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"What the fuck is wrong with you people in Wisconsin?"

This Robert Ray person on Ari, former pros on Whitewater, opinions? Strikes me as a

How much do you enjoy a shower?

Trump wants U.S. Health Secretary to get tough on drug prices, opioids

I don't start threads in here too often, but I have a question for you old farts.

"Trump thrilled about removal of McCabe, thinks it will allow him to fire Rosenstein & Mueller"

A Message From Tomi Lahren

Trump infrastructure plan details expected in mid-February: source

Donald Trump has put our country into a constitutional crisis with his actions today.

I was married to a Republican...

"The Trump Flu" ?

My cat, Scoutie, died this afternoon (UPDATED WITH PIC)

Why not form a group, find wall in town needing to be torn down, smash it together AND

Toronto - What we know so far about alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur's victims

2018 US House and US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

Senate Rejects Measure to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

Senate Rejects Measure to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy


JujuYoshida in Vietnam!

So-called President Trump is so stupid...


Shonky WiFi recently? Google Home Devices Could Be Borking Your Network.

First Lady Will Attend State of the Union

The Trump (3 inch) Footlong Hot Dog

Robert Mueller needs to go with what he has before it's too late:

David Gergen on CNN: we are witnessing a breakdown of democracy...

The United States of America is looking increasingly like Stalinist Russia.

Prosecutors Want To Hide Montana's Social Problems by Locking Pregnant Mothers Behind Bars

Just saw this on CNN. Words matter. So do the facts.

State of the Union (Luckovich)

If Trump fires Mueller, and Congress cuts off his funds...

Hardball says Rosenstein may be targeted, now.

Melania's SOTU guests - parents of MS-13 victims and pre-celebration of tax cuts

Lenovo's craptastic fingerprint scanner has a hardcoded password

ever gotten a copy of a magazine in the mail that you never ordered ?

We have NAZIS in our White House. Mueller should

Anyway to simulate a table, i.e. to line things up?

Instead of airing the SOTU tomorrow ...

All you need to do is listen to Randi Rhodes

Just what the heck is a Constitutional Crisis?

Schiff says that the Republican majority on the Intel Committee informed Schiff and the Democrats...

Dumb Fux & Friends Putting Finishing Touches on Trumps State of the Union Address

A GOP Shill on Hardball Just Said Trump Trebled the GDP.

I am now officially worried for our country. n/t

Wing nut Congress Woman on Tweetys show

Washington Bill Would Make it Illegal to Sell Electronics W/O Easily Replaceable Batteries

Teacher Told Student to Go Back to Your Country

I thought the Russian sanctions were signed into law after...

How Anti-Semitisms True Origin Makes It Invisible To The Left

Funny thing about banana republics...

Michael Bennett drops cover art for his social justice book

If you have "the decades" network on tv. Elliot Roosevelt the son of Franklin and Eleanor.

Chicken a Cat and a Mouse - Damn, that chicken is ruthless

"Mix Mix"

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

More than 150 groups oppose cuts to anti-drug office

NY Times: Melania was blindsided by report of payment to porn star

From James Comey:

Upward trend in coal employment that started in mid-2016 may have taken a turn in fourth quarter.

India estimates 21 million of its girls are 'unwanted'

Bannon to testify before House Intel again on Wednesday

Adam Schiff says the 5 day waiting period for the president to declassify

White House to Congress: Russia sanctions not needed now

Comey: "McCabe stood tall-when small people were trying to tear down institutions we all depend on"

"Mix Mix"

Painter on Intel Committe Repugs: Whose side are they on, US or Russia?

thank you thread for Andrew McCabe

You can be sure that Mueller and Rosenstein are ready!

Schindler: Releasing Nunes memo but not Dem rebuttal isn't just partisan, it's "junta BS"

New study: Eliminating biz personal property tax in Ohio killed thousands of manufacturing jobs.

So I guess after the Congress gets trump

when the Democratic Party takes over the house on Jan 3

Julian Assange really thought he was messaging Sean Hannity when he offered up news on Sen. Warner

Has Melania returned from Florida?

Hell, even RW former Rep. Joe Walsh is calling out Intel Committee for "partisan BS"

Many who voted for Trump are choosing to "Not know" about what is going on.

Comeys tweeting......

The Purge is on!

And dont forget there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.

I will bet anyone dollars to doughnuts

if they Congressional Repubs) were concerned they would be having high level meeting NOW

Boys & Girls, Are we Witnessing a Coup?

'Please Don't' - K.Will mv Eng Sub

Rick Wilson: The "explosion of BS" on memo is partly to cover Trump not imposing sanctions on Russia

January 20, 1981, the day when all this bullshit started.

Sanctions....are the reason pour le jour...

Question: Does anyone trust trump with this memo?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Mo Mueller!

Tonight is the opening salvo to firing Mueller. n/t

Charges are coming

Truth be told, a great majority are rather okay with Trump being president

First Lady Will Attend State of the Union

Should Nunes be indicted for obstructing a legal federal investigation?

Is a self-deleted op the most perfect of ops, and is a self-deleted op therefore god? has a fundraiser Thursday night I think on youtube. is having a fundraiser Thursday - I think on youtube

Fox & Friends Putting Finishing Touches on Trump's State of the Union Address

I think all the repuke leaders were in on a conspiracy to rig the 2016 election

Rosenstein is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

Nancy Pelosi holding her own with Chris Cuomo on CNN right now

Court rules children facing deportation have no right to court-appointed lawyer

Holy crap . Rachel said what the republicans are doing is working

Last time Republicans politicized the intelligence process, the US destoyed life in Iraq,

I gotta tell ya guys, I'm scared, for the first time in this "investigation"!

The hosts of Pod Save America (and ex-Obama admin folks) on Colbert tonite!

Would everyone PLEASE drop the "Saturday Night Massacre" analogies?

How can Rs keep Dems from releasing their memo? Why OK for Nunes to release classified but not Dems?

GOP Would Like To Suspend The Next Election. They Act Like They Have Based On Today's Actions.

Anyone watch 'Dirty Money' on Netflix? The Trump (S1E6) episode

CONGRESSMAN SCHIFF should do a "FEINSTEIN" and release the DEMOCRATIC memo right now

This corporate ad is a nice antidote to the pall of the Trump years.

Highly recommend Fire and Fury book as well as The Making of Donald Trump!

Gillibrand was on "The View" and Joy Behar asked her why she forced out Al Franken

Who here was sentient and aware during the Saturday Night Massacre?

Chris Christie to join ABC

Why the memo and the actions directed at the FBI today?

Is anyone here familiar with the Orange County (CA) Democratic organization?

Names of campaign donors to be flashed during live stream of Trump's State of the Union speech

NY Times - "2 White House Officials Helped Give Nunes Intelligence Reports"

This guy Trump is dirty! How much more proof is needed than his actions! n/t

Just Cut to the Chase, Republicans

Trump's State of the Union will have one major theme: Stock Market! Stock Market! Stock Market!

I Have Never Seen Our Government So Dysfunctional. Let's Face It We Are At Max Defcon Level.

Las Vegas Information Site Drops Local News Feeds and Blogs

Leaked Government Brexit Analysis Says The UK Will Be Worse Off In Every Scenario

Have you noticed that Trump's technique for "winning" now is the same as in his potus campaign?

There Is Nothing Stopping The GOP/Trump From Purging Agencies Of Independents & Democrats.

I am conflicted. I usually offer my students extra credit for watching the SOTU address

"Congratulations, America! LAWS ARE MEANINGLESS NOW!

I think Trump has shown us that more safeguards need to be put into place to protect the US

I tbought sean Hannity

Warner : new documents released reveal significant revelations in Trump-Russia probe


SOTU. I encourage everone not to watch

ICSYV Singer Contestant

Irish abortion referendum: Vote to be held in May

They ALL took the dirty Russian money!

Alaskans turn to government for food and health care amid recession, prompting worry about cost

If Carter Page was just a covfefe boy, why do the GOPers and Trump

Julian Assange Thought He Was Messaging Sean Hannity When He Offered News on Democrat . . .

Seems FBI has Trump on tape directing Flynn to tell the Russians

Alaska House leadership calls on lawmaker accused of hitting woman to resign

My Fax to My 3 REPUBLICON Members of Congress

lumpia Filipino Egg Rolls...

Holy Zeus - SPIELBERG is re-making West Side Story!1

Dear Mr. Or Mrs. God..

In declining to impose the sanctions which Congress overwhelmingly passed into law, is Trump not

Students spot, take down white supremacist signs at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi

where are all the previous Republican presidents and leaders???

Memo: DU Secret Society Meeting

Attention! Some Cats Do Not Like The Smell Of BenGay On Human

Trump will behave like an insufferable prick tomorrow at the SOTU.

TYT: Release The Memo Explained

Brian Williams just said Tweety will be on his show

Yeah, finally Russian Sanctions will be on the news!

katy Tur and Ari Melber-- most awkward handoffs

In the hospital they are running out of saliene, also morphine and Dulauid

NYT article explaining FISA and why The Memo is a desperate propaganda ploy:


A question re:Russian investigation, obstruction of justice, money laundering and other crimes.

last night the ambulance and 3 fire trucks stopped at the park across the street


Entertaining SOTU suggestion from radio host Norman Goldman.

The 'memo' House republicans wrote and voted to 'release' is just another step on the rake

America, the Worlds Priciest Stock Market by Robert Shiller

Pharr auto dealer accused of mail, wire, bank fraud

Terri Gross's Fresh Air interview of

RW "reporter" trying to claim McCabe ordered FBI agents to change interview reports, 302s

Rio Grande City school district employee first arrest in voter fraud investigation

When Joe Walsh is the voice of reason..


Doug Ford, Rob Ford's brother, running for leader of the Progressive Conservative Party

At $1000/hr, RW radio $18MIL/day attacking Mueller. 7 ways to democratize RW radio and destroy Fox

Trump breaking law. Won't impose the sactions on russia that were passed by congress

Seth Meyers - Did Trump Try to Obstruct the Obstruction of Justice Investigation? A Closer Look

Judge denies motion to remove Strother from Twin Peaks shootout cases

Hawaii lieutenant governor to resign, join lobbying firm

Advance Look At Joe Kennedy's SOTU Rebuttal

Union Pacific to build $550 million classification yard in Robertson County

Superpowered Chinese Lasers Could Soon Rip Open Raw Vacuum

New poll shows London Breed way out in front in SF mayors race

Anybody speak Bot?

The very pertinent song going thru my head right now.

I have one wish for the SOTU...power cut to the TelePrompters

Texas men charged with stealing 650 guns from UPS facility

Nothing bad happens

Don't Plan To Watch Any News Tomorrow. Do Not Want To Hear Anything About SOTU.

Argentina sub: Antarctic tribute to lost San Juan crew

If this year is Trumps first state of the union

Joe Kennedy will be delivering the official Democratic response tomorrow -- and Bernie will be

What the U.S.-Mexico border wall would look like in Europe

Texas Central picks downtown Dallas station site for its $15 billion high-speed rail proposal

Axelrod on FBI:

Indivisible Houston's president Daniel Cohen has a message that applies to every county in the U.S.

Shitler nixes Russian sanctions after a Russian jet buzzes 5ft from a US plane.

Dreamers have to be Punished but Putin gets a Pass with no Enforcement of Sanctions

Laurence Tribe on Rosenstein ouster: Retweet to bring this HUGE RISK to public consciousness.

U.S.-Cuba tension stalls ag-trade bill

Cuba formally inaugurates US-sponsored statue honoring hero

Natural Selection Highway Project (Non-Sequitur)

Ladies & Gentlemen - The 2018 Golden Rasberry Nominees

Assassinated: Former President of Guatemala's Supreme Court

Honduran president starts new term as fiery protests erupt

NY Op Ed: An article of Impeachment Against Humpty Dumpty Trump

Rosenstein's Last Hurrah?

Bolivian Lithium Deposits will Become a Corporation

Marvel's Black Panther gets a positive early Twitter review after World Premier


West Virginia House OKs deductions for unreturned equipment

Gazette-Mail declaring bankruptcy; Wheeling Newspapers is planned buyer

I Hate Republicans

Drug firms shipped 20.8M pain pills to West Virginia town with 2,900 people

I fear we are about to experiece a coup orchestrated by the

Mueller Firing Pledge

16 Families File Supreme Court Appeal in Water Contamination Case

The Impeachment Case Against Donald Trump The Last Word MSNBC

Trial begins for coal boss accused in illegal campaign contribution scheme

I think all the Dems attending the SOTU speech tomorrow

Has this ever happened to you?

Jasmine Choi plays Mendelssohn/Sibelius: "Swanwhite", Op. 54-Beecham/

This Twitter thread made me feel better.

The Daily Show: Hillary Clinton Issues a Non-Apology for Shielding a Harasser

RESISTANCE is not futile...

One thing to remember.

Lawyer for Richard Spencer Threatens Lawsuit if Kent State Doesn't Allow the White Nationalist to...

Turina: "Sevillana"-Barrueco, guitar

Dear Nancy Pelosi

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/29/18

Ex-Geauga County IT director, daughter accused of stealing $1.8 million in public money

"Campaign Fundraising Emails"

Monday night slaughter Bernstein slams Trump & gang of GOP enablers for trying to shut down probe

Redistricting ballot group, Democrats reject changes proposed by Ohio Republicans

Tuesday's To-do List...

How Did 'Climate Change' and 'Global Warming' Turn Into a Misleading Trump Talking Point?

Julian Assange just dropped any last pretense at being a neutral journalist:

Compromising FBI, DOJ Et Al About Launching Investigations Of Democratic Candidates.

GOP Meme Is Fake/Fraid. Completion Of GOP Coup.

GOP Is Dumping Infrastructure Cost On The States. And Wili Sell Our Highways To Foreign Corporations

Would Not Be Surprised To See GOP/Trump Suppress Future Protests.

More than 50,000 American bridges are falling apart

This is what happens when 45% of voting age citizens can't be bothered to vote and ...

'Consistently cheaper' clean energy set to connect world's poor: power experts

Why Trump Can't Quit Steve Wynn

Just a reminder..Holder saw it coming...06/30/17

First and last

United States Obtains $16.2 Million Judgment Against MRI Provider For Submitting False Claims

Accountant Charged with Conspiring to Defraud the IRS (Brian Joyce case)

Democrats in the House and Senate need to boycott the speech in mass.

Why isn't MSM covering the sanctions news?

When will we take control of the government?

If Mueller is fired and the investigation thwarted

CIA Director Mike Pompeo: Russia Will Try To Interfere With 2018 Elections

Internal Democratic Party poll shows near tie between Richard Cordray and Mike DeWine

What Richard Cordray built, President Trump is remodeling drastically

After Vandalism, Clergy Show Support For LGBT-Friendly Church (Charlotte, NC)

State of Union Drinking Game

When Japan's Top Animators Made a Thrilling Cyberpunk Commercial for Irish Beer: Watch Last Orders

You do remember when Nunes got into trouble with the other scams he tried to pull

Hmmmmm. Let's see here.

Joe Scarborough completely loses it over his own party releasing false and reckless memo

Fox and friends puke fest today

Woman-led alternative to State of the Union serves as counter to president's message

Carter Page, from Rachel last night.

2 WaPo articles on parallels between Czech (Zeman) and US (Trump) politics

Where is the outrage? Nunes gets endorsement for his bogus memo

Koch Brothers, Behind Tea Party Wave, Face Democrats' Rising Tide In 2018

Wish one of the Dems would invite Stormy Daniels to the SOTU.

The executive's failure to enforce laws from the legislative.

Super Bowl tickets

"The State of the Union is Lawless"

So maybe that dumb fishing hat page wore had a real purpose. It was a bug!

A Republican thoughtfully discusses the need for an accurate Census.....

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase to partner on US employee health care

And this only one year of chaos!

I briefly saw MSNBC talking about Kelly pressuring the DOJ on the investigation

Taliban reacts to U.S. pressure, ISIS with wave of Kabul attacks

Even Christie has just called out Trump and Nunes for their shenanigans

Trump effect in Northern Kentucky? Dems in every state legislative race for the 1st time since 1994.

People power! Texas Democrat outraised Ted Cruz in Senate race-no PACs, all small dollar donors

After "Excruciating" 1st Hearing, Shitstain's CEQ Nominee In Serious Trouble In Senate In Round 2

You know what could start a Trump twitter freakout TONIGHT?

NJ Gov Phil Murphy Signs Executive Order To Rejoin Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

I think the urgency to discredit Fusion GPS is to protect the NRA

On Science - From AI To Warming Earth To Emerging Diseases - Shitstain "Administration" Flying Blind

Hanoi Residents Experienced 38 Days In 2017 W. "Good" Air Quality; Avg. 4X Worse Than WHO Standards

What will you be doing instead of watching the SOTU tonight?

Now would be a great time for Mueller to unseal his indictments against Carter Page

Boulton, Bolckom discuss republican made budget crisis:

Well well well don't look now but after a 170 DOW drop yesterday

WH officials laud upcoming SOTU-address as "optimistic" and "unifying"

Freaked out by Yesterday's News? Try this

The State of the Union Is Misspelled

I Can See Your Voice Season 5 Episode 1

On Mojoe: Dipshit Kasich raises false equivalency


Congo Basin Peatlands - World's Largest @ 30 GT - May Become Emissions Source Thru Warming, Logging

To My Fellow Americans: The "Pot" has been simmering for many years....

So contact your Senator and Representative

Isn't it amazing he hasn't thought it through

Carl Bernstein: Ryan and McConnell might have stopped Watergate investigation if theyd been around

So pretty much the entire country was in this asylum at one time or another?

Harley-Davidson will close KC plant by summer of 2019

Tim Allen joins docudrama taking down PC culture

Blue Wave: Ken Harbaugh in Ohio 7

*sigh* 'Murka

Wasn't "OMG NATIONAL SECURITY RISK!!" the reason for the taxpayer-funded GOP cavity search of HRC's

Schiff says office has received death threats over 'Republican spin memo'

Frank Schaeffer: Under Trump, Evangelicals Have Become Instigators of Evil

Typo on tickets invites attendees to 'State of the Uniom'

Why are there so many posts here fantasizing about Democrats acting like

New Protest Plan:

How democracy dies. Someone has assembled a check list.

A Bunch of Satanists Have Adopted a Two-Mile Stretch of Road in Arizona

Trump Turns GOP into a Conspiracy of Dunces

Net neutrality activist throttles street traffic outside FCC building

Blue Wave: Jess Phoenix in CA-25

Drug firms shipped 20.8M pain pills to WV town with 2,900 people

So while folks were looking at McCabe, Trumpy gave Putin a pass yesterday

Kellyanne Conway told CNN that it was Trump's media critics who "interfered" in the election.

The new ABC commentator---Chris Christie: Trump shouldnt let Mueller interview him

Trump said he won't impose the sanctions despite a veto-proof majority

Here is an irony: What would Trump do to prevent a takeover by Democrats of the House and Senate?

McCaskill: Folks, that is a constitutional crisis.

The State of the Union is... (fill in the blank)

John Dean: Trump "far more vengeful than Nixon...way below the deepest of cesspools"

What will McConnell and Ryan do to fix the "sanctions" vote that the President ignored?

SpaceX Launching Satellite Aboard Used Rocket Today: Watch Live

Heres whats actually in the Justice Department memo that Republicans claim is so shocking

A ray of hope concerning Chris Wray & his choice for McCabe's replacement

Trump Turns GOP into a Conspiracy of Dunces - By Rick Wilson

Is this even legal? It most

Yemen's Saudi-backed government 'to flee from Aden'

Why is blocking of Democratic memo not the hottest topic on DU today????

Second woman is arrested in Iran for hijab protest,

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Divided State

Exclusive: Tests link Syrian government stockpile to largest sarin attack - sources

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - Criminal

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Rec this if you won't be watching the SOTU tonight.....

Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan jumps into AL-03 House race

Amazon, JPMorgan and Warren Buffett launching independent healthcare company for their employees

A question about the Nunes Memo

They are laying the tracks to fire Rosenstein.

LPGA star on golf with Trump: 'He cheats like hell'

Today is my goddamned birthday and I will NOT see Trump's face or hear his voice

How to stop the wall---

Collins: WH decision to not implement Russian sanctions perplexing

Wikipedia: Devin Gerald Nunes is a RUSSIAN politician serving as US Rep for CAs 22nd District

Coverage of the SOTU will normalize all of this

Fox Advertiser Admits Fox Viewers Are "F-ing Idiots"

5:56 TRIGGERED: Donald Trump Refuses to Visit UK Without "No Protests" Guarantee

CNN's Cuomo nails Kellyanne Conway for insisting she won't talk about Hillary

The full 'Putin list' of Russian oligarchs and political figures released by the US Treasury

Loving this video

SOTU: "I believe the time has come to bring that investigation of this matter to an end"

Putin: US took 'hostile step' in publishing Russia list

The rule of law has broken down.

UK mass digital surveillance regime ruled unlawful

Republicans dont know what evidence Mueller has on Trump, yet

Many Thanks to My Christian Friends

The Malleable Bible

Scarborough Slams Memo: 'Sleazy Political Purge' to Feed the Paranoid and Maniacal Desires of Trump

Nancy Pelosi: 'House Republicans crossed from dangerous irresponsibility into the realm of COVER-UP'

U.S. Lifts Ban on Refugees From 11 Countries but Toughens Admission

Irish abortion referendum: Debate rages after vote announced

if santions were passed and signed

Where have you gone Jefferson Beaureguard Sessions?

CIA Director Mike Pompeo Says North Korea Could Be Able to Nuke U.S. in 'Handful of Months'

Inoculate yourself against the impending SOTU economic bee ess....

THIS MORNING ON THE VIEW: Ana Navarro returns as guest co-host!

Venezuelans 'loot to eat' amid economic tailspin

Oh noes! A copy of Nunes' memo got leaked!

Seb Gorka: Nunes Memo Is '100 Times Bigger' Than What Caused the American Revolution

Trump critics launch democracy task force

Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and the Wasp - Official Trailer (VIDEO)

List of Democrats that will not attend SOTU address

The Hoarse Whisperer - McCabe's replacement is Trump's worst nightmare

If you were also freaked out by Nunes et al going after DOJ and FBI, just rec my post...

Is anyone else out there irritated by how Republicans have continued to call us the "Democrat" Party

Museum Statement on Worsening Atrocities Targeting Syrian Civilians

Trumpian Time

This message was deleted by its author before posting.

Trump may have over-played his hand with the Russian sanctions bill.

Shuffleboard on the Lido Deck!

Attacking the FBI

Ryan presser on CNN

the WH talking point is now McCabe's wife got $700,000 dollars for Hillary campaign

Five Questions the Nunes Memo Better Answer

"Sunsine is the Best Disenfectant" LYING RYAN

So following the lunatic's speech we'll have a super blue moon, and blood moon

As More Women Buy Guns, Local Classes Cater To Ladies

every court room in this country allows TWO sides of the story!!!

Rare tweet from Sally Yates, exactly one year after she was fired by Trump.

This is the State of our Union.

Ok wait, using fox logic what if trump never releases memo?

First Draft of Nunes Memo

Two elected democrats on Morning Joe had the chance to dominate the news cycle today

One year is enough???

Amazon, JP Morgan, & Berkshire Hathaway to Create New Healthcare Company for Their US Employees

Humane Society CEO is subject of sexual harassment complaints from three women, ...

When was the last time the stock market dropped for two days in a row?

RNC will keep Wynn money until outside investigation is complete

Carl Bernstein: GOP's moves a 'Monday Night Slaughter

Chuck Schumer: What I'm listening for in Trump's State of the Union

Let's have some fun. Tell us what McCabe should have said in response to Trump

Will the First Lady be present for the SOTU????

For tonight only, the acronym, SOTU, will be changed to STFU.

Ahead of State of the Union, Democrats are united against Trump - but not on impeachment

You want fake news? Watch the State of the Union.

Groups aligned with Senate Democrats raise $31.8 million in 2017, edging out GOP counterparts

The Super Blue Blood Moon Wednesday Is Something the US Hasn't Seen Since 1866

Scott Pruitt once said Trump would be more abusive to the Constitution than Barack Obama and that

Trump's State of the Union choice: Tackle the Russia probe head on, or pretend it doesn't exist

Daisy ponders proposal from carriage-less man

The Latest: NY trial opens for reputed Philadelphia mob boss

SOTU Drinking Game....

Jay Hulings (TX-23) Campaign Ad: "Greater Than a Wall"

Jamaica bans anti-gay Arizona pastor from visiting country

Here's a link to my radio show from last night - another tribute to Mark E. Smith

GOP party chair says she won't return $$$ from accused sexual harasser Steve Wynn - yet

FBI has second dossier on possible Trump-Russia collusion

PETITION: No leniency for the Trump and Kushner families

Minnesota hotel standoff ongoing with man wanted in Arizona

It is so very clear what has happened.

This is a family only photo! No dogs!

Theresa May faces growing calls to quit

The female price of male pleasure

The "rule of the GOP"

How Ending NAFTA Could Disrupt The World's Burger Supply

Best places to be a desert rat?

Georgia doctor pleads guilty to Irish Traveler drug scheme

Oopsies stock market DIVING!

Stock market is down for the 2nd day in a row!

'You've asked enough': Paul Ryan snaps at reporter when he asks why GOP won't wait to release memo

on russian the ball back in congress' court or does the 'president' just ignore...

AP PHOTOS: Brazil samba school argues slavery still exists

Argentina freezes government salaries to cut spending

Ryan: Rosenstein 'doing a fine job'

New impeachment ads funded by Tom Steyer will run during State of the Union address

Why is America the only country with an "opioid epidemic"?

Pic Of The Moment: Laws: Now Optional In The USA

Schindler's Latest: Team Trump Just Blew Its Cover

ICE Unbound

Trump Administration Admits It Cribbed Forbes Magazine to Create Oligarch List

Trump Administration Admits It Cribbed Forbes Magazine to Create Oligarch List

Peru ends era of 'roadless wilderness' in its Amazon rainforests

How the President Can Be Prosecuted as a Criminal

Rodney Frelinghuysen, Powerful House Republican, Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election

NOW would be a good time

Twin Peaks - Soundtrack (1990)

Dem senator on EPA chief's actions: 'I frankly find it galling'

Chris Long

Phil Murphy reverses Christie and brings Jersey back into climate change pact

FBI has second dossier on possible Trump-Russia collusion

Does anyone know what the ties are between Fox and Putin?

What is your favorite Beatles song?

Every time Trump lies in the SOTU tonight....

Well done NJ 11th for change! Frelinghuysen Gone!

Watch the Super Blue Blood Moon Before You Go to Work on Wednesday.

Pro-Trump Prophet: God Chose Trump To Establish A Blood Right To Allow The Church To Rule America

We have a LEAK! - odd story from a friend

The FBI's secret plan to elect Hillary Clinton

The Latest: Russia probe memo unlikely to be public Tuesday

The Men Behind the Nunes Memo

This made me LOL...normies do this? LOL

I'm not watching that AH tonight. I'm going to watch my DVDs

Officials ask court to send Kennedy cousin back to prison

Like a mob boss during a bust out: Trump biographer warns what he is doing to America is far worse

Venezuelans loot to eat amid economic tailspin

Check Out Paul Ryans Secret, Illegal Plan To Bail Out Obamacare

OK, DU legal eagles -- explain a Writ of Mandamus to us once again --

How Trump's cuts to public lands threaten future dinosaur discoveries

OK, I just broke a FB rule that I imposed on myself.

Do you have a favorite Eagles song?

Eclipse in Bethesda, Maryland, USA

"There's No Way Mueller Will Indict Trump" according to The Atlantic (hope they're wrong)

Trump Will Be Giving a Big F U to Victims of Las Vegas...

Just saw on FB

Jamaica bans anti-gay Arizona pastor from visiting country

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt at oversight hearing before Senate Environment and Public Works Comm.

Sen Collins: It's not "perplexing"-You KNOW what's happening-Will you STAND UP & DO SOMETHING!?!?!

People Are Sharing Pics of Their Pets Being Jerks, And It Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

So it seems Malaria will be at the SOTU with TrumpHumper guests that Dotard will recognize

In any place where one religion is dominant,

Preview For Tomorrow's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Trump 'Cheats Like Hell' at Golf, Says LPGA Star, Who Questions His Business Acumen

Warning from Seth Abramson:

Does it seem like events have been happening faster and more furious in the last couple of days?

Who will rebut Whiny Donny?

It's folly to assume that impeachment is possible

Posted without comment.

If something good come from tonight's speech?

Russia's State TV: "Seemingly, Trump is ours again."

Sanders Announces State of the Union Essay Contest Winners

Fun fact: Hitler was never elected but selected by Hindenburg

A fun fact about FBI Director Chris Wray...

I wish these on-air so-called journalists read the same news aggregators that I do

Is anyone worse than Donald Trump at reading the teleprompter?

Duckworth asks Trump's EPA chief if Morocco is a "shithole country"

Fun fact: Hitler was never elected but selected by Hindenburg

Pro-Trump Prophet: God Chose Trump To Establish A Blood Right To Allow The Church To Rule America

From June, 2017 OpEd in Washpo: President can be indicted just not by Mueller

On this day in 1956, Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis were in the studio.

Trump Administration Admits It Cribbed Forbes Magazine To Create Oligarch List

State of the Union guests - I would have liked to see Heather Heyer's mother, Susan Bro, invited

But but but but the rebuttal . . . . .

A Futile and Stupid Gesture

Donald Trump is talking about black people again. From

Venezuela transportation unions meet today: Work stoppage now or die a slow death

January 30, 1968: The Start of the Tet Offensive

How you can tell that Devin Nunes' memo is worthless, even before it's released to the public:

Is Trump a greater threat than Nixon? Here's the big danger ahead.

State of the Union.... and the state of principled conservatives.

Rapist gets probation for attack on 13-year-old at Baptist church camp in Oklahoma

Wisconsin GOP Throws A Fit As Randy 'Ironstache' Bryce Gets Ticket To SOTU

Jimmy Kimmel books Stormy Daniels for after the State of the Union

The 3 people whom Trump thinks about 24/7

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 30, 2018

State Of The Union Drinking Game: Extreme Lawyer Edition

Chavista apparatchik Delcy Rodriguez: "Now they are going to know my ugly face"

Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI

False Hawaii Missile Alert Sent After Drill Recording Said 'This Is Not A Drill'

Republican spin on the affects of releasing "the memo"

House lawmakers clash over broadband infrastructure

A congressman just said that "Comey step down from the FBI"!

Air Force removes tech sergeant from supervisory role after racially charged Facebook rant

Report: Former Glee Star Mark Salling Dead of Apparent Suicide

These honking memos! Is your intelligence insulted enough yet?

1) He told McCabe to ask his wife how it feels to be a loser.

regarding the sanctions the very first person i'd force an answer from would be

Ninja Hand Signals - Mediatation and Control

Name a song with 'Moon' in the title or in the lyrics

The Stock Market is down the past two days, off 600 points from the high.

Slate - "Altered State. Trump reduces the State of the Union to its irrelevant essence"

I've heard people say that McCabe was leaving soon anyway, but the fact is that he might not have

U.S. News & World Report Uses Apparent Image Of Sikh Man For Terrorism Story

Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: Trump is tearing down the FBI and the Justice Department....

Hawaii's false missile alert sent by worker who thought attack on U.S. was imminent, FCC says

Before Led Zeppelin there was,......


It's a Busy Day, But Not One When Major Things Will Happen

Will Donald try to fire Mueller tonight?

Mark Salling Dead in Apparent Suicide a Month Before His Sentencing in Child Porn Case

So the birther bastard wants to unify us.

Trump 'Cheats Like Hell' at Golf, Says LPGA Star, Who Questions His Business Acumen

Trump reportedly considering asking his AG to *prosecute* Mueller who is investigating him.

Albemarle County Judge Considers Change of Venue for Jason Kessler

There's No Way Mueller Will Indict Trump

Mexico may allow U.S. air marshals to use stun guns on flights - official

Mexico may allow U.S. air marshals to use stun guns on flights - official

tRump(russia) has the HOUSE, THE SENATE, Some media outlets. Does he have

Russian Trolls Stoked Anger Over Black Lives Matter More Than Was Previously Known

In First, Judge Blocks Kansas Law Aimed at Boycotts of Israel

Add this to your worry list - Earth Mag Poles show signs of shifting

In First, Judge Blocks Kansas Law Aimed at Boycotts of Israel

Big game hunter shot dead as he aimed at lion he wanted to kill

Saw Mitch Daniels on MSNBC last evening talking about

PRICELESS - Mansplaining from the mansplainees POV

Inslee rejects Vancouver Energy oil terminal

GOP lawmaker asks Capitol Police to arrest 'Dreamers' at State of the Union

Would you vote for someone that you knew was dishonest, lied all the time, could never be trusted?

Trump very much looking forward to the Steak of the Onion.

Teen prisoner raped by inmate in Baton Rouge, infected with HIV, federal lawsuit claims

FBIs Wray makes clear McCabes retirement tied to IGs Clinton report

Its time for the Democrats to start fighting...

We cant point out the harm Bernie did to the party in 2016, can we SAFELY

GOP lawmaker asks Capitol Police to arrest 'Dreamers' at State of the Union

How not to be a Mardi Gras jerk

NBC: DT's thinking about having Sessions PROSECUTE MUELLER and his team.

Question for Stormy:"Remember boxers-or-briefs? Was the spanking bare-ass or boxers/briefs?!1" n/t

Conservationists sue Trump administration over rare Mexican wolf

Conservationists sue Trump administration over rare Mexican wolf

I got my Trump blood money on my check today

List of SOTU guests....Which one is your favorite?

"Chris Wray just gave the lunatic right a case of the sads."

the dow is down 358 points....trump will be bragging about it tonight

Lapsang souchong tea - smells like a plastics factory to me.

'Liar and a Demagogue': Tucker Blasts Adam Schiff After Criticism of FISA Memo Release

Report: Avalanche victim drifted into gully he intended to avoid

NBCnews: Trump considering asking Sessions to prosecute Mueller and his team.

Ousted McCabe could be a much bigger problem for Trump outside of the FBI: columnist

This Marine Vet Was Deported To Mexico For 15 Years. Now Hes Attending Trumps State Of The Union A

I have never been more disappointed in my fellow Americans than I am right now!

Dear Postal Services

Nunes vs Franken

I'd fall down on the floor laughing if someone whistles this tonight

Harley shuts plant as woes worsen for Trump's model manufacturer

Wife Left Alone With Kids After Husband Deported To Mexico Attending State Of The Union Address

The Guardian: Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI

Let's give this a try:

A big OOPS on this one. I self-deleted.

MSNBC Analyst John Heilemann Suggests Devin Nunes Compromised by Russia

if a Democratic senator was to release there response to the repubs MEMO what

Three OP on this first page about Trump reportedly considering asking his AG to *prosecute* Mueller

Lopez Obrador Still Leading Vote Intention in Mexico

Inbox told me to say Hi!

Scott Pruitt once argued Trump would be 'more abusive' to the Constitution than Obama

Why Trumps State of the Union Will Be Utterly Meaningless

Is stock markets rise worth what were paying?

Watching MSNBC...

Is Trump Compromised ??

Virginia GOP Needles McCabe's Wife After He Steps Down From FBI

UPDATED: Ryan: 'May Have Been Malfeasance At FBI,' So Memo Should Be Released

...and they look normal....

Keeping Our Sanity, Dealing With a Narcissist - The Hoarse Whisperer

Trumps immigration plan is all about race

Tonight's State of the Uniom They fuck EVERYTHING up

Editorial: Reject Trump cuts of EPA programs in state

Trumps Poll Numbers Are Mostly Terrible - But Solid In Some Key Senate Targets

Taibbi: Official SOTU Drinking Game Rules

I'm going to watch the State of the Union tonight.

So, will Trump say "believe me", "bigly", "I inherited a mess"?

Pruitt: Can't Recall Saying That Trump Would Be 'Abusive To The Constitution'

Pelosi: Pundits will say Trump did well 'if his nose isnt running and he isnt burping'


Ex-Fox Host Alleges Ailes Used 'Hidden Cameras' To Spy On Women Changing

Eagles DE Chris Long on potential White House visit: Are you kidding me?

French Senators Demand End of US Blockade of Cuba

Ricketts set to replace Wynn as RNC finance chair

U.S. general says North Korea has not demonstrated all components of ICBM

James Carville called it on Nov 8, 2016

Indiana kisses new Amazon HQ goodbye in order to avoid protecting LGBT people from hate

"Schiff sent Dear Colleague letter to House members this morning inviting them to view Dem rebuttal"

Against Lula's Victimization, President Temer Asks Cabinet Ministers to Stay Silent

Donald Trump's approval rating is above 50% in only 12 states: CNN

Log Cabin Republicans sad Dems won't confirm sexist gay Twitter troll to Trump Cabinet

Is Devin Nunes a Russian Agent?

Poll: Trumps approval rating highest in West Virginia, lowest in Vermont

What do you think Mueller's thought process is?

Pompeo: 'I have every expectation' Russia will meddle in 2018 midterms

Latest Windows 10 update

Video: Bernie Sanders at Latino Victory: Starting at about 39:49mark - 59:00mark

Truck damages Peru's ancient Nazca lines

Truck damages Peru's ancient Nazca lines

How much longer do you think all those Republicans investigating (or associated with investigating)

House Republicans Use New FBI Investigation To Ignore FBI Concerns About Nunes Memo

Post your favorite first line of a book.

This simply has to be the longest uninterrupted stretch of WTF FUBAR in American history.

Ex-Staten Island pol Michael Grimm blames tax evasion conviction on same 'corrupt' forces...

Rep. Farenthold backpedals on pledge to repay sexual harassment settlement


The silence left by Franken leaving is deafening.

Mushrooms and Rain - Forest Magic

Howard Fineman: Trump considering asking Sessions to prosecute Mueller...

Sarah H Sanders Proofreads State of the Union 1 Last Time to Remove Any Remaining Facts (Borowitz)

My feral cats are now officially 'snowflakes'.

Do you begin to think of this White House "going to the mattresses" a la the Corleone's


Today's limerick.

Danziger Toon - Sen. Johnson discovers the FBI's Secret Society!

Tony Perkins Is Still Explaining His Defense Of Trumps Alleged Porn Star Affair

U.S. judge in immigrants case blasts Trump's 'vicious' comments

Twitter audit report shows 1/3 of Cheetolini's followers are fake.

Our 20 Most Popular Soups and Stews

This horrific saga from my area made the Huffington Post

alternatives to watching the SOTU speech tonight???

So - Are We Officially In A "Constitutional Crisis?.....

Coincheck hackers trying to move stolen cryptocurrency - executive


Jerome Corsi Says Sean Hannity Was Sending Out A Coded Message Before The Deep State Took Down His

DNC Executive Steps Down At Key Moment For Democrats

Disagreement on North Korea policy derails White House choice for ambassador to South Korea

RNC Double Standard..........RNC to keep Steve Wynn money.....

Suspected Russian warplanes hit busy market in Idlib, kill 15: rescuers, residents

Anybody else think of Pac man fever when Sarah Sanders said Russian fever?

Inside the Dead Zone

Coal firms plead to courts, Trump for West Coast export terminals

oh gawd.... please sit down for this one....

Using Immigrants to Shame America Blacks

Pelosi tells Democrats not to disrupt 'slobbering' Trump during SOTU

Got questions about Trump's business, emoluments, and conflicts of interest? Ask David Fahrenthold.

Trump trying to overthrow democracy is 'inevitable',

Until All Of Congress Comes To The Conclusion That Russia Is Our Enemy And....

Major firms tout small perks for workers while funneling huge payouts to shareholders.

Get ready for Trump to give away America

Republicans balk at Trump's cuts to legal immigration

Bus crash, King George, VA. News/video.

Trump's Approval Highest in West Virginia, Lowest in Vermont

"Trump became President tonight!"

Tom Brokaw explains why he finally started believing Trump's Russia scandal was like Watergate ...

Everybody needs to work on their fake Russian accent.

Wonkette sums up yestersays events with a bit of humor

Russian News TASS reports Russian Spy Chief Sergey Naryshkin entered the US w/ Trump's approval

Names of campaign donors to be flashed during live stream of Trump's State of the Union speech

Millions of Americans are going to see this video that destroys Trump's tax lies in just 30 seconds

Venezuelan public transportation system hits breaks. Citizens resort to "dog kennels"

Deutschland: "Taking the gruffness and staring too personally" (is a mistake for Americans)

New Details Alleged in Scheme to Make Millions Off First Border Wall in Texas

I moved from California 6 years ago...overall, how does the state feel about Nunes?

John Kasich, take your both sides bad false equivalency bullshit . . . . .

Internal Justice Department probe eyes McCabe's role in final weeks of 2016 election

In response to Democrats bringing DREAMERS as their guests,Capitol Police will check ID & arrest

US 'name-and-shame' list of Russian oligarchs binned by top Trump official - expert

Trump Blew a Deadline to Impose New Russian Sanctions and Democrats Are Furious

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 1, 2018 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Best Original Song Winners

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 2, 2018 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Best Original Score Winners

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 3, 2018 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Best Cinematography Winners

"There's No Way Mueller Will Indict Trump" - A dose of reality?

It's going to be a SHORT speech tonight:

Trump "talking to friends about the possibility of asking Sessions to consider prosecuting Mueller"

Could this be the beginning of the American business community understanding ...

FEMA to end food and water shipments to Puerto Rico on Wednesday, official says

Trump, Russia, Election. Quid, Pro, Quo.

MITCH MCCONNELL says he sees no need for a bill to protect Bob Mueller

I hope no Democrat is elbowing his way to get a handshake with the shitgibbon

Pope Francis sends envoy to Chile to investigate sexual abuse claims

I'd rather watch Black and White episodes of Gilligan's Island than tonight's State of the Union.

How "NORMAL" is the Nunes "Memo"?

Pope Francis sends envoy to Chile to investigate sexual abuse claims

Arizona congressman: Arrest and deport any 'illegal aliens' attending SOTU

Trump Campaign Already Active In Iowa

Saudi Arabia claims anti-corruption purge recouped $100bn

How to Run Against the Border Wall

The Disorientation Machine

Document shows police ID'd 2nd 'person of interest' in days after Las Vegas shooting

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

From the wisdom and experience of Dan Rather

...Bharara swats Christie for sticking his nose in Russia investigation...

Releasing the memo publicly would be a sad thing for the country."

SOTU Aisle hogs not trying to get seats early this year..

Well, because it's True...ほんと に

You want fake news? Watch the State of the Union.

I'm betting MIRT will be busy tonight.

How Loud Will the Reichstag Republicans Cheer Hair Twitler Tonight?

It 'feels a bit like 2006' for stocks and the economy. That should scare us.

Israeli criticism sparks anti-Jewish remarks in Polish media

If Cheetolini is still in office after the Blue Wave hands Congress back to the Democrats

Did Putin give Trump an ultimatum ?

Bannon Russia Testimony Delayed to Coordinate With White House

History Repeats Itself. Has to. No-one Listens*

"Not with a bang... "

Ex-Mississippi Gov. Barbour arrested with gun at airport

Death was everywhere at Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop conference


Ex-Mississippi Gov. Barbour arrested with gun at airpor

The erosion of worker compensation

India outcry after eight-month-old baby raped

Top 10 Reasons to Impeach Trump: You Won't Believe Number 4

Sign petition to stop 45 from firing Mueller.

I don't know if I am watching the SOTU tonight.

Congressman Schiff sent a Dear Colleague letter to all House members

VW suspends media chief amid scandal over fume tests on monkeys

Pierce: Now Paul Ryan Is Casually Throwing Around the Word 'Cleanse'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Oregon may finally decide to pledge its electoral votes to the National Popular Vote compact in 2018

"Ask" Hole: Paul Ryan proves once again why he is loved by millions.

Democrats Boycotting Tonight's SOTU (copied from MSNBC TV screen)

Pierce: Now Paul Ryan Is Casually Throwing Around the Word 'Cleanse'

Stormy Daniels is now denying an affair ever happened

Why is Trump delaying the sanctions on Russia??

Adult star Stormy Daniels denies affair with Trump hours before State of the Union speech

'No smoking gun': Republican who has seen Nunes' controversial memo blows up GOP's talking points

Put me down for "Not Watching"

Devin Nunes Won't Say If He Worked With White House on Anti-FBI Memo

Russia is reaching Trump thru his pockets!

I can't be the only one who literally gets nauseous at the mere sight of DJT /nt

Trump needles 'monster' Chuck Todd at off-the-record anchors' lunch

Im gonna watch...

Want to watch something beside the SOTU address??

Dem bringing 'Dreamer' to SOTU: You'll have to 'break my bones' before threatening my guest

In honor of DT's SOTU, this is what I'm watching tonight,

"Never been a better time to be an American"

Trump's top health official traded tobacco stock while leading anti-smoking efforts

We need new avatars here.

trump cannot give a great speech tonight. He can't even give a good speech. Because everything he

I'm honored that Luis Alcauter will be my guest at the #StateOfTheUnion.

NON-DENIAL. Devin Nunes Won't Say if He Worked With White House on Anti-FBI Memo

Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI Exclusive:

We ought to do a flub count pool for Cheetolinis SOTU

Why Would You Watch the Russian Propaganda Tonight?

Just in case you have missed The Ferrets website...

There are those here who ask "Is there really a difference between Melania and Stormy?" I say "Yes."

LOST IN TRANSLATION? Trump Team Puts Putin Victims on Russian 'Oligarch List'

Maybe I come off as Debbie/Dougy Downer but it just