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The reason the Reich Wing will not denounce Drumpt.

Predictive markets now have Clinton at 100% to be nominee

a question about pet and apartments

Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution Read more:

Trump is going to take care of African-Americans so well

Democratic Party begins healing process as they craft platform


A damn hockey game broke out in Baltimore last night.

And this is day one - Grace! OMFG!

Thank-you, Bernie, for allowing every supporter to vote for you,including wash. D.C.

Its time to make America Disintegrate again.


No more jury duty for me

Hillary should come out and end the drug war, espessially the war on Marijuana

Sat., June 16: DC Capitol Pride Parade

Now we know that Warren will endorse Hillary....Obama and Biden will endorse her as well

What a glorious day!

How about a little tail??

Crosspost from LBN.

Huckabee says Trump isn't racist, but has no evidence of this.

Hillmentum - She Haz It!

Black voter model final results: 82% accuracy in predicting winner of a state


My current plan RE: Election 2016 (or flip me!)

The Politico article about the Sanders campaign.

I'm rather proud that the most visible Democratic Progressive, Elizabeth Warren, is endorsing HRC.

Final Black voter model results: 82% accuracy in predicting winner of a state

So I'm a member of "Plentyof" and I get a fair amount of "so and so would like to meet you"

Gaffney is a total asshole.

Pres. Obama responds to Sanders phone call....

It isn't just the US that has woo...

This is so bad it's funny:

Why not punish the Republicans for nominating Trump?


The Politico article re the Sanders campaign (also posted in GDP).

Creating Community Beyond Church

How Hillary Clinton won California

My goddess, this picture is incredible. #ImWithHer

A delicate dance to broker peace between Clinton and Sanders

Pot up in smoke; High Street fire

Krugman Blog: Bad Narratives

Hillary's grit.


[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 6-7-16

Prayer Breaks Present Difficult Religious Accommodation Issue

Please consider giving Elizabeth Warren some love on Facebook.

The Hypocrisy of Sanders's Superdelegate Push

"Let The Madness Begin" Facebook page

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!

Paul Ryan - Granted, Trump's not quite perfect

Bernie Sanders must walk away so Donald Trump won’t win

Hillary Clinton starts to rake in the cash

O my prophetic soul!

Exclusive: Senator Warren to endorse Clinton, sources say

Exclusive: Senator Warren to endorse Clinton, sources say

Mark Serreze Of NSIDC On May Arctic Ice Trends: "We've Never Seen Anything Like This Before" - WP

A note from Hillary. and.... Highest vote total in primaries/caucuses:

Down Memory Lane: Daily Kos: How Clinton Bought the Loyalty of SuperDelegates

Sanders’ top congressional backers ready to support Clinton

Le Sigh: Hillary Admits Some Foundation Donations 'Slipped Through The Cracks'... (Politico)

After ‘historic’ Russia visit, Netanyahu says US remains top ally

AP warns reporters to be safe after harassment from Sanders fans

Justice Clarence Thomas’s Solitary Voice by Linda Greenhouse

For Sale: One Progressive Vote

Declassified Imagery Suggests Larsen B Shelf Was Melting Decades Before 2002 Collapse

Let's turn the Northwest into a major carbon fuel depot for the Pacific Rim

6-8-16 The Difference the Wrong Politician Makes in 2:00

6-8-16 The Difference the Wrong Politician Makes in 2:00

6-8-16 The Difference the Wrong Politician Makes in 2:00

Something new ....

It's Time to Make America Meditate Again.

Grassley equates Trump's judge comments with Sotomoyor's 'wise Latina' logic

Hillary Clinton Wins Endorsement of United Steelworkers

Nina Turner on Rachel...

what kinds of feedback are you seeing out and about social media?

Looking for Early Victories, Sanders Lost Chance to Expand Base

Bureau of Land Management investigating Bonneville Salt Flats vandals

Report: Sen. Warren to soon endorse Hillary Clinton

My personal opinion

Hillary Clinton’s fiery performance last Thursday night-

First time, 1969

Good resource on Trump -

History Made | Hillary Clinton


Portland schools' health & safety chief fought water testing, spread misinformation

Artificial Pancreas done via Open Source

Trump May Try To Force Someone to Be His Running Mate, At the Convention

Big Hillary and Little Hillary: The Story Behind the Picture

It's whats' happening ....get up on it

A few days ago, I posted asking if anyone has considered

Superintendent Carole Smith told about lead testing March 22

Hill yes. We are going to be united against Trump.

Ohio passes medical marijuana bill

How to detect the Trekkies in the room

Labor union leaders aim to aid Tim Canova's challenge to Wasserman Schultz

Labor union leaders aim to aid Tim Canova's challenge to Wasserman Schultz

Labor union leaders aim to aid Tim Canova's challenge to Wasserman Schultz

FLORIDA POLL JUNE 7: Trump beats Clinton 45% to 44% Sanders beats Trump 46% to 43%

PoliticusUSA: Trump Has Made A Crazy Decision That Could Give Democrats Everything On Election Day

The long journey from Seneca Falls to Hillary 2016

The long journey from Seneca Falls to Hillary 2016

CONNECTICUT ELECTION POLL JUNE 7: Clinton and Sanders vs. Trump Clinton +7 pts Sanders +19 pts

The long journey from Seneca Falls to Hillary 2016


 Andrew Cuomo Would Have Blacklisted Muhammad Ali

GOP asks for public's help crafting 2016 platform, launches interactive website

why is gdp still up ?

I LOVE it that the GOP voters picked this idiot, how the hell do they not realize their mistake???

TPM Blog Josh Marshall - The Whole Story (Pennsylvania PPP Poll)

The One Congress Member Donald Trump Endorsed Just Lost Her Primary

there have been many things that fat-fingered drumpt has said many things that in a normal world

Vaping. It's a legitimate cessation, with many people praying it works for them.

2400+ miles up to the CT coast and back - to Atlanta - What a wonderful

OK: I found a way towards unity for all of us!


Great pic...!

Big Money’s Conquest of Democratic Party By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

Sammy the cat attends university every day to give students soothing snuggles

Biden as first term VP...

by Robert Reich:

santa elena canyon- big bend np

Stipulating Trump is crazy, ok. But am I the only one who

HEADS UP! la times reports as many as 3 million CA votes not yet counted!!!

Rawstory: Sanders could ask Harry Reid for removal of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chair: report

Do not fuck with Elizabeth Warren. She eats turtles for lunch.

HEADS UP! LA times reports as many as 3 million CA votes not yet counted!!!

Kroger union employees accept new contract

Sanders expected to push for major Democratic Party shakeup in meeting with Harry Reid

Wondering why the vote totals in CA were so low? They are not done counting - Press Release!

All Hail Hillary! Her Political Nature Is Just What Washington Needs

New ABC News electoral map

Düsseldorf: migrants burn their shelter over observance of Ramadan

What would Trump do afterwards?

The 25 Most Popular United States Senators. Guess Who Number 1 Is? My Friend and Yours ....

The Brexit

Raul Grijalva: Clinton is presumptive nominee. Bernie is going to do the right thing

Kroger union employees accept new contract

Kroger union employees accept new contract

Do chickens sleep on their backs?

Do admins patrol the boards or do we rely entirely on juries?

It's All A Con: Trump's Presidential Campaign is as big a scam as Trump University

No one won the coin toss

The Minnesota Nurses Association delivered a 10-day notice of intent to strike to Allina Health exec

hahaha! Check out Tweety!

The Conservative Craving for Anti-Intellectual Stew

Chris Hayes talks to Wendy Davis and Terry O'Neil

Suffolk poll puts Florida, Virginia and North Carolina safely in Mitt Romney’s column

I had a hide and jurior #1 wrote a nasty remark telling me to get off DU

The Dumbing Down of America: Who Lit the Fuse?

Delaware News - 6/8/2016

AP’s Premature Call for Clinton Does Disservice to Democracy

Woman in burqa attacks family with their American Flag

Border militia co-founder convicted of child molestation in Arizona

Ex-D.C. judge who filed $54 million lawsuit over lost pants faces possible discipline

Why Bernie can't drop out? Because he is being deceived. Repeatedly.

A rural teenager gets an AK47....

Does anyone have a simple Democratic Primary turnout chart of 2008 vs 2016, state by state

Trump=The Ultimate R "Run Gov Like a Biz" Candidate

New Jersey's top court to rule in high-stakes public pension case

First Steps to Unity

Newspaper delivery

Alerts on host's locking messages

Maryland News - 6/8/2016


Nature Made vitamins recalled due to possible contamination

MoveOn's FULL actual statement on Bernie Sander's

MD health regulators approved a larger increase in hospital rates

Video of Hillary's reaction before walking out to speak yesterday!

Zetas drug cartel carried out serial executions in Mexican prison

Bernie wants another $2.70 from you.

New Jersey News - 6/9/2016

To get Bernie out, negotiate with the guy already.

BREAKING: Last 2 uncommitted supers in Ohio just endorsed and committed to #HillaryClinton

What is Trump's Daughter Ivanka really thinking??

National Cathedral Taking Confederate Flag Out Of Stained Glass Windows

NJ Democrat takes up fight to remove Confederate flag from Citadel

What would you think if Hillary picks Bernie as VP?

Confederate name John B. Hood could be stripped from Dallas school (TX)

Has anyone seen Killer Mike recently?

Panelists joust over Confederate monument (KY)

MMFA, the HRC server hack, NSA legal counsel, and AP

WTF? As many as 3 million CA ballots "unprocessed"?

Ky. Supreme Court Justice Partners with Sons of Confederate Veterans

You Ready, Joe?

Michigan Senate approves $617 million bailout to restructure DPS

Southern delusions at the heart of the Charleston killings

Changes vowed for parade after Confederate flag display (NY)

FBI Wants Access To Internet Browser History Without A Warrant In Terrorism And Spy Cases

Have you ever pretended to be a RW #NeverTrumper?

Thomas Friedman calls GOP morally bankrupt, criticizes John McCain

Responding to claims of voter suppression with data from California

Talbot County Council Votes to Keep Confederate Statue (MD)

EU referendum: MP Sarah Wollaston swaps sides over 'untrue' Leave claims

Man sues over police shooting — then is arrested on murder warrant

Pennsylvania News - 6/9/2016

Scotland Bans Fracking, Forever

Obama vetoes attempt to undo retirement savings rule

US Uncut: How 107 Superdelegates Robbed 11 Million Democratic Voters

A good thread from Hannity forums...

Calls grow for probe into campaign donation Trump gave to Florida AG

US Uncut: How 107 Superdelegates Robbed 11 Million Democratic Voters

Daily Holidays - June 9

I know some here want Exit Poll data for California, but it couldn't tell the whole story anyway

Was the "real Jesus" a capitalist?

Local Rep Chabot (R-OH): "Settle the damn case, and apologize to the judge".

Bernie Sanders : 'The Struggle Continues'

Bernie Sanders : 'The Struggle Continues'

Bernie Sanders : 'The Struggle Continues'

Mark Trahant: "Three lessons Clinton could learn from Sanders "

And So It Begins...

Chuck Grassley Compares Trump’s Racism To Sonia Sotomayor Celebrating Diversity

Republicans For Hillary 2016 "TOO DANGEROUS"

A message from Hillary to all of us.

NY Daily News: Hillary Clinton is not the first female presidential nominee — not even close

Political polls are ruining democracy.

Another great pic--Hillary and her mom (that's Madam Prez on the left!)

No TV Screens on French Terraces During European Soccer Championship

New York News - 6/9/2016

Lookie Here: 85% of absentee ballots mailed to independents, had NO presidential race on them!

Saudi Arabian allies pressured UN chief to issue blacklist reversal, sources say

Sanders would benefit from a quick exit, analysts say

How Bernie Gives Hope For the Future

West Virginia News - 6/9/2016

600 years of war and peace, in one amazing chart

Exactly how self-defeating have we become?

The folly of assumptions.

The California "Exit" Poll is only absentee ballots and excludes the last three days of the election

Snopes: Clinton Armani jacket controversy - mostly false

Justices Weigh Challenge to Open-Carry Ban

It's cheaper than a lobotomy. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Man drops gun, causing it to fire

Reich Wing hero Raygun would endorse Drumpt

Syria's Aleppo Sees 3 Hospitals in Rebel-Held Areas Bombed in 3 Hours

Gun-Toting Vet Sits Outside Home Because He Can

NASA’s Giving Away Brilliant Space Travel Posters For Free

Virginia News - 6/9/2016

Civil forfeiture: Oklahoma cops are now coming for your prepaid debit cards, too, not just cash

Assad/Russia bomb three more hospitals in three hours in Syria

Missouri AFL-CIO COPE endorsements

Elizabeth Warren to Call Don the Con A "Loud, Nasty, Thin-Skinned Fraud" in Upcoming Speech

"We didn’t know where Hillary’s votes were coming from bc they didn’t feel it was safe"

Hillary meets the press....

ISIS propaganda-videos use powerful trope "Hero's Journey", but professor suggests counter-measure

Sen. Jeff Merkley & Rep. Raul Grijalva tell Sanders that it is time to end his campaign....

Weekend after Hillary's Trump speech in San Diego, 22% more volunteers showed up for shifts

Wisconsin: Beloit billionaire (who supports Walker and Trump) posts string of zeros on state returns

Our pleas for comity are being rejected.

Dems Join Big Tobacco to Kill Vaping

Anyone here a snowbird from the South? Or know of any? I mean, someone who relocates to

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 6-8-16

Sometimes you just know the relationship is not going to end well

Hillary....She Really Did.

Religious Communities: Welcoming the “One-Percent”

As a lifelong Democrat and erstwhile Pennsylvanian, let me say

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - June 9, 2016 (Final Edition)

Reef Bleaching Global; At Least 38 Nations Or Island Groups; Hitting Reefs In All Tropical Oceans

Hillary: Before hitting the stage election night, practiced talking about her mom w/o tearing up

Alaska On Track For Hottest Year On Record; YTD 10F Above Historic Avg. Statewide

Photos: Bernie Sanders greets supporters at the Burlington International Airport

Muslim refugees eat and sleep at Catholic parish in Italy

If I were Bernie I would negotiate for something long term and meaningful.

Republican Implodes: Trump Comments Racist, But I Support Him Anyway

Trump Fails to Get 80% of Vote UNOPPOSED in 4 States

GRL - Scientists Use Deep Data Dive (Seals Wearing Sensors) To Track Antarctic Ice Melt

Our Milestone Moment by Connie Schultz

Hillary will need my vote in November to win Minnesota

I've been thinking about Bernie's request to meet with the President

BP Says Global Carbon Emissions Stopped Growing In 2015 (Too Bad Re. Atmospheric CO2 - Oh Well)

We are living history

I just saw an ad during Morning Joe and it was damn ugly

Antivaccine activists gleefully attack and dox a 12-year-old boy who made a pro-vaccine video

Excuse me ma'am, glass containers aren't allowed at this event

Sanders supporters warn Obama: Don't try to stop Bernie (HRC GP)

Bernie Sanders Supporters Attack Reporters Online After Hillary Clinton Declared Nominee (HRC GP)

Donald Trump is a racist. Not a dog-whistler but a consistent, reliable white supremacist

Quick Response

Second layer of information in DNA confirmed

FBI Admits Finding Additional Info On Clinton Server During Email Investigation

Please Vote for my Dog Sable - Take Your Dog to Work Day!

I think Bernie's holding a rally today in DC

"They took away my tweeter. . . . I feel so naked." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Ex-KKK leader David Duke blames ‘Blitzer and the Jews’ for Trump’s troubles in wild rant

Ramadan meal row 'prompted German fire' at Duesseldorf shelter

Federal judge: Alabama can't enforce laws banning same-sex marriage

God, guns and votes: Missouri Republican governor candidates take to the airwaves

Interview with white nationalist Trump supporter (ex-delegate)

August 2015: Trump calls Repubs who seek Koch support "puppets." Now: Trump to meet with Chuckie.

I can't take it! When does Hillary pick her cabinet and economic advisers?!

Does Bernie check in here on DU? Disturbing article on his mindset these days.

Deciphering some complaints about the CA Primary.

The Primary Wasn’t ‘Rigged’ Against Bernie Sanders & Here are the Numbers to Prove It

Bristol Palin Gets Married

Hillary Clinton’s State Department Gave South Sudan’s Military a Pass for Its Child Soldiers

Why would Sanders want to meet with the head of the Democratic Party, Obama ....

Therapists Confirm Trump's Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Tens of Thousands Demand DNC Add National Fracking Ban to Party Platform

Pelosi at DNC Platform Hearing: Incrementalism hasn't worked. We need to think big.

Hillary Clinton and the Kreplach Joke.

Please do something about the dandelions in your lawn

Why Aren't You As Angry As I Am About Congress?

Trump's own lawyer is donating to Hillary Clinton

How Bernie Sanders exposed Democrats racial rift

ISIS Video Shows Explosion Of A 3,000-Year-Old Assyrian Temple

Democrats Ran No Negative Ads In Primary

Once and for all: Hillary Clinton is NOT corrupted by Wall Street

Kasich: It's 'hard to say' if I'll support Trump


America loses with court vacancy

That should keep em busy

You Want To ‘Protect’ Women In Bathrooms. What About From Actual Rapists?

Choosing a school for my daughter in a segregated city (NYT magazine)

Bernie has been winning as an Independant his whole life

Donald Trump's New RNC Sponsors from Conan O'Brien

An interesting breakdown of the Sanders/Clinton voting totals from the primaries

An interesting breakdown of the Sanders/Clinton voting totals from the primaries

Sierra Club Endorses Hillary Clinton for President!

AVATARS after June 16

OHSU accused of union-busting tactics

RCP general election polls graph: Clinton starting to pull away from Trump

OHSU accused of union-busting tactics

Politico: Sanders would oppose Sherrod Brown as HRC's VP

Sanders would oppose Sherrod Brown as HRC VP

Bernie Sanders, my preferred candidate, didn't lay a glove on HRC during the Primary season

The DNC Willfully Ignored Election Fraud in Chicago

No, I want to stop people pointing it out!

A Higgs Boson walks into a church

History > bedtime.

And the smears against Bernie continue.

Samantha Bee: Other Female Firsts Covered Like Hillary’s Historic Nomination

Today's animated Google Doodle: Honors birder Phoebe Snetsinger:

Will both Obama and Sanders speak in a few minutes

Hillary Clinton To Address Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Mesmerized by the Democratic Platform Drafting Committe Hearings (Second Day)

Bernie Fan: “Where Did All These Clinton Voters Come From?”

If you are independent, why do you want to vote in a party's primary.

Pakistan: woman killed for elopement is buried

World Sets Record For Fossil Fuel Consumption

Donald Trump, Roy Cohn and the Fair Housing Act

LUPICA: Bernie Sanders' Nomination Battle is Over and he has to Admit it

Why Ponies and Unicorns are necessary against GOP Boogeymen

Huge well-controlled CA exit poll deviates 16% from Dem results, but only .07% for GOP.

Why is Rosanne Barr trending on Facebook?

Choosing a school for my daughter in a segregated city (NYT magazine)

How much Common Ground Do HRC and Bernie Sanders have Opposed to Trump?

950,000 ballots still have to be counted in just 3 CA counties ALONE (there are 58 counties total)

How Bernie will win California (CRUCIAL INFO), please please read:

I am down with a Clinton-Warren ticket. Who is with me?

Climate and Hurricanes 2016

Election Integrity Project: "We have never seen such widespread mismanagement or manipulation of the

Is this in the Kama Sutra??

2016 Horse Racing - Free Belmont Stakes PP's from Brisnet

Bernie Sanders called Sherrod Brown last night

POI Podcast: Athens’ Atheists - Tim Whitmarsh on Religious Doubt in Ancient Greece

"...presumptive GOP presidential nominee and foaming man-possum Donald Trump..."

Give Me Something To Believe In

Save the Senate, Joe Biden is the best VP pick.

Venezuelan Supreme Court Bans Media From Publishing Lynching Videos

Joy Behar: "I'm sexually attracted to Bernie"

Venezuelan Supreme Court Bans Media From Publishing Lynching Videos

‘Horrific accident’: Woman killed by umbrella at windy Virginia Beach

Mk Am. Abbrev. Agn.!

Good news - Religious strangle hold on America easing off

POI Podcast: Robyn Blumner and Ronald A. Lindsay: A Joining of Forces, a Passing of the Torch

POI Podcast: David Silverman - The Relentless Ascent of Atheism

POI Podcast: Jessica Valenti - The Measure of a Woman’s Worth

A note from Hillary

"Republicans Cure the Zika Virus" by Brian McFadden

A note from Hillary

Pic Of The Moment: There's Wishful Thinking, And Then There's This

Hey HRC supporters--why the continued attacks on Bernie? Party unity?

Newly released FBI documents shows Petraeus disclosures less damaging than Clinton emails

Britain's Royal Navy warships are breaking down because sea is too hot

Calif. judge who had sex with intern, attorney in his chambers wins reelection

Poor? - Get some chickens - Bill Gates answer to poverty

Chinese warship in contiguous zone around Senkaku isles

Les Paul was born on this date.

Reports of Siskiyou County sheriff intimidating voters (xpost from GD)

rep. peter king calls trumps comments racist and he supports him.

Probe calls Time Warner Cable's Internet speeds 'abysmal'

The black hole within Donald Trump

Jackie Wilson was born on this date

Japanese Plutonium Arrives in US

Requests for advice on maternity harassment hit record high in Japan

Cole Porter was born on this date.

White House Issues Track Record On LGBT Rights: DOMA, DADT, Hate Crimes Law, HIV/AIDS, And More

Well BS got his photo op with President Obama..

I was reading an article that indicated that Don D. Con ...

If I was an abusive alcoholic father, I would want Paul Ryan to be my wife

Japan report on Chernobyl disaster's health effects to be publicly released

Even freaking Rasmussen has Trump down 4 now

Thai Wildlife Officials Raid Hua Hin Zoo Over 100 Unlicensed Animals Seized

Why This Woman Is Tricking Her Body Into Thinking She Gave Birth to Breastfeed Her Boyfriend

Chinese children are 8 centimeters taller than they were 40 years ago

Sanders live on MSNBC now, following his meeting with Obama

Labor union leaders aim to aid Tim Canova's challenge to Wasserman Schultz

Appeals Court: No 2nd Amendment Right To Public Concealed Carry

Why do people think Democrats who refused to run for president would want to be a VP?

Suggestion Box Submission (Possible "Ignore User" Upgrade)

Bernie is making a stump speech for D.C. in front of the White House.

Ex-Stanford swimmer expected to leave jail 2 months early

Bernie is speaking now post-meeting with Obama. He's talking unity against Trump.

Excellent and strong statement by Bernie Sanders in front of WH...

Sanders doing a press conference at the White House.

Rain wreaks havoc at Taoyuan airport

N.J. High Court Rules in Christie’s Favor in Pension Lawsuit

N.J. High Court Rules in Christie’s Favor in Pension Lawsuit

Standing Applause for Senator Sanders closing words at the White House

N.J. High Court Rules in Christie’s Favor in Pension Lawsuit

Umbrella heist dampens Japanese city's spirits

I'm running for state rep against an ALEC 'Star'. I won my primary...DU love anyone?

Supreme Court Throws Out Death Sentence Over Judge Who Had Prosecuted Case

Any DU love for me, running against an ALEC 'Star' in Otero County?

Reid congratulates Clinton on victory.Obama is expected to formally endorse Hillary after meeting.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department Gave South Sudan’s Military a Pass for Its Child Soldiers

Malaysia makes arrests in immigration department scandal

How you can tell when it's time to trim the bush

Bernie Sanders talks campaign's next steps after White House visit

Should We Petition Skinner to Close the Sanders Group?

Latest Reuters Poll has Clinton 8pt ahead of Trump

Life in Malaysia's Kelantan amid a push for Islamic law

There’s Something Weird Missing From The GOP’s Website


Why Trump’s Campaign Is a Total Disaster

Thanks Obama

California's record registration fails to result in record turnout

Priorities USA: The Choice is Ours

I am going to Piss off my fellow HRC supporters, but I would actually


Based on nothing but gut feeling, I'm betting Obama withholds Clinton endorsement until . . .

William Clinton: Sanders supporters 'will be toast’ He is trying to win over Bernie supporters.

The idea of Unity....

David Duke defends Trump, blames Jews for judge criticism

A Brief Medical History Of Farting

5 Things Hillary Can Do to Win Over Bernie’s Supporters

How is Hillary going to unite the party? I don't see it happening.

hee hee

how many embassy deaths occured under w and no one cared

Unity doesn't need to start on June 16th. It can start earlier

The Daily Show - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Welcomes Syrian Refugees to Canada

White male doctors earn 35 percent more than black male doctors

Ex-Stanford swimmer expected to leave jail 3 months early

Just watched Bernie Sanders 6/7 speech

hey paul ryan, trump didn't 'walk back' anything. you, sir. are deluding yourself

Sanders pledges to work against Trump after meeting Obama

I'm goin' down to the corner to hang out with all my friends

Beyond Brexit: Europeans increasingly lose their faith on Union

FULL: Bernie Sanders White House Press Conference (6-9-16)

FULL: Bernie Sanders White House Press Conference (6-9-16)

I'm wearing a tank top and Madras shorts if anybody is wondering.

Choosing a VP is a strategic election decision.


Yes, its OK to vote for Hillary because she is a woman!

The Media Is On The Edge Of A Murrow Moment

Appeals Court: No 2nd Amendment Right To Public Concealed Carry

These are the victims of the deadly Kalamazoo bicycle crash

Madonna on Obama (HRC GP)

No, It’s Not Hillary’s Job To Persuade You To Vote for Her

Who Could Hillary Clinton Choose as Her VP? A Cheat Sheet

How Hillary Changed After Bernie

BREAKING SCOOP from @danbalz: Obama to endorse Clinton this afternoon, campaign with her next week i

Obama endorses Hillary...

CNN: Obama will endorse Hillary Clinton today


I hope that we are getting ready for a Trump replacement.

President Obama endorses Hillary!

Card Readers Allow Oklahoma Highway Patrol To Seize Suspects’ Money

Small bomb blows up Target bathroom while company faces right-wing wrath for transgender policy

Obama Endorses Clinton

President Obama HAS ENDORSED HRC!

President Obama endorses Hillary!

Obama endorses Hillary Clinton, says: "I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold

President Obama endorses HRC: “I don’t think there’s ever been anybody more qualified for the job,”

Horror movie legend proves viral beaten Trump supporter photo is a fraud (trigger warning)

Obama Endorses Clinton: 'I Don’t Think There’s Ever Been Someone So Qualified'

Out Of 2,472 Delegates Going To GOP Convention, Guess How Many Are Black….

Watch President Obama Endorse Hillary

Political scientist: Bernie isn't the future of the Democratic Party. Barack Obama is.

Sanders meeting with Reid right now

Why Trump’s Campaign Is a Total Disaster

Rename three streets named for Confederate generals, Says Advisory Council (FL)

Wow! Obama's Hillary endorsement was spectacular.

We Can’t Burn Down The Country Just to Spite the DNC

US flags removed from Confederate graves on Memorial Day weekend

POTUS endorsing, Warren speaking tonight, Biden speaking...what a great day!

A question about Trump and the TV machine...

What does Bernie's uphill climb to take the nomination look like?

You wanna see some crowds...wait until Barack Obama hits the campaign trail!

Hillary and Bernie ran 206,000 ads - and not one was negative

"I saw the baby bison that tourists tried to rescue. Here’s what you don’t know about the story."

Why HRC is bad for black people, the shorter version

Sanders Tells Obama He'll Work With Clinton, Won't Drop Out

California Called for Clinton While 800,000-3,000,000 Ballots Remain Uncounted

Sanders pledges to work with Clinton to defeat Trump

In 2 days, Democrats have done more to win the presidency than Republicans in the past 5 weeks

Antigovernment Groups Show Interest in Montana Pond-Building Case


Obama endorses Clinton as Sanders vows to team up fight GOP,,Finally,,,,,

Direct from California SoS: Clinton's Lead Has Expanded Substantially in California Since Tuesday

The Dream Team- Let's go Hillary!

Hillary just kicked the Don where he feels it the most.

How long before Trump starts demanding

President Obama will campaign with HRC in Wisconsin next week

After meeting with Obama, it sounds like Bernie Sanders is preparing for defeat

Politifact: "Sanders: African-Americans lost half their wealth because of Wall Street collapse"

WH Briefing After Obama-Sanders Meeting

Household Worth in U.S. Rose by $837.4 Billion in First Quarter

UN calls on Ireland to reform abortion laws after landmark ruling

UN calls on Ireland to reform abortion laws after landmark ruling

Judge Aaron Persky: Prospective jurors refuse to serve

Jim Hightower: Bill fixed our economy the same way a veterinarian fixes your dog.

Hillary answers The Donald's tweet.

"Delete your account"

Europe migrant crisis: Doubt cast on identity of 'smuggler' extradited to Italy

Sanders brought his own breakfast to the White HOuse

Hillary Just Got Obama's Nomination: Who's Got the Stronger Squad Now, Trump?

Come on. You knew Trump was one of those. See his true face in this image.

Is it safe

Italy politics: Silvio Berlusconi to have heart surgery

Hillary Tweet Slams Trump

VP Biden's open letter to the young woman raped by the swimmer had me in tears.

'Tortured' rendition couple angry over failure to charge MI6

$4M Pot Hidden in Chemical Semi Tanker Truck Mexican US Border Trans-Mex

Martin O'Malley just endorsed Hillary.

Delaying tactics of ‘sovereign citizens’ (TN)

Jennifer Epstein tweets: biggest endorsement of the day?

IF Hillary wants to get anything done she will have to go through Bernie Sanders

Just a song that came to my mind after listening to the W.H. enthusiasm to get into election.

Thanks to Obama, the rich paid more in taxes in 2013 than they did in 1980

PSA: In Canada, wear your seatbelt when having sex with the driver of the vehicle!

A question about the "2 for 1 Deal" after June 16th

New Jersey top court sides with state in high-stakes pension case

Republican Candidate Campaign Sandwich, Anyone?

USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Sanders' painfully awkward reaction when asked about Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton

Paul Begala on POTUS endorsement

Martin O'Malley Tweet

Jerry Jones explains why he won't run for president, is 'proud' of Hillary Clinton

Did y'all catch that reporter asking when Obama made the endorsement video?

Hillary's Going to Eat Trump's Lunch!

Read Joe Biden's Open Letter to the Stanford Survivor of Sexual Assault

U.S. top court deals blow to Puerto Rico sovereignty claim

Martin O'Malley tweets his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

O'Malley just endorsed HRC. (Edited to add the entire statement)

Apparently I am fighting a losing battle for the healing process.

Recent News: Health & Wellness division at Microsoft and Verily Life Sciences at Google/Alphabet.

My Motto

newt gingrich loves donald trump again--not a spine in the entire republican party

U.N. chief blasts Saudi pressure after Yemen coalition blacklisting

Toon- Upcoming Democratic Debates

EU to tighten guns rules despite concern it will restrict hunters, collectors

Where are the Missing California Primary Votes?

House committee moves to cut funding for financial regulators

House committee moves to cut funding for financial regulators

Puerto Rico debt relief bill clears House hurdle

NPR: Bitter Rivals To Allies: How President Obama Evolved On Hillary Clinton

Ohio Legalizes Medical Marijuana

FINALLY ... I just got my settlement check in the US Mail!!! (updated)

Now that the primaries are all but over we can all get behind the important issues.

Patti Grace Smith, Champion of Private Space Travel, Dies at 68

The two rescue kittens are growing and making themselves right at home

This just in: Warren expected to endorse Hillary tonight!

Sen. Chris Coons: Warren endorsement "possible tonight"

What are the best, must-read DC anthologies which would give me more background

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 9, 2016

Progressives have not held this much political power since FDR. We will decide the general election.

"I don't think there's ever been someone so QUALIFIED to hold this office." President Obama

Sen. Elizabeth Warren to endorse Hillary Clinton tonight on Rachel Maddow

Robert Reich: Obama's endorsement a huge mistake.

Article titleBomb Explodes in Chicago-Area Target Bathroom

Did anyone save any newspaper front pages from Tuesday, June 7?

UN Chief Admits He Removed Saudi Arabia From Child Killer List Due To Extortion

Prosecutor says Stanford rapist lied to judge

Trump's claim of judicial bias...

Drops the Mic!

Post song titles that people get wrong.

Keebler's had a bit of a setback Positive Update this evening :-)


Martin O'Malley endorses Hillary Clinton

Pickup driver charged with murder in 5 Michigan bicyclists' deaths

Hillary’s instantly iconic “delete your account” tweet is her most retweeted post ever -

Trying an alternative to nexium

Look who's speaking along with Warren and Biden tonight

New Documentary on the Secret Life of the Human Pups (wtf)

Trump Spokeswoman Blames The Media For Her Boss’s Racism

American who fought for ISIS facing charges

Norway Becomes World’s First Country to Ban Deforestation

Spice gull: seabird turns orange after falling into vat of curry

Wow, just had my first "hidden post", so proud - been real, until this year. n/t

Kalamazoo cyclist crash suspect had previous DUI charge

(Pennsylvania) Catholic Legislators Feel Church's Ire Over Abuse Bill Votes

Trump Wants to Attend Muhammad Ali’s Muslim Funeral, Here’s How Ali’s Family Responded.

Trump's Deleted Tweets

Why Is American Democracy So Broken, and Can It Be Fixed?

High school valedictorian reveals undocumented status in speech

Report: Elizabeth Warren To Endorse Clinton Thursday Night On MSNBC

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminates Trump’s Judge BS, Calls Curiel ‘An American Hero

Getting involved with organizing a workplace. Any tips?

Audubon: The Golden-cheeked Warbler Avoids Sure Path to Extinction, Remains Protected

Big advantage for Hillary is Obama

Judge in Stanford sexual assault case receives death threats

Audubon: The Golden-cheeked Warbler Avoids Sure Path to Extinction, Remains Protected

MSNBC: Warren to endorse Hillary tonight on Rachel Maddow.

For those who were asking for a T-shirt

Thanks Bernie! - With Love, From The Thom Hartmann Program - Callers spend an hour thanking Bernie..

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will Endorse Clinton ON THE Rachel Maddow show.

Trump Florida golf club suit heads to court in August

Shooting unarmed teen: okay. Lying about it: lose certification...

EPA: Marathon to Cut Air Pollution From Detroit Refinery

this guy is absolutely shameless...

Hillary Must EARN Progressive Votes, No One Is Capitulating To The DNC

Three things can not be long hidden...

The REDDIT gang offers some thoughtful responses to the President's endorsement of HRC

This was an impressively fast closing of ranks.

Navy Admiral to Plead Guilty to Lying in Bribery Probe

Sanders and Minorities: Confusing racial support with a racial agenda

Awesome! Clare McCaskill urges Donald to pick Todd Akin as VP

Martin O'Malley Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Colombia to Force Novartis to Lower Prices of Cancer Drug

Colombia to Force Novartis to Lower Prices of Cancer Drug

Life has to be a bitch for Trump. The guy he hammered over his birth certificate is coming for him.


BREAKING! President Obama hits the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton (Wisconsin-June 15)

Released Guantanamo Detainees Killed Americans, Officials Believe

Thank You Bernie

Nina Turner: A strong, smart woman w/integrity.

A question .."Do things on the internet upset you that you wish you didn't have it?

Bernie tweet...

this was meant to be within a thread... oops again...but i still like it.

Nicaragua Court Throws out Leadership of Opposition Party

MONSANTO CAN'T deny the reality of science from Ring of Fire & their glyphosate taskforce

Conservative Takes Former Speaker Boehner's House Seat

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Washington, DC. 6-9-16 DC Armory Lot 3 at RFK Stadium =*=

So, Americans have a choice between a racist and someone that's supported racist policies.

Democrats Are Now the Aggressive War Party

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Washington, DC. 6-9-16 DC Armory Lot 3 at RFK Stadium =*=

Republicans Defend Display of Confederate Imagery in Capitol

Animal Rescue Update: Sea Turtle Week

[Onion] 'Post Long, Aggressive Rants On Social Media,’ Says Bernie Sanders...

City Of LA Workers Will Be Driving Electric BMWs

Woman Poured Vodka Into Boy's Eyes at Hotel Pool

Calls for Bondi Trump investigation

I believe Hillary will win 40 plus states if the Democratic party pushes back against GOP

No, I want to stop people pointing it out!

Is it "too soon" to #FeelTheUnity ...

House Republicans Unveil National Security Blueprint as GOP Struggles With Trump's Proposals

House Republicans Unveil National Security Blueprint as GOP Struggles With Trump's Proposals

Is there a way to see how many people have trashed a thread ? Does the poster even know ? nt

Without Bernie

Trump is never going to make it to November.

I've Got The Feeling Sanders Is Going To Get Buried Under The Avalanche Of Endorsements For HRC

Venezuela Opposition Leader Hit With a Pipe in the Face

Haley Barbour talking on MSNBC....He is off the scale on the Sleeze-O-Meter.

"I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office" -PBO

Time for a few freshly minted fractals (Dialup Warning)

Officer Goodson trial: Prosecutor says Freddie Gray 'was injured because he got a rough ride'

Susan Collins may go with Hillary...

"I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office" -PBO

Urgent action needed to stop terrifying rise in air pollution, warns OECD

Billionaire Trump backer paid no state income tax for 3 years, records show.

USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Republicans launch dating site for Trump fans = not a parody

Just saw Obama's endorsement video. Nice props to Bernie!

Joe Biden and Victor Hugo.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 10 June 2016

Ex-Flint police chief may face charges in Detroit teen's wrongful conviction

Picnic border.

‘Trump Not Welcome’ protest group formed ahead of Irish visit

So what's Bernie up to I was at work?

An interesting first person anecdote from California on Facebook

Donkey herd says goodbye to Bram

Some of Trump's Hispanic employees reject his racism and support Clinton

Congleton Bear

Long Line for Bernie sanders rally June 9 Washington, D.C.

With Trump as presumptive nominee, (Ohio) state senator resigns as GOP delegate

Taliban Gains In Afghanistan Threaten Costly U.S. Reconstruction Effort

White House Puts Responsibility Squarely on Clinton - Won't Be Carrying Her Water

Hillary Clinton Statement on ‘We the People’ Act

CNN Trump Supporter HAMMERED By Panel

United Steel Workers Union Endorses Hillary Clinton for President...

Hillary Clinton Statement on ‘We the People’ Act

With All Votes in, Kuczynski Celebrates Win in Peru Election

With All Votes in, Kuczynski Celebrates Win in Peru Election

Don't be surprised if some men would raise the issue of "three women at the top."

House Benghazi Panel Interviews 'John From Iowa'

House Benghazi Panel Interviews 'John From Iowa'

by Robert Reich:

62 Years Ago Today, Sen. Joseph McCarthy Was Exposed for the Cowardly Scoundrel He Was

Oh dear lord, HA Goodman is still insisting Sanders will win

Rapey Brock Turner’s Lady Defender So Sad No One Wants To Listen To Her Band Now :(

Texas AG Paxton Asks Court to Dismiss Civil Fraud Lawsuit

She Really Did

Hillary to Trunp: "Delete Your Account"

Someone needs to put together a "greatest hits" of HA Goodman, Seth Abramson, and Sane Progressive.

Is a grown man who makes fun of the physically challenged a sociopath ?

The Cathedral and the Confederacy

Favorite Hillary Primary videos (warning video heavy)

An interesting read about the criminal investigation and whether Hillary will be indicted.

"She has the courage, the heart, and the compassion to get the job done."

Mt. Prospect, IL Residents Fuming Over Adult Diaper Store

House approves Puerto Rico rescue

Nate Silver's Intuition On Bernie Sanders Is Dead Wrong - Jimmy Dore

So the entirety of the Party is unifying around Clinton in a single day

FBI Targeting One of World's 'Worst' Email Spammers

Can Reading Make You Happier?

Rapey Brock Turner’s Lady Defender So Sad No One Wants To Listen To Her Band Now :(

WaPo: Trump is going nowhere with Latino voters. Here’s the proof.

One plus side of Hillary being the nominee

Poor U.S.-Russia Relations Increase Risk Of Dirty Bomb In Europe - Experts

David Duke Steps Up to Defend Trump's Attack on Judge

Latest Fox News Poll and demographics (Edited)

Benghazi farce nears its end: Surprising no one, Gowdy’s report will drop just before the election

National Association of Letter Carriers endorses Hillary Clinton

You Want To ‘Protect’ Women In Bathrooms. What About From Actual Rapists?

The Grace ad against Trump

A few shots from Charleston

Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Clinton: Hillary’s Squad Suits Up Against Donald Trump

Argentina: $20 billion in wealth has been transferred to the top in Macri's first 5 months in office

Argentina: $20 billion in wealth has been transferred to the top in Macri's first 5 months in office

Senator Warren to endorse Hillary Clinton on the Rachel Maddow Show.

US Cautions Israel Not To Escalate Tensions After Tel Aviv Attack

Crazy Michelle Bachmann on MSNBC right now

Richard Lewontin - Biology as Ideology Lecture 1

Northwestern faculty members seek to form union

Northwestern faculty members seek to form union

Tweety is taking Michelle Bachmann to the woodshed verbally!

Northwestern faculty members seek to form union

Widespread panic in Ireland as flooding continues.

Future was orange for seagull that fell into vat of curry - until rescuers cleaned him up

Roof gambles on death trial by lone judge

Puzzled by MSM puzzlement on Sanders

Bernie Sanders Vows To Go All In Against Trump

I guess I better introduce myself

Pro-Sanders, DNC Protesters Booking, Selling Out South Jersey Campgrounds

Honduran Indigenous Leader Asks Sen. Dick Durbin To Help ‘Stop the Assassinations’ in Honduras

Bernie Sanders: 'I Look Forward To Working With Secretary Clinton'

Honduran Indigenous Leader Asks Sen. Dick Durbin To Help ‘Stop the Assassinations’ in Honduras

Bernie's live from DC right now on MSNBC.

Guatemala: Eight generals face trial over mass grave at military base

6-9-16 The Power of Fear (Senator Joseph McCarthy) in 2:00

6-9-16 The Power of Fear (Senator Joseph McCarthy) in 2:00

Doctors Say Turner May Have Lied About Previous Drug And Alcohol Use

6-9-16 The Power of Fear (Senator Joseph McCarthy) in 2:00


Wow! Senator Warren is tearing it up!

Palestinians celebrate terror attack in Tel Aviv, Saudis strongly condemn

Sen. Warren is ripping the GOP for blocking Obama's judge appointments

Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?

Chris Matthews Speculates that Obama Sees Massive Clinton, Democratic Wins in November

I thought they had disappeared. I was wrong.

In the latest Reuters polls, Hillary Clinton leads by 10 points against Donald Trump

Jim Cornette on What Happens If Donald Trump Becomes President

Statement from Vice President Biden's Spokesperson

You were born in a Taco Bell': Trump's rhetoric fuels school bullies across US

Elizabeth Warren: "Trump is just a guy who inherited a fortune and

ok, Warren, you're passing the audition spectacularly.

Martin O'Malley endorses Sec. Clinton

Watch Muhammad Ali funeral live

Newt Gingrich calls Trump "virtuous"

Elizabeth Warren's speech cut off Sander's speech

The garden is planted. (Tomatoes are 3-4 feet tall already)

Warren's the VP, done deal

The face of Trump. This is what we are fighting.

Tulsi Gabbard does NOT want to be DNC Chair (as proposed here previously)

Holyyyy shit!! Elizabeth Warren is kicking serious Trump ass!!!!!!

If you are not listening to E. Warren right now

Wow! Elizabeth Warren is on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, CHRIS HEDGES, Livestream on Thom Hartmann Dem. Party, Election, Democracy,

The Latest: House speaker's lawyer lampoons lack of evidence

Watching Warren on MSNBC NOW!

Remember the Colorado woman GOP'er who called Obama a chimp?

Now this, dear friends is how it should be done. A true thing of beauty!


The most important political speech of this American Century

Elizabeth Warren for President! Holy cow this is like the best speech ever!

AP Exclusive: Water giant gave $1.4M loan to official

Statement From Vice President Biden's Spokesperson

Brock Turner is everywhere--what it's like living in Rape Culture

Joe Biden up next at same event Warren just spoke at

Elizabeth Warren just gave the speech of her political career.

Sen Elizabeth Warren just turned in her application for the VP job.

UN: Ireland's abortion ban is cruel, discriminatory to women

In Wake Of Deadly Attack, Tel Aviv Mayor Speaks Out Against Israel’s Occupation Of Palestine

I can't help but think it could be Bernie out there making these speeches excoriating Trump.

Bill Clinton was popular at the end of his term; Barack Obama is popular at the end of his term...

Bernie-or-Busters as Anarchist

Serena Williams Pelts a Heckler With Tennis Balls

Small bomb damages Target bathroom as company faces criticism for transgender policy

X-post from GDP: Jerry Jones explains why he won't run for president, is 'proud' of Hillary Clinton