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Hyperrealistic Paintings Reveal the Animalistic Inner Selves of NYC Subway Riders

Clinton casts her economic plan as antidote to 'trickle-down economics'

"America First" -Donald Trump...

Shout out to all the "no difference between the parties"

More Than Half of Mass Shooters Used Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines


And the Trump - GOP bait and switch is complete. Trump does not mention

Live Periscope feed of the Dems sit in on the House floor

Democrats are having a resurgence. It's great to see this.

Trump’s top example of foreign experience: A Scottish golf course losing millions

Are there any side eye emojis we can have?

House sit-in

Dear Speaker Ryan,

Woah! Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tweeted about the House sit in. Read the responses! (GD)

Gun control backers are really, really sick of playing nice

The Democrats are going to read Letter From The Birmingham Jail

EU referendum: Why is there no exit poll?

Top Latino Republican says, ‘Farewell, my Grand Old Party’

Senate Dems should filibuster until the House votes on gun measures

Kansas to Use Provisional Ballots for Upcoming Elections

OK, I have to admit I kind of admire Trump's short con here

Social Security Still Isn’t Broke, New Report Confirms

Donald Trump in his speech today acted out one of my favorite jokes

The Latest: Utah Governor Says Drone Hurt Attack on Wildfire

MSNBC showing SIT IN; FOX BOWING TO TRUMP SPEECH, cnn talking about

Speaker Ryan-DSB will throw you a lifeline.

Dem Congressman Offers Resignation After Conviction

Elizabeth Warren is still in the House. She's fired up!

YOU*---> Hillary responds to donald's new fund-raising tee-shirts1

House sit-in makes international headlines: France 24

Trump didn't know what Brexit or the nuclear triad is

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Poll puts Leave SEVEN POINTS ahead of Remain hours before referendum

Will someone take a minute to chat with me about an HP printer issue, please.

All In With Chris Hayes... David Farenthold reporting that he can't find any charities that

Watched Hillary squish Trump yesterday

Luke Russert ready to cry!!!!

Tech Workers Evict Kindergarten Teacher from Mission Apartment for ‘Using Appliances’

Meet Rick Tyler. He's running for Congress in Tennessee. Rick wants to "Make America White Again."

House sit-in reported in German press: Deutsche Welle

Chairman resigns, many Sanders supporters apologize for 'disrespectful' role in Latino caucus elect

PNC Park in Pittsburgh ...

Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen was spurned by boyfriends, ‘did it for revenge,’

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Live and Uncensored

First Openly Gay Miss Missouri Crowned

Rep. Lewis will be on with Rachel soon.

Libertarian discussion on CNN now.

Question about jury decisions.

Family Plans to Destroy Stockpile of Inherited Guns and Ammo Worth Millions, Lawyer Says

Shuttered prison being prepared for Democratic convention

Kansas to Borrow $900 Million to Cover Next Fiscal Year

Disney cruise captains no longer joking that alligators are made of fiberglass

Sen. Warren makes a food run for the House Heroes

Dog are better than cats...

If the Victory Celebration for the Cavaliers is any indication, the RNC will be a mess

Rump Roast

NRA just said Democrats participating in the sit in are criminals and terrorists!

In U.S. first, New York City making tampons free in schools

Voter Suppression – Ginsburg

San Francisco goes for soda tax after victory on health warnings

Founding Fathers Loathe Stupidparty

Sen. Tammy Baldwin-- I will stand… or sit with @repjohnlewis any day of the week. Let's #HoldTheFlo

Just curious... Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz made an appearance at the House sit-in?

To End All Wars (Adam Hochschild 2011)

Ex-U.N. General Assembly president in U.S. bribery case dies: lawyer

The NRA is Going to Make Him an Offer He Can’t Refuse

Per Rachel just now: Warren is being vetted!

KUDOS to our very own NRaleighLiberal, featured in the current issue of Eating Well magazine!!

Welch, Leahy, Sanders join gun protest on House floor

Paul Ryan's tweet criticizing the Democratic sit-in on gun control is backfiring quickly

Hillary Clinton’s Message: Yes, the Economy Is Messed Up. But I Can Fix It.


Woah! Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tweeted about the House sit in. Read the responses! (HRC GP)

The Dems put the GOP in a lose, lose,lose ,lose situation.

NHL approves expansion to Las Vegas with team to play in 2017-18

House cameras about to be turned on, per Dem Reps...

The C-span transmission of the sit-down just went dark, after a notice that

Breaking! House to Re-convene for votes at 10pm ET. Reported on Rachel...

Alaska News - 6/22/2016

Cat saves owner's life by detecting she had breast cancer TWICE

Tornado warning for Chicago and area. CBC News

Hawaii News - 6/22/2016

I almost missed this

LeBron takes mic at Cavaliers parade: “I’m going to Miami again. F — k all you who burned my jersey.

Guam News - 6/22/2016

I am so proud to be a Democrat today!

Don the Con says he will put in 2 million, but will pay how much back to him and his interests?

No Bill No Break No Bill No Break

Ryan gavels the House to order and the Dems . . . a thing of beauty!

Speaker Ryan Reconvenes House Of Representatives

Ryan reconvenes and...

Elizabeth Warren brings armful of Dunkin’ Donuts to sit-in


Both Parties are NOT the Same: Gunloon Edition

Trump campaign says it raised an astounding $2 million in 12 hours

Buh Bye Santa Barbaruh.

It took Ryan this..this long to come up with a jiveass weak response

I wonder what Mitch McConnell is doing right now. I wonder if it has dawned on him that

New charges loom for Brazil's suspended speaker Eduardo Cunha

If Britain leaves the EU

Nancy Pelosi-.@HouseGOP is voting on putting Americans’ retirement security at risk instead of prote

What was intended

Veto override fails - Republcans bug out

59% of Trump's claims have been deemed false or "Pants on Fire" false, versus 12% for Hillary

Some pre-show photos of Sting/Gabriel in Columbus

Has anyone ever fired a glue gun?

Ryan trys to take them out by force?

Tonight the Democratic "Establishment" is making history on the floor of the House.

Does anyone know if we can send pizzas to the House

Cooling off in Boulder!

I'm a Union Shop Steward spending the week as a Union Council Rep

Just an observation

American People In Solidarity With The Dems Should Stage Sit-Ins .....

Trump’s political suicide mission

Mike Malloy - The Political Revolution Continues, By Bernie Sanders - Part 1

Elizabeth Warren Tweets from the last hour...

I'm watching Rep John Lewis address folks gathered outside the Capitol and I have to say...

While Democrats are passionately trying to save lives

Escaped ISIS sex slave tells Congress of horrors

HuffingtonPost said that Hillary is going progressive for the election! Bless her!

Reps going outside of congress to talk to folks in the crowd now on msnbc

I LOVE seeing Democrats getting that "fire" back in their bellies

If you thought 'Never Trump' was dead, think again

House Erupts Into Chaos as Paul Ryan Reconvenes, Dems Continue Sit-In, Chant in Protest

Trump’s foreign experience: A Scottish golf course losing millions

Where should I eat tomorrow

Michio Kaku: Is God a Mathematician?

Who does Donald Trump listen to? Other Trumps.

Why Trump beat Cruz and Rubio, and why it could mean the GOP is permanently screwed.

Mike Malloy - The Political Revolution Continues, By Bernie Sanders - Part 2

OMG is that Gohmert harassing the Dems

Democrats Sing We Shall Overcome Hold As House Republicans Try To Hold A Vote

Marco Rubio just took a swipe at Trump

Mike Malloy - The Political Revolution Continues, By Bernie Sanders - Part 3

Rubio skips committee hearing as he enters Florida race

BREAKING: Paul Ryan Calling In Senate Police To Forcibly Remove Democrats At Sit-In (DETAILS)

Mike Malloy - The Political Revolution Continues, By Bernie Sanders - Part 4

Hollywood Responds to Gun Control Sit-In: ‘This Is What a Revolution Looks Like’

Hydrangea help?

"Where do you see yourself in five years?" (Piraro 'toon)

Nobody brings the crazy quite like Trump


Trump's Speech On Clinton Annotated

OOOPS! I didn't realize this was GD:2016. I just saw the GD when I posted. Sorry. Self-delete. nt

Nobillnobreak is making headlines in the UK:

In response to today's actions, House Republicans to hold a Shit-In.

Senate Democrats Bring Food To Support House Colleagues Conducting Sit-In On Gun Laws

Tweet to Paul Ryan how you feel.

If Trump is no longer talking about the Wall or banning muslims then they

Trump is a pervert

John Lewis: We cannot give up or give in or give out. We must keep our eyes on the prize.

State Sen. Royce West Sues Dez Bryant Over Trashed House

Will DFW return now that the primary vitriol is abating?

Stephen Colbert Takes The Gloves Off: Gun Control

Kansas to borrow $900 million, may delay payments to school districts

Inside Trump’s Most Valuable Tower

Bandit dons bikini in Southern California heat

Ruler of self-declared principality on the Italian Riviera faces 'coup d'etat' from rival

Scholar Tells Senate of ISIL's 'Parallel Religion'

Shouldn't there be a way to report a dupe in LBN?

'Seismic strain': Land around the San Andreas fault is rising and sinking

Trump University seized upon foreclosure crisis

"Make America White Again" campaign billboard

photos from rally with Hillary in Raleigh 22 June 2016

John Lewis was already a champion. He is now a fucking legend.

I sure support the house Democrats for their stance on gun reform! Ex-Gov. Ted Strickland

Rhetorical question

Chris Hayes just said they will be live all night.


Bernie gets standing Ovation when he stops by Congress to show his support for the sit-in.

I use the Chrome Browser for Netflix and Amazon movies.

Big 12 wants to see all of Baylor’s sexual assault investigation

This is what unity looks like. Thank you Democrats!

Congressman Kildee is in the House!

I Love You John Lewis

First 2 sensible bills...UBC and No fly No buy, next - updated AWB...

Derrick Rose traded to Knicks in deal involving Robin Lopez

These speeches are just our Dems in The House. has Faux Noise been covering the sit-in?

The sit-in has done a lot to heal divisions in this party.

Colombia government and FARC rebels confirm historic ceasefire

Colombia government and FARC rebels confirm historic ceasefire

Donald Trumps Campaign is just a Money Making Racket

Google Fiber is acquiring my ISP....YUSSSSSS!

House Democrats picked a perfect day.

How many of you have ever fired a boss?

First Lesson: Try to learn something from everyone you meet.

Didja notice......the "occupying" Dems in the House brought their own snacks.

If Paul Ryan would just close his eyes & stick his fingers in his ears...

So if you are wrongly put on a watch list, how do you get off it?

Debbie Dingell

Chaos! Pandemonium!

As long as you can afford it, do you prefer to buy new when you buy a car?

More Americans killed by guns since 1968 than in all U.S. wars

The Latest: Sick US workers reach Chile in Antarctica rescue

Hillary: Trump has written a lot of books about business, they all end at chapter 11

I predict Ryan will use this to get himself nominated in Cleveland

House Dems, Republicans nearly come to blows during sit-in for gun control

***** House back in session. Republicans want to recess late tonight until July. *****

There aren't just two Americas. There are Three.

I love C-Span

Pt. 1: Thomas Frank on Clinton & Democratic Establishment: What Happened to the Party of the People?

Pt. 2: Thomas Frank on Clinton & Democratic Establishment: What Happened to the Party of the People?

Why is it that when I see Luke Russert

Clinton tells House Democrats she will compete in all 50 states - POLITICO

Mexico one of world's top 3 opium growers: report

Mexico one of world's top 3 opium growers: report

John Lewis sponsored petition - DEMAND GUN REFORM - link

CNN talking to Republicans and it seems as if the GOP is going

Clinton to inherit Obama's fundraising list

Imagine if the dems won the House, Senate, White House

where is your critter?

Say their name.

Trump voter goes Batshit Insane: Make my fuckin' Tortilla.....

"But the two parties are basically the same"

CBS Miami: Patrick Murphy "exaggerated his experience" and "made claims that were misleading"

Citing doubts, LA prosecutors want to free convicted killer

My new buddy.

NYC subway riders fight back at groping, grinding, lewd acts

loud rainy night in Ohio....not at all like the song about Ga

Virginia State Police open investigation into inmate's death

So Joe Wilson calling Obama a liar wasn't a "break in decorum"?

Temporary blindness tied to smartphone use in dark

Back in April I made a bet with my buddy Mike...

While we're on the subject of gun control, I've collected roughly a thousand gun related 'toons

From a Republican colleague of mine as he walked off the floor: "We're going to have a drink and a

Court strikes down Obama fracking rules for public lands

Why the House sit in is really important

From a Republican colleague of mine as he walked off the floor: "We're going to have a drink and a

The Takeover of Puerto Rico

Enough tears for the so-called death of decorum in the House. Let's do something for the too many li

The Takeover of Puerto Rico

The Clinton Campaign Seems To Think Pennsylvania Is In The Bag

The NRA/GOP are openly serving the interests of terrorists & mass murderers.

2009: Rahm Emanuel tells Eric Holder to shut up about Assault Weapons Ban

US Red Cross spent 25% of Haiti donations on itself

It is 2:30 am thrusday. House is called into session ryan forcing votes so they can

Brazil: More than two-thirds view coup gov't unfavourably

Blog is hiring a liberal writer to counter conservative writer

Venezuela: Why capitalism, not socialism, is to blame for corruption

Dog theft reports rise 22% in two years in England and Wales

Commentary: U.S. Display Of Military Power Act Of Hegemony (People's Daily Online)

Is the sit-in going to redound to the democrats' benefit? And the answer is: Foxnews is not

Team discovers new origins for farmed rice

A 700-year-old West African farming practice could be an answer to climate change

A 700-year-old West African farming practice could be an answer to climate change

Texas News - 6/23/2016

Yellow is the New Red

Maxine Waters has just called on the protesters to remain at least till daybreak.

NYdaily cover of paul ryan

If you're awake you SHOULD be listening to John Lewis who is speaking right now.

Steven Colbert on Trump's new financial report: a clip from The Producers...

sensible gun control

Daily Holidays - June 23

German 'Stonehenge' opens to the public

Donald Trump's speech on Hillary Clinton filled with distortions

Solar Impulse completes Atlantic crossing with landing in Seville

EU referendum poll: The latest tracker and odds

Cuban TV programming to be broadcast in U.S.

House Democrats: Want Something To Do While You're Occupying The House? Try Reading Out The Names

the @factcheckdotorg summary of Trump's speech today is amazing.

Despite wishing that all guns could be removed from society..

"a recent Monmouth Univ poll found Clinton ahead of Trump 54–34% among the youngest age group"

🐦 6/24 Bernie Sanders A Future To Believe In Rally featuring Congressional Candidate Eric Kingson

What happens when a gun lobby refers to the elected representatives

Far-Right Party in France Also Dreams of an EU Exit

Chicago Tribune: Trumponomics is actually scarier when you study it.

Activists support political prisoners at Prague Castle

One smart elephant.

The gun lobby can't have its cake and eat it too

Man-made pollutants found in Earth's deepest ocean trenches

Vote early, vote often

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Gun Debate

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Rethugs

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

The republics have hightailed it home to lead all the patriotic

It's worth watching 'Morning Joe' this morning!

This article from 2012 in The Scotsman, sums up trump better than anything I've seen

Hillary Clinton Says Trump's Attacks on Her Mean He Has 'No Answers'

Hillary Clinton Reassures House Democrats 2016 Is Not Just About Her

Does being vetted for VP increase one's political clout...

The sit-in will have major psychological implications for the general election:

How Democrats mounted their gun legislation sit-in.

Repubs say the sit-in is "disrespectful."

WaPo Editorial: Hillary Clinton offers a welcome concession to reality

Bernie Sanders: Here’s what we want

House Democrats’ Gun Protest Drowns Donald Trump In A Tidal Wave Of Blue Power

I hate to say it, but major kudos to Joe Scab.

Republicans: Save your party, don’t give to Trump - By George F. Will

House GOP says no vote on gun control tonight. Instead they'll deal w/ financial advisers.

Well this is interesting re Don the Con

Donald Rumsfeld Is All In For Trump: It’s ‘Not A Close Call’

#Democrats Demand Paul Ryan #TurnOnTheCameras Over #Gun Legislation!

JoeScum has returned to normal

Is #Trump Using FEC Gridlock to His Advantage?

NRA Radio Host Compares Congressmen Staging Sit-In Over Gun Control To ‘Criminals And Terrorists’

=*=UPDATE (Video @ 10:30am): Bernie Sanders - National Latino Conference (NALEO) 6-23-16 =*=

Latest heart attack franchise...

As far as I can see, there's no petition in support of the dem sit-in on

Here's to hoping that the John Lewis effect will help congress to overcome the NRA's coming attack

Grocery strike ahead? Union workers authorize walkout if contract negotiations fail

One of the most devastating anti-Trump videos I've ever seen.

Hillary's speech was very "progressive"...

Grocery strike ahead? Union workers authorize walkout if contract negotiations fail

Grocery strike ahead? Union workers authorize walkout if contract negotiations fail

Trump forms "Evangelical Board," Bachmann is on it

"They call me The New American Intellectual!" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Bernard McGuirk!!!!

Congressman Kevin McCarthy accused The Demorats protesting on the floor of the House...

Trump accused of raping 13-year-old

Maybe its just me, but I think the national mood toward the NRA is taking a . . . . .

Paul Ryan, what are you afraid of?

***UPDATE (video@ 10:30am): Bernie Sanders Speech At National Latino Conference (NALEO) 6-23-16

A.C. casino union launching ads on why it might go on strike

A.C. casino union launching ads on why it might go on strike

A.C. casino union launching ads on why it might go on strike

Perhaps HRC should wait for the GOP Convention to conclude to name her running mate


Set Your Clocks Forward: Bolivia’s President Says That It’s the Year 5524

Back to CSpan - DOnald Trump is a con man

1st of many...

To send a message, family plans to destroy stockpile of inherited guns worth millions

I emailed my Democratic congressional Reps from my State

Republicans adjourn House

Are we using this name for the nominee!?

@factcheckdotorg summary of Trump's speech is stunning

Paul Ryan looks like every substitute teacher on their first day.

Trump's campaign is running on a $45M deficit

OBAMA: 'There’s no successful businessman...who thinks most successful businessman in USA is Trump'

Prosecutors object to providing Oregon defendants details on law enforcement response

#NoBillNoBreak vigil images (and thoughts)

How many of you know that Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Incredible video of Rep Louie Gohmert yelling "radical Islam killed these people"

#Democratic Lawmakers Shouldn't Have To Leave #Congress To Be Heard!

Prominent Republicans repudiating Trump and embracing Clinton a good or bad thing?

"Even in the shower I'm packin'." . . . Please come CAPTION NRA's finest: Cam Edwards!!!

Finicum Supporters Guard Illegal Roadside Memorial

Prominent, Bipartisan Group of Business Leaders Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Hypothetical gun poll

John Lewis, Thank you

These Are the Tricks Political Campaign Ads Use to Brainwash Us

Trump, Champion of the Downtrodden?

Would you consider adding another option for the alert ability?

If Hillary Clinton cracks that ‘highest, hardest glass ceiling,’ she’ll bring other women along...

Kudos to Cspan for Continuing to Broadcast the Sit In Despite Have To Use a Crappy Feed

FACT-Check-Trump lied when in said Hillary accepted $58,000 in jewelry from Brunei

NPR: yesterday donald trump took to the stage to 'savage' Hillary Clinton

Trump peddles religious ignorance

Hey, Massachusetts--

Clinton touts economic record, courts Sanders backers in N.C. speech

Trump's scandalous Clintons-scandals speech

A Great Anti Republican TV Ad, Remember? Jerry Brown Destroys Whitman

50 States. We CAN take back the House!

Giffords writes open letter in support of Dem sit-in

Sarah Silverman target of anti-Semitic rant by ex-reality TV star Tila Tequila

Jobless Claims Sink To Near 43 Year Low

Fact Checkers Weigh in On Trump’s Speech and The Results Were Brutal

Pretentious hypocrisy is the hallmark of Republicans.

Boston Globe Editorial: Paul Ryan, what are you afraid of?

Tax Debate Over: Progressives Won


Irish fans are charming their way through Euro 2016 with song and good deeds

The House Sit-In for the Vote on Gun Sense has nothing to do with Sen. Sanders. (GD)

Obama: ‘No successful businessman actually thinks the most successful businessman is Donald Trump’

***BREAKING*** Non-partisan Larry Sabato with excellent track record out with updated electoral map

The House Sit-In for the Vote on Gun Sense has nothing to do with Sen. Sanders. (HRC GP)

Mateen altered looks, researched anti-psychotic drugs before attack

Finally figured out Trump's medical diagnosis after watching this:

Trump's campaign is a hot mess,so off to Scotland he goes.

Of course they would call it a political stunt.

I can't believe that people would seriously question having two women on the ticket.

Elizabeth Warren Brings Reinforcements!

10 Married Karma Sutra Positions (No, nothing like what you're thinking)

Texas man tries in vain to save his infant left in hot car — by placing her in refrigerator

The hater next door: our local Aryan Nations

Back to save the day again - dogs at polling places!

SCOTUS upholds University of Texas Affirmative Action program

A quick primer on John Lewis' history of sit-ins and arrests while he has been in Congress

Al Giordano on John Lewis and nonviolence training and tradition (HRC GP)

Saw this nugget on another board-re: Democratic prospects in TX

I think Bernie will concede later today in that speech

If you get this, pls don't post a spoiler.......

Supreme Court upholds University of Texas affirmative action admissions program

Donald Trunk

Trump started his business with a "small" $1 million loan. Wanna know how much that would be today?

Bernie Sanders: The C-SPAN Video Interview

Donald And Hobbes...

50 Years of Mass shootings - the guns, the victims, the killers

Bernie Sanders: The C-SPAN Video Interview

In Florida, the NRA Demands Total Obedience. These War Stories Show Why Orlando Won’t Change That.

Bear cub climbs up residential tree in Paramus, NJ. Tranquilized, hits ground hard

Chairman resigns, many Sanders supporters apologize for 'disrespectful' role in Latino caucus (HRCGP

ACLU on the proposed gun legislation

SCOTUS screws Obama on executive immigration orders 4-4

Big Deal and Great News: SCOTUS Upholds Affirmative Action at U of Texas

Supreme Court places new limits on drunken driving test laws

How many here have had gun violence affect their lives?

Supreme Court Tie Dooms Obama Immigration Policy

Venezuela's deepening food crisis sees ransacked stores, deadly riots

Donald Trump faces wall of opposition as he returns to Scotland

Driver of Police van during Freddie Gray arrest found not guilty of 2nd degree murder

Scientists Confirm: Comets Smell Like Cat Piss

Fact-checking Donald Trump’s attack on Hillary Clinton

Shooting at German cinema leaves 25 wounded

Has anyone heard mention if the crowd is still outside the Capitol Bldg?

Breaking - Armed man 'opens fire at German cinema'

Business Leaders Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

X-Post: Donald And Hobbes...

4-4 Tie SCOTUS blocking Mr. President's immigration plan.

Texas Court Acquits Man Who Shot Woman Dead For Refusing To Have Sex With Him

California Bernie Supporters, Please Call Your Elections Office Today to Request All Provisional Bal

Am I as brainwashed as they are?

"Mass shooting" in German theatre "hoax". Man was shooting blanks. Injuries due to tear gas

How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment

One in Five Law Enforcement Officers Slain in the Line of Duty Felled by an Assault Weapon

Pic Of The Moment: Paul Ryan Adjourns House, Refuses To Hold Vote On Gun Control Measures

Why Can’t Obama Just Issue an Executive Order Banning Assault Weapons?

The Struggle To Get Medical Marijuana In California

Surprised to be called for jury duty today.

Clinton 44%, Trump 34% (Ipsos/Reuters (Web) 6/18-6/22)

Our opponents are disintegrating right before our eyes

Border collie puppy cam (the squee is unbelievable!!)

Hillary Clinton Statement on Texas vs. US

More than 1,200 die of starvation and illness at Nigeria refugee camp

Moyers: John Lewis Stands Up for Human Dignity Once Again

Turkey 'denying educated Syrians' travel to Germany

Republicans say, "Screw you! We're going home!"

Will average Americans start to make the simple connection:

How Americans shower

This woman is 80 and inspirational:

Supreme Court split 4-4 over in Native American tribal court dispute

What time EDT (Eastern Daylight) should we know the Brexit vote?

Ivanka Trump Sued for Allegedly Copying $785 Shoe Design

Democrats Need To Emphasize Hope To Win In November

How Scotland fixed that whole bathroom thing:

Knockout Stage of Euro 2016

LeBron James to return to Cavs to defend title in 2016-17

Give a shout-out to your Senator/Representative who is part of the 'sit-in'

An Open Letter to New Hampshire Business Owners and Republicans, From Two New Hampshire Business Ow

New Yorker Magazine: Obama makes the case for liberalism: radical change through practical measures.

More BDS BS - for a Lebanese writer

Watermelon Slushies (photos)

Publicity stunt?

Trump is a combination of these Simpson characters

Could US hold people again?


Could 9th circuit issue pro dreamers judgment and make it law for 9th?

Combating the Military Sexual Assault Crisis Should Come Before Equality Under the Draft

Combating the Military Sexual Assault Crisis Should Come Before Equality Under the Draft

Tim Tebow, others cut from replacement statue list (FL)

Combating the Military Sexual Assault Crisis Should Come Before Equality Under the Draft

#DemocraticSitIn now trending number one with 35.3K tweets already

Are the Jesus Freaks this desperate to keep Hillary out of the White House?

Cash-Strapped Trump Forced To Replace Eric Trump With Cheap Migrant Son

This will make you laugh!

House drops Confederate Flag ban for veterans cemeteries

"Fuckman-Ass" Judge and "Donkey-Dicked" Murder Suspect Are America's Greatest Comic Duo

Prince's Estate Banned Steven Wilson's Cover Of Sign O The Times From Streaming Services

Finding Dory: The Republican Story

Parents, Alumni Sue HISD Over Renaming Schools Honoring Confederacy (TX)

Orlando Shooter's Lover Comes Forward

European Union referendum: UK goes to the polls

Three suspects in fraud cases plead not guilty (CO)

Disney World's ongoing battle against 'nuisance' alligators

Mass shootings are about isolation, anger — not religion or ethnicity

Liberal Elites Hate the Left

Why there's a Nazi 'SS' flag on display in DeKalb County? (IL)

MRA Dude Is Gonna Be SO COOL After The Apocalypse, You Don’t Even Know

US Muslims are terrorism’s collateral victims

Gunman Dead at German Movie Theater; No One Injured by Suspect, Police Say

Yasiel Puig's Little League walk-off homer

Calling Muslims ‘un-American’ is un-American

Marines say they misidentified one man in iconic 1945 Iwo Jima photo

"We must do better." @HillaryClinton tweets on deadlocked #SCOTUS ruling on immigration reform.

Arkansas Court Upholds Execution Protocol, Drug Secrecy Law

Late statement on the primary. I am converting my support to Hillary

Just saw Al Franken, in the House!

Feds Say Everyone in Flint Can Drink Filtered Tap Water

Trump forgives $50 million in loans to his campaign: Trump finance chief

The Guardian view on family planning: the unsung human right

Why does MSNBC have Ben Carson on now as a commentator?

The Guardian view on family planning: the unsung human right

The Latest: APNewsBreak: Oil Train Derail Railroad's Fault

Bernie Sanders NALEO Conference FULL Speech 6/23/16

@SpeakerRyan managing his Twitter feed today #NoBillNoBreak #NoFlyNoBuy

The Guardian view on family planning: the unsung human right

Bernie Sanders NALEO Conference FULL Speech 6/23/16

Powerful Tornado Strikes East China; 78 Reportedly Dead

Well if Warren can bring donuts, surely Franken can supply a hotdish

Massive Ocean Garbage Collector to Be Tested in North Sea

Delayed Motion

One of two remaining airmen who flew in World War II 'Doolittle Raid' dies

Thanks, Paul Ryan, for showing how beautiful a House with no R's is

Pakistan Province Gives $3 Million to Taliban-Linked School

Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin

Justices: Warrant Needed For Blood-Alcohol, Not Breath Tests

Senators Says Cable TV Users Aren't Refunded for Overcharges

Just in: Democrats headed to House floor to end sit-in over gun control vote - senior leadership ai

Bernie Sanders releases a statement on today's #SCOTUS immigration decision.

You're not going to believe this. The FIRST Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award, in 1968

High Court Limits Use of Repeat Offender Law

James Clyburn just pointed out that he and John Lewis fought for the right to vote, in 1960, and...

Father of journalist killed on live TV: ‘The real terrorists are the folks at the NRA’

Michigan Veteran Says Medal of Honor Belongs to Copter Crew

Trumps Extremely Curious "Response" To Assasination Attempt

I think they're wrapping up the sit-in. What a poignant moment.

On four-year anniversary of Waldo Canyon Fire, forest showing signs of recovery

Rep. Chaka Fattah Resigns Effective Immediately

It's over. Thank you, democrats!

The Guardian view on family planning: the unsung human right

Rummy endorses Trump: ""We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say, we know there are..."

Orlando Gunman Buried in South Florida, Document Shows

Dad arrested for trying to kill his ‘monster’ intersex baby repeatedly

Remember when we were instructed John Lewis had lost his juice

Louie Gohmert (R-TX) Interrupts House Sit-In, Saying 'Radical Islam' Killed Orlando, Fla., Victims

Rep. Jerry Nadler just tweeted:


Murphy Embellished His Business Background (Grayson's opponent)

Putin Concerned About Mongolian Dam Threatening Lake Baikal

Democrats end sit-in on House floor after more than 24 hours

Clinton: SCOTUS Ruling On Obama Immigration Actions 'Unacceptable'

Jerrold Nadler Faces Rare Primary Challenge — Just Months After Backing Iran Deal

Turkey Acquits Briton Accused of Making 'Terror Propaganda'

Owners of Seattle’s vandalized Bettie Page house say ‘some feminists’ missed the point

Jury duty needs improvement: what if post doesn't break the alerted rule, but another rule?

Family Demands News of Nigerian Girl Who Escaped Boko Haram

Huff Post: Is Trump’s Campaign Just Another Conservative Con?

Jury sides with Led Zeppelin in trial over song ‘Stairway to Heaven’

Ben Affleck unhinged over Deflategate

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC): I'd Arrest Dems Who Held Sit-In On House Floor

If "Leave" wins, is there still some way to keep Britain in the EU through renegotiation?

Russia Seen Putting New Nuclear-Capable Missiles Along NATO Border By 2019

NATO Couldn’t Repel Baltic Invasion By Russia: U.S. General

Everyone calm down: The “no fly, no buy” bill was designed to embarrass Republicans, not to pass...

Today in baseball, 99 years ago, was the greatest relief effort ever ...

Egyptian Islamic Leader: The World is Less Religious Because Atheists Are Too Damn Reasonable

No, YOU are wrong!!

The NRA itself should be deemed a domestic terrorist group.

Ben Carson Sells Out Evangelical Leaders: 'We're Not Choosing The Preacher-in-chief'

PoliticusUSA: The Media Humiliates Paul Ryan With the Truth By Calling Him “NRA’s Li’l Lapdog”

I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this group

Led Zeppelin did not steal 'Stairway' riff, jurors say

Fighting Brexit with Croissants

Note to cat sitter

Hillary Clinton racks up business endorsements

=*=NOW LIVE Streams 7 & 8PM: Bernie Sanders Speech at The Town Hall in New York City (6-23-16)=*=

Supreme Court kills Obama immigration policy

Judge rejects Cleveland protest limits at Republican convention

=*=NOW LIVE Streams 7 & 8PM: Bernie Sanders Speech at The Town Hall in New York City (6-23-16)=*=

Twitter mocks Tony Blair after former PM tweets placard declaring how he voted

Republican lawmakers approve $1.1 billion in new Zika funds

Republican lawmakers approve $1.1 billion in new Zika funds

Okay Zeppelin freaks, tell me if this is cool or not....

Colbert takes the gloves off

Texas Democrats Put Atheist Group’s Proposals Into Party Platform

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Chained Up and Left to Rot

I am not seeing any sign of a post-Sanders shift to Green...

Feingold becomes 2nd previously neutral WI progressive elected official to endorse Clinton in recen

Volkswagen 'to pay $10bn' for US emissions scandal

Who will be No-Show-Marco's opponent?

The things I did in my college days...

Senate Democrats Push GOP Baseball Team to Field Only 8 Players

Love birds? Please take one from the Coombs World Parrot Refuge

VW Said to Pay Diesel Owners Up to $7,000, Fund Clean-Air Grants

Russ Feingold endorses Hillary Clinton

Martin O'Malley Calls for Reinstatement of Assault Weapons Ban

Florida calls off 2016 bear hunts, saying use critter-proof trash cans instead


Martin O'Malley to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

It's imperative that Congress reinstate the Combat Assault Weapons Ban now.

NOM(Anti-LGBT hate group) organizing hate March with USCCB on June 25th!

Liberal or Conservative??

Fajita Pasta Salad

"Everybody's Fool" by Richard Russo.

Supreme Court Deadlocks on Immigration, Leaving Millions in Limbo

A sit in for gun control...

I proudly stand with Russ Feingold in his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Holy SHite

Time card

Would Tim Kaine Be a Good VP Pick?

With Driverless Cars, a Safety Dilemma Arises: Would you buy a car that might decide to kill you?

Pelosi explaining bill GOP passed with no debate also took rights away from LGBT contractors, defyin

The Atlantic: "Will Bernie Sanders Voters Support Hillary Clinton?"

A new dawn, happier end for character in ‘Wiener-Dog’

One-time person of interest in JonBenet Ramsey case held in Boulder on child porn charges

Bipartisan gun measure survives test vote

Trump peddles religious ignorance

Hey Paul Ryan

c-span is carrying Paul Ryan press conference

Is Pope Francis' Armenia visit another step toward Christian unity?

SCOTUS Just Destroyed The 4th Amendment While You Weren’t Looking

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 23, 2016

Argentina's Macri quietly drops austerity with $5 bn for social security and $7 bn for public works.

Argentina's Macri quietly drops austerity with $5 bn for social security and $7 bn for public works.

Some one made a point to tell me that i had not commented much about the Orlando shooting

Has anyone asked Ryan how he feels about the longest serving ReTHUG Speaker

A video about some cool astronomy stuff

To those here who will be making calls for Hillary.

As a general rule, suing your way into college is not the best way to get in

Hansen: Spurred by Omahan's research, Marine Corps changes history behind iconic Iwo Jima photo

Hansen: Spurred by Omahan's research, Marine Corps changes history behind iconic Iwo Jima photo

One of the dumbest Congressmen ever Rep. Louie Gohmert vs. House Democrats during sit-in

Homeless man did not break law by fleeing cold: Massachusetts' top court

Donald Trump faces wall of opposition as he returns to Scotland

Trump, Champion of the Downtrodden? Ha!

Do you think tRump is ignorant enough to think the gifts that are given to the

There's a disturbing rise in anti-semitic assaults in the US

Trump's 'unlimited' wealth may not be enough to fund his campaign

Brexit results

"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom."

State Department Disabled Security (anti-spam) Features Blocking Clinton's Private Email

She's rockin' the rainbow

It's in Scotland, and the Donald is off to go get some

New Physical Standards for Marine Recruits Overwhelmingly Weed Out Women

New meaning for the English word "trump"

Flint Residents STILL Don’t Have Clean Water, And No One Is Paying Attention

Democrats Finish Historic NO BILL NO BREAK Sit-In

Breaking: Fattah Resigns

The murders of 49 mostly young Hispanic gay men was the catalyst for the sit-in

After Catastrophic Fall, The Fight Of One Worker's Life

NY Requiring Mortgage Lenders to Maintain Abandoned Homes

Limited Edition Supporter Cards $1 Each

UN Strongly Condemns Latest North Korean Missile Launches

Tried a new chicken recipe today. Delicious, easy and low carb.

DSB Call- Britain stays in the EU

Yuengling Brewery Settles With Feds Over Water Violations

Hey Loungers, need a favor.

alert categories

Julian Assange Live Stream with TYT

Kansas Lawmakers Convening Special Session on School Funding

Any early indication on the Brexit vote?

Are OPs that are removed by a jury now being actually removed from view?

Prosecutors Call Wannabe Islamic State Fighter a Flight Risk

Lost in Translation

Defense Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Bribery

Chairman Roberts: Biotechnology Compromise Protects Producers, Informs Consumers

I'm going to be off-line for five days, starting tomorrow.

Aeromexico Latest Airline to Suspend Flights to Venezuela

Israel Grants First Refugee Status to Sudanese Asylum Seeker

Email From Bernie

Columbia Engineers Develop New, Low-Cost Way to Capture Carbon

Beaten and Tortured for 24 Years to Pay for Her Father’s Mistake

Just a few thoughts about yesterday's "political stunt" in the House and underlying issues . . . .

Grand jury declines to indict ex-cop involved in McKinney pool party

It really upsets me down to my soul

Live-streamed videos from House sit-in viewed on Facebook 3M times

Feds: DHS employee may have been planning workplace violence

The Latest: Kansas Senate Panel OKs Constitutional Change

Anti-Poverty Group Sues Over Rush-Hour Ban on DNC Protest

Warning from the past: Future global warming could be even warmer

Court to School: Let Transgender Teen Use Boys Bathroom

Aeromexico latest airline to suspend flights to Venezuela

… scientists engineer bacteria to create sugar from the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide

Bay Area Bernie fans --

Father Refused to Claim Pulse Nightclub Shooting Victim

So, the GOP voted against gun control and a immigration bill.

A picture worth a thousand words.

****** How about an OFFICIAL BREXIT/BREMAIN THREAD? ******

Controlled implosion of fossil industries and explosive renewables development can deliver on Paris

What Happened When #Democrats #OccuyTheHouse? (w/Guest: Rep. Alan Grayson)

My Hat is Off to the Congressional Democrats. This was Great.

#Democrats End Historic #NoBillNoBreak Sit-In In The #House!

Banana beats robot.

Three of Nebraska's living Pearl Harbor survivors gather at new Central City veterans memorial

Grantcoin: currency with a conscience (Universal Basic Income)

Tooele County man indicted for trying to blow up BLM facility (AZ)

Three of Nebraska's living Pearl Harbor survivors gather at new Central City veterans memorial

If the Democrats broke the rules of Congress with their "sit-in", it still wasn't as bad as...

Ammon Bundy's 'personal security,' Ammon Bundy's 'personal security,' pleads guilty

In Havana, Ban hails Colombia ceasefire pact as example of peace with dignity

In Havana, Ban hails Colombia ceasefire pact as example of peace with dignity

Throwback Thursday: Bernie Sanders on Political Engagement in 1990 | Bernie Sanders

A Charm for Cheating Wives

Buenos Aires zoo to close after 140 years: 'Captivity is degrading'

Georg Wilhelm Richmann

Throwback Thursday: Bernie Sanders on Political Engagement in 1990 | Bernie Sanders

Michigan gives people on welfare drug tests, with predictable results.

John Cummings and his Strange Appetite

I got banned from posting on DISQUS ABCNews about the House sit-in

The Erasure of Autonomy

Caribbean Sea's Curious 'Whistle' Detected from Space

Thanks, Obama

Evo Morales Congratulates Cuba for Contribution to Peace in Colombia

South America is getting its first luxury sleeper train — and it will be one of the highest train jo

Congressman on Gun Votes: 'We Won't Be Satisfied Until We Have Action!" (w/Guest: Rep. Mark Pocan)

Indigenous Bolivians welcome Aymara New Year in dawn ceremony

Montini: Hillary leads Trump in Arizona ... wait ... what?!

Keep America great with a tortilla insurgency

Florida wildlife officials put one-year pause on bear hunting

Immigration decision will 'energize' Hispanic voters

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 24 June 2016

Young Texans Make Up Most Diverse Generation

Note the demeaning formulation in this USA Today headline: Trump thumps Hillary.


When it comes to what's best for Black People, it's time for White People to mind their business

Stacey Dash clutches pearls over House sit-in: ‘I’ve never seen anything so uncivilized in my life’

U.S. Partisanship Is Highest in Decades, Pew Study Finds.

Roll the Scotch Tape

How One Bolivian Hospital Is Battling Maternal Mortality—By Reaching Back Thousands of Years

Bernie Sanders: Here’s what we want

🐦 Bernie Sanders - Friday June 24 ALBANY "Where We Go From Here" Speech - Lewis Swyer Theatre

What's your favorite line or scene from The Commitments?

The Woman Card -- How Feminism and Antifeminism Created Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Nate Cohn on Quinnipiac PA numbers

Photo: Scene for NYC rally tonight

Dijon and Cognac Beef Stew

Intense rains cause flooding in Chinese Mall

Police chief defends officers who violently took down black woman at Madison, Wisconsin mall

The Secret to a Great Chicken Parm: Grill It.

YEAR 2013: Rep. John Lewis adds arrest # 45 - after Peaceful SIT-IN Capitol ~ in 2013 (GD 2016)

Spooky men in black trenchcoats:

Sanders to Colbert: No immediate plans to endorse Clinton; "absolutely" continuing presidential bid

Responsible Gun Owner of the Day

I'm a bit surprised that Gibraltar voted so overwhelmingly for "Remain".

McConnell quashes Senate effort on guns

Johnny Smith

When the returning officer in Sunderland announced the "Leave" landslide there

'3Doodler' Pen Lets You Draw 3D-Printed Creations in Midair

Hey Guys. Not going away but...

Do you like the new jury system?

Someone who is informed about Brexit pls help me out--

Hillary Gump (1995)

Pls inform this ignorant American (me)

WTF is Left Hand Enterprises and why did the Trump campaign pay it $730,000?

Grief and restoration: Finding the path to justice in Orlando

Donald Trump Doesn't Remember Saying He Has the "Best" Memory

McConnell Kills Senate Effort on Guns

Early BREXIT results: "LEAVE" unexpectedly strong in first reporting districts...

'Death to Gays' Pastor Donnie Romero Threatens Violence Against LGBT Protesters

I trash my wingnut FIL for only watching Fox News...BUT

Referendum Vote Too Close To Call; Pound Soars, Then Falls

Watching excerpts from the NBC interview with Trump tonight.

Pipeline spews crude in California but none reaches beach (Update)

When does the fun begin in Scotland? will we have TV coverage?

***** Sky News Live - EU: In Or Out? *****

The Love Song of Robert Bentley, Alabama’s Horndog Governor

Update results on the BREXIT referendum

Music’s A-list delivers..........for gun control....

Anyone get the email from the Clinton campaign with their Supporter Card?