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CNN says that so far it's a very competitive race. That if Ossof

Angus King suggests Russia probes just '20 percent' done

Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for program that brings him millions

Oh, gawd... Steve Kornacki and his hyperkinetic schtick...

DENMARK: Brewery Mocks Trump And Putin With Beer Auction To Benefit Effort To Help Chechen Gays

Suspected suicide bomber shot at Brussels railway station

Hatch was closed on sailor attempting to rescue 6 others on USS Fitzgerald?

NASA Tests Flexible Roll-Out Solar Arrays on Space Station (Video)

Do DUers know there was a quake and tsunami in Greenland

It would be nice to get a win.

Ossoff has won the early voting. 51%-49% Those numbers are in for the "in person" E vote.

Sen bill he is introducing

Could SC-05 be a surprise victory??

Just found the leader of the resistance:

Link for Results in Georgia CD 6

Truth Is We Can't Stop The GOP From Destroying US As We Know It. Protest Probably Not Enough.

Donald Trump blames President Obama for Warmbier death

The Bottom Line For GOPPERS Is They Want Minorities ("N's &"S's") Locked Out Of Benefits.

Looks like America is insistent on showing how stupid they are

Trump Twitter museum opens in New York (Video at link)

Rude Pundit: Note to Democrats: A Little Hyperbole Wouldn't Hurt in the Battle Against the AHCA

ACLU sues state, Virginia Beach officials for keeping man in jail months longer than sentence

Liberty Tax CEO sued by ex-girlfriend claiming he shoved her down stairs


Despite Concerns About Blackmail, Flynn Heard C.I.A. Secrets

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Monday! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

It's Pouring in GA

Shoes slated for production in China despite denial

ABC draws big crowd of potential bidders to replace warehouse and headquarters behind the Diamond

Majority of Americans believe Comey more

Trevor Noah on Philando Castile and the NRA

Charlottesville plans alternate events, urges ignoring Klan rally

Condo Prices Are Dropping Faster Than Approval Ratings. Sad.

E. coli bacteria found in drinking water at U.S. Open: ERIN, Wis.

Despite Concerns About Blackmail, Flynn Heard C.I.A. Secrets

Gillespie calls for 10 debates with Northam in Virginia governor's race

Fredericksburg woman pleads guilty in federal fraud case

Is there hope in GA 6 or is it done?

"Neerja". Amazing film based on a true story.

Despite Concerns About Blackmail, Flynn Heard C.I.A. Secrets

Gov. Terry McAuliffe on European trade mission

Mefloquine/Lariam (anti-malarial drug)

Alaska court to hear dispute over permanent fund checks

Michigan Legislature approves anti-genital mutilation bills

TURN ON RACHEL NOW and get ready for your head to explode. The Russian noose tightens.

G.O.P. Rift Over Medicaid and Opioids Imperils Senate Health Bill.

"He's dead, Jim."

If you aren't watching Rachel, tune in! You're missing a bunch of stuff.

Madness. Madness!!!

A moving ad from Democrat planning to challenge Paul Ryan

So Much for Trump Going After Pharma

Now we get to hear chump gloat about a seat they've held since the 70's

Unfortunately - It looks to me like Ossoff will lose

Republican candidate Ralph Norman wins House seat as expected (S.C.)

2 Weeks Till 4th of July. What A Travesty!

The water problem for those in TS Cindy's path

Woman pleads guilty to $1.6M tax fraud

Moral victories just plain sucks!

The GA-6 result discredits the "centrists can win-the left can't" narrative.

NC state budget deal includes raises for state employees, teachers

Corn better used as food than biofuel, study finds

Labour politicians join forces to fight against Tories' hard Brexit

The freaking guy in SC came closer than Osoff did

It needs to get worse before it will get better.

State lawmakers expand funding for anti-abortion centers, even as women's health suffers

Freshwater from salt water using only solar energy

Are the Democrats like the New Zealand Soccer Team

Thinking that we were going to win in Georgia tonight was wishful thinking.

Gov. Cooper: It may be the most fiscally irresponsible budget Ive ever seen.

Dont think you can blame russia for this one

AP, NYT, 538 all call it for Handel

Ossoff got 49% in the first round, led the polls

Have we won any close races since Al Franken? I am curious.

Two words for comfort

Karen Handel & Margo Martindale: Separated at birth?

Maybe the country is just reactionary

Stanford discovery could lead to sustainable source of the fuel additive ethanol

Funny how the Madman's so quick to point out news he likes.

Fuck. Just plain fuck

Stealing the Election in Georgia

Handel has to win again in 2018, and she Will NOT...

Solar heating could cover more than 80% of domestic heating requirements in Nordic countries

Until we figure out a way to overcome GOPr gerrymandering...

Handel-R wins GA-6 special by 52-47. Could Ossoff win a rematch in November 2018 when Democratic

It's like this, folks.

Carry On Wayward D-Bag: Trump attorney Sekulow in rock band with former Kansas singer

Outsourcing Our Security

NC politicians' aides say they were threatened for being gay at downtown Raleigh bar Read more here

Spicer. Any ideas why he is still there?

Collusion or Not, Trump Violates Oath over Russia!

I've got to unplug from politics for a while


North Carolina to offer debit cards for disabled students' tuition

GA06 just goes to show, it is up to the blue & purple states to save America

Homophobia, Hostility to Science, and Tax Cuts to the Rich Are the New Populism

Handel's win guarantees Repubs pass AHCA and tax reform

Osoff put up a very impressive showing in a repuke district...

What was the strategy?

It used to just be assumed that all sides wanted a free and fair election.

If we don't start publicly acknowledging and fighting GOP voter suppression, purging & dirty tricks

I've had enough for one night.

Can the Resistance be the left's Tea Party Movement?

As for the election

I lost my dad to Fox News: How a generation was captured by thrashing hysteria

Rachel Maddow Felix Sater segment (Video)

U.S. prosecutors urge judge to deny former Panama President extradition

Last poll 6-18 had them tied. So we Democrats are supposed to swallow that

Mike Lee one of the (13) republicans working on McConnell's / Trump death Panel has "NO' Clue

the governor is trying to void my vote

What we CAN see

Yeah, Cheating Is Likely Occurring -- But We Are Just Losing Too....

Going after moderate suburban Republicans is a waste.

U.S. prosecutors urge judge to deny former Panama President extradition

Simple Tactic Results in Dramatic Water Conservation

Whether or not Handel actually won, the focus should be on abolishing DREs that "elected" her

"Bachelors degree" does not necessarily equate to "college educated"

Bill Parcells said "You are what your record says you are."

IT is CRYSTAL clear.

Suspect in Virginia Muslim teen slaying detained by ICE

the governor is trying to blame the left for his stupidity

May I make a suggestion?

The McConnell Corrupt Bargain And The Fallacy of Policy Literalism

We're in the middle of a vicious class war against the middle, working, lower, and poor classes

Karen Handel takes Congressional race...

Why did Ossoff "lose?"

Energy Sec. Rick Perry: Its So Inappropriate to Brand Climate Skeptics as Neanderthals

LOL! Member forever, but never can figure out how to send $$$. n/t

REMEMBER...There WILL be Republicans unwilling to raise $20+ million to defend their seats in 2018.

President gets uncontrollable giggles after swallowing fly on live TV

This is why the Georgia 6th district election was no surprise

Ossoff lost because he is a Democrat.

Donald Trump boasts about construction of Panama Canal before being reminded it was built 100 years

House Republicans block Russia sanctions bill

David Brooks Didn't Do the Reading. Look What Happened.

Marijuana: Facts About Cannabis

Budget funds low-tuition option, aids historically black campuses

It Was So Hot In NV. Today, When I Got Home From Work I Put My Underwear...

UNC law schools budget is cut but it could have been worse

It's just how I feel

TPM Marshall's take - "Thoughts on the Disappointing Result Out of Georgia 6."

Trump is costing Congressional Republicans

Be warned

Donald Trump boasts about construction of Panama Canal before being reminded it was built 100 years

We need to run more Bernie like candidates.

Brazil federal police accuse president of getting bribes

Brazil federal police accuse president of getting bribes

Pep talk on tonight's disappointing loss - despite loss, Dems resurgent. Stay strong.

Un"official" DU Lounge Hot tub thread...

How is this election result in Georgia a "referendum" for tRump?

Trump needs to reach about 31% popularity

We just need 5% more vote share!!!

LOL Sour Lemon Face HANDEL had to campaign WITHOUT mentioning TRUMP!

tRump and company found guilty

Greenville County deputy under investigation for domestic violence against ex-wife

Forget it Jake, it's Georgia.

I was not surprised Handel won

This 2005 article should give us hope

1966 movie "Our Man Flint:" An evil organization holds world hostage w/ threats to melt ice caps.

A friend wrote:

So would everyone posting these "he almost didn't lose" threads feel better if

Inti Raymi Sun Festival to Be Celebrated Across the Andes

Let the MAGA idiots gloat tonight.

Is a genuine Democratic Populism the answer to all these losses?

Shakespeare's words:"As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods. They kill us for their sport!"

DIY reusable cold packs that stay cold for several hours.

Can anyone please explain to me how *any* poor person feels justified in voting Republican?

Congressman's wife works part-time in $240K job

Rhode Island debates paid sick days for private workers

As Senate health care vote looms, Colorado's Cory Gardner says GOP should have been more open

Bear Bryant had it right -- Republicans are fueled with hatred for us! We should remember this!

Shall we plan a DU Eclipse gathering?

Why do Democrats keep going after the wrong voters?

Ok everyone. We all knew we were going to lose GA 06

Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O.

Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman elevated to Crown Prince: SPA

U.S. Supreme Court ruling threatens massive talc litigation against J&J

Saudi Arabia's crown prince deposed

Former credit, prepaid-card executive to lead U.S. student loan program

"Give the Anarchist a Cigarette"

Feds approve permit for construction of Interstate 73

Georgia 6th is Moving Toward Democrats

Don't forget...Wed is the day to perform binding ceremony for tRump.

Ivanka Trump shoes slated for production at China factory despite brand's denial

Ivanka Trump shoes slated for production at China factory despite brand's denial

The abusive spouse is tRump...

We need a nationwide protest to ACA repeal! BIG like the Womens' March.

Rural hospital set to close saved with a week to spare

Georgia's 20-week Abortion Ban to be Enforced

Report: Killer whales 'harass' fishermen, steal fish

South Korea says crashed North Korean drone a 'grave provocation'

Texas prosecutors seek to revoke bond for 'affluenza' mother

Republican Handel wins Georgia race, thanks Donald Trump.

Georgia high court: State can't be sued without its consent

A Case for Peace

Trump boasts over victory of GOP candidate's win in Georgia

Governor suspends Georgia sheriff accused of exposing himself

Is residency really an issue to voters?

What's with all these anti-Democratic Party posts on DU?

Brunswick lawyer accused of swindling client nabbed in Florida

Don't be stupid. It wasn't the voting machines that won Handel the election.

Living in Illinois I feel every day and night

Okay, Ossoff lost. But look at the results and tell me the Trump-effect isn't real:

Gwinnett leaders vote to reprimand colleague in 'racist pig', 'Demonrats', and 'libtards' comments

Feds: Trio ran brothel in Gwinnett apartments for more than 10 years

South Florida Guru "Yoga Fox" Busted for Sex With a Minor

Europe selects grand gravity mission

Iran's Soccer Captain calls on country's leader to lift the nationwide Stadium Ban of Women

Hate-Fueled Attacks Rattle Florida After Trump's Election

If you REALLY want to know why we don't have control of congress, watch this 20 min vid

GOP Obamacare Repeal Could Cost Florida 83,000 Jobs, Cut $8.6 Billion From Economy

Chief Digital Officer Of Premium Cable Network Pleads Guilty- Fraud More Than $7 Million

Tallahassee residents say lawyer pocketed $176K in city payout

Gov. Scott signs bill allowing Florida A&M, UF to begin industrial hemp research

Across Wisconsin Dairy Region, Migrant Workers Packing Up And Leaving Trump's America

Will Trump's lies cost lives? Stephen Fry explains

Nature - Future Generations Will Fear The Environment, Rather Than Care For It

No Debate For Lobstermen On Warming; Fishery Is Finished In Southern New England, Heading North

It's time to start pressing the real problem, automation is going to take your job and the need for

Gov. Scott signs state worker pay raise - comes with benefits change

Stephen Colbert: Obama Got Dragged Into Georgia's Special Election

Ossoff thread for locals of Metro Atlanta or GA

I did not eat that pancake!

Message from Jon Ossoff to Ga 6 voters.

How to save democracy/"the west" from voters who hate immigrants (esp. Muslims)?

State Department issues unusual public warning to Saudi Arabia and UAE over Qatar rift

Britain's Queen's Speech Explained For Americans And Other Confused People (NSFW)

Inmates Left to Rot in 120-Degree Heat

Map showing how GA 6 voted.

Why its good news a Florida teen driver adds 69% to insurance bill

Brussels bomb suspect was Moroccan and 'known to police'

DUers, don't you DARE get all hopeless and demoralized!

Madeira Beach comes to terms with former city manager and clerk

Democrats' deflating Georgia defeat

Survey: Optimism Grows Among Democratic Staffers

Prosecutors: Businessman diverted education money meant for Pinellas, Hillsborough charter schools

FBI to meet with church leaders about allegations against Henry Lyons

Trump's pick for the No. 2 Pentagon job faces tough questions during confirmation hearing

Trump's pick for the No. 2 Pentagon job faces tough questions during confirmation hearing

Can someone please tell me if there are any marches planned to protest

Warren Sapp to donate his brain to concussion research

Ossoff chose civility and it didnt work. How do Democrats beat Trump?

How Can America Stand For The Ivanka - Jared Foreign Policy Team?

Security threats on voting system loom as Florida's elections officials gather in Polk County

Citizens Insurance targets South Florida with steep rate hikes

Time capsule found inside Lake Eola Park's Confederate statue

9,702 votes decided GA 6 race.

Historical GOP margins in GA 6.

Every time Trump tweets, you can visualize the flames of Hell licking Mitch McConnell

the governor and the extreme right are trying to steal your vote

Remember those Ford-jobs Trump "prevented" from going to Mexico? They are going to China.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Hidden wonders of Trumpcare

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Worse each day

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Is Trump smarter than a 5th Grader?

Why are folks so demoralized by Ossoff's loss?

The NRA is pushing to eliminate concealed carry permits in NC and across the country

58% of registered voters in the Ossoff/Handel race, voted.

I just took some cold medicine and drank a RedBull

The company you keep: NFL and NRA

Embattled Florida Democratic Party chairman keeps job, for now

Americas Dairyland And Trump In The Rearview Mirror As Workers Return To Mexico

Miami Uber driver fined $250 for not being able to speak English

If it wasn't for suppression or gerrymandering, how many states would become blue that are not blue?

US president Donald Trumps state visit to UK postponed

Remember: Ossoff doesn't live in the district

As Austin and Texas battle, city leaders look warily at partnership


Blue Dog Democrats meet with top Trump aides on tax reform

The headlines on cnn are

Man Charged With Killing Muslim Teenager Entered United States Illegally, Authorities Say

EXCLUSIVE: Blue Dog Democrats meet with top Trump aides on tax reform

GrOPers are saying you can't protest the health care hot mess bill 'cause you don't know what it is

All the money in the world will not open closed minds

Dem who launched bid against Paul Ryan raises 100k in first day of campaign

"And now for something completely incoherent!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Spicer!!!!

Texas congressman says remarks on Clintons, Vince Foster were "a step too far"

Remember, 20% of Repub voters in 2016

Russian Operatives Attacking Putin Critics in the U.S.?

Trump's U.K. approval rate is 18%...eighteen, eighteen, eighteen and I LIKE IT!

Appeals Court: Atheists Have Legal Standing in Case Against CO School District

Will it take something on the scale on the Great Depression for Americans to dump the Republicans?

Tropical Storm Cindy expected to hit Texas-Louisiana border overnight

13,000 watch the sunrise at Stonehenge

Here's the Bloomberg article on Trump and Russian money Rachel mentioned last night.

Heretics! is a History of Reason vs. Religion in 17th Century Europe

The UK Just Cancelled Donald Trumps State Visit

Texas congressman says remarks on Clintons,

"Infants are great. You don't have to tenderize them!" . . . Please come CAPTION Laura Ingraham!!!

I haven't been following baseball closely, so I ask, is Satan imploding?

New Boa Species Discovered In Remote Pocket Of Bahamas Already Well On Way To Extinction

Democrats came a couple of points away from turning a traditionally solid republican district blue

Trump's latest tweet is perversely, tragically, comically, ridiculously, mind-bogglingly wrong!

38 Of 49 Members Of EPA Board Of Scientific Counselors Dismissed By Pruitt

Good History of WI gerrymandering: Slaying the Gerrymander Feb 6, 2014

London Mayor Khan Issues Air Quality Emergency Alert Amid Scorching Heatwave

They had to spend 25 million to hold a republican seat in a red district.

we are in a strange unpleasant cycle. It is going to take time - and pain - to move through it.

Context for GA06 (it's been red since 1979!)

All the Presidents Guests--Unauthized log

Michael Winslow Police Academy beatboxing Led Zeppelins Whole Lotta Love

Trumpcare will be cheaper...and here's how:

The lesson learned:

Our eight year old grandson was in the car with us and

SMH- A denizen of this board said the Handel election means seven more years of Trump

Trump, Russia and a Shadowy Business Partnership

"Let me see your freaking hands, spud!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sheriff David Clarke!!!!

Karen Handel nearly destroyed the Susan Komen foundation in 2012.

Sean Spicer OUT as White House Press Secretary

Trump's Newest Lawyer Implodes on Live TV

Happy Birthday, Nils Lofgren

I am thankful for the paucity of "the election was stolen " threads.

Jon Ossoff appreciation thread.

High Temps Shut Down Flights

31% of public and HALF of Republicans say

Did anyone in the party not realize it was important for Osoff to live in the district?

Last night's South Carolina special election is a danger sign for House Republicans

Black Caucus to decline Trump meeting: report

Was there no one else who could have run against Handel?

The problem for the Democrats, as I see it...

Sean Spicer Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial

The Children and Wives of ISIS

The VA governor's race is this fall--we have an excellent shot.

Let's just say that's right

Elderberry Experiment: In the beginning...

Coverage like a "horse race"...a "sporting event"

Trump Solution to Lowering Drug Prices: Remove Regulations so Big Pharma can raise them more

Dem wins in Hawaii

Ford To Move Focus Production From Michigan To China

WATCH LIVE: Jeh Johnson Testifies on President Trump & Russia Investigation at Intelligence Hearing

Watching the House hearing on CNN

Special elections are still painting a good picture for Democrats, overall

Does the party need to move right culturally to win more elections?

Why the UK is in the EU

North Korea could co-host 2018 Winter Olympics, Seoul suggests

High-profiled races generally favor the candidate whose party is the largest in the area...

its time for nancy pelosi to go away

Democrats need to ask the question: Why don't people vote?

Let's assume Trump is guilty of everything except treason

Doesn't anyone remember Paul Hackett vs. "Mean Jean" Schmidt?

Scruffy little dog named Gobi scores book, movie deals

Rolling Stone: republican bill could ruin your life.

My take of the GA and other Red District Special Elections

Russian hackers targeted 21 U.S. states during election: U.S. official

Election Results Show That the Country Is Evenly Divided

Dems outperformed partisan lean of their districts by an average of 8-pts in the past 5 elections

Pic Of The Moment: 2018 Is Coming: Keep Calm And Carry On

I called both my Senators yesterday about the "health care" secret bill.

Gunman at Virginia ballfield kept local storage locker with 200 rounds of ammunition

Las Vegas Ties Record High Of 117F; Predicted High For Needles CA Today 125; Phoenix 118; Topock 124

Trump golf club demands massive tax break from New York town, and wealthy locals are furious

Calls for "Bipartisanship" miss the point

The Real Grassroots. Not just Voting. Love, Hate and Community

A little reminder for us all....

'That is a fact-plain and simple: Ex-DHS secretary says Putin directly ordered disruption of 2016 el

Wed. cuteness overload - kitten belly rubs

Remember when the guys in Omaha and MT lost?

Kevin Trenberth (NCAR) On Interior Sec. Zinke's Climate Testimony: "A Stupid And Ignorant Answer"

BLS report: Unemployment rate for persons with a disability, at 10.5%, changed little in 2016

DUP seeks 2bn deal to support Conservatives

and seriously, what the hell is the Democratic message???

What are the most powerful films you have seen?

Is there any public oversight for e-voting machines?

Ex-NFL player Ryan O'Callaghan nearly killed himself instead of coming out as gay

Leak shows 'devastating impact' of health cuts in London

Republicans are whistling past the graveyard

List of Senate Swing votes on tRumpcare.

DHS official: Russia targeted election-related systems in 21 states

Was the data exposure really accidental?

Lots of People Have Lots to Say About Congressional Elections

Schaduenfreud? Am I wong to feel this way?

I just put my cane on Dixies' tail. The growl was epic, the guilt immense

DHS Never Ran Audit to See if Votes Were Hacked

KO: So, Does Trump Have Tapes of Comey? And if he doesn't, does anybody else?

KO: So, Does Trump Have Tapes of Comey? And if he doesn't, does anybody else?

The Republican Party Of Lincoln was the Strong Central Government Liberals of 1860

happy summer, everyone--check out the google doodle for today, in summer's honour.

NATO jet approached plane carrying Russian defense minister, reports say

A Reminder: Internet Atheists Fucking Suck

Why the silence on Interstate Crosscheck??

stephen colbert on spicer--nobody else wants his job

FBI: Gunman acted alone in shooting of congressman

The media's framing of the Georgia election

Flint Bishop Airport has been evacuated after an airport officer was stabbed in the neck

Yukon hotel robbed of mummified human toe it used to make cocktails

Roughly 11,000 votes in GA-06 made the difference.

The Sky is Not Falling

We have a decent candidate to challenge Tim Murphy: PA-18

What a mamaluke. LOL @ Chump's cherry picked poll

Stealth Health.....

How does the GOP get away with it?

Trump's Lawyer Backed Putin's Anti-Gay Agenda

Voter Turnout in GA-06 was only 58%

Dumb Criminals: Cowboys Fan Asks Judge To Wear Tony Romo Jersey During Double Homicide Trial

Psychologists Open a Window on Brutal C.I.A. Interrogations

OK I'll Ask Again - We've Established That The Russians Hacked & Interfered With The 2016 Election..

Big hockey day in Vegas. The Stanley Cup will be at our office in an hour.

Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for program that brings him millions

Why Ossoff Lost: Despite the opposition Trump has galvanized, the Democrats still havent figured

Trump thinks Russia didn't interfere in the election. An FBI official just said it did.

The Nation: Jon Ossoff's Loss Should Be a Lesson to Corporate Democrats

An Asteroid Strike On Earth Is Just A Matter Of Time, Say Experts

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon - Free Market Health Care!

Trump and GOP are doing the opposite in trying to destroy Obama's legacy

Why Republicans Have Won the Special Elections

Zephyr Teachout bought a house in my district & still did not win!

If there was a Democratic POTUS

Man bun Ken....

Russia and America "clashed" in Manchuria in the 1890s.

Georgia Race Proves That Candidates Matter

The non-partisan Cook Political Report has some GOOD NEWS for Democrats

How to tell it's a Wednesday after an election on DU

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-3: Wheel Of Corruption: The Curse Of The Black Pearl Edition

Why Dems went 0-4 in special elections this year.

I'd feel sick if we were winning solid blue districts by single digit margins...

George Clooney's Billion Dollar Payday

FBI Official Wont Say Whether Trump Acted As an

Pan-Mass Challenge for Dana Farber Cancer Center

Those Crazy Dutch

Christians Are Harassing the Atheist Lawyer Who Won the Pensacola Cross Case

What the Watergate Committee Taught Me, LOWELL P. WEICKER JR

FBI Missed Texas Judges Role In Rigged Lottery Jackpot Scheme

LOL - December 6, 1976 commercials

official Game Of Thrones season 7 trailer #2

Tomato and Basil, Summer's Hottest Couple

How religious literacy can save lives

DHS official: Russia targeted election-related systems in 21 states

Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. emerge as possible targets in Mueller probe of Russian money laundering

Evangelical leaders push for criminal justice reform

Archdiocese of Montreal: Priests Are No Longer Allowed To Be Alone With Kids

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson refuses to take TreyGhazi's bait

New York Times...Ossoff is no Progressive or Liberal

So sick of the lies the fucking Rs spew about Obamacare/Healthcare in general

That Jon Ossoff got so many votes in Georgia is damning for Trump

TPM - Marshall - "David Brooks, Derp and the Poverty of Trump-Russia Hot Takes"

Pentagon 'wasted $28m' on Afghan camouflaged uniforms

Blessed Litha (summer solstice) to all--longest day, shortest night of the year.

Slate "You Snooze You Lose - How Mitch McConnell weaponized our short attention span."

Why parents should always ask about guns: One mom's story

some summer solstice images for your viewing pleasure:

If our own senators can't see the Trumpcare bill, how are these lobbyists commenting on the content

some summer solstice images for your viewing pleasure:

DC eaglets almost ready to fledge

Representative Tim Ryan 'Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump

Homeland Security official: Russian government actors potentially tried to hack election systems in

Michigan Airport Stabbing: Officer Attacked in Possible Terror Incident

So Arizona is getting hotter than hell

If the Trump administration gets its way, say goodbye to accessible birth control

Hitler Reacts To Alaskan Bush People

If the Trump administration gets its way, say goodbye to accessible birth control

If the Trump administration gets its way, say goodbye to accessible birth control

🐦 LIVE June 22 @ 11AM - Sen. Sanders - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Georgia official to be reprimanded for 'racist pig' comment

Women owe two-thirds of student loan debt. This points to a slow-burning crisis

Women owe two-thirds of student loan debt. This points to a slow-burning crisis

Women owe two-thirds of student loan debt. This points to a slow-burning crisis

Dilberts back to politics

Better Call Saul Season 3 Finale (SPOILERS)

Anyone use something other then photobucket to share pics here?

The Virginia gunman is a reminder: domestic abusers are a danger to society

The Virginia gunman is a reminder: domestic abusers are a danger to society

The Virginia gunman is a reminder: domestic abusers are a danger to society

Abortion language may be cut from Senate ObamaCare bill

Mueller Team Paints Picture Of Trump Russia Investigation

K O raises a very intersting point

AP cameraman forced to delete photos of Jared in Israel

ABC News Twitter Video Clip: Bernie Sanders Rally

We are not going to win in deep red districts

A few thoughts on GA-6 from someone living one district over & helped on the ground

O joy O joy, another crew in the White House orgasming over ancient Greek "perpetual war" & such

The "TV/teevee machine": do people really say that ?

Why Obama Voters Defected

Anti-vax bus comes to Tacoma.

Snopes rates 'false' the claim that the ACA was created as secretly as AHCA.

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Prince Of Wales Stakes (Royal Ascot)

Columbus PD Officer gets a suspension for kicking a man in the head

China's dog meat festival opens despite ban rumours

Jason Soles, Minneapolis NAACP president on CNN now

Democrats Seethe After Georgia Loss: Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump

Turnout in GA 6 was 57.97%

Advice from Joe Hill

Have there been calls for Ossoff, like with Clinton, to accept responsibility for his loss?

Nancy pelosi is the strongest member of the resistance

One of Mueller's hires has experience prosecuting SATER, one of DT's mob associates.

Spite Is What Is Currently Driving The GOP

Russia is all mad because of sanctions so they cancelled meeting with U.S.

There is nothing wrong with Nancy Pelosi

Do Not Ignore This Persistent Truth About Republicans

The truth about Republicans

LOSER 45 rally in Iowa this evening:

I did something today, that I thought I wouldn't do again......

HostKey West: Trumps Miami Red Square

McConnell refuses to protect veterans' healthcare

Kamala Harris: If you live in a state with a Repub Senator you should call them every single day....

*****BREAKING***** Ralph Northam 47% Ed Gillepsie-Trump 39%

DoJ asks large real estate firms to compile certain records of Jared's

A Personal insight on the GA 6 election from a local.

The FBI has released a statement about today's possible terrorism incident in Flint, MI

Poor Lil Marco - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahha

In retrospect, I think the Trump Foundation scam all makes perfect sense now considering Russia.

Islamic State blows up landmark Great Mosque of al-Nuri and famous leaning minaret in Mosul

My "WTF?" of the day, religious wack job edition...

Wimbledon champion Boris Becker declared bankrupt

Caption Time

This Congressman doesn't realize Cpl Klinger was FICTION...

A question to the oldies.

Remember.. we Dems are more socially evolved than the other side...

Jimmy Kimmel Lets High School Valedictorian Finish His Graduation Speech

GA-06: Why Handel's Win Isn't a Disaster for Democrats

"World leaders love me! I'm so presidential!" (**UPDATE NO. 3**)

Charles P. Pierce: Okay, So You Kick Nancy Pelosi Out. Then What?

Tennis star James Blake no longer threatening to sue New York after wrongful tackle

Missed Opportunity

In The Event Of Attack, Here's How The Government Plans 'To Save Itself'

Pierce: The 'Moderate' Republican Senator Is a Dangerous Myth

51 Spectacular Photos of Our World, from Nat Geo - WOW

Trump's Dubai business partner signs Oman development deal

Queen's Speech renews doubt over state visit

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 21, 2017

Damn near impossible to contact my senators

Damn near impossible to contact my senators

GA is far, far right, always has been.

I moved my kids out of America. It was the best parenting decision I've ever made

US 'mystified' over Gulf states' position towards Qatar

Gulf Coast DUers, Y'all ready?

The Cedar Rapids Gazette welcomes Trump with a front-page letter: "Now is not the time to rally."

For my 10,000th post!

Shimmering Sea: Why a Beautiful Blue Glow Lit Up the Coast of Wales

Amazing - TPM - "Todays Johnson Hearing Glossed Over One of the FBIs Most Epic Fails"

Political agitator Uribe vows to modify Colombia peace deal if winning 2018 elections

If Pelosi replicates Cersei Lannister's walk of atonement, will we start winning ruby red seats?

eagle in flight

Peaches-and-Cream Ice Cream Cake

Parents and kids.....lololololololol

The roadmap to today's America

Shocking video of police shooting wasn't enough to convict

Let me introduce you to my friend Lisa, whom the GOP would loathe

When a selfie is so cool it reaches absolute zero.

It's Time For Paul Ryan To Go Away


The insurance company pull outs look timed to help pass the ahca

This circular firing squad does nothing

Behind the Media Surge Against Bernie Sanders

AHCA would increase New Jersey's uninsured population by 540,000: NJPP Report

Senate health-care draft repeals Obamacare taxes, provides bigger subsidies for low-income Americans

John Barrasso is a liars liar....

Pelosi is a POWERFUL LEADER. Candidates must be PREPARED to counter attempts to smear by association

They just wrapped up the press conference concerning the Flint airport terrorism attack

24-hour suspension proposed in Ohio officer head-kick case

link to a twitter post about ga6.

How will YOU be impacted by tRumpcare?

If you haven't set foot in GA-06

"Mr. President, the campaign is over. You won. Now is not the time to rally."

4% of Hillary voters went for Handel? WTF

"...took a break from looking for the Republicans secret health care bill for a quick selfie..."

Misogyny is blaming a man's loss in a GOP district on a woman

Con Man Cory Finally Feeling The Heat (RE: a member of the 13-man AHCA gang)

Does this arena look full to you *

The only way to ensure victory in deeply red areas is to make them more diverse.

The most sick, outrageous thing of all

White House pressures State Department over refugee costs: sources

How Archie Parnell Ran the Best Democratic Campaign of 2017

Carper was having a FB live event at 5:15 tonight re: health care.

Rasmussen poll Trump touted for accuracy/favorable numbers, now shows Him dropping 5 pts in 5 days

Democrats didn't win a long held republican seat in Georgia... why is this a big deal?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 22 June 2017

Russian Hackers Targeted 21 States During Election, Official Says

Bernie Sanders isnt backing Tim Canova in his second bid against Wasserman Schultz

The Philando Castile Verdict Was a Miscarriage of Justice

Oil to keep flowing in Dakota line while legal battle continues

Montana initiative would limit transgender use of bathrooms

Congressional Baseball Shooter should get some blame

GOP ads framed the GA race as between a liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican.

Police: Man Was Heavily Armed, Wore Armor in Alaska Incident

This why this country is in trouble and how this corporate media let this jerk get away with it

Milwaukee mayor urges peaceful protest after ex-cop cleared

Prominent black NRA defender criticizes ruling in Philando Castile case

The ugly truth IMHO

Motorcyclist detained for driving at protestors on San Francisco street

If you think this is in the good old USA , think again, it's in Canada

Game of Thrones trailer

I wonder what would stop a state Attorney General from bringing a case

Bill proposes letting U.S. lawmakers carry guns anywhere except Capitol

Has Anyone Here Had Any Experience With Successful Cataract Surgery?

Who Is Getting Rich Off the Secret Health-Care Overhaul?

Trump has spent $133K on White House furnishings so far

Interior chief wants to shed 4,000 employees in department shake-up

Congressional Black Caucus Turns Down Second Trump Meeting, Citing Behavior

Jared Kushner in the Middle East.

Wall Street Journal fires correspondent over ethics conflict

Injured Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner throws 1st pitch -Congressional Women's Softball Game

Trumps net worth plunged by $1,000,000,000 thanks to New Yorks fickle real estate market: report

Tweety doesn't do nuance at all does he?

Obama's homeland security secretary just unloaded on the DNC

The 395 Kids Philando Castile Left Behind

An amusing Trump tidbit for fans of David "V.M. Vargas " Thewlis ("Fargo" Season 3)

Yuri Drozdov, Soviet spymaster who planted agents across the West, dies at 91

You know what you could be doing instead of shitting on pelosi