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Stay chill: The redacted Mueller report will still be explosive

New Study: Global Energy System based on 100% Renewable Energy

Fox News: Bernie Sanders releases tax returns

to be human.

Interior watchdog launches ethics probe into new secretary

I just donated $10 to Andrew Yang because I want him to be on the debate stage.

Oh, I know why he does not release his tax returns

Barr has ties to Russia

Nancy Pelosi unleashed on Trump in a '60 Minutes' interview, and the president isn't happy

If you watched "the Code" on CBS -

Bret Baier just polled the Bernie Town Hall audience who would be willing to switch to Medicare4All

Stanley from TinyKittens crossed the Rainbow bridge on Saturday but he then sent a litter of kittens

SpaceX loses the center core of its Falcon Heavy rocket due to choppy seas

Weird doorbell issue, chirps randomly like a smoke alarm battery

Delta Is Restricting Airplane Seat Reclining So You Monsters Will Stop Fighting

Beto O'Rourke released 10 years of tax returns, will add 2018 soon

Alibaba founder Jack Ma endorses China's controversial 12 hours a day, 6 days a week work culture

isn't it odd that the Not-re Dame Cathedral burned the day after rat-bannon complained about the Po

Is Mike Pence a Christian or a Con?

what the Fis wrong with fat donnie? Swollen so fat he can't open his eyes

There is no hypocrisy when it comes to personal wealth and calling for higher taxes.

I love Paris and this is a human tragedy. But

Judge orders lockup of Chinese woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago

Sanders ahead of Biden in Emerson Poll

Did Rudy Giuliani get the full Mueller Report or the redacted version?

San Diego Zoo to say farewell to giant pandas

Sanders town hall audience cheers after Fox News host asks if they'd support 'Medicare for all'

Playing politics or upholding The Constitution?

Inslee polling behind 'someone else' but raises $2.25 million

WTF with this Asshat! trump weighs in on Notre Dame

Seattle ranks 9th in U.S. News and World Report's best cities to live

Bernie Sanders, at Town Hall, Says His Wealth Isn't Proof of the 'American Dream'

Fox blunder on medicare for all popularity . . .

Seeing Notre Dame today has reminded me of what happened at the National Museum of Iraq.

Arrest in brutal beating of Dallas transgender woman in broad daylight in front of crowd

Trump ditches one-on-one meetings with vice president

ICE deports spouse of U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan

Washington 100% renewable bill passes both Houses

Are You Laying Bricks Or Building A Cathedral?

I want to know what the hell does this mean???

Photoshop wins again!

Taiwan amends law to accelerate renewable energy development

Poll: Only 18 percent say they are paying less under Trump tax law

Just an FYI, Touchdown Jesus is fine. No damage.

Here's the layout of Notre Dame Cathedral. The exterior structure of the monument has been preserved

Why Trump Is Suddenly So Worried About the Mueller Report

I'm sunk.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Paris is Burning!

Yikes.....that DU Primaries site is a dog eat dog world.....whew.

Billions in Profits, No Taxes: How the Trump Tax Code Let 26 Companies Off the Hook

UC study helps explain global mass extinction

If you're on Twitter, let's get #TrumpJones911 trending

For Notre Dame. Some photos from Christmas 2016.

Dems rally behind Omar as Trump escalates attacks

Katie Porter: Americans turn to credit cards on Tax Day after dramatic increase, thanks to Trump

Pete Buttigieg on Rachel any minute

Sanders town hall audience cheers after Fox News host asks if they'd support 'Medicare for all'

Sanders proves his critics right: Thin skin, sharp elbows and not a team player (Rubin, WaPo)

Pete just passed Joe Biden on the DU leaderboard!

Frontline is on PBS-- "Marcos Doesn't Live Here Anymore". Husband of Marine vet deported...

Plastic's Carbon Footprint

Oleg Deripaska's setting up shop in KENTUCKY, FFS!!! DUer triron posted earlier today:

Fires on this day in history.

Four dead after Canada shootings, man in custody: police

Mueller's Grand Jury is still empaneled, is it not?

Pete Buttigieg remarks in French to French reporters about Notre Dame:

To warm your hearts, because you need it: Animals who found their BFF twins in other species

Protesters bring inflatable Trump chicken to IRS building to demand tax returns

Federal court dismisses Trump administration's repeal of coal, oil valuation rule

Three Large-Scale Energy Storage Technologies That May Hold the Keys to Unleashing an All-Out Renewa

Harris' Hollywood haul: Donors include Ben Affleck, Elizabeth Banks, Wanda Sykes

Bernie Sanders' Fox News town hall wasn't a debate. Bernie won anyway.

Elizabeth Warren Could Be the Public Lands President

Wisconsin man found guilty of sex trafficking on now-defunct

Pete's on Rachel now.

Turn on Rachel

The spacecraft from Lost in Space was more expensive than the Enterprise (TV)

Eric Swalwell hits back at Trump for giving 'firefighting advice' to Paris: 'Do your own damn job'

You know bloody well He isn't suggesting water tankers

Noam Chomsky: America's Extraterritorial Reach Is Its Own Scandal

North Atlantic warming hole impacts jet stream

Mind blowing, intelligent discourse between Pete Buttigieg and Rachel Maddow. WOW.

Just switched my selection to Pete because he's for abolishing the electoral college

Mayor Pete can win .... President Pete, I like the sound of that.

If the French did a better job of raking the floors of the cathedrals ...

2020 US Senate Election- Southern States that Democrats could win in 2020.

Breaking: Trump Upset Notre Dame Fire Distracting From Attempts to Incite Violence Against Rep. Omar

Tonight, we are all French.

Sanders takes on Fox -- and emerges triumphant

Two Rhodes Scholars walk into a TV studio...

Burger King's Impossible Whopper tastes even better than the real thing

'This is crazy, crazy stuff': Top Trump aide is desperately backpedaling after report reveals he tra

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quits Facebook, calls social media a 'public health risk'

Pete was on TMZ live today (25 minute video here)

What has Cher said that the piece of shit Hannity would agree with???

Most Americans would like a surgeon they could have a beer with, right?

There is another French Gift to the U.S.A. And it is a Great Gift..

I'm 99.9% sure that Trump will be impeached despite what some folks are saying to the contrary

Red Cross volunteers in Mexico given armed escorts after thugs seize patient

Obama says it's OK to ask immigrants to learn English

Bill Weld challenging trump in 2020. ABC news

Sea Shepherd catches fishermen illegally taking totoaba in Vaquita refuge (Hollywood level chase)

S'il vous plat pardonnez-nous...

Bernie Sanders released his tax returns showing he is a millionaire. He still wants to tax the rich.

A computerized YouTube fact-checking tool goes very wrong: In flaming Notre Dame, it somehow sees Se

Hackers targeted all 50 states in 2016.

Refusal to release tax returns to US Congress should be an impeachable offense.

One of world's most endangered turtles dies, leaving 3 left

Jose Maria Marin: Former Brazilian FA boss banned from football for life

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris, Behind the Scenes, France24 News, 2018

Trump targets legal, illegal immigration in latest push

expect Trump to act up the next few days (more than usual). To take spotlight off Mueller report

'Mary Tyler Moore Show' actress Georgia Engel dies at 70

interesting facts about Notre Dame

Why Venezuela Has Not Been Defeated - OpEd

2020 CO US Senate Election- My favorite Democratic candidates are Dan Baer-D and Diana Bray-D.

MSNBC Rachel Maddow, 4/15: Full interview w/ Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Typhoon rebuild on U.S. territory Saipan hampered by casino woes

Typhoon rebuild on U.S. territory Saipan hampered by casino woes

Mark Trail comic from April 7, 2019 starring the Vaquita

In their first months on the job, Democratic governors seek to roll back Rep. predecessors' policies

What was so special about Bernie's 2014 tax return, that made him choose to release ONLY that year

Is This What Seriously Bad Discount Plastic Surgery Looks Like?

Post Your Corniest Joke

I am beginning to love Mayor Pete in the same way I love Hillary

As I spoke with friends regarding Notre Dame, I heard respectful comments about . . . . .

First 2019 ride in today

Even animals need comfort and need to comfort

Bernie Sanders gets support for 'Medicare for All' proposal from Fox News audience

Kamala Harris 1Q FEC Filing

John Hickenlooper 1Q FEC Filing

Kirsten Gillibrand 1Q FEC Filing

TAU Scientists Print First 3D Heart Using Patient's Own Cells and Materials

Bernie Sanders 1Q FEC Filing

Pete Buttigieg 1Q FEC Filing

Jay Inslee 1Q FEC Filing

Marianne Williamson 1Q FEC Filing

so the tax lady called with final numbers - doubled over last yr

Elizabeth Warren 1Q FEC Filing

Julian Castro 1Q FEC Filing

Andrew Yang 1Q FEC Filing

Cory Booker 1Q FEC Filing

Beto O'Rourke 1Q FEC Filing

The Daily Show: Democratic Presidential Contenders Seek the Black Vote

Trump's tax plan strips a key exemption for dining & living expenses for truckers while on the road

The Daily Show: Sudan's Dictator Resigns & Kim Kardashian Plans to Become a Lawyer

Light from exotic particle states (A new type of light-emitting diode has been developed at TU Wien)

HE SPEAKS FRENCH....and Good French At That.....

Amy Klobuchar 1Q FEC Filing

Seth Meyers: Sarah Sanders Says Congress Is Not "Smart Enough" for Trump's Tax Returns A Closer Look

The state of CO can have 2 openly gay US Senators in the 2020 decade.

Tulsi Gabbard 1Q FEC Filing

Colombia will make "all necessary efforts" to oust Venezuela's government, Duque tells Pompeo

Colombia will make "all necessary efforts" to oust Venezuela's government, Duque tells Pompeo

Please rate my animation

I just made the switch. His interview with Rachael made the difference

Officers fatally shoot suspect in death of Washington deputy

MF45 Fox pal Jesse Watters posted a poll - I don't tweet, so can someone tell me how it stands?

Which Republican held US Senate seat in the South could the Democrats win in the near future?

Chicago prosecutor to start erasing pot convictions soon

what did fat donnie come up with to lie a bout in MN

Videos of Sanders Fox News Town Hall

Attacked newsroom: Pulitzer commemorated with somber silence

Hannity guest says @IlhanMN is "infatuated with Al Qaeda, with Hamas, with Hezbollah"

Inside the dark world of Mexico's intelligence services

The Atlantic: Kremlin dictates Trump-Putin relationship

Mike Pompeo lambasts journalist for asking if Trump's sanctions on Venezuela may impact humanitarian

Mike Pompeo lambasts journalist for asking if Trump's sanctions on Venezuela may impact humanitarian


Footage of a new Mid-Engined C-8 Corvette lapping Nurburgring

US museum of natural history will not host Bolsonaro gala event after outrage

US museum of natural history will not host Bolsonaro gala event after outrage

Where did Jane Sanders report her $200K in severance pay in 2011? Could someone who knows

Canada: police hunt fake deliveryman who shot woman with crossbow

Ana Navarro on Pete Buttigieg

'We are hostages': indigenous Mapuche accuse Chile and Argentina of genocide

Foreign intelligence services should exit Venezuela - Lima Group

Foreign intelligence services should exit Venezuela - Lima Group

Bernie Sanders Pulling Ahead 2020 Democratic Primary Poll Nationally -Pete Buttigieg Surging (video)

Bernie Sanders Pulling Ahead 2020 Democratic Primary Poll Nationally-Pete Buttigieg Surging (video)

Macron: "Nous rebatirons" Notre-Dame de Paris

Beto O'Rourke releases 10 years of tax returns

So I was curious at Sanders' 2016 retrun

What's this about Barr and CIA and 1976 Church Committee records destruction?

Blown by the wind, 'microplastic' pollution discovered in pristine mountain peaks

Pentagon developing military options to deter Russian, Chinese influence in Venezuela

Pentagon developing military options to deter Russian, Chinese influence in Venezuela

Regular cannabis users require up to 220% higher dosage for sedation in medical procedures

Tweet of the Day

90 percent of teens killed by an intimate partner are girls

Hold the mustard: What makes spiders fussy eaters

Mazda recalls nearly 190K cars due to failing wipers

Ecuador says it's the target of 40 million cyber attacks since Assange arrest

I envy New Zealand.

Mayor Pete Climbs to 2nd Place In Primaries Forum

Driver Licenses From These States May Soon Be Invalid for Domestic Flights

House Republicans Are Upset Democrats Are Investigating Voter Suppression Allegations

Class of 2020 Democratic US Senate Nominees that will get elected in 2020.

news report on the burning of Notre Dame

2019 Municipal election discussion

What happened to the Notre Dame today feels like a microcosm of what the rethugs are doing to the US

Our Planet-- David Attenbough's latest on Netflix

woman who played Mary Tyler Moore's sweet friend dies

Trump offers advice to Boeing on 737 MAX planes: 'REBRAND', 'add additional great features'

Stephen Colbert - Trevor Noah Interviews Stephen Colbert - 4/15/19

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump, Tiger Woods & Kim Jong Un

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Democrats' Best Shot to Win in 2020

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Can You Pronounce Buttigieg?

Pete Buttigieg Opens Up About Coming Out The Last Word MSNBC

GOP lawmakers have 'serious concerns' that House Democrats are investigating voter suppression

Jimmy Fallon: Pete Buttigieg Is the Avocado Toast of Democrats

Another former Ventnor firefighter admits role in state health benefits fraud

Foxconn head says he's stepping back from daily operations

The logic. It is undeniable...

Hard Rock casino employees vote for union contract

By The Numbers: What The USDA's Latest Census Tells Us About American Agriculture

France's Macron pledges to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral

Politically Speaking: Rep. Plocher On How The Legislature Could Impact City-County Merger Debate

Yang 2020

Andy Kim on Trump

107 Years Ago Today; Harriet Quimby becomes first Woman to fly across English Channel

Freshman Rep. Jeff Van Drew struggles to raise money

I really like mayor Pete

A 'Medicare For All' Question Backfired for FOX At Bernie Sanders' Fox News Town Hall

Rep. Frank Pallone sitting on almost $2.4 million

Prison! Kate McClure's stunning public fall complete as 'homeless vet' GoFundMe scamster

72 Years Ago Today; The Texas City Disaster

NJ ban on gay-to-straight conversion therapy for kids won't be overturned as USSC rejects challenge

Woman in 'gardening while black' case hires self-proclaimed alt-right lawyer

(Jewish Group) Conspiracy Theorists Blame Jews, Muslims For Notre Dame Fire

Are Rutgers professors about to go on strike? Here's what we know.

European spies sought lessons from dictators' brutal 'Operation Condor'

European spies sought lessons from dictators' brutal 'Operation Condor'

Chevron says Dutch Supreme Court rejects Ecuador's $9.5 billion claim

Chevron says Dutch Supreme Court rejects Ecuador's $9.5 billion claim

Legal weed remains stalled in N.J. as politicians don't know how to solve this big issue

Barry Humphries: Top comedy prize renamed after transgender row

Five things to know about the measles outbreak

Road by Murphy and Bon Jovi's houses just got repaved. Their neighbors are thankful - but skeptical.

Sanders takes on Fox -- and emerges triumphant

If you're on Twitter, you need to respect the POTUS and not retweet #TrumpJones911

Trenton leaders, teachers union slam school district's 'segregation' plan for ELL students

Donations flow in as crews assess damage to Notre Dame Cathedral

Justin Bieber sued by photographer

Why Andrea Dworkin is the radical, visionary feminist we need in our terrible times

(opinion) Not in it to win it: the dirty little secret of the Democrats' 2020 battle

Controversial barrier plans to protect NJ and NY from another Sandy would cost $32B to $119B

The Hill's Morning Report - Waiting on Mueller: Answers come on Thursday

Thank you @tomsteyer for supporting a fair, policy-based Democratic presidential primary process.

Notre-Dame this morning...

Julian Castro lags in fundraising, but debate spot seems secure

One Can _Almost_ Feel Sorry ...

UniCredit Bank AG Agrees to Plead Guilty for Illegally Processing Transactions in Violation of Irani

Coalition says Dallas schools, governments suffer because commercial properties don't pay 'fair

"3 Generations". Excellent indie starring Elle Fanning

Tuesday TOONs - Fire, ICE, and Pretzels

'Stop Sanders' Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum

Pete Buttigieg on CNN right now.

🔸Podcast: Hear the Bern - Episode 2 - Busting Trump's Healthcare Myths

Beto O'Rourke becomes latest presidential candidate to post tax returns

FACEBOOK Ad spending by age target

Beto O'Rourke dominates 2020 Democrats in Texas fundraising

3 Minutes Of The Cutest Animals In The Whole World

Bernie Sanders's Fox News town hall wasn't a debate. Bernie won anyway.

Powdered alcohol? Why some want Texas to ban it before it hits store shelves

"GOP In Disarray" On Climate Policy; But Not To Worry - Plenty Of Lip Service And Lies To Go Around

Not One Leatherback Turtle Returned To Nicaragua's Chacocente Reserve This Year

The Fix is in as per Barr and the Mueller Report.

The apse of Notre Dame, post fire. Stunning picture

Kudos to Bernie Sanders for going on Fox News

National Stewardship - Pete Buttigieg

AP: Democrats raise $75M so far, signaling a drawn-out fight

WV Pitches Itself To Plastics Industry: "Virtually No Risk Of Drilling Restrictions"

Winds Carry Microplastics Everywhere - Even To Purportedly Pristine Peaks In the Pyrenees

Bernie Sanders names the one thing Democrats should not do if they want to defeat Trump in 2020

Andrew Yang CNN Interview

Even as a Buttigieg fan, some of these fawning columns about him irritate me

Andrew Yang CNN Interview

There are no trees large enough in all of France to rebuild Notre Dame.

Elizabeth Warren builds largest U.S. presidential campaign staff

Elizabeth Warren builds largest U.S. presidential campaign staff

Record Early Breakups For Multiple AK Rivers; 4 Fatalities In March Under May-Like Ice Conditions

Would love to see some polling on white female Trump voters.

TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K)

Honduras' Remaining Natural Lands, Parks Being Shredded By Palm Oil Plantings

The legacy of William Barr will remain intact.

Just some random thoughts on 2020 and He-who-shall-not-be-named.

Don't get upset but,

Pork industry to gain power over inspections

History teaches us clearly that we can't afford to appease, or give fascism the benefit of the doubt

Laurence O'Donnell on Notre Dame:

Fire out, organ intact but work ahead for charred Notre Dame

Michele Bachmann Hails 'Godly' Trump: We'll Never See A More Biblical President

The age of miracles

This man is like the Energizer Bunny...can we bottle his energy and send me some, please?

Can anyone really say they are not a radical?

Happy Tax Day: Here Are 60 Giant Corporations That Paid Less in Taxes Than You Did

Who's leading the Democratic Primary Younger Voters (18-29 range)

"Even my wet-dreams come up dry." . . . Please come CATION CPAC Chair Matt Slapp!!!

Who's this guy in my backyard?

Well, Good Luck: Teenagers Meet With FL Legislators Who Just Can't Stall Climate Action Hard Enough

I apologize...


Tucker Carlson guest, Mark Steyn, says Notre Dame fire due to "godlessness" in France

Let reason, not religion, govern the aid-in-dying issue

**BREAKING MORNING CONSULT NH, IA, and NV Polling**** Biden 37 Sanders 21 Warren 8%

Emerson Poll: 53% (55/103) of Bernie Sanders supporters were black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Asian

Eastern Kentucky man sues Hampton Inn, accuses boss of trying to force exorcism on him

"Pete Buttigieg, Barack Obama, and the psychology of liberalism"

Beto Meet and Greet live stream NOW, link inside

China and the Catholic Church -- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

James Cook University marine scientist Peter Ridd's sacking 'unlawful', court rules

Pete Buttigieg: 'Capitalism has let a lot of people down'

Sanctuary City Mayors Respond to Trump's Threat 'With Open Arms'

Jimmy Carter takes call from Trump regarding China

The Rundown: April 15, 2019

(Jewish Group) Twitter sucks at anti-semitic moderation

Two Charts - One Seeming Outcome

Trump Was Always Merely a Symptom of the Disease

Trump Was "Joking" When He Claimed to "Love" Wikileaks

Micro Reviews for the Week of 04/10/19

A pass-agg reminder: at this point in the 2016 cycle:

How much did Trump pledge after 9/11?

Ran into a Notre Dame Conspiracy Nut on line

Great news -EU gives 'high-level' protection to whistleblowers

Groundhog Year

Looking for a term to describe a special kind of con.

Poll: Roy Moore leading Alabama GOP field

RW Nationalists comparing Notre Dame to 9/11 and saying the Muslims did it

100% SILENCE, 100% COWARDICE from 100% of Republicans as Trump doubles down on Omar tweet

About Trump's inane immigrant "dump"

Just posting for no reason... the Reichstag Fire


Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders

Trump shares NEW thoughts on Mueller in a lengthy, thought-provoking, articulate tweet.

I'll be participating in the final round of a spelling be later today.

Adorable Baby Foxes Playing In Snow Caught On Camera

Get your Free "Joyful Warrior" Sticker from Kamala's campaign

Arms Sales: USA vs Russia -- Big Business

4,300-year-old Ancient Egyptian Tomb With Incredible Colorful Artworks Discovered Inside Vast Burial

Is Russia running the Justice Department Now? The Barr/Alfa Bank/Justice Department Link...

White House officials are experiencing 'breakdown-level anxiety' ahead of the Mueller report

DUers have made Mayor Pete the #2 overall choice

The Rose Window of Notre Dame (La Rosace Nord) appears to have survived.

Denials of U.S. immigrant visas skyrocket after little-heralded rule change

US gave verbal pledge of no death penalty for Assange: Sources

Timing-Mueller Report Thursday

Bill Barr is Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction.

What Happened The Day Before Good Friday?

I Fear that Bernie 2020 General Election chances are in peril due to aggressive attacks against him

Supreme Court won't take up case of death row inmate who claims juror discrimination against him for

Bernie takes lead in Emerson poll just out

'Mary Tyler Moore Show' actress Georgia Engel dies at 70

Biden to eulogize the late Senator Fritz Hollings...

Profiles in Crazy, LXXII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Anti-vaxxers banned from raising money on GoFundMe

Ana Navarro-Crdenas' great comment on Pete Buttigieg

Rosenstein worked for Ken Starr

Love this: A racist lady threatened to call ICE on food truck workers selling tacos. Today...

Rep. Ilhan Omar Under Attack from Trump: What Would You Do?

In Libya, a rogues' gallery of militias prepare for war

In Libya, a rogues' gallery of militias prepare for war

Missouri Woman really wanted chocolate ice cream

Fair warning: Put down any liquid refreshments before viewing the attached.

Republican lawmaker accuses jewish speaker of being Nazi-collaborator for criticizing Israel.

everytime I turn to m$nbc I get Scaramuched...


How is Bernie polling among African Americans?

Mark Taylor: Obama Will Claim Kenyan Citizenship to Keep From Being Tried for Treason

How to talk to MAGAs - another great discussion from Teri Kanefield

Beagles Used in Pesticide Study Saved from Animal Testing Site and Put Up for Adoption

Biden Spanish-language ad becomes 'hot mess'


Pete Buttigieg on CNN New Day 16 Apr 2019 (videos)

Redaction nation: US history brims with partial deletions

Where is Steny Hoyer?

Dan Lipinski (IL-3) draws a Berniecrat Primary opponent

Live Stream Video Beto O'Rourke Town Hall

Pennsylvania mayor arrested, accused of pointing gun at teens in park

Several 2020 Dem primaries, caucuses will use RCV

How can the unredacted report ever be seen?

Pennsylvania public employees convicted of sex crimes could lose pensions

Tiger Woods and the Medal od Freedom

Woman Behind Ohio Heartbeat Abortion Ban Gets Disinvited From Bill Signing

My anti-vaxer niece just let me know her 3 year old has a 102 temp

Harrisburg School District refuses to provide financial information to state auditors, education

Wikileaks and iranian hackers attacking Saudi-Arabia shared an internet-server in Moscow.

WH Officials Having 'Breakdown-Level Anxiety' That Mueller Report Will Show They Ratted On Trump


LA Times Poll: March 15 to April 15: Biden leads Sanders by 11 Points

Subsidies are in the spotlight as fossil fuel industries hammer proposed Pennsylvania nuclear deal

Elephant breaks sprinkler and makes their own fountain

London climate-change arrests top 120 on second day of street protests

X-Post: A band was so desperate for a bassist, they considered a woman

I just read that two French billionaires are giving

Seeking to reduce fraud, new grand jury report calls for fixes to Pennsylvania's Medicaid program

U.S. manufacturing output flat as auto production falls

FBI seeking to repatriate thousands of Native artifacts 'collected' by Christian missionary

An Opportunity for Americans to Return a Favor...

Some Thoughts on Buttigieg Taking Off and Warren Seeming to be Grounded

"Economic anxieties" strike again...

Kentucky attorney general seeks to block teacher subpoenas

Dog rescued by oil rig crew after found swimming 135 miles offshore in Gulf of Thailand

Right winger are literally in mourning today because they could not blame the Notre Dame fire on...

Bahrain court sentences 139 to jail in mass terror trial

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Barr's Version Of The Mueller Report

The go fund me for the Louisiana churches burned down by racists

Joe Biden honors late Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings

The Barr Cover-up Team

Science, Perseverance and Jim Allison -- From SXSW

Nearly 50 people charged over incidents in Victoria and NSW as animal rights protests sweep Australi

Why far-right nationalists like Steve Bannon have embraced a Russian ideologue

A little history and a pic of Notre Dame as painted by Jacques Louis David. One of my essays

GoFundMe info for the burned down Louisiana Churches.

How Pete Buttigieg is already changing the conversation about being gay in America

Court castigates Home Office over misuse of immigration law

William Consovoy, Trump's Newest Lawyer, Fights Against House Subpoenas

Medicare for All Myths Debunked

Nearly 50 people charged over incidents in Victoria and NSW as animal rights protests sweep Australi

Who needs more cowbell when you have a tambourine?

"Cruetsy DeVos" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

MAR-A-LAGO-VILLE - Parody Don Caron with The Freedom Toast

Mr. Whiskers has fleas?!

Tennessee doctor who helped swindle the military out of $65Million can keep her medical license

August Sentencing Date Set for Florida Man Who Mailed Bombs to Critics of President Trump

'Stop the bull': Feud erupts between Rick Scott and Chuck Schumer over Puerto Rico

Bernie Sanders Pierces the Fox News Bubble

'A Trump Rally Turned Revival' At Trump's DC Hotel

Rappers call for Fox News to fire Ingraham over Nipsey Hussle segment

Update on Dad

White Man Gets 10 Years in Prison for Trying to Hire Hit Man to Lynch Black Neighbor

Facebook allowed violent posts by man charged with Ilhan Omar death threat

Trumpers Scared Of Mad Daddy When He Finds Out What They Told Robert Mueller

The First Known Interstellar Meteor May Have Hit Earth in 2014

The Emancipation Proclamation is on display at the National Archives, April 14 - 16.

The music of Hildegard Von Bingen

'Long Roads To Freedom' Civil War Panel Honors St. Louisans Who Championed Civil Rights

This Blind Buffalo's Bodyguard Is A Loyal Pig

Tragedy At Notre Dame Might Accelerate Fire Safety Work Underway At National Cathedral

Astonishing! The 13th Century Rose stained glass windows at Notre Dame, are intact!

So, Sanders goes on CNN for a town hall, and gets asked an uncomfortable question.

Rachel and Mayor Pete Make Television History

Remember this Alfa Bank connected confirmation?

Hillary Clinton Interviewed by Fareed Zakaria at the 2019 Women in the World Summit

Why is Trump so scared of a primary challenger?

Taco party held on Taco Tammy's street - the twitter free version ...

"Barr has a remarkably pro-Russia investment portfolio"

About the 'It doesn't matter'

Hillary Clinton: 'Given the chance, many women will govern and lead differently'

Hillary Clinton: 'Given the chance, many women will govern and lead differently'

Can we get to $2,000 POTUS raised TODAY? NOW $2,102!!!!!

Woman in 'gardening while black' case hires self-proclaimed alt-right lawyer

Trump says they need to put a big blue tarp over the roof at Notre Dame.

New Darwin Award nominee....

Stephanie: Mueller can simply give the report to Nadler. It's a short walk.


Baby boomers may have no one to care for them in old age

Poland and U.S. Closing In on Deal to Build 'Fort Trump,' Sources Say

Any Hildegard Von Bingen fans?

Hypocrisy without borders: the pomposity of Ivanka Trump's trip to Africa

Gym Jordan letter writing fool on states voting rights now...

Self Delete

Hey Folks! 3 black churches were burned recently. Here's a verified GoFundMe page.

Uh oh...Bernie Sanders mentioned millionaires...

I read jsut the first page of Trump visit

Notre Dame Cathedral By The Numbers

Extinction Rebellion (XR)

Beauty queen stripped of crown after officials learned she is pregnant

The media seems intent on "normalizing" this corrupt and narcissistic dictator wannabe.

At what point does Barr, Mnuchin, Nunes et al........

Oklahoma Republican Declares That Rape Is The "Will Of God."

Romanian hackers on trial in Ohio stole millions and victimized thousands through malware, feds say

Any Hildegard Von Bingen fans?

Just When You Think Chump Supporters Can't Get Any Dumber...

Why the Pa. teachers' pension fund is buying fruit orchards in Florida and nut farms on West Coast

Politico: Bernie Takes on Fox -and emerges triumphant

Louisiana man charged with 100 counts of first-degree rape

Why cathedrals are vulnerable to burning quickly and take a long time to rebuild

remember Putin-connected Russian Oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, who M McConnell pushed to remove SANCTION

Consider an exciting career as a Groom of the Stool

Fort Trump planned to be built in Poland

BUILDING THE GREAT CATHEDRALS NOVA Discovery/History/Science (documentary) [Full Episode]

Feds allege 'widespread sexual harassment' at AccuWeather while Trump nominee was CEO

I don't think this is "conspiracy theory" territory

I'm actually fine with there being 44% "Undecided"...

Russell Wilson Agrees to Contract Extension With Seahawks, Becomes Highest-Paid Player in NFL

Solar evaporator offers a fresh route to fresh water

I would say be leery about people asking about Sanders

Notre-Dame Found Structurally Sound After Fire, as Investigation Begins

trump to rally in Green bay WI april 27

Remember when Archie Bunker types were the object of scorn and laughter?

Some initial reports about Buzzfeed FOIA case on Mueller Report

Let's see if we can squeeze in just a little bit of golf this weekend.

Severe storms aim for places still recovering from tornadoes

Feds agree to expand habitat protections for Northwest orcas

Seattle Businesses With TVs Now Must Use Closed Captioning

Important (shocking, appalling) info from Robert Reich:

Bernie Sanders' Fox News Town Hall Was a Ratings Smash. Now More Dems Are Thinking About Doing Them.

Biggest US health insurer wades into Medicare for All fight

why Trump shit stirs all the time

Winners and losers from first fundraising quarter

I had lunch today with Chairman Tom Perez and Robert Wolf...

GOP senators divided on Trump trade pushback

Trump to the Hungry: 'Let Them Eat ... Whatever'

Eugene Robinson: No doubt now what drives Trump's border policy

Ask your candidate if 'Medicare for more' right for you

Sophia Bush's Viral Video On The Birth Control Debate Highlights 3 Critical Points

After Barr's 3.5 page summary was released

Why the Mueller Report Is Causing 'Breakdown-Level' Stress Among White House Staff

Film Review: 'Hail Satan?'

Job cuts and layoffs website

Maybe this should be in GD, but it is about Mayor Pete,

I don't get many of this variety of Daffodil, which makes them so very special

Europe's new nuclear plants hit more snags

Endangered marine species win one over Trump Administration

Bill Cosby's insurer settles LA accuser's suit before deposition

Bernie's Fox News Town Hall Was a Ratings Smash.

If you didn't catch Inslee's town hall on CNN, here's a link.

Beto O'Rourke appears to have underpaid taxes in 2013, 2014

Inslee On Meet The Press -- How Immigration and Climate Change Relate

Climate change to blame for Hurricane Maria's extreme rainfall

Emu filmed sprinting in Scotland

Inslee: Schultz 'almost totally' AWOL from policy in Washington state

So, Netflix paid no federal taxes AND they're raising my monthly fee

Inslee says he wouldn't be shocked if Trump runs for reelection on environmental record

Louisiana man charged with 100 counts of first-degree rape

How much has the "millionaire" tRump pledged to the restoration of Notre Dame? n/t

When can we expect to see the mainstream TV news cover...

President of Honduras Wants His Cabinet to Show Same 'Values' and 'Spiritual Maturity' as Trump's

President of Honduras Wants His Cabinet to Show Same 'Values' and 'Spiritual Maturity' as Trump's

Ratings for Cable News Town Halls

Nancy Pelosi: 'No taint' of anti-Semitism in Democratic Party

Nadler sure has been quiet lately.

Miami Herald has heard a major new lawsuit will be filed today against Jeffrey Epstein.

Collins receives more donations from Texas fossil fuel industry than from Maine residents

DoJ cites "ongoing investigations" in Manafort filing

Cartoons 4/16/19

Dershowitz Wanted A Trial Over Sex Trafficking Accusations -- He's Getting One

Discovery! 3rd Planet Found in Two-Star 'Tatooine' Star System

Marine Afghanistan vet crawls over marathon finnish line

Baby boomers may have no one to care for them in old age

Prosecutors plan to seek up to 10 months in jail for actress Felicity Huffman

Arrests at climate change protest in London

Donald Trump really isn't happy that Fox News hosted a town hall with Bernie Sanders

Your quick guide to the color-coding of Barr's Mueller Report redactions

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 16, 2019

Out of Notre Dame's ashes comes some hope.

Trump wrote off novichok attack of defector as 'spy games' - report

Nice Post Tax Day Informative Video (funny)

Buttigieg, Fox News in talks on town hall

Great cathedrals burn, collapse and crack. Notre Dame can survive this.

Trump's apparent sympathy for assassination

Scientists have established a link between religious fundamentalism and brain damage

Anybody watch Mrs. Wilson on PBS?

Judge: Barr sowing public mistrust with Mueller report handling

The "fight" lane and the "hope" lane

Elizabeth Bruenig: If you're bothered by Bernie's millionaire status, vote for him

Elizabeth Warren builds largest U.S. presidential campaign staff

HCA Healthcare Stock Sinks - Senator Sanders' Fox News town hall Monday only made things worse

In major shift, Trump to allow lawsuits against foreign firms in Cuba

Revealed: How Leave.EU faked migrant footage

Moscow Mitch

Still under construcion, 116 years later, fire, St. John the Divine

Beto Town Hall in Henrico, VA Live Stream Video link

Goldman Sachs Cuts Employee Pay By 20% To Avoid Profit Loss

Bernie it is long past time that we in the United States end the federal prohibition on marijuana

Nadler and Schiff can get access to Grand Jury material?

If anyone sees CHOCOLATE COVERED PEEPS, please let me know where...

Morel mushroom lovers in Missouri could luck out this spring

New Jeffrey Epstein accuser goes public; defamation lawsuit targets Dershowitz

Allocution d'Emmanuel Macron apres l'incendie de Notre-Dame de Paris

Happy Easter from Trump Fans!

What Happens After We Die? An Islamic Prespective

Speaking out of both sides of his hypocritical mouth

White House Plans 'Robust Response' to Mueller Report

Fox News Town Hall Backfires As The Crowd Nearly Unanimously Supports Medicare For All

Democrats Call DHS Sec. To Testify About Trump's Pardon For Illegal Activity Offer

Who will roll out of the White House permanently on Monday


The GoFundMe link for the churches burned in Louisiana

David Frum says Congress "could abolish the IRS tomorrow."

A majority of Fox News' town hall audience supports Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" proposal"

Just how bad does that sock smell?

Man who threw 5-year-old from Mall of America balcony was 'looking to kill': Police

*On tonight's PBS NewsHour: A rare conversation with Oleg Deripaska,

Boo Hoo; Trumpanzees realize they didn't get their tax cuts

Krugman flips GOP's propaganda machine on its head with devastating critique of the party's extremis

'Kids will be kids': School's security officer ignites outrage after rape on campus


Honest Government Ad Julian Assange

Trump whistleblower protection office under investigation -- for retaliating against whistleblowers:

Warriors squander 31-point lead, Clippers tie series at 1-1 (Biggest postseason comeback ever)

Experts deride Trump's Notre Dame firefighting advice as 'risible'

How a Trump Aide Crippled America's Consumer Watchdog From Within

Apple and Qualcomm settle patent fee feud just after trial starts

The Unintelligence of Incels

Electric cars are finally starting to take off. Congress should keep them affordable.


A millennial has taken the stage and he is extremely impressive.

Armed, dangerous, infatuated with Columbine..and in the Denver suburbs attempting to buy guns.

Steve Krakauer Fox News, Bernie Sanders and the value of discomfort

Trump threatens all religions but his own

Way to go, AL GOP: "Poll: Roy Moore leading Alabama GOP field"

I think if we need to wait for bipartisanship before impeaching

Among the ashes and smoking embers, a structure stands ready to rebuild. It's ours.

A research team in Israel made a 3D-printed heart from human tissue and vessels.

Luckovich-Not destroyed but will takes years to rebuild

Baby T'rex goes on sale on eBay, sparking paleontologists' outcry

Court docs: California woman had sex with daughters' teen boyfriends

Imagine the guilt of causing the Notre Dame fire, by accident

Angry Liberals.

"White people first"

you think YOU hate doing taxes

Buttigieg showed up on TMZ!?!?!

Anyone else here feel like 9/11 was poisoned?

Notre Dame's Bells Have Tolled For Coronations, Requiems & Liberations Through History, France24

I think Hope Hicks is the person the White House is fearful about in the Mueller Report.

Hillary: As we hold Paris in our thoughts today-let's also send some love to our neighbors in Louisi

Dems see lane to Buttigieg victory

Notres Dames de Trump

Jeopardy Regulars - this is fun and entertaining Spoiler

Trump to counter White House correspondents' dinner with Wisconsin rally

I'm Moving On

Woman Trashes St. Louis Burger Joint Over Lack Of Chocolate Ice Cream

One more way the GOP behave like Bolsheviks

UPDATE: Trump vetoes resolution to end U.S. participation in Yemen's civil war

Kamala/Pete or Pete/Kamala 2020?

Hillary has suggestion for Trump if he wanted to responsibly deal with immigration & asylum requests

Hardball - Andrew Sullivan bashes Malcolm Nance

Hardball featuring VP Mike Pence the pResident's bunghole licker.