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Castro: "Our commitment is to peace and fraternity among all human beings who live on this planet."

This simple calculator tells you how each presidential candidate's tax plan affects you

Clinton camp is going to respond Susan S #bernieorBust meltdown last night...

Here is how Bernie & Hillary's tax plan would effect you.

Bernie Sanders Will Make the Economy Great Again

ok THIS is his undoing

Watch: Sanders supporters imagine a world in which Clinton wins (It ain't pretty)

U.S. top court seeks more information in contraception insurance case

The States Sanders Has Won Predict the Nominee More Often Than the States Clinton Has Won

Bernie Clinton vs. Hillary Sanders

UPdate:HRC Talks Gun Violnce after 3/21 Fundraiser w/NRA Lobbyist "Fix Debt" SocSecSlasher

O'Malley brings his band back to Annapolis.

Taxes on the Rich May Change a Lot in 2017

No criminal charges in California balcony collapse that killed Irish students

Meet Bernie Sanders’ Kansas City economists

Tony Kushner of "Angels In America" fame coming up on MSNBC

Trump Fan Brutally Pepper-Sprays Teenage Girl

Charles M. Blow rant on Sarandon

Othering-Free Zone

How Millennials and Low-Income Consumers Are Propping Up the U.S. Economy

Jazz or smooth jazz??? My brother says smooth is the sound of now.....

Apple's encryption battle with United States still alive in Brooklyn

Sanders, Clinton Set for NY Debate

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-28-16 3 candidates

Something just struck Jupiter, and two amateur astronomers captured it on video

Looks like the Sarandon comments have prompted some deserved blowback.

Weaver (BS Campaign Mgr) Next on Hayes to Discuss Sarandon

Sarah Silverman video about voting (for Bernie)

NOT limited to DU: On ANY message board, why would you put someone on ignore?

Syrian army's recapture of Palmyra may mean Isis has lost the battle – but it's not lost the war yet

Venezuela: Argentina can't "disappear" leftist TV network

UNESCO: Trade in higher education: The role of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

Scott Walker Doesn't Believe in a $15 minimum wage - I Do

Taking the cult of personality to a ridiculous end

Brazil leader's coalition collapses as impeachment looms

Karl Rove refuses to say the RNC will not change the rules in order to prevent Donald Trump from win

Earth cam......... Anyone?? Love's free.....

Woohoo, Wanker, Gov of Wisconsin, has indorsed Cruz!!!!!!!

Anyone watching the clown on CNN?

'Somalia-bound' ship of weapons seized by French navy

i just filled out a official democratic party platform surve

Wealthy Canadian sentenced in drunken crash that killed 4

BE WARNED. I just saw Ted Cruz answer the 'I have cows that need to be milked and

Ted Cruz doesn't even know what state he's from

Canada plane crash on Quebec island kills several

Anyone notice Ted Cruz does this phony sincerity thing when he talks

US pulls Tanzanian aid worth $470m over Zanzibar vote

Bill Press: Media missing the boat on Bernie

People are complicated

On the CNN townhall Ted Cruz just said his favorite food was cheese.

7 police arrested in investigation of Mexican disappearances

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Feel the Bern! Uncensored & Prerecorded &

Ted Cruz is an ideas guy all of a sudden. Did the establishment and all the former GOP

Nance-Holt said, after noting that Clinton had been the only Dem candidate to reach out to her

On revolutionary fantasies

US Air Force F-16 Crashes in Afghanistan, Pilot Safely Ejects

California deputy accused of bribing witnesses in videotaped beating

APNewsBreak: Haley: Feds Agree to Remove Some Plutonium

Good article on GMO labeling.

Missouri to appeal ruling that partly voids traffic fines cap

I love the carpetbagger meme they try to push. HRC ROOM

U.S. Supreme Court Asks Parties for Paths to Settling Religious Contraception Case

Isn't the first step to election reform defining the purpose of elections?

So who do you think DC Madame's lawyer wants to out? He says it affects the election.

Bernie Sanders campaigns in Appleton

“That other candidate on the Dem side did not reach out to us” Holt said, referring to Sanders

The tape was given by me

Diane Rehm guests today finally admitting Bernie's lack of media coverage

It's not about "purity tests", it's about winning the damn election.

‘Troublesome lion' escapes from South African park for second time

Bernie Sanders Just Trounced Hillary Clinton in Three of the Ten Most Diverse States in America

Have the HRC folks stolen the military's ADS Heat Ray?

What good is HRC's foreign policy experience?

Overthrow by Pragmatism: Obama’s Cuban Strategy

Overthrow by Pragmatism: Obama’s Cuban Strategy

NBC's Fake Polling Notwithstanding, Hillary Clinton Maintains Big Lead over Bernie Sanders

Nobody here is "far left"...and nobody here should be called that.


Birdie Sanders (new sticker!)

Don't tease the crabs!

I will never watch Rachel Maddow again.

No, CNN, the States Sanders Won This Weekend Weren’t ‘Largely White and Rural’

There is only one person who can save our nation.

BDS’s fascist narrative

Why a no-indictment for Hillary Clinton would still be a problem for America

Some countries that have had a female head of state

About that Bernie or Bust thing...

How to get an answer from the Administrators?...have not seen one for eons

Luckovich - GOP Primary / Conspiracy

Stephen Has A Bird, Too

Are you feeling sad ???

So Jeannie brought home two new kitties today.

Bernie's Tax Plan Helps the Middle Class: Only The Very Wealthy Can Complain:

'This really helps': More than 40 years after the war ended, Vietnam-era veterans are welcomed home

'This really helps': More than 40 years after the war ended, Vietnam-era veterans are welcomed home

Beware the Blue State Model: How the Democrats Created a "Liberalism of the Rich" by Thomas Frank

This is how a super delegate in Alaska chooses to respond to a caucus-goer. OMG

What are the best newer British Mystery shows out there?

A lot of people who make over $350,000 are about to get replaced by software

Bernie has won 14 states and tied 4 states

fence-sitters & ostriches...and the fearmeme of the 'circular firing squad'...

New York college moves to strip gender markings from all bathrooms

I just found this food, has no GMO's whatsoever!

Tweet of the day winner: Senator Rand Paul

Where some of my $27 went

Mother Jones: Hillary Clinton Is Fundamentally Honest and Trustworthy

Rashomon and the Bernie bird

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak just endorsed Bernie Sanders! Feeling the Bern!!

Note Section?

Hillary Clinton comes to Green Bay

It looks like Bernie supporters have a really hard time with the gender inequality in his campaign.

In today's unhinged DRUMPF yammering, he said his wall will stop the drug problem

Heading up to Berkeley (by way of Sac) for the big holiday weekend.

Should Hillary drop out if she loses Wisconsin?

Negative attacks on Hillary 2.5x as great as negative attacks on Bernie

A bold claim: No one who voted for the Iraq War will ever be elected president. Nor should they be.

Clinton’s hypocrisy on Sanders’ tone: check out her 2008 “tone” against Obama

Worms and Unions are very happy today!

Hard Proof That Hillary Clinton Has Been Losing to Bernie Sanders for a Month Now

It's a Bernie supporter bonanza

When did DU stop being a place where we support Democrats?

The email "scandal" is a complete fraud

NJ Signature day tomorrow....

Susan Sarandon and the Berniacs Who Wanna Watch the World Burn

One reason I keep saying Sanders will not win Brooklyn is... HRC ROOM

2 great tribute songs to Bernie

Tulsi Gabbard talks about Bernie and Wall Street Abuse

The Veterans Scandal on Bernie Sanders’s Watch

So, when will Trump learn?

Anderson Cooper Embarrasses Trump Over Tweet: "That's an argument a five year old makes"

Hillary vs the Empty Chair Chauvinist

Why Hillary Clinton and DLC/New Democratic Coalition Dems are a Losing Ticket

Help Create A Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Debate in New York

Constitutional amendment to protect state parks funding clears Senate (

Minimum wage setback in Birmingham won't deter Mobile County lawmaker (

Investigation by Anonymous Provides Evidence that Bernie was Targeted in AZ Voter Suppression

Jimmy, Ronald, George, Bill, George, Barack, Hillary.

Bernie.....Gender issue?? Really??.....

Setting a record straight. There seems to be some tall tales here about why Bernie left Brooklyn.

recent arrests suggest a wider Islamic State presence in Europe than previously thought

How Bernie Sanders Fought for Our Veterans

Sanders: Former secretary of state employing "hastily adopted campaign rhetoric" to capitalize"

McDonald's workers told to treat burns with condiments, survey shows

Did "Space Junk" destroy a satellite?

TED Talks - Uber's plan to get more people into fewer cars | Travis Kalanick

Group of Congresspeople try to Liken Egyptian Gov. Violence with Israel Fighting Terrorists

I'm ready for a revolution

Jeremy Irons "Abortion Harms a Woman"

Weakened at Bernie’s

Can someone SUCCINCTLY explain the delegate distribution by individual state?

Trump tonight publicly REVOKED his promise to run as a Republican.

Bernie supporters say they will not vote Hillary everyday.

Cruz forces unload on Kasich in Wisconsin

Photo of Bernie event tonight in Milwaukee taken by Reddit Poster!

I Saw Hillary Clinton in Person. I Was Surprised.

We are not alone - This is a good video showing 10 years of FTA protests from

With Echoes of 2008, Sanders Vows To Fight As Path Narrows

Shouldn’t Hillary’s Terrifying Warhawk Attitude Scare Us?

Haitian Political Activist Fritz St Louis Murdered in Venezuela

Police Chief: Bernie Sanders ONLY Candidate To Offer And PAY Overtime...

Joy Reid: "BTW, here are the various candidates' sunday show exposure to date:

Safety first!

NYC Council holds hearing on regulating costumed characters

Hillary supporters have been talking about Susan Sarandon all day on the internet

Leahy Asked State Dept. To Investigate Israeli Human Rights 'Violations'

Bernie Sanders is this year's biggest story

Jewish tartan created by Scottish-born rabbi

Atlantic: There's little evidence that many Democrats would join Sarandon.

BACK TO THE GARDEN: Flower Power Comes Full Circle TRAILER

No. More. War.

CBC IN CUBA - Cuban capitalism an oxymoron no more

How the 2000 Election in Florida Led to a New Wave of Voter Disenfranchisement

More evidence on how Sanders is being shut out by the media

Houston crooks rent $60k SUV in Nashville, sell it for $30K on Craigslist

David Brock at it again.

Back to the Garden: Nature and the Mediterranean World from Prehistory to the Present

Back to the Garden: Nature and the Mediterranean World from Prehistory to the Present

Join the Online Single-Payer Book Club!

Edward R. Murrow's full RTNDA speech - 1958

Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud Happened in State Primary (VIDEO)

Damn, I hope no FBI agent discovers enemy satellite "code" in this vintage media...

Pharmaceutical company hiked price on aid in dying drug

Donate to Tim Canova - Yup, another "Donate to Tim Canova" post. Defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Baby seal winds up miles away from the ocean, in Calif. front yard

Daily Holidays - March 30

Former Navy Noncommissioned Officer Sentenced to 24 Months for Accepting Bribes While in Afghanistan

The Establishment got us this far. relax.

"and uh" why the original Jeffersons Ghost is still here

U.S. labor complaint filed against California warehouse that serves retailers

Bernie will never get anything done as President!

Russia, despite draw down, shipping more to Syria than removing

Flint Official: State Overruled Plan for Corrosion Control

Macri Praises The 'State Policy' That Outlines the New Map Of Argentina

Victory for Unions as Supreme Court, Scalia Gone, Ties 4-4

Student Discusses Safe Spaces and the Right to Free Speech

Letter Fog Turtox Wombakinnon

Attorneys file documents indicating convicted Somerset County priest's family paid $70K in fines, re

Bernie’s Right. Wall Street’s Business Model Really Is Fraud.

Sanders, Socialism, and the Shafted Generation

A wall apart: divided families meet at a single, tiny spot on the US-Mexico border

They Came for the Children: Truth Commission Sheds Light on Canada’s Genocide Against Indigenous Peo

WTF America? — Parents Trample Children, Black Friday-Style, for Easter Eggs Filled with Pez

US Seeks Maximum—If Paltry—Sentence for 'Cold-Blooded' Coal CEO

Why Is It So Hard to Vote in America?

I love it when a plan comes together.

United States Rolls in World Cup Qualifier

One year.

Time to Turn Off Trump Media--All of It!

What makes "belief" and "faith" so special?

If Bernie Sanders wins the New York Democratic primary, some superdelegates vow to back Hillary...

Non Sequitur today definitely hits some people here today.

Second judge says Clinton email setup may have been in 'bad faith'

The US Wants the Islamic State Group to Win in Syria

Trump hissy fit Town Hall last night - now you see why he phones it in

The Pact Between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich to Privatize Social Security

Do We Really Need a Billionaire Class?

What do you want to bet that post 2016 the Republican party...

Every single New York super delegate we contacted said they will vote for Hillary even if Bernie win

The Donald's latest petulant little Tweet calls out MC Rove's dance partner..."like a dog!"

Homeschooling Without God

5 Ways NOT To “Make America Great Again.” And One Way To Do It.

HA Goodman's got some competition!


What’s Killing Religious-Liberty Bills? Big-Money Sports.

Phil Ochs

Let's Face It, Our Presidential Candidates Are Hucksters

Arizona Voters Are Furious About Their Election Mess

Let’s not sacrifice Catholic teachings on the altar of capitalism (COMMENTARY)

Sanders touts 'political revolution,' Clinton decries gun violence X-posted from LBN

Bernie's Problem with Flipping Superdelegates..

Bernie Sanders is this year's biggest story

GBR Bleaching Worst On Record; Sea Temps Highest On Record And Yes, It Has Everything To Do W. Us

when I see 1972 referenced here, it is always about McGovern's defeat and how that same situation

Researchers at Large Hadron Collider are confident to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days

Donald Trump, Revoking a Vow, Says He Won’t Support Another G.O.P. Nominee

The problem with profits - the Ecconomist

Ice Wedge Melting Changing The Terrain Across The Arctic - Could Create A Far Drier North

'Can we all say that together... with an enthusiasm?' or is it 'Please Clap...'

Only problem: The comment Sanders' campaign cites in their release in no way agrees to another debat

🐦Bernie Rally 3/31 - David L. Lawrence Convention Center - Pittsburgh, PA - Doors Open @ 7:30 a.m.

Three words. Destroying Trump at a presidential debate by saying three special words.

AZ confirms massive voter disenfranchisement - thousands of provisional votes to be counted

Apple wants the FBI to reveal how it hacked the San Bernardino killer's iPhone

Susan Sarandon has a great locale for your next workers' council meeting.

Election ‘Shenanigans’ Have Defined the Democratic Primaries and Benefit Hillary Clinton

The 4 Things You Need to Know About Bernie Sanders’ Historic Comeback

Bernie's Campaign Manager responds to Susan Sarandon's statement

New York must be looking mighty good for Hillary

Bat shit crazy.

Some person with a Bernie bumper sticker cut me off in traffic today. Call David Brock!

So, when will Trump go 3rd party on the GOP?

Has Hillary really been vetted?

Please make Roy Cooper the next governor of North-Carolina

In case you were wondering what the end of the world is going to look like

WI-"Hautala said she admires Clinton’s tenacity as well as her compassion and pragmatism."

Hillary's new ad in New York attacking Trump.

No guns at the RNC?

Trump defending his Ass**** campaign manager.

"Prophet of God" is the Capitol gunman

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 200,000 Jobs in March

I withdraw my last two OPs. Its apparent Sarandon would never vote for tRump:

Misleading NYC Election Mailer Could Be Bad News For Trump, Sanders

Did the GOP pay protesters at Duckworth event?

BERNIE SANDERS IS THE ONE FOR ME: Sarah Silverman Explains

Assh*le Ted Cruz refuses to answer questions at town hall

Wednesday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Police Chief: Bernie Is the First Candidate to Ever Offer and Pay Police Overtime

Bolivian president's ex ordered to present love child

5-Things HRC is on Edge About

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Mismanager

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-North Carolina

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

NYT: Hillary Clinton favored to grow her delegate lead over the final half of the primary season

Read this before blaming road rage on your cat

=*= LIVE Streams @ 11AM & 12PM: Bernie Sanders - Carthage College - Kenosha, WI 3-30-16 =*=

Football recruit beats women over comment about his family.

Governor Rick Scott has lost his mind: says Yale should move to Florida...

A Day of Reckoning for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder? Let’s Raise a Glass of Clean Water to That

2016 March Meme Madness: THE FINAL WORD - Game #31

The Disappearance of Hillary Clinton's Healthcare Platform

Washington Post Corrects Faulty Report That Nearly 150 FBI Agents Are Investigating Clinton

I think we are in the midst of a "revolution" right now...

Bill Maher: Gary Shandling Tribute

Deeply Moving Message from Bernie Sanders

Scalia's Death Clears Way for Union Win in Supreme Court

80 Big Name Companies telling NC to repeal their hateful discrimination law against LGBT.

How Corporate Media and Political Establishment Have Tried to Orchestrate the Democratic Primary

Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud

Belgium's Domestic and Foreign Policies Perpetuate Muslim Alienation

Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Alan Greenspan (VIDEO)

You Do Not Have A Right To Exist Per GOP Is You Are .........

Sanders takes down homophobic Congressman Cunningham

National Review just comes out and says it: Fuck you poor white trash!

BREAKING NEWS: David Brock group hits Bernie Sanders with ethics complaints

"HB2 is a Plague Infested Rat"

Washington Post Corrects Faulty Report That Nearly 150 FBI Agents Are Investigating Clinton Emails

Venezuelan opposition preparing referendum to oust Maduro

What if the Super Delegates agreed to proportional support based on their states?

White House Petition for an AZ Revote (sign it!!) and How I Know Revotes Can Happen

Article shows Clinton is a DINO and uses plenty of weasel words to look progressive

Venezuela congress passes bill to free jailed activists

How to scramble data in one easy step.

Sanders camp 'magical elixer'--the momentum being touted. on Steve K right now

Hillary holds GOTV rally in Milwaukee...only a couple hundred show up

TYT: Hillary Campaign Threatens Withholding Debates Over Bernie's “Tone"

Venezuela parliament approves amnesty law, Maduro vows to veto

So, the republican senatorial committee is carrying Sanders' water on superdelegates

What kind of "revolution" would the election of Donald Trump usher?

Trump vows to nominate judges who will investigate Clinton's emails.

Malawi's fearsome chief, terminator of child marriages

Paul Ryan booed at hometown Trump rally

Microsoft's Tay chatbot returns briefly, swears a lot and brags about smoking weed

wonder if Morning Joe will talk about the kid getting pepper sprayed by a Trumpster...

It’s Really Hard To Get Bernie Sanders 988 More Delegates

Editor's note attached to all of Huffington Post's Trump coverage:

GOP senator: "no basis" for Republicans to block Garland

Trump is now refusing to back any GOP nominee other than himself

would Hillary challenge President Sanders in 2020?

Americans are buying more legal pot than Oreos, Girl Scout cookies, and Pringles combined

I knew it was only a matter of time.

Bernie Sanders - Justice

Hillary Clinton, the candidate of We Can't Do Anything Because of Republicans

Bernie Sanders - Justice

Here's how I got Bernie to a pledged delegate majority. It's nearly impossible but I gave it my best

It's my birthday - hoping there's some good news somewhere in the world today!

President Trump’s First 100 Days in office

I was amusing myself yesterday responding to fb posts

There's Something Hillary Is Looking Forward To That We Can All Help Her With By Voting...

538: It’s Really Hard To Get Bernie Sanders 988 More Delegates

Any questions?

What The Flint Water Crisis Investigation Found - Bryce Covert Part 1

Drumpf thinks Supreme Court is used for investigations

Microsoft's bigoted teen bot flirts with illegali-Tay in brief comeback

Central Texas mother allows children to get tattoos

How did we miss this one? Flex-Cam video at a sports arena captures the truth about

Thanks to Generic Other for posting this video this morning.

OMG!! OH NOOOOOOOZ Sanders is abandoning Wisconsin

Is There Any Governmental Entity

Hillary’s “tone"gate disaster: Why her campaign’s condescending Bernie dismissal should concern Dems

Popular Vote Targets & Sanders Path to Victory

Bernie Sanders has Hillary Clinton right where he wants her

AMNY Morning Paper in NYC (Highest daily circulation in Manhattan)

Hillary has Town Hall and visits a Brewery in La Crosse WI

Chuck Grassley poll

Rubio makes unprecedented bid to keep delegates for contested convention

Scalia's War On The Ninth Amendment. Even Some On The Right Found It Horrifying

Does the number of views a post has include the times the poster returned to the page?

I broke into a van in the middle of a police parking lot. Nobody even blinked.

Unlike North Carolina, Virginia avoided LGBT controversy by waiting for court ruling

Massachusetts Volunteers for Bernie Sanders Report Internal State Level Campaign Sabotage

GOP panelists eager to scrap rule that helps Trump

Unlike North Carolina, Virginia avoided LGBT controversy by waiting for court ruling

Line for Bernie Townhall in Kenosha, WI.

I've seen several videos of huge crowds for Bernie Sander's speeches

Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Worried About Ross Perot

25 Things That Keep Getting Weirder The More You Think About Them

Trump Breaks his "Solemn Pledge"

Article Seemingly Intended To Boost Hillary, Cites Her Wage Disparities.

CNBC Tried, and Massively Failed, to Teach People About Password Security

Facebook blocks political commentary after posting keywords like #FeelTheBern

Presidential Pardon for Marcus Garvey

Awesome chart for Bernie's path to the nomination!

Marco Rubio is right! Alaska is one of those "Untied States"

First businessman sentenced for dictatorship-era crimes in Argentina.

How The Hell Could Obama Support A Fraud Like Wasserman Schultz?

about rachel and the dc madam story

Something I think is becoming clear: the electorate wants a multi-party system.

Elephant harassment in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Check your mail...

First businessman sentenced for dictatorship-era crimes in Argentina.

Ezra Klein and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Tax Calculator

Virginia Governor Vetoes 'Religious Exemption' Bill

There’s A Huge New Corporate Corruption Scandal. Here’s Why Everyone Should Care.

Donald Trump Threatens Legal Action Over Charge Against Campaign Manager

The most remarkable think Trump said at the town hall had nothing to do with the loyalty pledge ...

Pentagon: New Army Brigade to Train in Eastern Europe

What is Bernie hiding? #ReleaseTheReturns 1 year will not suffice discuss

WAPO Op-Ed: No Indictment for Hillary Would Be A Problem for America:

Why Hillary Clinton Should Fear Robert Kagan

Poll: Sanders, Clinton Tied in High Favorability Among Jewish Voters

Complaint: Court Sentences Latinos to Costly English Classes

"Thank you" in more than 465 languages

Retired lawyer opens first US slavery museum

Did You Notice Bernie's Major Insult To All Current Ds on TYT?

Demonstrators to Delaware Gov. Markell: End racism in government

Crosspost from GD: Retired Lawyer Opens First US Slave Museum

For A Split Second, Paul Ryan Actually Showed Maturity

François Hollande Cancels Plan to Strip French Citizenship in Terrorism Cases

If you want to learn WHY Bill and Hillary Clinton are so close to Wall Street...

LIVE LINK for Sanders Rally This Morning at Carthage College-SANDERS ON NOW

I once went for a joyride on a hospital gurney

How many DUers are Honda drivers?

McAuliffe vetoes ‘religious freedom’ bill to chagrin of conservatives

Hillary slams Herr Trump in new ad targeted to New York market.

Prosecutor to announce decision on charges in Minneapolis police shooting of Jamar Clark

Oregon's online voter registration

Donald Trump did a CNN townhall last night. And it was a classic.

FOX 10 Phoenix - Voter Outrage! Arizona Elections Hearing

The Radical Education of Bernie Sanders ~

Hillary slams Herr Trump in new ad targeted to New York market.

Oregon's online voter registration - cross posted

New York Post overflows with toilet humor.

Hillary's Surge Protector: Early Voting and the Sanders Campaign

HRC Talks Gun Violence Courting Milwaukee Blacks, Days After Fundraiser W/ NRA Lobbyist

“The Email That Can Land You In Jail.”

A Bernie Sanders Supporter Confronted a Superdelegate — Then Leaked Their Private Conversation

NEW YORK: -the most diverse, excited, passionate crowds I've seen! Welcome home Hillary

Unacceptable that top 25 Hedge Fund Managers make more than all kindergarten teachers combined.

Sham cancer charities settle for $76 million in 50-state lawsuit

80 Big-Name Business Leaders Just Took A Stand Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

Baby goat says hello to horse buddy

U.S. will not recognize exclusion zone in South China Sea: defense official

Wapo backtracks number of agents in Hillary probe

What Not To Say When Someone Is Sick

Fraud "investigation" against Jane Sanders

State police looking for naked man who shouted 'Jesus is coming'

Education in Crisis and the Threat of Privatization

To the Hillary supporters that can see this. Should Clinton pick a minority as her VP?

Hamas tunnelling again in Gaza as Israelis fear attack from below

Engineering A Minimal Genome

Live coverage of Hillary in Harlem on C-Span starting soon

Patrolling Disputed Waters, U.S. and China Jockey for Dominance

Trans Activist Andrea Zekis Introduces Bernie | Bernie Sanders

Just posted a detailed election analysis favorable to Bernie

Just want everyone to see this

Today's fun - make a beat poem - Too cool, Man

New study on storm surges projections in Europe

As Repub nominee, Trump will be briefed on top-secret intelligence.

Trump the Master Bullshitter

Failed prosecution in US underscores uphill battle to end horse slaughter

Global Gathering Addresses PV Role in Energy Prosperity and Climate Change Mitigation

Acupuncture for low back pain no longer recommended for NHS patients

Unlike Clinton, I Think Fracking Must Stop | Bernie Sanders

Any word yet on the NY debate?

Remember that time Hillary lied about Obama?

Man visiting Harrisburg for Bernie Sanders rally severely beaten

Japan protests against possible Russian naval base on disputed Kuril island chain

USA men's soccer won't be at the Olympics after losing to Colombia

Hillary's awesome new NY ad! Speaks to the diversity of NY....

OFCS! States Move to Roll Back City Minimum-Wage Raises

Uh oh; guns are going to get even more dangerous:

Donald Trump tweets, he does not suggest.

"goddamn communist n****r lover"

Hillary in Harlem at the Apollo Theater

Raleigh News & Observer Editorial Board calls to "Roll back HB 2"

Teen pepper-sprayed as Trump protesters, supporters clash

Bernie's Brooklyn (AMNY morning paper in NYC )

Maryland governor expected to ban bee-killing pesticides in US first

I don't mind one bit, Mr. President

Best dog ... EVAR

Do Hillary supporters want to ban all guns?

Obama and Biden endorse McGinty.

Why I Now Consider Myself an Independent

U.S. jury finds General Motors ignition switch was defective

Ezra Klein and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Tax Calculator

No charges for Minneapolis officers in Jamar Clark death, prosecutor says

Question about a sig pic.

Clinton ally files FEC ethics complaint against Sanders: report

Pic Of The Moment: Susan Collins: "No Basis" For GOP To Block Obama's SCOTUS Nominee

No charges against police officers in Jamar Clark shooting death

These have to be some of the coolest, most magnificent creatures around....

New Bernie sticker...

Free Hugs Project

It's like trying to reason with my niece when she was four

Thom Hartmann reporting

World Psychiatric Association opposes gay conversion therapy

Hillary on fire in Harlem msnbc

Who here would have supported Sanders if he had primaried President Obama in 2012?

Nationwide Fundraising Potlucks for Bernie: Dine with the 99%

Va. drug dealer ends 15 years of denial, admits to 2001 murder

Trump attack on Hillary

Op-ed: I'm a radical, and I support Hillary Clinton

Best hijakcer selfie, EVAR!!!

PSA for ALL Hillary & Bernie supporters that have a Primary coming up in your state.

Missouri State City Fine law reform was a scam. Court ruled it unconstitutional.

How New York Gets Its Water

Why Courts Matter tracking down Grassley

Sanders backers trolling Washington State congressional delegation Democrats

Amid Supreme Court battle, Grassley met with ire at town hall

US Health Care Is So Expensive Due to High Administrative Costs of PRIVATE Health Insurers

My adult son will be my new roommate in 25 days

Great looking infographic about Wisconsin primary (On Wisconsin!)

Here are the countries with Universal Healthcare

Where Is Chuck Grassley

Maryland governor expected to ban bee-killing pesticides in US first. Started with MO'M.

Democracy Now! (March 30): President Obama announces new opioid proposals

Third Party Candidates don't have much time. State deadlines to get on ballots begin in May

As Sanders Scored Primary Victories, CableNews Broadcasted a Prison Reality Show & Jesus Documentary

Kids - God love em'

Ezra at VOX could be a shill and here is why

F.D.A. Eases Requirements on Abortion Pill Label

Hillary's at it again. Maybe she should ask Goldman to divest their investments in guns?

State Level campaign directives that sabotaged Bernie Sanders GOTV and canvassing efforts in Western

Can we maybe come up with a different word than "vetted"?

Isn't it odd that there aren't any stills of the Corey Lewandowski deal?

April 19th

I'm a Berner and into animal liberation

Excellent question...

First ever church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster opens in Russia

Microsoft guy talking about building a "pizza bot" at Build Conference right now

Sanders and Clinton camps in talks for New York debate

Debbie Wasserman Schultz attacked for bank donations and position on payday loan bill

Something wrong with my act blue monthly donation to Bernie...

An observation about the NY primary...

Another volunteer campaign worker's account of possible sabotage

The GOP: God; Country; Hate

Donna Edwards Runs Hard for Senate in Race Called the 'Fight for the Future of the Democratic Party

Clinton Collapsing? New Marquette Poll for Wisconsin: Sanders 49, Clinton 45.

Trump & Corey: The Wanker & The Yanker

A non gentle reminder - Bernie in the Bronx!

Microsoft Word for iPad

This is too funny: Dear Fellow Bernie Supporters: Stop Embarrassing Us

Netflix Admits To Throttling Its Own Streams On AT&T, Verizon Wireless Because Data Caps

Gun Store Owner Refuses to Sell Weapon to Man Suspected of Planning Mass Shooting at Ohio University

Journalism’s Dark Matter -Uncovering a year of anonymous sources at the New York Times

Idaho Becomes Ninth Constitutional Carry State

One Weird Trick to Lose the 2016 election: Alienate Women (from 538)

A Bernie Sanders Supporter Confronted a Superdelegate — Then Leaked Their Private Conversation

Poll: Sanders leads Clinton in Wisconsin ahead of must-win primary

Why has there been so little (no??) discussion...

Find Sanders Democrats in your state:

Today's New York Daily News Front Cover: "CROCK THE VOTE. Superdelegates: 'Even if Bernie Wins...

Did Hillary just admit she's not the better candidate?

They Should Totally Allow Guns At the Republican Convention. Seriously.

New Marquette University Poll: Sanders 49% (+5) Clinton: 45% (+2) in WI

Sorry Bernie Bros, Your Candidate Just Doesn’t Have The Foreign Policy Experience Necessary To Prop

Judge Moskowitz and Mila (1 of the worst stories about child abuse and judicial misconduct ever)

'Colombia Reports' will ignore government’s press freedom limitations.

Corporations Grow Nervous About Participating in Republican Convention

I'm amazed at the ignorance about SDs didplayed on this board

Navy bean and ham soup. HELP! Need advice. (Update)

[Bernie Sanders Group] This is where I'm at right now:

It seems that LGBT people are just mentally ill

Full Cenk and Bernie interview

Sea-Level Rise Could Nearly Double Over Earlier Estimates in Next 100 Years

Hillary -- plagiarist or just conscientious recycler or just feeling the Bern?

Bernie Can Win (A little birdie told me!)

If the rules say a candidate must have a given number of delegates

Report: Prosecutors rarely pay price for mistakes and misconduct

Anybody else enjoying "Bates Motel" ?

Where's the coverage, NY Times?

The court of John Doe

Water problems in Asia’s future?—Study finds high risk of severe water stress in Asia by 2050.

Democrats’ caucuses aren’t very democratic

=*= LIVE @ 3PM: Bernie Sanders Town Hall Orpheum Theatre - in Madison, WI 3-30-16 =*=

Bag Filled With Voter Registration Forms, Personal Info Found Abandoned In East Bay Park

Fed Source: About 12 FBI Agents Working on Clinton Email Inquiry

Is This Class Warfare? (Mike Whitney 3-30-2016 CounterPunch)

Official Results of Utah's Democratic Caucuses: Sanders 77.19% Clinton 19.80%

Susan Sarandon endorsed John Edwards (Iraq War voter!) in 2008 (HRC GP)

The age gap.

No Record of Rick Perry Voting in Texas Republican Primary

Is it possible that voter rolls are being hacked?

Here we go again. And again. And again.

Iraq Invasion: Anniversary of The Biggest Terrorist Attack in Modern History?

Can I get some critiques on an idea I'm kicking around?

Wow--too late to enter the Animal Planet Contest

Russ Feingold currently leads RoJo, but RoJo has three PACs. Can you spare a dime for Russ?

A few months ago I was on the fence as whether to back Hillary or Bernie

Just out of curiosity; is "amnesty" having a net positive effect on DU?

My current impression of DU

Trump facing legal, tax questions

Bernie Sanders & Al Franken are coming to Wisconsin

Correct me if I'm wrong but corn used for Popcorn is not GMO

Cori Bush - a proud Bernie Sanders supporter is running for US Senate

Bernie Sanders in Kenosha WI - Outside Carthage College 3-30-2016

This ApolloTheater crowd is lit. She's with US!

Superdelegate Spreadheets!!!!!!????????

Today is the 35th anniversary of the Reagan assassination attempt

Trump Says Abortion Ban Should Carry Punishment for Women

The problem with the super delegates

Execution Stayed for Dallas Accountant Who Killed Daughters

Bernie’s Path To Victory Becomes Even More Clear

Corporations Grow Nervous About Participating in Republican Convention

Boeing To Cut 4,000 Jobs As Battle With Airbus Wages On

Republican Fissures Deepen as Feuding Candidates Rip Up Loyalty Pledge

Republican Texas House candidate says there’s nothing offensive about his ‘gay Hitler’ costume

I tweeted my first tweet ever!

Owe Back Taxes? Lose Your Passport

What war on women? Donald Trump, just moments ago ...

Trump: Women should be punished for having an abortion if abortion is made illegal

There'll always be an England...

Unlike Clinton, I Think Fracking Must Stop | Bernie Sanders

Good news, guys. Campbell soup is gonna label GMO foods AND remove BPA from cans!!!!!

Bernie at Carthage today

If you think Hillary Clinton will protect Social Security you're nuts

Khamenei Says Missiles, Not Just Talks, Key To Iran's Future

Universal flu vaccine comes closer to reality

Lindsey Graham in Jerusalem: Congress Has Israel's Back

Of course there is a video highlighting Hillary's "Tone" hypocrisy....

Video shows Hillary Clinton boarding private jet just hours after launching global-warming push

Donald Trump Endorses "Some Form of Punishment" for Women Who Get Abortions

AIPAC’s Plans To ‘Come Together’ Undone By Trump

Can we at least not campaign as Republicans?

Bernie Sanders LIVE from Madison, WI - A Future to Believe in Rally (Bernie2016TV)

Why I think the super delegates won't flip to Bernie

Richard Branson and Boom Technology may build the next-gen supersonic plane in Denver

A little laugh break

Don't come for Susan Sarandon unless she sends for you

Do we know who David Brock is really working for?

Clinton Denounces Corporate Crime While Accepting Cash From Blackstone, Firm Sanctioned By SEC

HRC to a Resolution Trust Corp/RTC interview May 1995: "I don't believe I knew anything about any of

Obama shortens prison sentences for 61 drug offenders

English Language, John Branyon, and The Three Little Pigs as you've never

What I Would Say To Bernie Were I A Hillary Super Delegate He's Looking To Flip

Make America LOVE Again - Free Hugs at Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders Rallies (video)

The GOP’s patina of cohesion has been shattered by the candidates

[Bernie Sanders Group] Master Article Index

10,000 Posts

Bernie: Make America Love Again! (This video is awesome...and you may cry!)

Sanders leads Clinton in Wisconsin ahead of must-win primary

Shell faces corruption probe over $1bn oil deal in Nigeria

MORE great news!!!

Russia and US 'planning military coordination against Isis in Syria'

David Brock is Keyser Söze.

Let's hear it for The Establishment

please check in on these GDP threads...

Let's hear it for The Establishment

Why is Bernie the "no we can't" candidate on gun control?

What punishment is appropriate for a woman who chooses to get an "illegal abortion" . . .

US agencies have spent $86m on grounded surveillance plane, audit says

US agencies have spent $86m on grounded surveillance plane, audit says

Team Clinton Desperately Trying To Lower Expectations In Wisconsin

Superdelegates Retained By Democrats Despite Their Ridiculous Role In 2008 Election

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 30, 2016

The official word is out from trump about that woman reporter...

Vote for Maria Chappelle-Nadal for Congress

The Ed Schultz Show: Give me a minute: give us a debate in New York.

Remember Hal Turner? Heeeeee's BACK!!!

Bernie Sanders is this year's biggest story

Has anyone else watched Michael Ware's doc

Supreme Court sympathetic to property owner in wetlands dispute

Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Up 92% As MSNBC Grows Twice As Fast As Fox News site

Podesta tries to defend Clinton Fundraising $ from Wall Street & the NRA

Government is on a coast-to-coast phone-unlocking rampage

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 30, 2016 (Tabula Rasa Edition)

What state do you live in?

Bernie vs Hillary- BATTLE OF THE BANDS!

So superdelegates admit they don't give a shit about the voters

Newark police to revamp stop-and-frisk in civil rights accord

My black fuzzy sweater did its job.

The media does not fear us

HRC kicks off her New York campaign at the Historic Apollo Theater in Harlem

Measles Detected in California School With High Number of Unvaccinated Children

Hillary Clinton Turned a Stable, Developed Nation Into an ISIS Safe Haven. That’s the Real Benghazi

Japan Regulators OK Costly Ice Wall at Fukushima Plant

Apparently the pro-life movement does not think that making

Pittsburgh TV reporter fired for racist remarks.....

Free Hugs - Donald Trump Rally Wisconsin / Bernie Sanders Rally San Diego

Bernie picks up the endorsement of PA State Senator Haywood

A couple months ago, it was reported that 150 FBI agents were working the Clinton Foundation angle

U.S. judge strikes down MetLife designation of 'too big to fail'


Massachusetts Volunteers for Bernie Sanders Report Internal State Level Campaign Sabotage

Check out this tweet from Shuster - Sounds like MUST SEE TV.....

Gov. Robert Bentley: 'I have no intentions of resigning'; Rebekah Mason Caldwell resigns

'Faulty bolts' discovered at Indian Point nuclear power plant

Do you think Hillary will be indicted?

Obama, Biden endorse McGinty in Pa. Senate primary

Analysis: Polls located in wealthier, whiter zip codes

French minister compares veil wearers to 'negroes who accepted slavery'

Can we be honest about how few swing states there are?

Japan regulators OK costly ice wall at Fukushima plant (Update)


I am positive either of our Candidates will win in Nov.

Did Hillary agree to the New York debate

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse. Horrific and telling. -H

How do bison burgers taste in comparison to beef burgers?

There's a massive campaign to subvert Bernie Sanders...and it looks like it has TPP connections!

Rachel Maddow: Bernie Sanders Campaign Rewrites History Of Losses

Any NY Berners going to the rally tomorrow in da Bronx?

I can't BELIEVE people here defend David Brock.

Throw in a hurricane at the Republican Convention and it will be par for the course

Third Sanders Event in Wisconsin Today - Lines Getting Long in Onalaska, Wisconsin

Bush Administration War Crimes Even Worse Than We Thought

Mark this name - he will be #1 in world tennis

Only Three Months In Prison For Trump Supporter Who Wanted To Kill Muslims

President Obama Grants Early Rlease To 61 More Federal Drug Offenders

"What does it mean, to live a moral life?"

Humala Raises Minimum Wage as Peru Prepares to Elect Successor

Bernie Sanders is making unrealistic promises about his free college plan

is David Brock meta discussion in this Democratic primary?

Aide to Ala. governor resigns in wake of affair scandal

IBM Brain-Inspired Computer Will Look After Our Nuclear Weapons

Hacker sends anti-Semitic fliers to network printers at Princeton, other colleges

Just now on with Chuck Todd, he reports Trump

Interesting little chart from Political Compass - that site where u find best candidate for you

Just the same. No difference.

It is a familiar right-wing tactic to attack someone for something they didn't say or do.

Bernie Sanders reportedly left off D.C. primary ballot after Democratic Party error

State rejects supremacist's complaints (ND)

what trumpy shouldve said

Why does Hillary's hypocrisy on gun control get ignored?

Michigan man steals 33 cases of Whoppers

Arizona update. Sanders attorney testifying in Phx today AZ before Maricopa county board of

Man accused of being racist, firing shots

Does Obamacare really care?

New Poll Shows Sanders with Strong Lead Among Asian Americans- March 30, 2016

It's Pretty Clear That Trump Was Running To Lose For The Longest Time

Nate Silver is about to be wrong in Wisconsin

News in CA just reported that there are over 500,000 new registered 18-25 voters in the state

Sharon Osbourne terrified of Trump using Nuclear Weapons

Nine dead in family house fire at remote Canadian indigenous community

Fed Source: About 12 FBI Agents Working on Clinton Email Inquiry (HILLARY GROUP POST)

Exclusive: Most Americans Support Torture Against Terror Suspects - Poll

The Pier at Sunset

Was David Brock the second shooter on the grassy knoll?

Family Spending Is Stretching Budgets

SJR-39 - an anti LGBT bill

Patty Duke Thanks Gay Fans

*from Elizabeth Warren:

MSNBC couldn't tease that Trump interview better. NOW he says nuking Europe not off the table.

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse. Horrific and telling. -H (on Trump punish women)

FNN: Board of Supervisors Meeting on Controversial AZ Primary Election, Feat. Helen Purcell - PART 2

Make America LOVE Again - Free Hugs Donald J. Trump Wisconsin & Bernie Sanders Rally San Diego

Feel the Burn?

FNN: Board of Supervisors Meeting on Controversial AZ Primary Election, Feat. Helen Purcell - PART 2

Annette Nance-Holt: "If my child is dead he can't go to college."

500,000 New 18-25 Democratic Voters Registered in California

Clinton: Don't let anyone with this much contempt for women near the WH

Been having a back and forth

Bernie Sanders and Campaign Psychosis

12 FBI agents, not 147.

1000 posts! woohoo! HRC ALL THE WAY!! Celebration!

Forty-some years ago, my friends and I talked about revolution

High court sympathetic to property owners in wetlands case

Scientists highlight path to restoring world's fisheries

Hillary Clinton Holds $353K Oligarch-Exclusive Fundraiser With George Clooney

Conservative female journalists write open letter calling for Trump to fire Lewandowski

California: 24% of all CA voters now officially have "no party preference".

"Hillary Clinton has to win just 36 percent of the remaining delegates to be eligible for the Democr

Democrats don't seem to care about Clinton's email server issue

In Long-Lost Radio Interview, Carl Sagan Talks Aliens and Religion

Arkansas to appeal judge's backing of Fayetteville LGBT rights law

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-29-15 Tim Canova FL-23

'Mexico's Bravest Man' survived 8 assassination attempts by drug cartels

Trump walks back call to punish women who undergo illegal abortions

90 Big-Name Business Leaders Just Took A Stand Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 31 March 2016

These vitamin-fortified bananas might get you thinking differently about GMOs

The Facts About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-29-16

Gee whizzzzz ~

I'd rather have a president who admits we were wrong to overthrow Allende...

FBI Agrees to Unlock iPhone of Arkansas Teens in Murder Case

If HRC gets nominated and THEN indicted, should we keep her as nominee...

Sanders bumped off D.C. ballot

Would Democrats joke about the assassination of JFK in discussing the Democratic Primary?

Dem mistake keeps Sanders off DC ballot

Native American Tribe Assists 53 Stranded Iditarod Dogs in Washington State

If the FBI recomends charges and the DOJ does not prosecute

Water, Gas and Transport Prices Increase in Argentina

I couldn't imagine for a minute not voting for Bernie if he won the Democratic nomination.

=*= LIVE Streams NOW @ 8/8:30/9PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in La Crosse, WI 3-30-16 Onalaska Omni =*=

Trying to find the Research thread made after DUers parroted media lie about JK and swifts

How do you feel about this cartoon?

Have you seen the Birdie sticker yet?

Clinton's abysmal record on open government

*four presidential candidates speak exclusively to MSNBC:

This student put 50 million stolen research articles online. And they’re free.

President Obama Has Now Commuted the Sentences of 248 Individuals

I'm a radical, and I support Hillary Clinton

Wind energy top source for new electric capacity in 2015.

This specific type of bias explains the hardcore conservatism of people like Ted Cruz

D.C. Dem Party filed Clinton's & Sanders' ballot registrations late. Only Sanders' was challenged!

Oliver Stone: Why I'm Supporting Bernie Sanders

Indictment, flipping delegates, transcripts needed because Bernie can't win on message

Panamanian Alternative Media Condemns Campaign Against Telesur TV

How Trump Hacked the Media

Eric Engberg Dies: Longtime CBS News Correspondent Was 74

Sanders bumped off D.C. ballot

MSNBC town halls, Kasich and Trump

The 2nd Amendment Gives Politicians A 'Healthy Fear' Of Being Shot

Democrats are in denial about the election: As long as Hillary Clinton risks FBI indictment, Bernie

[DC] Metro could shut down entire rail lines to do extended maintenance, board chair says

Five Million Nigerians Oppose Monsanto's Plans to Introduce GMO Cotton and Corn

House Panel Issues Subpoenas in Fetal Tissue Research Inquiry

Republican convention gun petition author lied about his name and where he lived: Spokane, WA.

This should give the BSER'S something to be victims over

Trump: "There has to be some form of punishment for women who have abortions, like maybe ...

Once Again, Bernie Gets It Right: Import/Export Bank Opposition... Boeing To Lay Off Thousands...

On revolutionary fantasies

A slap in the face from Hillary to those of us who are supporting bernie

DK: Milwaukee Jour'l Sentinal: HRC's Abysmal Record on Gov't Openness May Disqualify Her for Office

Provisional Ballot Numbers Released in Maricopa County, Arizona

“Community solar” systems may add savings to local, cooperative energy projects

Hillary Clinton Wants You to Remember How New York She Is Ahead of State's Primary

The Craving for Public Squares

I've had enough of AmeriCANTS! I'm ready for more AmeriCANS!

No snow, no hares: Climate change pushes emblematic species north

Sanders leads Clinton in Wisconsin ahead of must-win primary

New York | Hillary Clinton

New York | Hillary Clinton

How is Reinhold Reince Priebus keeping his job?

Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

I just figured out Trumps "Make American Great Again" slogan..

"The Measles of Mankind"—10 Stand Out Quotes on Nationalism

Can Trump Become So Unpopular That Democrats Take Back The House?

CNN’s GOP Town Hall Is Most-Watched on Record

[DC] Metro could shut down entire rail lines to do extended maintenance, board chair says.

Susan Sarandon Willing to Gamble On Post-President Trump 'Revolution' if Sanders Isn’t The Nominee

Why I’m for Bernie Sanders by Oliver Stone

Utah abortion providers puzzled by how to obey law fixing an imaginary problem

On Stone Mountain "White Supremacy and the Birth of the Modern Democratic Party"

Trump Is a 'Recruiting Sergeant' for ISIS: Ex-CIA Chief

True or false?: in 2010 Sanders said adoption of single payer couldn't begin on the federal level

"How Clinton’s Email Scandal Took Root"--(the issues at stake here from what we now know)..

Remembering HRC Senate Campaign in NY: Last-Minute Pardons Raised Questions

At Least 180,000 Join GOP As Pennsylvania Primary Nears

Mexico City orders all cars off the road one day a week to tackle air pollution

'Sham' cancer charities agree to $76M judgment, dissolution

Al Franken voting for Hillary no matter what happens.

Caregivers, sheriff say Maine mental health system faces looming crisis

Finger on the Pols - GOP Tries to Shut Down the Supreme Court

Second federal judge says Clinton email setup may have been in 'bad faith'

RepublicansWill Be Really Pissed Off When They See What The FBI Found In Hillary’s Email

Clinton moves to lock down New York

HAS to be Ted Cruz; No?