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Tulsi Gabbard for DNC Chair NOW (edit)

A challenge..

Tulsi Gabbard for DNC Chair NOW

It must be that time of the year..........

The erhu has only two strings,

Dianne Feinstein for DNC Chair NOW

Hey, when did Captain Marvel turn into Ms. Captain Marvel?

Since everyone's gleefully throwing out names for DNC Chair, let me ask you a question...

Kudos to Bernie Sanders for not letting himself be drawn into a Democratic hate-fest. n/t

For the love of all that is holy, please don't let DWS step on that stage at the DNC

“I did not hack the Democratic National Committee’s computers.”

Movie Deal and Recommendation.....

Who Are All These Trump Supporters?

And DWS is back!

Breaking - New E-Mails Reveal Clinton Campaign Bias Against Bernie Sanders

Shut the fuck up, Trump!

Make America smart again (

Is it me or are ads in movie theaters getting more obnoxious?

Cats vs. Ice Ball

Can you imagine if Hillary was thought to be in cahoots with Putin?

Democrats resolve DNC Wikileaks issue amicably: Bernie Sanders is still on Team Hillary Clinton

Sanders supporters have gotten their pound of flesh, is this enough to get them to unequivocally

Jaybuss Fukking Kerist, how much more such shit will keep pouring out?

Donald Trump and Russia Conspire to Embarrass DNC on Eve of Convention

As a Bernie supporter I don't want to see

Could Climate change be a big part of why Bloomberg has endorsed Hillary over Trump?

I am no longer sitting on the Fence.

Donald Trump defends Roger Ailes, casts suspicion on his accusers

I think it would be really nice if someone made sure that no one loses their job, maybe

The Corrupt Media

Trump stands by his NATO comments

Barack Obama Is the Standard Bearer for the Party of Roosevelt

I am jazzed about the convention. Bring it on!


Trump Gave His First Major Interview As The Official GOP Nominee. It Was Completely Unhinged.

All the Sunday Morning talk shows referenced the wiki leaked emails and every show repeated

The latest renewable energy myths from Murdoch and the Coalition

Iran destroys 100,000 'depraving' satellite dishes

part of the reason we got trump after a republican circus is because hillary will win.

Demonstrators Demand 'Clean Energy Revolution' on Eve of Dem Convention

Trump supporters are also fox news supporters.

how would I ggogle to find my state's highest LOW temperature?

Russia Bombed Base in Syria Used by U.S.

HRC essentially picks the DNC are some qualities she should look for among applicants:

is this 2016 this century's 1964?

Trump doubles down on NATO pullback, slaps at GOP Senate Leader McConnell for second-guessing him

"Donald Trump Is Not Well" - that is all. No need for content.

Has The DNC Ever Had A Minority Chairperson?

Will The Republicans who oppose Trump be like the righteous gentiles of The NAZI era?

Squeaky shoes.

"Pound of flesh" is ugly and anti-semitic

Colombian women, LGBT victims stand to get equal 'peace rights'

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

So Happy to bring this here..Martin O'Malley will address Democratic Convention

Trump's Newest Ad Is So Fucking Weird

WTF...Is that all you got?

Cenk on DWS

Crazy idea: why don't we stop the madman who's running for President?

Mother of ambassador killed in Benghazi tells don the Con, GOP: Stop invoking son's death

DRUMPF is thrilled over half-brother of OBAMA's endorsement

I liked watching the 60 minutes with Clinton & Kaine

How do we know Trump and his consigliere, Manafort, won't share his intel briefings with Putin?

oh yeah this COULD BE tRUMP

Tim Kaine has belonged to a black church for more than 30 years.

Trump on latest iteration of Muslim ban: 'You could say it's an expansion'

The reddest of red states, and the Interior redder than any other.

Saw a great bumper sticker yesterday I want to get it

"Donna Brazile, will serve as interim chair through the election. So lets get back to work

The "untouchables" behind India's cow carcass protests

I wouldn't put anything past what Putin will do to help his pal Trump

Suckabee tells "Never Trumpers" to get out of the Rethug party.

I nominate Fiona Ma as DNC Chair

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 25 July 2016

O.K. she's gone. Can we have some appreciation for her Democratic positions, please?!

Clint Eastwood's friend for DNC chair!

What's your action plan for the election?

Dubya worried he may be the last republican president

Marcia Fudge to serve as Convention Chair

Sanders Team Wanted DNC To Pay For Private Plane For Fall ~ (GD 16)

Sanders Team Wanted DNC To Pay For Private Plane For Fall ~ (HRC GP)

I finally realized what Trump reminded me of at the RNC

Does anyone else feel like they've been slapped in the face?

Researchers Who Exposed VW Gain Little Reward From Success.

Jill Stein doesn’t mind helping Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton

Jim Wallis: God Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear

IMF Disavows Neoliberalism

Do we realize that since 92'

So Who Wants To Talk About Star Trek: Beyond? * Spoilers, obviously*

Jon Stewart for DNC Chair!

by Robert Reich:Does Hillary Get It?

Religion in the Comics - 54

I'm fed UP: CNN having a discussion about how bad the emails are for the dems,

Brazile apologized to Sanders campaign in meeting: 'This stupidity needs to be addressed'

Here's the issue I have the media coverage of the emails.

Researchers Who Exposed VW Gain Little Reward From Success.

They have ruined the run up

Germany blast: Syrian migrant 'behind Ansbach explosion'

Don the Con says HE is our only hope (he knows he is lying)...

Alex Jones Crashes TYT RNC Coverage

Report: Dem chairwoman Wasserman Schultz won't speak at convention

Robert Kagan: Obama “Doesn’t Want Nuclear War”

Trump: I should have let Cruz get 'ripped' off stage

Of Vladimir and Debbie

Trump supporters explained:

I'm not worried at all

Kim DotCom: The @Wikileaks nuke to end @HillaryClinton is yet to come.

Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke

Justice League Special Comic-Con Trailer

This will be a serious mistake if Hillary lets DWS

Trump: Sanders turning out to be 'weak, pathetic'

2016 Democratic National Convention Speakers & Schedule

Just can't shake the squicks.

Roberta Flack

"Bye Bye Birdie"

WikiLeaks emails reveal DeRay Mckesson was vetted as a potential DNC surrogate

To remain chair, DWS reportedly plotted to accuse Obama of being an anti-semite and a sexist

Maryland Democrats object to Trump's Baltimore comments

Inside The Scramble To Oust Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Have some of these emails been doctored?

Trump calls Wasserman Schultz "high neurotic" in tweet

China Slaps Ban on Internet News Reporting as Crackdown Tightens

5 Fearless Black Female Warriors Throughout History You Should Know

DUers write new country song from Lounge posts

Is The Religious Right Abandoning the Republican Party ?

Joe Biden won't slow down after official exit

Delaware state budget surpasses $4 billion mark

scam using mediacom

strong storms lashing honolulu now. ... Flooding and power outages

Awesome. Lead story on helping Trump?

Southern California's Sand Fire a growing threat to people, homes

How Putin Weaponized Wikileaks to Influence the Election of an American President

To what level is Trump being controlled by Russia?

N.J. gubernatorial hopeful Fulop must denounce shady $1M donor

Trump campaign gutted GOP’s anti-Russia stance on Ukraine

Syrian asylum seeker detonates bomb in Ansbach, Germany

20k or so emails and all they could find was people in the DNC did math?

Daily Holidays - July 25

Faith Ekakitie stopped by police at gunpoint over mistaken identity

Man pulls gun in fight over boy kicking back of chair at Kentucky theater

Clinton campaign — and some cyber experts — say Russia is behind email release

Last Week with John Oliver: Republican National Convention ("Feelings")

Trump is a Fraud

The Trump Putin Axis is a national security threat

Up to 17 People Shot in Ft. Meyers FL Nightclub

Fort Myers nightclub shooting: 2 dead, at least 13 injured (Teen night @ Club Blu Night Club)

US researcher: Young shooters tend to research role models

2 Dead 13 wounded

Priebus: "What Trump said wasn't intended to be a factual statement."

For those who get into the fast pace of DU...

What's next with Democrats' gas tax plan to end N.J. road construction shutdown?

Lessons from Roosevelt: The Past of the Democratic Party

DNC, America needs another Barbara Jordan 'common destiny' speech

Another $20M needed for Bergen County upgrades

Final NJ Transit union ratifies new contract

60 years ago tonight: MS Stockholm collides with SS Andrea Doria

Democrats party on battleship in Camden

loving me some Donna B

Why I don't give a crap about DNC emails: How Putin could invade the Baltic States in 6 easy steps!

New CNN Poll: Trump Bounces Into the Lead

New Pa. anti-hazing law targets middle and high school students

This should be interesting: Morning Joe is going to discuss alleged Putin/Trump connection

Mexico's indigenous people viewed as victims of prejudice, poverty: study

Mexico's indigenous people viewed as victims of prejudice, poverty: study

Despite criticism over Sandusky payouts, Lubert elected PSU board chair

El Salvador Faces Dilemma over the Prosecution of War Criminals

Why are the DU mods allowing all of the Democrat bashing?

Mother Jones: Are Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Really BFFs?

Trump got a 10 point Convention bounce

Time to punch Trump in the gut: CNN/ORC Trump 48, Clinton 45.

Trump to visit Pennsylvania, in the middle of the DNC

Latin America's first large-tire recycling plant inaugurated in Colombia

How Putin Weaponized Wikileaks to Influence the Election of an American President

Why are Republicans supporting Donald Trump?

Russia Today reliably chooses to tell only half the story about the DNC e-mails

Ron Fournier is on MoJoe today.

Ferguson legacy becomes key issue in Missouri elections

Sanders: "I'm not atheist ... it's an outrage"

John Podesta on msnbc now.

How was the DNC impartial to either candidate pre statistical DNC primary lock up?

Who else is speaking tonight at the DNC besides Bernie? nt

If the DNC’s toxic leaked emails are for real, this is what Hillary Clinton should do about them


Bill Press is talking on and on and on

Trump ordered to pay 300K for lawyer's fees after losing lawsuit...

Ancient icons on display at Vatican Museum, mixing Orthodox and Catholic styles

All About You.

Ted Koppel interviews Trump supporters at the RNC...

If War Is Hell, Then Coffee Has Offered U.S. Soldiers Some Salvation

Let's Say Trump's Russian Ties To Putin Are Proven Beyond Reasonable Doubt.....

Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.83B, marking end of an era

Kaine not liberal enough? Just ask Virginians.

Let it go.

Elizabeth Warren will deliver the Keynote Address tonight in primetime (just before Bernie)

At a GOP convention where expected violence didn’t happen, history repeats itself

Muslims hold interfaith rally on National Mall

Sanders, seeking unity, finds hold-outs in his movement

did the RNC vet Trump at all?

Recognizing Heat Exhaustion vs Heat Stroke and actions to take.

Is there a conclusive list of all the Trumpisms?

Clinton set to break ceiling

Don't be fooled...Tim Canova SUPPORTS the Iran deal.

Juan Williams: Dems must not be complacent against Trump

POLL: Meme of the Month – July 2016

Welp. Wikileaks is retweeting Ann Coulter . This is where we are now

Can hope trump fear in Philadelphia? - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

The Clinton campaign does adequate cleanup of the Debbie Wasserman Schultz mess - By Ruth Marcus

This is not how I remember the micheal brown shooting. From wiki

Prayers and Readings for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

Sanders Statement on DNC Chair Resignation

.@WisDems Chair Martha Laning starting up first delegation breakfast of the week. @TerryMcAuliffe to

Turkey detains 42 journalists in crackdown as Europe sounds alarm

Please rec...

U.S. praises confidence-building measures with Chinese military

Donald Trump and allies forced to answer questions about antisemitism

=*= 2 LIVE Streams: Democratic National Convention 2016 Day 1 =*=

Clinton On Accusations Of Corruption: GOP Has Created ‘Hillary Standard’

Speaking of trans-Atlantic crossings that didn't end well: Air France Flight 4590

G20's deference for China's economic policies irks Japan

‘It’s frightening’: Morning Joe terrified by Trump-Putin ‘bromance’

Suicide bombing north of Baghdad kills 16, Islamic State claims attack

Civilian casualties increase as Afghan troops battle Taliban: U.N.

Something to remember regarding the Trump/Putin scandal.

Donald Trump in Winston-Salem tonight

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Campaign Songs

Who is the bigger villain and bigger priority as far as who progressives should be taking down?

"No habla espanol, motherf*cker!" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump spokesperson Scottie Hughes!!!

So, Trump was able get a good bounce from the GOP convention?

WikiLeaks Warns MSNBC’s Reid: ‘Our Lawyers Will Monitor Your Program’

DWS should not be appearing at the convention, at all.

How is DWS being bullied and harassed?

They didnt just cheat

Trump Foreign Policy Advisor Retweets Anti-Semitic Post

Marni Nixon, the Voice Behind the Screen, Dies at 86

Sanders: Leaked DNC Emails In No Way Change My Support For Clinton

Why the continued posts about Jill Stein? Piss on Jill Stein.

Unnecessary, Bernie supporters, with the disruption! Damn! Flame me and I don't care!

Simple question about Trump and the money he is setting from Russia

With Pa. lawmakers in recess, several high-profile bills left in limbo

The DNC leak is doing short term damage to Democrats. But...

With Trump, the GOP is becoming the Jingoist Racist Isolationist Anti-Islam Party.

Longtime deputy killed in robbery at Round Rock home

Don't get complacent! Don't go negative!

Andrea Mitchell...

A musical request for when First Lady Michelle Obama takes the stage tonight.

We're off to Philadelphia and DNC 2016!!!

Alabama superintendent lifts ban on 'Amazing Grace'

CBS Poll: Trump 44, Clinton 43. Don't get complacent! Donate, Volunteer, Microtarget, Register!

RAGBRAI rider run over & dragged in tent Sunday night

If DWS is allowed to speak at the convention tonight, we're in real trouble.

Leftovers-The Breakfast Of Champions

DWS is radioactive! She needs to go far away

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Trump Adviser And GOP Congressmen Gave Pro-Trump Interviews To White Nationalist Radio Host At RNC

imagine if you will that Hillary Clinton refused to release her taxes....

"Julian: I Am Your Father!" -Vladimir Putin

End Trumps IRS audit TODAY

Debbie Wasserman Florida delegate breakfast

Energized white supremacists cheer Trump convention message

So TWO unacted emails out of 20 THOUSAND, doxxing donors

Trump and Putin share a common purpose: the destruction of Western Liberalism.

Bernie's Brother Larry marching in Philly July 24

DWS should have no role in Hillary's campaign. I say this as big Hillary supporter.

Study Finds Drop In Prescription Drugs In Medical Marijuana States

Ansbach explosion: Bomber pledged allegiance to IS

#DNCLeaks: Is it Shocking if Party Preferred Clinton?

Paul Manafort has a long legacy of assisting leaders who are beloved by their people.

Clinton welcomes DWS to campaign as ‘honorary chair

Robert Reich

Trump isn't winning enough white voters

Here's a thought. DWS should seek out Bernie and apologize.

Sad start for Registers' Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa RAGBRIA

Fuck Putin

10 years worth of bands that played at Armadillo World Headquarters

Sad start for Registers' Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa RAGBRIA links to Iowa & Bicycle groups

DUer for the Memorial Wall

New Poll: Clinton LEADS IN GEORGIA

Monday Sucks

Debbie Wasserman Schultz just had a disastrous moment at the Democratic National Convention

Against gender roles and other binaries? Blame monotheistic religion.

July has been hot as hell...

Bernie Sanders Supporters Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ in Philadelphia Protest Against Clinton

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s primary opponent Tim Canova to file FEC complaint against her

For those who have DirectTv, the convention can be viewed on channel 347, without commercials or

Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy. He is unfit for the presidency

How true, Hillary! WE know!

New questions surround Putin’s interest in Trump’s election

Fifty years ago today, the Monkees recorded their first single.

Kevin Durant, Draymond Green booed by LA crowd at U.S.-China game

Began the day by getting into it

Please rec if you are tired of posts starting with 'Please Rec if ..."

The Trumps at breakfast...

Trump as a business opportunity...

Robbie Mook said that DWS is still planning on an appearance

TV media want a Trump win, not a horse race.

Food Network Star went crappy so I hit delete...

First Made-for-TV Cartoon --- CRUSADER RABBIT

I heard that they were going to have to change the name of DU to DWS

Trump says he will not fully support NATO. Trump said he feels no obligation toward NATO

If you’re female and running for president, you better be perfect

Scott Walker Just Put An Insane Person On His State’s Supreme Court

Let Michelle Obama do the opening gavel of our Convention!

Beer for this summer

Mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and other victims of police violence will speak at DNC

I Submit We Have become a Nation of Idiots

After a ‘disturbing incident’ on the T, questions about riding while black

Tim Kaine goes to church

FiveThirtyEight election forecast shows Trump ahead

Growth in white poverty fuels Trump’s run: Largely ignoring the trend has consequences

So I just started rewatching Game of Thrones from Season 1 Episode 1.

Why didn't Tim Kaine run for President?

What's at stake. The concept we must convey.

Top-ranking GOP Illinois state lawmaker Ron Sandack resigns--anyone got the real story?

I spent an 2 hour and a half hours seated next to an "independent" voter from Nebraska ...

Additional speakers announced for Democratic Convention

By blood pressure is up,

Paul Manafort, the maggot's scampaign mgr

When they destroyed Parisian art

2/3 of my GOP relatives are voting for Hillary

I went to the RNC last week and walked through the streets.

Sanders supporters chant 'Lock her up' at Philadelphia rally: report

Consumer Reports Promotes Woo Again.

It's going to be a bumpy ride. This is only the first dump that's coming down the pike.

politicians vs hedghogs--you decide

Was President Obama ahead

About my previous post regarding DWS

Wonder why Chloe Grace Moretz is at the DNC?

Dems pressure Wasserman Schultz to abandon convention role

Quid pro quo

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 25, 2016

Hillary speaking to vfw on CSPAN right now....

Trump delegates like Obama policies but think they're praising Trump.

My soccer coach dad had two sayings: "The best victories are those won in the face of adversity"

Here's some irony: Bernie Sanders is doing more to help Hillary than DWS is.

Prescription Pain Killer Rant: Just had major abdominal surgery...

New lithium-oxygen battery greatly improves energy efficiency, longevity

Difference in Rep/Dem's explains Presidential choice -

I have a solution to the problem--ban emails!

Poll Averages, people. It's the opposite of DEMOCRATIC PANIC!!!

Living on borrowed time—Study of extinction rates following habitat loss offers hope that some spec…

Actually, I thought the primary was over. But ...

The One Question I Want All Gun Nuts to Answer

No one is moving me from my support of the Clinton/Kaine ticket..

Kaine's Spanish interview with Telemundo to air today (Monday)

Can anyone point to specific emails sent by DSW that are truly offensive

Marcia Fudge says she was picked 'weeks ago' to chair the Democratic National Convention (video)

Bernie sanders: Leaked Emails In No Way Change My Support For Clinton

Have I been catapulted back in time to the land of McCarthyism?

How are Putin/Trump's Russian minions different than the Watergate Burglars?

By Resigning, DWS did the RIGHT thing.

Hillary wanted DWS gone last year.

Reince Priebus commenting on DNC undermining Sanders...and they really wanted Trump in the beginning

DNC email leak, Sanders die-hards threaten Clinton's effort to unify in Philadelphia

The Young Turks Livestream: Rally on Day 1

Clinton brings in the heavy hitters

UGH - DWS booed at FLA delegation breakfast in Phili...her convention role

I'm going to refer to my new spokesperson Tommy Lee Jones as it pertains to the recent DNC kerfuffle

DWS should no be allowed to take the stage this week -AT ALL

Remember 2008 when the convention was all about Hillary?

Xpost: The One Question I Want All Gun Nuts to Answer

Trump probably can't win Ohio, says state's governor, John Kasich

If Warren was the VP pick, we'd be talking about that all weekend not the email story.

Let me get this right...people are all worked up because out of 20,000 hacked DNC emails,

Deadbeat Trump strikes again: refuses to pay a vendor $34K. Gets sued. Loses $300K.

Larry Sabato: Democrats get a 5 point average bounce from conventions, GOP 4.5.

"The Bernie delegates are shouting down EVERY speaker in the CA breakfast at this point."

***** BREAKING - FBI investigating suspected Russian hack of DNC emails*****

Refugee camp company in Australia 'liable for crimes against humanity'

Politfact: Donald Trump wrong that Tim Kaine took more gifts than Bob McDonnell

Elizabeth Warren To Keynote Democratic Convention

please don't get lost in the cesspool of all the side bullshit

DWS might be outta the DNC, but her flunkies are still there

Manning cleared of doping allegations in documentary: NFL

New Nike Ad: Unlimited Future

No more rats: New Zealand to exterminate all introduced predators

Don’t Get Excited About Polling Numbers For A Couple Of Weeks

Trump supporters admit that their goal is to remove Blacks, Hispanics and Jews from the US

Sarah Champion unresigns as Labour Shadow Minister in letter to Jeremy Corbyn

So here we are..

Beware of dirty tricks...

Voter Demographics PEW Research Center

Once the convention opens tonight and Michelle Obama speaks, Bernie Sanders speaks......

Trans-Pacific Partnership provisions 'questionable', says Productivity Commission

California Delegates Boo Speakers At The Mention Of Uniting To Elect Clinton

An open letter to Debbie Wasserman Schultz from Van Jones...

Hillary closing comment to VFW speech today...

Who decides when WikiLeaks publishes....

Did Debbie Wasserman Schultz Send Any Problematic Emails?

Hacked emails include DNC staffer researching Trump campaign manager's Russian ties

Putin to Shun Olympic Opening Ceremony

Why the Democrats are likely to become the majority party for decades to come

DC: Security Guard Charged With Hate Crime For Assaulting A Transgender Woman In May

LATAM Airlines to pay $22 million over Argentine bribes case

LATAM Airlines to pay $22 million over Argentine bribes case


Russia Was Involved In DNC Email Breach

WWYD if as head of DNC you saw an Independent trying to defeat a Democrat?

Judge bans Uber background check in NY lawsuit

Cnn’s Poll: Trump has overall lead!

It is time to re-state the purpose of this Group

Here's how to interpret the new polls showing Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton

I suspect there will be a few delegates who end up being stripped of their credentials.

Man Sentenced to 25-50 Years After Daughter Kills His Son, 9

Is DWS's postion with the Clinton Campaign going to be paid?

Georgia Appeals Court Says 'Upskirting' Not Against the Law

Think the leaks are a "nothingburger"? Former DNC Chair Ed Rendell: "Serious" "Truly violates"

Food for thought: Was Sarah Palin right about Putin?

Georgia Appeals Court Says 'Upskirting' Not Against the Law

The only way to get the truth about Trump and his wife's

Turkey thanks Putin for unconditional support over coup attempt

What should have been donnie's mantra.

New Zealand Athlete Claims He Was Kidnapped by Police in Rio

L Train Will Shut Down Between Manhattan and Brooklyn in ’19 for 18 Months.

Nate Silver seeks to calm people freaking out about his Now-Cast forecast

Alstom, Amtrak come to terms on $2.5 billion deal

DNC DONORS are pissed over the emails too

We need Bernie..

One good thing from all this hoopla with wiki is it shows their fear.

Please do not fall for GOP Interlopers Posing as Bernie Supporters

What the Blue State Democrats do for the Red State Democrats!

EPA Moves to Regulate Climate-Warming Airliner Pollution

On a scale of 0-10, how worried are you about Trump winning?

Husband Shoots His Wife With Nerf Guns For a Week

California Delegates Boo Speakers At The Mention Of Uniting To Elect Clinton

Bernie thanking delegates in Philly live on cable now

Wikileaks Put Women in Turkey in Danger, for No Reason

LIVE NOW Bernie at Delegates Meeting (at convention link)

Sanders is speaking to delegates: NOW!

LIVE: Bernie addressing his delegates now. Livestream link

The FBI is now investigating the suspected Russian hack of DNC emails.

NFL looking into video allegedly featuring Aldon Smith

Bernie is almost pulling a Ted Cruz!

Do you honestly think dws would step down so quickly

The REAL Bias - Watch Coverage of Bernies Speech

Ailes might be gone from Faux "news..."

Remember isn't illegal to favor a candidate like some folks at the DNC did

Meet the guy who outsmarted everyone by applying for DNC protest permits months ahead

FBI confirms investigation into DNC email hack

Why would the GOP keep this proven liar on thier payroll?

FBI Confirms Investigation Into Massive Hack of DNC

"Short-fingered vulgarian"


Trump's "Win Over Bernie Voters" strategy is now fully into its "insult their candidate" phase

Truck of New York State Teen Missing for Five Years Found in Tennessee


These Bernie Supporters are Officialy Insane

Bernie supporters booing mention of Clinton

Talks underway for DWS to relinquish the opening gavel

she needs to move toward the anti-establishment

How are they so clueless? "The One Question I Want All Gun Nuts to Answer"

Bernie is doing everything he can right now

Bernie's Got My Support for any position in the Clinton Campaign... Head of the DNC

when does der drumpfenfuhrer start receiving national security briefings?

It is possible to unhappy with the DNC and scared of Putin's potential involvement

Bernie just got Booed by his supporters

Discussions underway to not have Debbie Wasserman Schultz appear on DNC stage

DWS Not speaking now!

Sanders campaign manager: We must elect Clinton

Diplomatic win for China as ASEAN drops reference to maritime court ruling

Give a nod (or a rec) for Bernie throwing in for Hillary.

Embattled DNC Chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz Won't Speak at Convention

Skinner and EarlG are posting UPDATES!!!!!!

Minister calls Pokemon Go "demonic..."

11:30 ON MSNBC -SMH-No way to report what I saw without getting a hide.

Reality is setting in on both sides

Charity Rating By Charity Watch: Clinton Foundation In case anyone missed this.

I'm going to be blunt. If one adopts a course of action that elects a fascist, they're not liberal.

Jebus Kerist "I think Trump is less dangerous ...

DWS IS OUT from convention.

Bernie Sanders has created a Frankenstein that he no longer control

TYT Livestreaming NOW Outside Bernie's Speech

Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not gavel in DNC

Certain delegates vowed to Boo DWS until she left the stage-so she will

Bernie Sanders has created a Frankenstein that he no longer control

Betting on the Gender Gap: The Women's Vote in the High-Stakes Elections of 2016

Federal Highway Administration Awards $3 Million for Highway-related Job Training

Betting on the Gender Gap: The Women's Vote in the High-Stakes Elections of 2016

Betting on the Gender Gap: The Women's Vote in the High-Stakes Elections of 2016

Bernie Sanders: Tonight's Speech

Debbie Wasserman Schultz tells Florida newspaper she will not gavel in party's convention

A DNC staffer had their personal email hacked

The Gender Gap, Then and Now

The Gender Gap, Then and Now

The Gender Gap, Then and Now

With all due respect...

Is Russia influencing our election process?

The right-wing claim that gun violence is decreasing

Donald Trump Not Prepping For Debates, Will Just Be Himself. Clinton Campaign OK With That.

Progressives voting for Jill Stein or Trump

Where were all these protestors last week?

Larung Gar: China 'destroys buildings' at Tibetan Buddhist academy

How is the fart fest going.

Myth Busted: Hillary Clinton Didn’t Reward Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Skinner, it is past time . . . . .

Sean Hannity is still lame. Also, water is still wet, the sky is still blue...

FBI Suspects Russia Hacked DNC; U.S. Officials Say It Was to Elect Donald Trump

Center for Inquiry Condemns Anti-Atheist Bigotry from DNC Staffer

Where are all the reporters that the DNC fed misinformation to?

It's just that this feel more like Gore/Bush 2000 than it does Obama/McCain 2008

Lots of conservatives on the Liberal media today.

People..Remember please... today is July 25, NOT OCTOBER 25........MOST WILL COME AROUND

Why would HRC immediately hire DWS after corruption revealed?

Holy Fucking Stupid Idea: Baltimore Mayor (D-RADOACTIVE) To Gavel in DNC Comvention

So who has read a leaked email from

Pope Francis Tells World Youth to Rise Up Against Global Capitalism

The "Bernie Supporters" being interviewed in the march are crackpots.

These Bernie protesters saying they would vote Trump to stop Hillary

IF we lose this election because a few asshole delegates push bullshit at the convention...

Did someone say this convention was going to be boring?

ANYONE who says he/she would vote for Trump to stop Hillary is nothing but a fucking NUT.

We have to reach out to young bernie supporters who might stay home

Let's not forget what happened last time there was a break-in at the DNC.

maybe something good will come from the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz debacle

For journalists covering Trump, a Murrow moment

Sanders gets booed as he urges supporters to vote for Clinton

All right folks when referencing "Bernie supporters" interviewed for news stories

Do you use Bok Choy? A quick question.

MSNBC making big deal about crowd barriers erected

MSNBC is interviewing "Bernie" protestors out marching in the streets

Bernie Sanders has earned my respect....


Donald Trump is sui generis. He is uniquely awful and uniquely dangerous (REDUX)

Video: Bernie Sanders Addresses Delegates at Democratic National Convention (July 25, 2016)

Question submitted by Orrex

Sanders Gets Booed After Telling Fans to Support Clinton, 'This is the Real World'

This is the type of Trump info that needs to be out there every day.

Trump to start getting intelligence briefings

My house burned down, i awoke on a respirator 100 miles away and now live in a hotel.

Marni Nixon Has Died - Voice of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady

Let's be clear...Bernie was not "booed." The shouts were "We want Bernie"

Tiger Attacks Tourist, Kills Another at China Safari Park

Texas Reaches Agreement With Families in Birth Certificate Case

Mayor Rawlings-Blake will be gaveling in our Convention

Unity is the Reality..Bernie, President Obama, Tim Kaine, Michelle, Elizabeth, me, you and Hillary

Al Gore just endorsed Hillary Clinton

This election is too weird

I'm gonna take a break from DU until the DNC begins later.

New Zealand vows to kill every weasel, rat and feral cat on its soil

Do not fall for the video on MSM that shows there are 'Bernie Protesters' all over here in Philly.

As a Bernie supporter, I apologize for the crazies among us

They are probably going to boo

DNC broken into to help elect Republican.

Tim LaHaye, author of 'Left Behind' end times novels, dies

Obama: Trump 'is ultimately helping do ISIL's work for us'

Trump is a Crook. Why is this not all over the Main Stream News ??

Putin wants to destroy NATO, ‘not by attacking it but by splintering it,’ says head of U.S. forces

So the FBI is investigating the leaked emails

Was driving to my new home Saturday on I76 and passed a small number of "Move the Movement"

The 14 defining characteristics of fascism.

Wasserman Schultz Heavily Booed At Democratic Convention Meeting

Al Gore Endorses Hillary Clinton

Meanwhile: Gisele forcing Tom Brady to get part-time job during his suspension

Any shouts of "Lock her up!" at the actual convention

You know what? I'm putting DU on ignore for a while.

In a likely vain attempt to stem panic

Tim LaHaye, Co-Author of the Left Behind Series, Has Died

Susan Sarandon Says Bernie Sanders is Just Like Unarmed Black Men Being shot by cops..

This all felt sort of familiar, then I remember why ...

Will Michelle Obama get booed?

Reince Priebus hanging round CNN like a bad smell today

The Individual States - Not The Political Parties - Decide What Kind of Primary Is Held

CNN is covering Rump from Roanoke, VA

Contact MSNBC and tell them to stop cutting away to every Trump stunt.

From a communication standpoint, "nothingburger" is such a juvenile and silly term

New Zealand headed for disaster — link to BreakingNews

California Delegates Boo Speakers at Convention Breakfast Jeers for Pelosi, cheers for Sanders

Academic: Kaine was the logical choice as Hillary Clinton’s vice president

Sanders Team Wanted DNC To Pay For Private Plane For Fall

It is over we are doomed!

CBSN coverage - Trump drowned out by overdubbed network chatter - lulz

Intel Officers Are Worried. Trump security clearance in question.

C'mon CNN. Gore has been out of the public eye for 10 years, or so

Read this and calm down


Don't rule out the idea that some of these "Bernie delegates"


There is an OP that is saying Nate projects Donald to win. IT IS A LIE.


What do you call working with a foreign government to hack Democratic email accounts?

Donald Trump is a Russian Spy. Something is not right with him.

D Convention Streaming On Direct TV Channel 347 Now

Fitz: Listen to Ed Abbey, the Anasazi: Save the San Pedro

"If we elect this cartoon of a human, we will have made a mistake! A straight-up mess!"

DOES ANYONE HAVE A GOOD INTERNET link to the Convention?

How Is The Tone Compared to RNC?

We are posting convention pics in real time on Instagram.

Its 4 o'clock. Bang the gavel!

The media as usual are giving too much emphasize on the protesters

Trump’s Poll Surge Is Serious – Stop Pretending It Doesn’t Matter

I feel so sorry for Bernie...some of his supporters are shaming him badly...

DWS became a distraction. Did the right thing and resigned her position and withdrew from

finally they are interviewing sane delegates

AMD Quick Stream question

Trump's friends...

It's 4PM. The convention is upon us

Does Kristina Schake stop smiling when off camera ? :) She does a great job in dealing with media.

Got my C-SPAN on, got my water...

Can anyone tell me where to stream the convention online?

Wel damn. The choir isn't even done yet and I'm choked up.

360 Degree live stream of the Democratic Convention

Definitely not the RNC

Streams of the 2016 Democratic Convention Day 1

Donald Trump Goes Nuts On Twitter Rant Attacking Bernie Sanders

C-Span is great. Don't know why I ignored it so long. nt

I hate to go unskewed polling up in here

2016 Democratic Convention Day 1

Neither Bernie nor most of his supporters are responsible for the crazies among them

So proud that my nephew lives in Philly now.

Why don't the radical supporters use their energy against the real enemy...Trump?

Is RNC Chief Privy To Hacked DNC Emails?

The Business Model Of "No Permanent Jobs" Must Be Reversed.

Darby Makes the Closest Pass to Honolulu by a Tropical Storm in Recorded History - Jeff Masters

Man, they are ROLLING out Philadelphia.

Putin and Trump

What a contrast between the audience at the Democratic Convention verses the audience at the

There is a group trying to prevent delegates from entering The Convention.

Undeniable evil of religion

20 minutes into it and so happy...

Are any of you really surprised?

YouGov/Economist: Hillary 47% Trump 42%

Go about your business, says Reince Priebus—no big deal if Russia hacked the DNC!

Bernie just sent a text to his delegates...

A Christian? Oh really?

The first mention of Hillary, chants of BERNIE that shut everything down for

Excellent statement about the "likeability problem." Boston Globe.

Please someone help me before I throw my TV across the room!

C-SPAN has the best coverage of Convention!

Tim Cain audio:

If there is a silver lining in this behavior

Can't they find atleast some people eagerly supporting Hillary?

Credentials Committee Report: "No unresolved credentials issues"

just received this:

Just received this from M'OM:

I'm a great-grand uncle!

Why do you support Hillary? I am asking this because I am tired of hearing that Trump is the only

If you want to watch the convention, watch it on CSPAN.

Cub fans today:


Trump: Warren's 'got a fresh mouth'

Oh dear God. The Bernie or Busters at the convention are practically writing Donald's tweets for him.

They are booing any mention of Hillary and Tim Kaine. This is sickening. nt

This is disgusting.

The Young Turks are livestreaming from the floor of the convention now!

It's nice to see people at a convention who don't

Those disruptive delegates look familiar

Real fast, I'm already tired of the booing of Dems, including of the soon to be nominees. n/t

Silly media reporting every little outburst

Hackers target personal data of DNC staffer who was researching Trump’s pro-Russian campaign chair

So have the bernie or busters started their fart-in yet?

So now we'll discover who the REAL Bernie supporters are... and aren't.

Why the Democratic Party cyberhack matters - By Jennifer Rubin

There's something particluarly ugly about this booing while Rep. Fudge is at the podium.

That does it. I am no longer a liberal. I don't want in any way to be associated with those punks.

My phone is constantly ringing with friends expressing how offended and pissed

Events in Philly are making a pretty damn strong case for closed primaries.

I can't watch this mess, and I'm angry

CBS' Pelley repeats the GOP Big Lie about Hillary's emails - when will tv get honest newsreaders?

I just saw someone IN the building saying they're not voting for Hillary.

Link to the Democratic Convention Live

Imagining a Trump Justice Department

WATCHING MSNBC. they interviewed a CRAP delegate from Oregon. She says she may not vote Hillary

Apparently MSNBC can't find a single Hillary delegate on the floor of the DNC to talk to.

This is not a coronation, it's a convention


m$nbc whipping up bullshit at convention...breathless reporting from the floor

Bernie Sanders started a political revolution. Now he can’t stop it. - By Chris Cillizza

Bernie owns this. These are not random protestors, they are delegates who

Exclusive: More evidence that Trump's campaign chairman is connected to the Russian hackers

Do we need hard core Bernie supporters?

Letting her speak is the same as letting Ted Cruz speak!

Chuck Todd said he was at the republicans

White Rage

I supported Bernie in the primary...I support unity now...

Can we calm down a little here at DU?

The Love Trumps Hate signs need to go NOW!

Isn't it interesting and, somewhat, amazing ....

I expect Chuck Todd to start throwing feces at any time....

DNC Apologizes For 'Inexcusable Remarks'; Subway Service To Arena Station Suspended

Don’t blame Wasserman Schultz for Sanders’s political failures - By Jonathan Capehart

They gave Diane Russell too much speaking time. IMO

Alright, alright, I kneejerked earlier and I am sorry I did. I'm watching

Are these protesters Pro-Bernie, or anti-Clinton??

Hey, it worked for Bush

Why would anybody feel loyalty to DWS?

Dianne Russell now speaking is doing a great job

Al Gore endorses Hillary Clinton

I'm going to put this right here...

I spent 25 minutes this afternoon calming down a Bernie supporter

Sanders Pleads With Supporters to Avoid Protests as Democratic Unity Threatened

What exactly is happening at the convention?

Screw MSNBC. It's like watching a baseball game

Tokyo knifeman kills more than a dozen: reports

Take the pot stirring talking heads out of picture and watch the convention on C-SPAN.

Boeing Sees Need for 30,850 New Pilots a Year as Travel Soars

The overwhelming majority of Sanders supporters will vote for our ticket in the fall.

Heart and John Mellencamp Join ‘John Oliver’ Supergroup for Anti-Campaign Anthem ‘Don’t Use Our Song

DNC apologizes to Sanders for 'inexcusable' emails

They are drowning out Elijah Cummings's great speech with chants of "NO TPP"

Elijah Cummings powerful speech about Diversity is...

Heckling TPP during a black lives matter speech

Watch CSPAN. So much better. Can hear whole speech, as well as protestors.

Is Cummings being heckled during his speech?

Why are the anti-TTP protesters they drowning out Elijah Cummings

TYT Livestreaming from the floor of the convention

*Graphic Language* Trump supporter confronts woman on Subway

I'm loving Elijah Cummings."This election is bigger than all of us.Its about generations yet unborn"

What are people chanting over Elijah Cummings?

I am apoplectic.

This is terrible.

Howard Dean

We are about to nominate the first woman!!

Time to get our shit together...

Dylan's song lyrics tweaked in honor of Donald J. Trump

Solar Power Saves Everyone Money

FBI Suspects Russia Hacked DNC; U.S. Officials Say It Was to Elect Donald Trump

Fuck Julian Assange

Scotland's Sturgeon preparing for independence to keep post-Brexit options open

Why aren't they shouting NO TPP over these other two white speakers?

Ease the tension

Oh, the TPP chanters are letting the WHITE GUY speak.

Congratulations, Sanders DNC delegates, you just killed his movement and his revolution.

Good lord, get this guy Booth off the stage

Elijah Cummings was booed and jeered at while he spoke

Diane Russell from my state did GREAT! Strong Bernie supporter but did a great call for UNITY!

Rep. Elijah Cummings Interrupted By Anti TPP Protesters

Hello, Donna. You got a big ass hug from this Dem.

Ben Jealous

In an effort to be positive

Trump is offering "law and order". Our convention so far is displaying disorder.

More Than a Million Moms At Risk of Zika, Study Finds

Now you see the Hillary supporters catching on. Adopting the platform with WILD approval.

The platform passed with great enthusiasm

"Don't Use Our Song" - Usher, Sheryl Crow, Josh Groban, etc

Why all the alerts?

If they boo the First Lady I will say what is on my mind regardless of the consequences.

At Least 15 Killed in Japan Stabbing Spree: Reports

As a Bernie supporter, I did NOT want this

Will the final insult

DNC to Sanders: 'We're Sorry'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nate Silver Says the Scene on the Floor is Far Calmer Than the Media is Claiming

Sanders needs to cut Nina Turner loose. We're talking Fatal Distraction. She can't let it go.

What if a rogue IRS employee leaked all of Trump's tax returns?

From Martin O'Malley

Sacramento Republican will rip Trump in Democratic convention speech

Fer Gawds sake get a grip

I was hoping we could marginalize minority voices today

I am a cynic regarding the GOP only. I don't trust anything they say. It is all gaslighting.

Let's adhere to one principle...

Raul Grijalva: I stand here in support of Hillary Clinton for President

EU opens probe into Areva rescue package

With the Choice of the Last Two Speakers,

Why the spider webs on the ceiling never get vaccumed.

Trump: Sanders protestors will vote for me.

Man, there are a lot of posters on DU today who need me to set them straight

This is so fucking embarrassing

Wil Wheaton - When a black man, who is a civil rights hero, is talking about civil rights...

Holy Crap - the Russian hack extended to personal email accounts of DNC workers!

We are Democrats!


Is it me, or have things become less uncivil?


So what these people expect?

I am an outcome-oriented political activist. Here are the possible outcomes I see:

Will the Hillary folks boo Bernie tonight?

A good day to repost this

Sources: US Officials Warned DNC Of Hack Months Before The Party Acted

American intelligence officials are "deeply disturbed" about Trump having access to US intelligence

Trumpenfuhrer actually boasted about our "friends" in Russia and China supplying the emails.

Does anyone have the times when Michelle Obama and Bernie will speak?

Bradley Marshell, DNC CFO, Should Be Terminated for His Religious Bigotry

Florida Gator Football Player Rescues Woman Being Sexually Assaulted

What Time is Sanders On?

Democrats Schedule Three Straight Hours of Booing to Get It Out of System —Borowitz is listening in

"Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good." : Sen. Ted Kennedy

I think my position on TPP is shifting from neutral to pro.

U.S. Navy's New $13B Aircraft Carrier Can't Fight


Since I am "reporting" every minute I am starting to get more of a good vibration.

Sanders: ‘I am not an atheist’

White Privilege at the DNC convention

Spoiled Brats

Luffenholtz Beach, Humboldt County, California.

This Is Truly Comical - By Josh Marshall

Governor Dan Malloy- WOW what a personal story!

Strawberry Sorbet


Uh-oh. It's looking more and more like Trump and Putin are in bed together.

Trump Credits One Of 'Our Friends' In Russia, China With DNC Hack

Maybe I'm speaking too soon, but things seem to be cooling down.

My cousin who is inside the Wells Fargo Center said the booing has stopped

Transhumanist Hank Pellissier on Being an “Atheist Missionary”

Raucous opening to Democratic convention as Sanders backers revolt

Hillary supporters who still bear a grudge toward former Bernie supporters and can't refrain from

Regulators propose higher levels of toxic chemicals in Florida's water


A slight edit to the un rig the map video

Al Gore endorses Hillary Clinton

Someone help me out... What is TPP and why is it bad....

Trump's name should not be uttered at this convention

Leah Daughtry-fabulous!

My Dad asked me if people "Love" Trump's Hate!

DNC platform: Plenty for religious progressives to love

If we lose this,you can bet your ass that I'm blaming the BoBs.

TPP and Russian trolls.

I just want to say

Sorry to say this but the Bernie demonstrators with tape over their mouths look ridiculous.

Lots Of Excellent Speeches Being Given By Philly Locals et al

Cubs acquire star closer Aroldis Chapman in trade with Yankees

Top Sanders Endorser: 'Bernie or Bust' Only Helping Elect Donald Trump

CNN coverage better than MSNBC's

Solidarity & Optimism besting Sour Grapes & Nihilism.

Sanders supporters booing Sanders

You know who will get hurt by a Trump presidency?

So I switched from MSNBC to CSPAN, watched some raw coverage.

The people at the convention with tape on their mouths in the hall need to GROW UP and GET REAL.

Hell hath no fury

I just tuned in: am I wrong to feel calm?

Sanders has to own this mess

Can anyone here help me refute...

So we see the petulant wing of the progressive movement ...

Brand Spanking New You Gov Poll Clinton 47- Trump 42

Former Sanders Spox Goes Off On Twitter: 'NO ONE STOLE THIS ELECTION!'

Where will Bernie's movement be if Trump wins?

Msnbc right turn

Marty Walsh rocks.

Crowd starting to unite.

Madame President

Either Liz warren or Bernie must directly shame the rogue element...

Trump’s killed the GOP: He erased covert racism from the party’s platform — by being overtly racist

Top House Democrat on trade opposes TPP as do majority of Democrats in House

MSNBC keeps showing the same five people with tape over their mouths over and over. nt

A fun DNC Convention fact: the very site where the convention is being held...

sunset painting

The Union Reps are ripping the SHIT out of Trump at the convention! It is BEAUTIFUL!

AAAAAND now MSNBC is showing commercials for boner pills.

Rachel & Nina...

Clinton Foundation Said to Be Breached by Russian Hackers

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Trump is driven by one thing and one thing only: the search for glory

Thanks for suggesting C-Span

I'm going to say some nice things about this convention. Can you follow suit?

Just a reminder: At this moment, the leader of the "Not Hillary" Party is Donald Trump.

Union speakers are getting this thing back on track

Trump thanked "his friends in Russia" for the hack today.

This is good!!! It will get people to watch!

What Is So Wrong About A "Progressive Political Revolution" For The Dem Party?....

Micheal Flynn, Trump Foreign Policy Advisor, Retweets Anti-Semitic Post

3 Tweets from @Symone D Sanders

One difference between last week and this

Rachel Maddow is calling them out as FAKE progressives!

Bernie's supporters seem to have calmed down.

From the Office of Chicken Little

Did you suspend parts of the TOS?

Elijah Cummings declares 'Black Lives Matter' in speech, but Bernie supporters shout him down

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Republican Reverberations

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

I am already noticing people talking about IDEAS abd POLICIES!

Thank you Demi Lovato for your courage!

Faux News: Bernie "supporters" planning to boo Michelle Obama

Just Remember Cable News wants Dissent--It boosts Ratings...

If there are boos for Warren or Obama tonight,

Sanders delegate blaming Bernie for bad behavior

Sanders delegates exploring challenge of Kaine selection

TWEET. Pounding Rain Shuts Down Jill Stein Rally

They should just have waited until AFTER Philly to announce DWS' place in the campaign.

Senator Merkley!

Clinton camp has its eye on Omaha, 2nd District electoral vote

So it would now appear that Sanders supporters are in thrall to and in cahoots with

See it there - Merkley calms the waves