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Archives: January 10, 2013

Leonard Pitts Jr.: For gun-loving America, freedom to live in fear

'Doomsday' asteroid Apophis more massive than first thought

Are we done talking about the Steubenville rape case yet?

The best things in life are not things........

'Zombie' Planet's Rogue Orbit Around Star Shocks Scientists

White House Finally Responds to Petition Calling for the Deportation of Piers Morgan

Rape case 'an awakening' for India, victim's father says

I'm up to 24 people ignoring me now. Every time I get a new one, I'm throwing a party

Lawmakers in New York Move Toward New Limits on Guns

Happy 100th Birthday to the Last Liberal President!

Amazing tale of survival from Tasmania's bushfires

Carmelo Anthony Suspended 1 Game

I don't post much, but I just want to say...

Part 2: Where is all the crazy coming from?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 10 January 2013

Famous church's bells to ring for same-sex couples

Guns in Aurora triple murder purchased legally


The Orion Nebula as You’ve Never Seen it Before: Jaw-dropping New Image

Guantanamo prosecutor wants one charge dropped in 9/11 case

Shane and Maggie: Documenting a violent relationship

Paul Ryan co-sponsors federal fetal personhood bill

Conservative student files rights suit against Fresno State (University)

Does anyone know the full lyrics to "Boom di-a-dah"?

Awesome idea

Just mint the platinum coin right now.

Globovision sanctioned for ... citing the Venezuelan constitution.

I dare Chris Christopher J. Christie to join the Democratic Party

Australia on Fire: Record-Shattering Heat, Wildfires Engulf World’s Largest Exporter of Coal

Thank you,folks. I was hired.

Grossest NBA assist ever

Live hummingbird nest cam!

I just voted on a jury to leave a DKF post standing.

Gaza: Left in the Dark

NIXON! YOU WERE SO AWESOME! Except for how much you sucked.

Gawd, what a day. Just spent four plus hours in the Emergency Room...

Questions for those on Medicare (or who have experience with it)

The new TIME cover

*On Nature, PBS, Cuba, The Accidental Eden

The Audubon Center at Riverlands, West Alton, MO

America Is Number One (At Obesity, STDs and Dying Young)

World population may actually start declining, not exploding.

Rosie O’Donnell Welcomes Baby Girl!

Another DSM-4 Corporate Psychopath

Teachers pension fund votes to sell holdings in firearms, ammo clips

Time to go on the record: Is this going to be the year?

4.4 Million VS. 4.3 Million

Just to play devil's advocate about baseball HoF...

The NRA *and* the Brady Campaign(s) might be both be headed to the dustheap...

Further proof that some people are morons. (Edited)

Isn't anyone going to the Inauguration?

14th Amendment Debt Ceiling Option: House Democrats Support Obama's Use Of Power

Salazar: 'So many' Shell Arctic Mishaps 'Troubling'

Just wow. Did you guys see the Utah teacher on Big Ed???

Ed needs to ask this school teacher who wants

Teen Pulls Train Emergency Brake To Retrieve Dropped iPhone

What sorts of prohibited people are in the NICS database and which actually get denied gun permits

Papantonio: KBR Committing Fraud All Over The Planet

A long-overdue and quality gun control hypocrisy rant by Jon Stewart

Is "douchebag" a sexist term when used as an insult?

Non violent resistance against oppression...

Playing a new song in the gungeon.

MADE in the USA clothing sale 50% off

On The Cycle today, Howard Fineman finally asked the question I have been waiting for!

Adam and Eve’s Long Strange Trip

SPEEA workers march in support of union as Boeing talks restart

Killer whales trapped in Quebec sea ice

Pat Robertson: "Madam, if I was married to you, I'd start to drink too."

I finally found a way to shut up one of the benghazi conspiracy nuts

OMG, Boehner appointed the loooony Bachmann to the intel committee!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night. Namaste

Photo: Snipers on the Streets of Paris, 1944

2012 Was Once Considered Hottest Year On Record, Man In 2024 Remembers Wistfully- The Onion

NRA Vows To Stop Tucson From Destroying Guns

Want to read something truly remarkable?

NRA Vows To Stop Tucson From Destroying Guns

Republicans would support gun contol if...

Holy Hush Puppies !!!

New Head Of House Panel Funding NIH Rejects Reality Of Warming, Darwinian Evolutionary Theory

Rachel is bringing it home! Gun control is back and will once again be the Norm! nt

"If anyone needs a carwash, you do"

Here's another song Bill O'Reilly and Keith Ablow won't be able to comprehend:

USGS Study - 80% Or More Of San Fransico Bay Salt Marshes Gone Within Next 100 Years

AIG Nearly Blows All The Goodwill Built Up By Wall Street In Recent Years- The Onion

White House defends its record of women in leadership positions

World Bank Projection: 3C Increase By 2050 For MENA Countries On Avg.; 6C For Cities

Father charged with murder in son's stabbing death

Pants-Crap Fever - Nugent calls gun hobbyists next "Rosa Parks"

Sediments From Lakes Surrounding Tar Sands Zone Show 2.5-23X Spikes In PAH (Carcinogens)

More of Chuck Hagel's Past Arrives to Haunt Him

It's Time!

Tax cheats pay a steep price. 79 Year old faces up to 6 yr prison sentence.

British-born grandfather has spoken of how he led his family into the sea as wildfires raged around

St. John Parish (LA) Residents Sickened By Stench From Immense Piles Of Rotting Grain

1/8/13 - Australia's Hottest National Average Temperature Ever Recorded - 40.33C (104.59F)

Are "cats" or "catdom" the ruling authority around here this Lounge?!1 nt

Wouldn't banning smoking save more lifes than banning guns?

"Fucking keep it."

Disturbing information about touchscreen voting machines in Wisconsin

USC to be closed campus after dark in wake of Halloween shootings

Is there a way to "opt out" of the little yellow light on "My Post" and "My Subscription"?

Right-wing extremists, conspiracy theorists behind Gun Appreciation Day

Regardless of his politics. This idiot on CNN who keeps talking about himself over and over

"The President IS going to act"

Who knows rabbits?

Chuck Hagel + Kerry = Buh Bye Embargo

A day with Hunter S. Thompson

The number is 130. Who has more?

Photos of Aurora suspect smiling with gun shown at hearing

Did you have a "Gramma?"

I just gotta say it

Who knew that my venturing into Asheville’s “Ice House” was going to be my only chance?

Bryan Fischer: Natural Disasters Are God's Spankings

Fox's Eric Bolling: Teaching Kids Distributive Algebra Is "Pushing The Liberal Agenda"

Barney Frank will be on The Last Word with Lawrence O'donnell tonight

TYT: GOP Calls Obama Marxist, Doesn't Know What "Marxism" Is

Thank you, Juror #1. I like it when people tell the truth. Shame it was 3-3. Ah well. It happens.

Just because you have the right to own a gun...

Good pro-RKBA perspective from a veteran / police officer

Love Of Her Life

I am afraid to ask this question anywhere else but the Lounge.

Vets for Peace chapter 27's newsletter has some good info bills

More from The Law of Divine Compensation.

Picture Imperfect: Ohio School District Defies Request To Remove Portrait Of Jesus

DU POLL: Are humans basically stupid?

Hitler reacts to missing Hoary Redpoll in Colorado

Latest from

Lawrence O'Donnell / Barney Frank ... great segment!!!

Court Upholds Public Process in Nuclear Plant Safety 'Exemptions'


Corrigan Brothers There's still no one as Irish as Barack O'Bama

Who Do You Respect More?

I am bone-tired defending President Barack Hussein Obama...

Keith Ratliff = modern day Dr. Frankenstein!

Today We Saw A Major Turning Point For The Movement To Mint A Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin

being female in india-a hate story

being female in india-a hate story

Americans United, ACLU Challenge New Hampshire State Funding Of Religious Schools

Why you might not want to live next to the ocean.

This is so horribly sad

Watching The West Wing,

Grandmother chases off armed robber with gun...

There are many regulations on smoking, cigarettes and their sales, regulation and advertising

Howay the lads

Piers Morgan To Gun Owners Of America’s Larry Pratt: Try To Stick ‘To Facts, Not Lies’

AIG got $85 Billion in a day, NJ...not so much

took a step forward in colorado

Stewart Tears Into ‘Disgraced Financial Institutions’ For Leading World ‘To The Brink Of Armageddon'

I'm Kind of Enjoying All the Gun Threads in GD...


cheapest album cover, ever ....

The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Alex Jones vs. Pee-Wee Herman

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Jan 10th

Citing Antibiotics Residue, Purina, Milo’s Kitchen Pulling Some Dog Treats From US Shelves

Okay, so perhaps my first post was a bit too generic?


Re Juries: How would you like to see "Things that increase a member's chance of serving" altered?

Chuck Hagel in 2007: 'Before this is over, you might see calls for (Bush's) impeachment.'

bill put forth to clarify antiquated california rape law

bill put forth to clarify antiquated California rape law

The Last Word - Lawrence O'Donnell's Rewrite and Barney Frank segments - video links

Aliaa Elmahdy & Femen protesting against Egyptian constitution

One in 25 U.S. Teens Has Attempted Suicide: Study

Former Judge Challenges Egypt's Constitution

Dear Abby (cheating wife letter)

People still come to KC's only porn theater, but how long can the Strand stay turned on?

Metro Health: Syphilis epidemic in San Antonio

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 10, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Bob's Picks

ROBERT B. REICH for Labor Secretary

Looting Honduras

Gov. Cuomo Calls for Reform: Marijuana Arrests That 'Stigmatize and Criminalize...Must End Now'

Abortions motivated by a fetus's perceived homosexuality.

Bill Clinton named 'Father of the Year'

Giant inflated ball ride goes disastrously wrong.

Something I heard a Canadian say...

China, warning Japan

The trillion dollar coin: now Obama impresses me.

I Love It - Not Gun Control - But - Ammo Control.......

Cordray Rules!

Robert Bork’s Tragedy by Linda Greenhouse

(NY Gov.) Cuomo Calls for State to Return to Progressive Ideals (NYTimes article)

I need a new coat ....brrrr

Just watched Matt Damon’s Promised Land.

I'm bouncing off the walls here!

I fought the yarn and the yarn won

Lost Gold Ring

Orly Taitz Celebrates As Birther Case Is Referred To High Court

U.S. Consumer Watchdog to Issue Mortgage Rules

Benefits of College Degree in Recession Are Outlined

Afghan MPs warn against total pullout of US troops

Cops "are the only ones professional enough" to carry a gun in school

Colombia's Alvaro Uribe investigated for 'militia links' (right-wing death squads)

In the Matter of Bradley Manning

Sandusky appeals sex abuse conviction

(SCOTUS) Justices Look at Legality of Drunken-Driving Test

Higher taxes cause layoffs

"Hippie Sentimentality"

Australian family escapes wildfire by dousing themselves in a lake, amazing pictures

*PSA* You're going to need a license to dance buck naked in Texas.

Guess the Nation

What would you do?

Support organic food warehouse workers

Experience I Had with the Trickster

Hidden colony of emperor penguins receives first human visitors

ROLL CALL! WHO'S UP! And why ....

UK statisticians unexpectedly reject inflation change

Preacher alarms many in Egypt with calls for Islamist vice police

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Puts Armed 'Posses' Near Schools

Three Kurdish women found shot dead in Paris - police

Half of all food 'thrown away' claims report

The History Of The United States: Chapter 3 - The Bomb

The History Of The United States: Chapter 4 - The Cold War (1945-1950)

The History Of The United States: Chapter 5 - The 1950's

Political Disaster -- Members of Congress Expected to Spend 5 Hours a Day Begging for Money

Our children's future

Retired Judge Reveals the Surprising Rationale for America's Extremist Drug Laws

BROOKINGS, Oregon C&K Market Drops Plastic Bags

Sure, limits to weapons can be implemented. Best statement ever by mom on CBS news item was

why does a university need a CMO?

Supervalu to Cut 117 at Wisconsin Distribution Center

United Natural Foods Inc Back in Mediation With Teamsters

Can't find work, college degree, feeling hopeless, thinking of cyberbegging

Anticipated games of 2013

Target Sales Flat Amid Retail Gains & Family Dollar Cites Weak Holiday Sales

More And More Of America's PhDs Are On Welfare [Infographic]

Gun Advocate Found Shot Dead

FDR: "Members of the Convention:"

There's An Arms Race Going On In Asia Unlike Anything Since The Cold War

Wow...Morning Joe Is On Fire

Joe Scarborough needs to hear the name Susan Rice 10k times this am!

Louisiana DUers - pay attention to tornado warnings

UK still has 13,000 black-and-white TVs

'Il Duce' Calendars and Beer Mugs Mussolini Cult Alive and Well in Italy

New strain of winter vomiting bug norovirus: Sydney 2012

UN finds rising mercury emissions, need for treaty

Want Pentagon Cuts? Make Barney Frank a Senator

Joe and MIka aren't on the set. Do you think they are in the back hashing out his on the air

Blast rocks heart of Tel Aviv

Horsey Toon- The Lizards of Wall Street

CFPB releases new mortgage rules in bid to reduce risky lending

Remembering Guatemala

Question for Joey Scarborough about women

Solving the Fiscal Impasse Starts and Ends at the Pentagon

WWII soldier’s duffel bag returned 7 decades later

Greece's Social Fabric Unravels

good morning campers

The Soul of America

The Daily Show is closing in on billo's numbers of viewers.....

In SC, in cooler weather, one sees large flocks of small, black, noisy birds.

mellow morning music

Hagel and Kerry Mean Obama Is Ready to Leave Afghanistan -- Finally

Much praise from Mika this morning for Elizabeth Warren, and the panel pretty much agreed. Joey

Why American Pro-Life Dollars Are Pouring Into Ireland

There's More to Life Than Being Happy

Who wins a GOP civil war? The Democrats do

“This is female privilege” is comedy gold!

Hamas flagship university grooms Hebrew teachers

I wish there was a decent morning politics show on MSNBC.

Snakes on a plane,literally

KBR, Guilty In Iraq Negligence, Wants Taxpayers To Foot The Bill

If I have someone on ignore

Obama defeats the Israel Lobby

USDA Drought Disaster Declaration Covers Most Of CO, OK, TX, KS - Total Of 597 Counties In 14 States

US House Science Committee Leadership - It's Even Worse Than You Think

Gosh, no 8:00 repeat of Morning Joe! LOL!

Jordan turns away Palestinian refugees fleeing violence in Syria

Attention Floridians - Python Challenge 2013 Is Here - Get Your Machetes And Nets And Go Forth!

Brent Musburger Urges Obama Administration to Print Platinum Blondes

Pakistan soldier in Kashmir 'killed by Indian troops'

Watch the oscar nominations live in just 5 minutes

Tea Party Bill Would Repeal Birthright Citizenship

Remember that college professor who says the Sandy Hook shootings are a "hoax?"

Climate Denial Graph Of The Year

Want Pentagon Cuts? Make Barney Frank a Senator

Our weekly Joe Scum meltdown...

Amy Goodman: John Brennan, Sami Al-Hajj and the Blight of Guantanamo

Special Report: The latest foreclosure horror: the zombie title

Appeals court to consider release of photos of bin Laden's body

Why Facebook Data Tends to Condemn You In Court

Fearmongering 'Obamacare Survival Guide' Being Advertised on Fox News

Tomgram: Nick Turse, A War Victim's Question Only You Can Answer

A Message To Alex Jones From "Catcher In The Rye" And The White Album

NATO official says more missiles launched in Syria

Violence decline linked to removing lead from fuel and paint. Could lead also account for gun nuts?

2013 Oscar nominations are out

Yesterday at work a man came in to my office and talked to me for 2 hours!!!!

Rick Scott Under Fire For Inflating Cost Of Health Law’s Medicaid Expansion

NFL player Junior Seau had brain disease CTE

Poll: 66 Percent Of Virginia Voters Want Armed Guards In Schools

Do you have any things your parents gave you that they had in the military?

Killer whales trapped in ice of Hudson Bay

Second-Ranking GOP Senator: Hagel ‘Wants Us To Be Softer On The Iranians’

"God will judge America over abortion and gay marriage."

Blue States’ Fiscal Woes Test Obama

Texas Senate keeps, strengthens Two Thirds Rule

10 Things You Need to Know About Native American Women

Companies Keep People to Be Fired With State Work Share

Joe Biden Muscles Walmart Into Gun Talks

Obama To Officially Nominate Lew For Treasury Today

A Day With Thompson: Chivas, Dunhills and coke

We finally have heat!!! Cross your fingers that we now have good luck.

Call on Deval Patrick to appoint Barney Frank to replace John Kerry!

The Origins of Neoliberalism, Part II – The Americanisation of Hayek’s Delusion

Watch a Victoria’s Secret model’s TED Talk about body image and modeling

Venezuela’s telecommunications agency notifies Globovision channel that it faces sanction

In case you missed it, here is a clip of Mika's 8:00 Morning Joe segment...

I swear that a quarter of my Facebook friends say they're sick with the flu today......

The NRA NOW has a negative favorability rating

The Utility of Restricting the Term Feminism to Women

FAA warns flight attendants about exploding coffee filters

"Is, Too!"

Some folks are real mean - $60 dollars for finding $13,000 -

Father and Son Tackle Social Security Reform Together

Hold the cola, double-down on the espresso

Only if…

And to think, when I fired them as my insurance company, they asked me why

What You Need To Know About Jack Lew, Obama’s Treasury Nominee

PA DEP Under Reporting NG Wells - violates Act 13

PA-DEP under reporting NG wells

DUr's! Help A Girl Out...

Taco Bell Franchise Cuts Single Mom's Hours Because Of Obamacare

Supernova 'Mingus' could shed light on dark energy

If you have an iPad, you should check out

Why does anyone take atheist pundit Sam Harris seriously?

"Where is she?"

Gun control: What's your concession?

Flu picks up steam across the U.S.

This fuckin' guy wouldn't last five whole minutes in a sweatshop…

Cool With Climate Change?

We accept...

If animals could talk, would we still kill them for food?

Obama using MLK, Lincoln Bibles during oath

so how long are they going to run with this 'no diversity' bullshit?

Let's Play!

GOP Gun Nuts had no problem with Bush and his "Unitary Executive" powers

It's official: 3D TV is dead - So one good thing came out of CES 2013...

NRA To Talk To Biden, But Not About Gun Control

So, what's the problem with background checks and sales records for ammo buys?

In just 4 months our orioldes and hummingbirds will return..

Just show Mom and Dad this and watch the fun happen

The Jack Lew signature on every dollar bill if he becomes the Secretary of the Treasury

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 -CONgress

Mr. Obama, Mr. Duncan,Mr. Gates etc.: Exactly what would you want to "reform" about this person?

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -Keeping up the gun outrage

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Steve Ballmer - Visionary.

Someone should put this on Chuck's To-Do list to fix

Congress inaction and Congress in action

The 1950s... and today....

British Pub Serving Giant Nine Pound Steak

What hand mixers do you suggest? My ancient one died yesterday...

Former President Bill Clinton pushes for stricter gun control during Consumer Electronics speech

Rove changed my mind about Hagel...

Frank Backs Markey For Senate, Says Capuano Probably Won’t Run

X-Post from Native American: 10 Things You Need to Know About Native American Women

Consumer Comfort Drops as Americans Brace for Payroll Tax Boost

The Only People in America who are Dumber than Congress

Inauguration Committee Announces Invocation, Benediction Speakers

Website Posts List of New York City Gun Owners

When your dessert only wants to watch the world burn…

And so, the gauntlet has been thrown.

Chinese Zoo Visitors Hit Lions with Snowballs for Fun

Rainbow Coalition of WH Journalists

Open Carry Gun-Toting Mom Shot Dead

Rare black-and-white photo of Atom bomb cloud found in Hiroshima school

Hamas, Fatah Agree to Implement Egyptian-Brokered Unity Deal

Is dating a Scorpio woman as much fun as they say that it is?

2013 Academy Awards Nominees Announced

"I told my girlfriend to get me a newspaper…"

So, Guns Don't Kill People?

Environmental Activists being killed in record numbers

12 Elephants Slain in Kenya

This Diversity Charge is Bunk

Bill Would Ban "Double-Dipping" by Politicians and Perry

Sign of the street: How Many?

Pay-To-Play Pat Sidewalk Ball

EXCLUSIVE: Voter Complaints Reveal Election Day Chaos In Virginia

Are we seeing a different Obama strategy on dealing with Republican obstructionism?

Here's What We Missed While The Country Was Freaking Out Over The Death Of The Twinkie

Has anyone in the US (or anywhere) ever been killed by a semiautomatic being bump-fired?

Health Ministry: Israel Immigration Police 'Ambushing' Africans

TYT: Traci Lords' Steubenville - A Culture of Rape?

BREAKING: Anti-Gay Pastor Removed From Inaugural Program

Anti-Gay Pastor Removed From Inaugural Program

TYT: Climate Change Fake? World Has Never Been Hotter

This Is Why You Listen Up When Robert Redford Has Something To Say

11 killer whales free after being 'locked' in ice, mayor says

Lew's Sig

Cuomo Turns Hard Left

11 killer whales free after being 'locked' in ice, mayor says

So will someone please explain to me, because I'm not that bright,

Update on MFM rehab therapy Thurs Jan 10:

Oh FFS. Recognize spam when it is spelled out for you, juries!

Paul Ryan: 'I've decided not to decide' on presidential run

Cheney v. Hagel confirmations: Why the double standard?

A quick question about law

TYT: Traci Lords' Steubenville - A Culture of Rape?

TYT: Traci Lords' Steubenville - A Culture of Rape?

Why "Choice Feminism" is an Illusion (With Bonus "Lost" Analogy)

TYT: Is Alex Jones the Conspiracy?

Banded mongooses structure monosyllabic sounds in a similar way to humans

MSNBC Analyst: Bachmann On Intel Committee ‘An Embarrassment To The U.S.’

Has Humanity’s Explosion Become a Population Bomb?

Zambia bans game hunting

NRA: We’ll Talk—But Never About Gun Control

National Lampoon's 1964 High School Yearbook

Pic Of The Moment: This Is Nuts

More And More Of America's PhDs Are On Welfare

Supervalu sells grocery chains, including Albertsons, to Cerberus

Believe It Or Not, The NRA Used To Support Gun Control

Poll: New Jersey Democrats Prefer Booker Over Lautenberg For ‘14 Senate Race

How does one contact MSNBC about Joe Scarborough and his ....

The War on Congo's Women

Is anyone else sick of vague passive aggressive status updates on facebook?

Where do I get off again?

OMG. Thomas Roberts just called Michele Bachman "What's-Her-Face"

John Boehner is Counting on Liberals to Stab Obama in the Back

chicago's hidden farms

The Education of Michelle Rhee | FRONTLINE | PBS

the merciless Indian Savages

LOL, the NRA thinks this is a list of shame

Sam Harris: The outspoken atheist responds to Sandy Hook by calling for more guns --

Outspoken gun advocate apparently shot dead

Robert Reich on the Jack Lew nomination

Occupy the NRA

Why, New York TImes, why?

TYT: We Bailed Out AIG, Now They're Suing Us?!

So what's wrong with home security systems?

Giglio, Anti-gay Hate, and DUers that defend it

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 10, 1971

Today in Peace and Justice history on January 10, 1971

Jews Lose By Ceding Israel to GOP

The Mohawks Who Built Manhattan

Colbert to NRA’s LaPierre: ‘You, sir, are f*&ked in the head’

Karl Rove accidentally unmasks the GOP’s debt ceiling ruse

Washington Post Reporter is Amazed When Krysten Sinema Doesn't Like His Labels

King County, Wash., sheriff makes policy changes after unarmed man shot 16 times in bed

Doctors Remove Nine-Inch Dildo from Man's Intestines

I beg of you plz read:

Democrats, do not buy into MSM RW talking points: criticism of Obama's cabinet

Israel 'Legalises' Wildcat Settler Outpost: Peace Now

Inaugural committee: 'We were not aware' of Giglio's anti-gay speech

Jim Wallis Should Be Invited To Give The Benediction At The Inauguration!

Were there changes in the tax brackets?

Unhinged Tactical Response CEO Threatens To ‘Start Killing People’ Over Obama’s Gun Control

Awesome Bill Maher quote

*&!%^#^%$%@!( LePage! (And that goes for the Feds too)

Update on the gun nut I posted about earlier.

Killer Whales Trapped Under Canadian Sea Ice Free Themselves

What's the best desktop Twitter app? Tried Tweetdeck and didn't like it.

DU Washington, D.C. Meet Up

Grovelbot's bid for immortality: vote for Grovelbot on the Monopoly board!

Donald Trump Threatens to Sue Bill Maher

NYT's Thomas B. Edsall: The Obama Coalition vs. Corporate America

A message I found today on Facebook-----and now I bring it to DU.

Anybody not familiar with Reader Supported News?

Robert Reich: Obama's Options on 2013's Big Issues

The GUN Debate in toons.... (dialup warning - I couldn't stop :)

Deadly blasts hit Quetta in Pakistan's Balochistan

Chris Hedges on Gun Rights, Obama's Empire, and Serious Revolt

At least 2 shot at Taft High in Kern County, Calif.; suspect in custody

Alan Greenspan asked to do inaugural benediction

Australia Is The Canary In The Global Warming Coal Mine

Report: At least two people shot at Taft High School

Saudi Arabia beheads domestic worker convicted of killing baby

Thom Hartmann: Should We Give Up on the Constitution?

Karma (or maybe CARma) at work....

‘I’m Going To Start Killing People’ Threatens CEO Of Weapons Training Company Over Gun Control

Just Love This locked Thread: WMP again

Antigay Pastor No Longer on Program for Inauguration

My Zero-tolerance Policy towards anti-gay Bigotry seems to get the bigots on DU up in arms

Although a Fugitive, Accused Guatemalan War Criminal Hasn’t Run Far (Interpol warrant)

Crazy business owner is threatening to fire the first bullet if Obama uses executive priledge.

Shell may have moved rig to avoid taxes: lawmaker

BOOYAH! Just scored 2d row center Cowboy Junkies tix!

Rex Trailer, star of Boomtown TV show, has passed.

Come on "The Donald" where's your proof? A COPY of a birth certificate does not prove

The Rude Pundit - Sorry, Gun Nuts: Hitler Actually Relaxed Most Gun Laws

Amazing Dust Storm pics from Western Australia

Rachel Maddow Blows Up Mystique About The Need To Fear NRA (VIDEO)

News Alert: Biden likely to propose universal background checks for gun buyers

Poll: N.J. voters like Cory Booker more than Frank Lautenberg

New York Post Gives Anthony Weiner a Fake Wall Street Job

Without looking, name someone on the album cover of Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

CNBC's Leisman to Andrea Mitchell: "He [Lew] is not one of the club [of big bankers]."

HHS: More Doctors, Hospitals Partner to Coordinate Care for People with Medicare

Founder of Reality Invasion Boot Camp in Abilene says it's being investigated, denies wrongdoing

Biden’s Gun Violence Event Interrupted By News Of Another School Shooting

I'm sorry. I don't think Obama has anything to prove with "identity" appointments.

Booze Control,... vs Gun Control..something to drink about..

Einstein Was Right: Space-Time Is Smooth, Not Foamy


Shooting reported at high school in Taft, California

Half of world food goes to waste, global study says

Obama's Second Chance

Lawsuit over smoking pot, having sex on upper East Side rooftop is ‘racist,' says co-op resident Re

Seth MacFarlane fans. Listen closely to the last bit of the clip.

NRA Membership Surges By 100,000 In Wake Of Sandy Hook Shooting

Conservative women’s group: Gun control hurts women’s self-defense

can an old gun be retrofitted to make it a smart weapon so that only the owner can fire it

Santorum takes up fight against Hagel nomination

US Chamber makes immigration overhaul top priority

Medicare overpaid Scooter Store by millions

Kremlin Spokesman Says Adoption Agreement With US Will Remain Valid Until 2014

Churches, synagogues press for federal rebuilding aid after Sandy

Texas Court Asks: Is Man's Best Friend Priceless?

British bishops resist move to allow monarch to marry a Catholic

Jerry Brown: California's deficit is gone

awesome song !!

George F Will argues for a balanced budget Amendment...

Supporters rally in show of support for Hugo Chavez

Supporters rally in show of support for Hugo Chavez

HEALTHWATCH: FDA Might Tighten Reins On Vicodin

Thom Hartmann: It's Time to Break up Ma-Biz into Baby-Biz

Too Simple to Be Wrong: Atheism's Bronze-Age Goat Herder Conceit

Police: Greenwich Village Man Planned To ‘Blow Up’ Washington Square Park Arch

The NRA and their supporters in Congress must be confronted head-on....

If only Jesus had a gun..

We Were All Female

70 Green Groups Urge Obama to Act on Climate Change

Biden cites broad agreement on ‘universal background checks’ for gun buyers

Judge Rules Obama Does Not Have To Explain Assassination Of US Citizens, NDAA & FISA Renewed

The Coup's Boots Riley On Art, Activism, Occupy & His New Album, Sorry To Bother You

More gun laws won't stop the killings?

The thing that really annoys me about the "Hitler took their guns" argument

Snake on a Plane

The argument that gun control is useless because more people are killed by hammers.

The Reverend Billy On Why We Must Treat Climate Change Like It's The End Of The World

Papantonio: Privatization Always Leads To Rampant Corruption

Why the F% do they not want "Balanced Budget" Lew??!!

GM to hire 1,000 at new Atlanta IT center

Israel arms sales rose by 20% in 2012

link to daily kos story

If in the case of a "good guy" with a gun reacts in a mass shooting incident and fires his weapon

CEO of 'Tactical Response' Ready to Start 'Killing People' Over Gun Reform

Obama signs law giving himself, Bush, Others lifetime Secret Service guard.

More Fox Stupidity: Eric Bolling: Schools ‘pushing the liberal agenda’ by teaching algebra

Breaking: Student opens fire at California high school, wounding one.

What word or phrase do you wish you had the opportunity to say?

If it's about guns, cool. If it's about people, count me out.

DEA Raids on more LA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries today

Gov. Bobby Jindal calls for elimination of all Louisiana income and corporate taxes

Why hasn't Bob Woodward (or his sources) been prosecuted for aiding the enemy...

Much-ballyhooed attempt to ban gun shows in Austin failing.

Arctic Snow Cover Shows Steep Decline

would you support a Europe/Canada style VAT

Sen. McConnell's "oops" moment....

cboy4 is really going to hate upton!

FYI Thomm Hartman is interviewing that jagoff Joe Arpaio.

Catholic church not in favour of 'naming and shaming' deserters

Building a Better Democracy

Biden, says there is agreement on universal background checks (I ask is that database very good?)

Gun Appreciation Day Chairman Abruptly Ends Interview During Questioning

Can you set up Outlook to send email messages for you later on?

Thom Hartmann: Is KBR Guilty in Iraq Negligence?

Today's phrase is "9 inch dildo". Modify a thread title to include "9 inch dildo"

For Solly Mack - Return of the redpolls

OUr temps will be in high 70's for the next few days.

Greeks Stand Up to Protect Their Water From Privatization

RFK, Jr. & Bill McKibben: Time For Obama To Act On Climate Change

WELL PLAYED: This Red Lobster Spoof Begs You To Ask Yourself An Important Question

Disinformation still clouds the US debate on Chávez's legacy in Venezuela

Why are stories proven to be false allowed in LBN?

White House won't deport Piers Morgan

Krugman: The Mostly Solved Deficit Problem

Disinformation still clouds the US debate on Chávez's legacy in Venezuela

New Health Rankings: Of 17 Nations, U.S. Is Dead Last

Gun Shows Concern Me

HISD teachers walk out of contracts in high numbers, union says

Dollar General - just a thought

Time to embarrass Blue_in_AK

House Republicans Trip Over Each Other To Introduce Competing Bills To Defund Planned Parenthood

Congressman Kevin McCarthy offered his sympathies: Taft shooting.

Shimon Peres: Israel's Government Doesn't Want To Make Peace With Muslim World

WYOMING: State Legislator Files Bill to Block Feds on Gun Control

Pat Robertson: "Hard-Nosed," "Awful Looking" Women Are Ruining Marriages!

Ruh row

Juror #4 - The first amendment pertains to the government, not DU.

NRA ‘Disappointed’ With Biden Meeting For Proposing Restrictions On Guns

Looks like juror #4 needs some education about

"My 16 Y/O BF Abuses Me!!!"

Has anyone here had a spinal fusion

A dollar in the hand of a banker is worse than a handgun in the hand of a killer.

Is pot really a gate way drug? Or do people move on to other drugs when they can't get pot?

Cool dog

U.S. releases bribery emails

Bill Black: Jacob Lew: Another Brick in the Wall Street on the Potomac

What Republicans have done to the middle class

We have a "right" to own guns, but not a right to health care, food, shelter, clothing, employment

Florida slashes estimated cost of Medicaid expansion to $3 billion

Roadhouse Blues

student shot at high school in Taft, Calif.

US vs UK Violent crime rates

Why can't we get Sister Simone Campbell for the Benediction??

Drones, drones and more drones....

Jerry Brown: California's deficit is gone

Paul Krugman on Jack Lew

2 non-lethal plans for domestic drones:

Lifetime to Celebrate Black History Month, February 2013

Former aide apologizes to Walker during sentencing for county crimes

Up close & way too personal at a fire this week

Kitchen memories?

Re-defining Employment Insurance

Really? Abortion isn't healthcare and that's okay?

World's loneliest Juror

If we are going to arm teachers...

Catholics still largest Congress denomination; 10 percent Jesuit grads

I got a vicious posting in an abortion rights vote.

Probably the coolest picture of NYC you'll ever see...

Any weather geeks here? What will the record high temperatures in Australia

Analyzing and reducing the risks of inadvertent nuclear war between the United States and Russia

GE Salmon

Jacob Lew: Another Brick in the Wall Street on the Potomac (William K. Black)

Giglio: ‘Homosexuality’ A Difficult Issue For Nation

Aussie Open Women's Preview (ESPN)

Chavez supporters rally in Caracas without the main man

Gun Training Company Declines To Respond To CEO’s ‘Killing’ Comments

News release from the "Lakota Peoples Law Project"

well, the nra was disappointed with their white house visit.

The FUN never stops @ Glenn Beckestann!!....God tells Glenn Speck to open Amusement Park in Texas!

Sustainability of Canadian fisheries at risk in CETA negotiations

IRS: Adjunct Faculty Hours Must Be Calculated With 'Reasonable' Method

NRA Gun Safety Research Restrictions Prevent Violence Solutions, Scientists Tell Biden

Cats - Live....

Jaguars GM dismisses Tim Tebow interest

In 1966 I was trained with the M-14. I was taught

Dennis Dennehy died. He was Michael Flatley's teacher and revitalized Irish Dance in America.

CA School Teacher Talked Shooter Into Surrender

Betty Sutton for Secretary of Labor!

Chuck Hagel's Israel litmus test

Very good LA Times Opinion piece on the drone killings:

Thoughts On Stopping Rampage Shootings Before They Happen

Fox News and Republican Party's economic agenda exposed through school worksheet outrage

Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush both have issued executive orders regarding gun control

Calif to have budget surplus after Dems take total control...more money for education and healthcare

During The Worst Flu Season In A Decade, Workers Across The Country Can’t Stay Home Sick

Video of Ricky Gervais weird bath tweet photos, and Conan and Gervais share a bath.

Sen.Bernie Sanders Opposes Lew for Treasury Secretary

To The First Ladies of D.C.

Caption this:

2 Israeli films win Oscar nomination

American Express announces mass layoffs...

Learning to Love Torture, Zero Dark Thirty-Style

YEEEEEEHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!! Kali is here!!!

Tactical Response CEO Lists False Firearms Training Credentials Online, State Says

How not to defend yourself against the “chauvinism” charge, starring Morning Joe

IT'S my ten-year anniversary on DU! No applause; just throw money.

Jerry Springer

GOP spirals deeper and deeper into obstructionism

Just Heard Thom Hartman Talk About Restaurants Not Offering Sick Days For Their Employees....

While we're at it - we should ban plastic guns too...

The NRA and their ilk would like us to believe that they have a constitutional right

Why are Bob Woodward's WH sources - or Woodward himself - not on trial next to Bradley Manning?

A Day In The Life Of An Average Fox News Watcher…

Biden Offers Glimpse of Gun Control Plan Coming in Days

Sherriff Joe's Armed School Protection

Rolls-Royce Motors posts record sales for 2012

Again, Right Wingers are wrong about a definition…

I finally got Lucky to pose for my new camera!

Kill that Java plugin now! New 0-day exploit running wild online

Data indicate drop in high-capacity magazines during federal gun ban

Emanuel to unveil new Chicago gun control ordinance

Colorado governor wants universal background checks on gun sales

Bush asks Skeletor about healthcare

Really, juror #1?

NRA Hostage Situation

Obama signs bill designating California’s Pinnacles National Monument a national park

I posted this nearly a month ago, is America ready to discuss the paranoid Right & their guns yet?

A pedestrian refutation of nitpicking, negative reviews of Les Miserables

for gun fools claiming that their guns are to protect them from the government.

Religion in the 2012 election

Grumpy cat is hungry

"A 16-year-old student armed with a shotgun..."

FOX-2nd Amend Not Written To Protect Right To Shoot Deer-Written To Protect Right To Shoot TYRANTs

Rusty Trombone - a Cracker Barrel Love Story

A quick note to trolling gun nuts

Last Year Wasn’t Just Hot – It Was a Habanero

Graph of the day: The United States has a really high infant mortality rate

Do you think all these gun nuts making threats will lead to a national Ruby Ridge situation?

Vegan / cruelty free skin care suggestions

Ba-ba-bah... Ba-Bah-bra Ann

Congratulations joeybee! Your PC is apparently one of the computers used by the BCS

Will Jack Lew take on financial reform? Don't hold your breath

Strolling To Display Weaponry -- is this an isolated incident or a trend?

'Gun Control By Leftist Hitler' Link, Ladies And Gentlemen

Gorilla Sales Skyrocket After Latest Gorilla Attack

LOL, Hannity Plays Clip of Alex Jones Crying and Can't Understand Media Outrage.

of course, I should have seen it before:

(NE) Bill would let employees keep Facebook passwords to themselves

President Obama grants (signs bill from Congress) himself lifetime Secret Service protection

Curing "Pork"

Just a thought....Ted Strickland for Secretary of Labor.....

Pentagon moving to freeze hiring, delay contracts

Russ Feingold: Democrats Sold Out in 2012 and Need to Quit Big Money

California Now Has More National Parks Than Any Other State

Marine Corps orders spouse clubs to admit same sex members or leave

Photo of the day: the KKK kid and the black State Trooper

Since awful "pastors" are somewhat in the news...a ray of sunshine

PETA wants to make Mars a "Vegan Planet."

I think I've figured out a way to get ...