United

Candidate stampede after federal judges redraw political districts in Kansas

Its been a while since I posted a cheerleader thread.

In My Tribe: Gay Culture, Traditionalists and "The New Wave"

Banksters and transit fare increases

A Brief History of Politicians Blowing Things Up

Green Lanes Bring Bicycling Into the 21st Century

Woman, 21, will be buried in wedding gown

Wisconsin aftermath: Voters in disbelief over Walker victory

Now you can get a tanorexic action figure!!

The "Hard Left" flexes its muscles in France's parliamentary elections

The problem with drones is not the drones themselves, but the failure of humanity they represent.

Most of the threads over in CS aren't particularly creative

Greek debt crisis: chronic drug shortage risking lives of the sick

So far...

Breaking: World Going to Hell in a Handbasket

'No excuse for inaction'; Obama presses jobs plan in weekly address (LA Times)

'I Count The Bodies And Watch The Funerals' — A Drone Pilot Speaks Out

io9 - Welcome to death week.

Romney's Smackdown of Teachers, Firefighters, Police Is No Gaffe

Rio+20 Earth summit: leaked draft reveals conflict among countries

Officials probe E. coli outbreak in 6 states

So What IS The Republic Party's Vision Of America?

Should WI-group should now have an automated crosslink option

Canada’s Music of Protest

Why Walker won in WI, and what Dems need to do right now.

SC Guard sending 100 airmen to Afghanistan (Mission wing’s largest deployment since Op Desert Storm

'Sexual depravity' of penguins that Antarctic scientist dared not reveal

Obama’s data advantage

Here's What's Really Happened To The Private Sector Under Obama (Business Insider)

How To Fix the Gender Gap in Technology

Unexpected Pregnancy, Morality, and the Law

Olympics struggle with ‘policing femininity’


French troops killed by Taliban

110 teachers -many young & energetic - about to be laid off by high poverty Reading School District

Intense shelling of southern Syrian city kills 17

Police State Update: NATO 'invades' Tampa, Florida to the cheers of the willfully ignorant

Confessions of an ex-sex kitten

Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy?

The dog...

Greek far-right TV debate attacker blames victims

Wisconsin Recall: The adjusted Final Exit Poll was forced to match an unlikely recorded vote

China to carry out manned space flight

Students suspended for biking to school

Toon - It's Not Like I'm Trying To Vote!

Karzai: US failed to consult Afghans on airstrike

Family-friendly gun range offering birthday parties for kids

Russia pushes for big Syria meeting, not sanctions

SunEdison Turns to Big New Markets for Solar Power (villages in India and other Asian countries)

*** Gets out her Staple Gun yet again and hangs up the sign for the DU Help Desk ***

Hundreds of special police, helicopter secure gay pride in Croatian town of Split

California tobacco tax initiative backers still hope for narrow win

Hey! So what's everyone working on these days?

I can't listen to one song one Youtube without a Romney commercial

Cheaper LED Lightbulbs Are on the Way

What we need to do!

Authorities puzzle over 3 bombs placed inside flashlights left in Phoenix area

Start a Saturday with a sweet song. Please come CAPTION Michelle (Queen of Nightmares) Malkin!!!!

Mitt Romney's REAL Reasons For Cutting More Cops, Firemen and Teachers

Photovoltaic solar energy in Germany hits new record level

This message was self-deleted by its author

"Your opinions on health care reform, taxes, and even the president’s dog come down to racial bias"

World's Biggest Concentrated Solar Energy Export Initiative to Operate in Tunisia

How Ayn Rand and L. Ron Hubbard Came Up With Their Big Ideas

Obama's radical idea teachers matter when it comes to education. Shocking

I need a question answered, please...

"Conservatives" are traitors.

In Constitutional Republics, Presidents Don’t Have ‘Kill Lists’ By Doug Bandow

NATO Special Op Forces Assault Tampa, Florida

Hydrogen fuel cells begin to show off in the world of competitive racing

Scholastic Gives Boys ‘Survival’ Tips and Girls ‘Girly’ Tips

Juror names need to be public. Too many of them are really being jerks in their....

CER researchers demonstrated best performance reported for fuel cells operating directly on ethanol

you all might want to head over to the photography group

Marco Rubio gets VP nod in conservative straw poll

Three held in attack, with anti-gay overtones, on two teens

A pretty good link with shortcuts to favorite artists and songs.

Truly divide and conquer, and the problem is too many prove too willing to be divided and conquered

Max Keiser: Cognitive Dissonance "Who is blaming Who for the Financial Crisis?"

Am Recovering From a Chemical Burn

Obama: Congress Needs to Help Rehire Teachers

Repiglicans are cold bastards

Dream Walkers locked up at OFA in Denver on Hunger Strike

7 dead in religious rioting in western Myanmar; gov’t says troops opened fire, calm restored

This LOLcats thing used to be fun, but in the last couple of months, it's jumped the friggin' SHARK.

VIDEO: Our new kittens Trixie and Gizmo come home. Yay!! :^D

I had no idea that Sharapova was number one in the World.

Baptismal promises - Apple version

Saturday Update - TDP Convention in Houston

The rebel nuns, the cardinal and a showdown with the Vatican

Jailed anti-abortion activist loses Supreme Court appeal (Canada)

Saturday, June 9th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Catholic doctrine and employer health insurance

Whether you blame it on election fraud, corporate money.........

Is the Guardian the most bigoted newspaper in Britain?

USA, Fascism and the importance of ignorance

Religion: Freedom of 'worship' or 'religion'?

My new electoral college prediction map

Oh no she dih int! GOP candidate posts Facebook entry

Heads Up: Michelle Obama to be on next Restaurant Impossible

Chicago teacher union call for a strike with 90% of the vote

Demographic Shifts in Key States Could Aid Obama in Fall

North Korea: No plan for nuclear test 'at present'

Does the presence of the IDF's HQ in Tel Aviv endanger the city's population?

Inside Story Americas - Wisconsin: A nail in the coffin of US unions?

TYT: 14-Year-Old Conservative Talk Show Host Says President Obama Is 'Making Kids Gay'

Catholic theological society issues statement in support of Sister Farley

How do you present yourself in an interview when...

Liberal Media My Ass! Can you imagine what the media would do if Obama had impersonated a police ..

Democratic leader consoles Wisconsin party after recall

Citizens for a Better Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Abuse of Power Forum 6/7/2012

Woman in Chinatown hypnotized by thieves (Link to article and video)

Hide and seek

Elizabeth Warren Tells Romney Why Corporations Are Not People: ‘People Have Hearts’

Show's Over for Teen Who Said Obama Made His Friends Gay

Gov. Patrick to march in Boston gay pride parade

Obama's attacks on Romney's Bain Capital past may be paying off, new poll suggests

Why Bill Black Won’t be Briefing Congress about Derivatives

RANT: Did you hear that faint creak? It was America's problems passing the tipping point.

Has anyone else seen this map?

Green Heron!!

Romney's Reaction to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Confirms He's Really Out-of-Touch

India's Jindal warns it may scrap $2 billion Bolivia project

Toons: Purge The Vote, A Tough Day, The Dairy State and More. - 6/8/12

Romney camp aims to win over Hispanics

Whoopi Goldberg - Happy Gay Pride Boston 2012 - June 9

Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind | PBS Digital Studios

Why is a green heron "green" exactly?

Is it possible to cook anything in the dryer? And anybody got any good recipes?

Romney Energy Plan Includes Drilling ‘Virtually Every Part’ Of U.S., Even National Parks

First-grader Gianna missed class, but she had the best excuse - pics

Just to set the record straight for Rand Paul

Which one of ya bastids told MFM strip searches were optional at the airport?

GOP groups top Democrats in TV spending by far

Does anyone use the iPad Newsstand app?

New weapon in the war on terror

Spanish banks to get up to 100bn euros in rescue loans

Afghan government warns US over 'one-sided' airstrike that killed 18

Women's Equal Work doesn't translate into Equal pay.

Check out the teats on Kali's horse

Carrie Underwood Comes Out In Support For Gay Marriage

Russia backs Assad's departure 'if that is what Syrians want'

90% of Chicago teachers vote to authorize strike

Turtle Divorce: Giant Turtles Divorce After 115 Years Together

I finally bought a new car today. Traded in my old Nissan

Suicides Outpacing War Deaths for Troops

Woman in Chinatown hypnotized by thieves

North Korea: No plan for nuclear test 'at present'

Finally a bank gets indictments against its officers for fraudulent mortgages

Live Tweets from the Texas Democratic Party Convention:

London bus workers vote for strike over £500 Olympic Games bonus

Anybody else think Obama has finally lost patience with the Repugs?


Girlfriend of 'Miami zombie' Rudy Eugene says he was religious, a Christian

Texas Democratic Convention -- newbie thoughts

Ooops, I just lost a friend on Facebook. He unfriended me!

How to buy an election from a major television channel

Obama's attacks on Romney's Bain Capital past may be paying off, new poll suggests

Huge wind farm to bring change to Kenya

kid won't play ball "right" with dad, so dad beats him with a belt (video)

Egyptian women protesters sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square

Mo money, mo money, mo money...

Swiss Court Orders Modifications to Google Street View

Debunking The Right Wing Claims of Death Threats Against Scott Walker

The Wealthy Have 'Worked Hard' And Deserve To Keep Their Money

French troop pullout from Afghanistan to start in July

Mordor Recruitment Video

TCM Schedule for Monday June 11 - TCM Spotlight: Larry Hagman

Only 13.5 Percent of Food Workers Earn a Living Wage

'Girls & Boys' - a great redneck It Gets Better video. Could be from Mayberry.

Colombian paramilitary leaders called to testify in wiretapping case .

Today's time-waster: "I Am Ziggy Stardust" Website lets you put your face on Bowie's classic album

TYT: Romney Could Save $20M In Taxes If He Wins The Election

Up w/Chris Hayes - Is Bernanke trying to elect Mitt Romney?

A Sangha of Not-Two.

Voter Purges Show GOP Desperation in Face of Changing Demographics

Somali Al-Qaeda group offers bounty of 10 camels for Obama.

New cars in Europe will have to cut carbon emissions by a third (by 2020)

Disturbing Viral Image of the Day

What's your opinion on alerting all of the Pollyannas

The Invisible Man

I had a business trip in July canx, so I've decided to take my daughter on a trip

Europe: A Thousand Miles Behind

Carrie Underwood: Country queen speaks out for gay marriage,but how will conservative fans take it?

Each and every one of Kali's days get better & better as they progress. Her secret?

Give up!!! Concede!!! Just tip over your King now.

The Athiests' onliest "Commandment" is showing up EVERYWHERE!!

Wanna give your child(ren), parent(s), or SO an AWESOME start to their day?

MFM quit the circus upon finding that sword-swallowing & explosive UNEXPECTED flatulence don't mix.

MFM took Roy Scheider ("Jaws") fishing just ONCE. He kept sayng, "We're gonna need a bigger bait!!"

Re Wisconsin. What stage of grief are you in?

State must save In-Home Supportive Services

Did God tangle up my computer cords?

Expert at Western University sees big climate changes by 2050

Climate change deniers blinded by political ideology - Michael E. Mann

Michigan's GOPer legislature shows universities who's boss - Brian Dickerson, DFP columnist

Arctic Ocean mega-bloom: Scientists' eyes popped and jaws dropped

Microbes Capable of Surviving Harsh, Mars-Like Conditions Discovered

Rebels battle in Assad stronghold of Damascus

disappointed in TX Dems...

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, How it should be played

National take your daughter to the range day...6/9/12

NC Senate panel rejects sea level rise warning

Romney's "Unethical Stench"/ "...he is a walking corporation masquerading as a person"

Genocide Watch is issuing a Genocide Emergency Alert: Genocide and Mass Atrocities Emergency – Syria

Happy Birthday to Blossom the Rescue Fawn.

China to launch 3 astronauts to space lab

Talk on the street – Hydrogen powered vehicles maybe here sooner than expected

Ah, it wasn't so long ago that flatearther Christianity was science.

US Lab Says Electronic Voting Machines Easy to Hack

Great Think Progress interview with Markos Moulitsas

Okay, here's a topic Terrible movie/Awesome soundtrack

What a great ad from Chevrolet!

Whatever happened to....

X-Post: VIDEO: Our new kittens Trixie and Gizmo come home. Yay!! :^D

Decaf just isn't the same as the loaded stuff

NREL Helps PV Industry Make Panels Last

A total of 155,788 murders in Venezuela since 1999

Any ideas on a completely (and by surprise) dead Laptop?

Just saw OFA ad, during baseball game.

Business Insider: Here's What's Really Happened To The Private Sector Under Obama

Australian swimmers punished for posing with firearms in CA

VP Biden drenched by children with super-soakers (pics)

(US Senate candidate from NV, D) Berkley addresses ethics probe

Hockey player's death leads to another's survival

Saw Michelle Bachmann in a parade

Flashback! 1973 Belmont Stakes

Happy Birthday to Blossom the Rescue Fawn!

400 U.S. Catholic theologians fail to endorse a "religious liberty," anti-Obamacare measure.

Pharmacists ask Reichenbach to help EOPYY (Greece)

What is macroeconomics?

An "It Gets Better" Country Song. Cute and sweet and funny.

Widow Forced to Pay Hundreds of Thousands in Taxes Because She Was Married to a Woman, Not a Man

Happy Birthday to Blossom the Rescue Fawn!

Bill Moyers: Big Money's Effect on Big Media

David Michael Green: Broken Shards of My Heart: The US in Decline

My Dinner With Marijuana (boing boing)

Obama musical spoof

Cocaine from Colombia seized in Spain.

Uh Oh ... the vet said she could feel every rib in my dog's body...

IF you had to choose....which would you choose?

Marched in a gay pride parade today

walk on by

Youtube does have a double standard I can drive a carrier through.

A total of 155,788 murders in Venezuela since 1999

Where can you buy short sleeved white nerd shirts?

A song for Corpus Christi.

The owner of Union Rags worked in the JFK

This picture on the Compusa web site (home page) reminds me of someone..

Union Rags it is...

Fighting For Conservative Values Like Shooting Laws We Don't Agree With

SC Now Orders Evacuations Based on Flood Zone Maps...NC says...There's No Global Water Rise!

The DUzy Awards for Friday, June 8, 2012 - Part 1

Next RW Christian I run into I'm gonna tell 'em the Bill Clinton's remarkable recovery is because...

Did We, the People, lose Our Government to They, the Corporations?

A Sangha of Not-Two

Handsome Black Man in Convoy - w4m

Exellent speech by Elizabeth Warren somebody needs to ask Brown if he believes corps are people too

This was in gd but

Caption the clowns

So I'm taking a Sociology class this summer, and . . .

I made a water garden in a small Vietnamese water bowl - need advice!

There needs to be some kind of "flag" to let people know when someone's been banned.

Gas is down to $3.15 in our area ! It will really help Obama when he gets credit for that !

Eating Shit

Another article about Kraft's offensive Milkbite advertising campaign

Democrats should pull the Jesus card

Top ten logo disasters

Russia 'still opposes Syria intervention'

N.C. gun bill would allow concealed carry in restaurants serving alcohol

Holy crap: It's only the start of June and it's above 100 in some places in Denver!

Texas mom arrested over angel dust on six-year-old daughter's school lunch

A recount? Of course

DevonRex has retired as a Host. Let's raise a toast for a job well done!

question regarding diabetes shots you are awesome

Romney Plan Includes Drilling ‘Virtually Every Part’ Of U.S., No Protections For National Parks