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Archives: March 25, 2014

Oil spill at the Houston Ship Channel

"Why aren't you at your desk working?"

Hey MSNBC! Can we get back to politics now!?

Man Exposes himself to art and get arrested

From Daily Kos: Conservative book sales plummeting.

Excellent Minimum Wage Presentation from KQED

Naked Florida man scares girl, 6, after having sex in Walgreens bathroom

Liberal Jesus Design in my Zazzle Shop

NBC & MSNBC get "Doppler Effect" wrong.

Guilty Verdicts For 5 Former Bernard Madoff Employees

Marijuana Benefits MS Patients as Other Remedies Fail

yes, these are the kind of friends I have...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 March 2014

British Guiana one-cent magenta stamp could fetch $20m at auction

Old cloth ties blamed for theater ceiling collapse

Putin Announces Historic G-1 Summit

Un-Unskewed Polls

"Anthony Weiner Gets a New Job"

Jimmy Carter warns the Bible is being used to promote the abuse of women and girls

Actor John C. McGinley and Son Celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Movie/Television Actor (and Millburn Jersey Boy) John C. McGinley

Deepwater Horizon oil left tuna, other species with heart defects likely to prove fatal

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos

Obama Trolls Tea Party With Bumper Sticker

"Suppressing the Vote" By THE EDITORIAL BOARD at the NY Times

"Social security won’t be around long enough for me to collect it"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Disasters Foreign and Domestic! & a new Kitteh gif

So, how much business is the uFly Simulator going to get from all the CNN stories?

Google Glass to feature Ray-Ban, Oakley frames

Rick Scott’s Top Latino Fundraiser Leaves Campaign After Campaign Staff Allegedly Made Racist Jokes

Lon Burnam Files Lawsuit in Tarrant County Against Ramon Romero

Obama Administration To Take Action In Response To Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

Wandering cattle force temporary closure of I-35 in Georgetown

'Nobody Wants a War' But Ukraine Confronts Another Split

American Patrimony- The return of the Gilded Age

Two join hiring lawsuit against Williamson County commissioners

NLRB Judge finds Hogan Transports, Inc. violated the National Labor Relations Act

Canadian man in hospital with Ebola-like virus

So much for that boycott - Oklahoma girl breaks Girl Scout cookie sales mark

question about wav file I bought on beatport

Hillary made some new friends today.

14 dead, 108 missing in Washington state landslide (UPDATE: Now 176 reports of missing people)

Girl Scout Sells Record 18,107 Boxes of Cookies

Chile seeks to extradite Sydney nanny Adriana Rivas, implicated in Pinochet-era torture allegations

Chile seeks to extradite Sydney nanny Adriana Rivas, implicated in Pinochet-era torture allegations

Breaking: Obama to Call for End to N.S.A.’s Bulk Data Collection

I'm conflicted.

Interesting observations on religion

IF your a dog lover you will understand

KING 5 News Seattle link to OSO mudslide, Washington state

a revolutionary moment: the women's movement in the late 60's and early 70's (boston university)


Helmet camera shows skydiver's remarkable jump from World Trade Center

a revolutionary moment: the women's liberation movement of the late 60's and early 70's (boston univ

Mike Malloy - Paul Broun’s Taxpayer Financed Speeching Coach

Ex-TV Judge Joe Brown arrested in Tennessee

Mike Malloy - Global Warming Vs. Stupidity

A foodie gives up solid food for Lent and only drinks beer

Petition to have Alaska secede back to the Russians receives more than 10,000 signatures in 3 days

Cows that witness wolf attacks suffer PTSD-like symptoms

My wife was watching Cosmos last night and NdT was talking about comets in the Oort cloud.

House ethics board sees evidence of abuse by Representative McMorris Rodgers

Globalization of Higher Education Conference Seeks To Remake Colleges Into Univ. of Phoenix Model

Ancient Ohio Earthworks saved by conservancy group!

"House Democrats Aim To Push Past GOP On Immigration"

Last night's Cosmos & Isaac Newton's Principia

The Star-Ledger Doesn't Think Much Of Christie's "Investigation"....

Focus in CTA crash falls on operator fatigue, speeding

Visa fraud: Pleasanton university founder convicted in immigration scheme

Man with the Secrets is the Most Powerful Human in History.

San Francisco Bay Area passenger rail corridor proposed to move crude oil

Blake Farenthold named in Bill Maher's quest to find worst U.S. congressman

Aggressive coyote sighting prompts warning in Orangeburg

History Fund Awards Grant to SunWatch Indian Village

Investigators mum on probe of ex-House Speaker Fox [RI]

Mass. schools require dramatic change, report says

Russian Speakers and free thinkers are being harrassed, beaten, and discriminated against in Ukraine

Stephen Barasch

A Ray of Hope From Vermont.

Report: Blacks make up 62 percent of Oakland police stops

Lady Liberty's True Colors!

Venezuela opposition congresswoman's mandate revoked

Question for smokers who have switched to the vaping.

Obama to Call for End to N.S.A.’s Bulk Data Collection

So I googled myself

Brooklyn Nets Owner Threatens To Bring Club Under Russian Jurisdiction

Today would have been Dorothy Height's 102 birthday

Enough of this bullsh*t

Human-induced global warming will continue for centuries, U.N. panel warns

Once Again, Australia is Stealing Its Indigenous Children

The Earth is 6,000 years...

My theory for the missing plane

"We Don't Need Two Wall Street Parties" Markos responds to Third Way attack at Politico.

movies you can't get out of your mind.

'F*ck It, Let’s Go Nuts!' Stewart Tears Apart CNN for MH370 Coverage

Pittsburgh Baseball...

Japan, Belgium and Italy reduce their stockpiles of nuclear material



Moral Monday Statesville

Jimmy Carter on Letterman now...

Nuclear Disarmament Should Be Accelerated - Muhyiddin

It's pretty obvious around here that Obama can't do anything right...

Three Things You Should Know About the Syrian Electronic Army

This is why Stanford won

Crazy Love

Proper statistical analysis has no pony in the race...

Japan to Lead Global Nuclear Security Efforts: Abe

Robert McCoy

CFPB: 22% of all payday loans renewed at least six times, costing more than 100%

Ruin A Children's Book

Obama to Call for End to N.S.A.’s Bulk Data Collection

Jonathan endorses effort to curb nuclear terrorism threat

Personally, I look at the Nate Silver "prediction" as a call to arms

Mark Basile!

Women not allowed to serve lunch at the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague

In honor of our former President Jimmy Carter - who just moved me to choke up

This is a "religious liberty" exception I think should definitely be fought for...

Cenk Uygur's Young Turks Network launches shows on Hulu

6 Ways Trans Women Are Helping Deliver Gender Equality

Risk of slide ‘unforeseen’? Warnings go back decades [Snoho County, WA]

DU this fundraiser: sick kid/surgery/need money...

Clashes as Taiwan students storm government HQ

Family dog rescued from mudslide rubble

U.S. lawmakers to weigh speeding up LNG exports to help Europe, Ukraine

Shocking (and hilarious) animal cruelty

Flight 370 Salvage Harder Than Finding Needle in Haystack

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Authorities defend text message to families revealing missing plane'

Gov. Mike Pence ends Common Core, but not its influence

MH370 passengers' relatives protest in China

Venezuela: National Assembly Expels Opposition Deputy

Deutsche Bank Says China Private Stocks Riskier Than SOEs

hiding friends postings on FB Newsfeed

Why do we tolerate mega-wealth?

The "Breakfast Club" detention was 30 years ago yesterday

George Brandis announces planned changes to Racial Discrimination Act [Australian hate speech law]

Borowitz: Putin Announces Historic G-1 Summit

Venezuela’s conflict spills into Toronto with threats against priest

New Study: Nearly Half Of All Americans Are Dangerous Stupid Idiots

Jimmy Carter believes the NSA monitors his emails

Jimmy Carter tonight on David Letterman - a man ahead of his time

As Bedford schools deal with anti-Semitism another swastika appears

Spicy Texas Passover at UT-Austin

What do you think of the idea that God died to become the universe?

'Pre-eminent' Australians could be made Knight or Dame under a new award, PM Tony Abbott says

A Call To Action - Jimmy Carter

Just for some Leninist fun,

This past weekend I was treated with a random act of kindness.

Jimmy Carter On David Letterman - March 24th 2014 (Full Interview - 19:49 mins)

Peru: New 'kill' law targets protesters

Naval Station Norfolk Shooting Leaves 2 Dead: Report

Venezuelan students send the world a message -- don't buy their lies! (VIDEO) (subtitled)

'Collapse' of Modern Civilization a Real Possibility: Study

Radical UN Report Promotes Democratic Control of Food and an End to Corporate Domination

"Stoned" Neil Degrasse Tyson LOL

Goldman Sachs' Outrageous Scheme to Profit off Jailed Young Offenders' Recidivism Rate

First Amendment Train Wreck in the Making: U.S. Senate Tries to Define Who Is a Journalist

Could the Koch Brothers End Up Destroying the Republican Party?

Why Religious Fundamentalists Are So Excited About Charter Schools

New 'Southern Strategy'? Waves of Liberal Protest Ripple Across South

Colombia: Fraud, corruption denies Afro-Colombian citizens a voice

Right Sector coordinator Muzychko killed in Ukraine's Rivne

Wells Fargo Caught Forging Mortage Documents — Will We Finally See Jail Time for the Bankers?

report: payday loans cost borrowers much

Chevron creates its own news outlet for a poor city that it pollutes

First Westboro Protest Since Death Of Fred Phelps Met With Condolences

A friend told me about this...might be fun.

Star Membership expired

Science Compared Every Diet, and the Winner Is Real Food

The cuckoo's cry

To delay the departure of the dying

Millennials Didn't Abandon Our Institutions — Our Institutions Failed Them

Will New Hampshire Be the Next State to Declare Democracy Is for People—Not Corporations?

When the Government Outsources to Private Companies, Inequality Gets Worse

How the Proposed US-EU Trade Agreement Screws Workers and Undermines Democracy

When ‘Religious Liberty’ was Used to Deny All Health Care to Women and Not Just Birth Control

Smith (WA-09) has agreed to cosponsor the Strengthening Social Security Act

Tuna heart attacks! So that new report shows that deep sea fish in the gulf have been

The anti-ALEC: Progressive States Network

Wal-Mart Just Revealed How Poor Its Customers Are

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- trashing the environment

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- GOP roundup

NY state health exchange reports 717,000 enrolled

Grant Middle School workbook’s gun-rights description has some up in arms

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

The Most Important Economic Chart

Libyan port rebels demand tanker back before any negotiations

I would love to be a fly on the wall

Egypt Shocks the World with Plan for Mass Execution of 528 Muslim Brothers

Turkey: Is Twitter Mightier than Prime Minister Erdogan?

BREAKING: The Rich Own Republicans AND Democrats

Would you be willing to trade entitlement spending for a guaranteed minimum income?

How LIBERAL can the ULTRA wealthy be? Who is the most progressive tycoon with influence and why?

Juan Cole: Five Signs Solar Power is Taking Over the World

E-cigarettes 'should not be marketed as smoking cessation aids'

Amazing photos show us why the American transportation network has fallen off the rails!

Photos of everyday-life in North Korea

The library is the last, best socialized institution in America today and you're about to lose it

Republicans: Tell me again how you "support the troops"

GYWO--The Watch List

Bill Moyers: Who’s Buying our Midterm Elections?

Has Anglo-American Capitalism Run Out of Strategies?

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Criticisms of Capitalism (audio link)

Neonic Pesticides - Not Just Really Good At Killing Bees, They're Useless In Improving Production

the new tribalism robert reich

Ohio's Kasich: Local Governments Can Cope With Cuts

I have a bit of a family politics problem

NC Environment Agency Lawyer In Federal Probe Defended Duke In Past Criminal Case

Hundreds of Students & Faculty Occupy Campus to Fight Cuts to Public Higher Ed

Estimated Cost For Premature Deaths, Illnesses In China - $300 Billion Per Year - AFP

Technological Unemployment (2013)

David Brock to deliver speech 'Countering the Culture of Clinton Hating.'

Duke Energy: Don't Worry Your Pretty Little Head, SC - Coal Waste Ponds In YOUR State Are Different

America's Workers: Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, Totally Exhausted

We don't read the Bible to learn more, but to be fed

Woods Hole - Warming Arctic's Higher Carbon Uptake Far Smaller Than Net Carbon, Methane Releases

Is this all humans are? Diminutive monsters of death and destruction?

Orioles Baseball...

NY: Subway Ridership Hits 65-Year High

DU had a great poster named Statistical

Chicago: Focus in CTA crash falls on operator fatigue, braking system

ABC Family Pulls Plug On Alice In Arabia Pilot

Billionaire mogul Sheldon Adelson looks for mainstream Republican who can win in 2016

Want to support local (and often family) farms? Want to eat healthy? Think about joining a CSA.

Actor James Rebhorn Pens His Final Curtain Call; Read The Obit He Wrote For Himself

I'm an anti-theist.

Ultra-nationalist Ukrainian bully shot dead in gunfight

CO's 24-hr mental hlth crisis centers (response to Aurora shooting) stalled by suit

The Real Turd Nugent

Morning Willow

Between Convenient Misreading and Mythology: The Iran Sanctions Regime and the Institutionalization

Good grief -- I honestly had no idea!

TYT: How China Makes The North Korea Problem Worse, Much Worse

Texas Town Pays Turd Nugent $16,000 Not to Play Fourth of July Concert

The Indispensible Nancy Pelosi

TYT: Billion Dollar Bet Sets Off Corruption At All Levels - Surprised?

TYT: The Billionaire-Funded Obamacare Attack Ad That IS NOT Political

So will Russia ban the West and Japan from

Fox News Station Accidentally Airs Penis Pic Amid Crash Coverage (NSFW VIDEO)

Smoking Proves Hard to Shake Among the Poor

Navy Cancels Ice-Based Sub Exercise Off Alaska 1 Week Early After High Winds Break Up Pack

WMO -2013 Ties 2007 For Sixth-Warmest Year On Record

Blaming poverty on the mysterious influence of “culture” is a convenient excuse for doing nothing

Patient In Saskatoon Hospital May Have Ebola - Had Recently Traveled To Liberia

Michael Eisenga made contributions pro-Walker electioneering group (Blogging Blue)

Rumsfeld bashes Obama on Afghanistan, says ‘a trained ape’ could do better

The Crimea Blame Game Turns To Edward Snowden

It Saves Millions To Simply Give Homeless People A Place To Live

Meet the Gay Priest Getting Married

Remember that Cadillac ad that was the talk of DU recently?

Private Probation Firms Win Big In Georgia Legislature

25 Years After Exxon Valdez, BP Was the Hidden Culprit - By Greg Palast

What's Religious About Corporate America Cheating Workers?

EU ready to pay Palestinians who renounce right of return

Republicans losing it over new Obamacare data: Why their position is collapsing

Monster turtle fossils re-united (BBC)

Disney World among casualties of US-Venezuela spat

My one and only E-Cigarette posting on DU.

Remembered: the heroes of "The Great Escape"

Atheists have their number: How the Christian right is hastening religion’s decline

Revealed: The insane delusions fueling rich conservatives’ temper tantrums

Paul Krugman- Things Go Better With Kochs

Oil well safety warning for fracking (BBC)

The NRA interviews Surgeon General candidates

Ecologists learn lessons from the 'ghosts of megafauna' (BBC)

21 Ways Gloria Steinem Taught Us To Be Better Women

Wisconsin: Dale Schultz, Stephanie Miller and the forgotten GOP support for voting rights

Air pollution linked to seven million deaths globally (BBC)

Venezuela Lets Bolivar Depreciate 88% on New Sicad II Market

Anti-Obamacare Governor Now Encouraging Residents To Enroll Under Health Law

The Bizarre Case Of Matt Drudge And His Obamacare 'Liberty Tax'

TYT: Horrifying Precedent Of Prosecuting Mothers Of Stillborn Babies

Rick Perry: Focus On Equal Pay In Texas Guv Race Is 'Nonsense'

Little hand embroidered matryoshka ornament

Evidence that American's have figured out the Koch brothers

TYT: School Ignores Bullying... So Dad Handles Business

Lawmaker Defends Plan For Pregnancy Testing Binge Drinkers In Bars

Post here - First radio station you remember listening to and the name of the first DJ you remember

The Coat Hanger Around My Neck Is A Symbol Of History

NYT LTTE: How the I.R.S. Created a Campaign-Spending Mess

March 25, 1947

Obama: Tacos And Tequila Are 'Not Punishment'

2014 TV Season Finale Dates: Here's a Handy List of When All Your Favorite Shows Are Signing Off

Little Girl Taken Out Of Christian School After Told She's Too Much Like A Boy

Great. Kick the people getting laid off: SCOTUS Rules Severance Payments Are Taxable

North Carolina: Lawyer Hired to Represent Agency in Spill Inquiry Once Worked for Duke Energy

TYT: Condoms On The Verge Of Being Cash Only?

Four men arrested in One World Trade Center jump stunt

OMGhazi: Bill O'Reilly Mad That Other Networks Make Up Shit For Ratings

In Ohio, a Law Bans Lying in Elections. Justices and Jesters Alike Get a Say

First post in this group, but I'm having a really hard time.

Mary Burke releases plan to boost Wisconsin economy, create jobs

Who Is GALT?

For MS patients, medical marijuana succeeds where other alternative medicines fail

"Birth control is for people who don’t necessarily want to act responsibly."

More money available to replace Sandy-destroyed boilers for more than 100 NYCHA buildings

Glenn Beck: We're Going to Be Remembered As Insane Society

Papantonio: Domestic Spying Hits Home for Congress

Creepy Staten Island clown spotted around borough, spooks residents

Republican Who Said Autism & Dementia Punishment for Abortion & Gays WINS!

Agree or Disagree - Atheists are a persecuted minority in 2014 America.

Carter: Russian Invasion Of Crimea 'Inevitable'

weed legalization for recreational use in all 50 states

I'm freaking out about the 2014 midterms - We need a plan

KaBoom! (Florida) Man set off military type explosive on another man's car

Dr. Martens fans check in

Jimmy Carter: Religion part of pay inequity

in memoriam--triangle factory fire victims (25 march 1911)

Does the Air Force ‘encourage atheism’ and ‘prosecute Christianity’?

State demands answers from crude-oil shipper

triangle shirtwaist factory fire-25 march 1911

Why are so many rape, murder, kidnap, and battery criminals running free? This is why.

'Obama's new NSA proposal and Democratic partisan hackery,' by Glenn Greenwald

Elizabeth Warren petition: Let's end the student debt crisis !

You don't have to be a Nate Silver worshipper to realize he's probably right about 2014.

Snowden/Greenwald did not disclose the NSA's bulk phone metadata collection program to the public

Advocacy Group Files Lawsuit Against NYC E-Cigarette Ban

Shop at Hobby Lobby IF you hate women and the Constitution, and love your Boss’s religion

Looking for love AND baseball? Meet MLB SINGLES:

So Rand Paul is against NSA surveillance, is he against an individual US state doing the same?

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ March 25th

Nate Silver Knocks 'Hypocritical' Democrats Who Criticized His Analysis

Caucus urges Silver to press Cuomo for school aid

U.S. Keeps Saudi Arabia’s Worst Secret (actually distant second worst)

FBI Agent Cleared in Boston Bombing-Linked Shooting Death

Study finds E-cigarettes don’t help smokers quit


I Didn't Become A Secret Service Agent For The Jimmy Carter Midnight To 6 A.M. Shift

March Snow tonight for coastal NY

Pic Of The Moment: Women Voters: Employers Should Not Be Able To Limit Birth Control Coverage

Regarding DU2:

Ukraine far-right leader Muzychko dies 'in police raid'

George Carlin: Pro Life, Abortion, And The Sanctity Of Life

Problems with a Gmail acct....suggestions, anyone?

NSA Invokes “National Defense” and the Espionage Act on Mandela FOIA request

Supreme Court rules (8-0) severance payments are subject to FICA tax.

Woody Allen Comic Strip

Suggestions please: I watched all of Dexter

NYPIRG: Cuomo Biggest Beneficiary of NY’s Mega Donors

Crews search through night; Oso mudslide death toll 14, reports of 176 missing

George Carlin on Religion and God

Nuclear reactor threatened by cuts

Sunrise @ creek yesterday,

Morning Plum: The incredible shrinking Obamacare sob story

Plan to transfer Arab-Israelis to new Palestinian state seeks legal approval

Women at GLAAD speak: Being women in the LGBT movement

Venezuela has lowest minimum wage in Latin America after Cuba

Hobby Lobby case: Justices skeptical of White House position

Rumsfeld charges that Obama isn't as good as a 'trained ape' on Afghanistan

Third in series: Tsunami warnings improved since Great Alaska Earthquake

Obama: No, Romney Wasn't Right About Russia

To those who trust the FDA with regard to vaccines, do you trust them on everything else?

Are there any Russians in this picture?

A primer on Morality and the Cooperative Ethic

March 25, 1942: officially confirmed that 25 of America's best women pilots will be going to Britain

How do you know he watches Fox News?

Had to share this FB post from a friend ...

We are proud members of the 99%. RT to stand with us as we rally outside SCOTUS tomorrow.

Scott Lively goes full tinfoil-hat...

Last night out in front of the U.S. Supreme Court...

food rave of the day (3/25): pickles

*** gets out her staple gun and posts notice for the DUer renting DU Lounge room 801 ***

I hate living in a small town

U.S. will not appeal judge's ruling on no-fly list mistake


Why Andrew Cuomo Is Horrible - Sarah Jaffe Discusses NY's Charter School Battle

Putin Announces Historic G-1 Summit

Girl suspended in head-shaving act of support

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Angry That Obama Seems Weak on Russia But Forget That They Weakened Him

GE job cuts in Fort Edward moved to early 2015

President Obama has a Quora account to answer questions

Hurley town board says public comment review for its proposed fracking moratorium

The Individual Mandate

Fox News Contributor Erik Rush: Obama ‘Murdered’ Everyone on Malaysian Flight 370

If Hobby Lobby gets their way...

So I finally got to meet my mayor.

Call the Midwife

"Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?" - Nate Silver's Predictions......

So if Republicans win a majority in the Senate this fall, does it really make any difference?

Most of Victory Park, surrounding area on lockdown as Dallas police deal with active shooter

I wonder where Putin got the idea he could just invade other countries....

WFP Backs Rice in NY-4

Univ of Iowa study: Older adults in U.S. not prepared for natural disasters

What Falling Gasoline Sales Tells Us About Demographics And Culture

Father files restraining order against son's alleged bully (WWYD)

I'm making a Punk Rock Mix Tape - what songs should I include

No More Cheap Margaritas? Why Lime Prices Are On the Rise

US Proxy Terror War on Venezuela

From Bernie Sanders' Facebook page...

Electrical Leak Suspected in U.S. Missile’s Failure

Senate candidate wants to castrate Washington...

No matter what happens in the Hobby Lobby case. I urge you to start boycotting this place.

Obama Urges Putin to Back Down or Face New Sanctions

South Pole Station Webcams

Is this all humans are? Diminutive monsters of death and destruction?

John Boehner shuts down any hope of reauthorizing unemployment benefits for 2 million Americans

What Is Posted on DU Doesn't Stay on DU.

A&M Consolidated student charged with arson in last week's bathroom fire

Steve Hindy suggests a park-funding solution

Man walks away after subway train runs him over

Orion Nebula as you've never seen it before...

Massive apartment fire burning in Montrose

Americans Can’t Retire When Bill Gross Sees Repression

After giraffe uproar, Copenhagen zoo kills 4 lions

The Reality of a Trade War With Europe and the US : Russia Would Lose

The next big thing?

Kremlin Partnership Places BP at Risk in Russia Crisis

Scott Walker bashes Obama on foreign policy

Out-of-state tab for Perry security tops $2.9 million

Thank You President Obama For Listening!

Meat Eaters Gulp Record Prices Before U.S. Grilling Peaks

Pick one:

Wartime Sex Slaves Ask Abe to See Scars to Prove Japan Abuse

A Quiet ‘Sea Change’ in Medicare

AMSC to close Middleton plant by year end (Wisconsin State Journal)

Just to be sure,@HobbyLobbyStore: Your god is cool with you buying stuff from China and helping fund

Poll: Marijuana Legalization Measures Will Drive Voters

Consumer Confidence Hits Highest Level Since Jan. 2008

I don't always watch Fox News, but...

Amid Wave of Pro-Gun Legislation, Georgia Proposes Sweeping Law

Fight over Rooftop Solar Forecasts a Bright Future for Cleaner Energy

Justices Seem Divided on Health Law’s Contraceptive Rule.

NYC Freedom Tower B.A.S.E. Jump

Pick one:

Ex-Scott fundraiser's explosive email warned of trouble with Hispanic voters

Bill Nye The Science Guy is right!!!!

Donald Rumsfeld: 'A Trained Ape' Would Be Better At Foreign Policy Than Obama

Syrian False Flag - Turkey's PM Desperate

Christie Greenhouse Changes Violate N.J. Law, Court Says

Quick & easy tortellini spinach soup

From 1998-2003 I was assigned to an AF unit that operated Predator UAVs...

Thom Hartmann: Climate Danger Food Threshold Approaching

Punishing Putin Fuels Energy-Export Drive in Congress

offbeat travel factoid

Senator Patrick Leahy .. Obama doesn't need Congress to End Bulk Collection

How to Generate Bogus Conclusions (E-Cig Study Edition)

Creationists: What they say and what they actually meant to say.

Ukrainian far-right figure shot dead by police

TYT: Anti-Gay Plan Backfires On Catholic League President

U.S. steel executives urge duties on some imports from South Korea

Bill Donohue backs out of pride parade, gives multiple reasons, but it's everyone else's fault

At summit, U.S. and Russia agree on nuclear terrorism threat

There are literally some mansions in Detroit that I want my hands on...

Trying to Close a Knowledge Gap, Word by Word

China says polluting industry still growing too fast, heavy smog alert for Beijing

Rain: 3-25-14!

Bitcoin Is Property Not Currency in Tax System, IRS Says

After May 9, it will be punishable by 5 years in Russian prison to talk about ‘Ukrainian Crimea’

Speak for Wolves, June 28-29, 2014

Middle School Girls protest Sexist Dress code

Ok, I am completely in love with the movie Frozen

Awesome. Yeah, the Keystone Pipeline is a TERRIFIC idea...

U.N. Rights Chief Hits Israel Over Settlements

Did you know about all the shit that goes into McDonald's Fries?

Post your embarassing musical secret here....

Florida Man Trapped in Bathroom While Trying to Steal Girl's Underwear

Woman attacked by coyote while walking dog in Rockland County-NY

Moral Mondays: great MSNBC interview w Rev. William Barber & Rev. Raphael Warnock!

Deliberations Begin In Trial Of Bin Laden’s Son-In-Law

Thom Hartmann: How Colorado Disrupted the Drug War

Creationism Is Not Being Ignored On ‘Cosmos’ — Creationists wish Tyson were ignoring creationism.

Thom Hartmann: Will Earth Cross the Climate Danger Tipping Point in 2036?

Jimmy Carter: Drones Create More Terrorists

Papantonio: The Hobby Lobby Hoax

Supreme Court signals support for corporate religious claims

The Maryland House of Delegates passed it. But it's stuck in the Senate

My dog howling along to 'Green Onions'

An important improvement in Medicare coverage -- please spread the news

'Stirring' photos depict the 1950s lives of slave descendants living on a remote island

Noah is 'the least biblical biblical film ever made', says director

Protesters Rally as Supreme Court Hears Case on Obamacare and Religion

Venezuela: Who You Gonna Believe, the New York Times or Your Lying Eyes?

POTUS & the Pope

Mitch McConnell May Have Lost His Senate Seat By Using Duke Basketball In Kentucky Ad

GOP line prevails on Ukraine aid package

Democrats and Republicans Agree on Climate Change ... That does not mean our politicians do ?

I'm mesmerized.

Man beats 13 year old daughter while mother films it- it goes viral with most approving

74-year-old woman freed after serving 32 years for murder she did not commit

Paris trip Photos - Lots of photos!

Bitcoin is property and not currency per the IRS

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson dead at 95

from Robert Reich

Argentina marks coup anniversary


Can you help Leticia Van de Putte, Wendy Davis, and more?

Hey, Rumsfeld, a few words for you

TYT: Will This Be The First State To Help Get Money Out Of Politics?

an oldie but a goodie to make you smile....

Will we see white smoke from the Supreme Court?

The Basurero Is Burning: Life at the Gates of Hell in Guatemala City

How to do a Legitimate study of e-cig efficacy (vis-a-vis quitting cigarettes)

The Hobby Lobby case is another example of why it's so important to GOTV 2014

Feminists Take To Twitter To Explain That Rape Culture Is Alive And Well

After giraffe uproar, Copenhagen zoo kills 4 lions

Obamabots: Not Our Enemy: Cut Them Some Slack

RIP Ralph Wilson

Six Members Of Congress Have Financial Stake In Russian Sanctions....this can't be good.

What's the most you have ever paid for a college textbook?

Cosmos is not a Ratings Disaster

Barbara Boxer: Hobby Lobby Case ‘Slippery Slope’ to Denying AIDS Medication, Vaccines

What if a physician in private practice said, "no firearms are permitted in my office".

Purchasing ACA insurance through when you already have a policy

Joe Gaetjens - the footballer who disappeared

I almost have health insurance ... I think

Ralph Wilson, founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills, dies at 95

Obama says he's more worried about the possibility of ‘nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan’ than..

Annoying Google Earth problem

Outrage rising among Palestinians over steady increase in 'honor killings'

Bolivia urges U.S. to respect democracy in Venezuela

Old father speaks truth.

Reid, Dems drop Ukraine demands

W.Va. House Democrats face challenge

Judge tells "Sheriff Joe" to quit whining...

Mitch McConnell's New Ad Features Duke Basketball Instead Of Kentucky, Mockery Ensues

Kiss Finally Get the Cover of Rolling Stone

Questions - If Hobby Lobby and other companies gain religious exemption clause from regs and laws...

How will healthcare providers sort it out if Hobby Lobby wins?

Hamas Lawmaker: Koran Says We Must Massacre Jews

13th Floor Elevators

VA Christian school bans 8-year-old girl because her tomboy looks aren’t ‘biblical’

UAE: Court upholds men’s 6-month jail term for ‘sodomy’

Indians broadcaster tears up watching his son's first MLB at-bat (Video)

some TX women singing

broadcaster tears up watching his son's first MLB at-bat (Video) how to use it and not get crappy adware in your downloads

On Big Ed's show.....Sen. Sanders looks like hell (beet red).

Razor blades glued to playground equipment in public park- Snopes says TRUE

Is the World More Depressed?

Ruling: Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood funds

Arc Angels

Right Wing Nightmare happening in Spain

Pharmacists urged not to assist US executions

Not a Church...

NYS Leaders Set To Give Mayor de Blasio $300M For Pre-K, Sources Say

Just came back from the doctor

All City Cab Rides Might Be Going Up By 30 Cents To Fund More Accessible Fleet

The real, true story about how parents adopted out their child when he came out as gay

Dina Meza: a journalist living dangerously in Honduras

Toronto Man Expecting Quintuplets Finds Out Wife Isn't Actually Pregnant

Florida - Union soldiers be damned

Dumb Criminals: South Daytona (Florida, Obviously) Man Drinks 10 Jager Shots, Sets Fire To Bar

Dumb Criminals: New York Authorities Raid Business Called "420 Multi Services", Find Drugs

The selective outrage of corporate christians ?

Ukrainian Catholics experiencing 'total persecution' in Crimea

sometimes I wonder if Neil DeGrasse Tyson ever suffers from awesomeness fatigue

Saw this on Facebook. Great sign.

Dumb Criminals: North Carolina Authorities Catch Alleged Wal-Mart Fake Shoe Salesman W/ Foot Fetish

Jimmy Carter Speaks Out On Religion And Equality For Women; Slams Sexist Biblical Interpretations

Wife of NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Petty dies (Lynda Petty)

If you want to start a private CHARTER SCHOOL, build your own damn school!

A few statistics about birth control

Lawmakers, union leaders call for $40 million to be restored to MTA budget

End of Day 1 of the March Madness (music bracket) on Minnesota Public Radio's "The Current"

Teach For America To Bolster Special Education Training

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: Too Much Blood Has Been Spilled

Billionaire leaves Gov. Rick Scotts campaign after racist incident.

Exclusive: NSA, FBI, DIA Sued over Refusal to Disclose U.S. Role in Imprisonment of Nelson Mandela

Meet the REAL "Blues Brothers" (earworm alert!!!)

CJ Roberts will have to overrule corporations have religious rights and will probably

Tight on the Right: Germany's NPD Maintains Close Ties to Svoboda

Sen. Feinstein's Pro-NSA Bill Has Hit a Snag: Obama

Barbara Boxer: Why no Viagra complaints?

Why isn't THIS on the air 24/7???

Obama Is Negotiating an Agreement That Could Unleash Fracking Around the World

One year after it's adoption, poll shows New Yorkers support SAFE Act two-to-one. - gun control

George Takei: From a fan, whose child is destined to live long and prosper....

School bans student for shaving head in support

World Vision Changes Direction Will Now Employ Persons In Same Sex Marriages.

"I Only Get – and My Committee Only Gets – What They WANT To Give Me."

Paul takes credit for NSA metadata changes

Here's What We Know About The US Spy Satellite Launching This Week

Snowden's VICTORY LAP-Obama's New NSA Proposals Are A Vindication (Huff-Po)

Court Rules New Jersey Gov. Christie Illegally Repealed Climate Standards

NYC Board Of Elections Pitches Pricey Voter Kiosks To Skeptical City Council

The US Capitol Just Honored Norman Borlaug, The Man Who Saved A Billion Lives

If corporations are people and given religious freedom, what else will they want?

Star Trek's Godmother

Port Authority to address issue of aircraft noise

A rowboat, The President and Shotguns

The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense

Nate Silver got you down? Why his forecast is more nuanced than you think

Jimmy Carter Confuses Israel as ‘Jewish State’ for Meaning All Arabs Must Convert

Rumsfeld states that a trained ape could handle foreign diplomacy better than Obama..

West, Russia signal line drawn in Ukraine crisis

SCREW YOU, TN Legislators

The last founder of the AFL, Ralph Wilson Jr., has died.

Just closed my Chase account

anyone doing this Kindle Worlds (writing for an established world for profit)

*Birth control case will be discussed on PBS News Hour.

Cuomo administration pushes for out-of-network billing protection

So now the neo-fascist purge has begun

Stunning BBC commercial

A Note About Preparing for Death

Who the fuck does something like this? Razor blades glued to playground equipment...

california v. florida

Krugman: The Dominance of Wealth Over Work

Wherein I go on a little rant...

Al Franken tweet

Hobby Lobby purchases its products from #1 'family planning' nation China

School says girl not welcome because she's "not feminine enough"

Did you know that President Barack Obama released "homo demons" during his “second illegal inaugural

Trying to remember the name of a woman trumpet player ...

If men could get pregnant.....

Even in dark red Alaska, Democratic Sen. Mark Begich wants to increase Social Security benefits

What if Hobby Lobby decided that taxes were against their religious beliefs ?

Wow, McConnel out of touch with his own state or what? UNREAL!

Parents of Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin testify against Stand Your Ground law in Washington, D.C.

!!!March Photo Contest Run Off!!!

March Photo Contest Run Off PLEASE Vote!

Pulling Apart 2014: Focus on Wisconsin's 1%

Hey Guys! What do you think of this explaination....Do you think that the BIg Bang was really

Sunburst students win national Samsung competition, $140,000 for school

DreamWorks building $2.4B movie complex in Shanghai

An amazing chart on how the Koch brothers are dominating the Senate ad race

TZ and Bigillq must be happy...the UCONN women...