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Designated Survivor.....

Pamela Brown CNN: WH says Mueller has not met threshold to get to interview Trump.

A couple of years ago there was a DU poll

ПЕРЕГОВОРЫ. Russia's Sanctioned Spy Chief Reportedly Met CIA Director in the U.S.

I ain't watching..

Another excerpt from tonight's #SOTU:

Diblock Fullerene Derivatives for Organic Solar Cells.

Trump committed an impeachable offense yesterday

Richard Spencer Says He Couldn't Find A Lawyer To Defend Him Against A Lawsuit About The Violence

My new obsesession: Renewing cast iron cookware.

For fear of repeating myself, I think this is a moment in history...

So if repubs release the Nunes memo than they are guilty of leaking classified material.

Senior adviser who worked for disgraced Trump appointee at federal volunteer agency - banned by Uber

McConnell: Mueller needs 'no protection' from Trump

Funny chocolate commercial

Atlanta news anchor fired after secretly trying to revive alt-right-based reports.

Anybody know who the 'designated survivor' from the Administration is tonight?

Pompeo met w/ Russia spy chief just as Trump admin has been accused of slow-walking Russia sanctions

Upstate NY man dies after winning lottery

SOTU Bingo card

Republicans had better do some thinking before they release that memo

Putin photo I haven't seen before

Rep. Maxine Waters on her State of the Union boycott

What is being done to safeguard the 2018 Mid-terms?

Justice Dept. officials appealed to White House to halt release of memo alleging FBI abuses


In regards to Trump missing sanctions deadline, Chuck Schumer had this to say:

Very fortunate to be on the coast of Central California

Trump to state he will keep Guantanamo Bay open during speech. CNN

Republicans will speak tonight

Florida ranked worst state in the U.S., according to travel site

Sad song by Danny O'Keefe. "I'm sober now."

FEMA declares "mission accomplished" in Puerto Rico, announces departure

Producers Of The Purge Mock Trump With New Poster

Trump to declare 'New American Moment' but Hillary Clinton declared one first

Very nice Tweety

SOTU Drinking Game.

Nicole Eggert details abuse allegations against Scott Baio on "Today"

In the end, Trump's base won't care that he colluded with Russia nor obstructed justice.

Rachel and Nicole on MSNBC wearing black...


Media folks such as Maureen Dowd are a major part of the problem

San Diego SOTU watch parties: throw shoes at the big screen,

Melania to travel separately to the SOTU

My 15 yr old daughter I think came up with a good idea for a tshirt

Daily Beast: Nunes mum on whether he talked to WH in compiling the anti-FBI memo

20+ Of The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said

Nehlen, primary challenger of RYAN: An antisemite maybe ? Hm ?

Activists project "Investigate Trump" onto the side of Trump's DC hotel, hours ahead of the #SOTU

If The Shoe Fits......

Studies show that proper, rote training can improve public performance.

If Trump's hoping to woo America in his speech, we have some bad news

I heard Stephen Miller wrote Trump's SOTU speech

Trump's Shocking State Of The Union Announcement In Cartoon Form

if one agent or spy is murdered or kidnaped because of the MEMO release

Not sure I'll stay awake for the entire shit speech

Why is Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC tonight (or ever)?

As Deficit Soars Toward $1 Trillion, Congress Shrugs and Keeps Spending

Current Delay: Melania Won't Get in the President's Car

Bottom-screen banner now on CNN ...

What Still Stands Against the Big Lie?

I know a lot of you will watch the train wreck speech tonight. Im going to put on some Art Pepper

Trump wants Nunes memo out quickly, but not before SOTU

Truer words were never spoken.

Yes, Donald Trump IS an anti-Semite

Trump leaving WH - wearing an ear bud?

Will he get called out?

Not watching

JEWISH GROUP: Yes, Donald Trump IS an anti-Semite

Showing the motorcade speeding to the Capitol over the heads of spectators FLIPPING HIM OFF

The Trump administration's weird explanation for withholding Russia sanctions

Trump's lawyers argue Mueller has not met threshold for presidential interview

Only 4 SCOTUS Justices

Super blue, blood moon visible on Wed.

If we cannot unite behind one person delivering the rebuttal

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Mo Mueller!

On Twitter? Join @BoldProgressives #TrumpSellsOut SOTU ReTweet party

As Deficit Soars Toward $1 Trillion, Congress Shrugs and Keeps Spending

Designated Survivor: Sonny Perdue

Rosenstein asked for Trump to reconsider releasing Nunes memo, Washington Post reports

If you want to avoid the SOU...then, hit the link, great entertainment right here..

Toronto cops who ate marijuana edibles on duty freaked out so much they called cops on themselves

SOTU Twitter Memes!

The Official State of the Union Drinking Game Rules!

Dow sinks 360 points as stocks drop most since August

Robert Reich: a state of disunion

"Your racist grandpa wants to tell a story!"

Live fact checking the SOTU

To those of us who watching the debacle of Trump making an SOTU speach,

I turned on MSNBC for about 10 seconds and saw


Kevin McCarthy seems closer to Trump than a boil on his ass.

how many boycotted it

Meet Joe Kennedy, the Democrat Taking on Trump

trump is getting a standing ovation for fucking up America like the world has never seen before.

A few pics of the opening of SOTU

And the trained seal is flapping his flippers again.

As usual, Pence looks like he wants to give Shitgibbon a hummer.

Former Miss America running for Alabama House seat As a Democrat

can we hope for a colossal fuck up?

I know I shouldnt say this, but...

Damn He's Still Breathing

Vox - The truth about the Trump economy, explained

The breathing...

Źzzzzzzźzzzzzxzzxzzzzzzzzz n/t

February Premieres and Returning Favorites

gold digger still looks pissed

Sniffffffing is baaaack.

Seth Abramson on news that WH claims Mueller hasn't shown sufficient cause to interview POTUS

How soon until we get synchronized clapping like the North Koreans do for *their* Dear Leader?

Anyone have the prepared remarks? He's going hard teleprompter.

Was this the song they played when Trump entered?

Is anyone running a thread for this?

Scalise a hero. Mentions of New Orleans and Houston. Even Las Vegas. Puerto Rico? Not so much.

State of the Union w/Judy Gold

I can't believe how many of you are actually watching this POS

To Our President: we still love you.

PRICELESS!! ChuckAndNancy with eyes more devastating than a loaded gun.

Joy Reid: Ryan's self-satisfied grin as he stands behind Trump the true symbol of our present era

SOTU Thread

If there is a pussy, we grab it! - paraphrasing Trumpy from the SOTU address. n/t

Donald, we knew Barack Obama. YOU are no Obama.

AP FACT CHECK: Trumps claims in his State of Union address

I'm surprised there isn't an official shithead thread LOL nt

Tom Hanks to play Mr. Rogers in a new movie,

A plea for unity.

SOTU rebuttal: Kennedy or Sanders?

SOTU..Perfect time to regress to grade school..."Gag me like

WHAT is it with this PRESIDENT THAT

Ari Berman: DT wouldn't be speaking tonight if it wasn't for voter suppression in WI & other states

Harley-Davidson stock tanks amid plan to shut down plant. Thanks Trump! Add to SOTU Speech.

Nancy Pelosi is all of us. #SOTU

I have decided not to listen to the Tweet Twit and his ramble of arrogance!

Makes me want to vomit fast as a comet...

Instead of watching the Madman speechify, I just finished watching the much maligned end of Dexter.

SOTU - I lasted 5 minutes

the most sucking up in history of any sotu

Wasn't gonna watch but the pregame show was so good!

Just keep in mind. The Central Casting Nazi wrote this speech.

Is there something special happening tonight?

Who the hell claps after they speak? (n/t)

I am watching Drunk History.

Fugelsang: The only suspense is whether this will be DT's last #SOTU or the actual last #SOTU

What a pandering preening prick

"As if Trump didn't have enough of him with two prostitutes"

Is the idiot done? is 9:14 central time., not done yet?...sorry had to ask.

I just barely survived with only a little nausea -

"We are redicovering the American way"

He just went full fascist

"Remove public employees who undermine the public good"

Sorry, I'm smitten

Dems clapping for this asshole is the most disgusting and disappointing thing Ive seen in a while.

speechifying presnidet

Think he just said the statement...empower every cabinet member to get rid

I swear applause amped up

This is the first time I have not watched the SOTU.

Trump seems to be killing time. 22 introductions at last count!!!

The motherfucker is taking credit for Obama's work!

"We have ended the war on beautiful clean coal" Trump. So far just a bunch

Wow! "Auto plants will be opening up all over the country".

LOL, Trumpy said "reciprocal." It's his favorite big boy word!

Surprise, surprise. The speech is a piece of shit.

Staring right at the teleprompter. Little eye contact with the audience.

Just Popping In. Why Are You All Watching The Racist Dictator?

He's Looking At The Dems And Casting His Hand At Them....

A small pet business from Vermont is selling huge numbers of Donald Trump chew toys (WaPo)

even fuckin bernie sanders is clapping

Wow. The ARE applauding after every sentence. Gonna be a late nite!

There it is; privatizing the nation's infrastructure, selling it all off to corporations. nt

Broke quitting drinking today...shouldve waited....


My TV machine is on mute and

One wonders if it's purely coincidence...

Trump signs order that will keep Guantanamo Bay military prison open and suggests more detainees...

Melania Trump arrived at State of the Union separately from the President

Racist POS

I can't help but notice how happy Melania looks.

Jill Stein is delivering the Green Party's response???

MS-13 is an AMERICAN EXPORT, not a Latin American import YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER.

now the mother fucker is just flat out lying

What's a Cweed?


new meme - "All Dreamers Matter". WTF is wrong with this asshat. n/t

Long speeches?. Who was Edward Everett? or the other speaker that day?

Hmmm: At rumps SOTU Dems clap, some give standing ovation, At Obamas first SOTU he gets

Chiefs agree to trade quarterback Alex Smith to Redskins

Remember, don't put any stock in Trump's glowing weasel words tonight,

CJ better look out

He keeps doing that Mussolini thing.

Here it comes...immigration plan.....hold on.....

Didn't watch the SOTU. Did he pivot? DID HE PIVOT? I just KNOW he pivoted.

The work requirements for dreamers would be ludicrous

Is Jeff Sessions part Hobbit?

pence and paul look like jack in the boxes

Is he over yet???

Did the fucker just get booed? n/t

This is so fake. He is so fake.

Donald Trump became President tonight

50% applause & 50% BS n/t

Rep. Mark Pocan asks what many are probably thinking.

Watching The Lovely Danica McKellar On LMN

Booker's face!!!

I Bet He's DVRing The Speech To See....

Whew! For a scary minute I was afraid Trump would actually try to give a unifying speech.

How many school shootings till Trump will say something about them

State of the Union fact check

Fat bastard is still droning away

Catch and release?!!!!!

Just picture Trump waving a Russian flag and wearing Putin's shock collar


Wow. A magical moment coming! Lol!

Is it over yet? How many hours till we're there?

The State of the Union would be better if Congress actually passed a Harvey relief bill

Why oh why is that idiot still on tv???

My real time impression of Trumps State of the Union LIES

Watching Apollo 13

SOTU Transcripts! (Or Just About the Same)

I watching Wonder Woman for about the 100th time, gets better every time.

All these things he says he is going to do, cost billions, maybe trillions.

I had enough and called my cable provider.

Not enough cameras in the room.

Please sit the FAWK down already......

SOTU Record Is Of Course Bill C. At 1:28:49 in 2000

The first reactions to 'Black Panther' promise a game-changing movie for Marvel

He's keeping Gitmo open.

Where's Putin?

Over an hour now. Its hook time.

Praise for American law enforcement of all kinds except the premiere law enforcement, the

the longest stretch for me will be from November 2018to Jan 2019

Speaking of bravery

Wow for a minute I thought Preston Sharp was Barron Trump

Must be hard to stand this long in those big heavy clown shoes. n/t

Did anyone play SOTU Bingo?

I just watch Snatched with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn.

Next up...North Korea. n/t

Why is T___P's thing about "not telling our enemies what we're going to do" about?

He's tiring. Starting to slur...

How much longer is he gonna drag this speech out?

Does Fox even show the Democratic Response?

Candid shots of the sponsors' celebratory beer bash

Plagiarism 101

Dear God, how many grieving parents is he going to parade in front of us

He just said the word "finally".

Something that bothers me about the movie Wonder Woman

Is he really gonna blame Obama for what happened to the North Korea Christian dude?

We just watched something far less scary than SOTU - the movie "It"!

Watched season 8, episode 2 of George Gently tonight.

Love seeing trumps base meltdown after SOTU


Black Museum

Another House GOP Retirement - WSJ editorial

Someone just walked out on his ass..

Make America great again???

Silence Like a Cancer Grows

The homeless mother's child story was disturbing

Was That Gutierrez That Just Walked Out In Disgust....

Who the fawk claps for themselves???

"When you see the abomination of desolation standing where he ought not to be..."

Really? they're doing the "USA! USA!" chant?

Tonight's Trump's SOTU speech in one sentance:

Trump is preparing the Country for war.

I think a Democratic senator just got up and walked out.

Not watching SOTSU

Sorry, but all the Dems need to walk out!

Is it over?? thank you for answering.

Victor Cha: Giving North Korea a bloody nose carries a huge risk to Americans North Korean leade

It's morning in America.........

What is the record for longest SOTU speech?

Tell us when we can turn the TV back on.


Trump just totally dissed Turtle. Interesting to see

Where is Dorothy?

Muellers mullet re: SOTU:

Is there a single republican like this brave soul?

Link for Responses? here is one

So how many of you can I run into during my gardening talk travels this year?

It's over! Can anyone tell me when/where I can listen to Joe Kennedy?

Now the talking heads....CNN, MSNBC, FAUX NOISE,

The only thing worse than that speech...

Kennedy III up now.

Response from Joe Kennedy on NOW

Joe Kennedy is up. n/t

Joe Kennedy on MSNBC live starting now

"Idiocracy" - sounds like SOTU turned into that (not watching)

how about a Kennedy/Biden ticket

The dumbing down of the presidency

Kennedy is hitting a home run. N/t

Instead of chanting USA! USA Repukes should have chanted СССР! СССР!

JOE KENNEDY!!!!!! He's got me CRYING.


I think we might get another President Kennedy...

Joe Kennedy has/is giving us hope! This is the guy!

GOOD work, Cong. Kennedy is doing,

So did they cut him off early?

My God: Joe Kennedy Sounds Like a Democrat!

A New Hope

Kennedy pretty powerful rebuttal so far

Young Joe Kennedy is one of the voices...

I like the speech but I thought he was going to stamp out

Gosh Joe Kennedy is young. And really good. Think people will rally?

No Maxine Waters yet?

That was just great. Kennedy speaks for all of us

The logistics of the Kenndy speech were quite good.

I absolutely love Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian

A no bullshit badass. I LIKE no bullshit badasses.

Please, no more political family dynasties

I am not watching the talking heads

The Onion already has "headlines" on the SOTU

Post removed

From Vox: Scariest part of SOTU? Trump talks about N Korea the way Bush talked about Iraq

John and Bobby Kennedy's Grandson filled me with hope tonight!

Next, JKIII needs to get out there on the campaign trail this year and help Dems take the House

Steve Steve Steve. Was the mirror covered over as you left home?

I'm very impressed with the speech Joe Kennedy III just

Steve Schmidt talks like Democrats should


TPM - Marshall's take "First Take on the Speech"

I cant believe Steve Schmitt and Nicole Wallace sound more like Dems than a lot of dems

Bernie is on FB now. He pretty much sounds as always.

It's lovely to see all the experts proved wrong.

GUTIRREZ ON STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS....whoever translated for him from Russian

Melania Trump stays seated after husband praises faith and family as center of American life

For Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy III literally starts his speech talking about robots.

what a difference a year makes

Stormy's "suspicious" recant. She shows up on KIMMEL, says the recant is FALSE. Stands by her story.

CNN's talking heads vs MSNBC's talking heads.......

Nick Kristof: A Brutal Fact-Check of President Trump

Oh, and another bit of fantastic financial news......gas in our area just went up 10 cents a gallon!

Hey donnie fucknuts..........

Van Jones

Im shocked at how much clapping and cheering for Trump there was

You can read the full text of Joe Kennedy's response to the SOTU here:

Mr. Mueller seeks an interview with Mark Corallo

They hated Trump on MSNBC.

What Is the Health and Nutritional Value of Mushrooms?

CNN Did A Promo For A Kennedy Series Coming In March

There's an Ocean's 8 with ALL WOMEN.........and it look pretty good.

My fact check of trump SOTU

Colbert's take on the SOTU starting now

Rep. Joe Kennedy III responds to Trump: Richest nation 'shouldn't leave anyone behind'

evil little drug pushers caught me in the grocery store parking lot tonight

Seth Meyers - Devin Nunes' Yearbook Photo, Elon Musk's Flamethrower - Monologue - 1/29/18

People really need to read Hillary's response to the NYT story.

I was able to vote for John F. Kennedy, my first vote, and became a Democrat in a very Republican

Has anyone heard an explanation for the stole, or wrap many Democrats were wearing tonight?

Stephen Colbert did a assessment of the SOTU.

I Lasted Three Minutes

Red alert warning: Trump may fire Mueller soon

Trump's Speech Was So Bad, They Turn Their Hate To Joe Kennedy..

Hillary gives a more detailed answer

AP: Trump caught on hot mic telling GOP lawmakers he's 100% for releasing the memo

I am a Republican. Why is my party gaslighting America?

Tom Brady is taking heat for his 'uncomfortably' long kiss with his son

Approval rating lowest in Vermont

Grade the sotu speech

Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy

This is the first time.....

Rep. Joe Kennedy III Democratic Response to Trump STATE OF THE UNION Address

Who's watching Kimmel? Opening was great, but Stormy is playing it cute...

Preet Bharara on Family reunification

Can Trump get rid of Mueller? Maybe, but it wouldn't end well

What kind of shit is Kelly pulling?

MS-13 wants to force teen into gang

CNN Instant poll: Trump gets least positive reaction in at least 20 years

Jimmy Kimmel had stupid Con voters on an interview

Joe Kennedy III Democratic response to Trump's State of the Union Address

President Donald Trump's State of the Union Address

So, Melania was wearing a white pantsuit...does that mean anything, or not?

In all the doom and gloom "What ifs"... This is the first time I heard this one about SCOTUS...

WaPo - Are we hostage to the stock market?

Melania at SOTU - ?makes a suffragist and contemporary womens empowerment statement?

On the SOTU, we must ask this question: why do republicans hate us?

Can You Possibly Imagine The Consequences

So daniels didn't write the denial letter

Joe Kennedy WILL Be President Someday

Trump 6' 3", 239 lbs - yeah, right. hahaha (WARNING, could make you sick to ur tummy)

Stephen Goes Live After Trump's State Of The Union

Kentucky official: State prisons to run out of space by 2019

The Daily Show - Trump's State of the Union: Not a Night for Facts

Jimmy Kimmel's Full Interview with Stormy Daniels - 1/30/18

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/30/18

Strauss: "Duet-Concertino", Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra with

Pillich slams Rich Cordray, repeats call for GOP lawmaker resignations

Despite state, local efforts, human trafficking jumps by 38% in Ohio

Indiana House GOP kills bill to raise smoking age to 21

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's claims in his State of Union address

Science friction: Austin Democrats look at growing clash between politics and facts

Tobias Picker: "Old and Lost Rivers", London Symphony Orch./Chas. Ives: "Symphony No. 1"/

Former U.S. Navy Commander Pleads Guilty to Bribery Conspiracy with Foreign Defense Contractor

Rapid Wind And Solar Cost Declines Keep Pushing Fossil Fuel Further From Profitability

Donnie, why did you allow visit by head of Russian intelligence to the U.S. last week?

Shares in UK government contractor Capita plunge 40% after profit warning

Fact check: Donald Trump's State of the Union address analyzed

Bill Nye under fire

Supervisor told Baltimore Cops to always keep a toy-gun ready to plant it on shooting-victims.

And now we have that captured for all eternity demonstrating how low the country has gone.

MOrning JoeScum plays the most important clips

US News Editorial: "State of Banality"

Trump to declare 'New American Moment' but Hillary Clinton declared one first

OMG, with all that's at stake at this moment in history . . . . "glistening lips"?

Beto O'Rourke Is Polling Like a Generic Democrat. Can That Make Him a Threat?

Nunes refused to answer question whether memo was co-written by WH

Melania at SOTU....

TxDOT Fires Back, Blames Margaret McDermott Bridge Mess on Dallas and Calatrava

Devin Nunes - interesting information on his ties to organized crime

Rothfus survey mailing

CLIP: As President Trump exits the House Chamber, @RepJeffDuncan asks him to #ReleaseTheMemo.

Live stream from NASA - Blue Moon

Young Kennedy is on Morning JoeScum right now

Stormy Daniels on statement denying Trump affair: 'I do not know where it came from'

Why Is a White Woman the Only One Playing Race Card in Local Democratic Ballot Litigation?

Morning Joe isn't buying the SOTU and the POSt (piece of shit Trump)?

Donald Trump Just Asked Congress to End the Rule of Law redirects to Nunes challenger's campaign page

State of the Union's Jobs Rapture Needs Hard Reality Checks

Trump's Speech was half the words of Clinton but took about same time ?

Song Sohee - Traditional Korean Pansori Singer

DOJ gives special counsel internal docs on proposed Sessions resignation, source says

Joe Kennedy - going back in time.

"Cool story, bro." I've seen that here and there on the Internet.

Trump talks like an adult...

Fuck this fucking fuck on JoeScum

Dear Pundies: The econoME is only growing on Wall Street

LULAC Houston Clubhouse Will Undergo Repairs After National Treasure Designation

Trump's Big Speech: More Pep Rally Than Bipartisan Breakthrough

NY Daily News cover: What a load of clap...

Mueller Gets Docs Related to Sessions Resignation

Name a song with SUN in the title or lyrics.

Texas Rangers To Investigate Famed Karolyi Ranch In Wake Of Larry Nassar Trial

A Bible-passage was rewritten in 1995 because it had meant that abortion was okay.

Atheists Sue KY Jail for Not Complying with Night of Prayer Records Request

I agree that democrats should have had only one response to the SOTU. IT IS

I personally thought Patti LuPone's Grammy performance

Trump Overheard Saying He'll 100 Percent Release the Nunes Memo

Nunes' memo

'Out of Many, One.' The Democrats Had 5 Very Different Rebuttals for Donald Trump's SOTU

"I could run a line of hos! The very best hos!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Texas Senate Committee Examines Free Speech On College Campuses

Joe Kennedy Slams Trump's 'Hatred and Supremacy' in Democrats' SOTU Response

ICE Arrested Nearly Three Times as Many Immigrants During Last Years Austin Raid Than Previously...

If The Shoe Fits

Which is the real Donald Trump - the Teleprompter Trump or the Tweeter Trump??

President Stephen Miller's SOTU Was a White-Nationalist Wish List

How Texas Colleges Have Responded to the Hate Groups Behind All Those Racist Flyers

"Maybe the craziest thing about the Nunes memo is..."

Eclipse music. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

Morning Joe Slams 'Dairy Farmer' Devin Nunes: 'Nothing But a Courier For Donald Trump'

CIA director Pompeo met top Russian spies

New diet book makes some strange claims about body chemistry

PolitiFact's Website Crashes During Trump's Lie-Filled State of the Union Address

BTRTN: The State of Delusion Address

BTRTN: The State of Delusion Address

Joe and Mika gang up on GOP pollster Frank Luntz for lavishing praise on Trump's speech

Mueller seeks to interview Trump legal team ex-spokesman: source

San Antonio Reporter Target of Racist Harassment While On Assignment

Going forward, what happens to the russian sanctions? anything? nothing?

YEP: Trump Admin Refuses to Enact New Russia Sanctions

Ted Cruz' Opponent Raises More Money AGAIN

ICE Deports Palestinian Man Living In The U.S. For Almost 40 Years Despite Outcry

Two Servicemembers Found Guilty of Attempting to Have Sex with a Minor at Lackland AFB

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - State of the Dotard

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Investigating the Dotard

"Yes, I watched the entire SOTU address. Yes, expletives were deployed loudly."

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

The real tragedy of Trump and the Republicans.

"I love getting lectured about patriotism and morality by draft dodging...."

Citing insufficient resources, Republican Tom Tancredo drops out of Colorado governor's race

What does this part of the SOTU speech mean?

If nothing is done about the sanctions, is that a quid pro quo?

The Odd Case of a U-M Program, Middle East Money and Two Accused Professors

Thought for the day

My favorite SOTU prediction tweet

Biden to be keynote speaker at House Democratic retreat

Today's Lunar Eclipse!

Heads up Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller right now well her show anyway

"Whoever translated it for him from Russian did a good job."

10 undisputed facts behind the Russia probe

SOTU Earned Income Credit, anyone know if it is actually doubled?

White Supremacists Praise Trump for His 'Americans Are Dreamers, Too' Remark

Trump barely mentioned Wall Street in his speech


Why did Stormy Daniels make her statement about "no affair" with Donald Trump just before the SOTU ?

Texas Senator Shatters Table Trying to Silence Woman Testifying Against Anti-Abortion Bill

Dear Al Franken.....

Just curious, how many are having trouble viewing embedded tweets in posts?

Trump allegedly wants a terrorist attack so that he can unify the nation.

State of the Union underscores why Trump is his own worst enemy

Trumps call for unity slams into reality of Washingtons political divisions

Wow, look what I found:

The Latest Word is: failson (from Word Spy; The Word Lovers Guide to New Words)

'Birther Tactics' -- Abdul El-Sayed Reacts to Ballot Ineligibility Question

'We Fight.' Read the Transcript of Joe Kennedy III's SOTU Response

Do you have a political litmus test? If you do, what is it?

Stormy - Not My Signature On Denial Letter

Luna, Michigan's Puppy Bowl pupper:

Global rainfall pattern could offer weather prediction three weeks out

Dems should have taken a knee throughout the sotu

As expected, the Dow bounced back today (+209)

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, resigns amid tobacco

If Congress (Republicans) had any cojones,

BREAKING NEWS: Economic experts warn "Trump Boom" may turn into "Obama Recession."

if Mueller is ready he should go after the whole bunch the day after

'Trump is ours again!' Russian TV host celebrates after White House refuses to enforce new sanctions

In an unusual move for a first lady, Melania Trump took her own motorcade to the #SOTU

Happy 67th birthday, Philip Geoffrey Targett-Adams. You know him as Phil Manzanera.

Pierce: I Watched a Ghoulish Masquerade in Washington

Could Mueller indict Nunes for colluding with White House to cover up and obstruct investigation?

The Trump Administration Let a Russian Spy Chief Visit the US Even Though He Was Legally Barred

Happy New Year from Belgium to all my DU Friends

Trump Collapses From Exhaustion After Ninety Minutes of Faking Empathy (The Borowitz Report)

Graham, Graham Graham where are you??? SANCTIONS SANCTIONS SANCTIONS?????

Park Hyoshin - Korean ballad singer

Harley-Davidson laid off 800 people this week and its CEO says Trump is partly to blame

do to my work schedule

Have you noticed the expressions Trump has on his face now?

FactChecking Trumps State of the Union

"We Must Restore Rule Of Law", Says Trump As Aides Pass Out Revolvers To Audience

Cleanup on aisle Luntz

Who in your life do you hope will apologize for voting for Trump?

The chilling attack on liberal democracy buried in Trumps speech

Be Here Now

U.S. Private Sector Added 234,000 Jobs in January

Trump's claims about auto industry hyperbolic but not entirely untrue

New York targets USD-6bn of in-state offshore wind expenditure

America's Polarization Threatens to Undo Us

Safe Venomous Snake Handling - There's a Catch, See:

All of you who are parents know exactly what I am talking about:

Viewership Ratings of the SOTU

When giving a speech, it is inappropriate to clap for yourself

Virginia Tech student arrested Monday and charged with illegally possessing a gun

The only suspense is whether this will be DT's last #SOTU or the actual last #SOTU

Team Trump Just Blew Its Cover

Abdul El-Sayed's stint in NYC may derail bid for Michigan governor

Did anyone else notice he Slurred again during his speech?

It was 50 years ago today (January 31, 1968 at 02:30 AM) ..

BET state of the union WEDS. Night


Nunes memo release

BREAKING: Head of the CDC resigns over tobacco stocks

Donald Trump made 12 false claims in his State of the Union address

TV Ratings: Trump's First SOTU Dips From 2017 Speech in Early Numbers

DOJ gives special counsel internal docs on proposed Sessions resignation, source says

"Nancy Pelosi should smile more"

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Seeks Unity

Trump Compared to Fredo often - Brief Bio on late actor who portrayed Fredo

Frankly, I would have thought Putin could afford to give more...

Jack Lessenberry: Is Michigan a shithole state?

How do you plan to watch the Super Bowl, if you do?

Democrats furious over Trump's immigration rhetoric

Trump Considering Bringing Charges Against Robert Mueller -NBC News

ACLU class action lawsuit for Flint children exposed to lead

Turkey court releases Amnesty head Taner Kilic

Drug companies submerged WV in opioids: One town of 3,000 got 21 million pills

Largest Wage theft complaint Ever filed against a Federal Contractor

FBI Director Opposes Memo Release Because of Inaccuracies, Source Says

Lansing city board member quits after her racial remarks emerge

this is your

WAPO: Russian spy chiefs (3 of them!)met in Washington with CIA director to discuss counterterrorism

THE greatest takedown of religion ever captured on video

Rachel Maddow on Nunes memo:

Appeals court rules consumer bureau's structure is constitutional

Anybody spot the whistling idiot at SOTU last night?

TV Ratings: Trump's First SOTU Dips From 2017 Speech in Early Numbers

Even after Flint, lead-free water lines may be a pipe dream in Michigan

Michigan prevailing wage law repeal petition will undergo second signature review

Breaking News: Train carrying Rethugs to retreat hits trash truck...

A Viewer's Guide to Donald Trump (an impressionist's analysis - very interesting)

BREAKING: Accident, injuries on train carrying House GOP members to retreat

JEWISH GROUP: Overton Window in action, neo-Nazi Paul Nehlen running for Ryan's seat

Richard Painter:

Train carrying members of Congress hits a truck

Did you know a neo-Nazi is trying to get Ryan's job in WI ?

That Train Wreck Full of Congressional Republicants Was Heading for Greenbrier, WV.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told the White House he opposes the release of the Nunes memo because

These bastards are going on a retreat to talk tactics for 2018 elections when..

Orcas can imitate human speech, research reveals

C.D.C. Director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald Resigns Over Tobacco and Other Investments.

Resistance Revival Chorus

"hey guys, I think I figured out the secret to the Dalai Lama's serenity"

'This is over': Puigdemont's Catalan independence doubts caught on camera

Women's March Resistance Revival Choir directed by Drea DNur

Just a "Warning Smite"

Best Signs from the Oakland Women's March 2018

Best Signs from the Oakland Women's March 2018

Las Vegas shooting: 'person of interest' says he sold ammunition to shooter

One fatality

Well, Trump can breathe easier!

I didn't watch the train-wreck last night but my GF did, when it was over I asked...

Of course he will. Unless?

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 "Pastoral"

Larry Nassar case: USA Gymnastics doctor 'abused 265 girls'

No place for atheist in Trump's America

New president of Michigan State University

Justice Department seeks to toss out charges against Sen. Menendez

Rep. Trey Gowdy of SC announced he will leave Congress at the end of this term

Holy Shit!! Trey Gowdy "retiring", won't seek relection.

Holy shit Trey Gowdy is LEAVING!!!

WH Helped Draft GOP Memo - CNN

Rep. Trey Gowdy announces he is leaving politics to "return to the justice system

A fitting metaphor--Repub train hits garbage truck--causes death. n/t

CNN : Justice Dept. files to dismiss charges against Sen. Bob Menendez

Citizens perform Field Sobriety Test on an officer lol

Learning a lesson the hard way

On MSNBC yesterday, Nicole Wallace counted the pronouns in Kennedy's speech

FBI takes aim at the secret memo drafted by GOP staff of Rep. Nunes... FBI statement

Gowdy out Menendez in

Did Trump use a TelePrompter? Didn't he belittle President Obama for using one?

House Republican committee chairs who aren't seeking reelection.

A way to change the government almost instantly. 2 Republican senators change political parties.

FBI says memo is filled with lies:

FBI expresses 'grave concerns' about House GOP memo

I had the exact same reaction as these generals

This cultist was really, really energized by Trump's speech last night

There is so much good stuff to troll the GOP. Train crashes aren't one of them.

Jeff Flake and the train crash . . . . as heard on MSNBC

With all the shit going on in our politics

Hawley trails McCaskill in Missouri Senate fundraising

Nassar's first public accuser 'beyond disappointed' at Michigan State decision.

Trump Stays In Washington After Speech

If you're going to release the memo why not release the entire warrant it's based on.

Exclusive: Swing voters rate Trump's State of Union speech 'on the plus side of mediocre'

Finally! Nicolas Cage can star in every movie ever made.

Words Matter

Trump again sues over property tax bill for Jupiter golf course

Jackie Robinson's birthday.

Trump/GOP tax cut scam excuse to slash your Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid

Moody's credit agency to review MSU's rating amid Larry Nassar fallout

I realise that the "white racist redeems himself" story is usually self serving BS...

Trumps Mueller Interview Endgame

Some 256 women and girls have come forward as Larry Nassar victims

Catholic women given chance to lift 22-year-old excommunication by Lincoln bishop

Why Can't Schiff Simply Paraphrase the Dem Memo Out Loud?

Jackie Robinson's birthday

Stephen Miller Rewards Self After Day Of Speechwriting With Trip To See Children In Local ICE Detent

Congresss telling body language during six key moments of Trumps State of the Union address

Trump's Speech Exposed GOP's Lack of Direction

No chance Gowdys being primed to replace Sessions, is there?

Rebranding Obama's Economy

why can't sessions stop the release of the fucking memo?

Killer whale learns to imitate human speech in world first (video at link)

FBI challenges accuracy of GOPs surveillance memo

Buh bye Trey Gowdy! So sad to see you go.

Be proud, America...

GQ: Donald Trump Spent His First State of the Union Taking Credit for Barack Obamas Accomplishments

Watchdog requests investigation of Paul Ryan for allowing Trump to use State of the Union feed...

ICE Deports Palestinian Man After 38 Years in U.S.

The purpose of Nunes releasing his memo is to interfere

Trump SOTU numbers down vs. last year

Trey Gowdy to retire-Another One Bites the Dust!

🚂 🎶 🚂

Nunes could face obstruction charges: Expert says colluding with White House nullifies...

Even if Trump is blatantly ignoring the Russia sanctions law, theres not a lot Congress can do

after the MEMO is released can the F.B.I.

Draft "Dodger" vs Draft "Resister": A not-so-subtle difference

There Should Be Hearings Into Collusion Between Nunes and WH

Randy Rainbow tweet during SOTU:

CIA director Mike Pompeo met with Russian counterpart in U.S.

Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin at L.A. Women's March 2017

John Kelly says on Fox radio that he's seen the Nunes memo and that it will be "released pretty quic

Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, L.A. Women's March 2017

Helen Reddy-- "I AM WOMAN"-L.A. Women's March 2017

I Am Woman - Helen Reddy - Women's March Los Angeles 2017

Latino Org In Chaos After Its Prez Goes Rogue, Endorses Trump Immigration Plan

Anyone else see this?

Trey Gowdy!

The Passion of the Christ SEQUEL - Mel Gibson is doing it

You know, it surely seems odd, all these

Send in the Clowns- Trump Parody Barbra Streisand

Trey Gowdy: "It's not unusual for Russians to contact campaigns."

Bob Brady not running for reelection

From a German newspaper (I translated), Here is our/your future (fair warning--scary!)

I wonder,,,,,,

Vanity Fair Piece On Relationship Between Christopher Steele..

Airbnb trolled Trump during the State of the Union & it was glorious

think nUNES will jump ship??????

Lottery winner dies weeks after cashing in $1M scratch-off ticket

'Using his position for private gain': HUD lawyers warned Ben Carson risked running afoul of ethics

Five Rebuttals vs One Rebuttal


could the senate investigators subpoena nUNES? or the F.B.I. question him?

If you want to find out who this jerk really is, that was made president...

Florida (Congress)Man Invited Infamous Troll Chuck Johnson to Trumps State of The Union

Michigan State University hires former Gov. John Engler; faculty vows no-confidence vote

Judy Gold's Response to The State Of The Union!

Last Night, [Redacted] Asked Congress for an Enabling Act

In Reversal, FEMA Says It Won't End Puerto Rico Food And Water Distribution Wednesday

In Reversal, FEMA Says It Won't End Puerto Rico Food And Water Distribution Wednesday

is it possible they sit on the memo? just get traction out of it?

Ford's rating outlook downgraded by Moody's; investors concerned

African-American man fighting for his life after unprovoked racist rage attack in Auburn

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 31, 2018

GQ: Donald Trump Spent His First State of the Union Taking Credit for Barack Obamas Accomplishments

Pants on Fire! Trump "The ice caps were going to melt, they were going to be gone by now, but now t

Pelosi: GOP is lying to the American people

Aw Geeze!

Juliette Kayyem: House Intelligence Committee Chairman 'May Be Compromised By The Russians'

Trump's State of the Union: 18 WTF Moments

My theory on all the Republicans stepping down from the seats in Congress?

DOJ files motion to dismiss Menendez indictment

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Dreaming Eyes Music Video

Kellyanne Conway Botched Trump Damage Control Meeting With African Ambassadors

Trump State Of Union Speech Contained 30 Minutes Of Applause

GOP rep invited alt right activist to the State of the Union

Help with my Post Retirement Project: Destroying Right Wing Hate-Radio

CDC head resigns after report she traded tobacco stocks

In honor of his retirement, it's The Trey Gowdy Hairstyle Guide! Our personal fave is #8,...

Albemarle County Judge Accepts Guilty Pleas in Child Pornography Case

SF will wipe thousands of marijuana convictions off the books

Ex-Obama spokesman goes off on GOP memo clown show: This is government by conspiracy theory

Connelly: Demonizing Seattle -- the GOP's dog that don't hunt

Trump Jr. rips ACLU over State of the Union criticism: 'These people have really lost their way'

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Officials Discussed "Reversing" Abortion For Undocumented Teen

Trump clapping for himself becomes a thing

Ladies, answer me this:

I was wondering why 1 of the biggest lunatics in

FactChecking Trumps State of the Union

Kathleen Hartnett White, Trump's Environment Pick: Fossil Fuels Ended Slavery, CO2 Is Good for You

Sarah HB Sander says Nancy Pelosi should smile more!

Indiana lawmakers kill hate crimes bill again

Zombie Campaigns

In case you missed it here's a video of Trump's SOTU last night

Bill O'Reilly's Triumphant Return to Cable News Absolutely Tanked in the Ratings

Michelle Obama Explains Awkward Inauguration Gift Exchange With Melania Trump

The Bible Is a Huge, Tedious Tome to Study

Biden to speak at Democratic retreat:

Interesting question--WOULD you explore space?

So, Rep. Suppository has finally decided to evacuate the chamber.

Trump is wrong about MS-13. His rhetoric will make it worse.

Is Trump Preparing for War With North Korea? -The Atlantic

Internet Burns WA Post for SOTU Headline

Twitter Reacts With Scorn to Gowdy Announcement: 'Can't Investigate Benghazi 3,821 More Times'

Ghost of GOP Retreats Past...... House GOP+Obama Baltimore 2010

If The White House collaborated with Nunes (which Nunes refuses to deny) on the memo, shouldn't he

Former Bernie Sanders Surrogate Thanks God After Train Carrying GOP Lawmakers Crashes

So it's official now.

Lawsuit saying Twitter aided Islamic State thrown out by U.S. appeals court

Trump's speech wasn't the scary part: All the Republican groveling was

Israel rejects U.N. report on companies linked to settlements

ICE agents approach Latino U.S. citizen, mistake him for undocumented immigrant (FROM LAST YEAR)

Pennsylvania GOP leader tells state supreme court he will defy its anti-gerrymandering order

Is trump wrong concerning the accident?

U.S. food distributors allege Tyson Foods, rivals fixed chicken prices

Do you recognize that you can kill a man once, however; it is better to take his money many times?

This guy is risking jail to stop Mueller. What's he hiding?

Venezuela eliminates heavily subsidized DIPRO forex rate

Twitter Followers Vanish Amid Inquiries Into Fake Accounts

Feds drop all charges against Bob Menendez!

Illinois governor pitches bipartisanship to aid state finances

supermoon/bluemoon eclipse

A modern land run? Trump move opens Utah to mining claims under 1872 law

Pharmacist tied to U.S. meningitis outbreak gets eight years in prison

The U.S. Is Losing Badly In Afghanistan, But The Trump Administration Is Telling Americans Less

Trump is having a meeting w/business leaders....

Trump, Rosenstein Breaking News. More obstruction. Trump asked Rosenstein if he was "on my team.'

U.S. missile defense test unsuccessful: official

Nunes fires back at FBI for 'spurious objections' to memo release

California insurance dept estimates nearly $12 billion in wildfires claims

White House seeks 72% cut to clean energy research, underscoring administration's preference...

donnie asked rosenstein if he was "on my team" per cnn....

Driving w/ the denbots Moment in Memphis edition

Toyoto Auris question

Exclusive: Trump asked Rosenstein if he was 'on my team'

Clinton says she regrets not firing aide accused of sexual harassment during 2008 campaign

Breaking CNN Trump asked Rosentein if he was on his team in December.

Train wreck in West Virginia

EU offers to assist Cuba with monetary consolidation: EU official

Yellen is out at The Fed - Saturday

Trump Official Discussed Experimental Prodecure to Rrverse Teens Abortion

CBS board to discuss potential Viacom merger on Thursday: sources

Scott Dworkin: Gowdy accepted anti-Hillary hate groups bribes while investigating her

John F. Kennedy "Profile in Courage" Award nominations...


WashPO confirms Russian media report that 2 Russian spy chiefs met with CIA director.....

Embedding tweets - troubleshooting

It comes down to:

Korea expert Cha no longer considered for US envoy to Seoul

Trey Gowdy & his hairstyles are leaving politics

CBO has issued a report advising Congress to consider raising the debt ceiling due to tax bill

West Liberty Dem Gubernatorial forum 1-30-2018

Rumor: "Melania wants to talk to Mueller"

BREAKING: Transcript of House Intel Committee debate on Nunes Memo released

RE: Shitler asking Rosenstein for loyalty - Renato Mariotti's take on how this affects investigation

So this new Trump, Rosenstein news helps protect Rosenstein. Is it enough?

The Moron, Jared, Jared's father, Ivanka were all Dems.

Pa. state Senate leader refuses court order on redrawing district maps

What's your favorite John C. Reilly movie?

Maybe Donald Trump is just a big fan of the singer Lorde?

OMG--Where's Jeanne Pirro?

Democratic response to SOTU gets over 10 million views on FB!

Controversial FBI agent co-wrote initial draft of explosive Comey letter reopening Clinton email pro

Controversial FBI agent (Strzok) co-wrote draft of Comey letter reopening Clinton email probe

Any theories as to why CDC director bought all that tobacco stock? nt

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

🐦 UPDATED VIDEO: JAN 31: Judy Woodruff interviews Sen. Sanders

Cruising Time! Stick Shift

'Exceptional Points' Could Stop Light Waves in their Tracks

Trump Will Seek Massive Cuts In Clean Energy

Pierce: Trump Is Lost

Mike Nesmith: "Joanne," Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA, Jan 23, 2018

JAN 31 at 6PM PBS YouTube Link- TONIGHT: Judy Woodruff interviews Sen. Sanders

Trump Approval Bounces Back

Lizz Winstead‏ Waiting for Trump to throw paper towels into the chamber.

How about a deal where he releases all his tax returns and then he can release

Republicans wither under the Trump stress test: Do his bidding or retire

Grassley torches 80 years of Senate tradition to confirm a judicial nominee

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-4: State Of The Uniom Edition

GOP--'He's a Hillary supporter!!!11!!'

The American Meteorological Society: Dear President Trump...

World Cup 2018: Russian official warns locusts could attack pitches

Trumps night of intense gaslighting

Funeral Planning In Wisconsin Now Includes Free Pizza

Cancelled Israel Lorde gig sparks anti-boycott lawsuit

Any chances someone will challenge Devin Nunes?

Memorable Last Lines from Books. Identify?

The pinnacle of Republican family values ...

Train wreck, sadly not just a metaphor...

I like this graphic about the SOTU that showed up on my Facebook page

Totally addicted to Live Eagle Cam!

So you are a "lifelong" democrat? Always vote democratic party?


CD7 Primary

Nicolle Wallace: Trump has not read controversial Devin Nunes Memo but he may have helped write it

Racism allegations against Louisiana sheriff delay lawsuit

Primary/Secondary insurance snafu

Poof. There goes Republicans favorite conspiracy theory about the FBI.

Donald Trump Jr. Fails Miserably In Twitter War With Joy Reid

Bond market tightening complicates Powells task

What odds do you give that Mueller will report/indict/arrest bad actors this week?

Nunes wants to block all future investigations with memo

Why I think Gowdy is leaving?

Elderly #Iranian grandma ties her scarf to her cane & waves it in support of fighting forced hijab.

Lawrence O'Donnell made a really odd comment about Joe Kennedy's speech last night.

Nunes is investigating DOJ and FBI to silence them.

Officials: US missile defense test failed in Hawaii

If you could choose, what type of electoral system would you prefer to have?...

Irony, metaphor, or hyperbole?

Shep Smith nails Devin Nunes: His FBI memo is just another act of mass distraction

Rep. Quigley says the Russians hacked into 36 States boards of elections successfully.

Shep Smith-Nunes: FBI memo is just another act of mass distraction to protect Trump

The moron is going to release the memos, so the Am people can make up their own mind

Lawyer who drafted Nunes memo once brutally slapped by judge with 'order of ineptitude'

FAKE NEWS! decries Fox News who *once again* bust the MSM for FAKE NEWS

CNN Instant poll: Trump gets least positive reaction in at least 20 years

Lawmaker files 'Jared Kushner Act' to limit tenant arrests

Kalamazoo doctor posts bond will be released Thursday

5 stories on front web page of CNN Politices are not good for TeamTrump....

DiFi: Feinstein: President Trump Must Follow Law, Impose Russian Sanctions

@jaketapper: It's "impossible to imagine a Democratic president doing this, and Republicans on Capit

Ex-strongman's son in Peru to form own bloc in congress

Anyone else notice Trump called Russia a rival instead of a rogue state

Peru party loyal to Fujimori expels ex-strongman's son

Rep. Luis Gutierrez's Comment on tRump's SOTU

MSNBC panel lays out how Trump's posture towards Russia shows collusion may be ongoing

You Guys Are Watching The News??? GOP Members Hurt

What is the worst-case scenario that you see with the Russia investigation?

Author of Nunes memo was benchslapped by Judge for "ineptitude"

Trump sought release of classified Russia memo, putting him at odds with Justice Department

New: Roger Stone tried to pay Julian Assange a visit today.

Did Trump Violate The Hatch Act By Asking Supporters To Donate During The State Of The Union?

Hives is a rare but possible warning sign of flu. Since this flu season seems to be worse

Mueller, Flynn legal teams not ready to schedule a sentencing hearing

So let me get this straight about the infrastructure plan

Drugged and robbed Marine colonel being forced to retire

What the headline in today's Amtrak accident should have read

Drugged and robbed Marine colonel being forced to retire

far fetched you think?

In a Stormy mood': Melania stayed seated and stony-faced during Trump's 'faith and family' remarks

Rex Tillerson visits Mexico as bilateral ties hit their lowest point in years