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The Mathematics of Voting : Its Time for a Change!

McConnell: No New Supreme Court Justice Until The NRA Approves Of The Nominee

Everybody Says Don't

What Americans don't understand about Nordic countries

Punishing the Poor Is Not Going To End Poverty

HRC at State: Created Bureau of Energy Resources & Hired Oil Industry Lobbyist

Why would President Obama urge unity behind our nominee if our nominee is about to be indicted?

Can we stop calling him "Drumpf"?

Just for fun

Build a wall around Trump !!!

Watch Bernie in Seattle! Livestreaming from KeyArena!

Incompetent Trump saying that Raul Castro disrespected Obama by not

Pro-Trump Pastor Mark Burns Says Hillary Clinton Endorses Black 'Genocide’

Sanders outraised and outspent Clinton in February, leaving him with $17 million cash on hand

From an overall USA political perspective

Donald Trump May Be Crazy, But Ted Cruz Is Far More Dangerous

Please understand, Hillary supporters......

Need a Bernie pick me up? Check out some pics.

An Experimental Autism Treatment Cost Me My Marriage

****African-American Group**** need to get something off my chest

India Files WTO Challenge Against US Visa Fee Increases

SCAMP robot can fly, perch & climb

I love good instrumental music...

So, essentially, HRC used her position as SOS to reward cronies with taxpayer $$

Do you think Sanders supporters know who Joseph diGenova is?

Hillary's e-mail 2012-06-03 04:57: CANCER THERAPY FOR PRESIDENT CHAVEZ

Column: Sanders, Warren will help Clinton unite Democrats

Nixonian secrecy, Reagan foreign policy, Bush economics

Bert + Ernie =

Filing of WTO case by India against US on L1 visa quotas could radically change US workplaces

Bernie Livestream NOW in Seattle - HUGE crowd!!

Obama arrives in Cuba; hopes visit will usher in change

Bernie trending on twitter again ;)

Bernie Sanders Scored Victories for Years via Legislative Side Doors (Original-full text-read bold)

Tyler Pedigo Predictions AZ, ID, UT

Change, Sweet Change

Bernie as our nominee destroys the Republican Party. Hillary saves it.

Thousands show up for Bernie Sanders in Vancouver: 'All I can say is, WHOA!'

Bernie Sanders: Superdelegates should vote for the candidate who can win in November

Hillary Clinton Rated Most Truthful Candidate

Check out this Bernie Supporter ..... from a post on twitter.

Here comes the opposition book: Clinton and her allies prepare for Trump

Good stuff from

Someone already took it

India files case against the US for limiting workers here under trade visas, likely to win

Donald Trump Owes At Least $250 Million to Banks

France's Le Pen criticizes Canadian immigration, refugee policy

The only two scenarios by which Hillary will not be nominated

Media Silent as Bernie Sanders Packs Seattle Arena Beyond Capacity (LIVE VIDEO)


New poll: most Bernie Sanders supporters will vote for Hillary Clinton if she’s the nominee

President Obama on Trump, Republican candidates

The Lobbyist Who Made You Pay More at the Drugstore

Ruling party secures victory in Kazakh parliamentary polls

Thom Hartmann pointed out this week: Trump will win his party's nomination!

Bernie was Fantastic in Seattle Just Finished WOW 26,000 + 5,000

question about California's place in the primary schedule

It's Over Gandalf. We Need to Unite Behind Saruman to Save Middle Earth from Sauron!

Can I run flt sim2004 on Win10? (eom)

AIPAC Is Destroying Israel, Not Safeguarding It

Not enough ballots for you to vote

=*= LIVE @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Spokane, WA 3-20-16 =*=

For Great White Snark......

Heads up-Professor Cornel West is on 60 Minutes!

Thom Hartmann and the Goalie Mask principle -- we should protect all of us.

Today is National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day )-:

Bernie Sanders Crushes At Debate, Media Pretends It Didn't Happen

O.K., this is the *fastest*, most *RUSHED*(musical terminology)version of TCHAIKOVSKY's Marche Slave

pee wee freaking herman

Why Neither Party Can Survive the Downfall of the Working Class...

Crazy Alert! Proof God Doesn't Like Trump...

Cuba: Picture And Tweet Of The Day

When clicking on Page2 or next in Latest get

Top Sanders supporter falls for Fox ploy to divide Bernie and Hillary

'Why do they hate Hillary Clinton so much?'

Watch: “Mothers of the Movement”

Dozens help build cabin in defiance of pipeline route through Ashfield, MA.

Dozens help build cabin in defiance of pipeline route through Ashfield, MA.

Sanders’s path to victory involves unprecedented and absurd delegate math

Poll: Utah would vote for a Democrat for president over Trump

Hillary Clinton’s Record Of Supporting the Cuban People

Three new OP's in GDP... keep posting y'all!

Compelling photo of Obama with Lincoln portrait in Havana

because enough

Hands on Wisconsin: Hillary is feeling the luck o' the Irish

Why is the top lobbyist for a huge union busting company hosting campaign fund raisers for Hillary?

Clinton's Cuban ghosts

Republican candidate for Congress Fiore speaking at Bundy Ranch.

Big Crowds Rally for Bernie in Washington State

Bernie's money for March

Civil Rights Activist Dolores Huerta joins Bill Clinton at a rally in Phoenix


Hillary Clinton is Republicans' best hope to win in November

Trump Supporters Get Trolled Into Admitting They Have No Clue What He Stands For

Bill Clinton/Dolores Huerta in AZ - 1,100 Attend

Of course Bernie wants you educated

I may get an alert ...

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz show massive disrespect to Obama as he visits Cuba for first time

Beware the crowdsmanship: Does the size of political rallies really mean much?

Relaxing with an IPA before mentally preparing for new week of clinic.

Voting, voting rights, and voting methods.

Hannah Arendt, "'The Decline of the Nation State and the End of the Rights of Man"

HBO The Circus: Bernie's Empty Press Plane

Bernie's Coast Salishan name


Clinton Campaign Launches Three Ads Before Arizona Primary. "Gabby", "Brave", "Better" and More.

The GOP’s blocking of Supreme Court pick is indefensible (GEORGE F. WILL!!!)

Media Silent as Bernie Sanders Packs Seattle Arena Beyond Capacity (LIVE VIDEO)

Donald Trump Supporters Hate Main Stream Media Should Join Bernie Sanders Supporters

Try Bosch on Amazon.

NYT: In Louisiana, the Poor Lack Legal Defense

All Together Now:

Hillary Clinton is funding congressional races so she can enter White House with a majority

RNC Chair Priebus All But Admits The GOP Is Trying To Steal The Nomination From Trump

NC writers want state government to turn a new leaf

Sanders Speaks To Packed Keyarena: 'Seattle Is Ready For A Political Revolution'

Black Trump supporter hits white demonstrator

The Nation - Ted Cruz Is an Anti-Muslim Bigot, Too

Can I have a gun or two without hoping to oppose the government?

Hillary events since Tuesday, where is she ...

If you have not seen The Big Short, I seriously recommend you watch.

That face.....

Noam Chomsky-If Trump Becomes President

Trump upset he faces protesters wherever he goes? Marine Le Pen, French right wing politician

Only In America...

Donald Trump Says He’ll List His Top Supreme Court Picks

Ted Cruz Day One: How feasible is his conservative checklist?

Coyote Attacks Trail Camera

Bernie Sanders Rally in Vancouver, WA

Wow Utah is in play

I started a gun thread

Official Event - Rally in San Diego - Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Crowd waiting for Jane Sanders is filling up in - Honolulu, HI

Instead of setting up metal detectors at Trump rallies...

Bernie leads Trump by 11 in Utah!

Anonymous THREATENS TO EXPOSE Ted Cruz's alleged PROSTITUTION ACTIVITY if he doesn't leave the race

Focus Group Shocker - Brokered GOP Convention as Savior to Republicans

aerial documentation

Bernie Rocks Seattle Washington! Rally! Rally! Rally!!!

FL poll workers tell voters primary was for GOP only, Dem ballots found hidden in closet

political cartoon

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders: The Political Foresight Champion

Biden Tells AIPAC: No Political Will Among Israelis or Palestinians to Move Forward to Peace

FL poll workers tell voters primary was for GOP only, Dem ballots found hidden in closet

Brutal Truth - Most Workers Will Not Make Living Wage. New Corporate Model. Profits Are King.

Col. Jessup's speech

The past is prologue: Morton Downey Jr. vs. Wally George (1983)

Israel's deepest divide

Crowd tops 17,300 for Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle

In the "what else is new" department...


Malaysia: Soaring temperatures force schools to close in Kedah, Perlis

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Across the Sky Music Video

Across the Sky

Dow turns positive for year: Erases 2,000-point plunge

Bernie's coming to San Diego Tuesday!! Here's how to sign up:

Reagan at Brandenberg Gate

Californians - Bernie's coming to San Diego Tuesday

Remember when Il Douche Bag was upset at the Pope for questioning Forrest's Christianity

crazy Burst Angel!

Thank you Skinner and Elad for the humble ignore button.

Donald Trump Is a Punch Line for Obama, Who Is Getting More Jokes Ready

An Open Letter to My Fellow Millennials on Hillary Clinton

As Coal’s Future Grows Murkier, Banks Pull Financing

Daily Holidays - March 21

Behind the Sanders Numbers -- How he beat a $1 billion TV coverage gap

Sanders and Clinton doing different types of events in WA on Tuesday.

Cat steals underpants and socks

Thunderclap Newman! We've Gotta Get it Together!

I think this is piss.

Anonymous sets its sights on Ted Cruz

Unbelievable Overflow Crowd OUTDOORS in Salt Lake City, Utah - Bernie Rally 14,000+!!!

New Right-Wing Government Cedes Argentina’s Sovereignty to Wall Street

New Right-Wing Government Cedes Argentina’s Sovereignty to Wall Street

Meet the Sandernistas Running for Congress

John Oliver and Trumps F##@ing Insane Wall

Birds Set Aflame in Midair: The Disturbing Downside of Solar Energy

Evo Morales Orders 600,000 Homes Built for the Less Fortunate

I don't post this for the Hillary protester, but to show the crowd size

Cuba Doesn't Trust the US, Instead Goes to China for Investment

Various estimates of DoD spending

Another Activist Killed in Colombia Ahead of National Strike

$100m loan program aims to replace Mass. lead water lines


Funny!! Trump....Few Sanders ,lol

Marijuana study leader is against legalization push

Little Donny just wants your respect...and is trying to buy it as President of the United States

Terraforming Earth: Geoengineering megaplan starts now (New Science Magazine)

Second bald eagle hatches at Washington, DC arboretum

I Need To Ask This Question

Corporate Media’s ‘Ideal’ Supreme Court Nominee Embraced ‘Legal Black Hole’ Theory

When Your Media Are ‘Disappointed’ by Opposition to Bigotry

1.28.2016: Mass. had highest rate of abused children in nation

Terraforming Earth: How to Wreck a Planet in 3,000 Years (Part 1)

Frank Rich: There Was no Republican Establishment After All

The US Just Admitted the 14 Airmen in Charge of 150 Nuclear Missiles — are Coke & Molly Addicts

How 'Ghost Corporations' Are Funding the 2016 Election

The Cult of the Reagans

Impeachment drive accelerates amid expanding political crisis in Brazil

Olympians to join Walsh in push for JP recreation center

How Bush-Cheneyism made Mideast in its Image: Wars, WOT, With us or Against Us

Sanders the Whistleblower Battles Status Quo, Demagoguery & Extremism

Audio mysteriously muted from YT vid of the Sanders Seattle rally which wasn't covered by the MSM

Venezuela to Shut Down for a Week to Cope With Electricity Crisis

The leader of the ReTHUG party in the Senate said that the NRA

Iran offers hand of friendship to Turkey’s Erdogan

Revealed: How China asked Fed for its stock crash play book

I won't be on the DU much this week

Bangladesh heist exposes Philippine dirty money secrets

"Bernie Sanders calls for ‘political revolution’ at packed Spokane rally"

Mike Malloy - 14 Ways Of Looking At A Fascist

Americans Bite Their Fingers over the Taliban

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on why she supports Bernie and introducing Jane Sanders in Honolulu, HI (3/20/16)

Jane Sanders addresses concerns regarding public school teachers and those with disabilities HI 3/20

Early voting Bgins TODAY in WI & I shall cast the proudest ballot in my lifetime->HILLARY

Jane Sanders answers audience question on the potential of Bernie's economic policies in HI- 3/20/16

PACOM Commander Harris Making Things Even More Tense

Jane Sanders talks LGBTQ+ issues at Honolulu event

On Palm Sunday, Pope Francis denounces poor treatment of refugees fleeing to Europe.

Idaho Statesman endorsement: Clinton is the Democratic candidate ready to be president

Who can save Poland's oldest forest from environmental disaster?

Australian stock exchange boss steps down

Amy Goodman rips CNN for airing Trump’s empty stage instead of Sanders’ speech

Erased from history: Too many women writers are left to languish in moldy archives.

US Secretary of State John Kerry to meet FARC guerillas in Cuba

"We Can, We Will" - Bernie Sanders

Obama lands in Cuba as first US president to visit in nearly a century

**link update** Toonz Software Used by Studio Ghibli and ‘Futurama’ Being Made Free and Open Source

Australian PM calls early election

The "wisdom" of the elderly... gotta love 'em --- and I DO!!!

How Hillary Clinton's team is putting together a playbook against Donald Trump

Massachusetts men facing marijuana trafficking charge had $420 in cash

That's some train crossing!

Clinton v Trump Showdown | Part 1

Sandra Bland: Judge orders the FBI to release the Texas Rangers' investigation

Story of cities #6: how silver turned Potosí into 'the first city of capitalism'

political cartoon

okay! Take a break... rock on this...

Springtime for Donald and the GOP !

Black Americans and encryption: the stakes are higher than Apple v FBI

Pres. Obama Won't Withdraw His SCOTUS Nominee For A President-Elect Sanders

The Little Engine That Could

How I spent My 81 Day Time Out - Part 3: Getting High in the Rockies

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #4 - Game #29

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #4 - Game #30

Who do you want to go out for a beer with?

Bernie Sanders Raised More Money Than Hillary Clinton In February..It was the second month in a row

Sarah Silverman Is Feeling The Bern

Google rushes out emergency fix for Android rooting exploit but most phones remain at risk

"That Was Somebody Else"

"Racism Is Real"

Idaho (Boise) Statesman Endorses Hillary Clinton for Dem Caucuses

Human history in Ireland rewritten as scientists get down to bear bones

Could Trump be Clinton campaign' s " usefull idiot"

Weimar America?

Veterinarians Perform C-Section To Save These Adorable Cheetah Cubs

London bubble-bath tycoon gets go-ahead for huge 'iceberg' basement

Spiritualution: Politics and the Sacred - Jane Sanders | Amadon DellErba | Oak Flat

'Living in hell': mentally ill people in Indonesia chained and confined

Lumping in Sanders with white privilege implies a belief that Jews are not an oppressed minority.

The Man Who Turned Night Into Day

Actor Scott Baio (Chachi) endorses Trump.

Ooh ooh ooh! I already picked up on todays meme!!! "Trump puffing"!

After 80 million years on earth, a shy and scaly wild animal is rapidly dying out in India

Schwarzenegger walks out of interview when asked about Trump

Why Is Hillary OK With Honduran Death Squads?

I thought you'd like to see who has been piloting our presidents going back to FDR...

Brexit could cost £100bn and nearly 1m jobs, CBI warns

Doctors accuse Tories of deception over 'extra £10bn for NHS' claim

‘Those kids never got to go home’

Amy Goodman rips CNN for airing Trump’s empty stage instead of Sanders’ speech

Chuck Todd changes his stance on letting Trump "Phone In"

How worried about Trump are you?

Watching tRump with the sound off: Looks like he's singing opera

(Canada) By rejecting $1bn for a pipeline, a First Nation has put Trudeau's climate plan on trial

Phoenix AZ Get Out The Vote Event with Hillary Clinton March 21

The World's Largest Wind Turbines Will Be Taller Than the Empire State Building

Gabrielle Giffords: But come January, I want to say these two words: Madam President.

South China Sea: Indonesia summons Chinese ambassador as fishing dispute escalates

Hillary and all 3 Repub. candidates in DC tonight for CNN "Event"

4 Million Muslims Killed In Western Wars: Should We Call It Genocide?

CUBA: "Not one of them will be there because they were forced to"

Obama Tours Havana, Cubans Express Concerns


(Australia) Explainer: what is a double-dissolution election and how risky is it to call one?

DNC head challenged by faith leaders over exploitative payday lending

Idaho Statesman: Editorial: Clinton is the Democratic candidate ready to be president

Kloppenburg's opponents falsely accuse her of

Australians paying half a billion dollars a year in 'unnecessary' ATM fees

Poll: Over half want to punch Trump in the face

Democrats to Sanders:Time to wind it down

(Australia) Behind the industrial relations bills that could trigger a double-dissolution election

Egyptian who resisted robbery attempt killed at Venezuela airport

what fraction of anti-war voters can actually condone Iraq and Libya?

New Zealand 'cat burglar' caught stealing men's underwear

Current record-shattering temperatures are shocking even to climate scientists

The American Dream Revisited - Bernie Sanders

The American Dream Revisited - Bernie Sanders

Watch the Corporate media bob and weave

No commentary...just this:

Corey Robin- What the real goal is...

Nuclear Bomber Signaling Doesn’t Work

Army Electronic Warfare Investment Lags Russian Threat

N.J. mall Easter bunny involved in brawl with customers

India's side of the Labour Mobility-GATS Mode Four guest worker jobs issue

GOP fights for Hillary Clinton's right to select SCOTUS nominee:

Delegate-wise, Bernie Sanders only has one good day remaining in this race: March 26th.

Fedora 23 x64 and Skype for Linux: I cannot get Skype installed properly

Jill Abramson -Frm NYT editor--on Hillary Clinton: ‘She does get more scrutiny’ than men

The candidate with the most (pledged) delegates should be our nominee...

Civics 101 Quiz: What if?

Bernie in Spokane

Bill C. & Chewie to campaign for Hillary in Vancouver & Spokane WASHINGTON

Hillary Clinton speaks at Aipac conference – campaign live

Seattle Rally with Audio

Bad bunny! Bad Bad Bunny!

After tomorrow's voting, what will be the delegate spread?

What's wrong with this report?

"How much do I have to PAY to make this woman GO AWAY?"

How Donald Trump’s politics help feed ‘PC police’ backlash at small Maine college

When Hillary sends your job to India, China and/or Vietnam...

Sayreville NJ police officer shot and killed, sources say

Judge wants US to protect Trump associate's secret history

Poll: Utah would vote for a Democrat for president over Trump

In memory of Bartcop

The night Keith Richards pulled a knife on the Donald: How Rolling Stone wild man took on Trump

Monday Toon Roundup

NY millionaires write to governor asking for higher taxes

Google this! Hillary Clinton and the Syrian regime-change conspiracy

FBI, Secret Service probe letter sent to Trump's sister: NBC

Cruz, Sanders top picks in Tuesday's Utah caucuses, poll says

Question about Daredevil season 2 (no spoilers)

Hillary is speaking at AIPAC right now...nt

The silly game of "Six Degrees of Hillary Clinton".

Why is Elizabeth Warren supporting a Hillary Clinton sell-out?

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Sanders top pick in Tuesday's Utah caucuses, poll says

America is overdosing on religion: How the presidential election got taken over...

How You Could go to Debtors' Prison in the U.S.

Cintas truck was not READY for the 11foot8 bridge

A VERY insightful discussion of the Clinton server problem and the ongoing FBI investigation (CSPAN)

Campaign Reporter: Trump can lie about ANYTHING & it's not going to make it into my article

If tomorrow's delegate count is 75 - Sanders and 56 - Clinton, IT IS A TIE

What Bernie Sanders needs to learn from Jesse Jackson

Sanders is missing this important opportunity. A video will not cut it.--When

The Guardian: Novak Djokovic: men’s tennis should fight for more prize money than women

McConnell: NRA Must Approve New Supreme Court Justice

Hillary Clinton to Campaign in Washington on Tuesday, March 22

NY Times' 'Stealth Editing' to Undermine Sanders Was Unethical, Writes Public Editor

Bernie never stood a chance: The game was always rigged for a Hillary win

Class Warfare

A Hillary presidency will guarantee at least a war or two

Hillary Clinton: No Better Investment A Corporation Can Make

I saw CNN's Race for the White House on the 1988 race yesterday.

60,000+ Washington Voters Turn Out for Bernie, Lines Stretch For Miles

I am not on DU as much these days

Climbing an Old Abandoned Crane | James Kingston: POV Adventures

Landlord won't rent to Donald Trump supporters

Please explain to me how it is a bad thing for Bernie to stay in through the convention? If Hillary

Boaty McBoatface: When you let the Internet name your boat

How Saudi Arabia captured Washington

Huffpost Comedy: My ‘Trump Supporter Starter Kit’ Finally Came In The Mail!

Would Harvey Milk Endorse Bernie Sanders? The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club Just Did.

Just wanted to report in, went to Baltimore for the Bernie march on Saturday

Merrick Garland Was Accused of Protecting a Judge Charged With Ethics Violations

TYT: Young Voters Will Bring Us Democratic Socialism. It's A Matter Of Time.

The Democratic Primaries Have One Clear Loser: Third Way Centrism

It can't be Boaty McBoatface. It's Shippy McShipface

They want Bernie to get out because he makes them all look bad

Those high-bucks Democratic Primary fundraisers...sheesh!

Democrats to Sanders: Time to wind it down

Remaining March Primaries and Caucuses Looking Better for Sanders

Polls for Remaining March Primaries and Caucuses

Bernie Sanders Tells Vancouver: “This Country Is Not Going To Become An Oligarchy”

Russian judge says evidence supports guilty verdict in trial of Ukrainian pilot

Older Voters May Be Hillary Clinton’s Answer to Bernie Sanders’s Youth Appeal

Charles Adkins Introduces Bernie sanders at Key Arena 3_20_16

Supreme court rejects states' efforts to overturn Colorado marijuana law

Now for a Bit of Fun: Why Bernie Sanders tawks the way he does

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on this date.

Sandy Hook Parents Call Out Bernie Sanders for Gunmaker Liability Comments

2022 World Cup: Fans could be housed in Bedouin-style camps

Trump supporters say this 9 out 10 times you ask

There Are Not Many States We Can't Win | Bernie Sanders

Univ. of Charleston student helps rescue hundreds of cats

Not a Fish Tale: Humans Are Ingesting Plastic Thanks to Ocean Pollution

High Court Rejects Appeal Over Ban on Guns at Post Offices

20 Tiny Moments that Boost Your Everyday Happiness..Huff Post:

I guess I'm taking the bullets to prove there are Alert Stalkers.

TYT: Cops Call Trump Protesters N-Word Over Radio

Freed After Years in Solitary, Woman Faces Jailhouse Charges

"If We're Ahead in Utah, Not Gonna Be Many States that We Can't Win" - Bernie

Shark Tank

Democrats to Sanders: Time to wind it down

ICC finds ex-Congolese vice-president Jean-Pierre Bemba guilty of war crimes

The Bernie or Bust blackmail is not going to work.

So what's our plan of attack for those 24 open (R) Senate seats?

How Can Transit Compete With the Coming Onslaught of Driverless Cars?


" As for Wall Street: The financial industry has supplied roughly 3.9% of Clinton's funding"

Ecuador creates Galápagos marine sanctuary to protect sharks

Ecuador creates Galápagos marine sanctuary to protect sharks

NCGOP Central Committee votes ‘no confidence’ in chairman Harnett

Cocktail Chemistry - Clear Ice

McAdams, SLC Mayor Biskupski endorse Clinton, Chelsea Clinton will visit Utah

Hillary Clinton’s handling of Caitlyn Jenner shows her level-headed political brilliance

Oh noes!!! We're doomed!!

Sanders crushes Clinton among Democrats abroad (Sanders nets 5 PDs)

Violence at Trump-rallies? Trump-spokeswoman blames militant left. Reince Priebus blames CNN.

Historic Cuba trip includes MLB contingent

Saudi Arabia Continues Its Hiring Spree: Podesta, etc...

My Son got Community Service

Wow. The FERVOR by which the Hillary Fans Are Calling For Bernie To Drop Out Is Telling

Recycling Eyeglasses

Windfall of Donations to Bernie's Campaign, Including Surge in New Donors:

Some Food for Thought

George Clooney: Clinton 'the only grown-up in the room'

Arizona Democratic Polls 2016: Clinton Leads Sanders

need help with window treatment

Obama Is Right: America Can’t Fix the Middle East

What do you feel when you see those hawkish Northrop Grumman ads everywhere now?

It’s Time for the Labor Movement To Pursue a New Judicial Activist Agenda

Top Economist, UN Advisor: Hillary Is Unfit to be President

Lushootseed has arrived!!!

How Saudi Arabia captured Washington

Where Would Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland Stand on Labor Issues?

Socialism: It's Right Here in Front of Us

Clinton bashes Trump at AIPAC for 'neutral' stance on Israel

SOS, HRC, Pushed Privatization of Mexico's PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos); Her Lobbist Friends Benefite

Well, I guess it's straight to the Gulag after January for Chuck Todd

TV show, Billions

Hillary Clinton has been looking into releasing her transcripts for 45 days.

How to Rig a Horse Race: Momentum as an Antidote to Full Democracy

The Book of Mormon gets reviewed at Amazon

Results from the Democrats Abroad Global Primary - Sanders 69% Hillary 31%

In Praise of Lab-Grown Meat

With turnout up 50%, Sanders wins 69% of vote from Democrats Abroad, awarded 125% delegate lead

A must-read column on neoliberalism, American exceptionalism, and the primaries

Manhunt launched for newly identified Paris attacks suspect Najim Laachraoui

Sanders beats Clinton in Democrats Abroad primary 2-to-1

Is Everything You Think You Know Wrong?

Could Trump give the HOUSE back to the Dems?

#Arizona--> #42 for #45!! & Gaby Giffords & Dolores Huerta stumping for HILLARY

About that Trump Tweet about Obama not being greeted by Castro on the Tarmac

Three principles I would hope Bernie's supporters would follow and a corollary for Clinton supporter

Bernie is coming to San Diego tomorrow!!

As Coal’s Future Grows Murkier, Banks Pull Financing.

Sanders Voters in MA to Sue Bill Clinton for Trampling on Voting Rights

Is Everything You Think You Know Wrong?

I’m beyond pissed. Here’s why:

Jane Sanders addresses concerns regarding public school teachers and those with disabilities HI 3/20

My personal glimpse into the Trump voter mindset this weekend.

Just got done restoring an old cast iron skillet

John Oliver: Free Waffle Irons For Every American Citizen Makes As Much Sense As Trump's Great Wall

Vote Loki!

BREAKING! Bernie got an endorsement from a member of the Senate!!

Short Post ... I am damn proud of my President

Look at this bullcrap

Study: Mass produced antibodies kill HIV in newborn monkeys in 2 weeks

The word "darling" in the lyrics was swapped out for "Donald."

We are New York's millionaires and we say: raise our taxes

Pic Of The Moment: Mitch McConnell's Latest Excuse

U.S. top court throws out Massachusetts stun gun ruling

Batec Mobility: mission and project

U.S. existing home sales tumble in warning sign for housing market

Read Hillary Clinton’s Speech to AIPAC

Tuskegee Airman reflects on all-black unit's founding 75 years ago

Jill Abramson on Hillary Clinton: ‘She does get more scrutiny’ than men'

States rethink primaries amid rising costs

Did you know that Camp Weathervane has an acronym for why Clinton will win?

These are the sort who gravitate toward Cruz.

Military Groups?

New Alaska butterfly species may hold clues to climate change

Hillary's speeches revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say

Cats star in delightfully strange exhibition in Kyrgyzstan

Why are Millennial women so in love with Bernie?

All 50 States Reimagined as Food Puns

Bernie's STUNNING victory in Democrats Abroad . . .

What IS it with zombies?

An Upside To Climate Change? Better French Wine

U.S. climate envoy Stern to step down: State Department

Carbon emission release rate ‘unprecedented’ in past 66m years

Sanders backed out of Idaho newspaper interview. Must be too much work

"We are not Denmark"

U.S. leaders must still 'distrust' Iran: Clinton

A new media thing when covering Drumpf stories

Shock poll: In West Virginia, Hillary Clinton 44%, Sanders 31%

Global warming taking place at an 'alarming rate', UN climate body warns

Ouch!! And I mean - OUCH!!

Is the primary state by state voting schedule the same every year?

100,000 came out to see Bernie since Friday

Eastern Monarch Butterflies at Risk of Extinction Unless Numbers Increase


Tree falls, narrowly misses statue of Virgin Mary. It's a MIRACLE!!

Amy Klobuchar sez Cubans are unhappy w/their gov't.

Talk about pivoting to the GE

Hate Trump?

National Memo: 5 Reasons Trump Won’t Win In November - And One Way He Could


Spread of #Zika demands full access to full range of #reprohealth, including safe & legal abortion.

Exposing the Libyan Agenda: a Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails

Bernie can turn AZ blue

Elizabeth Warren calls Donald Trump a 'loser'

Bernie Sanders wins Democrats Abroad primary

CNN (shock! they actually reported it!) "Bernie Sanders wins Democrats Abroad primary"

Statesman, Boise press corps feel a certain Bern

Civil Rights Icon Writes to Obama on Behalf of Don Siegelman

Until a candidate has 2383 delegates, nobody has "already lost"

*Democracy Awakening* Landmark 3-Day Event, Washington, DC, April 16-18, 2016.

Empowering Tribal Nations | Bernie Sanders

What does the future hold for NASA? Depends on the next president.

My "WTF?" of the day, Alex Jones division...

By giving up on Dean's 50 State strategy, the Dems might miss a great oppotunity

Bernie Scores Big Win In The Democrats Abroad Primary! Crushes Clinton 69% to 31%!

Empowering Tribal Nations | Bernie Sanders

Getting to know Pluto

Empowering Tribal Nations | Bernie Sanders

6 Key Issues Where Trump Neutralizes Hillary or Runs to Her Left

Hillary didn't just vote for the Iraqi War

Fewer Americans now pray, believe in God

=*= LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Boise, ID 3-21-16 =*=

2016 Peeps Diorama Contest. And the winner is ... A Peep Inside (Out) Donald J. Trump

2016 Peeps Diorama Contest. And the winner is ... A Peep Inside (Out) Donald J. Trump

2 children confirmed dead after Roanoke County house fire

Republicans Want NRA To Pick New Supreme Court Justice

You got me. I don't care about corruption.


LIVE Stream @ NOW: Boise Rally for Bernie Sanders

Crop Wild Relative’s Gap Analysis—Over 70% of essential crop wild relative species in urgent need…

The transcripts are lose/lose for Hillary

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 21, 2016

Responding to the Latest Unfair Accusation Against Sam Harris

Risk of multiple tipping points should be triggering urgent global action on climate change

Ranking federal officials traveling Monday to Burns

Republicans... Sigh.

Bundy son pleads not guilty; detained pending standoff trial

Easter Sugar Rush, anybody?

"Hillary Clinton: She'll say anything and change nothing. It's time to turn the page."

Sorry Obama

Had to get some kind of LOL cats fix...

Seems there is a petition for checking for voter fraud.

In southern Utah, ranger jailed under questionable pretenses

Trump names foreign policy team led by Senator Sessions: report

If Drumpf wasn't rich and was your average neighbor-

My investigation (so far) into Claim that Bernie's NC campaign was sabotaged by HRC moles

Hillary to meet w/ Tribal Leaders in AZ today. March 21 Monday

Progressives should not be silent when the . .

Elizabeth Warren mops the floor with Trump on Twitter: ‘Let’s be honest — Donald Trump is a loser’

Non-partisan analyst flips 10 House races to favoring Democrats

How Anonymous Just Fooled Donald Trump, the Secret Service, and the FBI

I hate myself for allowing myself to feel as such, but I don't know what to do.

good read

Intercept: ‏HillaryClinton and DonaldTrump are both very disliked by the opposite gender.

Uh oh, incident with Raul Castro in response to reporter's question about...

Castro says end of US 'blockade,' Gitmo return needed to normalize ties

Stun-Gun Rights Backed by Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court

Couple Accidentally Texts Strangers About Newborn, Strangers Show Up to Congratulate Them

Be honest enough to call "Boots on the Ground" what it is.

Donald Trump will (almost certainly) never be elected president. Here’s why.

This rat ba$tard John Kasich lied about this cop's treatment of him!

A few pics to share with your winger buds who are freaking out over Pres. Obama going to Cuba.

Sanders still dismissing the black vote in the South which voted overwhelmingly for Hillary

Oh no Trump isn't live on TV right now

At AIPAC, Clinton Swats Trump, Moves to Obama’s Right

I Heard That Hillary Spoke Before AIPAC This Morning - What Did She Have To Say About Iran?....

Help! I'm under attack!

What Mississippi Educators Are Telling Students About Confederate Heritage Month

Lawsuit: Starbucks intentionally underfills lattes to save money

Biden Says Israel Settlements Raise Questions About Commitment To Peace

Sanders Embodies The Spirit of Occupy Wall Street

Did Clinton just throw Obama under the bus re: Israel?

A Top Ted Cruz Adviser Thinks Islamists Are Infiltrating the NRA

From The Alan Parsons Project Facebook Page: Trump Forced to No Longer Use "Sirius"

No one is going to drop out in the primaries, so folks need to deal with it and chill

Why there might be many more Universes than our own

Warren is in General Election mode, attacks Trump

NYTimes: Clinton strong with those older, "less liberal" and wanting First Female President

Obama's remarks in Cuba today were absolutely perfect.

So, who is demanding that Hillary release speech transcripts?

Easter Bunny brawls with upset parent at New Jersey mall

Did you support the war in Iraq?

Hillary Helps a Bank—and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons

Startling images reveal devastating coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef

Man Happy to Be Poor if Black and Brown People are More Poor

Proposed rate changes alarm Maine mental health care providers

Sanders Voters in MA to Sue Bill Clinton for Trampling on Voting Rights

Your vote in the General Election should be based on who's better for your fellow American, not you.

Hillary Clinton campaign takes from Sanders, again.

There may be a lot of reasons Putin changed Russia’s Syria policy, but showing up Obama is probably

Hillary News & Views 3.21: Idaho Endorsement, and Why Raising $$ for Downballot Dems Matters

Does Trump hurt or help the GOP?

Trump names foreign policy team members

Sitting in the spine surgeon's waiting room

Day One In Cuba: The First Family

Family Feud Host Marco Antonio Regil is All In For Bernie Sanders

Kasich Urges U.S. Action In Syria, Ukraine, Asia

A Thank You from the Donna Edwards Campaign

Day One in Photos: The First U.S. President in Cuba in 88 Years

A Potency Calculator for edibles

Supreme Court may decide against Va. Republicans in redistricting fight

Spam Alert!

I'm on a conf call and trump is on mute on the TV

Right wing going after obama for castro raising obama hand while it flops

To The Wingers Freaking Out Over This:

USA Today/Rock the Vote poll: In GE Hillary crushes Trump with Millenials by 33%. 52% to 19%.

Next Question: Do you feel that enough time has passed since our initial invasion of Iraq that..

Trump Apocalypse ad - unbelievably good.

See for yourself - Press conference with Raul Castro and Obama - Andrea Mitchell 'splained to at end

Whiplash: Romney Warns Against Kasich One Week After Campaigning With Him

Do we support the invasion of Syria to depose of Assad?

Bill Passes Allowing All G.E.D Holders In This State To Have FREE Community College

Some interesting polling from Ivan Moore

How can you do a news conference and only

Andy Borowitz knocks it out of the park.

Hillary Being Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Trump to GOP: If you're spiteful and back 3rd party, Dems are going to win and destroy the country

Saudi Arabia Uncovered | Trailer | FRONTLINE

Textile plants hum again, bringing hope to small towns

CNN's State Of The Union Panel Slams Trump's Rhetoric For Inspiring Violence At His Rallies

Is it true ??

China’s Coast Guard Rams Fishing Boat to Free It From Indonesian Authorities

We’ve Reached Havana (By President Barack Obama)

Will Trump take Ohio against Hillary in the General?

Hillary Has Decided To Finally Go After Wall Street

A Young Teen is Seeking LGBT Parents to Adopt Him

I just got another call from the 516 area code...

Delegate counts have been updated.

The injustice of deporting children without representation

Textile plants hum again, bringing hope to small towns

Secrets of Donald Trump’s cult: This is why the angriest white voters will not leave his side

Textile plants hum again, bringing hope to small towns

This is why it is so important to phonebank.

Years After Historic Speech, Republican Leader With HIV Decries Rhetoric of Presidential Campaign

If you blame Bernie or Bust, call it what it is


Uber business model does not justify a new ‘independent worker’ category

San Francisco's frustration with tech

Trump questions need for NATO, outlines non-interventionist foreign policy

Karen Finney: Clinton Iraq Vote "How Many Years Ago Was That?"

The #1 reason why I don't like Hillary Clinton

Supreme Court may decide against Va. Republicans in redistricting fight

Oooh. I *like* this Sanders ad:

Donald Trump Tweets That Cuban Leader Raul Castro Has 'No Respect' for President Obama

At AIPAC, Clinton Attacks One Race-Baiting Demagogue, Invites Another to the White House

Sanders's tax plan ranks highest with public

Bernie Bubbes

Nate Silver Defends Torture Methods Used To Make Election Projections

M$M instructed not to refer to Raul Castro as President Castro. "Cuban Leader" is the new script.

Put up "Bernie" signs all across the world.

Guess which picture the right-wingers are condemning?

Clinton the hawk?

Historic Photograph : The First Family Arrives in Cuba

The real problem with Hillary's speech transcripts

Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Donald Trump walk into a bar.................?

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver : Border Wall

For Afro-Cubans President Obama is a source of pride and inspiration

I publicly want to thank.....

My brush with North Carolina voter ID law

Anonymous Takes Aim At Ted Cruz: What They Have Could End His Campaign–And His Marriage


Don't Vote for Her...

Easter Bunny brawls with upset parent at New Jersey mall

Former US governor calls Trump a ‘fascist.'



Police: Boy playing with gun shoots friend, 13, in the face

Hillary supporters defending jobs to Mexico and Asia and destruction of the middle class

Illinois college students threatened with arrest at polls

IHS Becomes Latest Company To Give Up U.S. Citizenship For Lower Taxes

The FDA, for only the second time ever, wants to ban a medical device. Here’s why.

Undaunted Bernie Sanders Fans Pack Washington Rally

2-year-old hospitalized in Dallas after mother accused of putting her in oven

Help, not isolation, for mental illness

Question: Do you support the de-regulation of certain markets, like investment and housing?

Tim Canova on DWS, and his campaign's request for the voter database. And what comes next.

Happy accident

Hearing delayed for ex-officer in boyfriend shooting case

So? Who believes that Trump's giving the young lady a job &...

Trump on CNN Stole from Bernie...what a jerk

ACLU to Kentucky prison: Stop censoring mail on sexual orientation

Bernie Sanders Predicted His 2016 Campaign in 1988

Pa. dairy’s raw milk is linked to listeriosis death

Twin comets to buzz Earth. Why scientists are excited, not worried.

Clinton-style centrist economics rests on a surprisingly shaky foundation

H.A. Goodman STRIKES Again!!!!!

Clinton-style centrist economics rests on a surprisingly shaky foundation

Russia, With An Eye On U.S., Threatens To Bomb Syrian Cease-Fire Violators

From DKos: Joan Baez Endorses Bernie Sanders!!!!!!

Bernie Sanders Receiving His Name From ‪Coast Salish‬ Tribal Leaders [CC]

Obama Recognizes Achievements of Cuba in Health and Education

The Trillion Dollar Question the Media Have Neglected to Ask Presidential Candidates

The US State Department Maintains a Hands-Off Approach to Honduras, Despite Wave of Activist Murders

The US State Department Maintains a Hands-Off Approach to Honduras, Despite Wave of Activist Murders


Josef Mengele’s remains to be studied at Brazilian university

Preparations for Bernie Sanders Rally in Salt Lake City

If nothing else, Trump's scheduled address to AIPAC will be interesting.....

Donald Trump mocks Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry at news conference: ‘Do you mean the Indian?’

Miami’s oceanfront nuclear power plant is leaking

Questioning Hillary's Strength Against Trump is *NOT* "Trump Humping". It's a Fact.

Former Jeb! backer compares Trump presidency to a chimp driving a tractor

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 21, 2016

Bill Clinton has some explaining to do. He trashes Obama's legacy

I want you to look at these turnout numbers

Remote Irish island seeks Americans fleeing Donald Trump presidency

BREAKING NEWS: Washington DC contains monument to George Washington, numerous Washington portraits.

Trump's foreign policy advisors can be described in one word: Derp.

Getting around your announcment rules

Should Trump win, I will refer to him as

Trump Supporters Reject SCOTUS Nominee Merrick Garland Because He’s a Jew

On the CNN Forum tonight 3/21, at 8PM EDT, are the 5 of the presidential hopefuls on separately

Trump vs England

"Why Hillary Hate Hurts Us All" by Melissa McEwan

Critics Aghast at 'Disgusting Speech' Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders: The Political Foresight Champion

APD fires officer who fatally shot unarmed teen.

This November, Revolution Begins With A Single Vote!

I truly believe we will all come together when the GE comes up

This November, Revolution Begins With A Single Vote!

=*= LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Salt Lake City, UT 3-21-16 =*=

Hulk Hogan jury adds $25.1 million to Gawker's liability in sex tape case

Five prisons to close as falling crime rate leaves cells empty

Mississippi lawmaker (R) to voter: 'I could care less'

One less troll here on DU...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 March 2016

​Pianist's estranged wife charged with killing 2 daughters

Email from Blumenthal to HRC, Concerning Toppling Assad

I noticed that some Democratic Primary threads

Off-Duty New Jersey Officer Found Shot to Death Inside Car

AIPAC Rejects Sanders Offer to Speak via Video--while Repubs Allowed in Past Years to "Phone In."

Better Another Clinton than The Donald BUT.

Human Rights Campaign endorsed Hillary ... and Mark Kirk (R)

This November, Revolution Begins With A Single Vote!

These Sprawling Skylines of Big Cities Look Epic From Street View

Labor leader @DoloresHuerta speaks on Sanders & immigration: in ARIZONA

Hillary Clinton’s AIPAC Speech Was a Symphony of Craven, Delusional Pandering

What's the best piece of pet advice you ever got?

Is Donald Trump's healthcare plan more progressive than Hillary's?

Pretty disgusting on the media's part today.

Hillary Clinton says her campaign 'depends on small donations for the majority of our support'

Tammy Duckworth gave two of her limbs in Service

Kiss Me Goodbye - Buck-Tick (English Sub)

More than 90,000 Democrats Call for Arrest of Bill Clinton

Kiss Me Goodbye - Buck-Tick (English Sub)

An orange fascist is speechifying and lying and patronizing on the teevee

Florida Man Patiently Waiting for Gawker's Money to Arrive

I don't know who wrote Trump's speech For AIPAC, but he has

A Hawk She is Not: The Truth About Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Views (Clinton Group)

He Skipped AIPAC, but Here's Bernie Sanders' Plan for Peace Between Israel and Palestine

Well kids, here's your Trump presidency. Bringing the hatred out in AIPAC

Republicans Dismantle EPA Then Get Pissed When They Can’t Do Anything

Michelle Goldberg on Hillary's AIPAC speech.... "craven delusional pandering"

We need more discussion of issues!

Libertarian Party will be on November ballot in Oklahoma

At AIPAC, Clinton Supports Young People On ‘Front Lines of Battle’ Against BDS

Vermin News Network: Rehabilitation Monday Edition 21 March 2016

Women in NASCAR

Another Ponzi scheme

A New Film Revolves Around a Politician Who Refuses to Stand Up During the Pledge of Allegiance

About Progressive ideals and principles

Bill says last 8 years were a disaster?

About Progressive Ideals and Principles

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-20-16

No Man's Sky

FBI backs down on Apple phone case

Bernie Sanders is Set To Win All of The Upcoming 8 States, Expert Says

All this over the top pandering

Human Rights Campaign endorses Mark Kirk (R) over Tammy Duckworth (D) for Senate

Bernie Sanders Expands Native Inclusion

Question: Do you support the death penalty?

......we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us.... this from Bill Clinton..

Have you met Skip & Pip? A friend of mine does them!

Mike Malloy - Trump Supporter Kicked From Marines After Assaulting Black Woman (includes video)

HILLARY GROUP - Sanders' foreign policy speech today in Utah shut out of MSM by

Anyone know the latest polls for the Pennsylvania Senate races?

Omg! Trump is utterly a fool in the political field who has no idea of the hatred his spewing!

Tell me Billy Bob is not losing it. He just insulted the Obama administration.

Here's how much recent presidents have paid in taxes

So this is where the cool posters are

The posts taking Bill Clinton's words out of context is why you're not

FBI may have found a way into terrorist's iPhone

DOJ asks that hearing w/ Apple be vacated, says it found ‘possible method’ to unlock iPhone

Native Americans got reservations, Palestinians got the Gaza Strip.

Hundreds + March for Bernie Sanders in Baltimore on Issues, TRNN/March 19

Mike Malloy - Joe The Plumber Supports Trump Because Of His Beautiful Women

Has anyone noticed how Sanders supporters have become big Kasich fans?

Plato is Bernin'

Why the Democratic Party failed on income inequality (This will likely "Nader" Thomas Frank)

LIVE @ 9PM: Bernie Sanders Flagstaff Rally Speech, Pepsi Amphitheater Fort Tuthill Park AZ 3/21/2016

Iran, the Constitution, Stupidparty and Treason.

American Experience: The Presidents

Thanks to Bernie fans for the advice and concern regarding the speech transcripts.

The Bernie Sanders AIPAC speech transcript

On being tethered to technology

New National Poll (Morning Consult): Clinton 51, Sanders 39.

A magical establishment evening...

Question: Do/would you support the Keystone Pipeline, fracking, shale oil, natural gas

When and why did it become acceptable to use far rightwing sources here?

I'm running for State Rep against an ALEC Star

Voter ID horror story: NC poll workers forced brown-skinned couple to take a ‘spelling test’

David of Bowie's spirit arose from his own passing and now lives forever in our hearts...

A few images from the Port of Oakland.

Fed approves Goldman acquisition of GE Capital's U.S. online deposits

Flashback: Constituents confront Bernie over his support for Israel, Bernie tells them to shut up

Shameful: Gay rights group endorses Republican Mark Kirk over Democrat Tammy Duckworth

SCOTUS Tells Oklahoma, Nebraska, To Chill Out About Colorado Pot

John Roberts Criticized Supreme Court Confirmation Process, Before There Was a Vacancy

After Being Arrested For Trying To Protect Her Dog, This Woman Was Found Innocent!

After Being Arrested For Trying To Protect Her Dog, This Woman Was Found Innocent!

After Being Arrested For Trying To Protect Her Dog, This Woman Was Found Innocent!

Ever have auditory hallucinations?

Moon and Jupiter over the creek!

Bernie is the right candidate in the wrong party Democrats are heavily influenced by lobbyists

Hi guys according to TYT (CNN I think is holding a Town Hall now)

Oregon Governor Kate Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

So anyway, the wife reminded me that her old PC laptop, running Ubuntu, was hosed...

Jane Sanders’ Motorcycle Diaries

New Zealand 'cat burglar' caught stealing men's underwear